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Consistory of Scottish Rite, Aahmes Temple
of the Shrine; Oakland Post 5 of the Amer.
Legion; Amer. Bar Assn., Alameda Co. Bar
Assn. ; Lawyers Club.
Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Photography, bookbinding and

Bus. Address: City Hall, Oakland, Calif.
Home Address: 863 Vermont St., Oakland,

BUDDE, Henry Ferdinand.

President, Henry F. Budde Publications, Inc.
Born: Germany, July 6, 1873; s. of Elizabeth
(Peters) and Henry John Budde.
Education: High school, Germany.
Married: Louisa A., d. of Margaret and
John A. Christen, San Francisco (Calif.),
Sept 25, 1898; ch.: Henry John, Margaret
E. (Becker), Fred J., Anita and Albert F.
Bus. Record: Pres. Henry F. Budde Publica-
tions, Inc. (publishing 18 district newspapers
with a weekly circulation of 135,000) ; also,
Publ of San Francisco Municipal Review;
official organizer of S. F. Municipal Civil
Service Employers Assn.

Directorships: Dir., State Agr. Dist. lA (ap-
pointed by Gov. Merriam) and Mem. of S. t.
Park Commn. (appointed by Mayor A. J.
Rossi and reappointed, Jan. 1939).
Memberships: Lodge No. 3, B P.O.E. and
sundry other organizations and improvement

Recreation: Fishing.

Bus. Address: 35 Dolores St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 45 Hartford St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

BUERGER. Leo. A.B., M.A., M.D.

Born: Vienna (Austria), Sept. 13, 1879; s. of
Charlotte (Klug) and Arthur Buerger.
Education: City Coll. (N. Y. C); Columbia
Univ. (Coll. Physicians and Surgeons).
Degrees: MD., Columbia U. (Cbll Phys
and Surgs.), 1901, M.A., Columbia U., 1901,
A B., City Coll. of New York, 1907.
Married: Anna Kathleen, d. of Caroline and
Gustav Johnson at Patterson (N.J.), March
6, 1936.

Prof Record: Pathological Interne, Mt. Slnal
Hosp. (N. Y.), 1904-05; Asst. Sur., Surgical
Intern, Orman (now Lenox Hill) Hosp. (N.
Y ) 1901-05; Ass. Sur. Breslau Sur. Clinic
(Ge'rmany), 1905-06; post-grad. (Vienna; Pa-
ris), 1906; Prof., Urology, Polyclinic Med.
Sch (N. Y.), 1917; Inst. Sur., Columbia U.;
Attending Sur. Bronx Hosp., Beth David



Hasp. (N. Y.); Asst. Atlondlnji; Surg. Mt.
Slnnl Hosp. ; Prof,. SurKcry IJroloRy, Coll. KvanRcllsIs (l^n.s Anodes i. 10.30;
respon.slble for .stutJIo.s on -Throm-
boangiitis obliterans .siibso(|uontly termed
"BucrRer's" di.scaso by medical [jrof , ; Inven-
tor of the popular ey.stoscope and other
Inslrumenl.s for vlewinR the interior ot blad-
der and urethra, and effcctinp operative pro-
cedures and diagnostic melhod.s in the domain
of the urinary tract; instruments devised,
known as: Buerger Cystocopes; Buerger Cys-
tourethroscopos, operating cystocopes, etc.
Work in bacteriology and surgical pathology.
Publications: Author of numerous contribu-
tions on peripheral vascular disease; Circula-
tory Dixensea of the Krtrrmitirs and Gan-
grene (\V. B. Saunders & Co., Philadelphia),
19^4; 610 pages; about 150 articles, in surgi-
cal, pathological, urological periodicals.
Bus. Address: 619 So. Westlake Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 3675 Amesbury Rd., Los An-
geles, Calif. •

BUFF. Conrad.

Artist, Murallst.

Born: Speicher (Switz.), Jan. 15, 1886; s.
of Anna (Bruderer) and Conrad Buff.
Education: Switzerland, Munich.
Married: Mary, d. of Andrew J. March, Los
Angeles (Calif.), April 10, 1890; ch.: Conrad
and David.

Prof. Record: As a mural painter he is best
knoviTi for his mural in the National Bank
of Phoenix; The Edison Co. Bldg. (Los An-
geles); Santa Monica High Sch. (Santa Moni-
ca (Calif.) ; Barlow Med. Libr. (Los An-
geles), and others; a federal mural was
just completed for the J^Ianteca (Calif.) Post-
office; represented in the following Art Col-
lections: British Mus. (London), Metropolitan
Mus. (New York), Natl. Gallery (Washing-
ton, D.C.), Boston Mus. of Fine Arts, Chi-
cago Art Inst.. Detroit Inst, of Arts. Delago
Mus. of Art (New Orleans), Palace of Le-
gion of Honor (San Francisco), Cleveland
Mus. (Cleveland. Ohio). Nelson Gallery of
Art (Kansas City), San Diego Mus., Los An-
geles Mus., Los Angeles Pub. Libr., etc.
Awards: Huntington Prize, L. A. Mus., 1925;
Fine Art Prize, San Diego Mus., 1925; First
Prize, Calif. State Fair, 1924; Hon. Men. for
Lithographs, Chicago Art Inst., in Internatl.
Exhibit; Second Prize, L. A. Print Group,
1934; Purchase Prize A, L. A. Mus., 1937.
Publications : Dancing Cloud, 1937; Kobi, 1939
(Viking Press and Junior Literary Guild).
Home Address: 1223 Linda Rosa Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

BUGBEE, Jr., Henry Greenwood, A.E.,

Born: New York City (N. Y.), Feb. 19,
1915; s. of Delia (Searles) and Henry Green-
wood Bugbee, M.D.

Education' Hutchkiss Sch., Lakeville (Conn.);
Princeton Univ.; Graduate Student and
Teaching Fellow in Philosophy, Univ. of
Calif.; Winner of James Sutton Fellowship,

Degrees: A.B., Princeton U., 1936; M.A.,
1940, Ph.D., 1941, U. of Calif.
Married: Jeanie Ogden, d. of Samuel Leonard
Abbot, Jr., at San Rafael (Calif.), May 27,
1937; cr. : Ann Greenwood.

Krtxiixon: Non-soctarlan.

Recreations: Fishing, sculling, and w.ilklng.

Home Addresn: 2666 Shasta Rd., Berkeley,


BUHLIG, Richard.

Concert Pianist.

Born: Chicago (111), Doc. 21, 1880; 8. of
Louise (Welssingcr) and J. M. Buhlig.
Education: Chicago; Vienna; Berlin.
Prof. Record: Began his concert career In
Berlin in 1901; has played In most European
countries and all over the U. S. as solo
pianist In recitals and with leading orches-
tras; served on Faculty Council of Inst, of
Musical Art (N.Y.C.), 1918-20; returned to
America in 1916 after 20 yrs. abroad, and
had been active for many years abroad be-
tween 1923-30; now divides his time be-
tween his residence in Los Angeles and N. Y.
Recreations: Book-collecting.
Home Address: 114 So. Carondelet St., Los
Angeles, Calif.

BULLOCK, Fred Walter.

Landscape Engineer.

Born: Wellington, Shropshire (Eng.), Sept.
28, 1879; s. of Katharine (Butler) and
George Bullock.
Education: Shrewsbury Sch.
Married: Helen, d. of Benjamin Col ton, at
San Francisco (Calif.), May 15, 1929.
Bus. Record: Formerly in business as Land-
scape Engineer in Spokane (Wash.) and
Portland (Ore.); has been in San Francisco
since 1915 and at present address since 1927,
where he has also established a nursery;
did considerable landscape work to buildings
at Panama-Pacific Expn. ; during World War,
joined a Canadian regiment, but took up
work again as Landscape Engr. upon return
from overseas.

Army Service: Bethune's Mounted Infantry
and 2nd Light Horse, South African War;
7th Battalion Canadian Infantry. World War;
was wounded at Arras (France), 1918.
Memberships: Canadian Legion (War Vet-
erans' Bldg., S. F.); Fraternity Club (Palace
Hotel, S. F.); Calif. Assn. of Nurser\Tnen.
Religion: Episcopal.

Recreations: GoU, swmming, and fishing.
Bus. Address: 445 - 12th Ave., San Francis-
co., Calif.

Home Address: 462 Funston Ave., San Fran-
cisco, Calif. •

BULLOCK. Georgia P., LL.B., LL.D.,

Judge of the Superior Court, Los Angeles

Born: (Chicago (111.), d. of Mary Potwln
(Judd) and Thomas Herbert Morgan.
Education: Public and private schools In
Ravenswood (111.), South Bend (Ind.), and
Swansea, South Wales (Eng.): Woodbury
College; Univ. of Southern Calif.
Degrees: Master of Bus. Admr.. Woodbury
Coll., 1939; LL.B., U. of So. Calif., 1914;
LL.D., Southwestern U., 1928.
Prof. Record: Admitted to practice in Courts
of Calif., Jan. 27, 1913; appointed Referee
of Women's Cases in Los Angeles Police
Court. 1915; served as Deputy Dist. Atty.,
1917-18; several years Appraiser in the Pro-



bate Dept.. Superior Court of L. A. Co ;
appointed Police Judge of L. A., Dec., 19^4;
appointed Judge of the Municipal Court of
L A Feb., 1926; elected Judge of the
Municipal Court, May, 1927; appointed Judge
of the Superior Court. Aug., 1931; elected
Judge of the Superior Court, Aug., 1932, and
reelected Aug., 1938; is the only woman
judge on the Superior Court Bench in Calif,
at this time and only woman ever elected
to said Court in Calif.

Memberships: Amer. Bar Assn., L. A. Bar
Assn.; Lawyers' Club of L. A.; Hon. Mem.,
Nat Assn. of Women Lawyers; a founder
of Phi Detla Delta, Legal Sorority; Hon.
Mem of the following: Pi Kappa Sigma,
Chi Omega, and Delta Kappa Gamma; Mem.,
Order of the Eastern Star, Women of the
Moose, Women's Athletic Club Club (L. A.);
Univ. of S. C. Alumni Assn.; Hon. Mem.,
Parent-Teacher Assn., Grant Sch., (Pasa-
dena) ■ Hon. Mem., Advisory Board of Braille
Inst, of America.; Mem., Nat. Business and
Professional Women's Club.
Bus. Address: City Hall, Los Angeles, Calif.


Automobile Dealer.

Born: San Farncisco (Calif.), May 10, 1893;
s. of Katharine (Ahrens) and John D.

Education: Lowell High Sch. (San Francicso).
Married: Margaret, d. of Charles Mersereau,
at Oakland (Calif.); ch.; Robert Clare.
Bus. Record. Has been with the Ford Motor
Co. for 28 yrs. ; Mgr., Portland Branch, 4
yrs • Mgr., Richmond-San Francisco Branch,
10 yrs.; at present has Ford, Mercury, Lin-
coln Dealership.

Directorships: Vice-Pres., Cal-Union Agencies,
Inc., S. F.

Navy Service: Honorable Discharge, Ensign
Pay Corps Naval Reserve.
Memberships: Park Lodge F. & A. M.; Rich-
mond Rotary Club; S. F. Body Scottish Rite,
Islam Temple (Shrine).
Religion: Protestant, Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Bms. Address: 6300 College Ave., Oakland,

Home Address: 2819 Derby St., Berkeley.
Calif. '

BUMPUS. Hermon Carey, Ph.B., M.S.,

Chief of Urological Service, Los Angeles
County CJeneral Hospital.

Born: Dorchester (Mass.), Aug. 9, 1888; s.
of Lucy Ella (Nightingale) and Hermon
Carey Bumpus.

Education: Horace Mann High School (New
York City); Brovm Univ.; Univ. of Wis.;
Harvard Med. Sch.; Univ. of Minn.; Univ.
of Chicago.

Degrees: Ph.B., Brown U.; M.S., U. of Minn.
M.D., Harvard Med. Sch.

Married: Helen McBurnie, Winona (Minn.),
Dec. 29, 1915; ch.: Nancy Helen, Wm. N.,
and Frank Thatcher.

Prof. Record: Mem. Staff, Mayo Clinic,
1915-33; Asso. Prof. Urology, Mayo Founda-
tion of the U. of Minn., 1925-33; Prof, of
Urology, Coll. of Med. Evangelists, since 1933,
Chief of Staff, St. Luke's Hospital, Pasa-
dena (Calif.), 1937-40; Chief of a Urological
Service, L. A. Co. Gen. Hosp. since 1934.

Publications: Numerous articles on Urological
subjects in the medical journals; Minor
Surgery of the Urinary Tract, 1932.
/I wards.- Amer. Med. Assn. Certificate of
Honor, 1934; Amer. Roentgen Ray Soc, Hon-
orable Mention for Meritorious Research,

Me7nberships : University and Valley Hunt
clubs (Pasadena) ; Du.xbury Yacht Club.
Religion: Protestant.
Recreations: Sailing, hunting.
Bus. Address: 112 No. Madison, Pasadena,

Home Address: 1160 So. Orange Grove Ave.,
Pasadena, Calif.

BUNDY. Delos Lester.

City Engineer of Redondo Beach.

Born- Beesemer (Mich.), Dec. 12, 1889; s.

of Lillian Prince (Bromley) and Clifford

Seeley Bundy.

Education: Boulder (Colo.).

Married: Bernhardt, d. of Estella and Henry

Allen Drumm at Boulder (Colo.), Dec. 10,

1910; ch.: Clifford Delos, Estella Marguerite


Prof Record: Engr. Dept. Boulder (Colo.),

Jan., 1910-Oct., 1910; Hydrographlc Engr.

(State Colo.) Engr. Dept., Oct., 1910-Apr.,

1915; Private Engr. Work, Apr., 1915-Oct.,

1915; Accountant, Holbrook (Ariz), Oct.,

1915-Feb., 1918; Res. Engr., Apache R. R.,

Bridge and R. R. Const., Feb., 1918-Apr.,

1919; Engr., Oregon Hwy. Dept., Apr., 1919-

Nov 1920; Engr. Acct., Yukon Gold Co.,

Murray (Idaho), Nov., 1920-Dec., 1921; Res.

Engr., Ariz. Hwy. Dept., Dec, 1921-Dec.,

1926; Field Engr., C.C.M. Oil Co., Torrance

(Calif.), Jan., 1927-Apr., 1928; City Engr,

Redondo Beach (Calif.), Apr., 1928—.

Army Service: Res. Officer, 2nd Lt., Q.M.C.,

Aug., 1925-Aug., 1930.

Memberships: Pres., Rotary Club; Vice-Pres.,

Planning Congress Los Angeles Co.; Past

Pres., City and County Engineers Assn. (Los

Angeles Co.).

Religion: Christian.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing, and bowling.

Bms. Address: City Hall, Redondo Beach,


Home Address: 601 So. Elena Ave., Redondo

Beach, Calif.

BUNTIN. William Harve. A.B., M.A.,

Managing Editor, The Salinas Independent
and the Casroville News.

Born: Ely (Nev.), March 9, 1898; s. of Alice
May Scarboro (Carothers) and Walter David

Education: Poly. School (Calif.); Poly. Coll.
(Eng.); Calif., Mexico and Nevada Univer-

Degrees: A.S., 1922; A.B., 1926; M.A., 1930;
E.E., 1932.

Married: Virginia, d. of Ollie Vancill and
Judge Lewis Rinaker, Reno (Nev.), Aug.
28, 1929; ch. : Michael Rinaker.
Business Record: Wrote the first radio col-
umn for Arizona Republican, 1915; Contribu-
tor to Popular Mechanics, Electrical Experi-
menter, 1918; C. S. Monitor, N. Y. Times,
NAN.A.; NEA Service to 1922; Heatmg



nnd VonlllntlnR RnRlnnor, MonlRnmcry nros.
(San Francisco), 1!)'2'J-'J-1 ; Staff C'orrosp.
I.N.S. and Fox M.P. Nfu^s. FIcUlman. l!)Zi-
,'!H: MnR. K(l. Kly (Nov.) Times. l!)L'K-.'iO;
TclcKraph Ed., Hcno KvcnlnR Gazette, 1930-
,'U : MnK. Kd., Las VcRas (Nov.) Afir. V.YM-
.33; Ed., Salinas Morninfj Pout. 19.33-,3-1; Pub.
and Mng. Ed., Salinas Independent, 19.34-40.
Dirrrtorahips: Pres., Independent Printing
and Publishing Co.. Salinas (Calif.).
Publiriitions: Gesture for the Grey and the
dingers; Articles: Regeneration of a Mining
Camp and Virginia City As Grandmother
Saw It.

Decorations: Order of Feathered Serpent
(Mex.), 1922, (Quetzl Coatal).
Memberships: Rotary; Phi Sigma Kappa;
A A.A.R.B.P.; Calif. Press Assn.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations.- Cruising.
Bus. Address: Box 1570. Salinas, Calif.
Home Address : 4 Alpine Dr., Salinas, Calif.'

BURCH, Jr., Charles E.. A.B.


Born: Amarillo (Tex.), Feb. 17, 1909; s. of
Arramenta (Akin) and Charles E. Burch.
Education: San Diego city schools.
Degree: A.B., San Diego State Coll., 1930.
Married: Alma I., d. of Charles E. Hiller at
San Diego (Calif.), Nov. 6, 1937.
Prof. Record: Upon admission to practice,
March 12, 1937, re-opened father's law of-
fice (father having passed away Dec. 18,
1933), and successfully practiced for three
yrs. before all local Courts, State and Fed-
eral, as well as Appellate and Supreme
Courts of Calif. ; now before Supreme Court
of Calif, on case of first instance to de-
termine controversial matter of legality of
dental advertising.

Directorships: Secy.-Treas., Fifth Ave. Meth-
odist Church; Pres., Bd. of Stewards, Fifth
Ave. Methodist Church; Secy., 20th Con-
gressional District Com. of the Democratic
State Central Com. of Calif.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Democratic.

Recreations: Swimming, tennis, fishing, and

Bus. Address: San Diego Trust & Savgs.
Bldg., San Diego, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 3009 Seville St., San Diego,

BURCHER, James Frederick.

Editor and Publisher of the Chowchilla

Born: Olivet (Kan.). March 8, 1904; s. of
Myrtle (Curtis) and Charles Lee Burcher.
Education: lola (Kan.) High School and Bus-
iness College, Kansas City (Mo.).
Married: Dorothy Anne, d. of Blanche (Mead)
and E. S. Gray, Chowchilla (Calif.), June
9. 1929; ch. : Dorothy Jane and Elizabeth

Prof. Record. Appraisal Asst. Packers and
Stockyards Administration, U. S. Dept. Agri-
culture (Kansas City, Mo.), 1924-28; Office
Clerk, San Joaquin Cotton Oil Co. (Chow-
chilla), 1928-29; Bookkeeper, department
store (Chowchilla), 1929; Clerk, Co. As-
sessor's Office, King Co. (Seattle, Wash.),
1929-30; Printer, Chowchilla News, 1930-34;

Kdllor, Publisher, Chowchilla Ncvj», 19.14—;
Inheritance Tux Appraiser. State of Calif.,
V.VM -.

Memberships: Madera Co. Planning Commn.,
19.39- ; City of Chowchilla Planning Commn..
1940 - ; Lions Club.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 155 No. Second St., Chow-
chilla, Calif.
Home Address: 704 Kings, Chowchilla, Calif.*

BURKE. John P.

Lawyer, Banker.

Born: Durant (Iovva\ March 17, 1862.
Education: Schs. in Iowa.
Prof. Record: Cashier, Exchange Bank (Wal-
nut, Iowa), for ten years; came to Calif.,
1891; located at San Jose, and became Dir.,
Vice-Pres., Mgr. of San Jose and .Santa Clara
Railway Co., and Dir. of Sacramento Street
Railway Co. ; 1901, sold his interest In the
ry. companies, was admitted to the bar and
practiced law at San Jose until elected Dir.,
Vice-Pres., Mgr. of The Bank of San Jose,
1903; 1906, removed to Los Angeles and
was elected Dir., Vice-Pres., Mgr. of Central
Bank; after a year with this bank, became
affiliated with Southern Co. (L. A.)
as Dir., Vice-Pres., Mgr.; 1910, joined First
National Bank (L. A.) as a Mem. of Bd.
of Dirs. and Vice-Pres., continued with
that bank until it merged with Security
Trust & Savings Bank (L. A.); still con-
nected with the merged institution, now
known as Security-First National Bank of
L. A. Mem., Chamber of Commerce (L. A.)
since 1907, and served on Bd. of Dirs. of
the Chamber for eight years: Chmn. of the
Chamber's Entertainment Com. two yrs. ; at
the time of sale of old property on Broadway
near Second St., and purchase of new site
at Broadway, Twelfth, and Hill Sts., was
made Chmn. of the Bldg. and Finance Com.
and served In that capacity for five yrs. :
still Mem. of Bldg. and Finance Com. of
the Chamber: was Dir. and Treas. of L. A.
Tuberculosis Assn. for eight yrs.
Directorships: Los Angeles Chapter of the
American Red Cross since it was re-organized
in 1913; Mem. of Advisory Bd., Los Angeles
Tuberculosis Assn.; Dir., L. A. County Con-
servation Assn.

Memberships: Knights of Columbus; Califor-
nia and Newman clubs; St. Vincent's de Paul

Bits. Address: Security-First Bank of Loi

Home Address: 515 So. Lafayette PL, Los
Angeles, Calif. *

BURKE, Louis H., Ph.B., LL.B.


Born: Montebello (Calif.), Jan 4, 1905; s. of
Lucie (Dion) and Joseph Burke.
Education: Loyola University.
Degrees: Ph.B., LL.B., Loyola U., 1926.
Married: Ruth Ann, d. of Jeanne (Cam-
field) and C. A. Horsfall at San Jose (Calif.),
July 1, 1933; ch.: Michael, Kathleen sind

Prof. Record: Admitted to practice law in
all courts of Calif., 1927; commenced private
practice in employ of Thomas P. WTiite
(Asso. Justice, Appellate Court of Calif.);
appointed City Attorney (Montebello), 1928,



at which time opened office for private prac-
tice of law; formed law partnership with
Martin J. Burke (brother), and legal as-
sociates, Daniel G. Marshall and Vincent C.
Hickson under the firm name of Burke,
Hickson, Burke and Marshall, 1930; the firm
is at present engaged in practice at 720
Rowan Bldg., Los Angeles; appointed Legal
Counsel for the League of Calif Cities
(statewide organization of cities in Calif.),


Publications: Several treatises and reports on
Municipal Law.

Memberships: Knights of Columbus; Govern-
mental Administration Group.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Riding, saddle horse breeding
and raising.

Bus. Address: City Hall, Montebello, Calif.;
Rowan Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 140 No. 21st St., Montebello,
BURKHARD, William John, B.S., M.A.
Assistant Superintendent of Schools.
Born: Liverpool (Eng.), Aug. 18, 1899; s. of
Katherine (Weiland) and William John Burk-
hard, Sr.

Education: Public schools, Emmett (Idaho):
Univ. of Idaho, Moscow; graduated Univ. of
Calif. (Berkeley), 1921.

Degrees: B.S., 1921, M.A., 1930, U. of Calif.
Married: Vera, d. of Marie (Hansen) and
Christian Jensen, San Andreas (Calif.), Feb.
1, 1903; ch.: Robert William.
Bus. Record: Asst. to Traffic Mgr , Asso-
ciated Oil Co., 1921-26; Vice-Prin,. Alameda
City Schools, 1927-31; Principal, Coloma
School- Vice-Prin., Sacramento City Schools
1931-38; Promoted to Asst. Dir. of Research,
1938-40; promoted to Asst. Supt. of Schools,

Publications: Co-author: Pupils Individual
Spelling Series, California State Series, and
The Individual Speller (by Benj. Sanborn &
Co., Chicago and Boston).
Memberships: Phi Delta Kappa (National
Education Fraternity); F. & A. M. (Masonic
Club)- Scottish Rite: California Elementary
Principals Assn. (Past Pres.) ; American
Assn. School Administrators.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 21st and L Sts., Sacramento,

Home Address: 707 4th St., Sacramento,
BURKMAN. Joel Andrew, A.B., M.A.,

Asst. Dir. of Educ, Calif. State Dept. of

Born: Sala (Sweden), Nov. 21, 1889; s. of
Anna Lovisa (Ostling) and Ernst A. Bjork-

Education: Public schs., Bingham Co.
(Idaho); Univ. Wash. (Seattle); Univ. of
Calif. (Berkeley) .

Degrees: A.B., 1923, M.A., 1925, U. Wash.;
Ed.D., 1931, U. of Calif.

Married: Orpha, d. of Albert G. Hampton,
Burley (Idaho), Sept. 22, 1921.
Prof. Record: Rural Sch. Teacher, 1911-12;
farmer, thrashing machine operator, 1912-16,
Blackfoot (Idaho); Elementary Sch. Prln.

from 1916-18, Groveland (Idaho) ; Elementary
.Sch Prin , 1919-20, Riverside (Idaho) ; City
Supt. of Schs., White Bluffs (Wash.1, 1924-
26- City Supt. ot Schs., Meno (Wash.),
1926-29; was also the Asst. Dir. of Research
in the Oakland Public Schs., from 1931-32;
Research and Tech. Advisor, Calif. Teachers
Colleges, State Dept. of Edn., 19.32-38; Asst.
Dir of Edn., State Dept. of Edn. in Calif.,
;1938_„; Past Pres., Calif. Educational Re-

Publications: A Study of Certain Factors
Relating to Collegiate Educational Rules and
Regulations; Facilities in California (Dept.
of Edn. Bulletin No. 24), 1932; Governing
the California State Colleges (Calif. State
Dept. ot Education Bulletin No. 8), 1937;
also numerous magazine articles and Dept.
of Edn. reports.

Army Service: Private in the U. S. Army,
1917-18, and wounded in the Battle of Ar-
gonne, 1918.

Memberships: Natl. Edn. Assn., Calif. Teach-
ers Assn.; Masons; Rotary; Phi Delta Kappa.
lieligion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Gardening, fishing.
Bus. Address: 506 Library Courts Bldg., Sac-
ramento, Calif.

Home Address: 3501 13th St., Sacramento,

BURNABY, Frank Harding.

President and Principal Owner, Sun Lumber

Born: Milton, Queens Co., Nova Scotia
(Can.), Feb. 12, 1883; s. of L. H. Burnaby.
Education: Received his education in Canada.
Married: Lillian B., d. of Emily Barton, at
Minneapolis (Minn.); ch.: Homer H., age 33.
Bus Record: In lumber business (wholesale
and retail) practically all of business life;
worked for lumber corporations in Kansas
City (Mo.), and Chicago (111.), until 1916;
since that date, owned and operated several
lumber firms in Chicago, coming to Bev-
erly Hills in 1924.

Directorships; Pres., Sun Lumber Co., Bev-
erly Hills, Calif.

Memberships: Bel Air Country Club and
Rotary International.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, hunting and fishing.
Bus. Address: 328 No. Alpine Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif.

Home Address: 710 No. Foothill Rd., Beverly
Hills, Calif.

BURNELL. Charles Smith, A.B., M.A.,

Judge of the Superior Court.
Born: Elko (Nev.), Sept. 21, 1874; s. of
Anna Loraine (Hoogs) and Frederick Marcus
Smith, adopted by step- father, Martin Bur-
nell, whose name he took.
Education: Locust Grove, Sonoma Co.
(Calif.); Trinity School (San Francisco);
Boys' (now Lowell) High School (San Fran-
cisco) ; Stanford Univ.; Hastings College of

Degrees: A.B., 1895, M.A., 1896, Stanford
U., LL.D., 1927, Loyola.

Married: (Mrs.) Agnes Storey Smith, d. of
Nancy Edna (Baker) and Hon. Allen Wesley



Sloroy, Sanilpoint (Ida.), Aug. 20, lO.'iG; ch.:
Mrs. CJeoiKe lilootlcl (Dorothy J, duughter by
former murrlagc.

Prof. Record: Admitted to practice law Jan.,
1897; private practice (San Francisco), 1897-
1906; (Los Angeles), 190(3-i;i; appointed Asst.
City Atty. (L. A.), li)13-18; Counsel L. A.
Co. Flood Control Dist., 1918-19; City Atty.
of L. A., 1919-20; Judge of Superior Court,
1920— (elected 1920, reelected 1926, 1932,
1938) ; Prof, of Constitutional Law, Loyola
Coll. of Law, 1925-32.

Ptiblications : iihyines (by Charles S. Burneli).
Aryny Record: Co. K, 1st Infantry, N.G.C.,
1890-91; Signal Corps; 2nd Brigade N.G.C.,

Xeinbersih-ps: U. of Los Angeles, Chaparral,
Squids, The Jesters, Peter Pan Woodland,
The Desert, Antelope Country, L. A. News-
boys' and Palmdale Athletic clubs; Peace

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