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U. S. Army, 1917; discharged Cpl. Med.
Dept., U. S. Army, 1919; served in Base Hos-
pital 47, stationed Beaune, Cote D'or
(France), A.E.F.

Memberships: Calif. Medical Assn., Med. Soc.
of the State of Calif., American Med. Assn.;
Phi Beta Phi Medical Frat. (life member).

Religion: Protestant .

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Golfing, boating, and gardening.

Bus. Address: 402 Walker St., Oakland, Calif.

Home Address: 544 A St., Orland, Calif. *

COFFIN. Professor J(oseph) Herschel.

B.S., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology and Philosophy, Whit-
tier College.

Born: Thorntown (Ind.), 1880; s. of Ella
(Cook) and Thomas E. Coffin.
Education: Penn College (Iowa); Univ. of
Chicago; Cornell Univ.

Degrees: B.S., 1902, M.A., 1904, Penn Coll.;
Ph.D., Cornell U., 1908.

Married: Viva Pearl, d. of Nancy and Delos
Dean, Oskaloosa (Iowa), 1904; ch.: Thomas
Erwin and Joseph H.

Prof. Record: Teaching Fellow in Psychology,
Cornell U., 1905-08; Instr., later Prof.,
P.sychology and Philosophy, Earlham Coll.
(Ind), 1908-23; Prof., Psychology and Philos-
ophy, Whittier Coll. (Calif.), since 1923;
Dean, 1923-32; Dir. of Edn., since 1938; Act-
ing Prof, of Psychology, Mt. Holyoke Coll.,
1917-18; Visiting Prof, of Psychology, U. of
Ida., summer sessions 1926, 1930; Acting
Prof, of Psychology, Swarthmore (Toll, and
Pendle Hill Graduate Sch., 1932-33; Curricu-
lum Coordinator for the State Colleges
(Calif.) under the State Dept. of Edn.,

Publications: The Socialized Conscience, 1913;
Personality in the Making, 1923; The Soul
Comes Back, 1929; The Role of the State Col-
leges in Higher Education in California,

1939; Oiitline of the Psychology of Person-
ality. 1940.
Religion: Quaker.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Whittier Coll., Whittier, Calif.
Home Address: 802 Earlham Dr., Whittier,

COFFMAN. James Trisler. B.S.

Born: Brown County (Ohio), Sept. 15, 1860;
s. of Elizabeth (Trisler) and James Coffman.
Education: National Normal Univ. (Lebanon,

Degrees: B.S., Nat. Normal U., 1882.
Married: Jennie, d. of Mary (Cottle) and
Jirah Luce, at Healdsburg {Ca.\if.), July 19,
1893; ch.: Mildred Cummings and Doris Hiatt.
Prof. Record: Admitted on examination in
Supreme Court (Sacramento), May, 1885;
opened office (Healdsburg), for general civil
and probate practice, Nov., 1885, and has
continued at same place to present time.
Directorships: Mem., Bd. of Mgrs., Bank of
America, N.T. and S.A.

Memberships: Kiwanis; State Bar; Pres.,
Healdsburg Public Library Bd.; Mason, 32°;
I.O.O.F.; W.O.W. ; Sonoma County Bar (Past

Religion: Protestant (no denomination).
Politics: Democrat (registered).
Recreations: Travel and golf.
Bus. Address: 325 West St., Healdsburg,

Home Address: 539 Tucker St., Healdsburg,
Calif. *

COGGESHALL. Arthur Sterry

Paleontologist; Director, Santa Barbara Mu-
seum of Natural History.

Born: Bridgeport (Conn.), July 17, 1873; s.
of Harriet Ellen (Jeffries) and Sterry Israel

Education: Public schools. New Haven

Married: Jennie Louise Smith, of New Haven,
Apr. 24, 1895; ch.: Ethyl Adele (Mrs. Elmer
P. Kuhn), Mildred Olive (Mrs. Benedict Kris-
toff), and Hazel Eloise (Mrs. Rigby Pog-
more) .

Prof. Record: With Amer. Mus. Natural His-
tory (N.Y.), 1896-99; Curator of public edn.
and Preparator-in-Chief of the Dept. of Pale-
ontology, Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh (Pa.),
1899-1929; designed and perfected cast steel
method of mounting large dinosaurus, 1904;
Dir., St. Paul (Minn.) Inst., 1929-31; Chief,
111. State Mus., Springfield (111.), 1931-37;
Lecturer on natural history subjects and
travels; Dir., Santa Barbara (Calif.) Mus.
Natural History, since 1937.
Awards: Off icier de I'Instruction Publique de
France, 1908; Francis Joseph Order of Merit
with CJolden Crown (Austria), 1909; Cavaliere
della Corona d'ltalia, 1909; Order of St.
Anne (Russia), 1910; Caballero de la Orden
civil de Alfonso XII (Spain), 1914; Caballero
de la Real Orden de Isabel la Catolica
(Spain), 1914.

Memberships: Amer. Assn. Museums; Cali-
fornia Museums Conference; Amer. Assn. for
the Adv. of Scl.

Religion: Protestant.



Bun. Addresii: Museum of Natural History,
Siinta Barbarn, Calif.

Home Addrrxs: 2r)50 Puesta del Sol, Santa
Barbara, Calif.

COGSWELL, Professor Horatio, A.B.,


Profe.s.sor of Voire and Chmn., Voice Dept.,
Sch. of Mu.slc, Univ. of So. Calif.
Born: Thamesford (Ont., Can.). March 12,
1875; s. of Mary Lucretla (Allen) and Asa
Holly Cogswell.

Education: Monrovia pub. schs. ; Univ. of So.
Calif.; U. of Calif. (Berkeley); Columbia U.
Degrees: A.B., 19(X), M.A., 1901, U. of Calif.
Voice Study: Charles Cornell, F. A. Bacon,
D. r. Hughes, Henry Pasmore, (Calif.);
Madam Von Feilitz, Francis Stuart, Isadore
Luckstone (N.Y.); M. Thomas Selignac, Paris
(Fr.); William Shakespeare. Madam Fernan-
des Bentham (London, Eng.).
Married: Florence Marcia Tilden, Los An-
geles, July 26, 1900; ch.: Kathryn Kleone.
Prof. Record: Head of Latin Dept., Alameda
H.S. (Calif.), 1901-10; Chmn., Voice Dept.,
U. of So. Calif., since 1910; Concert, Orator-
io, and Church Singer for many yrs.
Directorships: Univ. of So. Calif. Men's and
Women's Glee Clubs for 17 yrs. Found, and
Dir., U. of So. Calif. Oratorio Soc.
Memberships: Found. Mem., Pac. Geo. Soc;
L.A. Musns. Guild; Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Kap-
pa Lambda, Psi Upsilon, Phi Mu Alpha.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Swimming, gardening, and ar-
chitectural drawing.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 825 So. Orange Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.

COLE, The Reverend Clifford Alonson,

A.B.. D.D.

General Secretary, Christian Churches of
Southern California.

Born: Wichita (Kan.), Feb. 16, 1881; s. of
Emily L. (Barnard) and Benton O. Cole.
Education: Pub. schs., Wichita (Kan.); Drake
Univ.; Fairmount Coll. (now Wichita Univ.).
Degrees: A.B., Fairmount Coll., 1905; D.D.,
Chapman Coll., 1932.

Married: Bessie M., d. of Alexander H. Gar-
ton, at Wichita (Kan.), June 13, 1906; ch.:
Myron C. and Connor G.

Prof. Record: Christian Churches: Abilene
(Kan.), 1906-13, St. Louis (Mo.), 1913-17,
Glendale (Calif.), 1917-38; State Secty.,
Christian Churches, 1938 — .
Directorships: State Council of Churches;
Chapman Coll.; Church Federation of Los
Angeles; Christian Missionary Soc. of So.
Calif. ; Commr. of Parks and Recreation,
Glendale (Calif.).
Memberships: Kiwanls; Masons.
Religion: Christian C.iurch.
Politics : Republican .
Recreations: Baseball, volleyball, and golf.

Bus. Address: 715 So. Hope St., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 132 So. Kenwood St., Glen-
dale, Calif.

COLE, Rear Admiral Cyrus Willard,

D.S.M., U.S. Navy (Retired), B.S.
Naval Officer,

Born: Marshall fMlch.), June 21. 1876; s. of
Mary Underhlll (Weok.s) and WUlard Church-
hill Cole.

Education: Public schools In Mich, and Ohio;
U. S. Naval Aca'demy, Annapolis (Md.).

Degreci: B.S., U.S. Naval Acad., 1899, Naval
War Coll., 1924.

Married: Julia, d. of Dr. I. N. Busby, In

Toledo (Ohio), June 8, 1908; ch. : Cyrus

Churchill (Lt., U. S. Navy).

Navy Record: Graduated from Annapolis as

a Naval Cadet and rose through every grade

to his present rank; Spanish War, Philippien

Insurrection and World War I.

Decorations: Navy Cross (World War I.);

Distinguished Service Medal, Navy (U.S.S.

Squalus Rescue and Salvage).

Memberships: Clubs: Army and Navy, Army

and Navy Country (Washington, D.C.") ; Cara-

baos; and San Diego Clubs.

Recreations: Golf, sculpture.

Home Address: 2878 Rosecrans Blvd., San
Diego, Calif.

Other Address Navy Department, Washington,

COLE, G(eorge) Herbert, B.Sc, M.Sc.

Born: Detroit (Mich.). Feb. 24, 1879; s. of
Sarah (Howley) and Henry Cole.
Education: Carleton PI. High Sch.; Ottawa
Collegiate Inst.; McGill Univ. Montreal
(Can.), 1900-1905; Yale Univ., 1905; Columbia
Univ., 1923-25, 1929.

Degrees: B.Sc, 1904, M.Sc, 1905, McGill U.
Married: Jessie Winnefred, d. of Frank W.
Singleton, born in Lyndhurst (Ont.), Dec. 26,
1883; ch.: Dorothy Evelyn, Margery Frances,
Allan Burnett, and Kenneth Edwin.
Prof. Record: Electrical Engr., Gould Storage
Battery Co. (New York City) ; Foreign Secty ,
Internat Com., YMCA (Edn.), China and
Japan, 1905-17, 1920-23; Sci. Lecturer, Nat
Com., YMCA., China; Dir., Nat. Visual
Edn., Prof, and in charge of Dept. of Physics
Guilford Coll. (N.C.), 1925-27; Spl. Research
Guidance Secty., YMCA (New York City)
1927-28; Dean of Men (Stu. Advisor), U of
Redlands (Calif.), 1929-33; Dir., C. W A
San Bernardino Co. fCalif.), 1933-34; Dir'.
and Bus. Mgr., Manta de Oro Mines. Chloride
(Ariz.), 1936-38; Former Mem. Phi Delta
Kappa (Edn.), Delta Alpha, and Fortnightly
Club (study, papers, etc.); Ed.. Tiensin
Young Men (a mag. In Eng. and Chinese for
young men), 1907-09.

Publications: Visual Education in China
(Commercial Press, Shanghai), 1922; nume-
rous articles for the press on China, Edn., etc
Army Service: First Lt. with Can. Army
YMCA, London (Eng.), in charge of ednl.
work. Can. Exp. Force; Exec. "Can. Khaki
Coll.," London (Eng.), 1918; Dir.. Chinese
YMCA with British, American, and French
armies in France, 1918-19. Recalled In
charge of Visual Edn., Orientation and Shop
Physics, Def. Program, World War II.
Awards: "Order of the Tiger" (Lao Hu), by
Chinese Govt., for services to Chinese Labor
Corps with the Allies (140,000 Chinese).
Religion: Baptist.
Politics : Independent.
Recreatiotis Tennis and golf.



Home Address: 1560 Knoll Rd., or Univ. o£
Redlands, Redlands, Calif. *

COLE, Professor Harold Harrison. B.S.,
M.S., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Animal Husbandry,
Coll. of Agriculture, Univ. of Calif.
Born: Waterloo (Wis.1, Feb. 11, 1897; s. of
Hattie (White) and Clarence E. Cole.
Education: Public sciiools, Waterloo (Wis.);
Univ. of Wis.; Univ. of Calif.; Univ. of

Degrees: B.S., U. of Wis., 1920; M.S., U. of
Calif., 1925; Ph.D., U. of Minn., 1928.
Married: Jessie, d. of J. J. Cliff, at Berkeley
(Calif.), May 1, 1929; ch.: Cliff Harrison.
Prof. Record: Operated farm at Waterloo
(Wis.), 1920-24; Research Asst., Div. of
Anatomy. U. of Calif., 1926; Teaching Asst.,
U. of Minn., 1927; Instr., U. of Calif., 1928-
29; Asst. Prof., 1929-35, Asso. Prof. (Div.
of Animal Husbandry, Coll. of Agr.), 1935—.
Publications: Forty original communications
to scientific journals, dealing Vv-ith physiology
of reproduction and growth.
Memberships: Sigma Xi, Phi Sigma, Gamma
Alpha, and Alpha Gamma Rho.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Home Address: 601 E St., Davis, Calif.

COLEMAN, Isabella Sturdevant

Designer and Supervisor of Tournament of
Roses Entries.

Born: Santa Clara Co. (Calif.), May 21, 1892;
d. of Isabella Boice (Walker) and C. V.

Education: Pasadena public schools and
Throop Polytechnic Inst, of Pasadena.
Married: David R., s. of J. W. Coleman
(Repr. of Mass. Legislature in Boston, Mass.).
Pasadena (Calif.), Nov. 26, 1915; ch.: David
R., Jr., and Matthew Samuel.
Bus. Record: Started desisrning floats at the
age of 14 as a hobby and continued as a
hobby until 1930, when demand for such
services induced her to become a professional;
consistent winner of Sweepstakes, Theme, and
Grand Prizes in Pasadena Tournament of
Roses Parade; Member of Shakespeare Club.
Memberships: Women's Civic League (Pasa-
dena) (complimentary mem., 1935-36); Pasa-
dena Soc. of Artists; Pasadena Tournament
of Roses Assn.
Religion: Methodist.

Bus. and Home Address: 240 No. Los Robles
Ave., Pasadena, Calif.

COLES, Joseph D.. Pd.B.


Born: Marion (Kan.), May 5, 1887; s. of
Allie M. (Mcintosh) and Edwin Coles.
Education: Public schools, Bagley (Iowa);
Simpson Coll.; Colo. State Teachers' Coll.
Degrees: Pd.B., Colo. State Teachers' Coll.,

Married: Hazel J., d. of M. N. Wagner, at
Fort Morgan (Colo.), July 14, 1909; ch.:
Clara Coles Wilkie and Edwin Wagner.
Bus. Record: First Nat. Bank of Los An-
geles, 1906-08; Guaranty Trust and Savings
Bank of L. A., 1908-20; First Nat. Bank of

Covina, 1920-37; Bank of Amer., N.T.& S.A.,

Covina, 1939—.

Directorships: First National Stockholder's.

Memberships: Jonathan (L.A.), Ellis (L.A.),

and Mountain Meadows Country (Pomona)


Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Camping, and golf.

Bus. Address: 200 No. Citrus Ave., Covina,


Home Address: 135 E. Puente St., Covina,


COLLIER, Randolph Clayton

Land Title Executive.

Born: Etna (Calif.), July 26, 1902; s. of
Tamahine (Hecht) and Bucknor Killibrew

Education: Yreka gram.mar and high schs. ;
Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley).
Married: Aida L., d. of John T. Pillsbury;
ch.: John Randolph, and Suzanne Tamahine.
Bus. Record: Police Judge of Yreka City,
192.5-38; State Senator, 2nd Dist., 1938; Land
Title Bus., since 1925.

Directorships: Secty.-Treas. of Siskiyou Co.
Abstract Co., since 1925.

Membershivs: (Past Pres.), Yreka 20-30
Club; (Past Gov.), Dist. 8, 20-30 clubs;
(Past Pres.), Yreka Lions; (Past Grand),
Yreka Lodge No. 19, I.O.O.F.; Eagles; Ma-
sonic; Rebekah; Eastern Star; York Rite;
Scottish Rite; Grange; Footprinters.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Gardening.

Bus. Address: 206 Fourth St., Yreka, Calif.
Home Address: 551 No. Main, Yreka, Calif. *

COLLINGS, Professor Clyde Wilson.

M.D., F.A.C.S., F.R.S.M.
Assistant Professor, Urologic Surgery, College
of Medical Evangelists.

Born: Vancouver (Wash.), Feb. 28, 1892; s.
of Emma (McCafferty) and Delbert A. Col-

Education: Univ. of Washington, 1913-15.
Degrees- M.D., U. of Ore. Med. Sch., 1919;
F.A.C.S., 1927; F.R.S.M. (Eng.).
Married: Fav, d. of Judge and Mrs. M. L.
Lee, in Las Vegas (Nev.); ch.: Clyde Wilson,
Jr., and Amzell lona.

Prof. Record: Urologic Interne and Resident
Urologist, Bellevue Hosp. (N.Y.), 1919-21;
attending Urologic Staff, Bellevue, 1921-36;
Chief, Urologic Clinic, N.Y.U., Med. Coll.,
1921-36: attending Urologic Staff. St. Vin-
cents Hosp., 1921-26; Fellow, Royal Soc. of
Med. (England) ; Mem., French Urological
Assn (Paris) ; Inventor of Radio Electric
Knife for Transurethral Surgery, 1923; de-
vised the first operation with the cutting high
frequency current and knife electrode through
the Urethroscope, 1923; Chief, Urologic Clinic,
White Memorial Hosp.; attending, Urologic
Staff, L.A. General Hosp.
Publications: 25 articles on Urologic Surgery,
published in America, England and France.
Navy Record: Med. Dept., U. S. Navy,



Momberships: Univ. of WashlnRton Club;
U. S. Polo Assn.; Delta Tuu Delta.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Polo.

Bus. Address: .'!875 Wllshlre Blvd., Los An-
geles, Cnllf.

Home Address: 317 So. Keeves Dr., Beverly
Hills. Calif.

COLLINS, Ansley Harvey. A.B., M.A.
Historian, City Judge.

Born: Loul.sville, Clay Co. (111.), June 4,
1864; s. of Elizabeth Rachael (Hungate) and
James Harvey Collins.

Ednc ition: High school, Salem (Ind.); Ind.
Univ.; Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley); Univ. of
So. Calif.; Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles);
Research, Congressional Library, 1924.
Degrees: A.B., Ind. U., 1890; M.A., U. of
So. Calif., 1912.

Married: (1) Minnie, d. of Cornelia and Mar-
cus D. Beach, in Dennison (Iowa), Aug. 15,
1894; (2) Elizabeth C. Trueblood (Ind.), 1940.
Prof. Record: Public school and Educational
Administrative Work in Nebr. and Calif.,
1890-1909; Head of Dept. of History, U. of
Redlands, 1909-34; City Judge of Police Court,
Redlands, Calif., 1937—.

Publications: Expansion of the American
People (three editions), 1924, 1926, 1930; sev-
eral educational and literary articles in mag-

Army Service: Instr. of Student Army Corps,
U. of Redlands, 1918.

Memberships: Mason: I.O.O.F.; K. of P.; Ki-
vvanis; Knight of Round Table; Peter Pan
Woodland Club, Los Serranos Country Club;
Phi Gamma Delta. Pi Kappa Delta (foren-
sic), Pi Gamma Nu (scholarship); Am. His-
torical Soc, Calif. Historical Soc, San Ber-
nardino Co. (Calif.) Historical Soc.
Religion: Protestant (Baptist).
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Fishing and gardening.
Bus. Address: Hall of Justice, Chamber One,
Redlands, Calif.

Home Address: 19 Parkwood Dr., Redlands.

Calif. «

COLLINS, Franklin Wallace, D.C.I*

Lawyer, Author, Lecturer; Editor, San
Marino Tribune.

Born: Pompey Hill, Onondaga Co. (N.Y.)
Education: Virgil Common School; Dryden
Acad. ; Syracuse Univ.

Degrees: D. C. L., conferred by Syracuse U..

Prof. Record: Admitted to Bar of Supreme
Court, Saratoga Springs (New York) ; prac-
ticed law at Waverly (N.Y.), Sayre (Pa.),
Duluth (Minn.), Lincoln (Neb.), and Butte
and Billings (Mont.); Exec, of the McKinley
for Pres. movement in Neb. and gained every
delegate at the St. Louis convention, 1896;
debated political questions in Neb. with Wil-
liam Jennings Bryan; Criminal Prosecutor,
Lincoln, 1893-97; Asst. to Atty. General
(Washington. D.C.). 1897-1914 (exclusive
charge of Battleship and Naval Cases in
Court of Claims and U. S. Supreme Court) ;
Founder and Secy, of Alexander Hamilton
Nat. Memorial Assn. (headquarters at Wash-

ington, D.C., late Justice John M. of
.Supremo Court was Prc.s., ff)rmcr Ju.sllce
David J. Brewer, .Senator Henry Cabot Lodge.
Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes and Ad-
miral George Dewey were Vice-Presidents);
was one of eulogists of Justice Harlan at the
time of his; under auspices of Repub-
lican Nat. Com., spoke In five national cam-
paigns. In 16 commonwealths; addre.s.sed au-
diences In Now York In company with Gen.
Stewart L. Woodford, Pres. Theodore Roose-
velt, and Senator Chauncey M. Dopew; Lec-
turer before Chautauquas, In Central West,
for number of yrs. ; Founded and Edited The
Paramount Issue (Mont.), circulation of 50,-
000; after World War I helped found the
John E. Brown Coll. at Siloam Springs
(Ark.), for mountain children; 1929, acquired
the San Marino Tribune and built it into
one of the most influential weeklies in .So.

Publications: Author of several books and

pamphlets. Congressional documents; latest

book, Rizal, the Patriot and Martyr of the


Army Service: Acted as Religious Extension

Secy., Camp Lewis.

Recreations: Golf, kiddies, and "Forget the

Calendar Society" (of which he is founder).

Bus. Address: 2260 Huntington Dr., San

Marino, Calif. •


Writer, Journalist.

Born: Detroit (Mich.), Nov. 3, 1873; s. of
Mary (Mappelbeck) and William H. Collins.
Education: Detroit schools (until 13).
Married: Elizabeth, d. of Benjamin McCaully
(New York City), Mar. 25, 1918: ch.: Esther
(Mrs. Mennell), and Lillian M. (by first wife,
Lillian Keyes).

Prof. Record: Self-taught printer; Ringling
Circus Billposter; started writing for Printers'
Ink., 1900; for Saturday Evening Post and
national magazines, 1906; Editor of Southern
Calif. Business (monthly magazine of Los
Angeles Chamber of Commerce), 1929-39
(discontinued) ; now Free-lance Contributor
to Nation's Business, Sales Management,
Business Week, American Business, etc.
Publications: The Art of Handling Men; Hu-
man Nature in Selling Goods; The Great
Taxicab Robbery; Straight Business in South
America; The Story of Canned Foods (all

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Reading.

Bus. and Home Address: 6608 Cahuenga Ter-
race, Hollywood, Calif.

COLLINS, Victor Ford, A.B., J.D.


Born: Kansas City (Mo.), Sept. 22. 1892; s.
of Elizabeth Prather (Ford) and Albert Gal-
latin Craig Collins.

Education: So. Pasadena High Sch. (Calif.);
Univ. of Calif.; Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: A.B., U. of Calif.. 1913; J.D., U.
of So. Calif., 1916.

Married: Frances, d. of Columba and Charles
Richards, Los Angeles (Calif.).
Bus. Record: Began practicing with the law
firm of Mott and Dillon; later became a
member of the firm of Lowenthal. Collins
and Lowenthal; since the death of Max Low-
enthal has been practicing alone.



Directorships: Gen. Counsel, Los Angeles Turt
Club, Inc.; Pres., Hollywood Baseball Assn.;
Vice-Pres., Brown Derby Restaurants; Dir.,
Barbara Ann Baking Co., Ltd.; Pres.. Brog-
dex Co.; Dir., Indemnity Mortgage Securi-
ties Co., Visiting Nurse Assn., and Boys'
Club of So. Calif.

Publications: For some yrs. in early life wrote
for L. A. Times, magazines and other West-
ern publications.

Memberships: Delta Upsilon, Phi Delta Phi,
Phi Beta Kappa, Order of the Coif; Calif.
Club, Los Angeles Country, Bel-Air, Bay
clubs; Sons of the Revolution; Los Angeles
Turf Club; Wine and Food Soc. of Los

Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Baseball, tennis.
Bits. Address: Bd. of Trade Bldg., Ill W.
Seventh St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 460 So. June St., Los Angeles,
Calif. *

COLLINS, William Alfred

Chairman, Board of Supervisors of Fresno

Born: Fresno (Calif.), Aug. 6, 1887; s. of
Ann E. (Caldwell) and James D. Collms.
Married: Myrtle Helen, d. of W. P. Nelson,
at Fresno (Calif.), Dec. 4, 1901.
Bus. Record: Supervisor of Fresno County
seven terms of four yrs. each, during which
time has been Chmn. of the Bd. four times;
Pres., Sierra Nat. Park Highway Assn. (their
efforts resulted in construction of the cele-
brated highway connecting General Grant and
Sequoia Pks.); Pres., Nation's Christmas Tree
Assn. since its inception, 1925; Dir. and Ad-
visor to Sun-Maid Raisin Growers Assn.;
Pres., State Supervisors Assn. of Calif.; twice
Pres., San Joaquin Valley Supervisors Assn.;
Pres., Exposition Commn. of the San Joa-
quin Valley at Golden Gate Internat. Expn.;
active in many other public and civic orgns.
Religion: Methodist Church of Sanger.
Politics: Democratic.

Recreations: Tennis, baseball, football; goes
hunting and fishing regularly.
Bus. Address: Courthouse, Fresno, Calif.
Home Address: Rt. 3, Box 472, Fresno, Calif.*

COLMAN, Ronald (Charles)


Born: Richmond (Surrey, Eng.), Feb. 9, 1891;
s. of Marjory (Eraser) and Charles Colman.
Education: Littlehampton (Sussex, Eng.).
Married: (1) Thelma Raye (div.); (2) Benita
Hume, Actress.

Prof. Record: English stage, 1917-20; Amer.
stage, 1920-22; thereafter in motion pictures.
Including: The White Sister, Romola, Lady
Windermere's Fan, Kiki, The Dark Angel,
Stella Dallas, Beau Geste, Winning of Bar-
bara Worth, The Rescue, Bulldog Drummond,
Raffles, The Devil to Pay, Cynara, Arrow-
smith, The Masquerader, Clive of India, Tale
of Two Cities, Under Two Flags. Lost Hori-
zon, Prisoner of Zenda, If I Were King,
Light That Failed, Lucky Partners, and My
Life with Caroline.

Army Service: Served in France with First
Brit. Expeditionary Force, 1914, in London
Scottish Regiment.
Memberships: Acad, of Motion Picture Arts

and Sciences; Brit. United Services Club.

Recreations: Tennis and sailing.

Home Address: Beverly Hills, Calif. •

COLWELL. Max Fowler

Editorial Writer of Pasadena Star-News and

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Dec. 3, 1903; s.
of Verna (Fowler) and William A. Colwell.
Education: Pasadena City Schools and Jr.

Married: Ruth. d. of Clarence Chamberlain,
in Pasadena (Calif.), 1925; eh.: Kent Leigh.
Bus. Record: News Reporter for Los Angeles
Times, L. A. Herald-E.rpress; City Editor of
Alhambra Post- Advocate; Publicity Dir., City
of Pasadena; Editorial Staff of Pasadena
Star-News and Post since 1932.
Directorships: Dir., Tournament of Roses
Assn., Ltd.; Soctv of Metropolitan Bus. Men's
Assn.; Publicity Dir., City of Pasadena.
Awards: Distinguished Service Medal from
U. S. Jr. Chamber of Commerce (most valu-
able young man of 1935) ; Award for Service,
State of Calif, (from Gov. Frank Merriam,
1935) .

Memberships: Calif. Exchange Club (State
Dir ) • Pasadena Jr. Chamber of Commerce
(Past Pres.); Pasadena Exchange Club (Past
Pres.), Pasadena Athletic Club.
Religion: Christian Science.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf.

Bus. Address: 525 E. Colorado St., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

Home Address: 3333 Yorkshire Rd.. Pasadena

COMAN. Edwin Truman. LL.B.

Banker (retired), Civic Leader.
Born: Kankakee (111.). May 25, 1869; s. of
Rosilla (Thresher) and Daniel Franklm Co-

Education: Univ. of Mich., 1885-87 and 1888-
89; Wash, and Lee Univ., Lexington (Va.).
Degrees: LL.B.. Wash, and Lee U., 1890.
Married- (1) Ruth Martin, of Carrollton
(Mo), Mar. 10, 1897; ch. : Edwin T., Rob-

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