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1927. M.S.T., 1929, Newton Theol. Inst.
Married: Helen, d. of Dr. Frank I. Ball.
Portland (Ore.), Sept. 16, 1926; ch.: James
Whitcomb. III. Elizabeth Ann, Linda Louise,
Frank Russell.

Prof. Record: Student pastor in iDsvvich
(Mass.), Montello (Mass.). Wallaston (Mass.)
Ro.xbury (Mass), and Winchester (Mass.).
Directorships: Dir., L. A. Baptist Citv Mis-
sion Soc. ; Dir.. Amer. Baptist Pub. Soc,
Phila. (Pa.); Chaplain, L. A. Breakfast
Club; Grand Chaplain of the Police Offers.
League of Amsr.; Grand Chap, of the R.S
M.M. of the State of Calif.; Mem. of the
Bd. of Dir. of the Children's Bapt. Home
of So. Calif.

Memberships: Kappa Sigma Sigma, Pi Kap-
pa Delta, Delta Sigma Rho, Theta Alpha
Phi; Kiwanis (Glendale); L. A. Breakfast
Club; Masonic Lodge, Meirdian Blue Lodge.
Unity Chapter of R.A.M., Commandery of
Knights Templars (Glendale). Los Angeles
Council of Select Master Masons.
Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Republican.
Receations: Gardening, fishing, golf.
Bus. Address: 209 No. Louie, Glendale. Calif.
Home Address: 321 Lawson PI., Glendale.
Calif, and Box 514, Gearhart, Ore. (Summer) .

EROUGHTON. (Miss) Esto Bates, A.B.,

Lawj'er, Writer.

Born: Modesto (Calif.); d. of Jennie (Bates)

and James Richard Broughton.
Edurittion: Modesto pub. RChs. ; Univ. of
Calif.. Berkeley.

Degreen: A.B., 1914, J.D., 1916, U. Of Calif.
Prof. Record: Practiced law, served In Legis-
lature, 1919-25; Reporter on .S. F. News,
1925-26; Capital News Bureau (.Sacramento),
1927-29; Publicity, Pasaedna Playhouse, 1929-
.30; Political Reporter and Columnist 1931-
34; Publisher of Political Straws (Sacra-
mento). 19.34; Instr.. U. of Hawaii. 19.35-36;
Del. to Dem. Nat. Convention, 1932; Law
(Modesto), 1940.

Publications: Political Straws, 1934.
Memberships: D.A.R.; Rebeccah; Kappa Beta
Pi (legal); Prytanean.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Theatre.

Business Address: P.O. Box 841, Modesto,

Home Address: 1715 Downey Ave., Modesto,

BROWDA, Morris, Mus.B.
Pianist, Teacher. Composer.
Born: Wilmington (Del.), Nov. 8, 1908; s. of
Ethel (Jerome) and Samuel Browda.
Education: Los Angeles (Calif.); Vienna

Degrees: Mus.B., Univ. of So. Calif., 1930.
Married: Rae F., d. of Jacob Fink, at Los
Angeles (Calif.), Dec. 20, 1931; ch.: Clara.
Prof. Record: Piano concerts In Calif., New
Jersey, and Vienna (Austria) ; Teacher of
Advanced Theory at U.S.C.; Pres.. Mary
Carr Moore Manuscript Club. 2 years; ap-
peared in many concerts of own composi-
tions; Prof, of Music, 1933, Vienna (Austria);
at present writing complete text on coun-
terpoint, and teaching piano and theory in

Directorships: Secty., Soc. of Native Amer.

Publications: Prelude and Fugue for pi-
ano) : Three Miniature Love iSongs, after
Hindu text.

Memberships: Soc. of Native Amer. Compos-
ers; Mary Carr Moore Manuscript Club; Pi
Kappa Lambda; Musicians' Guild of L.A.
Religion: Jewish.

Home Address: 1808 No. Kenmore Ave., Hol-
Ij-wood, Calif. •

BROWN, Clyde E.

Railroad E.xecutive.

Born: Stockbridge (N.Y.). Sept. 4. 1882; s.
of Kate E. (Covell) and John Robert Brown.
Education: Fayette Normal Univ. (Ohio);
Central Normal College (Ind.).
Married: Bsrmah Rose, d. of Ansel Landis
Ford. Fayette (Ohio). June 22, 1910; ch.:
Lowell Ford. D.D.S., and Leland Robert.

Bus. Record: Railroad Management and Op-
eration in Ohio, Mich., 111., and Calif.
Directorships: Dir. and Vice-Pres.. San Fran-
cisco and Napa Valley Railroad; Dir. and
Vice-Pres.. Napa Valley Bus Co.
Ar7n:i Record: Engaged considerable time in
Secret Service during World War I.
Memberships: York and Scottish Rites A.F.
& A.M. and Shrine; Past Pres., Napa Kiwan-



Is. Lt. Gov., Cal. Nevada Dist. Div. 8, Ki-

wanis International; Amer. Military Engr's.

and Railway Engrg, Assn.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Circus Fans Assn., fishing.

Business Address: 724 Soscol Ave., Napa,


Home Address: 505 Madison St., Napa, Calif.*

BROWN, Professor DeMarcus. A.B.,


Professor. Theatre Director, Little Theatre,
Coll. of Pacific.

Born: Woodland (Calif), 1900; s. of Mar-
garet (Phillips) and D. N. Brown.
Education: Public Sclis. (Calif.); Coll. of the

Degrees: A.B.. 1923, M.A., 1935, Coll. of the

Married- Lucy, d. of J. Weldon Woodhouse in
Booneville (N. C), 1902; ch.: Marcia Lou.
Prof Record: Teacher and Dir., Pacific
Little Theatre; Designer, Cape Playhouse,
Dennis (Mass.), 1938; development of Little
Theatre to unique place as self supporting
amateur Coll. Theatre. Prof., Theatre Dir.,
Little Theatre, Coll. of Pacific.
Memberships Theta Alpha Pi (National Hon-
orary Drama Frat.); Calif. Drama Teachers.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Painting and gardening.
Bus. Address: Coll. of the Pacific, Stockton,

Home Address: 142 Knoles-Way, Stockton,

BROWN, Donald Kennedy.

Proprietor, Long Beach Engravers, Ltd.
Born: Belfast (No. Ireland), Jan. 25, 1890;
s. of Jessie (Kennedy) and James Brown.
Education: Colorado Springs (Colo.).
Married: Hazel, d. of Wm. J MacHaffie,
at Helena (Mont.), July 24, 1928; ch.: Wil-

Bus. Record: After returning from service
with the Royal Flying Corps during the
World War, installed the first photo-engrav-
ing plant in the city of Long Beach and
opsned for business, Aug. 1, 1920; is stiu
continuing to serve all the engraving require-
ments for the city of Long Beach and ad-
jacent territory.

Army Service: Cadet for Pilot, Royal Flying
Corp (Canada), 1918.

Memberships: Rotary Internat. ; Palos Ver-
eds Lodge, No. 389— Masons; A.O.E. Sciots.
Long Beach Pyramid, No. 43; Long Beach
Cham, of Com.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Horseback riding, swimming,
and fishing.

Bus. Address: 410 Press-Telegram Bldg.,
Long Beach, Calif.

Home Address: 2435 E. First St., Long Beach
Calif, and Lincoln, Mont. (Summer).

BROWN. Professor Edwin Ransom.

A.B., B.D., D.D.

Theologian, Missionary.

Professor, Spanish-American Baptist Sem-
inary, Los Angeles.

Born: Lena (111.), Dec. 12, 1881; s. of Lena
(Seise) and Edwin Perry Brown.
Education: Lena (111.); High Sch. Freeport,
111.; Nagle's Bus. Coll., Freeport, 111.; Shurt-
leff Coll., Rochester Theological Seminary.
Degrees: A.B., Shurtleff Coll., 1904; B.D.,
Rochester Theol. Sem., 1907; D.D.. Shurt-
leff, 1933.

Married: Helen A., d. of Hon. Arthur J.
Scrogin, Lexington (111.), June 6, 1907; ch.:
Esther Caroline and Prof. Judson, S., Ph.

Prof Record: Asso. Pastor with "Bob" Bur-
dette in Temple Baptist Church, L. A.; Mis-
sionary in Mexico City and Puebla (Mex.);
Dir. of Mex. Bapt. Missions in the U. S.
for A.B.H.M.S. ; now, teacher in Spanish at
Baptist Theol. Sem. in L. A.
Memberships: Jenkins Tennis Club (L. A.);
L. A. Chess and Checker Club.
Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Tennis, chess, ping pong.
Bus. Address: E. Fifth and Indiana Sts.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address 1270 So. Lucerne Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

BROWN, Eva (Mrs. Dan)

Contralto Soloist, Teacher.
Born: Dallas (Tex.), May 12, 1885; d. of
Mr. and Mrs. H. Potishman.
Education: Pub. Schs. ; Fort Worth U.; mu-
sical education — conservatories and private

Married: Dan Brown, Mem. of firm of Felix
P Bath & Co. (cotton e.xporters), Tex.; ch.:
Ruth (Mrs. Alden R. Hatch, Cederhurst, Long

Prof Record: Associated with musical and
club activities in Texas from 1901-31 as sing-
er and executive; Pres., Euterpean Club, Ft.
Worth (Tex.), 1928-30; Head, Voice Dept.,
Ft. Worth Consv. of Music, 1928-29; Guest
Teacher, Chicago Musical Coll., 1923-27.
Asst. to Oscar Saenger, Amer. Consv. Chi-
cago, Summer Master Sch., 1928-29; est.
studio in L; A. in 1931.

War Service: Served in the field of enter-
tainment during the World War.
Memberships: Opera and Fine Arts Club (L.
A.); Mem. Music Teachers Assn. of Calif.
Bus', and Home Address: 3475 W. Sixth St.^
Los Angeles, Calif.

BROWN, Gilmor, Litt.D.
Supervising Director, Pasadena Playhouse
and School of the Theatre.
Born- New Salem (N.D.); s. of Emma Lou-
ise (Gilmor) and Orville Brown.
Education: Public Schools.
Prof. Record: Actor and Dir. with Ben
Greet Co.; tourned U. S. eventually with his
own company; founded the Pasadena Com-
munity Plavhouse in 1917 and has been its
Supervising Dir. ever since; has won world
recognition through the development of many
motion picture stars and the premier pro-
duction of numerous great plays; was Guest
Star with Detroit Symphony Drama, season
of 1921, and for the Greek Theatre (Berkeley),
in 1922- Lecturer on "Community Drama
for Drama League Inst. (Chicago), 1921;
conducted Summer Art Coloney (Pasadena),
1922-23; lectured at U.S.C. during summers



of 19'J.'5-27: directed only production of Eu-
gene O'NelU's La:arus Laughed at Playhouse
in 1928.

Directorahipn: Pres., Natl. Theatre Confer-
ence, an organization of outstanding com-
munity and university theatres, functioning
In the Interest of the American non-commer-
clai theatre.

Publications: General Principles of Play
Directioti (with A. Garwood; Plays: A Soul
for Mary Jane (from Dunsany) and Take
Your Choice; Dramatizations: Cricket on the
Hearth and A Christmas Carol.
Awards: Arthur Nobel Gold Medal, given by
City Planning Committee of Pasadena to
"the most useful citizen," 1926 — the initial
award of this medal; Officier de I'lnstruc-
tiop Publlque (France), 1932; Bronze Medal
awarded by Society Les Amities Francaise,
1936; Doctor of Letters, honorary degree be-
stowed by U.S.C, 1938.

Memberships: Fine Arts; Cauldron; Drama
League; Browning; Hollywood Bowl; Uni-

Bus. Address: 39 So. El MoUno Ave., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

Studio Address: 695 Herkimer St., Pasadena,

BROWN, James Montgomery

Owner and Published, Atascadero News.
Born: Lewisburg (W. Va.), Sept. 30, 1886; s.
of Mary Nelson (Montgomery) and Franli
Chilton Brown.

Education: Schools of Lewisburg (W. Va.).
Married: Louise, d. of Leda and James
White, Atascadero (Calif.), Oct. 16, 1940.
Bus. Hecord: Secty. and Gen. Mgr., Schem-
erhorn Co., Ft. Worth (Tex.), 1901-13; Vice-
Pres. and Gen. Mgr., Morning Record, Ft.
Worth, 1913-16; Pub. and Bus. Mgr., South-
western Oil Journal, Ft. Worth, 1916-19;
Vice-Pres. and Gen. Mgr., Long Beach Morn-
ing Sun. Long Beach (Calif.), 1920-21;
Owner and Pub. The News, Atascadero (Cal-
if.); Originator of the Ft. Worth Plan, For
Truth In Advertising.

Directorships: Beverley Products Co. and
Central Coast Cooperative Packing Co. (Atas-
cadero) ; Atascadero Businessmen's Assn. ;
Calif. Mission Trails Assn.; Exec. Comm.,
Calif. Newspaper Pub. Assn.
Army Record: Commissioned, 1st. Lt. U.S.
Army, during World War I.
Awards: Sigma Delta Chi Award for Cour-
age in Journalism, 1939, at their 52nd An-
nual Convention held Jan. 1940 at Coronado.
Memberships: Mason, Knight Templar, Slirin-
er; American Legion.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Tennis, fishing.
Bus. Address: North Mall, Atascadero, Calif.

Home Address: Marqulta Ave., Atascadero,

BROWN. Joe E{van).

Sportsman, Actor.

Born: Holgate (Ohio), July 28, 1891; s. of

Anna (Evans) and Mathlas Brown.

Education: Public Schools.

Married: Kathryn Frances McGraw, d. of

Mary Mahoney, Kalamazoo (Mich.); ch.r Don

Evan, Joe Leroy, Mary Elizabeth Ann and
Kathryn Frances.

I'rof. Record: Clrcu.s; acrobatics; aerial work;
burlesque ; vaudeville; New York .Stage Musi-
cal Comedy; starring pictures. Warner Bros.,
seven years; starring pictures, David Loew,
Inc.; starring pictures, Columbia Studios;
toured summer IfMO In stock ; appeared at
El Capltan (Hollywood. Calif.), The Show
Off; two year Radio for General FVxtds'
Post Toastles; baseball announcing, Kel-

Memberships: Zeta Psi; Lambs Club; B.P.O.
E.; Masonic Shrine; Beach Club; Masquers
Club of Hollywood.
Religion: Protestant.

Recreations: Baseball, football, swimming,
cards, bridge, backgammon, table tennis.
Sits. Address: Columbia Studios, Ciower St.,
Hollywood, Calif.

Home Address: 18 Oakmont Dr., Los A
geles, Calif. •

BROWN. John Quincy. A.B., J.D.
Deputy Attorney General of Calif.
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Mar. 17. 1897;
s. of Jessie and John Quincy Brown.
Education: Sacramento Public Sch.; Univ. of

Degrees: A.B., 1918, J.D., 1920 (Sch. of
Jurisprudence), U. of Calif.
Married: Harriett Tilden Moreland, d. of
Bishop Wm. Hall Moreland, (Episcopal
Bishop of Sacramento), 1898-32, at Sacra-
mento (Calif.), Nov. 15, 1922; ch.: John
Quincy IV (13) and Wm. Hall MOreland

Prof. Record: With legal firm of Butler and
Van Dyke (Sacramento, Calif.), 1920-22;
U. S. Commissioner, Northern Dist. of Calif.,
Sacramento, 1922-38; Dep. Atty. On. of
Calif., 1938—.

Directorsihps : Sacramento Riding Club.
Publications: Article in Law Observance, by
W. C. Durant.

Army Service: Ground Sch. U.S.N. Flying
Corps, Seattle (Wash.); Flying Schs., San
Diego (Calif.), and Pensacola (Fla.), 1918;
Commissoned Ensign U.S.N.R.F.C. Heavier
than Air Pilot No. 1960.

Memberships: Chi Phi Fraternity (U. of
Calif.), Phi Alpha Delta (legal); Skull and
Keys; Sutter and Sacramento Riding clubs.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 101 Library and Courts Bldg.,
Sacramento, Calif.

Home Address: 2750 Montgomery Way, Sac-
ramento, Calif.

BROWN. Margaret J. E.. A.B., M.A.


Allhambra High School.

Born: Howard (S. D.); d. of Mary Jane
(Featherstone) and Christopher R. Brown.

Education: Athens (Ga.); Univ. of So. Calif.;
Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley).

Degrees: A.B., U. of So. Calif.; M.A., U. Of
Calif. (Berkeley) .

Prof. Record: High sch. teaching; Editorial
work, Dept. of Agr., Wash. (D. C.)
Memberships: Bus. and Prof. Women's Club
(Alhambra): Poetry Soc. of So. Calif. (L.A.);



Phi Beta Kappa (Alumni), U. of So. Calif.,

Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Republican.

Kecreations: Gardening and photography.
Bus. Address: Alhambra High School, Al-
hambra, Calif.

Home Address: 719 No. Electric Ave., Al-
hambra, Calif.

BROWN. Marion. A.B., Ph.D.
Vice-Principal in Charge of Guidance, Univ.
High School.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.; d. of Elisabeth
H. (Patton) and Wm. Spence Brown.
Education: Univ. of Calif.; Columbia Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1916, M.A., 1917, U. of Calif.;
Ph.D., Columbia U., 1933.
Prof. Record: Summer Teaching, U. of Calif.,
U. of Ore., Stanford U., U. of Mo., Mills
Coll., and Columbia U.; Dir., Adolescent
Study, U. High Sch., 1934-38; present po-
sition, Vice-Prin. in Charge of Guidance, U.
High Sch., Oakland (Calif.).
Publications: Leadership Among High School
Pupils (Teachers' Coll., Columbia U.), 1933;
San Francisco, Old and New (The Grabhorn
Press), 1940; and numerous professional ar-
ticles in professional magazines.
Memberships: Women's Athletic Club (Oak-
land) ; Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Lambda Theta.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations : Gardening.

Bus. Address: Univ. High School, Oakland,

Home Address: 1631 Alameda Ave., Ala-
meda, Calif.

BROWN. Norma Alice. Mus.B.
Pianist, Teacher.

Born: Chicago (111.), April 9, 1899; d. of
Florence M. (Spikings) and Frederick I.
Brown, M.D.

Education: (Chicago Public Schools; Colum-
bia Sch. of Music (Chicago, 111.); private
pupil of Alexander Raab for 10 yrs.
Degrees: Mus.B., Columbia Sch. of Music.
Prof. Record: Pianist and Teacher of Piano,
Chicago (111.), until 1925; then became as-
sistant to Alexander Raab, eminent Teacher
of Piano in L. A., up to present time.
Memberships: Mu Phi Epsilon (National Hon-
orary Musical Sorority).
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Fresh air enthusiast.
Home Address: 1131 No. Olive Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif. *

IBROWN. Scott. A.B., LL.B.

Lawyer, Utilities Executive.
Born: Defiance (Ohio), Feb. 15, 1875; s. of
Katherine (Oliver; and Frank CJeorge Brown.
Education: Omaha High Sch.; Univ. of Chi-
cago; Northwestern Univ.
Degrees: A.B., U. of Chicago, 1897; LL.B.,
Northwestern U., 1899.

Married: Llda, d. of Mary and Wm. M.
Scott, Jamestovwi (N.Y.), Oct. 5, 1902.
Prof. Record: Practiced Law in Chicago,
1899-1901; Managing Dir., Chautauqua Inst.,
1905; General Counsel and Secy., Stude-

baker Bros. Mfg. Co. and Studebaker Corpn..
1905-14; one of the organizers and Vlce-Pres..
Secy, and Dir., North Amer. Light & Power
Co., 111. Power & Light Co., 111. Traction Co.,
and other subsidiary and allied utility co's.,
1915-26, and other bank, business and civic
boards; since then has resumed private
practice, specializing in corporation law.
Directorships: Dir., L.A. Ry. Corp. and Ad-
visory Bd. of Security First Nat. Bank at

Army Record: Mem. of World War Draft
Registration Bd. at Evanston (111.).
Memberships: Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Delta
Phi; Chicago, Amer. and 111. Bar Assns.;
Clubs: Twilight, Annandale Golf, and Valley
Hunt (all Pasadena), California (L.A.) and
University (Chicago).
Religion : Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf and fishing.
Ho7ne Address: 880 La Loma Rd., Pasadena,

BROWN. Major Stanley Keller.
U.S.Army, LL.B.


Born: St. Paul (Minn.), June 26, 1898; s.
of Mae (Kelelr) and Joseph Brown.
Education: Public schools. Central High
School, St. Paul (Minn.); Univ. of Minn.
Degrees: LL.B., U. of Minn., 1920.
Married: Genevieve, d. of India and Charles
A. Fry, Pasadena (Calif.), April 19, 1927;
ch. : Betty Joan and Stanley Kendrick.
Prof. Record: Practice of law for past 20
years; many directorships and executive posi-
tions in various companies.
Publications: Editor section, Automobile
Liens for Card Digest System (Pub. Card
Digest Corp.); Asst. Editor of section. Me-
chanics' Liens (now in prep, by same co.)
Army Service: Commd., Second Lt., Field Ar-
tillery, Sept. 12, 1918; resigned commn. at
close of war; commd., Capt., Judge Advocate
General's Dept., Organized Reserves of U. S.
Army, Aug. 14, 1935, commn. renewed Aug.
14, 1940. Promoted to Major, June 9, 1941.
Now on active duty in the office Of the
Judge Advocate General, Washington (D.C.).
Memberships: Carmelita Masonic Lodge (Past
Master), Pasadena; Pasadena Lions Club
(Past Pres.); Pasadena Chap. Res. Officers
Assn. of U. S. Army (Past Pres.); Univer-
sity Club; Amer. Legion; Tournament of
Roses Assn.; Pasadena Bar Assn.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Gardening and philately.
Bus. Address: 523 Pacific Southwest Bldg.,
Pasadena, Calif., and Office of the Judge
Advocate Gen., Washington, D.C.
Home Address: 2641 Midlothian Dr., Alta-
dena, Calif.

BROWN, Verne Brainard. A.B., M.A.
English Instructor, Santa Monica Junior Col-

Born: Prairieville (Mich.); s. of Georgiana
Helen (Brainard) and Wm. Lyon Brown.
Education: Olivet Coll.; Chicago Univ.; Univ.
of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., 1909, M.A., 1915, Olivet Coll.
Married: Ruth Lorraine, d. of Edgar L.
Gary, Joilet (111.). 1910; ch. : Phyllis Jane.



Molly Cornplla, KclKiir Cury, Constance Ilulh,
anil Lewis Clare.

Prof. Record: Advertising (Ind.), 1!)09-12;
Teacher and Principal, HunllnKton Beach
Schs., 1()1"J-14; l<ll7-li>: Head, Knullsh Depl.,
Kern County Union lIlKh Sch. and Jr. Coll.,
(Bakersfleki), li)ll-17; Head Copywriter.
Malcolm McAlIlslor Co. (Salt Lake City),
191!)-:^1: Principal, Rlpon Union Jr.-Sr.
High Sch., (Calif.), 1921-23; Instr., School
of Edn., Coll. uf Pac. (Stockton), summers
1927-29; Instr., Eng., Santa Monica Jr. Coll.,
19M1— .

Publications: "Study of First Twenty-five
Months of a Child's Life" (Reviewed In Ter-
man's Vol. HI Genetic i^tudies of Oenius, Ch.
XXII, pp. 340-357, with further studies) ;
Dai/s of the Dons, operetta ; Roadways To
Be; .er Writings; contributions to educational
magazines ; miscellaneous poetry.
Memberships: Phi Alpha Pi; Phi Delta Kap-
pa; Toastmasters.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Santa Monica Junior ColL,
Santa Monica, Calif.

Home Address: 901 Princeton St., Santa
Monica, Calif.

BROWN, Professor Walter Henry. B.S.,
M.D., C.P.H.

Professor of Hygiene, Stanford Univ.
Born: Philadelphia (Pa.), Sept. 26, 1876; s.
of Ida May and Joseph Henry Brown.
Education: Public schools of Williamsport
(Pa.); Temple Univ., Philadelphia; Harvard-
Mass. Institute of Technology, School for
Health Officers.

Degrees: B.S., 1905, Temple Coll:; M.D.,
1906, Jefferson Med. Coll.; C.P.H., 1914, Sch.
for Health Officers.

Married: Ella Mood, d. of Lewis M. Walp,
at Quakertown (Pa.), Nov. 18, 1905; eh.:

Prof. Record: Practiced medicine in Bucks
Co. (Pa.), 1906-13; was Epidemiologist,
Mass. St. Dept. of Health, 1914-15; Health
Officer, Bridgeport (Conn.), 1916-19; Asso.
Dir., Health Service, Amer. Red Cross,
Washington, 1919-20; assigned to Commn.
for Prevention of Tuberculosis in France by
the Rockefeller Foundation, 1920-21; at pres-
ent is Prof, of Hygiene, Stanford U., in
charge of U. Health Service and Informa-
tional Hygiene instruction.
Directorships: Dir., Child Health Demonstra-
tion, Mansfield (Ohio), where he conducted
a nat. demonstration with funds appropriated
by Amer. Red Cross.; Dir., Child Health
Demonstration Marion Co. (Ore.), (one of
the four cooperative demonstrations con-
ducted by the Commonwealth Fund).
Mem,berships: Exec. Bd., Amer. Public
Health Assn., Amer. Public Health Assn.
(Past Pres.); Alpha Omega Alpha (Medical).
Religioti: Society of Friends.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Travel, music and photography.
Bus. Address: Stanford Univ., Calif.
Home Address: 360 Forest Ave., Palo Alto,
Calif. •

BROWN, William Bartholomew, A.B.,

Director of Curriculum, Los Angeles City
Born: Des Moines (Iowa), Aug. 15, 1904; i.

of Susan (Van Llcw) and Wm. B. Brown.

Education: Pasadena High Sch.; Stanford

Univ.; Univ. of So. Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U.. 1925; M.A..

U. S. C.

Married: Helen, d. of Mrs. L. L. Welgel;

ch.: Christopher (9), Karen (6).

Prof. Record: Social Studies Teacher, Hol-
lywood High Sch., 1928-3;^; Critic and Super-
vising Teacher, U. High Sch., 19;j.3-34; Instr..
Poly. Evening High Sch., 19;}0-32; Asst.
Supervisor, Secondary Curriculum Section,
1934-35; Acting Dir.. Secondary Curriculum
Section, 1935-37; Dir., Secondary Curriculum.
1937-40; Dir. of Curriculum, 1940., L. A.
City Schools.

Publications: Co-Author (Brown, Compton,

and Brown), The Upen Road (Harcourl

Brace and Co.), 1938 (a book of adventure

and travel selections for slow learning pupils

in grades 9 and 10) .

Memberships: Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Phi

Delta Kappa (Educational). Pi Sigma Alpha

(Political Science) ; Pres., Council Directors

and Supervisors, L. A. City Schools, 1938-39.

Religion: Protestant.

Bus. Address: Chamber of Commerce Bldg.,

Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 516 No. Mariposa, Los An-
geles, Ceilif.

BROWNE. Belmore.

Artist, Illustrator, Writer.

Born: Thompkinsville. Staten Island (N. Y.),
June 9, 1880; s. of Ella (Haskell) and
George Browne.

Education: St. Marks School; Pomf ret School ;
N. Y. Art School; Academic Julian (Paris).
Married: Agnes Evelyn, d. of Francis P.
Sibley, Jenkintown (Pa.), Oct. 14, 1913; ch.:
Evelyn and Cieorge.

Prof. Record: Illustrator, 1900-10; collector
and painter of mammals for Amer. Mus. of
Nat. Hist. Museum expeditions to Alaska.
1900-02; mem., Mt. McKinley Expdn., 1906;
Field Leader, Mt. McKinley E.xpdns., 1910
and 1912; asso. of the Nat. Acad, of Design,
1919; represented by pictures in: Nat. Gal-
lery, Washington (D.C.), Buffalo Mus.,
Springville (Utah), and Amherst Coll.; Stu-
dents purchase prize, Springville, Ranger
Purchase Nat. Acad, of Design; Dir.. Santa
Barbara School of the Arts, 1931-35; Habi-
tat groups, Santa Barbara Mus. of Nat.
Hist. ; habitat Groups American Museum of
Nat. Hist.

Publications: Guns and Gunning (Stevens
Arms Co.), 1903; The Conquest of Mt. Mc-
Kinley (Putnams), 1914; Alaskan Adventure
(Putnams), 1915-16 (three volumes); numer-
ous magazine articles.

Army Record: Commissioned Capt., Aviation
Section, Sig. Corps. May 11. 1918; transf. to
Airplane production, July, 1918.

Meinberships : Camp Fire Club of Amer.
(hon. member) ; Amer. Alpine Club (life
member) .

Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing, camping, and

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