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Los Angeles, Calif. •

BODKIN, Henry Grattan, B.S., J.D.,

Born: Olive (Calif.), 1886; s. of Marian
(O'Brennan) and John J. Bodkin.
Education: Grammar schools of Los Angeles
city and county, high school and college at
St Vincent's College (now Loyola Univ. at
Los Angeles) ; Private Study of Law.
Degrees: B.S., 1906, J.D., 1925, LLD, 1931,
Loyola U.

Married: Ruth M., d. of William J. V/allis, In
Los Angeles (Califi., May 29, 1918; ch.:
Henry Grattan Bodkin, Jr.
Prof. Record: Admitted to practice in law
in August, 1910. After practicing alone, in
1915, became associated with W. J. Ford
(now deceased); in 1917 became partner un-
der firm name of Ford and Bodkin, which
partnership continued until 1925. Now a
mem. of the firm of Bodkin, Breslin & Lud-
dy, composed of Henry G. Bodkin, George M.
Breslin and Michael G. Luddy, which part-
nership was formed in Nov., 1939; Vice-Pres.,
Board of Governors State Bar of Calif., 1928-
32; Pres., Board of Police Commissioners
City of Los Angeles, 1939-40.
Memberships: Hollywood Athletic Club and
affiliated clubs; Phi Alpha Delta: Native
Sons of the Golden West; Knights of Colum-
bus; American Bar As.sociation and Los An-
geles Bar Association.

Religioti: Roman Catholic.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Baseball and football fan
Bus. Address: 453 So. Spring St., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Home Address: 11132 Sunset Blvd., W. Los
Angeles, Calif.

BOGARDUS, Darrell Joseph, B.S.

stock Broker, with Bogardus, Frost & Ban-

Born: Placerville (Cailf.), May 26, 1892; s.
of Anne (Greene) and Edwin M. M. Bo-

Education: Berkeley High School; Univ. of

Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1915.
Married: Muriel Alice, d. of Blanche (Grae-
ter) and Charles E. Falk, at Sausalito
(Calif.), Oct. 4, 1917; ch.: Darrel J., Jr. and
Nancy Ann.

Prof. Record: Bond Salesman, Blyth, Witter
& Co., 1914-15, incl.; Bond Salesman, Bond
& Goodwin, Inc., 1916-July, 1917; U. S. Ma-
rine Corps, July, 1917-May, 1919; Bond &
CJoodvvin, Inc., May, 1919-Feb.. 1920; (^n-
eral Partner, Wm. Cavalier & Co. (members
San Francisco Stock Exchange, Los Angeles
Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange),
March, 1920 to Sept. 5. 1940. General part-
ner Bogardus, Frost & Banning, Feb. 1, 1941,
to date; Mem., Board of (Governors, Calif.
Group, Investment Bankers' Assn. of Calif.,
1935; Dir., Security Dealers' Assn. of Calif.,
1934; Mem., Los Angeles Stock Exchange,
1935 to date; Chairman, Advisory Com., Pa-
cific Coast Assn., New York Stock Exchange
members, 1939-40.



Navy Service: Officer, U. S. Marine Corps,
rank of Capt., during World War I.
Memberships: Plil Kappa Sigma Fraternity,
Beta Gamma Sigma; Calif. Club of L. A.,
Wilshire Country, Westport Beach, Rotary of
Los Angeles, and El Toro clubs.

Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreatiosn: Golf, tennis, fishing, travel.

Bits. Address: 629 So. Spring St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Hojne Address: 629 So. June St., Los Angeles,

BOGARDUS, Professor Emory S.. A.B.,
M.A., Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology, U. of So. Calif.
Born: Belvedere (111.), Feb. 21, 1882; s. of
Eliza M. (Stevenson) and Henry B. Bo-
Education: Northvifestern Univ.; U. of Chicago.

Degrees: A.B., 1908; M.A., 1909, Northwest-
ern U.; Ph.D., 1911, U. of Cihcago.
Married: Edith M,. d:. of Robert L. Pritch-
ard, Geneseo (111.), Aug. 9, 1911; ch.: Ruth M.

Prof. Record: Asst. Prof., Sociology, U. of
So. Calif., 1913-15; Prof., Sociology, U. of
So. Calif., 1915 — . Editor of Sociology and
Social Research, 1916—. Mem., Board of
Dir., Goodwill Industries So. Calif., 1919-39.
Directorships: Mem. of Board Trustees, All
Nations Foundations (Los Angeles), 1940 -.
Publications: The Development of Social
Thought; Leaders and Leadership; The Mexi-
can in the United States; Social Life and
Personality; Immigration and Race Attitude.
Memberships: Phi Beta' Kappa. Delta Sigma
Rho, Alpha Kappa Delta, Phi Kappa Phi.
Recreations: Golf.

Bus. Address: 3551 University Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1651 Victoria Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.


Publicist, Writer.

Secretary Riverside County Flood Control Ad-
visory Board.

Born: Drewersburg (Indiana), Oct. 23, 1883;
s. of Josephine Frances (Duncan) and Henri
Bogart, M.D.

Education: Schools and colleges (Indiana and
New York).

Married: Lucy Parkman, d. of Flora A.
(Newton) and Prof. George E. Burt; ch.:
Robert Parkman.

Prof. Record: Reporter and City Editor news-
papers; past 20 years Writer and Public Re-
lation Dir. in own office (Los Angeles and
Riverside Co.); formerly Secretary and Pub-
licity Dir., Cosmopolitan Film Co.; Secretary,
National Naturopathic Assn.; Dir., Bogart
Press Service. Founder and Dir., Bogart
Bowl, and Cherry Blossom Festival of Amer.
Former Mayor of Beaumont. Past-Pres.,
Beaumont Rotary Club and Chamber of

Directorships: Vice-Pres., U. S. Highway 60
Assn.; Publicity Dir., Cherry Harvest Festi-
val; Secy. C. of C; Dir., Bogart Bowl;
Mem., Democratic State Central Committee.

Publications: Meditational, Truant Sketches;
Mag. and other contributions over a period
of 30 years.
Metnberships: Masonic.
Reilgion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Sociological and biological re-

Bus. and Home Address: 545 Euclid Ave.,
Beaumont, Calif.
Other Address: City Hall, Beaumont, Calif.

BOGART, R. Parkman.

Poet, Photographer.

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), June 18. 1913;
s. of Lucy Parkman (Burt) and Dr. Guy

Education: Schools, Los Angeles and Beau-
mont (Calif.); Riverside Jr. College; Po-
mona College.

Married: Edna Anne Schake, Durango (Colo.),

Prof. Record: Studied photography under
Sadakichi Hartmann and other noted artists.
Poems published during past ten years in
general magazines and papers, as well as
college publications.

Home Address: 545 Euclid Ave., Beaumont,

BOGEN, Emil. A.B., M.A., M.D.
Pathologist and Director of Laboratories and
Research, Olive View Sanatorium.
Born: New York City, Sept. 8, 1896; s. of
Elizabeth (Scholtz) and Boris D. Bogen, Ph.D.
Education: Cincinnati (Ohio) public and high
sch.; Univ. of Cincinnati and U. of Cincin-
nati Medical School.

Degrees: A.B., 1919, M.A., 1927, U. of Cin-
cinnati; M.D., 1923, U. of Cin. Med. Sch.
Married: Jane Skillen, M.D., d. of Arthur
Skillen, in Phoenix (Ariz.), April 10, 1933;
ch.: Elizabeth and Ellen.

Prof. Record: Resident Physician, Los Ange-
les General Hospital, 1923-26, Cincinnati Gen-
eral Hospital, 1927; Research Fellow, Harvard
Med. Sch., 1928; Asso. Prof. Preventative
Med., Cin. Med. Sch., 1928-29; Path-
ologist, Olive View Sanatorium, 1929 — . Past
Pres., Maimonides Club of Los Angeles; Past
Pres., Trudeau Society (Tuberculosis Section
of L.A. Co. Med. Assn.); Past Pres.; Path-
ology Section, L. A. Co. Med. Assn.; Past
Pres., Library Associates (Barlow Society) ;
Past Pres., So. Calif. Branch Society of
Amer. Bacteriologists; Secy., Calif. Trudeau

Publications: What About Alcohol? (Angelus
Press), 1934; Surgeon Errant (Angelus Press)
1935; and about 100 contributions to Med.
and Scientific Jours., 1922-40.
Army Service: Pvt. to Corporal, A.E.F.,

Awards: Prize Essay Award, Calif. Med.
Assn., 1926, 1927 and 1930; Alvarenga Prize,
1927. Diplomate of National Board.
Memberships: I.O.B.B.; Alpha Omega Alpha;
S A.B.; S.E.B.& M.; D.N.B.; A.M. A.; CM. A.;
L.A.M.A.; A.S.C.P.; A.P.H.A.; Amer. Tru-
deau Society; Calif. Trudeau Society; Los
Angeles Trudeau Society.
Religion: Jewish.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Chess, walking, tennis, ping-
Bus. and Home Address: Olive View, Calif.*



BOGERT. Charles Mitchill, A.B., M.A. Curator, Drpt. of I Icrpctology,
Amt'iiciin Must-urn of Natural History.
Born: Mesa (Colo.). June '1, 1908; s. of
Adeline Esther (Mitchill) and Henry Knee-
land Bogert.

Education: Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles).
Degrees: A.B., 19.31, M.A., 193(5, U.C.L.A.
Married: Martha Meredith, d. of Jcannete
F. and Glen M. Ruby, in New York City,
Feb. 19, 1937; ch.: Doreth Margaret and
Patricia Heaton.

Prof. Record: Teaching Assistant, Dept. of
Zool.. U.C.L.A., 1934-36; Asst. Curator, Dept.
of Herpetology, Amer. Mus. of Nat. Hist.,
1936 — . Asst. Curator (in charge), 1941 — .
Directorships: Mem., Board of Governors,
American Society of Icthyologists and Her-

Publications: Numerous semi-technical and
technical articles, as well as many popular
scientific articles on Herpetology; has also
reviewed many books on the same subject.
Memberships: Zeta Psi (Social); Amer. Soc.
of Icthyologists and Herpelologists, Academy
of Science (N.Y.), Sigma Xi, Amer. Assn.
for the Advancement of Science (all pro-
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Liberal Republican.
Recreations: Travel, mountaineering, biolog-
ical exploration.

Bus. Address: Dept. of Herpetology, Ameri-
can Museum of Natural History, New York

Home Address: 60 W. Ivy Lane, Englewood
(Bergen), N. J. and 1618 So. Gramercy PI.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

BOHNSTEDT, Gottfried W.

President, Weber Egg Noodle Co., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Born: Germany, March 14, 1888; s. of Martha
(Weiss) and Wilhelm Bohnstedt.
Education: U. of Breslau, (Germany).
Married: Minnie, d. of J. H. Weber, at Santa
Ana, Calif., 1912.

Bus. Record: Founder of first egg noodle
manufacturing concern in Los Angeles, the
Weber Egg Noodle Co.
Religion : Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Weber Egg Noodle Co., Los
Angeles., Calif.

Home Address: 6464 Odin St., Hollywood,
Calif.; 4401 Ocean Dr., Manhattan Beach,
Calif. •

BOICELLI, Anthony E., A.B.

Chairman, Veterans' Welfare Board, State
of Calif.

Born: Gilroy (Calif.), Jan. 1, 1892; s. of
Catheime (Lavagnino) and Augustine Boicelli.

Education: Santa Clara Co. Elementary Sch.
in Gilroy, and Gilroy High Sch.; St. Mary's
Coll., Oakland (Calif.).

Degrees: A.B., St. Mary's Coll., 1913.
Married: Jane, d. of late Col. Cosmos A.
Glover. M.D., at San Francisco (Calif.),
June 10, 1936.

Bus. Record: Specializing in real estate,
property management, and appraisal field,
16 years; official appraiser, F.H.A., San
Francisco, 3% years; also fee appraiser for

building and loan as.sns. and banks: appointed
to present position by Gov. Culbert L. Olson,
Apr. 18, 1940.

Army Service: Enlisted at .S.F., Sept. 21,
1917, In 347th Field Artillery, 91st Dlv.;
served over.scas In France and Belgium; with
Army of Occupation In Germany from Nov.
17, 1918, until Feb. 11, 1919; honorably dis-
charged as Line Sergeant, April 26. 1919.
Memberships: Olympic Club; Benevolent Pro-
tective Order of Elks, Lodge No. 3 (S.F.);
Mem. of Amer. Legion, Vet. of Foreign
Wars, 40-&-8 Soc.
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Pontics: Democrat.

Recreations: Traveling, outdoor sports.
Bus. Address: Business and Professions Bldg.,
1020 N. St., Sacramento, Calif.
Home Address: 3640 Fillmore St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif, and 333 Montgomery St., San
Francisco, Calif. •

BOLLER, Ardene Donovan, A.B.

Judge of City Court, City of Arcadia.
Born: Greene (Iowa), Mav 25, 1907; s. of
Etheyl L. (Kellogg) and Emil F. Boiler.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. So. Calif., 1929.
Married: Florence E., d. of Wm. F. Galen-
tine, at Santa Monica (Calif.), Sept. 2, 1930;
ch.: Donovan Speer and Pamela Jeanette.
Prof. Record: Examiner State Com.pensation
Insurance Fund; Investigator, Retail Credit
Co. ; General Practice of Law for past eight
years; Judge of City Court of City of Ar-
cadia for past five years. Former Dir., Ar-
cadia Business Men's Assn.; Past Pres.,
Arcadia Rotary Club, and also Dir.
Directorships: Secy., Bond's Dog Food Co.;
Dir., Arcadia Chamber of Commerce. Ar-
cadia Rotary Club; Arcadia Republican Club

Memberships: Delta Phi Epsilon (foreign
service fraternity), Phi Alpha Delta (legal
fraternity), Skull and Scales (honorary).
Knights of Pythias; Secretary, Arcadian Re-
publican Club; Arcadia Rotary; Publicity
Committee Member of Los Angeles Co. ; Re-
publican Assembly.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Hunting, fishing, golf.
Btis. Address: Arcadia Office Bldg., 6 No.
First Ave., Arcadia, Calif.
Home Address: 56 Floral Ave., Arcadia, Calif.*

BOLLER, Florence Galentine. A.B., J.D.


Born: Redondo Beach (Calif.), Dec. 25, 1906;
d. of Florence Rose Hyde (Speer) and Wil-
liam Allen Galentine.
Education: Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: A.B., (.cum laude), 1928, J.D., 1931,
U. of So. Calif.

Married: Judge Ardene D., s. of Ethyle Leone
(Kellogg) and Emil Frederick Boiler, at
Greene (Iowa), May 25, 1907; ch.: Donovan
Speer (b. Aug. 31, 1936), Pamela Jeanette
(b. Aug. 21, 1940).

Prof. Record: Asst. Librarian, U.S.C. Law
Library, 1930-31; own law office in Chester
Williams Bldg., 5th and Broadway (Los
Angeles), 1932-33; office at 6108 Mesa Ave.
(Los Angeles), 1934; moved to Arcadia, 1935,
where office is in name of Boiler & Boiler
(husband and wife). (Husband is Judge of
City Court of Arcadia and is in general
practice). Attorney Florence Boiler special-



izes in probate and wills and uses office for
consultations; on staff of So. Calif. Law
Review. 1929-31.

Memberships: Delta Zeta (national social so-
rority), Phi Delta Delta (legal sorority).
Amazons (women's honorary), Mortar Board
(senior women's honorary). Alpha Phi Epsl-
lon (honorary forensic fraternity) ; National
College Quill" (writer's honorary).
Religion: Protestant (Congregational church).
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hiking, reading, horseback rid-

Bus. Address: 102 Arcadia Office Bldg., 6
No. First Ave., Arcadia, Calif.
Home Address: 56 Floral Ave., Arcadia,
Calif. •

BOLM, Adolph.

Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher.
Prof. Record: Organized the first European
tour with Pavlova as Ballerina for the first
time to be seen outside of Russia; this tour
brought honors as well as success to the Im-
perial dancers. Was decorated by King of
Sweden with medal for high artistic distinc-
tion (the Artibus Litteras). Invited by Diag-
hilev to join the Ballet Russe to open in
Paris; with this ballet he appeared in many
European countries; was a first danseur,
choreographer and ballet master; prepared
the repertoire of the Diaghilev Ballet for
the first appearance of the company In the
United States; remained in the U. S. and
created many new ballets; many of his pu-
pils appeared in his own Adolph Bolm Ballet;
with the Diaghilev Ballet Russe he was pre-
mier danseur and ballet master in many cit-
ies in Europe. Metropolitan Opera Co. (N.Y.)
was engaged for the production of Rimsky-
Korsakoff's Opera-Pantomine Coq d'or and
Petroushka, by Stravinsky; Adolph Bolm
Ballet in many transcontinental tours with
George Barrere's Little Symphony, introduc-
ing ballet in motion picture houses in New
York and creation a spectacular Am. Ballet
for the Ziegfield and Dillingham Show at the
Century Theater; Chicago Grand Opera, pro-
duced and danced in the ballet Birthday of
the Infanta by John Alden Carpenter in Chi-
cago and New York; created the first Jazz-
ballet when he staged the John Alden Car-
penter-George Herriman Krazy Kat, dancing
the title role; re-engaged as Ballet Master
and Premier Danseur by the Chiacago Civic
Opera Co.; established the Adolph Bolm
School of the Dance in Chicago; established
the First American Modern Ballet in collab-
oration with John Alden Carpenter; compos-
er and Nicolai Remisoff, artist, called the Chi-
cago Allied Arts, Inc., sponsored by Mr. and
Mrs. McCormick and many other notables;
Chicago Allied Arts under Bolm's choreo-
graphic direction produced many modern bal-
lets and some to music already written;
Bolm invited to stage the first ballet for
the Music Festival in the Library of Congress
in Washington, sponsored by Elizabeth Spra-
gue Coolidge; created the World premiere
of Stravinsky's "Apollo Musagetes" ballet;
staged Coq D'Or, Petroushka and several
other ballets, at the Colon Theater in Buenos
Aires in honor of the Prince of Wales. Call-
ed to Hollywood for production of ballets in
the John Barrymore picture Mad Genius;
stayed in Calif, and created for the Holly-
wood Bowl the modern ballet to music by
A. Mossolov, The Mechanical Ballet and
many others; in 1933, for the San Francisco
Opera Co. he created a new version of Coq

D'Or, set and costumes by Nicolai Remisoff;
established an endowed Ballet School (spon-
sored by the Opera Assn.) and gave many
performances with a professional ballet com-
pany for four years, creating the famous
Bach Cycle which he also presented at the
Hollj'^vood Bowl, inaugurating the use of the
Symphony Shell for the ballets, for the Bowl
Opera Season produced Rimsky-Korsakoff's
Shenerazade and staged spectacular and col-
orful ballets for the Operas Carmen and
Barterfd Bride. In 1938 he inaugurated the
Santa Barbara out of door Bowl with a
Chinese Legend The Rivals music by Henry
Eichheim, American composer, with a large
orchestra from the Los Angeles Symphony;
in 1939 created for the Hollywood Bowl a
new choreography for the ballet in Prince
Igor Opera which was presented here for the
first time. Invited to New York as ballet-
master of the new Ballet Theatre, created
the first ballet version of Serge Prokoiierf's
Peter and the Wolf at the Rockefeller Center
Theatre, there he staged the Mechanical Bal-
let and also appeared in Fokine Schuman's
Carnaval. In 1940 at the Hollywood Bowl,
gave a magnificent ballet, Stravinsky's Fire-
bird, 'conducted by the composer. 1941, pro-
duced the ballets for the Ratoff picture This
Night Belongs to Us with Loretta Young.
Business Address: 5610 Hollywood Blvd., Hol-
lywood, Calif.

Home Address: 2061 No. Sycamore Ave., Hol-
lywood, Calif.

BOLTON, Professor Herbert Eugene,

B.L., Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D., L.H.D.,

Historian, Exporer, Educator.
Sather Professor of History, Univ. of Calif.
Born: Wilton (Wis.), July 20, 1870; s. of
Rosaline (Cady) and Edwin Latham 'Bolton.
Education: Univ. of Wis. and Univ. of Pa.
Degrees: B.L., U. of Wis., 1895; post-grad,
in History, 1896-97; Harrison Fellow in His-
tory, 1897-99; Ph.D., U. of Pa., 1899; LL.D.,
St. Mary's Coll. and Catholic U. of Amer.,
1929; Litt.D., U. of San Francisco, 1930;
LL.D., U. of Toranto, 1932; L.H.D., Mar-
quette U., 1937; LL.D., U. of N. Mex., 1937;
Litt.D., U. of Pa., 1940.

Married: Gertrude Janes, of Tunnel City
(Wis.), Aug. 20, 1895.

Prof. Record: Instr. History, 1901-05, Adj.
Prof., 1905-08, Asso. Prof., 1908-09, U. of
Tex.; Prof. Am. History, Stanford, 1909-11;
Prof, same, 1911-31, Sather Prof, of Hist.,
1931— and Chmn. of Dept. Hist., 1919-40, U.
of Calif., Faculty Research Lecturer, 1917;
Dir. Bancroft Lobrary, 1916-40; Investigator,
Mexican Archives, summers, 1902-06; Inves-
tigatory of History, Native Tribes (Tex.) for
U. S. Bur. Ethnology, 1906-12; on Commn.
for Carnegie Instn. to prepare report on His-
tory Marterials in Mexican Archives, 1907-
11; research in Mex. Archives many summers
since 1911; Lecturer, Lowell Inst. (Boston),
Dec. 1920 to Jan. 1921; traveling Fellow in
Europe for Native Sons of Golden West and
Del Amo Foundation, summer, 1931; Hon.
Prof. History, Universidad de Santiago (Chi-
le), 1939 — ; has traveled widely in Latin
Am. and Europe; attended Lima Conference,
1938; delegate to Third Assembly, Pan Am.
Inst, of Geography and History, Lima, Peru,
April, 1941. Bernard Moses, Lecturer, U. of
Calif., 1941.

Directorships: Dir., Bancroft Library, 1916-
40; Advisory Edit., Hispanic Amer. Hist.
Rev., 1917—.



Publications: Guide to Materials for United
States History in the Archives of Mexico,
1913; Texas in the Middle Eighteenth Cen-
tury, 1915; Colonization of North America
(with Thomas M. Marhsull), 19120; The Span-
ish Borderlands, 19121; The Debatable Land
(with M. Ross), 192r); Palnu and His Writ-
ings, 1926; A Pacific Coast Pioneer, 1927;
The History of the Americas — A Syllabus,
1928; Anza's California Expeditions (1774-
75), 5 vols., 1930; Outpost of Empire, 1931;
The Padre on Horseback, 1932; Rim of Chria-
tendojn. 1936; Cross. Sivord. and Gold Pan,
1936; Drake's Plate of Brass, 1937; Wider
Horizons of American History, 1939; El In-
causable Jinete (Mexico, 1940) ; Editor, Ath-
anase De Mezieres, 1914; Spanish Exploration
in the Sotithwest (1542-1710), 1915; Kino'a
Merioirs. 2 vols., 1919; Spain's Title to
Georgia, 1925; Palou's Noticias de la Nueva
California, 4 vols., 1926; Crespi's Pacific
Coast Diaries, 1927; co-editor. The Pacific
Ocean in History, 1916; Southwestern His-
torical Quarterly; Advisory Editor, Hispanic
American Hist. Rev., 1917- — ; Writer of nu-
merous monographs on history of the West
and Spanish America ; contrbr. of Texas ar-
ticles to Handbook of American Indiana,

Awards: Gold Medal, Calif. Commonwealth
Club for Outpost of Empire, 1931, and Rim of
Christendom, 1936; Comendador de la Real
Orden de Isabel la Catolica, by King of
Spain, 1925; Comendatore dell' Ordine della
Corona d'ltalla; Orden de Cristobal Colon.
Memberships: Hist. Manuscripts Commn. of
Amer. Hist. Assn., 1914-16, Bibliography
Com., 1916-17, Exec. Council, 1917; Calif
Hist. Survey Commn., 1915-24; Natl. Advis-
ory Bd., H.A.B.S., 1933—; Advisory Bd.
Natl. Parks Service, 1934 — ; Natl. Com.,
Fraklin D. Roosevelt Library, 1938 — ; Amer.
Hist. Assn. (1st Vice Pres., 1931, Pres. 1932) ;
Southwest Soc. Archaeol. Inst, of Amer.; His-
panic Soc. Amer., Amer. Philos. Soc, Philos.
Soc. of Texas; Fellow Tex. Hist. Assn.; Fel-
low Amer. Geog. Soc. ; Academia Real de la
Historia, 1928 — , Sociedad Cientifica Antonio
Alzate (Mexico), Sociedad Mexicana de (Jeo-
rgfia y Estadistica, Sociedad Chihuanhuense
de Estudios Historicos, Amer. Antiq. Soc;
Phi Beta Kappa, Theta Delta Chi; Pac Coast
Br. Amer. Hist. Assn. (Pres. 1915-16) ; Hon.
Mem., New Mexico Hist. Soc; Research Asso.,
Museum of Anthropology, Santa Fe.
Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

BOMBERGER, Paul Spayd.


Born: Palmyra (Pa.), June 10, 1891; s. of
Alice (Spayd) and John S. Bomberger.
Married: Dorothy, d. of W. H. Pieper, Dav-
enport (Iowa), June 28, 1911; ch.: five now

Business Record: Grain and bean merchant,
1915-22; realtor since 1923. Served as
Chairman of the Uniform Commns. Com. of
Real Estate Assn. 12 yrs., Chmn., Com. Rates,
Rules and Customs of Natl. Assn. of Real
Estate Bd. 1939-40; Mem. of Governing Coun-
cil of Soc. of Industrial Realtors of U. S.
Directorships: Pres., Calif. Real Estate Assn.
for 1941; Industrial Co., Modesto Cham, of

Memberships: Past Pres., Exchange Club.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: (3olf and fishing.

Bus. Address: 942 Eleventh St., Modesto,


Home Address: 129 Elmwoo<I, Modesto, Calif.

BOND, Lee.


Born: Tahlequah (Indian Territory, now
Okla.), Jan. 18, 1901; s. of Margaret (Mc-
Gee) and Henry C. Bond.
Education: Public schools, Pawhuska (Okla.).
Married: Laura (Greenough), d. of Jessie
(Hart) and Web Woodfill, at Sapulpa (Okla.),
Aug. 2z, 1929; ch.: Mary Josephine.
Prof. Record: Western story writer since
1929; .sold over seven million words of wes-
tern fiction, consisting of magazine novels,
novelettes, and short stories to nationally
circulated mags, in U. S. and Britain; crea-
tor of several fictional characters published
as continuing series, the best known of which
is The Oklahoma Kid; work included anthol-
ogy of 50 western stories published in 1937
by Odhams Press Ltd. of Great Britain;
book novels now in preparation.
Publications: Since 1929 has appeared In
weekly and monthly magazines of Munsey
Publications, Street and Smith Publications,
Dell Pub. Co., Thrilling Publications, Ace
Magazines, Double Action, Popular Publica-
tions; Anthology of Western stories, publish-
ed by Odhams Ltd., Great Britain, 1937.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Hunting and fishing.
Home Address Doloress and Santa Margari-
ta Sts., San Clemente, Calif.

BONELLI. William George. A.B., M.A.,

Present Member, Board of Equalization, 4th

Born: Kingman (Ariz.), Nov. 9, 1895; s. of
Effie Ellen (Tarr) and George A. Bonelli.
Eudcation: Univ. of So. Calif.; Occidental
College; Southwestern Univ.
Degrees: A.B., U.S.C, 1916; M.A., Occiden-
tal, 1923; J.D., Southwestern, 1924.
Married: Marv B., d. of Francis Marion Par-

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 34 of 235)