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den Section, Aug., 1940.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations Horseback riding, golf, tennis,
and walking.

Bus. Address: 646 So. Atlantic Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 2711 W. Hellman Ave., Al-
hambra, Calif.

CORNING. Gertrude Tibbits

Pianist, Teacher.

Born: Albany (New York), July 31, 1908;
d. of Edith Harlan (Child) and Erastus
Corning, M.D.

Education: St. Agnes School, Albany (N.Y.).
Married: Imre Eric s. of Hermine De'ak, at
Reno (Nev.), Aug. 18, 1934; ch.: Peter

Prof. Record: Studied piano under De'ak
(N.Y.), 1929-31, theory under Dr. Theodore
Cun, 1929-31; studied piano under Beta Bar-
t6ck (Budapest), 19.31-34; Stephen Thoman
(Budapest), 1931-34; theory under Dr. Rich-
ard Stohr, Vienna Academy, 1 yr. ; theory
under Anton Molnar, 2 yrs. (Budapest^. Re-
ceived certificates of merit and recommenda-
tions for teaching from the above mentioned
instructors. Teacher, De'ak-Corning Music

Directorships: Mem., Bd. of Directors of
Pasadena Civic Ballet Assn., Inc.
Memberships: Fine Arts (Pasadena).
Religion: Episcopal.

Bus. Address: De'ak-Corning Music Studio,
1030 E. Green St., Pasadena.
Home Address: 1272 Linda Vista, Pasadena,
Calif.; and c/o Mrs. F. C. Huyck, 40 Marion
Ave., Albany, N.Y.

CORSON. Dean James Hunt. A.B., M.S.
Dean of Men, Coll. of the Pacific, Dean of
Students and Dean of Men, Stockton Junior

Born: Patriot (Ind), Jan. 14, 1906; s. of
Marian C. (Hunt) and John Peter Corson.
Education: Public schools in Modesto (Calif.);
Modesto Jr. Coll.; Coll. of the Pacific (grad-
uated in 1927); Univ. of Southern Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Coll. of the Pacific, 1927,
M.S., U. of So. Calif., 1936.
Married: Dorothy Riddell, d. of Mr. and
Mrs. E. C. Hoover, Turlock (Calif.), Aug.
22, 1929; ch.: James Hoover, John Edmund,
Marianne Lou, and Richard Allen.
Prof. Record: Instr. in Physical Edn. at Mo-
desto Jr. Coll., 1927-29; Track Coach, Fresh-
man Football Coach, and Counselor of Fresh-
man Men, Coll. of the Pacific, 1929-32; Dir.
of Athletics, Coll. of the Pacific, 1932-34;
Dean of Men, Coll. of the Pacific, 1934 — .
Dean of Students, Stockton Jr. Coll., 1935 — .
Mem. of Planning Committee of Hazen Conf.,
1940; Chmn. of Stockton Olympic Games
Com., 1939-40.

Directorships: San Joaquin, Calaveras Coun-
cil, Boy Scouts of America; Secty. of Far
Western Conference.

Memberships: Masonic; Phi Mu Alpha; Hon.
mem. of Kiwanis.
Religion: Methodist.
Pontics: Democrat.
Recreations: Golf.

Bus. Address: Coll. of the Pacific and Stock-
ton Junior. Coll., Stockton, Calif.
Home Address: 945 No. Commerce St., Stock-
ton, Calif.

CORY. Harry Thomas. B.S., M.C.E.,
ivI.M.E., D.Engr.
Consulting Engineer.

Born: Montmorenci (Ind.), May 27, 1870; s.
of Carrie (Stoney) and Thomas Cory.
Education: Purdue Univ.; Cornell Univ.
Degrees: B.S. in E.E., 1887, B.S. In C.E.,
1889, D.Engr., 1929, Purdue Univ.; M.C.E.,
1893, M.M.E., 1896, Cornell Univ.
Married: Ida (Hiller), d. of George Thomas
Judd, in Meadowville (Utah), May 21, 1877;
ch.: Thomas Judd (Clarence Richard and
John Thomas, dec).

Prof. Record: Prof., Civil Engineering, U. of
Mo., 1893-1900; Prof, of Civil Engineering,
Dean Coll. of Engineering, 1900-03; with
T.& P., S.P. Railroads; Asst. to Pres., Har-
riman Lines, in Ariz, and Mex., 1905-10;
Gen. Mgr. and Chief Engr., Calif. Develop-
ment Co, and La Sociedad de Riego y Ter-
renos de la Baja Calif, (the irrie:ation sys-
tem Imperial Valley (Calif.), 1906-11; in
personal charge of closing the break in the
Colo. River, which caused the SaUon Sea,
1905-07; Cons. Engr. of U.S. Reclamation
Service on Soldier's Land Settlement Plan,
1918-20; Amer. Mem. Internat. Nile Proj-
ects Commn. for the Egyptian and Sudanese
Govts., Cairo (Egypt), and Khartum (Sudan),
Jan. -Sept., 1920; Cons. Engr., San Fran-
cisco (Calif.), 1920-21; Cons. Engr., Los
Angeles (Calif.), and also for the U. S.
Reclamation Service, 1921-23; Chief of Engr-
ing., Palos Verdes Project (Redondo Beach,
Calif.), 1922-24; Chief Engr., Guadalquivir
Marismas Desalting and Irrigation Project,
Seville (Spain), 1925-27; Cons. Engr., Muluya
Valley Irrigation Project, French and Spanish
Morocco, 1926; Cons. Engr., Los Angeles
(Calif.), since 1928; Advisory Engr., Los An-
geles Agency, R.F.C., 1932-34; Advisory Com.
on R.F.C. Earthquake Rehabilitation Loans,
1933-34; Mem., Passamaquoddy Bay Tidal
Power Project Commn., 1934-35; Cons. Engr.,
Soil Consv. Service, U. S. Dept. Agr., Albu-
querque (N,M.), and Washington (D.C.),
since 1935; Mem., Laymen's Advisory Coun-
cil of Nat. Conf. of Jews and Christians.



Publicationn: Imperial Vallry nnd Salton Sea

(J. J. NwbcRln, S. F.), 191R; Drmocratiza-

tion of Fiimily Pliinniiici (N.V.), 19K).

Army Record: Major EiiR. O.R.C.. 1917-18;

Dir. Gen. Foreign Relief Amer. Red Cross

in Washington (D.C.), 1917-18.

Metnbcrships: Los Angeles Athletic Club; Phi

Delta Theta, Theta Nu Epsllon, Sigma XI,

Tau Beta PI, Chi Epsllon.

Religion: Episcopal.

Politics. Republican.

Bus. Address: 4,31 W. 7th St., Los Angeles,


Home Address: Los Angeles Atheltic Club,

Los Angeles, Calif.

CORY. Lewis H.

Ju.stice of the Peace (retired).
Born: Henry Co. (Ind.), Dec. 10, 1852; s. of
Hannah (Eller) and Henry C. Cory.
Education: Public schools in Indiana.
Married: Mary, d. of Rebecca and George W.
Arbaugh, Siskiyou Co. (Calif.), Oct. 1, 1879;
eh.: George H., Edwin M., and Frank L.
Prof. Record: Hauled freight with team. Red
BU.ff to Etna, 1871; taught school, 1871-74;
worked at farming and at the carpenter
trade from 1875 extending for several years;
Underground Quartz Miner, 1892-1914; Jus-
tice of the Peace in Etna Twp., Siskivou Co.
(Calif.), Jan. 1, 1915 to Sept. 1, 1940, on
the latter date retiring on account of failing
vision and health.

Me7nberships : I.O.O.F., Jan. 6, 1877 to date.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Hunting.
Bits, and Home Address: Box 121, Etna, Calif.

CORYELL, Professor Charles DuBois.

B.S., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Univ. of

Calif., Los Angeles.

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Feb. 21, 1912;

s. of Florence Elizabeth (Cook) and VVm.

Harlan Coryell.

Education: Calif. Inst, of Technology; Tech-

nische Hochschule, Munich (German-Amer.

Exchange Student, 1933-34).

Degrees: B.S., 1932, Ph.D., 1935, Calif. Inst,
of Tech.

Married: Grace Mary, d. of Grace (Thomas)
and Frank Seeley, at Flagstaff (Ariz.), Dec.
2, 1937.

Prof. Record: Research Fellow, Calif. Inst.
of Tech., 1935-38; Part-time Instr., Deep
Springs, 1937-39; Instr., U.C.L.A., 1938-40,
Asst. Prof., 1940 — .

Publications: Has written numerous articles in
JoHrnal of the American Chemical Society,
Science, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Jour-
nal of Chemical Physics, Proceedings of
Amer. Acad, of Sci., Journal of Biol. Chem.
Memberships: Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi.
Politics: Independent.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Home Address: 11687 Montana St., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

CORYELL. May (MacDonald) Hope

Concert Pianist and Teacher.

Born: Leavenworth (Kan.), Feb. 9; d. of

Katherine Murray (MacSweeney) and Joseph


Education: Private teachers In Europe and
America; early study with Mr. and Mrs.
Carl Bu.sfh. Kansas City (Mo.), and Berlin
(Ger.). Piano with 'I' Cjirrcfio and I^o-
pold Godowsky; harmony and composition
with Ernest Becker; and voice with Schben-

Married: John Emack, s. of Elbert Emack
Coryell (Civil Engr.), Carson City (Nev.),
Nov. 19, 1929.

Prof. Record: Since early childhood has been
in concert work; conrerllzed extensively In
the Middle West and on the Pac. Coast, and
has appeared in many solo recitals; lectures
and gives recitals on the appreciation of
music; Organist and Dir. of numerous choirs;
has devoted many yrs. of study to the Art
of Chamber Music, one of the few and
foremost to make outstanding success In
Chamber Music; Founder and Pianist of the
Los Angeles Trio, which made a notable
record presenting a series' of six to eight
concerts yearly over a period of fourteen
yrs. ; many notable works received their
Amer. and Pac. Coast premier performances;
also Pianist and Founder of the Sacramento
Chamber Music Soc. ; In the teaching field
she has produced a number of young artist
pianists and teachers.
Studios: In Berkeley and Sacramento.
Politics: Independent.
Recerations: Music, literature.
Home Address: 155 Colusa Ave., Cerrito
Park, Berkeley, Calif.


Song Writer, Motion Picture Producer.
Born: New York (N.Y.), Dec. 27, 1902; s. of
Rhea and Harry Coslow.
Education: Erasmus Hall, New York City.
Married: Esther, d. of Curtis Muir, at Mexi-
can (Mex.), 1934; ch.: Laurence.
Bus. Record: Founded Famous Music Corp.;
sold same to Paramount Pictures in 1929
and came to Paramount Studios on 5-yr.
contract; remained 10 yrs., during which
time wrote music and lyrics for 75 musical
feature pictures: among best-known compo-
sitions are Cocktails for Two; Just One
More Chance; Little White Gardenia; Lone-
some Road; Last Night's Gardenias; Thanks;
Was It a Dream? Sing You Sinners; True
Confession; Learn to Croon; Moon Song;
In the Middle of a Kiss; This Little Piggie,
etc.; Co-produceff Dreomi)!3 Out Loud (RKO),
1940: in Jan., 1941, signed to produce musi-
cal pictures for James Roosevelt's new coin
machines; formed Cameo Productions, Inc.,
to make these subjects.

Directorships: Pres., Cameo Productions, Inc.;
Pres., Coslow Music, Inc.

Memberships.- A.S.C.A.P. ; Songwriters' Pro-
tective Assn. ; Authors' League of Amer.
Recreations : Photography.

Bits. Address: 6912 Holl\-wood Blvd., Holly-
wood, Calif.

COSTELLO. John Martin. A.B., M.A.,

Congressman, Lawyer.
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Jan. 15, 1903.
Education: Los Angeles public grammar
schools; Loyola Univ. (Los Angeles).
Degrees: A.B., M.A., LL.B., Loyola U.
Prof. Record: Admitted to Calif. State Bar,



1924; Practicing Attorney, 1924-34; elected
to 74th Congress; re-elected to tlie 75th and
76tli and 77tii Congresses.
Bus. Address: House of Representatives,


5771 Valley Oak Dr., Holly-

Wasliington, D.
Home Address:
wood, Calif.

COSTOLOW. William Evert, A.B., M.D.


Born: La Plata (Mo.), June 13, 1892; s. of
Robcna and William Costolow.
Education: Kirksville State Normal Sch.,
1902-11; Univ. of Mo., 1912-14; Univ. of Pa.,

Degrees: A.B., U. of Mo., 1914; M.D., U.
of Pa., 1916.

Prof. Record: Practicing as a Physician in
Los Angeles since 1921; at present. Partner
in firm, L. A. Tumor Inst.
Directorships: President-Elect, Amer. Radium

Publications: Various articles on cancer.
Navy Service: Commander, Medical Corps,,
U. S. Naval Reserve.

Memberships: Sigma Xi, Phi Rho Sigma;
Mason, Shriner; Masquers Club, Uinversity
Club of L. A.
Religion: Baptist.

Btis. Address: 1407 So. Hope St., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Home Address: 614 So. Hope St., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

COTTAM, Nephi Livsey. D.C.

Chiropractor, Craniopath, Writer.

Born: Salt Lake City (Utah), Dec. 5th; s.

of Anna Gustava (Johnson) and John Cot-


Education: Salt Lake City (Utah) public

schools; Latter Day Saints Univ.; Palmer

School of Chiropractic; Los Angeles School

of Chiropractic.

Degrees: Normal Course, L.D.S.U., 1903;
ordained A Seventy and set apart as a Min-
ister and Missionary in the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1905; D.C,
Palmer Sch. of Chiropractic, 1915.

Married: Edwardena, d. of Edward T. Parry,
at Manti (Utah), Oct. 19, 1911; ch.: Nedra,
Parry, and Calvin.

Prof. Record: Teacher of vocational guid-
ance; traveling salesman; teacher of music;
Minister and Missionary of Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints, Mem. of Taber-
nacle Choir, Salt Lake City (Utah), for 25
yrs. ; practiced Chiropractice for 25 yrs. ; dis-
covered Craniopathy and has developed it
to its present state; pursued several courses
in Naturopathy, gaining several certificates
from institutions; Fellow of National Assn.
of Naturopathic Herbalists of America; Mem.,
The Indian Naturophic Assn., Bezwada (In-
dia) ; Fellow, The United Practitioners Assn.
(Australia) ; Graduate Doctor of Chiropractic;
has charge of own business as a Chiroprac-
tor and Craniopath.

Directorships: Pres., Wilshlre Ward (Zlhoir.
Publications: Author of The Story of Crani-
opathy, 1936. Five Courses in the technique
of Craniopathy.

Army Record: Army Officers Training Corps,

Memberships: Mem. of the Affiliated Chiro-
practors of Calif., Inc.; A Seventy in the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Athletics in all forms.

Home and Bus. Address: 1017 Arlington Ave.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

COTTON, Aylett Rains, A.B., LL.B.

Judge of Superior Court, State of California.
Born: Clinton (Iowa), Dec. 29, 1874; s. of
Hattie Elizabeth (Walker) and Aylett Rains

Education: Lincoln Grammar School (San
Franci.sco) ; Belmont (Calif.) Military Acad.;
Stanford Univ.; Hastings Coll. of the Law.
Degrees: A.B., 1894, Stanford Univ.; LL.B.,
Hastings Coll. of the Law, 1896.
Married: (1) Alice, d. of Antolne Borel, at
San Mateo (Calif.), Nov. 27, 1907 (dec);
(2) Sophie Borel Lewis, Sept. 25, 1937; ch.:
Aylett Borel.

Prof. Record: Law Clerk and Spanish Trans-
lator for Hon. Wm. H. Taft, Pres., U. g.
Philippine Commn., Manila (Philippine Is-
lands), 1900; practiced in Philippines. 1900-
06; Prosecuting Atty., City of Manila (P.I.),
1906-07; Asst. Dist. Atty., City and Coutny
of San Francisco, 1910-20; Councilman, City
of San Mateo, 1927-31: Mayor, and Judge
of Juvenile Ct., City of San Mateo, 1931-35;
also practiced generally in S. F. from 1907-
35; was appointed to Superior Bench, 1935,
elected in 1936; now serving in that capacity.
Memberships: Bohemian (San Francisco),
Burlingame Country Club; Burlingame Lodge
No. 400, F.& A.M. ; Scottish Rite of Free-
masonry: San Mateo Lodge of Elks; Society
of California Pioneers Sons of American
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Court House, Redwood City,

Home Address: 207 Borel Ave., San Mateo,

COTTON, Ethel (Mrs. William English

Founder and Head. Ethel Cotton Studio of
Expression and Conversation Salon.
Born: Devonshire (Eng.), d. of Alice (Pcn-
gelly) and John Knill Cotton.
Education: Public schools (Eng.); high school,
Columbus (Ohio) ; Caldwell (ioU. of Oratory
and Acting; special work, Univ. of Calif.
Married: William English Monahan, s. of
Andrew Monahan, in Allentown (Pa.)
Prof. Record: Taught at Caldwell Coll. two
yrs. ; later gave special courses at St. Jo-
seph's Acad, in Berkeley; St. Brigid's. and
St. Roses (San Francisco) ; and evening
classes in dramatics in Monroe Pub. School.
Originated and presented original courses tn
adult education in Western Women's Club
(S.F.): Women's Athletic Club (Oakland);
the Teacher Training Division, Adult Edu-
cation Program (New York City) ; and Amer.
Women's Assn. (N.Y.C.); is now conducting
classes in her own studio; on the stage with
Reader with the Knickerbocker Concert Co.;
Founded, Directed and Acted in Ethel Cot-
ton Players; presented original cultural con-
versation course over K.P.O., also from N.Y.
over Columbia Network, coast to coast, pre-



sentcd two series; Special Guest Artist over
N.B.C. from N.Y.

Publications: Down Lyric Lancx, a book of
verse; Kecpinij Mentally Alive, prcscntlnR
specific courses in self-dovelopment for ad-
ults; Convorsation Course and articles In
various ednl jjublicatlons.

Memberships: Pac. Coast Women's Press
Assn. (Flon. Mem.); Speech Arts Assn. of
Calif (Founder-Mem.); Calif. Writer's Club;
League of Western Writers (Past Pres.);
Sequoia Club, Golden Gate Women's Bowling

Religion: Protestant.

Recreations: Bowling, walking, theatres,
reading, conversational friendship groups.
Home Address: 1256 Lombard St., San Fran-
cls.o, Calif.

COTTRELL, Professor Edwin Angell,

A.B., M.A.

Professor of Political Science and Chairman,

School of Social Sciences, Stanford Univ.

Born: Newport (R.I.), Dec. 14, 1881; s. of

Annie Johnson (Southwick) and Robert Clarke


Education: Williston Sem., Easthampton
(Mass.) (grad. 1901); Brown Univ.; Swarth-
more Coll.; Harvard Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Swarthmore Coll., 1907; M.A.,
Harvard U., 1913.

Married: Louise Wright Hornor of Concord-
vllle (Pa.), Sept. 9, 1908.
Prof. Record: Instr. Polit. Science, Pa. State
Coll., 1907-11; Asst. Regitsrar, 1909-11; Asst.
in C^ovt., Harvard U., 1911-15; Lecturer in
Polit. Science, Wellesley, 1912-17; Brown U.,
1915-16; Ohio State U., 1917-19; Prof. Polit.
Sci., Stanford, since 1919; became Exec. Head
of Dept., 1927; Chmn., Sch. Social Sciences,
since 1931; I^ecturer on govt., Harvard U.,
Summer, 1913, Spring, 1922, U. of Wash.,
Summer, 1924, Amer. U., 1932-33, U.C.L.A.,
Summer, 1935, at Berkeley, Summer, 1936;
Dean, West. Sch. of Commercial Orgn. Seers. ;
Secty., Boston Budget Commn., 1915; Asst.
Secty., Boston Chamber of Commerce, 1916;
with U. S. Bur. Efficiency, 1918; Mem., City
Council, Palo Alto, 1923-29; Mayor, Palo
Alto, 1924-25; Mem., Calif. Com. County
Home Rule, 1931, Calif. Commn. Taxation
and Costs of Govt., 1936-41.
Directorships: Trustee, S. F. Bur. Govern-
mental Research; Senior Warden, All Saints'

Memberships: Amer. Polit. Science Assn.
(exec, council, 1st Vice-Pres., 1938, 3d Vice-
Pres., 1929) ; Nat. Municipal League (exec,
council); Amer. Assn. Univ. Profs.; Phi Delta
Theta; Mason; Chit Chat and Cmmvlth clubs.
Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.
Home Address: 744 Frenchman's Rd., Stan-
ford University, Calif.

COUGHRAN, Tom Bristol. A.B.

Mgr. and Asst. Trust Officer, Monterey
Branch, Bank of America, N.T.& S.A.
Born: Visalia (Calif.), Mar. 18, 1906; s. of
Rose (Bristol) and W. L. Coughran.
Education: Visalia elementary and high
schs; Stanford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1927, Stanford U.

Married: Florence Pogue, d. of Dr. and Mrs.

R. B. Montgomery, Lemon Cove (Calif.),

May 29, 1905; ch.: Jane Nora.

Bus. Record: Football Mgr., Stanford U.,

1926; entered employ of Bank of America
N.T.&S.A,, Aug. 1, 1927, Asst. Cashier,
.July 15, 192H, Mgr.. Aug. 15, 19;j2, Mgr. and
.Asst. Trust Officer, ly.'W; Chmn,, Group
Two, Calif. Bankers A.ssn., 19.36; Mem., Com.
on Real Estate Loans of Calif. Bankers A.ssn.
since 1937; Instr. of Amer. Inst, of Banking,
19.'39 — ; Key Hanker of Tulare County, 19:58-
40 Inc.; Pres., Exeter Kiwanis Club, I9.'56.
Directorships: Pres., Exeter Community Chest,
1939 — ; Monterey Community Chest, 1941.
Army Service: Second Lt. in Field Artillery
Reserve from 1927-37.

Memberships: Kappa Sigma, Phi Phi (nat.
hon. soc); Skull and Snakes (men's hon
soc, Stanford U.); Quadrangle Club (men's
hon. frat.); Skull and Snakes (men's hon
soc, Stanford U.); F.&A.M., Exeter Lodge;
Rotary Club; Monterey Peninsula Club.
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Bank of America, Monterey.

Home Address: Carmel, Calif.

COULTER. Bessie Beth Randall, R.N.
Curator, Charles W. Bowers Memorial Mu-

Born: Julesburg (Colo.), Sept. 20; d. of Har-
riett Isabell (Dannels) and Allen Duane Ran-

Education: Graduate of: Reed's Finishing
Sch. for Girls (Denver, Colo.); The Douglas
Co. Hosp. Training Sch. for Nurses (Omaha) ;
Dr. Taylor's Sch. of Civics and Philanthropy
(Chicago) .

Married: Frank Edwin Coulter, M.D. (Neu-
rologist and Psychologist).
Prof. Record: Supt., Training Sch. for Nurses,
Hebron (Neb.); Staff Mem., Visiting Nurse
Assn. (Chicago) , Supt., Visiting Nurse Assn.
(Omaha), at which time she orgainized In-
dustrial Nursing at Amer. Refining Co.
(Omaha), as well as five "well baby clinics"
(Omaha) and a Visiting Nurse Assn. at
Council Bluffs (Iowa) ; reorganized and su-
pervised free Med. Clinics at Creighton Med.
Coll. and the Med. Sch. of Neb. (both in
Omaha) ; served for three yrs. as Co-Editor
of Dept. of Public Health, American Nurs-
ing Journal; for past five years has acted
as Curator to Charles W. Bowers Memorial
Mus., Santa Ana (Calif.), she and Dr. Coul-
ter having settled there in 1920. Has had
the following offices: Pres., Delphian Soc;
Pres., Ebell Club (Santa Ana Valley) ; Pres.,
Woman's Aux. to Calif. State Med. Assn.:
Pres., Woman's Aux. to Orange Co. Med
Assn. (two terms) ; Historian, Woman's Aux.
to Calif. State Med. Assn. (four yrs.); Bd.
of Dir. of Y.W.C.A.; Bd. of Dir. of Salva-
tion Army; Bd. of Dir. and Exec. Com. of
Community Chest; Founder Mem. of Citizens
Com. of Disabled Amer. War Vets.
Memberships: Ebell Club (Santa Ana Val-
ley) ; Musical Arts, Woman's Au.x. to Orange
Co. Med. Assn.; Amer. Assn. of Museums;
Pacific Geo. Soc. (Founder Mem.); Y.W.C.A.;
Amer. Red Cross (Active Mem.).
Religion: Presbyterian.

Bus. Address: Charles W. Bowers Memorial
Museum, Santa Ana, Calif.

COUPER. Mildred

Pianist, Composer, Teacher.
Born: Buenos Aires (Argentina), Dec. 10.
1887; d. of Harriet Hathaway (Jacobs) and
Reginald Cooper.



Education: Buenos Aires; Karlsruhe (Ger.);
Paris; Rome.

Married ; Richard Hamilton, s. of Eliza C.
(Ball) and William Couper, Montclair (N.J.),
Aug. 27, 1910; ch.: Clive R. H., and Rosa-
lind E. (Mrs. Ernest Nordli).
Prof. Record: Piano recitals in Europe and
U. S. A.; taught piano at David Mannes
Mus. Sch. (N.Y.C.), 1918-27; Santa Bar-
bara, 1927 — ; specially known as a Composer
of quarter-tone music; principal work in this
medium, Dirge for two pianos tuned a quar-
ter-tone apart; works in the quarter-tone
medium: preludes, studies, waltzes, Xanadu
(a ballet) and Anacapa; other compositions
(regular medium) : songs, children's piano
pieces, quintet for piano and strings, varia-
tions on the Irish Washerwoman (piano),
wedding music for organ, contralto and

Publications : We Are Seven, Children's Pieces
(J. Fischer & Bros.; Dirge (New Music),
1937; songs included in anthology, Neio Songs
for New Voices (Harcourt & Brace), 1928.
Religion: Episcopal.

Ho7ne Address: 505 Orena St., Santa Bar-
bara, Calif.

COURTRIGHT, Hernando William de
Vos, A.B.

Vice-President, Bank of America.
Degrees: A.B., Univ. of So. Calif., 1927.
Married: Frances, d. of Hendrick von Wi-
holn, at Pasadena (Calif.), June 23, 1927;
ch.: Consuelo (b. 1929); Stephanie (b. 1933),
and Rosalie (b. 1940).

Bus. Record: Entered Merchants Nat. Bank
of Los Angeles in 1926; followed with consol-
idation Lnto Bank of America; Pres. and Mng.
Dir. of Beverly Hills Hotel (Beverly Hills,
Calif.); Pres., Nat. Pacific Tank and Mine
Co. of Oakland; Dir., Calif. Consumers Co.,
Consumers Rock and Gravel Co., Hollywood
Knickerbocker Hotel Co., and California

Religion: Angelican Catholic.
Home Address: 45 W. Poplar, San Mateo,

Other Address: Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly
Hills, Calif.

COVELL, Calvin Arthur

Mayor, City of Davis.

Born: Near Winters, Yolo Co. (Calif.), Dec.

1, 1873; s. of Jennie and Calvin Covell.

Education: Davis, Calif.

Married: Dollie (Tufts) Philliber, d. of
Joshua B. Tufts, at Davis (Calif.), 1895.
Bus. Record: Raised on farm; operated meat
market and dealt in livestock 25 yrs.; at
present operating 600-acre farm; was active
in building Davis Community Church, Ma-
sonic HaU, Davis City Hall, and prime pro-
moter for Davis Joint Union High Sch. Dist. ;
Past-Dir., Bank of Davis.

Directorships: Dir., Masonic Hall Assn.;

Mayor of Davis.

Memberships: Mason and Eastern Star.

Religion : Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting and fishing.

Bus. Address: 329 F St., Davis, Calif.

COWERD, Mary Cook (professional
name), A.B.

Radio and Concert Artist (Vocal).
Born: Paducah (Ky.), 1901; d. of James
Swanson Cook.

Education: Tenn. School for the Blind (Nash-
ville) ; Ward-Belmont (Nashville) ; Cincinnati
Conservatory of Music.
Degrees: A.B.

Married: Finn, s. of Jacob Bizeth, Reno
(Nev.), June 22, 1940; ch.: Holly Sheridan

Prof. Record: Headliner on American stage
for six yrs. (Keith-Orpheum) ; on program
as Silvertoned Nightingale, C.B.S. ; concert-
ized in America and Europe; Head of Voice
Dept., Tenn. School for the Blind (Nash-
ville), 1935; acted as voice double for vari-
ous motion picture stars; now Managing Dir.
of Nat. Assn. for Advancement of Blind
Artists, 1940-41.

Publications: Raised funds for publication of
Carolyn Alchin, Harmony Text Book in

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