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of Ecological Research, Carnegie Inst , Wash-
ington, 1917—; Collaborator, U. S. Soil Con-
servation Service, 1934 — .

Publications: The Phytogeography of Ne-
braska (with Dr. Pound), 1898, 2nd edition,
1900: Histogenesis of Caryophyllales, 1899;
Greek and Latin in Biological Nomenclature,
1902; Herbaria Formationum Coloradensium,
1902; Development and Strticture of Vegeta-
tion, 1904; Research Methods in Ecology,
1905; Plant Physiology and Ecology, 1907;
Cryptogamae Form,ationum Coloradensitim,
1908; Genera of Fungi, 1909; Minnesota
Mushrooms, 1910: Rocky Moiiyxtain Flowers,
1913 (with Dr. Edith Clements) : Plant Suc-
cession, 1916; Plant Indicators, 1920; Aera-
tion and Air-Content, 1921: The Phylogenetic
Method in Taxonomy (with Dr. Hall), 1923;
Experimental Polliyiation (with Dr. Long),
1923; Experimental Vegetation (with Dr.
Weaver), 1924; Phytometer Method in Ecol-
ogy (with Dr. (Goldsmith), 1924; Plant Suc-
cession and Indicators, 1928; Flower Families
and Ancestors (with Dr. Edith Clements),
1928; Plant Ecology (with Dr. Weaver), 1929;
2nd edition, 1938; Plant Competition (with
Drs. Weaver and Hanson), 1929; Genera of
Fungi (with Dr. Shear), 1931; Bio-Ecology
with Dr. Shelford), 1939; Adaptation and Ori-
gin in the Plant World I (with Dr Martin).
Home Address: Mission Canyon. Santa Bar-
bara, Calif.

Summer Address: Manitou, Colo. (Alpine
Lab.). •



CLEMENTS, George P.. M.D.
Counsellor, Agricultural Dept., Los Angeles
Chamber of Commerce.

Born: Dumfries, New Brunswick (Can.), Nov.
12, 1867; s. of Mary Anna (Jones) and Fred-
rich William dePeyster Clements.
Education: Public school, New Brunswick; St.
Mary's Acad., St. Mary (New Brunswick);
high school. Midland (Mich.), 188.3; special
studies, Mich., 1885; Univ. of Neb. Medical

Degrees: M.D., Neb. Med. Coll., 1896.
Married: Esther Whltmore Hoag, d. of Clara
and George Whitmore, May 25, 1898; eh.:
Catherine Emily (Mrs. J. C. Argue).
Prof. Record: In Passenger Dept, C.B.& Q.
R.R., 1886-89; with Armour & Co., Armour
& Cudahy and Cudahy Packing Co., 1890-92;
in Gen. Med. and Surg, practice. Clarkson
and Albion (Neb.), 1896-1900; Owner and
Operator, pureblood stock farm, 1897-99; in
Gen. and Exper. Agriculture, Riverside (Cal-
if.), 1900-18; Organizer, 1918, and Mgr. Agr.
Dept., Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce,
1918-39; now Counsellor, Agr and Conserva-
tion. Served as Chmn., City Council, Clark-
son (Neb.), 1897-98; Deputy State Health
Commr., Neb., 1897-99; Coroner, Colfax Co.
(Neb.). 1898. Made land appraisals through-
out Pacific and Mountain states, Canada and
Mexico; twice a guest of Mexican govern-
ment In advisory capacity; Calif. State Land
Use Planning Com., U.S.D.A.
Directorships: Los Angeles Co. Farm Bureau;
Advisory Bd. Calif. Junior Republic; Advisory
Com., Land Utilization for State Planning
Bd.; Regional Bd. of Soil Conservation Serv.;
L. A. Co. Advisory Bd. Nat. Youth Adm.;
Museum Hill Com., Southwest Mus.; Pacific
Southwest Acad. Pol and Soc. Sci.; Pacific
Geographic Soc. ; Fellow, L. A. Tuberculosis
and Health Assn.; Conservation Assn. of Los
Angeles Co. ; Trustee, Friends of the Land.
Publications: Articles and papers on Agricul-
tural Economics, including crops, soils, water
supplies, forestry, conservation, colonization,
marketing, co-operation and back country de-

Awards: Chevalier du Merite Agricole
(France), 1933.

Memberships: Andreas Canyon Club (Pres.)
and Univ. Club (Los Angeles) ; Mason.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics : Democrat

Recreations : Study of Indians of Amer. Con-
tinent; protection and perpetuation of dis-
tinctive natural beauties; paleontology, ar-
chaeologj', and study of man; interest in
sources and availability of water resources of
Pacific Southwest.

Bus. Address: Chamber of Commerce, Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 4805 Alta Canyada Rd., La
Cafiada, Calif.



Born: Oakland (Calif.), June 8, 1905; d. of
Grace Anne (Glidden) and George W. Rich-

Education: Public schools of Calif.; Univ. of
Calif. ; Calif School of Fine Arts (San
Francisco) ; Art Students' League (New York).
Married: Thayer Waldo, s. of Alice (Thayer)
£ind Richard H. Waldo, at Los Angeles (Cal-
if.), Mar. 23, 1938.

Prof. Record: Art Teacher, Chouinard School
of Art (Los Angeles), 19.30-31; Stickney Acad,
of Design (Pasadena); Exhibited in: Los An-
geles Mus.; San Francisco Mus. of Art.;
Calif. Palace of the Legion of Honor: Brook-
lyn Museum (N.Y ) ; Acad, of Art (Philadel-
phia); Fine Arts Gallery (San Diego); Oak-
land Art Gallery, etc.; represented in Mills
College Collection; Maitland Collection, and
others. Co-Designer of mural, Venice High
School Library, Co-Designer, architectural in-
terior. Animal Industries wing, Calif. State
Exposition Bldg. (L.A.).

Home Address: 414 Shatto PI., Los Angeles,
Calif.; 2750 Prince St., Berkeley, Calif.

CLEMENTS, Professor Thomas, E.M.,
M.S., Ph.D.

Associate Prof., Head, Department of Ge-
ology, Univ. of So. Calif.

Born: Chicago (111.), June 7, 1898; s. : of
Caroline Barbara (Nathan) and George Hen-
ry Clements.

Education: Texas State Sch. of Mines; Calif.
Inst, of Technology.

Degrees: E.M., Texas State Sch. of Mines,
1922; M.S., 1929, Ph.D., 1932, Calif Inst.
of Tech.

Married: Lydia Pryce, d. of Mae (Pryce) and
Gilbert Brooks at El Paso (Tex.), Oct. 14,
1922; ch.: Anne (b. April 14, 1932, Holly-
wood, Calif.).

Prof. Record: Metallurgical work, Compafila
Minera de Penoies, S.A. (Torreon, Coahuila,
Mex.), 1922-25; Engr. and Draftsman, Sec.
Title Ins. and Guar. Co. (Los Angeles), 1925-
28; Field Geologist, Standard Oil Co. of Calif,
summer, 1929; Cons. Mining Engr. and Geo-
logist, various companies, 1930 — . Instr., Geol-
ogy, U. of So. Calif. (L. A.), 1929-32, Asst.
Prof., 1932-34, Asso., Prof., 1934—, Head,
Dept. of Geology, 1933—; Chmn., Div. of
Physical Sciences and Math., 1940-41; Cons.
CJeologist, Departamento de Petroleos, Minis-
terio de la Economia Nacional (Republic of
Colombia), 1939 (on leave from the U. of
So. Calif.).

Publications: Various papers on geology,
earthquakes and gems, published in Science,
1933; Gems and Gemology, 1934-41; The Pa-
cific Mineralogist, 1934-35-36; Bull. Seismo-
logical Society of America, 1936; Bull. A7n-
erican Association of Petroleum, Geologists,
1937; American Journal Science, 1938; Jour-
nal of Geology, 1940.

Navy Service: Enlisted in U. S. Navy, April
11, 1917; served in all grades from Appren-
tice Seaman to Quartermaster 1st Class (g) ;
served aboard U.S.S. San Diego, U.S.S.
Schurz (sunk June 21, 1918), U.S.S. Wil-
mette; honorably discharged, August 7, 1919.
Memberships: Philomath Soc. of Los Angeles,
Seismological Soc. of America, American
Inst, of Mining and Metallurgical Engrs.,
Amer. Assn. of Univ. Profs. ; Sigma Xi (hon-
orary scientific), Sigma Gamma Epsilon
(honorary geologic), Sigma Delta Pi (honor-
ary Spanish) fraternities.
Religion : Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations : Swimming.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 2171 Vista del Mar Ave.,
Hollywood, Calif.



CLEMINSHAW, Professor Clarence
Higbee, A.B., LL.B., M.S., Ph.D.
Assl.sUint Uiroclor, Griffith Observatory ; As-
sistant I'rof. of Astronomy, Univ. of So.

Born: Cleveland (Ohio), Jan. 15, 1902; s.
of Mary (Higbee) and William H. Clemln-

Education: Univ. Sch., Cleveland (Ohio).
Degrees: A.B.. Cornell, 1923; LL.B., Har-
vard, 1926; M.S., Case, 1931; Ph.D., Michi-
gan, 1934.

Married: Di.xie, d. of T. E. Borton, at Cleve-
land (Ohio), June 25, 1932; ch.: Marian B.
and Carol B.

Prof. Record: Attorney with law firm of
Tho'-ipson, Hine and Flory of Cleveland, 1926-
30; Asst. in Astronomy, U. of Pa., 1935-36;
Asst. Dir., Griffith Observ., and Asst. Prof,
of Astronomy, U. of So. Calif, since July,

Memberships: Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa,
Sigma Xi.

Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif., Griffith Observatory,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1941 Na^ New Hampshire
Ave., Hollywood, Calif.

CLIFTON. A. R., Ph.B., M.A.
School Superintendent.

Born.- Muscoda (Wis.); s. of Maria Jane and
Elihu Watson Clifton.

Education: Rural and graded schs., Lancaster
High Sch. (Lancaster, Wis.); Beloit Coll.;
received his State Teaching Credential in the
Whitewater Normal Sch.; Univ. of Wis.;
Univ. of So. Calif.

Degrees: Ph.B., U. of Wis., 1908; M.A., U.
of So. Calif., 1917.

Married: Theo R. (Skelton) of Pa., 1917;
ch.: Orrin and Dorothy (twins).
Prof. Record: Taught three yrs. in the
graded schs., was Prin. of the high sch. and
grades at Pewaukee for three yrs., and was
Supt. of Schs. at Reedsburg, for three yrs.
(all in Wis.), prior to 1912, when he came
to Calif.; Prin., Monrovia High Sch., 1913-18
(later Monrovia-Arcadia-Duarte High Sch.);
apptd. Supt. of Schs. of the Monrovia Sch.
System, resigned in 1931; Co. Supt. of Schs.
of Los Angeles Co., since 1931; was Pres..
So. Sec, Calif. Teachers Assn., 1926; Pres.,
Calif. Assn. for Edn. In Thrift and Conser-
vation; Dir., Nat. Ednl. Assn., 1927-29.
Directorships: Pres., Los Angeles County
Tuberculosis and Health Assn.; Mem., Edn.
Com., Los Angeles Cham, of Com.; Mem.,
Directorate State Tuberculosis and Health

Meynberships : Mason 32°, Shrine.
Bus. Address: 401 Hosfield Bldg., Los An-
geles, Calif. •

CLUNIE. Robert


Born: Eaglesham (Scotland), June 29, 1895;
s. of Isabella Young.

Educatioti: Public schls. in Scotland: studied
with: Wm. Simpson, Miss Hubler (Saginaw,
Mich.), Mr. and Mrs. Botke, John Cotton,
Geo. Otis, Grayson Sayres, Olaf Moller, Jo-
seph C. Nash, Le Conte, Stewart, etc.

Married: Myrtle Isabel, d. of Nan and Rob-
ert Ireland In Sanl.i Paula (Calif.), June 22,
T.)2(); ch.: Robert Kent, H.
I'rof. Record: Carriage painter, Saginaw
(Mich), 1912; china painter, N.Y.C, 1913;
striping and varnishing, Saginaw (Mich),
1913-lH; Scenic Artist, Metro., Hollywo<jd,
1919-20; decorating and painting contractor
in Santa Paula (Calif.).

Awards: Gold Medal, 1923, Oxnard; Ist and
2nd i)rize, Ventura Co. Fair, 1922; Hon. Men.
Calif. Art Club, 19.36; Hon. Men., 2nd An-
nual Acad. Western Painters, 1936; Gardena
High Schl., Purchase Prize, 1937; 1st Award
3rd Annual Acad. Western Painters, 19.37
Purhcase Prize, Hcyburn Elchls. (Ida.), 19.39
3rd Award, Sacramento (Calif.) State Fair,

Memberships: Board Mem., Acad, of Western
Painters; Calif. Art Club; Past Grand, I.O.
O.F.; Santa Paula Tennis, Santa Paula Chess

Religion: Christian.

Recreations: Tennis, chess, swimming, hik-
ing, reading and loafing.

Home Address: 311 Palm Court, Santa Paula,

CLUTE. Walker Stillwell. A.B.
Consulting Geologist and Engineer.
Born: Vancouver (B.C., Can.), Sept. 12, 1891;
s. of Mary E. (Saunders) and James M.

Education: Occidental Coll., Los Angeles;
Leland Stanford, Jr. Univ.
Degrees: A.B., In Geology and Mining, Stan-
ford U., 1915.

Married: Helen Marie, d. of Nina Gullord
and Alvin H. Day, Washington (D.C.), Mar.
31, 1923; ch.: Walker Van (14).
Prof. Record: Oil and mining Investigations
in U. S. and South America; U. S. Treas-
ury Dept., Oil Valuation Engr.; U. S. Geo-
logical Survey, in charge of Tulsa Office;
Chief of Oil Section, Tax Research Bureau of
Calif. ; Cons. Oil Geologist, L. A., sine*
1934, specializing in economics and ta.xa-
tion of oil industry and oil exploration; Instr.,
Accountants Ednl. Inst.; U. of Calif., Petr.

Directorships: Pres., Cambrea Oil Co., L. A.

Publications: Contributions to U. S. Bureau
of Mines publications; to U. S. Treasury
Dept. Manual for Oil and Gas Industry; and
also oil industry publications, the Economics
and Development of Petroleum.
Army Record: U. S. Army, Aviation, Pursuit
Pilot, 2nd Lt., Reserve Corps.

Memberships: Amer. Inst, of Mining Engrs.;
Amer. Assn. of Petroleum Geologists; Min-
ing Assn. of the Southwest; Calif. Nat. Gas
Assn. ; L. A. Mineralogical Soc. ; Mining Com.
of the L. A. Cham, of Comm. ; Alpha Tau
Omega Frat.; Amer. Legion Aviator's post

Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Tennis and radio communica-

Bus. Address: 811 W. Seventh St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 151 No. Coronado St., Loi
Angeles, Calif. *



COATE, Lowell Harris. A.B., M.A., Ph.D.
Founder and Pres., The Humanist Society of
Friends; Sociologist, Los Angeles City Sch.

Born: Ludlow Falls (Ohio). Feb. 1. 1889; s.
of Hannah (Tice) and Lindley Murray Coate.
Education: New London (Ind.), public schs.;
Olivet Coll. (111.); Univ. of So. Calif.; Milton
Univ. (Md.).

Degrees: A.B., Olivet Coll.. 1917; M.A.. U.
of So. Calif., 1931; Ph.D., Milton U., 1933.
Married: Hazel Frances, d. of William H.
Rager, Pasadena (Calif.), Feb. 27, 1930; eh.:
Blna Joy, Mary Lynne and Cardinal Frances.
Prof. Record: Pres. of Northwest Coll.,
Nampa (Ida.), 1913-15; Hd. of the Dept. of
Sociology at Olivet Coll. (111.), 1918-21; Dean
of Marion Coll. (Ind.), 1921-23; Dept. of
Sociology at Pasadena Coll. (Calif.), 1924-26;
Pres. of Cooperative Coll. (La.), 1928-29;
since then he has been serving as a Sociolo-
gist in the L. A. City Sch. system. Visited
Mex. and Guatemala with the U.S.C. Achaeo-
logical E.xpdn. in 1934.

Directorships: Editor, The Humanist Friend;
Pres., Humanist Friends Coll.; Pres., The
Humanist Society of Friends (a religious
corpn.), organized internationally, its slo-
gan is: "A Scientific Religion for a Scien-
tific Age"; it is unique in that it is the
"only religion of Amer. origin"; the Mor-
mons, Christian Scientists, etc., are merely
branches of the Christian Religion. Vlce-
Pres., Internal. Interracial Inst.

Publications: The Patriotism of Peace; The
Peace Calendar; The Conscription of Con-
science; and Co-Author with Wm. Jennings
Bryan in The Dawn of Humanity.
Memberships: Mem., Alpha Kappa Delta
(Sociology Honor Soc); Mem., of Exec.
Comm., Council on Foreign Policy (which Is
the West Coast Branch of the Foreign Poli-
cy Assn. of N. Y.).

Religion: The Humanist Society of Friends


Politics: Non-Partisan.

Recreations: Tennis, hiking, reading.

Bus. and Home Address: 2405 W. 23rd St.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

COBLENTZ, Stanton A(rthur), A.6.,


Author ; Editor.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Aug. 24,
1896; s. of Mattle (Arndt) and Mayer Cob-

Education: Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: A.B., 1917, M.A., 1919, U. of

Married: Flora, d. of William Bachrach at
New York, 1922.

Bus. Record: Author of: The Decline of Man;
Marching Men; The Answer of the Ages;
The Literary Revoultion; The Wonder Stick;
Villains and Vigilantes; Shadows on a Wall;
The Merry Hunt and Other Poems; The
Thinker and Other Poems; The Lone Adven-
turer; The Pageant of Man; The Enduring
Flame; Songs by the Wayside; Songs of the
Redwoods; Senator Goose and Other Rhymes;
The Triumph of the Teapot Poet; Compiler
of Modern American Lyrics and Modern Brit-
ish Lyrics; Editor and founder of Wings (a
Quarterly of Verse), established 1933; Head
of The Wings Press of Mill Valley and New

Publications: Contributor to numerous perio-
dicals, including New York Times; New York
Sun; New York Herald-Tribune; American
Mercury, Christian Century, etc.
Memberships: Author's League of Amer.; Po-
etry Soc. of Amer.

Bus. Address: P. O. Box 332, Mill Valley,
Calif, (c-o Wings).

Home Address: 37 Ethel Ave., Mill Valley,

COCHRAN. George Ira. LL.D.

Corporation Executive (retired).
Born: Oshawa (Ontario, Can.), July 1, 1863;
s. of Catherine (Lynch) and George Coch-
ran, D.D.

Education: Univ. of Toronto (Can.), Barris-

Degress: LL.D., U. of So. Calif.
Married: Isabelle M., d. of Thomas McClung,
San Fernando (Calif.), April 3, 1907.
Prof. Record: Trustee and Treas. of U. of
So. Calif.; Atty. for Los Angeles Clearing
House in panic of 1893; one of the leaders in
the organization of the Conservative Life
Ins. Co., assisted in organizing the United
Electric, Gas and Power Co., and the Santa
Barbara Ry. Co. in 1900, served as coun-
sel when these two public utility companies
were amalgamated; Pres. of Pac. Mutual
Indemnity Co. in 1906-36; Dir., Artesian Wat-
er Co. ; Seaside Water Co. ; Rosedale Cemetery

Directorhsips: Regent, U. of Calif, (commn.
extending to 1946).

Memberships: L. A. Country, Wilshire Coun-
try, California and Bohemian clubs.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 2249 So. Harvard Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif. *

COCHRAN, Helen Eaton. A.B.

Teacher of Drama, English, and History,
John Marshall High Sch.

Born: Flora (111.). May 30, 1889; d. of Loula
(Symonds) and William Robinson Eaton.
Education: Ramona Convent; Occidental Coll. ;
Cummock Sch. of Expression; Univ. of So.
Calif.; Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: A.B., U. of So. Calif., 1938.
Married: (1) Glen, s. of L. E. Behymer, in
Los Angeles ( Calif.), April, 1909 (divorced.
Sept., 1924); eh.: Mary Louise (Mrs. Allan
Marshall). (2) Thomas Wade. July, 1926
(divorced July, 1935).

Prof. Record: Taught drama at Cummock,
1915-17; taught Drama and Speech at Frank-
lin High Sch., Los Angeles (Calif.), 1917-37;
had leave of absence for grad. work at Oc-
cidental Coll., 1937-38; now Teacher of Dra-
ma, English, and History, John Marshall
High Sch. (Los Angeles) ; has coached many
speakers among whom are: Don Tyler (first
Times Nat. Constitution Winner). Lucille
Goldsmith (last Nat. Winner), James Pike
(Regional Winner), and Guy Nunn (Rhodes
Scholar for 1937) ; has produced classical and
literary dramas including Euripides' Trojan
Woman, at Franklin High Sch., Jan. 1923,
and Marshall, Jan. 1941; several Shakespear-
ean plays, including the rarely given Winter's
Tale; also Arisophanes' comedy, Lysistrata,
using a poetical, rhymed translation.

Politics: Democrat.



Rvcrvations: Tlicutro, enleitulnlng friends,
unil roadlng uloud.

Bus. John Marahull High Sch., 30.'i9
Tracy St., Los Angeles, CullT.
Hoinc AddrcHs: 369 No. Ave. 53, Los An-
geles, Calif.

CODE. William Henry, B.S.

C'onsuUaiU EiiKineor (retired).
Bont: Saginaw (Mich.), Nov. '22, 1865; 8.
of KUzabi'lh (Stevenson) and James Steven-
son Code.

Education: Public Schs., Saginaw and Har-
rlsville (Mich.); Univ. of Mich.
Degrees: B.S. (Civil Engineering), U. of
Mich., 1892.

Marued: Martha E., d. of Bernard Devlin, at
Buy City (Mich.).

Prof. Record: Asst. State Engr. (Wyo.) un-
der Elwood Mead; Chief Engr., Cons. Canal
Co. (Mesa, Ariz.); after resigning from po-
sition of Chief Engr., U. S. Indian Bureau
(10 yrs.), established consulting firm (Los
Angeles) 1911. under firm name Quinton,
Code & Hill, Cons. Engrs. ; it was e.vpanded,
and upon Mr. Code's retirement, and the sub-
sequent deaths of his early partners (Louis
C. Hill and John H. Quinton), is now func-
tioning under the names of Leeds, Hill, Bar-
nard, and Jewett (Edison Bldg., L.A,); Vlce-
Pres., First Nat. and former Mesa City Bank
(Mesa, Ariz.), 15 yrs.; Dir., Calif. Bank
(L. A.>, 20 yrs.; at present, serving as Engr.
Consultant (at large), Dept. of Interior.
Publications: Several bulletins on Irrigation
for Dept. of Agriculture.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Traveling ( has visited all parts
of U. S., including Hawaii and Alaska, and
27 countries in Europe.

Home Address: 7231 Hillside Ave., Hollywood,
Calif. •

CODMAN. Winnifred Radke

Social Welfare Worker.

Born: Marshalltown (Iowa), May 3, 1894; d.
of Leona Louisa (Dwinell) and Joseph Rad-

Education: Sacramento High Sch.; Univ. of
Calif., Berkeley (1914-15).
Married: Richard, s. of Richard Codman
(dec, formerly of Boston, Mass.), at Sacra-
mento (Calif.), Jan. 4, 1917; ch.: Richard Jr.
Bus. Record: Sold automobile and life in-
surance, olive oil, and olives. Calif. Daugh-
ters of the Amer. Revolution, State Vice-
Chmn., Indian Citizenship, 1932-34, State
Chmn., 1934-38; Nat. Soc, D.A.R., Nat.
Chmn. and organizer of Indian Com., 1936-
38; Civil Works Supervisor, U. S. Indian Ser-
vice, 1933-34, Social Worker, 1937-38; served
past three yrs. as one of nine judges for In-
dian Council Fire's (of Chicago) Indian
Achievement Medal (awarded annually to
some American Indian for outstanding
achievement) ; Volunteer, Forest Consrvtn.
Directorships: Dir., Sacramento Co. Tuber-
culosis Assn.

Membershivs: D.A.R. ; Order of the First
Crusade (to Jerusalem, A.D., 1096); Calif.
Soc. of Mayflower Descendents (1931-35).
Religion: Agnostic.
Politics : Republican.

Recraaliona: Motoring, camping, swimming,

horseback riding, photography, music, and


Ilovie Address: Fair Oaks, Calif.; Summer:

Al Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, Calif. •

COE. Professor George A., Ph.D., LL.D.,

K<lucator (retired).

Born: Mendon, Monroe Co. (New York).
Mar. 26, 1862; s. of Harriet (Van Voorhis)
and George W. Coe.

Education: Univ. of Rochester; Boston Univ.;
Univ. of Berlin.

Degrees: Ph.D., Boston U., 1891; LL.D., U.
of Rochester, 1909, Northwestern U., 1927;
Litt.D., U. of So. Calif., 1929.
Married: Sadie E., d. of Joseph Knowland,
in Alameda (Calif.), Sept. 3, 1888.
Prof. Record: Prof., U. of So. Calif., 1888-90,
Northwestern U., 1891-1909, Union Theol.
Sem., 1909-22; Prof, of Edn., Teachers Coll.,
Columbia U.

Publications: Author: The Spiritual Life,
1900; The Religion of a Mature Mind, 1902;
Education in Religion and Morals, 1904 ; Psy-
chology of Religion, 1916; A Social Theory
of Religious Education, 1917; Law and Free-
dom in the School, 1924; What Ails Our
Youth, 1924; Ttw Motives of Men, 1928;
What Is Christian Education? 1929; Edu-
cating for Citizenship, 1932; contributor to
var. jrnls., of psychology, education, religion.
Home Address: 590 Mayflower Rd., Clare-
mont, Calif.; Summer: 1703 Chicago Ave.,
Evanston, 111. *

COFFEE. Rabbi Rudolph I.. A.B., Ph.D.

President, Temple of Religion.
Born: Oakland (Calif.), July 24, 1878; s.
of Rosa (Abrahamson) and Michael Harris

Education: Public schs., Oakland (Calif.);
Columbia Univ. ; Pittsburgh Univ. ; Jewish
Theological Seminary.

Degrees: A.B., Columbia U., 1900; Rabbi,
Jewish Theol. Sem., 1904; Ph.D., U. of
Pittsburgh, 1908.

Married: (1) Doris Hirschfeld (dec), (2)
Mrs. Minnie Z. Jaffa; ch.: Roger H. and
Mrs. Marian C. Sommer.

Prof. Record: Asst. in Edn., Teachers'
Coll., Columbia U., 1900-03, 1905-06; Supt.,
Hebrew Orphan Asylum, 1903-05; Rabbi,
Tree of Life Congregation (Pitt.), 1906-15;
Social Service Dir., B'nai B'rith, (Chicago),
1915-17; Rabbi, Temple Judea (Chicago),
1917-20: CoUingwood Ave. Temple (Toledo,
Ohio), 1920-21, Temple Sinai (Oakland,
Calif.), 1921-33; Pres. ; Jewish Com. for Per-
.sonal Service, 1923 — , and Temple of Relig-
ion, 1935 — ; E.\ec. Secty., San Francisco
Conf. of Christians and Jews, 1934-40; Vice-
Pres. of Calif. Prison Assn., 1940 — , and
Inter-Faith Com. to aid Democracies, 1941 — .
Publications: Semitic Cosmology (U. of Pitt.),
1908; Israel's Co^itribution to American
Freedom (Pitt.), 1910; Temple Judea Man-
ual (Chicago), 1919.
Religiofi: Jewish.
Recreations: Baseball and chess.
Bus. Adrdess: 447 Sutter St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 1945 Broadway, San Francis-
co, Calif.



COFFEY. Stanley Edward. A.B., M.D.
Physician and Surgeon.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Nov. 23,1896;
s. of Fernanda (Wilson) and Edward M.

Education: Public schools (San Francisco);
Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: A.B., 1922; M.D.. 1927, U. of Calif.

Married: Ermanell, M.D., d. of Victoria
Crane, at San Francisco (Calif.), July 25,

Prof. Record: Interne, Hospital (San Fran-
cisco), 1926-27; resident, St. Francis Hos-
pital (San Francisco), 1927-28; General Prac-
tice, Upper Lake (Lake Co., Calif.), 1928-29;
General Practice (Orland, Calif.), 1929—.
Past Pres., Orland Kiwanis Club; Past Mas-
ter, Orland Lodge No. 265, F.&A.M.; Past
Commander, Tommy A. Thompson Post 141,
American Legion; Past Patron, Citrus Chap-
ter No. 208, O.E.S.; Past Pres., Yolo-Colusa-
Glenn County Med. Soc.

Publications: "Effect of Saturation of the
Unsaturated Lipoid Antigens used in the
Wasserman Test" (in collaboration with Carl
L. A. Schmidt, Ph.D.), Journal of Biological
Chemistry, 1926.

Army Service: Enlisted Pvt., Med. Dept.,

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