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Born: Portland (Ore.); d. of Mary Jane
(Smith), whose parents settled in Calif, in
1847. and Frank Jamison Miller.
Education: Studied voice - stage - repertoire,
Paris (France) ; pupil of Sbriglia.
Married :Mario Chamlee (tenor. Metropolitan
Opera Co.); ch.: Archer Mario (student at
U. of So. Calif.)

Prof. Record: Made operatic debut as Gilda
in Rigoletto (New York) ; Member, Metro-
politan Opera Co., Scotti Opera Co.. Ravinia.
Society of Amer. Singers (New York); en-
gaged in extensive concert tours and radio
programs; Mem.. New York Singing Teachers'
Assn. ; Teacher of many successful singers.
Memberships: Dominant Club (Los Angeles).
Religion: Christian.

Home Address: 8118 Hollywood Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif., and Wilton, Conn.


Pres., The Times-Mirror Co.; Publisher, Los
Angeles Times.

Born: Landaff (N.H.), May 17. 1864; s. of
Emma Jane (Little) and Moses Knight Chan-

Married: Marian, d. of General Harrison
Gray Otis, in Los Angeles (Calif.). June 5.
1894; ch.: Alice May. Constance, Ruth. Nor-
man. Harrison. Helen, and Philip.
Bus. Record: Began career as Clerk, Cir-
culation Dept. of the Los Angeles Tiines; be-
came Circulation Mgr. and in 1917 became
Pres. and Publr. ; org. snydicate, purchased
862.000 acres of land in Lower Calif, in 1899
and was made Pres., Calif. -Mex. Land .ind
Cattle Co.; purchased 47.000 acres of land
adjoining Los Angeles in 1909 and ori^anizeJ
the L.A. Suburban Homes Co.. within seven
years sold the entire area; in 1912 organized
a syndicate and purchased Tejon Ranch,
281,000 acres, in L. A. and Kern Cos.
(Calif.); in 1927 became mem. of group that
purchased Bartlett Ranch in New Mex. and
Colo, famous the country over as a sports-
men's paradise, consisting of 340.000 acres.
Directorships: Officer and Dir. of numerous
Calif, corpns. ; Trustee, Calif. Institute of
Tech. and Stanford U.; Dir., Calif. State
Chamber of Comm. and Yosemite Park and
Curry Co.; Pres., Times-Mirror Co.
Memberships: Athletic Club (Los Angeles);
Auto. Club of So. Calif.; Mason (33° Shri-
ner) ; Elks.
Reilgion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Fishing.

Bus. Address: Los Angeles Times, Los An-
geles, Calif.



CHANDLER. Louis Charles. B.S., M.A.,
M.D., D.O., Sc.D.
Osteoplhic Physician-Surgeon.
Born; Scranton (PaJ, June 7, 1886; s. of
Ellen Catherine (Williams) and Charles
Henry Chandler.

Education: Lafayette Coll.; Univ. of Calif.;
Scranton (Pa.) High Sch.; Coll. of Osteo-
pathic Physicians and Surgeons (Los Angeles).
Degrees: B.S. (Chem.), Lafayette Coll, 1908;
M D and D.O., Coll. of Osteopathic Phys.
and Surgs., 1913; M.A. (Public Health), U.
of Calif., 1921.

Married: Mary Seymour, d. of Hamiltina
(Rickaby) and Isaac Macpherson Johnson, at
Los Angeles (Calif.), June 28, 191G; ch.:
Eleanor Roberta, Edith Jeannette, Mary
Louise, and Ruth Lorraine.
Prof. Record: Asst. Chemist, H. C. Frick
Coke & Coal Co., 1908; Asst. Chem., Dept.
of Engineering and Tests, D.L.& W.R.R.Co.,
1909- Asst. Chem., Bur. of Food and Drugs,
U S Dept. Agr., 1909-10; Instr. in Biology
and Bacteriology, Pacific Coll. of Osteopathy
(Los Angeles), 1910-13; Food Chem., Calif.
State Board of Health, 1917-19; Prof., Physi-
ology and Pharmacology, Coll. of Osteopathic
Phys. and Surg., 1914-24 (except 1917-19);
Pres , Coll. of Osteopathic Phys. & Surgs.,
1920-22; Chief of Staff, Los Angeles Co.
Hosp., Unit No. 2 (now L. A. Co. Osteop.
Hosp ), 1930-34; Mem., Calif. State Board of
Med. Examiners, 1920-22; in private practice,
specializing in internal medicine.
Directorships: Monte Sano Hosp. (Los Ange-
les) • The Merrill Corpn. (Los Angeles) ;
Trustee, Coll. of Osteopathic Physicians and
Surgeons (Los Angeles).

Publications: Textbook of Clinical Toxicology,
1916; numerous articles in professional jour-

Army Service: Private, Engineer Corps, 13th
Regiment, Pa. Nat. Guard (sanitary engi-
neering), 1908.

Mernberships: Atlas, Jonathan (Los Angeles),
Los Senanos Country and Peter Pan Wood-
land clubs; Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Sigma
Psi frats.

Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Independent.

Bus. Address: 609 So. Grand Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home: 2718 Lakewood Ave., Los Angeles,

CHANDLER. Norman. A.B.

Pres. and General Manager, The Times-Mir-
ror Co.

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Sept. 14. 1899;
s. of Marian (Otis) and Harry Chandler.
Education: Hollywood High Sch.; Stanford

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1922.
Married: Dorothy, d. of C. A. Buffum, at
Long Beach (Calif.), Aug. 30, 1922; ch.:
Camilla and Otis.

Bus. Record: Engaged in newspaper work In
all departments, Los Angeles Times, 1922-29,
Asst. to Publisher, 1929-34, Asst. Genl. Mgr.,
1934-36, Vice-Pres. and Genl. Mgr., 1936-41,
Pres. and Genl. Mgr., 1941 — .
Directorships: Trustee, U. of So. Calif.; Secy,
and Dir., Amer. Newspaper Publishers Assn.
and Dir. in various corporations.

Memberships: Bohemian Club (San Francis-
co) ; Delta Kappa Epsilon.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing, hunting, and golfing.
Bus. Address: 202 W. First St., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 800 W. Orange Grove Ave.,
Sierra Madre, Calif., and 5 - 69th PI., Long
Beach, Calif.

CHANDLER. Professor William Henry.

B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Professor of Horticulture and Asst. Dean of
College of Agriculture, University of Cali-

Born: Butler (Mo.), July 31, 1878; s. of Mary
Wade (Lewis) and Winfield Scott Chandler.
Education: Univ. of Missouri.
Degrees: B.S., 1905, M.S., 1906, Ph.D., 1914,
U. of Missouri.

Married: Nancy Caroline, d. of Winfield
Scott Steele, in Butler (Mo.), Sept. 6, 1905;
ch.: Caroline, William Lewis, Mary Martha,
and Ruth Steele.

Prof. Record: U. of Mo.: Asst., Horticulture,
1905-07, Instr., 1907-10, Asst. Prof., 1910-13.
Cornell U.: Prof., Pomology, 1913-23. Vice-
Dir., Research, 1920-23. U. of Calii.: Prof.,
Pomology, 1923, Prof., Horticulture, Horti-
cultuiist in Experiment Station, and Asst.
Dean. 193b — .

Publications: Fruit Growing, 1925; North
American Orchards, 1928; papers on research
in pomology, plant tissues and temperature,
sap conceniration, and other related subjects.
Memberships: Amer. Assn. Advancement of
Science (Vice-Pres., 1940), Amer. Soc. for
Horticultural Sci., Botany Soc. of Amer.;
Sigma Xi.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Gardening.

Bus. Address: College of Agriculture, Univ.
of California, W. Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 341 So. Almont Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif. *

CHANEY. Professor Ralph Works,

B.S., Ph.D.

Professor of Paleontology, Univ. of Calif.
Born: Chicago (111.), Aug. 24, 1890; s. of
Laura Jeannette (Works) and Fred A.

Education: Univ. of Chicago.
Degrees: B.S., 1912, Ph.D., 1919, U. of Chi-

Married: Marguerite, d. of William D. Seeley,
in Taylorsville (Ky.), Sept. 5, 1891; ch.:
Richard Works, Ellen, and David Hinman.
Prof. Record: Head of the Dept. of Natural
Science, Francis W. Parker Sch., 1914-17;
Instr., Geology at U. of lUwa, 1917-19, Asst.
Prof., 1919-22; Research Asso., Carnegie
Inst, of Washington, since 1922; Chmn.,
Dept. Paleontology, U. of Calif., 1931-39;
Prof., Paleontology and Curator of Paleo-
botanical Collections, U. of Calif., 1931 — ;
Pres., Paleontological Soc. of Amer., 1939;
Vice-Pres., (geological Soc. of Amer., 1940.
Directorships: Counsellor, Save-the-Redwoods

Publications: About fifty books and pamph-
lets in Carnegie Inst, of Washington publi-
cations and journals.



Mvmbcrshiiia: Paculty, Sigma Alpha Kpsllon,
Gamma Alpha, 'I'heta Tau. Soclclli's; Geolog-
ical Soc. of Amcr., Halconlolugical, Amer.
Assn. for the Atlvanccment of Science, Save-
the- Redwoods League, Geological Soc. of

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Dcpt. of Paleontology, Univ.
of California, Berlteley, Calif.

Home Address: 1129 Keith Ave., Berkeley,
Calif. •

CHAPEL, First Lieutenant Charles
Edward U.S.M.C. (retired), A.B.
Author, Lecturer, Publisher.
Born: Manchester (Iowa), May 26, 1904; s.
of Gertrude May and William Claude Chapel.
Educatioti: State Univ. of Iowa; Missouri
Univ.; U. S. Naval Acad.
Degrees: A.B., Mo. U., 1926.
Married: Helen, d. of Josephine (Stone) and
Dr. George T. Honal<er, at Santa Ana
(Calif.), 1928; ch. : Joanne, Nancy, and
Charles J.

Prof. Record: Commissioned 2nd Lt. U.S.M.C,
June, 1926; served in Nicaragua with 5th
Regiment Marines, 1927; served aboard the
U.S.S. California, in charge of Broadside
Battery, 1929-31; served at Shore Stations at
Philadelphia (Pa.), Key West (Fla.), Nor-
folk (Va.), Quantico (Va.), San Diego
(Calif.); served with 4th Regiment, Ma-
rines, Shanghai (China), 1933-36; Commanded
an Anti-Pirate guard aboard Amer. vessel on
Yangtze River; promoted to 1st Lt., 1933;
served as Judge Advocate, 5th U. S. Naval
District, Norfolk (Va) before retirement in
1937; began writing for publication in 1925;
Author of more than 3,000 published maga-
zine articles which have appeared in more
than 34 American and British magazines of
general circulation.

Publications: Forensic Ballistics (privately
published), 1935; Gun Collecting (Coward-
McCann, Inc.), 1939; The Gun Collector's
Handbook of Values, 1940; Firearins in Amer-
ican History (by Charles Winthrop Sawyer),
1940; Fingerprinting, a Manual of Identifi-
cation (Coward-McCann, Inc.), 1941.
Decorations: Second Nicaraguan Campaign
Medal; Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal.
Memberships: Nat. Rifle Assn. of Amer. (hon.
life mem.); Veterans of the Foreign Wars of
the U. S. (Sgt., A. J. Foster Post, San Lean-
dro, Calif.); Internat. Assn. for Identifica-
tion; U. S. Naval Academy Alumni Assn.
(San Francisco, Calif.); Mo. U. Alumni
Assn. ; 32° Scottish Rite Mason (Oakland
Consistory) ; Author's League of Amer.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, yachting, horseman-
ship, gun collecting (antique firearm collect-
ing), rifle and pistol marksmanship.
Home Address: 1195 Begier Ave., San Lean
dro, Calif. •


Owner and Publisher, San Francisco Argonaut.
Born: Philedalphia (Pa.), Oct. 15, 1874; s.
of Emily and W. Chapin.
Education: Quaker Sch.; Univ. of Pa.
Married: Dorothy Roberts, Nov. 4, 1926.
Bus. Record: Was Pub., Owner, Chicago Her-

ald, Chicago Inter-Occan, Seattle PoHt-JntelH-
gencer. Sun Krancl.suo Morning Call, (Oakland
Emiuirer, Newark (N.J.) Hlar and Eagle,
and Sacramento Union; now Owner and Pub.,
.San Francisco Argonaut; for many year.s was
Charter Mem., A.ssoclated Press; Tru.stee,
Carnegie Endowment for Interant. Peace,
since Dec, 1939.

Army Service: Officer, militia, four years.

Memberships : Burlingame (Calif.), Bohemian,
Olympic (San Francisco), Bankers (New
York) .

Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 544 Market St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 2108 Washington St., San
Francisco, Calif. •

CHAPMAN, Charles Clarke, MA.

Citrus Culturist, Realtor.

Born: Macomb (111.), July 2, 1853; s. of Re-
becca Jane (Clarke) and Sidney Smith Chap-

Education: Common Sch.; Univ. of So. Calif.

Degrees: M.A., U. of So. Calif., 1931.

Married: (1), Lizzie, d. of Dr. and Nancy
Wallace Pearson, in Austin (Tex.), Oct. 23,
1884; ch.: Ethel Marguerite (Mrs. Wm. H.
Wickett), and Charles Stanley. (2) Clara,
d. of Lucy A. (Willet) and S. M. Irvin, in Los
Angeles (Calif.), Sept. 3, 1898; ch.: Irvin

Bus. Record: Began to work early in life,
as Western Union messenger boy, 1865;
clerked in grocery store, in printing office,
learned brick-laying and building trade,
worked rebuilding Chicago, 1871-73; in mer-
cantile business with father, 1873-74; had his
store in Chicago, 1875-76; worked with uncle.
S. J. Clarke, publishing history of McDon-
ough Co. (111.); began publishing local his-
tory and in company with brother, Frank M.
Chapman, developed an extensive business;
erected many buildings in Chicago in com-
pany with his brother; came to Calif., 1894,
engaged extensively in citrus culture and
erection and ownership of buildings in Los
Angeles and Fullerton, notably office build-
ing at Broadway and Eighth in Los Angeles;
served in many corporations; served 20 yrs.
as Pres., So. Calif. Christian Missionary Soc;
Founder of Chapman Coll. (Los Angeles) ;
served ten years on Immigration and Housing

Directorships: Bank of Amer.; Nat. Title and
Ins. Co. ; Occidental Life Ins. Co. ; Christian
Bd. of Publications (St. Louis, Mo.); Chmn.,
Board of Trustees of Chapman Coll.

Publications: Publisher of county histories In
111., Ind., Mich., Iowa, Kan., also biograph-
ical works.

Memberships: 32° Mason, Knight Templar;
Los Angeles Athletic and Pacific Coast clubs.
Religion: Christian Church.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Participation in church activi-
ties and dedications of one hundred churches.

Bus. Address: Chapman Bldg., Fullerton,

Home Address: Santa Ysabel Ranch, Fuller-
ton, Calif. •



CHAPMAN, Professor Charles Edward,

A.B., LL.B., M.A., Ph.D., F.R.H.S.
Professor of History, Univ. of California.
Born: Franklin (N.H.), June 3, 1880; s. of
Ella Frances (James) and Frank Hilton

Ed%ication: Peekskill Military Acad. (New
York), 1895-96; Phillips Andover, 1896-98;
Princeton Univ., 1898-1900; Tufts Coll., 1900-
02- Harvard Univ., 1902-05; Univ. of Calif..
1909-12; Univ. of Seville (Spain), 1912-13.
Degrees: A.B., Tufts Coll., 1902; LL.B., Har-
vard, 1905; M.A., 1909, Ph.D.. 1915, U. of
Calif.; awarded Mitre Medal of Hispanic Soc.
of Amer. for achievement in field of His-
panic Amer. Studies.

Married: Alice Aimee. d. of Clara (Avan)
and Harry Everett Fleming; ch.: Seville

Prof. Record: Admitted to Bar. Mass. and
Calif., 1906; with United Rys. (San Fran-
cisco), 1906-07; with Western Electric Co.,
1907-08; Teacher, History (Riverside. Calif.),
1910-12; Native Sons Traveling Fellow, Re-
search work, archives of Spain, 1912-14;
Instr. in Hist., 1914-15, Asst. Prof.. 1915-19,
Asso. Prof.. 1919-27. Prof., Hist., U. of
Calif., 1927 — . U. S. Exchange Prof, to
Chile, 1920; Pacific Coast Scout for St. Louis
Nat. Baseball club, 1921-32, Cincinnati Club,
1932 — ; Mem., Bd. Editors Hispanic Amer.
Hist. Rev., 1917-19; Adv. Editor, Hispanic
Amer. Hist. Rev., 1922—; Rep. of State and
U. of Calif, at exercises in honor second cen-
tenary birth of Father Serra, held in Petra
(Majorca). 1913; rep. U. of Calif., at Amer.
Congress of Bibliography and Hist.. Buenos
Aires, 1916; Mem., Amer. Hist. Assn. (Pres..
Pacific Coast Branch, 1933) ; Amer. Con-
gress Bibliography and Hist, (permanent
com.); Amer. Assn. U. Profs.; Mem., Adv.
Bd., Calif Hist. Com.; Fellow, Texas State
Hist Soc, Royal Hist Soc; Corr. Mem., His-
panic Soc. Amer.; Hon. Mem., Amer. Libr.
of U. of Santiago de Compostela (Buenos
Aires) .

Publications: The Founding of Spanish Cali-
fornia, 1916; A Calif omian in South Amer-
ica, 1917; A History of Spain, 1918; Cata-
logue of Materials in the Archivo General de
Indias for the History of the Pacific Coast
and the American Southwest, 1919; A History
of California - The Spanish Period, 1921 ; A
History of the Cuban Republic. 1927; Colonial
Hispanic America - A History, 1933; Republi-
can Hispanic America - A History, 1937; Play
Ball (advice for young ball players; with
Henry Severeid; Harper Bros.), 1941; also
numerous articles on the history of Spanish
Calif, and Hispanic America.
Memberships: Orinda Country Club; Phi
Sigma Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa (Tufts Coll.).
Recreations: Golf, baseball and bridge.
Bus. Address: Box 17, Library, Univ. of Cali-
fornia, Berkeley, Calif.

Home Address: 12 Via Farallon. Orinda,
Calif. •

CHAPMAN, The Reverend Gordon
Clarke, A.B., B.D.

Minister Westwood Community Methodist

Born: Bass Lake (Ind.), May 20, 1905; s. of
Leatha (Slocum) and George Chapman.
Education: De Pauw; Northwestern Univ.
Degrees: A.B., De Pauw, 1928; B.D., Gar-
rett (Northwestern U.), 1931.

Married: Charlotte, d. of Willis Burr Mc-
Donald, in Evanston (111.), Sept. 7, 1928;
ch. : Gordon Clarke, Jr., and Judith Floy.
Prof. Record: Minister: Globe (Ariz.), 1931-
33, San Luis Obispo (Calif.), 1934, Westwood
Community Methodist Church, 1935 — .
Memberships: Kiwanis International.
Religion: Methodist.

Bits. Address: 10497 Wilshire Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 10490 Rochester Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif. *

CHAPMAN, Professor Homer Dwight.

B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Asso. Prof, of Agricultural Chemistry.
Born: Darlington (Wis.), Oct. 4, 1898; s. of
Nettie (Merriam) and F. W. Chapman.
Education: Univ. of Wis.
Degrees: B.S., 1923, M.S., 1925, Ph.D., 1927,
U. of Wis.

Married: Daisy E., d. of L. A. Ernst, in Riv-
erside (Calif.), March 10, 1928.
Prof. Record: Graduate Research Worker in
Soil Chemistry, U. of Wis., until 1927; Re-
search in Soil Chem., U. of Calif. Citrus Ex-
periment Station. 1927 — .
Publications: 25 or more technical papers In
various scientific journals, concerned with
soil chemistry and plant nutrition.
Army Service: Pvt. in U. S. Army, 1918.
Memberships: Sigma Xi, Phi Lamda Upsilon,
Gamma Alpha, Phi Sigma, Alpha Gamma

Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Music and gardening.
Bus. Address: Citrus Experiment Station,
Riverside, Calif.

Home Address: 4721 Somerset Dr., Riverside,

CHAPMAN, Levi S(nell), A.B.


Born: Fayetteville (N.Y.). Oct. 15. 1865; s.
of Martha Maria C. (Tibbits) and Nathan

Education: Prep. Edn.. Fayetteville Union
Sch.; Whitestown (N.Y.) Acad.; Syracuse

Degrees: A.B., Syracuse U., 1889.
Married: (1) Lucia Louise Pattengill, in
Whitesboro (N.Y.), Nov. 30. 1892 (dec.
June 15, 1932); ch. : Mrs. Ella Louise Cady,
Charles Randall, and Mrs. Lucia Maria Bea-
del (2) Maudie Lorena Stone of Brooklyn
(N.Y.), June 17, 1933.

Prof. Record: Admitted to New York Bar,
1892, beginning as Mem. of firm, Newell &
Chapman (Syracuse) ; now Mem. of firm Chap-
man, Newell & Crane; Vice-Pres.. Secty. and
Asst. Treas.. North Amer. Holding Corpn.,
organized to carry on benevolences of late
George H. Maxwell; Organizer, 1899, Morn-
ingside Cemetery, now Pres., Morningside
Cemetery Assn.; Organizer, 1909, Dir. and
Atty., 1909-23, City Bank Trust Co. (now
merged with First Trust & Deposit Co.);
Chmn. Bd., Pierce, Butler & Pierce Mfg.
Corpn., 1916-24; Clk.. Bd. U. S. Gen. Ap-
praisers (N.Y.C.). 1891-92; Mem.. N. Y.
Gen. Assembly. 1895; Pres., Amer. Bapt.
Pub. Soc. 1921-22; Trustee, Syracuse U.,



since 1014 (ox. Vlco-Prcs., BflJ, Syracuse
YMCA (CN-Prcs.): Trustee, Rochester Thool.
Sem., many yrs., Mem., Amer., N.Y. State,
and Onondaga Co. Bar Assns.
Membcrshipa: S.A.R.; I'hl Beta Kappa, Delta
Upsllon frats; Mason Clubs; University Club

Politics: Republican.

Bxis. Addrettn: Chapman, Newell & Crane,
City Bank Bldg., Syracuse, New York.
Home Address: '.V2\ Wcstcott St., Syracuse,
New York; (Nov. to May) 78 No. Grand
Ave., Pasadena, Calif. *

CHAPMAN, Reginald Eugene

Chinchilla Breeder.

Bo n: Raymond (Wash.), 1907; s. Of TllUe
(Barrett) and Mathias Farrell Chapman.
Education: Los Angeles public grade and
high schools; Laurelvvood Junior Coll., Port-
land (Ore.).

Married: Juell E., d. of Lota R. Miller, in
Riverside (Calif.), Aug. 7, 1935; ch. : Juell
Glenn (b. 1938). Merry Jo (b. 1940).
Bits. Record: Owns and operates the first and
largest So. American Chinchilla farm in the
world, containing now over 3000 Chinchillas,
from which all of the Chinchillas (now num-
bering over 6000), in the U. S., came; this
ranch, the first known place to be successful
In the breeding and raising of Chinchillas in
captivity is located in Inglewood (Calif.) and
at Big Bear Lake (Calif.), both comprising
one ranch.

Directorships: Vice-Pres. and Dir., Chapman
Chinchilla Sales Co.; Pres. and Dir., Shenan-
doah Chinchilla Farm, New Market (Va.);
Cache Valley Chinchilla Corp.; Fur Indus-
tries, Gardena (Calif.).

Memberships: Masonic Frat., Inglewood Lodge
421; Inglewood Kiwanls Club.
Religion: Protestant.
Recreations: Fishing and hunting.
Bus. Address: 4957 West 104th St., Inglewood,

Home Address: 306 Eucalyptus Ave., Ingle-
wood, Calif., and Juell Glenn Chinchilla
Ranch, Big Bear Lake, Calif. *

CHASE, Harold Stuart, B.S.

Corporation Executive, Realtor, Civic Worker.
Born: Boston (Mass.), July 23, 1890; s. of
Nina Wheeler (Dempsey) and Hezeklah Griggs

Education: Santa Barbara (Calif.) High Sch.,
1907; Univ. of Calif, Berkeley, 1912.
Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1912.
Married: Mrs. Gertrude (Boyer) Stearns, d.
of Joseph Boyer, in St. Louis (Mo.); ch.:
Barbara D. (Mrs. George John Charles Mer-
cer Nairne, of Meikleour House, Meikleour,
Perthshire, Scotland). Stepchildren: Fred-
erick Stearns, II, and Gertrude Sweet (Mrs.
John Bradley Greene).

Bus. Record: In 1913 became asso. with
father, H. G. Chase, in real estate business,
est. 1903, Santa Barbara (Calif.); after
World War I, resumed real estate business
and development, appointed one of Com. of
Fifteen, Santa Barbara Earthquake Relief
Com., in charge of business rehabilitation,
1925; Pres., President's Unemployment Re-
lief Com. Chmn. for City of Santa Bar-
bara), 1931-32; on Unemployment Relief
Com. of Fifteen (apptd. by Santa Barbara


Bd. of Supervl.sors after dl.s.solutlon of Prenl-
dent's Com.); Past Pros., Santa Hahrara
Chaml)er of Commerce; Mom., Santa Bar-
bara Foundation; formerly Prrs. and Dir.,
Valley Club of Montocito, La Cumbre Golf
and Country Club; Vice-Pre.s. and Dir., Santa
Barbara Community Chest.

Directorships: Burroughs Adding Machine Co.,
1929 — ; Santa Barbara Airways; .Santa Bar-
bara Cottage Hosp.; Stearns Wharf Co.;
Pres.: Santa Barbara Estates, Inc., La Cum-
bre Estates Corp., La Cumbre Mutual Water
Co., Hope Ranch Park Homes Assn., Laguna
Blanca Water Co. Vice-Pres., Santa Bar-
bara Riding and Hunt Club; Mem., Adv. Bd.,
Security-First Nat. Bank (Los Angeles-
Santa Barbara branch).

Army Service: Entered World War service as
Lt. Inf. commissioned from Officers' Train-
ing Camp, San Farncisco Presidio, 1917; also
served as Mason officer, 15th Brigade, 8th
Division; later Captain, Aide-de-camp to
Major General Jos. D. Leitch, 13th Division.
Memberships: Bohemian (San Francisco),
Bankers of America (New York), Country
(Detroit), Santa Barbara Riding and Hunt,
Valley, University, Montecito Country (Santa
Barbara) clubs; Beta Theta Pi; Santa Bar-
bara County Polo Assn. ; Life Member, Calif.
Alumni Assn.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Shooting, cattle-raising, collec-
tor of Californiana.

Bus. Address: 1012 State St., Santa Barbara,

Home Address: Las Terrasas, Hope Ranch,
Santa Barbara, Calif.

CHASE, Mary Wood

Retired Concert Pianist and Educator.
Born: Brooklyn (N.Y.), Jan. 21, 1868; d. of
Cordelia M. (Wood) and Alonzo Chase.
Education: High school graduate, Ithaca (N.
Y.), 1884; New England Conservatory of
Music, Boston (Mass.) graduate, 1887; Pupil
of Oscar Raif and Asst. to same, Berlin
(Germany), 1893-96.

Prof. Record: Was Concert Pianist at recitals
for clubs, colleges and universities; Soloist
with orchestra and string quartettes, 1900-24;
Co-Dir., Columbia Sch. of Music, Chicago
(111.), 1902-06; Dir., Piano Dept., Iowa State
U. Sch. of Music, 1906-08; Founder and Dir.,
The Marv Wood Chase Sch. of Musical Arts,
1906-26, "Chicago (111.); Pres., Lake View
Musical Soc, Chicago (111.), 1921-23; the
Mary Wood Chase Sch. of Musical Arts was
first organized under the name of the Mary
Wood Chase Sch. of Artistic Piano Playing,
but was later incorporated under the laws
of the State of 111. as the Mary Wood CJhase
Sch. of Musical Arts and other depts of mu-
sical instruction including organ, voice, and
stringed instruments, were added; theoretical
subjects were among the required subjects
from the beginning.

Memberships: Charter Mem., The Cordon,
Chicago (111.).

Publications: Natural Laws in Piano Tech-
nic, and contributor of articles for musical
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 10624 Wellworth Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.


CHASE. Richard L(eslie)

Columnist, San Francisco News.
Born: Seattle (Wash.), Nov. 16, 1901; s. of
Margaret (Leslie) and Edwin Foster Chase.
Education: San Diego High Sch.; Stanford

Married: Julia (Shay), Sept. 22. 1924; ch.:

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