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Braille; this book has since been adopted by
most blind schools and 26 public libraries.
Awards: For outstanding voice, State of
Tenn. (chosen against 12 other contestants).
Memberships: The Pleides (Los Angeles);
Montgomery (Ala.) Country, Dominant Music
(Los Angeles), and Music Study (San Fran-
cisco) clubs.

Religion: Reared as Presbyterian — interested
in Christian Science.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Bridge, roller skating, swim-
ming and dancing.

Home Address: Fairmont Hotel, San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Other Address: 1117 So. 13th St., Birming-
ham, Ala.

COWING. Ralph Huffaker. A.B., J.D.
Deputy Attorney General, State of Calif.
Born: Carson City (Nev.), Jan. 24, 1901;
s. of Mary (Rippingham) and George W.

Education: Stanford Univ.
Married: Jean, d. of Stella (Packer) and
Jesse Laurence, at Woodland (Calif.), May
12, 1934; ch.: Janice and Ralph Jeffrey.
Prof. Record: Deputy Legislative Counsel,
1925 session; associated with Dunn and
Brand (Sacramento), 1926; in private prac-
tice (Sacramento), 1927-31; Dep. Dist. Atty.
(Sacramento Co.), 1931-34; appointed Dep.
Atty. General, State of Calif., 1934 — .
Memberships: Masons, Elks, Commonwealth
Club; Chi Psi, Phi Delta Phi.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: State Library and Courts
Bldg., Sacramento, Calif.
Home Address: 1528 - 41st St., Sacramento,

COX, Harvey Leslie

Superintendent, Bureau of Identification,
Police Department.

Born: Sacramento (Calif.), May 15, 1896;
s. of Nellie (Harris) and Harvey Co.x.
Education: Public and high school (Sacra-
mento) .

Prof. Record: Left U. S. Army in 1919,
worked for American Express Co. for two



yrs. Police Bureau of Identification, 1922 — .
Directorships: Sacramento Y.M.C.A.; First
Christian Church of Sacramento and Curtis
Ouks Christian Church of Sacramento.
Army Record: Headquarters Co. of 8th Infan-
try and M Co. of 16th Infantry, Apr. 1, 1918
to Sept. 30, 1919.

Memberships: Amer. Legion, Post 61 (Sacra-
mento); Odd Fellows; Native Sons of the
Golden West; Clvitan Club.
Religion: Christian Church.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Basketball and soft ball.
Bus. Address: Police Department, Sacramento,

Hor e Address: 508 - 16th St., Sacramento,

COX. J. Emit. M.D.
Physician, Surgeon.

Born: Ashland (Neb.), Mar. 8, 1865; s. of
Ann (SaulsburyJ and George W. Co.x.
Education: Public schools, Ashland (Neb.).
Married: Nora Elinor, d. of John Rochford,
at Omaha (Neb.), Mar. 15, 1893; ch.: Ed-
ward R. (M.D.), Bryson E. (M.D.), and
(George Gale (Technician).
Prof. Record: Livestock (cattle) in the Ind.
Ter., before Statehood; railroading. Loco-
motive Dept., Burlington Route (Omaha);
druggist. South Bend (Neb.); practice of
medicine and surgery since 1895.
Memberships: Elks (Coalinga) ; Common-
wealth Club (San Francisco) ; Amer. Assn.
for the Advancement of Science (Washington,
D.C.), Amer. Medical Assn. (Chicago).
Religion: Unitarian.
Politics; Republican.

Recreations: Reading, horseback riding,
flower culture, and music.
Bus. Address: 223 No. Fifth St., Coalinga,
Home Address: 216 College, Coalinga, Calif.

COY. Professor Nora Parker, A.B., M.A.
Assistant Prof, of English and Director of
Adult Education, San Bernardino Valley Jr.

Born: Tulare (Calif.), Oct. 14, 1893; d. of
Lena Leora (Colvin) and Wilbur Milton

Education: Public schools of San Bernardino;
Stanford Univ. ; Graduate study, Columbia
Univ.( N. Y. City), and O.xford Univ. (Eng.).
Degrees: A.B., 1915, M.A., 1932, Stanford U.
Married: Samuel Pierce Coy.
Prof. Record: Teacher of English in Second-
ary Schools; Santa Clara, Glendale, Pasa-
edna, and Inglewood (Calif.), and Elizabeth
(New Jersey); in business, 1925-31, at San
Bernardino Valley Jr. Coll., since 1932; Act-
ing Dean of Women, 1934-35; in charge of
Adult Education Program since 1936.
Memberships: Kappa Alpha Theta, Pi Lamb-
da Theta; Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women;
Bus. and Professional Women's Club; Zonta
International; College English Assn.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: San Bernardino Valley Junior
Coll., San Bernardino, Calif.
Home Address: 728 Arrowhead Ave., San
Bernardino, Calif.

COY, Professor Owen Cochran, Ph.B..
M.A.. Ph.D.

Professor of History, U. of So. Calif.; E,xccu-
tlvc DIr. of Calif. State Historical Assn.
Born: Farragut (Iowa), Apr. 16, 1884; s. of
Lucia May (Cochran) and Rev. Charles Fre-
mont Coy.

Education: Coll. of the Pacific; Stanford
Univ.; Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: Ph.B.. U. of the Pacific, 1907;
M.A., Stanford U., 1909; Ph.D., U. of Calif..

Married: Hazel, d. of Samuel T. Broderlck,
Eureka (Calif.), June 18, 1913; ch.: Glenn
Broderlck, Barbara May, Margaret Elma
and Clyde Francis.

Prof. Record: Head, History Dept., 1909-13,
Eureka High Sch.; Secty. and later Dir.,
Calif. Hist. Survey Com., 1915-23; HLsto-
rian, State Council of Defense, 1918-19; Dir.,
Calif. State Hist. Assn., 192.V-. Prof, of
History, U. of So. Calif., 1925—. Curator
of History, L. A. Mus., 1925-27; Mem., Bd.
of Governors, i.. A. Mus., 1932—; Mem.,
Bd. of Dir. of Mus. Assn., 1937—. State
Tech. Dir., Hist. Record Survey, W.P.A..

Publications: Guide to the County Archives
of Calif., 1921; The Care and Use of the
County Archives, 1921; Genesis of California
Counties, 1923; California County Bounda-
ries, 1923; Gold Days, 1929; The Great Trek,
1930; The Humboldt Bay Region, 1930; Cali-
fornia Constitutions (with Jones), 1930; Cali-
fornia, Our Home State, 1936. Editor: Pic-
torial History of Calif., 1925; Architectural
History of Mission San Carlos Borromeo,
1923; The California History Nugget; Physi-
cal and Political California (a map), 1936.
Memberships: Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha
Theta, Alpha Pi Zeta; Amer. Hist. Assn.;
Calif. Hist. See; Hist. Soc. of So. Calif.;
Ore. Trails Assn.; Fellow, Pacific Geograph-
ical Soc.

Religion: Methodist.

Bus. Address: Univ. of So. California, 3551

University Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 4724 Angeles Vista Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

COZENS, Professor Frederick Warren,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Physical Education and Dean of
the College of Applied Arts, Univ. of Calif.,
Los Angeles.

Born: Portland (Ore.), Nov. 19, 1890; s. of
Caroline Elizabeth (Beharrell) and Frederick

Education: Elementary and high school (Port-
land, Ore.); Univ. of Oregon, 1909-11.
Degrees: A.B., 1915, M.A., 1918, U. of Calif.;
Ph.D., 1928, U. of Ore.

Married: Helen Jessie, d. of W^illiam Kerron,
at Portland (Ore.), Aug. 10, 1916; ch. : Fred-
erick Kerron, and James Beharrell.
Prof. Record: Teaching Fellow, in Phys. Edn.,
U. of Calif., 1915-16; Instr., 1916-19; Asst.
Prof., Phys. Edn., U. of Calif., Los Angeles,
1919-29; Asso. Prof., Phys. Edn., Univ. of
Calif., Los Angeles, 1929-34; Prof, of Phvs.
Edn., 1934-39; Prof, of Phys. Edn. and Dean
of Coll. of Applied Arts, since 1939; Pres.,
Amer. Assn. for Health, Phys. Edn. and
Recreation, 1938-39.

Publications: Numerous articles and text-
books on Physical Education, either as sole
author or collaborator.



Army Record: Instr., Sch. of Mil. Aeronau-
tics, Berkeley (Calif.), 1917-19.
Awards- Received the Ling Medal by Ling
Foundation (L.A.); Medal of Merit from
the Minister of Social Welfare and Public
Health of the Czecho-Slovak Republic.
Memberships: Fellow, Amer Phys. Edn.
Assn. ; Amer. Assn. for Health, Phys. Edn.
and Rec (Fellow, 1936); Amer. Assn. Univ.
Profs.; Amer. Acad. Phys. Edn.; Acacia;
Sigma Xi, Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Epsilon
Kappa; Mason; Rotary (Beverly Hills).
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 842 So. Ogden Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.

CRAEMER. Justus F.

Member, California Railroad Commission.
Born: Fort Dodge (Iowa), Oct. 18, 1886; s.
of Ernestine (Gunther) and Rev. John L.

Education: Graduate, Fort Dodge High Sch.
(Iowa) ; Tobin Coll. (Fort Dodge, Iowa) ; one
year, Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley).
Married: Agnes M., d. of John R. Fitzsim-
mons, at Los Angeles (Calif.). Jan. 6, 1915;
eh.: Barbara M., and Justus J.
Prof. Record: Co-Publisher, Orange Daily
News (Calif.); Pres., Calif. Newspaper Pub-
lishers' Assn., 1929; Vice-Pres., Calif. Press
Assn 20 yrs.; Nat. Pres., Nat. Editorial
Assn 1932- Citrus Growers, Orange County
(Calif.); Dir., State Chamber of Commerce,
1933-34- Private Secty. to Gov. of Calif.,
1934- Asst. Dir., Dept. of Public Works,
State of Calif., 1935-37; Chmn., Calif. Re-
publican State Central Com.. 1936-38; Build-
ing and Loan Commr., State of Calif., 1937-
38; Mem., Calif. Railroad Commn., 1939—.
Directorships: First Nat. Bank, Orange
(Calif.); Federal Finance Co., Santa Ana

Memberships: Rotary (Orange), The Family
(San Francisco), Jonathan (Los Angeles)

Religion: Lutheran.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: State Bldg., San Francisco,

Hom,e Address: 552 E. Palmyra, Orange,

CRAFT. Marcella

Opera Singer.

Born: Indianapolis (Ind.); d. of Louise M.
(Caldwell) and Hiram J. Craft.
Education: Riverside High School; Boston
(Mass.); Milano (Italy); Munich (Germany).
Prof Record: Sang at Stadt Theatre in
Mainz, two yrs., Stadt Theatre in Kiel, two
yrs received brooch from Prince Adalbert,
third son of the Kaiser, for interpretation of
Madame Butterfly; Royal Opera in Munich,
five yrs. (while there received the title of
Royal Court Opera Singer— Konigliche Hof
Opern Sagerin) ; during the time that she
was a Mem. of the Munich Royal Opera, she
was called to Berlin to sing privately for
the Empress Augusta Victoria, at the Royal
Palace (was presented with a brooch as a
memento) ; at the beginning of the war re-

turned to America under M. H. Hanson, sang
all over the country in concert, with great
symphony orchestras, in festivals, and recit-
als, 1914-22; during orchestra concerts, in-
troduced to America, Richard Strauss' con-
cert arrangement of the great scene from
Salome; with the San Carlos Opera Co., sang
as guest artist in most of the larger cities,
also with Soc. of Amer. Singers, in N.Y.,
with Chicago Opera Co.; created role of
Rosamond in Horatio Parker's Opera Fairy-
land (Los Angeles) before Nat. Fed. of Music
Clubs, under Alfred Hertz, 1915. Returned
to Europe and sang in opera, concert in
Germany (Munich, Berlin, Dresden, Frank-
furt, Cologne, etc.), 1922; spent time in
Paris and Milano working with first authori-
ties of opera, gave up idea of opening sch.
of opera; returned to Calif, in 19.32 after
working in Munich for some time; founded
the Riverside Opera Assn. (closing ninth con-
secutive yr.); has produced 110 performances
of 32 operas; regisseur of the Co., is also
a private teacher.

Bus. and Home Address: 4539 Main St.. Riv-
erside, Calif.

CRAIG. Professor Hardin. A.B., M.A.,
Ph.D., Utt.D.

Professor of English, Stanford U.

Born: Owensboro (Ky.), June 29, 1875; s. of
Mary Jane (McHenry) and Robert Craig.

Education: Owensboro (Ky.); Centre College
(Ky); Princeton Univ.; Univ. of Chicago;
Exeter College, Oxford (Eng.).
Degrees: A.B., Centre Coll., 1897; M.A.,
1899, Ph.D., 1901, Princeton U.; Hon. Doc-
tor, U. of Padua, 1922; Litt.D., Centre Coll.,

Married: Gertrude d. of Alonzo A. Carr,
Ashby (Mass.), Sept. 4, 1906; ch.: Hardin,
Jr. (Calif. Inst, of Tech., Pasadena).
Prof. Record: Instr. in Eng., Princeton U.,
1903-05; Edgerstoune Preceptor of Eng.
Princeton U., 1905-10; Prof, of Eng., U.
of Minn., 1910-19; Prof, and Head of Dept.
of Eng., U. of Iowa, 1919-28; Prof, of Eng.,
Stanford U., 1928—.

Publications: Recent Literature of the Ren-
aissance, pub. April Nos. of Studies in Phil-
ology. 1925; Shakespeare, 1931; The En-
chanted aiass. 1936; Editor: Two Coventry
Corpus Christ! Plays. 1902; Little Master-
pieces of Poetry (with Henry van Dyke).
1902; Richard II (Tudor Shakespeare), 1912;
The Works of John Metham, 1916; Selections
from Swift (Modern Students Library), 1923;
Poe, Representative Selections, 1935; Types
of English, 1940. Editor Philological Quar-
terly, 1922-28; contributions to magazines and
learned periodicals.

Army Service: Grad., 1st R.O.T.C, Ft. Snel-
ling (Minn.), 2nd Lt., Q. M.C.N. A., 1st Lt.
and Capt., Q.M.C., 1917-19; discharged, Dec.
30, 1918; Major, Q.M.R.C, 1919-28.
Memberships: Kappa Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa;
Faculty (Stanford), Commonweatlh and Rox-
burghe clubs (San Francisco).

Religion: Presbyterian .

Politics: Democrat.

Recreation: Golf.

Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.

Home Address: 536 Gerona Rd., Santa Clara,




CRAIG, Thomas Theodore, A.B.

Instructor In I'ainlinK, Choulnard Art Inst.
Born: Upland (CuUt.), June 16, 1007; s. of
Lois (Cheney) and Dr. VV. H. Craig, Sr.
Education: Pomona Coll.; Unlv of So. Calif.;
Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll., 1934.
Married: Frances Maeve, d. of Theo. N
Stack, at La Habra (Calif.), Aug. 9, 1938.

Prnf. Record: Taught at Occidental Coll..
1936-38, Univ. of So. Calif.. 1910. Choulnard
Art Inst., 1940; bus. connection is with the
Frank K. M. Rehn Gallery: his works have
been exhibited at: Rehn Gallery (New York),
Philadelphia Mus.. Brooklyn Mus., Chicago
Art Inst., Denver Mus.. Colorado Springs.
New Haven, Hartford, Seattle. Portland. San
Francisco. Los Angeles, San Diego. Founda-
tion of Western Art. and Whitney Mus. ;
personal mus. shows: Oakland ( Calif.) Leg.
of Honor (San Francisco), San Diego, Fort
Worth, Los Angeles. San Francisco. Sacra-
mento, Crocker Gallery; is represented at:
Metropolitan Mus. of Art. Seattle Mus.. San
Francisco Mus. of Art, Calif. Palace of Leg.
of Honor, Los Angeles Co. Fair, Los Ange-
les Mus., and in many small collections.
Publications: Illustrated Munz Manual of
Southern California Botany.
Au-ards: Recipient of numerous awards, in-
cluding: First Prize in Oil and Water Color
at Los Angeles Mus. ; the S200 Second Award.
CSolden Gate Internat. Expn.; First Prize,
L. A. Co. Fair; Guggenheim Fellowship, 1941.
Memberships: Pa. Water Color and Calif.
Water Color Socs. ; Life Mem., Laguna Beach
Art Assn.; (Hon. Mem.), Bay Region Assn.;
San Diego Artists Guild; San Francisco Art

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 741 So. Grand View. Los An-
geles. Calif. ; and c/o Frank Rehn Gallery,
683 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y.
Home Address: 910 Rome Dr., Los Angeles,

CRALLE, Robert Elza. A.B., M.A.
Superintendent of City Schools, Inglewood,

Born: Louisville (Ky.), Dec. 26, 1894; .s of
Dixie (Barber) and Rod K. Cralle.

Education: San Diego elementary and high
schools: Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley); Univ.
of So. Calif. (Los Angeles).
Degrees: A.B., 1922. M.A., 1926, U. of Calif.
Married: Margaret E., d. of Carrie Eva
(King) and George C. T. Cralle, at Berke-
ley (Calif.). Dec. 17, 1923; ch.: Caroline
Shelby, Olivia Singleton, and Robert Kenner.
Prof. Record: Vice-Principal of Lincoln Sch.
Alameda (Calif.). 1923-25; High Sch. Prin.
and Dist. Supt. of Westwood (Calif.) Schs.,
1925-31; Dep. Supt., Inglewood (Calif.) City
Schs., 1932.

Xavy Service: Served in Marine Corps dur-
ing World War I.

Memberships: Pi Delta Kappa: Masons; Kl-
wanis Club; Assn. of Calif. Public School
Supts. ; Nat. Assn. of School Administrators.
Religion: Protestant.
Pontics: Democrat.

Recreations: Swimming, sailing, hiking and

Bus. Address: 111 No. Grevlllea Ave.. In-
glewood, Calif.

Home Address: 8025 Maltland Ave., Ingle-
wood, Calif.

CRAM, Mildred


Born: Washington (D.C.). Oct. 17, 1889; d.
of Mary Olivia (Queen) and Nathan Dow

Education: Horace Mann and Barnard Schs.,
in New York.

Prof. Record: First short-story was pub-
lished in Scribner'a, 1915; since then has
written for all major Ametfican and British
publications. Kingdom of Innocents Is her
most recent novel (pub. by Alfred A. Knopf,
Inc.). Many motion pictures, translations
from French and Italian, biographies, etc. ;
is now engaged in writing a screen play.
Publications: The Western Shore (a novel);
Things, Lotus Salad, Old Seaport Towns
(Dodd Mead & Co.); Madder Music (Little.
Brown & Co. ) ; Scotch Valley (Doubleday
Doran); Forever, Kingdom of Innocents (A.
A. Knopf, Inc.), etc., from 1917 to 1941.
Recreations: Gardening, motoring, swimming,
reading and the theatre.

Home Address: 620 Hot Springs Rd., Santa
Barbara, Calif.

Other Address: (temporary) 207 Avondale
Rd., Brentwood Park, W. Los Angeles, Calif.

CRANE, Clarkson, A.B.

Born: Chicago (111.), Sept. 20, 1894; s. of
Elizabeth (Clarkson) and Harold Osband

Education: Chicago Latin School, 1901-11;
Thacher School, 1911-12; Univ. of CaUf.,

Degrees: A.B., U. of Calif., 1916.
Prof. Record: Instr. in the U. of Calif. Ex-
tension Div. from 1928 to present.
Publications: The Western Shore (a novel);
short stories in various magazines.
Army Service: A.E.F., 1917-19, S.S.U. 586.
Awards: Croix de Guerre (1917).
Memberships: Theta Delta Chi.
Recreations: Gardening, walking.
Home Address: 6573 Heather Ridge Way,
Oakland, Calif.

CRANSTON, The Reverend Earl. A.B.,
B.D., M.A., Ph.D.

Chairman of History and Political Science,
Univ. of Redlands.

Born: Denver (Colo.), Jan. 30, 1895; s. of
Florence Terry (Pitkin) and Earl Montgom-
ery Cranston.

Education: Public schools, Denver (Colo.);
Dartmouth College; Drew Theological Semi-
nary; Columbia Univ.; Union Theological
Seminary; Harvard Univ.

Degrees: A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1916; B.D.,
Drew Theol. Sem.. 1920; M.A.. Columbia U.,
1925; Ph.D., Harvard U., 1931.
Married: Mary Mildred, d. of Edith Joanna
(Dissette) and John Weslev Welch, at New-
Richmond (Ohio), Jan. 28, 1929; ch.: John
Welch (b. 1931), Margaret Brayton (b. 1934).
and Florence Pitkin (b. 1938).
Prof. Record: Missionary and teacher, CSiina,



1920-24, 1926-28, Teacher, Boston U.. 1928-
30; State Teachers Coll., Buffalo (N.Y.),
1930-31; Colgate U., 1931-34; Chmn. of Hist,
and Pol. Sci., U. of Redlands, 1934 — . Lec-
turer at Seventh Internat. Congress of Hist.
Sciences, Warsaw (Poland), 1933. Exchange
preacher in England and Scotland, 1933.
Visiting Lecturer at Pacific Sch. of Religion,
Berkeley (Calif.), 1940.

Directorships: Escondido Land and Town Co.

Publica lions: Swords or Plowsharesf (Abing-
don Press, New York), 1937; contributor to
The Way Out (Willett, Clark & Co., Chi-
cago), 1939.

Ariny Service: Private in U. S. Army Ambu-
lance Corps, serving In Italy, 1918-19.
Awards: Italian War Cross, 1919.
Memberships: Delta Sigma Rho, Phi Beta
Kappa; Masonic; Tri-Coutnry Club (River-
side, Calif.).

Religion: Ordained Methodist Minister.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Redlands, Redlands,

Home Address: 519 W. Fern Ave., Redlands,

CRANSTON, Mildred Welch. A.B., M.A.,

Educator, Writer.

Born: Adrain (Mich.), Nov. 21, 1898; d. of
Edith Joanna (Dissette) and John Wesley

Education: Univ. of 111.; Boston Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1921, U. of 111.; M.A., 1923,
Ph.D., 1930, Boston U.

Married: Earl, s. of Florence (Pitkin) and
Earl Montgomery Cranston, at New Rich-
mond (Ohio), Jan. 28, 1929; ch.: John Welch,
Margaret Brayton, and Florence Pitkin.
Prof. Record: Missionary, Methodist Church
(Chengtu, China), 1922-27; Instr. in Phi-
losophy and Religion, Boston U., 1929; Instr.,
U. of Redlands, 1936; Mem., City Council
of Redlands, 1936-38; State Chmn. of Pub-
lic Affairs for Calif., Y.W.C.A., 1936-38,
National Committeewoman, Y.W.C.A., 1936-
38; Commr. of Police, Charities and Health.
Directorships: Fellow, Nat. Council of Reli-
gion, in Higher Edn.

Publications: Articles in Western City, Wom-
an's Press, Zion's Herald.

Memberships: Contemporary Club (Redlands);
Gamma Phi Beta, Theta Sigma Phi, Phi
Beta Kappa.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 519 W. Fern Ave., Redlands,

CRAVATH. Ruth (Mrs. Cravath


Born: Chicago (111.), Jan. 23, 1902; d. of
Myra (Rew) and James Raley Cravath.
Education: Art Inst, of Chicago; Grinnell
College; Calif. School of Fine Arts.
Married: Sam Bell, III, s. of Sam Bell Wake-
field, Jr., in Berkeley (Calif.), Mar. 10, 1928;
ch.: Sam Bell Wakefield, IV, and Elizabeth

Prof. Record: Instr. In Sculpture at the fol-
lowing: Calif. School of Fine Arts (San

Francisco) ; Sarah Di.\ Hamlin Sch. (San
Francisco), 1933-37; Carey Sch. (San Mateo),
1935; Sculpture at the following; Emmanu-
El Sisterhood (San Francisco) ; Stock Ex-
change Lunch Club, Pinohaven (San Fran-
cisco); San Francisco Mus. of Art (Bender
Collection); Court of the Pacific (Golden
Gate Internat. Expn.); portraits in sculp-
ture and garden sculpture owned by various
private individuals.

Directorships: Sculptor Mem., the Art
Commn. of the City of San Francisco.
Mem.berships: San Francisco Art Assn.; San
Francisco Society of Women Artists.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 802 Montgomery St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 1150 Filbert St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Other Address: Gray's Ranch, Thompson
Falls, Montana.

CRAWFORD. Professor Claude C,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Education, Univ. of So. Calif.

Born: Hill Co. (Tex.), Nov. 16, 1897; s. of

Mamie Lu (Abernathy) and Henry Scott


Education: Grad., East Tex. Normal Coll.
(Commerce, Tex.), 1916; Univ. of Tex.;
grad. study, Carnegie Inst, of Tech., 1921-
23; Univ. of Chicago, Summers, 1920-24.
Degrees: A.B., 1918, and M.A., 1919, U. of
Tex.; Ph.D., U. of Chicago, 1924.
Married: Ina Lou (Zachary), in Winters
(Tex.), June 10, 1917.

Prof. Record: Prin. of Schs., Dickens (Tex.),
1916-17; Head of Edn. Dept., Meridian (Tex.)
Coll., 1919-21, Dir. of summer sch., 1921;
Instr. in Edn. and Psychology, Carnegie Inst,
of Tech., 1921-23; Prof, of Secondary Edn.,
Univ. of Idaho, 1923-26; Prof, of Edn., U.
of So. Calif., since 1926.

Publications: Methods of Study, 1926; The
Technique of Study, 1928; The Technique of
Research in Education, 1928; Modern Meth-
ods in Teaching Geography (with L. P. Mc-
Donald), 1929; Studying the Major Subjects,
1930; Learning a New Language (with E.
M. Leitzell), 1930; Statistics for Teachers
(with E. W. Tiegs), 1930; Teaching the So-
cial Studies (with Delia G. Fancier), 1932;
How to Teach, 1938; The Problems of Educa-
tion (with Louis P. Thorpe and Fay G.
Adams), 1938; Living Your Life (with Ethel-
G. Cooley and C. C. Trillingham), 1940;
Contbr. to School Review, School and Society,
Journal of Educational Research, etc.

Memberships: Nat. Soc. for Study of Edn.,

Nat. Edn. Assn. ; Phi Delta Kappa.

Religion: Methodist.

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern Calif., Los

Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 3832 W. Vernon Ave., Los

Angeles, Calif.

CRAWFORD. David Livingston, A.B.,

M.A., LL.D.

Entomologist; President, Univ. of Hawaii.
Born: Sonora (Mex.), Mar. 7, 1889; s. of
Harriet Joanna (Sturges) and Matthew Ar-
nold Crawford.



Education: Pomona Coll.; Stanford Univ.;
Cornell Univ. (grad. study).
Degrees: A.B., 1911, LL.D., 1933, Pomona
Coll.; M.A., Stanford U., 1912.
Married: Loona Elizabclh MudRclt of San
Diego (Calif.), Juno 25. 1914; ch.: Joan Ag-
nes and James Mudgett.

Prof. Record: Mgr., Gulf Coast Citrus Grow-
ers' Assn., 1913-14; Prof., Botany, Pomona
Coll., 1914-17; Prof., Entomology, U. of Ha-
waii, 1917-26, also Dir., E.xtenslon Dlv.,
1920-26; Pres., since 1927; Commd, by Pres.
Roosevelt to survey U. of Puerto Kico, 1939.
Ptiblicatioym: Can Nations Be Neighbors?
1932; Paradox in Hawaii. 1933; Hawaii's Crop
Parade, 1937; also, numerous papers on ento-
mological subjects.

Memberships: Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa;
University Club.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Bits. .Address; Univ. of Hawaii, Honolulu,

Home Adderss: 2355 Oahu Ave., Honolulu,

CRAWFORD, Dean Mary Sinclair. A.B.,
M.A., LL.D., Ph.D., Litt.D.
Dean of Women, and Professor of Old
French, Univ. of So. Calif.
Born: Philadelphia (Pa.).
Education: Wilson Coll., Byrn Mawr; Univ.
of Pa.

Degrees: A.B., 1903, LL.D., 1935, Wilson
Coll.; M.A., 1920, Ph.D., 1923, U. of Pa.;
Litt.D., U. of So. Calif., 1941.
Prof. Record: 1917-18, Exec. Sectv., Women's
Com. of Council for Nat. Defense; 1920-22,
Instr. in French, Byrn Mawr; 1922-25, Dean
of Women, Carleton Coll. Field of interest

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 59 of 235)