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Monica, Calif.

CASASSA, The Reverend Professor
Charles Stephen. S.J., B.S., M.A.
Head of the Dept. of Philosophy, Prof, of
Ethics, Loyola University.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Sept. 23, 1910;
s. of Margaret (Power) and Charles S.

Education: Parochial Schs. (San Francisco);
Univ. of Santa Clara; Gonzaga Univ.

Degrees: B.S., 1934, M.A., 1935, Gonzaga U.

Religion: Roman Catholic.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Tennis, swimming.

Bus. and Home Address: 7101 W. 80th St.,

Los Angeles, Calif.

CASE. Professor Clarence Marsh.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.
Prof, of Sociology, Univ. of So. Calif.
Born: Indianapolis (Ind.), 1874; s. of Pa-
melia (Marsh) and Elon Ervin Case.
Education: Public schools, Noblesville (Ind.);
Earlham Coll. ; Brown Univ. ; Harvard Univ. ;
Wis. Univ.

Degrees: A.B., Earlham Coll., 1905; M.A.,
Brown U., 1908; Ph.D., Wis. U., 1915.
Married: Catharine, d. of Lydia (Stanton)
and Walter Moore, at Noblesville (Ind.),

Prof. Record: In teaching profession since
1896; Dir., summer camps in Maine for ten

Publications: The Banner of the White Horse
(N. Y. and London) 1917 and 1933; Non-
Violent Coercion (N. Y.), 1923; Outlines of
Introductory Sociology (N. Y.), 1924; Social
Process and Human Progress (N. Y.), 1931.
Religion: Society of Friends.
Politics : Independent.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles. Calif.

Home Address: 1260 Leighton Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

CASE. Ethel Thompson

Patron of The Arts.

Born: Emmetsburg (Iowa), Oct. 28, 1884; d.

of Ida J. (Stone) and Calvin M. Thompson.

Education: Univ. of Utah.

Married: Walter, s. of Nelson Case, Los

Angeles (Calif.), July 28, 1908; ch.: Nelson,

Roger Thompson and Walter, Jr.

Prof. Record: Charter Member, Long Beach
Community Players (Little Theatre group),
1929, Pres. and Manager, 1934 — . (A worth-
while civic enterprise for the education and
cultural advancement of the young people
of the community) ; Past Pres., Long Beach
Ebell Club (women's).

Directorships: Day Nursery (Long Beach).
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 3102 Vista St., Long Beach,
Calif. •


Director of Public Relations, Columbia Broad-
casting System, Inc.

Born: Detroit (Mich.), July 27, 1901; s. of

Harriett May (Campbell) and (Jeorge Fox


Education: California public schools.

Married: Elizabeth Rose, d. of Wm. Howard
Daum, at Los Angeles, July 15, 1931.

Bus. Record: Asisstant to the Publisher and
Sports and Radio Writer for the L. A. Even-
ing Herald from 1917 to 1929; became Direc-
tor of Public Relations for the All-Year Club
of So. Calif, in 1930; joined CBS in 1937.

Directorships: Dir. of Calif. State Agr. Soc;
Pres. of the Sixth Dist. Agr. Assn. (L.A.
Co.); Chmn. of the Legislative Com. of the



16lh Dlst. of the Nat. Assn. of nronclrnsters.

Mcmbcmhips: Asso. Mem., Calif. Newspaper

Pubs. Assn.; Chamber of Comm.; Coliseum


Religion: Episcopal.

Recrcatio7ts: Horseback riding, yachting.

Btis. Address: Columbia Square, Los Angeles,


Honie Address: 1750 No. Serrano, Los An-

Kcles, Calif. •

CASE. May L.


Bom; Comanche (Texas), Oct. 6, 1887; d. of
Nancy Priscilla (Mayberry) and George W.

Edtuation : Public sch. in Comanche (Texas) ;
St. Elizabeth Convent and coll. prep, course
at Purcell (Ind. Terr.)

Married: S. S. Case (b. July 24, 1890), in
Ardmore (Ind. Terr.); ch.: Bonita, Forrest,
and Columbine.

Bus. Record: Started newspaper career during
the Spanish Amer. War on the Purcell Regi-
ster (small daily), Purcell (Ind. Terr.), as
Part Owner, Capacity-Reporter, Typesetter,
and Special Reporter on Indian stories, as
she had as friends Chief GJeronimo of the
Apaches, Chief Quanah Parker of the Com-
anches, Chief Lone Wolf of the Kiowas, knew
leaders in all the western tribes of Indians,
and later was Part Owner of Pawhuska
(Okla.) (Capital made notable in the film
Cimarron), and she was the only news re-
porter ever allowed among the full blood
Osages having special requests to attend the
making of chiefs of the tribes, pony-smokes
and dog-feasts and was permitted to make
reports on them; later on edited Fairplay
Flume (Colo.l, owned jointly with husband;
Castle Rock Journal (Colo.), Owl Press (Puy-
allup. Wash.). Riverbank Review (Calif.),
and Clovis Independent (Calif.); has also
been a News Reporter and Special Story
Writer for 25 years in Calif, working for the
Universal Press. San Francisco Examiner,
San Francisco Chronicle. Fresno Republican,
and Stockton and Modesto papers; at present
is writing Smoke Talk (life history of
one of the oldest living U. S. Deputy Mar-
shals who served in the Indian Terr, during
its widest days).

Memberships: Pac. Coast Women's Press
Assn.; Concordia Chapter, Eastern Star
(Clovis) ; (formerly) Nat. Editors Assn.,
Calif. Newspaper Press Assn., Calif. Edi-
tors Assn.

Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations Hiking, collecting Indian baskets

and interviewing full blooded Indians.

Bus. and Home Address: Clovis, Calif.

CASE, The Reverend Paul Foster,


Writer, Teacher.

Born: Fairport (N. Y.), Oct. 3. 1884; s. of

Ella Theodosia (Foster) and C^harles Decatur


Education: Public schools, Fairport and Ro-
chester (N. Y.)

Degrees: S.T.D. , DeLandas Univ. (L. A.),

Married: Dorothy, d. of Celine (Duperu) and
John Spring, at Santa Ana (Calif.), Oct. 9,

Pro/. Record: Musical Dlr. for various thea-
trical enterprises, prlnclijally In Chicago and
N.Y.C., liKK)-20; Editor, Azolh Magazine
(N.Y.C.), 1920-21; lectured and taught psy-
chology and old testament Interpretation In
Boston, N.Y., and Washington <D.C.). 1921-
33; began teaching work In Calif., 19.33-41,
becoming head of B.O.T.A., Ltd., a society
devoted to educational work, principally In
psychology, 1939.

Directorships: Builders of the Adytum, Ltd.
Publications: An Introduction to the Study
of the Tarot (Azoth Pub. Co., N. Y.), 1920;
A Brief Analysis of Tarot (Tarota, Washing-
ton, D.C.), 1931; Tarot Interpretation (B.O.
T.A., Ltd., L. A.), 19.36: Tarot Fundamentals
(B.O.T.A., Ltd.), 1937; Principles of the
Great Work (B.O.T.A., Ltd.), 1937; The
Book of Tokens (Tarota, Washington, D.C.),

Memberships: Masonic.
Religion: Liberal Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Checkers, legerdemain, and mu-

Bus. Address: 6018 Springvale Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 6023 Spring\-ale Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.

CASE. Walter Hodgin. A.B.
Editor, Long Beach Mvjrning Sun.
Born: Oswego (Kan.), Dec. 29. 1882; s. of
Mary (Claypool) and Nelson Case (Judge).
Education: Baker Univ., Baldwin (Kan.)
Degrees: A.B., Baker U., 1903.
Married: Ethel Christine, d. of Ida J. and
Calvin M. Thompson, at Los Angeles (Calif.),
July 28, 1908; ch. : Nelson, Roger Thompson,
and Watler, Jr.

Prof. Record: Started newspaper career with
Star (Kansas City) ; joined staff of Telegram
(Long Beach), 1906, remained until 1923; on
staff of Press (Long Beach), as Special
Writer, 1923-24; City Editor, Sun (Long
Beach), 1924; Editor, 1925, and served in
that capacity until the merger of the Sun
and the Press-Telegram, 1932; Editor, Sun
(Long Beach), since that time.
Publications: History of Long Beach, 1925;
History of Long Beach, 1935.
Memberships: Rotary; Kappa Sigma.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Press-Telegram Bldg., Sixth
and Pine, Long Beach, Calif.
Home Address: 3102 Vista St., Long Beach,
Calif. •

CASEY. Hiram Elbert, B.L., J.D.


Born: Prescott (Ariz.), Oct. 22, 1886; s. of

Emile (Pratt) and Hiram Chase Casey.

Education: Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: B.L., 1908, J.D., 1910, U. of Calif.

Married: (1) Aileen L., d. of John L.

Crichton, in San Francisco (Calif.), Oct. 8,

1913 (dec); (2) L. F. Ellis, d. of John Ellis,

in Los Angeles (Calif.), Dec. 31, 1928; ch.:

Aileen Elberta.

Prof. Record: Admitted to Bar, State of

Calif.. 1910; practiced law, San Francisco,

1910-17, Santa Rosa (Calif.), 1917-22, San

Francisco, 1922-24; admitted to practice, Fed-



eral Court of Calif., U.S. Supreme Court,
1925; City Atty., Sebastopol (Calif.), 1918-21.
Practice of law, Los Angeles, 1926 — , spe-
cializing in bankruptcy.

Publications: Has written numerous articles
on the law of bankruptcy for The Bankruptcy
Review, Los Angeles Daily Journal, Los An-
geles Bar Association, American Bar Associ-
ation, State Bar of California, and Commer-
cial Law League of America.
Directorships: Pres., Assn. in Service; Pacific
Southwest Schools of Y.M.C.A.; Elks Bldg.
Assn., B.P.O.E., No. 99; F & M Wilshire
Bldg. Assn.

Memberships: Los Angeles Advertising, Ex-
change clubs (Los Angeles) ; B.P.O. Elks
Lodge No. 99; F. & A. Masons, Calif., Wil-
shire Lodge No. 445.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican,
Recreations: Golf.

Bus. Address: Rowan Bldg., 458 So. Spring
St., Los Angeles, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 1750 Prospect Dr., Hollywood,

CASJENS. Carlton Herman, A.B., J.D.

City Attorney, City of Bell.
Born: Orange City (Iowa), June 13, 1892;
s. of Jennie (Muilenberg) and Eilt Herman

Education: Northwestern Classical Acad.,
Orange Citv (Iowa); grad.. Lake Forest Coll.,
1913; grad.. Law Sch., Univ. of Chicago,

Degrees: A.B., Lake Forest Coll., 1913;
J.D., Law Sch., U. Chicago, 1921.
Married: Lucille, d. of Eva (Price) and Win-
field S. Bear, in Des Moines (Iowa), June 20,
1923; ch.: Carlton Bear, and Robert Scott.
Prof. Record: Prin., Orange City High Sch.
(Iowa), 1914-17; practiced law, Sioux City
(Iowa), 1921-26, Bell (Calif.), 1927—; ap-
pointed City Attorney of Bell.
Navy Service: Commissioned Ensign, U.S.
Naval Reserves, 1917-19.

Memberships: Digamma (Lake Forest Coll.);
Amer. Legion, Veterans of Foerign Wars;
Masons, Shrine.

Religion: First Congregational Church.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Music.

Bus. Address: 4126 Gage Ave., Bell, Calif.
Home Address: 4116 Brompton Ave., Bell,

CASON. Hulsey. A.B., M.A., Ph.D.
Research Psychologist, U.S. Public Health

Born: Lexington (Ga.), Feb. 21, 1893; s. of
Jessie (Jones) and Emory Hugh Cason.
Education: Mercer Univ., 1910-13; Univ. of
Chicago, summer, 1916; Columbia Univ.,

Degrees: A.B., Mercer U., 1913; M.A., 1920,
Ph.D., 1922, Columbia U.

Married: Marion, d. of Ottoo Conrad, at
Marengo (Iowa), Aug. 30, 1939; eh.: Roger
Lee (11), and Jean (8).

Prof. Record: Instr. in Science, Locust Grove
Inst., 1913-17; Asst. Prof, of Psychology, U.
of Kan., 1922-23; Asst. and Asso. Prof, of
Psychology, Syracuse U., 1923-26; Asst. Prof.

and Prof, of Psychology, U. of Rochester,
1926-30; Prof, of Psychology, U. of Wis.,
1930-40; Consulting Psychologist, Los Angeles
(Calif.), 1939; Research Psychologist, U. S.
Public Health Service, 1940 — ; is engaged In
full time research on psychopathic personali-
ties at present.

Publications: Several articles and monographs
in various technical psychological journals;
Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Psy-

Army Service: Served as 2nd Lieut, and 1st
Lieut., F. A. and Inf., from May, 1917 to
July, 1919. Stationed on Mexican border, and
later with A.E.F. in France for ten months.
Memberships: Amer. Psychol. Assn., Midwest
Psychol. Assn., So. Soc. for Phil, and Psychol.,
Amer. Assn. Advancement of Science; Sig:ma

Recreations: Travel, music and tennis.
Bus. Address: Medical Center, Springfield,

CASSADAY. Louis Vail. B.S.

General Manager and Secretary of Lomita
Gasoline Co.

Born: Mt. Pleasant (Utah), Apr. 18, 1899;
s. of Davida L. (Lacy) and Harry V. Cassa-
day, M.D.

Education: Sioux City High Sch.; Univ. of

Degrees: B.S. in Chem. Engr., U. of Utah,

Married: Grace, d. of Ethan J. Jeremy, in
Salt Lake City (Utah), June 29, 1927; ch.:
Jeremy V. and Charles V.
Bits. Record: Entered employ of Lomita Gaso-
line Co. in 1923, became Superintendent in
1925, and Manager in 1938.
Directorships: Dir., Secty. and Treas., of
Petrolane, Ltd.; Dir. and Vice-Pres. of J. B.
Gill Corp.; Dir., Gen. Mgr., Secty., Lomita
Gasoline Co.; Dir., Pres., Calif. Natural Gas-
oline Assn.

Navy Record: U. S. Navy, 1917-19.
Memberships: Virginia Country, Pacific Coast
Clubs; Beta Theta Pi.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Hunting, skeet and golf.
Bus. Address: Lomita Gasoline Co., Long
Beach, Calif.

Home Address: 4261 Country Club Dr., Long
Beach, Calif. *


Owner, Auburn Journal.

Born: Chippewa Falls (Wis.), May 19, 1889;
s. of Annie E. (Redmond) and Alford B.

Education: Chippewa Falls (Wis.); Pullman

Married: Jane, d. of James Mclver, in Yuba
City (Calif.), May 2, 1914.
Prof. Record: Newspaper Publisher, Editor,
Owner, since 1911, Truckee Republican, New-
castle News, and Auburn Journal; originally
owned and operated all three, now owns and
operates the Auburn Journal.
Directorships: Gateway Nat. Farm Loan Assn.
Publications: Winter Sports Come to Cali-



Army Service: Hchcvvc IntclllRencc Officer,

15 years.

Memberships: Masons, Kni^lits of Pythias,

Odd Fellows.

Religion: CoriRrcgatlonal.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, fl.shlng.

Bus. Address: 967 Lincoln Way, Auburn,


Home Address: 161 College Way, Auburn.

Calif. •

CASSIDY. Edwin Burke. C.P.A.

Civic W'oiiior, Accountant. President, Board
of Public Works.

Born Winter Park (Fla.), June 21, 1896; s.
of Lucy (Burke) and Walter S. Cassidy.
Education: Southwestern Univ., Los Angeles

Married: Frances A., d. of M. T. Murray, in
.Marquette (Mich.), Aug. 21, 1896.
Prof. Record: Div. of Corporations, State of
Calif., 1921-26, last two vears Chief Auditor;
C.P.A., Edwin B. Cassidy & Co., 1927; Ly-
brand Ross Bros. & Montgomery, Certified
Public Accountants, last two years Mgr. of
their Los Angeles office, 1928-37: Senior Part-
ner, Edwin B. Cassidy & Co., 1938 to present;
appointed to Board of Public Works by Mayor
Bowron. July 1, 1939, elected Pres. of that
body, July 29, 1940.

Memberships: L. A. Chapter of the Calif.
State Soc. of Certified Public Accountants,
Amer. Inst, of Accountants; L. A. Athletic
and Riviera Country clubs.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, swimming, badminton.
Bus. Address: 458 So. Spring St., Los Ange-
les, Calif., and City Hall, Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 3972 Hubert Ave., Los Ange-
les, Calif. •

CASSIDY, Professor Harry Morris,

B.A., Ph.D.

Prof, of Social Welfare at the Univ. of Calif.,


Born: Vancouver (British Columbia), Jan. 18,

Educati07i: British Columbia public and high
schools; Univ. of British Columbia; graduate
study in economics, U. of Calif., 1923-24;
Robert Brookings Graduate School (Washing-
ton, D.C.).

Degrees: B.A., Univ. of B.C., 1923; Ph.D.,
Robert Brookings Graduate Sch., 1926.
Married: Beatrice Pearce, 1925; ch.: Norah,
Jane and Michael.

Prof. Record: Asst. Prof, of Economics, U.
of North Carolina, 1926-28; Asst. Prof, of
Economics. Rutgers Univ., 1928-29; Asst.
Prof, of Social Science, U. of Toronto, 1929-
34: Dir. of Social Welfare (Province of Brit-
ish Columbia), 1934-39; Prof, of Social Wel-
fare and Chairman of the Dept. of Social
Welfare. U. of Calif. (Berkeley), 1939—;
Pres. of Can. Conf. on Social Work, 1938;
Mem. of Province of British Columbia Com.
on Health Ins., 1935; Mem. of Lt. -Gov's.
Com. on Housing Conditions in Toronto, 1934.
Directorships: Chairman of the Dept. of Soc.
Welfare, U. of Calif., (Berkeley).
Publications: Unemployment and Relief in

Ontario. 1920 to 1932 (.^. M. Dent & .Sons,
Toronto), 1932; Labor Conditions in the Men's
Clothing Industry (Thomas Nelson & Son.s,
Toronto), 1935 (joint authorship with F. R.
.Scott); articles and i)ai)ers in American Eco-
nomic Review, New Repnblic, Proceedings of
the Canadian Political Science Association,
American Legislation Review, Proceedings of
the National Conference of Social Work, Pro-
ceedings of the Canadian Conference on So-
cial Work, Queens Quarterly, Canadian
Forum, American Federationist, Social Serv-
ice Review, etc.

Army Service: Canadian Army, 1916-19, In-
cluding service with artillery in France.
Memberships: Amer. Economic Assn., Cana-
dian Assn. of .Social Workers, Amer. Assn.
of Social Workers, Amer. Public Welfare
Assn.; Faculty Club; Zeta Psl.
Religion: Protestant.
Recreations: Tennis and golf.
Bus. Address: Dept. of Social Welfare, 2400
AUston Way, Univ. of California, Berkeley.
Home Address: 1546 LeRov Ave., Berkeley,

CASSIDY, Professor Rosalind, B.S.,
M.A., Ed.D.

Professor of Education and Physical Educa-

Born: Quincy (111.), July 17, 1895; d. of Mar-
garet (Ashbrook) and John Warren Cassidy.
Degrees: B.S., Mills Coll.. 1918: M.A.,
Teachers Coll., Columbia Univ., 1924: Ed.D.,
Advanced School of Education, Teachers Coll.,
Columbia Univ., 1937.

Credentials: Calif. State Sec. .Sch., Cred. In
Phys. Edn., 1918: Teachers Coll. Diploma in
Supervision of Hygiene and Phys. Edn., 1923.
Prof. Record: Convenor, Sch. of Edn.; Dir.
of the Summer Session; Prof, of Edn. and
Phys. Edn.

Publications: Co-author with Thomas Denni-
son Wood, The New Physical Education: A
Program of Naturalized Activities for Edu-
cation Toward Citizenship (Macmillan), 1927;
A Handbook for Camp Counselors: A Contri-
bution to Camping by the Pacific Camp Di-
rectors Association (Edited by Rosalind Cas-
Cassidy and Homer BemissV 1935; Neiv Di-
rections in Physical Education for the Ado-
lescent Girl jn High School and College (A. S.
Barnes and Co.), 1938: Co- Author, Progres-
sive Education Association Report, Physical
Education in the Secondary School (Progres-
sive Education Assn.), 1940; also various
magazine articles.

Honors and Recognitions: Elected to hon. edn.
soc. Kappa Delta Pi - Kappa Chapter, Nov.,
1936; awarded Fellowship by the Gen. Edn.
Board of the Rockefeller Foundation, Oct.,
1936: listed in (1935-36-37-38-39) editions of
WTio's Who Among Women in Amer.; made a
Fellow in Physical Edn. - Honor Award of
the Amer. Assn. for Health. Phys. Edn. and
Recreation, — "for outstanding service in the
field of Health and Physical Education."
Elected Member of the Amer. Acad, of Phys.
Edn.; elected to Palladium (Mills Coll. Honor
Soc); elected hon. Mem.. Eugene Field Soc.
of the Nat. Assn. of Authors and Journalists,
Oct., 1940.

Professional Societies: Amer. Assn. of Univ.
Women, 1918 — ; Amer. Phys. Edn. Assn.—
now Amer. Assn. for Health, Phys. Edn. and
Recreation (a department of the N.E.A.),
1918—; Calif. State Assn. for Health, Phys.



Edn. and Recreation, 1933 — ; Progessive Edn.
Assn., 1918—; Nat. Edn. Assn., 1918—; Nat.
Assn. for Mental HyRiene, 1926 — ; Nat. Geog.
Soc, 1918^; Nat. Recreation Assn., 1919 — ;
Camp Dirs. Assn. — now Amer. Camping Assn.,
1919—: Child Study Assn., 1926 — ; Pacific
Sect. Camp Dirs. Assn., 1926 — ; Nat. Soc. ot
Dirs. of Plivs. Edn. for Coll. Women, 1918 — ;
Soc. for Curricuulm Study, 1936—; Calif.
Soc. of Sec. Edn., 19.37—; Mental Hygiene
Assn., 1937; Nat. Soc. for the Study of Edn.,
1938 — ; Amer. Ednl. Research Assn., 1937 — ;
The Department of Supervisors and Directors
of Instruction of the Nat. Edn. Assn., 1939 — .
Religion : Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Travel, swimming and reading.
Bus. Address: Mills College, Calif.
Home Address: 2751 Seminary Ave., Oakland,


Investment Banker.

Born: Oakland (Calif.), July 20, 1900; s. of
Grace (Mcintosh) and Louis Castera.
Education: U. S. Naval Academy (Annapolis,

Married: Evelvn D., d. of Florence K. Burn-
ham, in Coronado (Calif.), Oct. 16, 1926;
ch.: George Walker.

Bus. Record: Investment banking business,
various enterprises.

Directorships: Fox-Castera and Co., Inter-
state Airraft, Harvill Aircraft.
Navy Record: Eleven years active duty, U.S.

Memberships: Calif, and Bel- Air Country

Recreation: CJolf.

Bus. Address: 650 So. Grand Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 651 Siena Way, Bel-Air, W.
Los Angeles, Calif. *

CASTLE. Clarence V., B.S.

Los Angeles Co. Farm Advisor and Co. Agt.

Born: Tipton (Tulare Co., Calif.), Jan. 21,

1894; s. of Nellie L. (Kirby) and W. H.


Education: Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1916.

Married: Ruth, d. of Williiam Lillard, at

Davis (Calif.), 1921; ch.: Dorman, John, and

Clarence, Jr.

Prof. Record: Instr. in Animal Husbandry,

U. of Calif., 1916-19; Dairy Husbandman,

U.S.D.A., 1920-24; with the agr. extension

service of the U. of Calif, and U.S.D.A. in

Los Angeles Co., 1925—.

Army Service: 2nd Lieut., Field Artillery,


Memberships: Alpha Zeta (agrl. honor frat.).

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Federal Bldg., Los Angeles,


Home Address: 803 Portola Ave., Glendale,

Calif. •

CASTLE, Professor William Ernest,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D,, Sc.D., LL.D.

Prof, of Genetics Emeritus, Harvard Univ.

Born: Alexander (Ohio), Oct. 25, 1867; s. of

Sarah (Fassett) and William Augustus


Education: Denison Univ.; Harvard Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Denison, 1889, Harvard, 1893;
M.A., 1894, Ph.D., 1895, Harvard.
Married: Clara Sears, d. of Charles Bos-
worth, at Wellsville (Kan.), Aug. 18, 1896;
ch.: William Bosworth and Edward Sears.
Prof. Record: Prof, of Latin, Ottawa (Kan.),
1889-1892; Instr., Zoology (Wis.), 1805-1896;
Knox Coll., 1896-1897; Harvard, 1897-1902,
Asst. Prof., 1903-1908, Prof., 1908-1936,
Emeritus Prof., 1936—.

Publications: Heredity in Relation to Evol-
ution and Ani7nal Breeding, 1911; Genetics
and Eugenics, 1916, 4th rev. ed., 1930, Mam-
malian Genetics, 1940.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,
Home Address: 421 Spruce St., Berkeley,

CASTO. Professor Frank M., D.D.S.,
M.D., Ph.G., M.I.C.D., F.A.M.A.
Orthodontist, Dean and Professor Emeritus,
Western Reserve University.
Born: Blanchester (Ohio), 1875; s. of Mar-
garet (Watkins) and James Monroe Casto.
Education: Ohio State Univ., Columbus (Ohio).
Degrees: D.D.S., 1898, M.D., 1900, Ph.G.,
1902, Ohio State U.

Married: Florence Mae, d. of William F. An-
drus, in Columbus (Ohio), 1902; ch.: Dr.
William A., Ruth (Casto) Wright, and Adele
(Casto) Evans.

Prof. Record: Fellow. Amer. Med. Assn.;
Dean Emeritus and Prof. Emeritus, West-
ern Reserve U., 1937 — .

Directorships: Dir. and Chmn. of the Bd.,
The Langley Instrument and Machine Co.
(aircraft parts).

Publications: Many scientific dental and med-
ical articles.

Memberships: Amer. Med. Assn., Calif. Med.
Assn., San Diego Co. Med. Assn.; Amer. Den-
tal Assn. (Past Pres.), So. Calif. Dental
Assn. San Diego Co. Dental Assn.; Amer.
Assn. of Orthodontists (Past Pres.) La Jolla
Country Club; La Jolla Chamber of Com-
merce, Kiwanis: Conservation Society; Delta
Sigma Delta, Nu Sigma Nu, Omiron Kappa
Upsilon; 32° Mason, Knight Templar, Shrine.
Navy Service: Retired Lt. -Commander.

R eligion : Presbyterian .

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, fishing.

Bus. Address: 801 Silverado St., La Jolla,


Home Address: 6011 Vista de la Mesa, La

Jolla, Calif.

CASTO, William Andrus. D.D.S.

Dental Surgeon.

Born: Columbus (Ohio), Apr. 3, 1903; s. of
Florence Amelia (Andrus) and Frank Mon-
roe Casto.

Eduation: Univ. Schools, Cleveland (Ohio);
Ohio State Univ., Columbus (Ohio); West-
ern Reserve Univ., Cleveland (Ohio).
Degrees: D.D.S., Sch. of Dentistry, West.
Res. U. 1929; Post Grad. Course, Columbia U.,
(New York City).

Scholastic Record: While at Univ. School,
played on ice-hockey, tennis, track, wrest-
ling teams, mem. of orchestra and dance



bnnd, Son. lUis. Mkp. of Yt-ar IJook, Asst.
Mffr. (Ohio) of Kroshmnii foolhall loam,
plnypcl intramural liaskot-hall, (,'olf anil howl-
InR: played In danco l)an(l. VVcstorn Ucsorvc;
Hunncrup (throe yenrs) for K<'lf ehamplonship
of Univ. (■Won (.louble ehamplon.ship In Kolf
twice), (Orricor of Class).

Prof. Rrrnrd: After Rroduntlon, was Instr.
In Orthodontia, Western Reserve U.; pracl
tlscd orthodontia in Cleveland until he moved
to I,a .Tolla (Calif.), IfViG: took two post
graduate, one ;il Columhla XL,
the other at Nashville (Tenn.) with Dr. Oren
Oliver; now practicing gen. dentistry at La

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