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Degrees: A.B., Stanford, 1908; M.A., U. of
Calif., 1923.

Married: Laura, d. of Arthur L. Seward, in
Long Beach (Calif.), Aug. 3, 1911; ch. :
Faith, Philip, and Muriel.
Prof. Record: Electrical Engrg. with Pacific
Gas and Electric Co., 1908-13; Instr., State
Poly. Sch. (San Luis Obispo), 1913-14; Head,
Vocl. Dept., Alameda High Sch. 1914-20; Su-
pervisor, Teacher Training, U. of Calif., Los
Angeles. 1921; Vice-Pres., Kamehameha
Schs. (Honolulu), 1921-23; Prin. Continua-
tion High Sch. (Sacramento), 1923-27; Dir.,
Adult and Vocational Education, 1927 — .
Directorships: YMCA; Campfire Girls; Con-
gregational Church (all Sacramento) ; Calif.
Adult Administrators Assn. ; Calif. Teach-
ers Assn.

Publications: Misc. professional in educa-
tional magazines.

Memberships: Lions, Commonwealth clubs;
Phi Delta Kappa.
Religion : Protestant.

Bits. Address: 1816 K St., Sacramento, Calif.
Home Address: 1537 37th St., Sacramento,
Calif. »

CARR. Professor Arthur George, Mus.
B.. Mus.M.

Vice-Pres. and Prof, of Piano and Theory,
Zoellner Consv. of Music.

Born: Pontiac (Mich.), Feb. 29, 1908; s. of
Maria. (Young) and William Carr.
Education: Albion Coll.; Yale Univ.
Degrees: Mus.B., 1932, Mus.M., 1939, Yale

Prof. Record: Soloist with New Haven Sym-
phony on European tour with Yale Glee
Club, 1932; Pianist and Teacher, Denishawn
Sch.. Washington (D. C. i, 1933: concert ap-
pearance with: Hans Kindler, Feli.x Knight,
Mary Garden, Lanny Ross, Francesa Brag-
giotti, Sergi Oukrainsky, Zoellner String



Quartet, WPA Symphony (Lbs Angelesl,
Anne Jamison. Patricia Bowman, and Syd-
ney Rayner; Organist and Choirmaster, St.
Thomas" Episcopal Church of Hollywood.
Directorships: Vice-Pres. and Prof, of Piano
and Theory, Zoellner Consv. of Music.
Memberships: Mary Carr Moore Mss. Club,
19.37-,S9: Soc. of Native Amer. Composers

Compositions: Two symphonic poems, oper-
etta, chamber music, choral works, songs, and
piano compositions.
Recreatiotis: Tennis, golf.
Bus. Address: 323 So. Western Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 1961 No. Argyle, Hollywood.
Calif., and 7501 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood,
Calif. *

CARR, Francis

Lawyer; Senior Member, Firm of Carr &

Born: Millville (Shasta Co., Calif.), Dec. 1,
1875; s. of Mary Ann (McParland) and
Francis Carr.
Education: Public schools.
Married: Mary Agnes, d. of Johanna and M.
P. Kennedy, in Berkeley (Calif.), Dec. 22,
1908: ch.: Francis J., Katherine Ann (Mrs.
A. Clayton Davist, Laurence W., James K.,
Paul B., Barbara Jane and Kenneth J.
Prof. Record: Studied law in father's office:
admitted to practice before all State and
Fed. Courts, 1898, U. S. Supreme Court. 1921.
Mem., Calif. State and Amer. Bar A.ssns.:
Senior Mem., law firm of Carr & Kennedy,
Redding (Calif.) at present time: Vice-Pres.,
Northern Calif. Nat. Bank (Redding, 1927-
34: Mem. Advis. Board. Anglo Cal. Nat.
Bank, Redding Branch, 1934 — . : Vice-Chmn.,
Calif. Good Roads Com., 1919: Pres., Mem.
and Dir., Calif. State Auto Assn.. 25 years:
Mem., Calif. Water Project Assn.. 1932-35:
Mem., Sub-Corn, on Central Valley Pro.i..
Nat. Rivers and Harbors Congress, 1935:
Chmn.. State Relief Commn.. 19.36: Mem.
Calif. Com. of Golden Gate Internat. Expo-
sition, 1938-40; active in Co.. State and Nat.
Dem. Party affairs since 1896: Mem., Shasta
Co. Dem. Central Com. since 1896; Mem.,
State Dem. Cen. Com., since 1938. and Vice-
Chmn.. since 1936; Del.. Dem. Nat. Conv.
(Philadelphia, Pa.), 1936: Del. Dem. Nat.
Conv. (Chicago, Ill.t. 1940. Past State
Pres.. F. O. E., 1933-34: Past Exalted Ruler,
Redding Lodge No. 1073. B.P.O.E.. 1910-11.
Charter Past Pres.. McCloud Parlor No.
149, Native Sons of the Golden West.
Memberships: McCloud Parlor, No. 149, N.S.
G.W., Redding Lodge No. 1073, B.P.O.E.;
Shasta Aerie No. 160, F. O. E.
Religion: Catholic.

Politics: Democrat (Vice Chmn. Dem. State
Central Com.).

Bus. Address: Carr & Kennedy Bldg., Red-
ding, Calif.

Home Address: 2005 Court St., Redding,

CARR. Laurence William. Ph.B.. LL.B.

District Attorney of Shasta County.

Born: Redding (Calif.), June 12. 1912; s. of

Mary A. (Kennedy) and Francis Carr.

Education: Redding public schools; Univ. of

Satna Clara; Georgetown Univ.

Degrees: Ph.B., U. of Santa Clara, 1933;

LL.B., George tovm U. Law Sch., 1937.

Prof. Record: Entered law firm of Carr and
Kennedy, Redding (Calif.), Nov., 19,37; elec-
ted Dist. Atty. of Shasta Co., Aug. .31, 19.38,
and assumed office, Jan. 3, 1939; in Feb.,
1940, appointed by Gov. Culbert L. Olson as
Mem., Bd. of Mgrs. of Calif. State Div. of
Criminal Identification and Investigation, to
fill vacancv created by election of ITon. Earl
Warren as" Atty. Gen. of Calif .; in Feb., 1940,
granted special leave to appear before Su-
preme Court of U. S. and represent the
State of Calif., in case of Carlson v. Calif,
involving constitutionality of anti-picketing
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Court House, Redding, Calif.
Home Address: 2005 Court St., Redding,

CARRASCO. Herbert Cleveland

State Labor Commissioner.
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), May 31, 1884;
s. of Alice Rose (V/hite) and Clemente N.

Education: San Francisco (Calif.).
Prof. Record: Clerical position. Wells Fargo
and Co., 1901-04; Bkkpr. and Stenographer,
Levi Straus and Co., 1904-06: Steno., Clerk
and Asst. Chief Clerk, gen. office. So. Pacific
Co., 1906-34; various offices. Brotherhood of
Railway clerks, 1920-34; Div. Chmn. and
Sectv. -Treas. Brotherhood of Railway Clerks,
1934-39; State Labor Comn., 1939—.
Publications: Misc. travel sketches, articles
on labor movements, addresses, etc.
Memberships: Sierra Club; Woodmen of the
World; many civic and historical organiza-

Religion: No affiliation.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Mountaineering, traveling, gar-
dening, swimming, attending theatre, opera,
concerts, etc.

Bus. Address: 515 Van Ness Ave., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 2310 25th Ave., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.


Actor (Stage, Motion Pictures).
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Aug. 5, 1891;
s. of Francisca (Roldan) and Juan J. Car-

Education: St. Vincents Coll., Los Angeles,

Married: Edith, d. of Inotha Demarest
Shakespeare, at Nyack-on-Hudson (N.Y.);
ch.; Antoinette (adopted daughter).
Prof. Record: Worked in the Engrg. Dept.,
S.P.R.R. ; saved enough money for art edu-
cation: became Mem. San Francisco Examin-
er Art Dept.; went on stage; from there, on
Orpheum Circuit to New York; from there,
stardom on Broadway; plays, Lombardi, Ltd.,
Magnolia, Mike Angelo, Gypsy Jim, Badman,
Broken Wing, Mr. Antonio and many others;
took Lombardi, Ltd., to great success In
Australia and New Zealand; returned and
went in pictures in 1930; his great grand-
father, Carlos Antonio Carillo, was the first
Provisional Gov. of Calif., 1837; first Amer.
flag made by great grandmother, Ysidora
Bandini Couts and her two daughters, Arca-
dia Bandini de Boker and Josepha Bandini
Carillo, the flag was presented to Commo-



(lore Stockton on the conquest of the City

of Los Anijelos.

I'ublicationn: Several poems of California In

Western Breezes.

Awards: M'\ny recognitions for municipal

services; received DlstlnRUlshed Service watch

from L. A. Chum, of Com., Merchants Mfgs.

Assn., Realty Board, etc., 1939.

Memberships: Lamb's (N.Y.C.); Lotos (N.Y.

C); Elks 90(j (Santa Monica, Calif.) clubs.

Religiun: Roman Catholic.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations Fishing, hunting, boating, horses,

and ranching.

Bus. Address: c-0 Berg and Allenberg, 9484

VVllshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, Calif.

IIov^ ' Address: 639 E. Channel Rd., Santa

Monica CanyOn, Calif. •

CARROLL. Robert Lide. M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Special Lecturer in Corrective Phys. Educa-
tion, Univ. of Calif.

Born: Columbia (S. C), Jan. 3. 1895; s. of
Annie (DeLorme) and L. T. Carroll.
Education: Univ. of North Carolina (Sept.
1920 to June, 1924); Univ. of Pa. (Sept.
1924 to June 1926).
Degrees: M.D., U. of Pa., 1926.
Married: Jean, d. of Adeline (Selby) and
Charles C. Wilson, at Columbia (S. C),
June 27, 1930; ch.: Jean and Robert L., Jr.
Publicatiotis : Numerous articles on orthopaedic

Memberships: Medical Societies: Diplomate,
Nat. Bd. of Med. Examiners; Amer. Bd. of
Orthopaedic Surgeons; Amer. Med. Assn.;
Western Orthopaedic Assn. ; Amer. Academy
of Orthopsdic Surgeons: Prof. Adv. Com.,
Calif. State Dept. of Public Health.
Religion: Protestant.

Bus. Address: 241T So. Hope St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 931 Victoria, Los Angeles,

CARSON. (Mrs.) Hersee Moodv, M.E.L.

Born: Beauregard (Miss.), Nov. 2, 1878; d.
of Ella (Ferguson) and Hamilton Moody.
Education: Grenada Collegiate Institute
(Miss.); primary course, St. Marys Academy
(Chatawa, Miss.).

Degrees: M.E.L., Grenada Coll. Inst., 1897.
Married: CJeo. Campbell, s. of S. Carson, at
San Francisco (Calif.), Mar., 1927 (dec.
March, 1934).

Prof. Record: After her first husbands
death, started buying and selling real es-
tate, building, contracting, and general
management of personally owned properties.
Greatest achievement was the building of
Castle Kalmia, being the contractor, design-
er, and builder of the Castle, which was
completed in 1933. Called "The Fairy La-
dy" because she has given hundreds of poor
families work for their men during those try-
ing months of depression and aided hundreds
of poor children.

Publications: Her writings are not quite ready
for publication, but will be of a philosophical
and theological nature.

Memberships: Sans Soucl Celebriety Break-
fast, Santa Monica Del Mar, Matinee Musical,

Books anfl Authors Luncheon, Sunshine, and

oIluT <'lubs.

liiHigion: Confirmed member of the EpLscopal


Politics: Non-partisan.

Recreations: Walking, driving, and outdoor


Bus. Address: 875G Sunset Blvd., Hollywood,


Homo Address: 8311 and 8756 Sunset Blvd.,

Hollywood. Calif.

CARSON. John Elmer. B.L.

Lawyer, Citrus Grower.

Born: Miami County (Ohio), Nov. 6, 1867;
s. of Clara J. (Prugh) and Liberty B. Car-

Education: Public schools of Ohio; North-
western Ohio Univ.; Miami Commercial Coll.;
legal education. Law Dept. of Cincinnati

Degrees: B.L., Cincinnati U., 1894.
Married: Grace, d. of George Ginn, in Sidney
(Ohio), 1915.

Prof. Record: Admitted to the bar, Ohio, In
1894, Calif., 1904, Supreme Court of U. S.,
1911; entered law practice at Dayton (Ohio),
1894; later removed to Calif.; City Atty. of
South Pasadena, 1904-13; at present is in law
practice in Los Angeles; also interested in the
citrus industry in Glendora and San Fernan-

Directorships: Mem., Bd. of Dir. of Mutual
Orange Distrbtrs. of Redlands; Pres. of the
Glendora Co-Operative Citrus Assn. of Glen-
dora (Calif.).

Memberships: Amer. Bar Assn., Los Angeles
Co. Bar Assn. ; Masonic Lodge.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Plant propagation.
Bus. Address: 206 So. Spring St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: East Alosta Ave., Glendora,

Other Address: 445 Wilcox Bldg., Los Ange-
les, Calif. *

CARTER. Albert E.

Lawyer, Congressman.
Born: Tulare County (Calif.).
Education: San Jose Teachers Coll.; Univ.
of Calif.

Married: Martha Lee Grimsley.
Prof. Record: Representative in United States
Congress, Sixth District (Calif.).
Memberships : 32° Mason, Rotary, Elks, Eag-
les, Native Sons of Golden West, Moose; Ar-
my-Navy Club, Washington (D.C.); Phi Al-
pha Delta (legal frat.).
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Horseback riding, hiking, hunt-
ing, and golf.

Bus. Address: House Office Bldg., Wash-
ington, D. C.

Home Address: 552 Montclair Ave., Oakland,

CARTER. Professor Harold Dean. A.B..
M.A.. Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Education, Univ. of
Born: Mclntyre (Iowa), Dec. 30, 1904; s. of



Bernice Brooks (Goddard) and Benjamin

Education: Univ. of Minn. (Minneapolis).
Degrees: A.B., 1926. M.A., 1927, Ph.D., 1930,
U. Of Minn.

Married: Jean Elizabeth, d. of Andrew J.
Timberman, in Santa Monica (Calif.), June
17, 1936; ch.: Benjamin Perry.
Prof. Record: Instr. in Psychology, U. of
Minn., 1929-30; Soc. Sci. Research Council
Fellow, Stanford U., 1930-32; Research Asso.,
U. of Calif. Inst, of Child Welfare, 1932—;
Instr. in Psychology and Education, Stanford
U., 1934; Research Asso., Vocational Interest
Research, Stanford, 1934-36; Lecturer in
Edn., U. of Calif., 1937-39; Asst. Prof, of
Edn., U. of Calif., 1940—.
Publications: Numerous technical articles in
psychology, on learning, twin resemblances,
vocational interests, and various tested abili-
ties of school children.

Memberships in Learned Societies: Amer.
Psychological Assn.; Soc. for Research in
Child Development; Nat. Edn. Assn.; Phi
Delta Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi; The
Psychometric Soc. ; Amer. Edn. Research

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Golf, tennis, skating, garden-

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: 10 East Parnassus Court,
Berkeley, Calif.

CARTER, lames Marshall. A.B.. J.D.

Director, Dept. of Motor Vehicles.
Born: Santa Barbara (Calif.), 1904; s.: of
Belle Anna (Hicks) and James Madison Car-

Education: L. A. City and County grammar
schools; San Fernando" High Sch. (1920);
Pomona Coll.; Harvard Law Sch., 1924-25;
Univ. of So. Calif. Law Sch., 1925-27.
Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll., 1924; J.D., U.
of So. Calif. Law Sch., 1927.
Married: (1) Dorothy Freeland in 1928; ch.:
Joan Freeland (10) ; (2) Ruth Doty, in 1938.
Prof. Record: In practice of law in Los An-
geles since 1928; general civil practice.
Memberships: Sigma Tau (Pomona Coll.) ; Phi
Alpha Delta (legal frat., U.S.C); Order of
the Coif (nat. hon. legal frat., U.S.C,
1927); Phi Kappa Phi (nat. hon. schl. frat.,
1927); Native Sons of the CJolden West; Fra-
ternal Order of Eagles.

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 12th and N Sts., Sacramento,
Calif.; Law Office: Chester Williams Bldg.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

CARTER, Tustice Tesse Washinaton,

Associate Justice of Supreme Court of Cali-

Born: Carrville (Trinity Co.. Calif.), Dec.
19, 1888; s. of Josephine Amanda (Sweet)
and Asa Manning Carter.

Education: Golden Gate College, San Fran-
cisco (Calif.).

Degrees: LL.B., (Jolden Gate Coll., 1913.
Married: Tiny Elva, d. of Mary Florence and
Charles Henry Gish, in San Francisco (Calif.),

Aug. 7, 1910; ch.: Oliver Jesse, Harlan Field,
and Marian Rose Bui.

Prof. Record: Admitted to practice law in
Calif., April 11, 1913; commenced practice
(San Francisco), 1913; moved to Redding
(Calif.), Jan.. 1914; practiced thereafter until
Sept. 12, 1939; Dist. Attv., Shasta Co. (Cal-
if.), Jan. 1919 to Jan. 1927; Citv Atty., Mt.
Shasta City, Siskiyou Co. (Calif.). 1927-39;
City Atty., Redding, 1987-39; State Senator,
5th Senatorial Dist. (Calif.), 1939; Mem.,
Bd. of Govrs.. State Bar of Calif., 1927-33;
Del., Dem. Nat. Conv.. 1932; Atty., Bd. of
Dental E.xaminers of Calif., 1924-32; Ap-
pointed Asso. Justice, Supreme Court of
Calif.. Juyl 15, 1939—.

Memberships: F. & A. Masons; Independent
Order of Odd Fellows; Knights of Pythias;
Rotary; Commonwealth (Calif.), Olympic
(San Francisco), Jonathan (Los Angeles),
Sutter (Sacramento) clubs.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations Hunting, fishing, horseback rid-
ing, boating.

Bus. Address: State Bldg., San Francisco,

Home Address: 165 Crescent Rd., San An-
selmo. Calif.


Pres., Carter Hardware Co.. Inc.
Born: Rostov (Russia). Dec. 12. 1884; s.
Sophie and Moses Carter.
Education: Univ. of Leipzig (Germany).
Married: Reva Orlofsky at Santa Ana (Cal-
if.); ch.: Victor, Matilda, William, Leo, Mrs.
Marie Berg, Mrs. Bella Godell, and Mrs.
Ale.xandria Kompaniez.

Bus. Record: Founder and developer. Carter
Hardware Co., Inc.; Pres., L. A. Sanitarium
and Ex-Patients' Home, 1936-39, now Treas. ;
Pres.. World Ort. Soc; Calif. Div. Trustee.
Fed. of Jewish Welfare Organizations; Mem..
Bd., Los Angeles Jewish Council.
Directorsihps: Pres., Carter Hardware Co.,

Memberships: B'nal B'rith.
Religion: Hebrew.

Bus. Address: 127 No. Los Angeles, St., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 400 So. Lucerne, Los An-
geles, Calif. *

CARTER. Professor Mary Duncan, Ph.B.

Director, Graduate School of Library Science.
Univ. of So. Calif.

Born: St. Paul (Minn.). May 3. 1896; d. of
Lucy C. (Hubbard) and E. O. Duncan.
Education: Univ. of Chicago, 1914-17; New
York State Libr. Sch., 1922-23; graduate
work, Univ. of Chicago, 1931-32.

Degrees: Ph.B., U. of Chicago, 1917; B.L.S. ,
New York State Libr. Sch., 1923.
Married: Sidney, s. of William Carter (of
Toronto), in Montreal (Can.), June 27. 1924;
ch.: Sidney Duncan.

Prof. Record: Asst., John Crerar Libr. (Chi-
cago). 1917-18; Asst.. Chicago Public Libr.,
1918-20, Head, Reference and Research Dept.,
1920-21; Librarian, Bemis & Co. (Consulting
Engineeres, Chicago), 1921-22; Asso. Prof..
1923-24; Librarian. Engineering Inst, of Can..



1926-27; Instr., McGlll U., summers -i;>'23-24,
1926; Assl. I'rof., 1927-28; Asst. Dlr., Libr.
Sch., 1928-37; Dir., Sch. of Libr. Scl., and
Prof.. Libr. Scl., U. of So. Calif., 1937—.
Publications: Story of Money, 1932.
Memberships: Chicago College Club.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics; Non-partisan.

Recreations: Sailing, swimming, and chess.
,Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

rinmc Address: 1111 Leighton Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif. •

CARTER, Oliver Tesse. LL.B.
Lawyer, State Senator.

BorK: San Francisco (Calif.), April 7, 1911;
s. of Tiny (Gish) and Jesse W. Carter.
Educatio7t: Stanford Univ.: Hasting's Coll.
of the Law (Univ. of Calif.).
Degrees: LL.B., U. of Calif. (Hasting's Law
Coll.), 1935.

Prof. Record: Admitted to practice law in
Calif., 1936, and general practice in Redding
(Calif.), since that year; asso. with firm,
Carter, Barrett, Finley & Carlton until Sept.,
1939; Partner of firm. Carter, Barrett, &
Carlton, Sept., 1939, to Dec. 31, 1940; alone
as Oliver J. Carter since Jan. 1, 1941.
Memberships: Redding Lodge No. 1073, B.P.-
O.E., and No. 1006, L.O.O.M.; Redding Jun-
ior Chamber of Commerce.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing and athletics.
Bus. Address: Carter Bldg., Redding, Calif.
Hoi7ie Address: 1945 Shasta St., Redding,
Calif. •

CARTER, Pruett

Director, Dept. of Illustration, Chouinard Art

Born: Lexington (Mo.); s. of Mary Elizabeth
(McMahon) and Edward A. Carter.
Education: Public schools and Art Students
League (Los Angeles) .

Married: Teresa, d. of Rebecca Frances
(Deal) and Virgil Thomas Young in New
York (N. Y.), Aug. 2, 1915; ch. : Deal Ed-
ward (barter.

Prof. Record: Illustrations appear in Ameri-
can Magazine, McCalls, Cosmopolitan, Wom-
an's Horae Companion, Good Housekeeping
and Ladies Home Journal; Dir., Dept. of
Illustrations, Chouinard Art Institute (Los
Angeles) .

Army Record: 2nd Lt. Infantry, U.S.A., dur-
ing 1918.

Memberships: Illustrators Soc. (New York);
Salmagundi Club (New York) ; California Art

Religion: Christian Science.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Trout fishing, riding.
Bus. Address: 741 So. Grandview St., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 12188 Laurel Terrace Dr.,
North Hollj-wood, Calif. •

CARTER. Ray A., A.B.. M.A.. M.D.
Dir., Dept. of Radiologj', Los Angeles County
Born: Tobias (Neb.), Nov. 10, 1886; s. of

Jessie I. (Helnzmann) and Marlon D. Carter,

Education: Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: A.B., 1908, M.A., 1911, and M.D.,
1913, all from U. of So. Calif.
Married: Floy E. (Bitting), Sept. 2, 1923;
ch. : Eugenia B.

Prof. Record: CJen. practice of medicine, Los
Angeles, 1914-17; Med. Corps, U.S. Army,
serving as Roentgenologist, 1917-20; Residency
in Roentgenology, Los Angeles Co. Hosp.,
1920-23; Dir., Dept. of Radiology, Los An-
geles Co. Hosp., since 1923; Asso. Prof, of
Med. in Roentgenology, U. of So. Calif., and
Coll. of Med. Evangelists.
Army Service: Lt., Med. Corps, U.S. Army,

Memberships: Masonic, 32°; Radiological
Sect., L. A. Co. Med. Soc; Trudeau Soc,
Tuberculosis Sect., L. A. Co. Med. Soc;
Calif. State Med. Assn., Amer. Med. Assn.,
Amer. Roentgen Ray Soc, Radiological Soc.
of No. Amer., Coll. of Radiology; Diplomat,
Amer. Board of Radiology.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 1200 No. State St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 410 Story PI., Alhambra.
Calif. •



Born: Smith Center (Kan.), Nov. 3, 1885; s.
of Mary Elsie Ellen (Hathaway) and Joseph

Education: Public schools in Garden City
(Mo.); State Normal, (Warrensburg (Mo.)
Married: Minnie Lee, d. of Mr. and Mrs.
M. E. Williams, In Clayton (N.M.), March
7, 1918.

Prof. Record: Started in journalistic field
while in his teens; worked on a newspaper
published by his father. Garden City (Mo.);
went to ranch Te.xas Panhandle, at the age
of 21, in 1906; for twenty years, he ranched;
in 1926, took job on string of three allied
Texas weekly newspapers; on the side, be-
gan selling articles and poems to nat. publi-
cations; soon added to literary labors with
fiction writing; in 1928, came to Long Beach
(Calif.), continued writing articles, poems
and stories; has sold material to most of the
better "pulp" magazines and to many of
the better "slicks".

Directorships : Board of Directors of the Calif.
Writers Guild.

Memberships: Calif. Writers Guild, Long
Beach Pen-Pushers Club, Union Pacific
Horeshoe Club.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations : Touring, exercise walking, horse-
shoe pitching.

Bus. and Home Address: 32 Esperanza Ave.,
Long Beach, Calif.

CARVER, Kauffman Lowell, A.B.


Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), May 10, 1888;

s. of Stella F. (Winans) and Samuel A. W.


Education: Los Angeles High Sch.; Occidental

Acad.; Pomona Coll.

Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll., 1912.

Married: Rosamond, d. of John N. Reimers,



at Davenport (Iowa), May 22, 1915; ch.:
Muriel Reimers, Jean Martha, and Carleton

Bits. Record: Entered the employ of Crescent
Creamery Co. upon graduation from college
in 1912; after several mergers the co. became
the Arden Farms Co. (operating 45 creamery
plants in Calif., Ore., and Wash.); was Dir.
and Vice-Pros. ; in 1928 became Dir. and
Mem. of the E.\ec. Corn, of the Seaboard
Nat. Bank; was elected Pres. in 1933; in 1936
it merged with the Bank of Amer., N.T. &
S.A., has been Vice-Pres. since then.
Memberships: Calif. Club; Stock E.xchange;
Flintridge Country; Mason, Shriner; Kappa
Delta (Pomona Coll.)
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Sailing, hunting, fishing, cattle

Bus. Address: 558 So. Spring St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 1365 St. Albans Rd., San
Marino, Calif.; Ranch: Los Flores Ranch,
Summit, Calif.; Beach: 322 Buena Vista,
Balboa, Calif. •

CARVER. Professor Thomas Nixon,

A.B., Ph.D.. LL.D.. Litt.D.
Professor Emeritus.

Born: Kirkville (Iowa), Mar. 25, 1865; s. of
Margaret Jane (Bartow) and John H. Carver.
Education: Iowa Wesleyan Coll.; Univ. of
So. Calif.; Johns Hopkins Univ. (Md.); Cor-
nell Univ. (N. Y.)

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of So. Calif., 1891;
Ph.D., Cornell U., 1894; LL.D., Oberlin Coll.,
1905, and U. of So. Calif., 1929; Litt.D., Iowa
Wesleyan Coll., 1932.

Married: Flora, d. of Mary (Frazee) and
Elijah B. Kirkendall, in San Diego (Calif.),
May 4, 1888; eh.: Helen Grace (Mrs. Hugh
Lester) ; Emmett K., and Margaret Jane
(Mrs. Herbert Leighton).

Prof. Record: Asso. Prof., Oberlin Coll.,
1894-1900; Prof, of Political Economy, Har-
vard, 1900-32; Emeritus, since 1932; Visiting
Prof., U.C.L.A., 1934-35 and 1938-39, Occi-
dental Coll., 1939-40.

Directorships: L.A. Chamber of Commerce,
Insurance Owner's League.

Publications: Distribution of Wealth, 1905;
Essays in Social Justice, 1915; Principles of
National Econoiny, 1921 ; Economy of Human
Energy, 1924; The Religion Worth Having,
1939;T;iis Economic World, 1927; The Es-
sential Factors of Social Evolution, 1933.

Religion: Methodist.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golt.

HoTne Address: 226 Palisades Ave., Santa

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