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Jolla (Calif.)

Director.thips : Secret&Ty and DIr. of the Lang-
lev Instrument and Machine Co. (San Diego,

Puhlicntions: Various scientific dental arti-
cles and clinics; presented clinic at Internal.
Dental Congress, Brussels (Belgium) also at
London (Eng.)

Memhershipn : Univ. Sch. Varsity, Ohio State,
Western Reserve, Alumni Assns. ; La Jolla
Country and Agua Callente Jockey Clubs;
Alpha Iota Ep.silon, Beta Theta Pi, Delta
Sigma Delta (Dental), Omicron Kappa Up-
silon (honorary dental) fraternities.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreatiovs: Fishing, golf, tennis, ice-skating,
music, aviation (flying).

Bus. Address: 801 Silverado, La Jolla, Calif.
Home Address: 6011 Vista de la Mesa, La
Jolla, Calif.

CASTRO. Clarence A.

Mayor, City of Santa Clara.
Born: Santa Clara (Calif.), Apr. 16, 1910; s.
of Minnie D. and Robert A. Lemon.
Education: Santa Clara Grammar and High
School; Univ. of Santa Clara.
Married: Loeta M., d. of Florence and Wil-
liam Sphar, In Colorado, May 9, 1913; ch.:
Richard Wayne.

Prof. Record: Licentiate Pharmacist, 1935:
elected Member, Board of Trustees (City of
Santa Clara), 1937-1939; acting as Chairman,
Water, Light and Power, and Street Com-
mittees; elected Mayor (City of Santa Clara),
1939-41: Past Pres., Santa Clara Parlor No.
100, Native Sons of Golden West.
Directorships: Member, Dem. Central Com.
(Santa Clara Co.), 1940-1942.
Memberships: Improved Order of Redmen, Na.
vajo Tribe.

Religion: Roman Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Golf, amatuer photography.
Bus. Address: City Hall, Santa Clara, Calif.
Home Address: 1289 Harrison St., Santa
Clara, Calif. •

CATHCART. Professor Arthur Martin.

Prof, of Law Emeritus, Stanford University.
Born: Attica (Iowa), Feb. 2, 1873: s. of Isa-
belle (Swain) and Daniel Pierson Cathcart.
Education: Stanford Univ.; Harvard Law Sch.
Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1896.
Married: Edna Emma, d. of Samuel L. Wal-
lace, at Berkeley, Calif., June 28, 1905; ch.:
Wallace D., Robert S., and Arthur J.

Prof. Record: Admitted (o the liar, 3903;
pracl Isod law, Colorado Sprlng.s (Colo.), 1903-
04; Instr. in Law, 1!)04-0(), Asst. Prof., 1906-
07, A.S.SO. Prof., 1IKJ7-09, Prof., 19O0-.38, I.ect-
urer In T^aw, U. of Calif., Hummer 1909.
1927-28; U. of Chicago, 1911, 1922; U. of So.
Calif., summer 1934; Prof. Emeritus, Stan-
ford U., 19,38: Prof, of Law, Duke U., 19,38-
,39; Prof., Hastings Coll. of Law, 1940—;
Mem., Council, Palo Alto (Calif.), 1919-.37,
Mayor, 1920-24.

Publications: Numerous articles pertaining to

Memberships: State Bar of Calif.; Delta Up-
silon. Delta Chi, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Alpha
Delta, Order of the Coif; Commonwealth

Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals,
Post Office Bldg., San Francisco, Calif.
Home Address: 710 Alvarado Row, Stanford
University, Calif.

CATC. E. Raymond

Chief, California Highway Patrol.
Born: Huntingburg (Ind.), Mar. 10, 1889; s.
of Sarah B. (Behrman) and Isaac Roland

Education: Huntingburg (Ind.); Los Angeles

Married: Mary Margaret, d. of William Gar-
ber, in Los Angeles (Calif.), May 22. 1912;
ch. : William Raymond, and Marjorie Rae.
Prof. Record: Law enforcement officer, since
21 years of age; Patrolman (Civil Service
examination), Los Angeles Police Dept.. 1910;
Detective (civil service examination). Los
Angeles Police Dept., 1920; Capt. of Detect-
ives (civil service examination), Los Angeles
Police Dept., 1923; Inspector of Police (civil
service examination), Los Angeles Police
Dept., 1927; Supt., Calif. Highway Patrol,
(Jan.), 1931; Chief, Calif. Highway Patrol
(Aug.), 1931.

Memberships: Master Mason, York Rite,
Shriner, Elks, Royal Order of Jesters; Jona-
than (L.A.), Lakeside Golt (L.A.), and Mas-
quers (Hollywood) clubs.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Non-Partisan.

Recreations: Horseback riding, hunting, golf.
Btis. Address: 1200 N St., Sacramento, Calif.,
and 3500 So. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 3680 W. Lincoln Ave., Sacra-
mento, Calif. •

CAUGHEY. Professor John Walton.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.
Asso. Prof, of History, Univ. of Calif.
Born: Wichita (Kan.), July 3, 1902; s. of
Emily (Walton) and Rudolph Caughey.

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Texas, 1923; M.A.,
1926, Ph.D., 1928, Univ. of Calif.
Married: LaRee Pfeiffer at Corpus Chrlsti
(Texas), 1928; ch. : Nancy LaRee, and Susan

Prof. Record: Fellow, Native Sons of the Gol-
den West, 1928-29, carrying on research in
the archives of Spain; Member, History De-
partment, Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles,
1930 — ; Asso. Editor, Pacific Historical Re-
Publications: Joseph E. Ware's Emigrant's



Guide to Ccilifornia (1849), (Princeton), 1932;
History of the Pacific Const (L.A.>, 1933;
Bernardo de Odlvez in Louisiana (Berk-
eley), 1934: McGiUivrav of the Creeks (Nor-
man, Oklahoma), 1938; Colifornin (N.Y.),
1940. Numerous articles and book reviews in
the American Historical Review, Hispanic
American Historical Review, Mississippi Val-
ley Historical Review,, Louisana Historical
Quarterly, Pacific Historical Review.
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa.
Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 240 Chadbourne Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

to chemical composition of tropical fruits,
composition of Calif, lemons, by-products
from citrus fruits and their values; many
articles in trade and technical papers.
Memberships: Amer. Chem. Soc. ; Amer. Assn.
Advancement of Science; L. A. Co. Farm
Bur.: Amer. Pub. Health Assn.; Inst, of
Food Technologists.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Independent.
Recreations: Stamp collecting.
Bus. Address: 148 So. Mission Rd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 1842 No. Gramercy PI., Los
Angeles, Cailf.

CAUTHORN, Joseph Lurton

President, San Francisco Daily News Co.
Born: Mexico (Mo.). Aug. 12, 1882: s. of
Sarah A. (Scott) and Columbus Hill Cathorn.
Education: Public schs. of Mexico, Mo.
Married: (1) Grace Wulff Wright, Sept. 1,
1918 (dec. 1924); ch. : step-daughter, Jean
Wulff Wright (Mrs. William D. Cannon) ;
(2) Janis Jewett, Nov. 11 1929.
Bus. Record: Reporter, Mexico (Mo.) Intel-
ligencer, 1904-06; Reporter, Mexico (Mo.)
Ledger-Reporter, 1906-07; Reporter, San
Diego (Calif.) Stin. 1907-08, Circulation Man-
ager, 1908-10; Circulation Manager, Los An-
geles Record, 1910-13, Gen. Circulation Mgr.,
1915. Bus. Mgr., 1915-16; Circulation Mgr.,
S. F. Dailv News Co., 1913-15, Gen. Circul-
ation Mgr., 1915, Bus. Mgr., 1918-29, Gen.
Bus. Mgr., 1929-40, Pres. since 1925; Gen.
Bus. Mgr., Denver (Colo.) Rocky Mountain
News, 1927-29.

Directorships: Dir., Better Bus. Bureau.
Memberships: Olympic, Press, Commonwealth,
Advertising, Rotary, and French (S. F.)

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 812 Mi.ssion St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San
Francisco, Calif.

CHACE, Edward Mackay, LL.B., LL.M.,
Principal Chemist, Laboratory of Fruit and
Vegetable Chemistry, U.S. Dept. of Agricul-

Born: Havana (New York), Nov. 15, 1874:
s. of Mary Ann (Mackay) and Edward

Eudcation: High Sch. in Washington (D.C.);
Geo. Washington Univ.; Nat. Univ.
Degrees: LL.B., 1906, LL.M., 1907, Nat. U.
Married: Lillian E., d. of Capt. D. C. Gray-
son, C.S.A., in Washington (D. C), Feb. 21,
1901; ch.: Eleanor (Mrs. Don Richwine) ;
Marian (Mrs. Max Budford) ; Edward G.
Prof. Record: Control Chemist in sugar
houses of Louisiana and Cuba, 1894-1901;
(Provinsional Govt.), Havana (Cuba), 1901-
02; Chief of Food Tech. Lab., and Asst.
Chief, Food Div., Bur. of Chem., U.S. Dept.
of Agr., Washington (D. C), 1902-14; Chem-
ist in Cliarge of Laboratory of Fruit and
Veg. Chem., Bur. of Agr. Chem and Engr.
(formerly Bur. of Chem., and Bur. of
C:hem. and Soils) of U.S. Dept. of Agr., at
Los Angeles (Calif.), 1914—.
Publications: Numerous bulletins pertaining

CHACE, Henry Underhill. A.B.

Insurance Broker.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Feb. 2, 1904;
s. of Clara Harris (Underbill) and John Bug-
bee Chace.

Education: Public schools, San Francisco

Degrees: A.B., 1926, Univ. of Calif.
Married: Joan, d. of Grace (Hecht) and
John Rothschild, in Reno (Nev.), Dec. 17,
1938; ch.: Peter (b. 1931; by former mar-
riage), and Henry, Jr. (b. 1941).
Prof. Record: Entered Sales Dept. of Calif.
Packing Corpn., 1926, left in 1931 to enter
insurance business; Mgr., Insurance Dept.,
CoIdwell-Bank°r & Co., 1932-40; established
his own business in Jan., 1941; has been
active in civic work from 1933 with Junior
Chamber of Commerce as Chmn. of Ameri-
canism Com. during San Francisco general
strike; Vice-Pres. and Secty. of the Calif.
Crusaders, 1934-39; Chmn. of Field Organiza-
tion, Willkie Volunteers No. Calif., 1940.
Memberships: Phi Kappa Si.gma, Alpha
Lambda Chapter; Univ. of Calif. (Honor So-
cieties) : Golden Bear, Winged Helmet, Big

Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Tennis and gardening.
Bus. Address: 60 Sansome St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 42 Chester V/a>', San ^Ta-
teo, Calif.

CHADWICK. Wallace Lacy

Chief Civil Engineer, Southern California
Edison Company, Ltd.

Born: Loring (Kan.), Dec. 4, 1897; s. of
Anna R. (Lacy) and Perley C. Chadwick.
Education: Univ. of Redlands.
Married: Beulah, d. of A. J. Dve, in Cutler
(Calif.), Oct. 15, 1921; ch. : Isabelle Ruth,
and Marilynn Joyce.

Prof. Record: Statistician, Plant Engr., Calif.
Alkali Co., 1920-21; Draftsman, So. Calif.
Edison Co., 1922-24, Div. Engr., construction
of Big Creek San Joaquin Hydroelectric
Proj., 1924-28, Trans. Engr., 1928-31; Engr.,
Sr. Engr., The Metro. Water Dist. of So.
Calif., on construction of Colo. River Acque-
duct, 1931-37; 1937—, Civil Engr., Chief
Civil Engr., So. Calif. Edison Co., in charge,
civil engrg. and dir. engrg. -economic studies
and other engrg. investigations; 1938, Con.
Engr., Metro. Water Dist., in connection with
important litigation; in responsible charge of
important work continuously since 1924.



Dircctorshijm : Trustee, VIre-Chmn., Exec.

Com., Univ. ot Kcdinnd.'i, Oneonta Club.

Meinbrrships: Amor. Soc. Civil Ktif^r.. Amer.

Inst. Elec. Engi-.s. ; Amor. Cone., Pac.

Coast Eler. Assn.; Elec. (l^os Anodes), and

Oneonta (So. I'asndcna) clubs.

Publications; Technical papers and articles.

Arm.}/ Record: Private, C. A. Corps, 1918.

Relifjion: Protestant -Baptist.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 601 W. 5th St., Los Angeles,


Home Address: 1133 Lorain Rd., San Marino


tlnued ever since; recognized by Calif. News-
pai)er Publishers Ass., as longest In service
on .same paper In Calif.; Past Pres., Rotary
Club, etc.

Publications: The Htory o/ Inyo; Death Val-
ley, The Facts; Outposts of Civilization.
Memberships: Seretary, Winnedumah Lodge,
F. & A.M. (Bishop); Sigma Delta Chi Fra-
ternity; Knights of Pythias, Rite
Freemasonry, Mystic Shrine.
Politics: Republican.

lius. Address: Inyo Register, Bishop, Calif.
rrom.a Address: 229 Academy Ave., Bishop,
Calif. •

CH.iFFEY, John Richardi Eastman

President, The Chaffey Company, Inc.
Born: Winnipeg (Can.), June 2,5, 1900; s. of
Gertrude (Eastman) and Benjamin Elswood

Education: St. John's in Winnipeg and prep-
aratory school, Quy (Cambridge, Eng.)
Married: Priscilla Taft, d. of William C.
Taft at Mission Inn, Riverside (Calif.), June
30. 19z6; ch.: John Taft (b. 1928), William
Taft (b. 1930), and Ben Taft (b. 1933).
Bus. Record: Education interrupted by World
War I; took active part in breaking Winni-
peg general strike after war; started busi-
ness career in Winnipeg Grain Exchange; ill
health sent him to Cragmore Sanitarium at
Colorado Springs for one year; came to
Palm Springs in 1923 and became a partner
in the real estate firm of Cree & Chaffey;
later started own firm of Chaffey Co., Real-
tors; started publication of weekly newspaper
The Limelight in 1933 and the magazine
Palm Springs Life in 1936.
Directorships: Dir. and Pres., Palm Springs
Chamber of Commerce; Dir., Palm Springs
Field Club.

Army Record; Cadet, Lord Strathcona's Horse
(Cavalry Brigade), 1914-18.
Memberships: Racquet, Palm Springs Tennis.
Lion's, and Palm Spring Polo clubs; Vaquer-
os del Desierto.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Tennis, minor farming activity
on his fruit ranch.
Bus. Address: Palm Springs, Calif.
Home Address: Arenas Rd., Palm Springs,

Other Addresses: Broken Oak Ranch, Beau-
mont, and 1314 Va. Way, La Jolla. Calif.

CHALFANT. Will Arthur

Editor and Publisher, The Inyo Register.

Born: Virginia City (Nev.), Jan. 10, 1868; s.

of Adaline (Slater) and Pleasant Arthur

Chalfant (Calif. •49er).

Education: Schools of Inyo Co. (Calif.), plus

newspaper experience.

Married: Flora, d. of E. Mallory, at Bishop

(Calif.), Sept. 22, 1892.

Prof. Record: Learned printing business In

office of Independent (Inyo) ; at seventeen

was the "Son" of P. A. Chalfant & Son, in

founding the Inyo Register, Bishop (Calif.);

took full charge as Editor and Publisher,

Inyo Register, Jan., 1889, and has so con-

CHAMBERLAIN. Arthur Henry. B.S.,


Educator, Writer, Publisher, Lecturer.
Director, Public Forum and Speakers Bureau,
San Francisco.

Born: Oaklawn (111.), Oct. 3, 1872; s. of
Sarah (Leavitt) and James Franklin Cham-

Education: Cook Co. Normal Sch.; Calif.
Inst, of Tech. (formerly Throop Poly Inst.);
Chicago Univ.; Columbia; Univ. of Calif.;
and European universities.
Degrees: B.S., 1903, M.A., 1904, Columbia;
Master's Diploma, Teachers College (New

Prof. Record: Prof, of Education and Dean,
Throop Poly Inst. (Calif. Inst, of Tech.)
State Exec.-Secty., Calif. Teachers Assn.;
Editor, Sierra Educational News; Editor and
Publisher, Overland Monthly and Outwest
Magazine; Asso. Editor, Thrift Magazine;
Mem., Bd. of Ed., Los Angeles Co.; Treas.
and Mem. Exec. Com., Nat. Edn. Assn.;
Pres., Ednl. Press Assns. of Amer.; Chmn.,
Board of Dir., League of Western Writers;
Dir., Public Forums and Speakers Bureau;
Secty., Calif. Assn. of Conservation.
Directorships: Pres., Bd. of Dir., League of
Western Writers; Secty., Pacific Area Foun-

Publications: Ideals and Democracy; Stan-
dards On Education; Interpreting Education;
Responsibility of City Superintendent of
Schools; The Continents and Their People
(si.x volumes) ; Thrift and Conservation, (with
J'ames F. Chamberlain) ; etc.
Army Service: Chief of Occupational Direct-
ion, Army Ed. Corps, G.H.Q., France.
Memberships: Masonic; Commonwealth, Se-
quoia and Gnome clubs; League of Western
Writers, California Writer's; Phi Sigma Sig-
ma (national).
Religion; Liberal.
Politics; Independent.
Recreations: Baseball, tennis.
Bus. Address: Olympic Hotel, 230 Eddy St.,
San Francisco, Calif.

Hom,e Address: 1546 Rose Villa, Pasadena,
Calif. •

CHAMBERLAIN. Professor James
Franklin. Eci.B., B.S., F.A.G.S.
Educator, Writer.

Born: Centerville (Utah), 1869; s. of Sarah
Elma (Leavitt) and James Adams Cham-
Education: Washington Heights (111.) High



Sch.: Cook County (111.) Normal Sch;; Univ.
of Chicago.

Degrees: Ed.B., B.S., U. of Chiago, 1904;

Married: Mary Agnes, d. of Madison Crandall
Scobey, in Cliicago (III.), Aug. 20, 1900.
Prof. Record: Teaching experience: public
schools of Chicago; L.A. State Normal Sch.;
U. of Calif. (Los Angeles) ; Pres., New Me.x-
ic^ St. Normal Sch. (Silver City, N. M.);
Univ. of Chicago summer courses: Teachers
Coll. (Kanj City, Mo.), Teachers Coll. (New
York City) ; Univ. of So. Calif., and other

Directorships: Secy, and Treas., San Joaquin
Development Co.

Publications: How We Are Clothed; How We
Are Sheltered; How We Travel (Macmillan
Co.); Field and Laboratory Exercises In
Physical Geography (Amer. Book Co.); Geo-
graphy-Physial, Eonomic, Regional; Prob-
lems In Geography ; Geography and Society
(Lippincott Co.); Canada, Land of the Maple
Leaf (Overland Outwest Publications). In
collaboration with Arthur H. Chamberlain:
North America; Europe; Asia; South Ameri-
ca; Africa; Oceania (Macmillan Co.); Thrift
and Conservation (Lippincott Co.); some 75
articles published in periodicals.
Memberships: Twilight Club (Pasadena);
Assn. of Amer. Geographers, Assn. Pac.
Coast Geographers, Amer. Geog. Soc, Nat.
Council of Geography Teachers; Phi Delta
Kappa, Nat. Education Assn.
Religion: Christian Science.
Politics : Republican .
Recreations: Travel and writing.
Bus. and Home Address: 1546 Rose Villa,
Pasadena, Calif. *

CHAMBERLAIN, Thomas Gassner,

A.B., J.D.


Born: Auburij (Calif.), June 25, 1892; s. of
Sarah (Gassner) and Louis Lee Chamber-

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of Calif., 1915; J.D.,
Sch. of Jurisprudence (Berkeley), 1917.
Prof. Record: Asst. to U.S. Commr. of Re-
clamation conducting land settlem/ent in-
vestigation (Calif.), 1915; Teaching Fellow
in Polit. Science, U. of Calif., 1915-17; admit-
ted to Calif. Bar, 1917, and began practice
at San Francisco; now Mem., firm Chamber-
lain, Ciark, Buchner & Willi; settled in N. Y.
City, 1919; with Ex-President William H.
Taft on speaking tour of U.S. for League
to Enforce Peace, discussing foreign policy
of U.S., 1919-20; conducted tour of Calif, for
Hoover campaign, later nat. tour for Pro-
League Republicans, 1920; Incorporator of
cotton cooperative assns. and farmers' co-
operative marketing assns. throughout South,
negotiating loans of over $100,000,000 from
banks and War Finance Corpn., 1922-23;
Mem., Finance Com. of Nat. Republican
Com., 1928; Gen. Counsel and Dir., Pacific
Egg Producers Cooperative, Inc., Taber &
Co., Inc., Sunrise Egg Producers Coopera-
tive, Inc., American Lyric Theater, Inc., Gen-
eral Counsel and Trustee, Infirmary for
Women and Children (N. Y.); Counsel, Sun
Maid Raisin Growers, Washington Coopera-
tive Egg & Poultry Asso., Sunland Sales
Coop. Assn., Calif. Peach & Fig Growers
Assn., Poultry Producers of Central Calif.,
Gordon Baking Co. Dir., League of Nations

Publications: Land Settlement Conditions In
California (article), 1915; Why We Fought,
1919; The Geneva Institute of International
Relations (article), 1925; Disarmament, the
International Debts; Contrb. to Scripps How-
ard Newspapers.

Army Service: Served as 2nd Lt., First Lt.,
and Capt., U.S. Army, 1917-18; with 1st Div.
Arty., A.E.F., at Verdun, Chateu-Thierry,

Memberships: Internal. Com. of YMCA; Am-
erican Bar Assn.; New York Law Institute;
Mason; Phi Delta Phi, Kappa Sigma Frater-
nities; University, Bankers, New York Young
Republican, Sleepy Hollow Country, Down-
town Athletic, Rotary (N.Y.), and Metro-
politan Opera clubs.
Religion: Congregational.

Bus. Address: Chamberlain, CHark, Buchner
& Willi, 55 Liberty St., New York, N. Y.
Home Address: 1 West 54th St., New York,
N. Y.

CHAMBERLIN. (Frank) Tolles.


Painter, Sculptor, Teacher.
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), March 10.
1873; s. of Katherine J. (Gouge) and R. Mil-
ton Chamberlin.

Education: Public schools (Vt. and Conn.);
Hartford Bus. Coll.; Hartford Art Society
(pupil of Dwight W. Tryon) ; Art Student's
League (New York), (pupil of George De
Forest Brush, George Bridgman.
Married: Katherine Beecher Stetson, d. of
Charlotte Anna (Perkins) and Charles Wal-
ter Stetson, at New York (N.Y.), 1918; ch.:
Dorbthy and Walter.

Teaching Experience: Beaux Atrs Institute of
Design (N. Y.), 1915-19; Sch. of Architecture,
Columbia U. (N. Y.), 1917; Otis Art Inst.
(Los Angeles) ,1921; Chouinard Sch. of Art,
1921-29; Sch. of Architecture, Univ. of So.
Calif., 1923-29; and private classes; represe-
sented in public and private collections.

Publications: Articles for press and art pub-

Awards: Prix de Rome in painting 1909, 1912;
Fellow of American Academy in Rome, 1911;
Henry O. Avery prize for sculptural composi-
tion. New York Architectural League, 1914;
First prize and commission for mural paint-
ing, 1914; First prize for sculpture, Los An-
geles Co. Fair, 1928; Hon. mention for paint-
ing Pasadena Art Inst., 1930; James Ackly
McBride award for figure painting and Art
Institute prize for sculpture, Pasadena Soc.
of Artists, 1934; Merit Award, Los Angeles
Art Association, 1934; Second prize for Paint-
ing, Acad, of Western Painters, 1935; Second
prize for sculpture, Pasadena Art Institute,
1937; First prize (Logan Medal), Los An-
geles Branch of Sanity in Art, 1940; First
Patron Member prize for Oil Painting and
First Hon. Mention for Water Color, 1941.
Memberships: Alumni Assn., Amer. Acad, in
Rome; Alumni Assn., Otis Art Institute;
Bookworkers Guild (N. Y., hon. member);
Beaux Arts Institute (N. Y., hon. member) ;
Pasadena Soc. of Artists; Contemporary Ar-
tists and Patrons.
Religion: Agnostic.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Reading, music, mountain hik-
ing, boating.

Bus. Address: (Studio) 42 So. Oak Knoll
Ave., Pasadena, Calif.

Home Address: 223 So. Catalina Ave., Pasa-
dena, Calif.



CHAMBERLIN, Jr.. Theodore (Ted)

Kanchcr: I'losidi'iil, CalilDiMi,'! Cal I Ionian's

Born: Concord (Mass.), Nov. 30. 1902; s. of
Anne L. (Bixby) and Theodore Chamberlin,

Education: High School, Conord (Mass.);
Philips Andovcr Acad.

Married: (Helen A.) Elizabeth, d. of Maurits
C. C. Van Liibpn Sols of "Amistad Ranch"
in Courtland (Calif.); ch. : Telen Ellwsorth
(b. 1937). Frederick Dean (b. 1939), and
William Bradford (b. 1940).
Bus. Record: IJeef cattle rancher in Arizona
and Calif, from 1922-29; purchased ranch at
Los Olivos and operations have been concen-
trated since then in tills area: owns ranch
of 8.000 acres and leases additional 7,500
acres; has a substantial financial interest in
one of the largest cattle ranches in the South-
west. "The Three Links," at Wilcox (Ariz.);
was elected Pros, of the Calif. Cattlemen's
Assn. (San Francisco), Dec, 1939, re-elected
Pres.. Dec. 1940.

Army Service: National Guard (Cavalry),
Boston. 1920-22.

Home Address: "Rancho Los Poterros," Los
Olivos, Calif. •

CHAMBERS, Joseph Fleischman

Judge of Municipal Court.
Born: Clinton Co. (111.), Apr. 3, 1862; s. of
Lucy (Dodge) and Samuel Chambers.
Education: Dist. Sch., Meridian Twp. (Clin-
ton Co., 111.); Grade Sch., Tuey (111.); State
Normal Sch.. Ypsilanti (Mich.).
Married: Euphemie Julia, d. of Caroline and
Joseph Moffet, in Los Angeles (Calif.); ch.:
Rofena B. and Josephene.
Prof. Record: Worked as Locomotive Fireman
on A.T.S.&S.F.R.R., San Marcial Div. (New
Mex.); Clerk in L. A. City Justice's Court;
admitted to Bar in Calif., Supreme Court in
1890; L. A. City Prosecutor; Deputy Dist.
Atty., L. A. Co.; Justice of the Peace, L. A.
City; Judge of Municipal Court, L. A.. Citv;
served on Local Exemption Board in World
War I.

Memberships: Palestine Lodge, F.& A.M., No.
351, L. A. Scottish Rite Bodies, 33" Hon.;
L. A. Bar Assn.; Modern Woodmen.
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreati07is : Hiking and fishing.

Bus. Address: Hall of Justice, Los Angeles,

Home Address: 3980 Dalton Ave., Los Ange-
les, Calif. •

CHAMLEE. Mario (Archer), Mus.M.
Operatic Tenor.

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.); s. of Clara
(Houslieb) and Samuel Chamlee.
Education: Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: Mus.M., U. of So. Calif.
Married: Ruth (Soprano, Metropolitan Opera
Co.), d. of Frank Jamison Miller, in New
York City, Oct. 2i 1919; ch.: Archer Mario,

Prof. Record: Debut in Calif, small opera
companies; Protege, Antonio Scotti; debut in
Tosca with Geraldine Farrar at Metropolitan
Opera (N.Y.); Paris Opera Comique in Lon-
don, La Mounaie, Brussels, Vienna, Prague;

ijrilllant concert career; first tenor on air In
Puccini Operas, 1920; Repertoire: La Boheme.
Tosca, Manon, Martha Marouf . Capormacchi,
La Rondine, Cavaleria, Pagliacci, La Gio-
conda,, Africana. Bartered Bride, Lohengrin,
Maestersingfrs, Madam Butterfly, Fra Diav-
alo, L'Oracalo, Amelia Goes to the Ball, Rig-
oletto. La Traviata, and Barber of Seville.
Army Service: 77th Division Artillery one and
one-half years, one year in France.
Memberships: Bohemian (San Francisco), Au-
thor's and Uplifters clubs (Los Angeles).
Religion: Christian.

Hoyne Address: 8118 Hollywood Blvd.. Los
Angeles. Calif.
Other Address: Wilton, Conn.

CHAMLEE. Ruth Miller

Soprano. Metropolitan Opera Company.

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