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and research: Old French of the eleventh and
twelfth centuries; discovered unpublished
manuscripts in the French Archives of Paris;
made a comparative study of old French
manuscripts belonging to the British and
French govts. — for this work decorated by
the French govt., as noted below.
Awards: (Golden Palm of L'Officier de I'ln-
struction Publique.

Meynberships: Modern Language Assn.; Me-
diaeval Acad, of America; Societe des An-
ciens Te.xtes (Paris) ; Amer. Assn. Univ.
Women; Nat. Assn. Deans of Women; Wom-
en's Univ. Club (L.A.); Internat. Assn. of
Women in Aeronautics; Nat. Assn. Bus. and
Prof. Women; Women's State Emergency Re-
lief Com (White House appt.); Anglo-Nor-
man Text Soc.

Honorary Memberships: Calif. Assn. of Deans
of Women of Jr. Colls.; Pi Delta Phi (Nat.
Hon. French Frat.), Phi Beta (Nat. Hon.
Speech and Music frat.), Phi Kappa Phi, Mu
Phi Epsilon (Nat. Hon. Music Soror.), Pi
Lamda Theta, and Delta Kappa Gamma.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Recreations: Travel.

Bus. Address: 3551 University Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Hoyne Address: 2142 Redcliff St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

CRAWFORD, Robert Murry. A.B.

Area Youth Personnel Supervisor, National
Youth Administration, Los Angeles.
Born: Wamego (Kan.), May 3, 1917; s. of
Nelle (Ames) and John Murry Crawford.

Educiilion: Los Angeles High Sch.; Univ. of
So. Calif.

Degrees: A.B., U. of So. Calif., 1939.
Married: Marjorlc Pauline, d. of Mr. and
Mrs. John R. at San Francisco
(Calif.), Sept. 21, 1940.

Prof. Record: Special Research Technician
for American President Lines (stationed In
Orient), 1939; Mem., Faculty of the U. of
So. Calif., 19.39-40; employed by Nat. Youth
Adminstrn. as Area Youth Personnel Supv.,
June, 1940.

Mcmbershijis: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa
Phi, Kappa Sigma (Delta Eta Chapt.);
Blackstonlan, Wilshlre Young Democratic
(Pres., 1938-39), Open Forum Breakfast clubs.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Tennis, badminton, handball and

Bus. Address: 2000 Pasadena Ave., Los An-
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 3005 Rosalind PI., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

CRAWFORD, Professor Russell Tracy,
B.S., Ph.D.

Professor of Astronomy, Univ. of Calif,

Born: Davis (Calif.). Mar. 26, 1876; s. of
Mary Lanette (Foster) and Frederick Gus-
tavus Crawford.

Education: Boys High Sch. (San Francisco);
Univ. of Calif.; Univ. of Berlin.
Degrees: B.S., 1897, Ph.D., 1901, U. of Calif.
Married: (1) Mary Crooke McCleave, Oct. 20,
1902 (dec. Apr. 21, 1903; (2) Helen Alice
Young, of Berkeley (Calif.), May 22, 1913.
Prof. Record: Mem., examining force, U. S.
Civ. Serv. Commn., 1902-03; with U. of
Calif, since \903; Isntr. in Astronomv until
1906, Asst. Prof., 1906-10; Asso. Porf., 1910-
19, Prof, since 1919; Chmn. of the Dept.
since 1938; Dir. Students' Observ. since 1939.
Mem., Bd. of Edn., Berkeley, 1906-09.
Army Service: Maj., Air Serv., U.S.A., Feb.
1918 - July, 1919.

Memberships: Fellow, A.A.A.S.; Mem., As-
tron. Soc. Amer. ; Astron. Soc. Pac. (Pres.,
1914); Internat. Astron. Union; Astrono-
mische Gesellschaf; Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma
XI; Faculty (Berkeley) and Claremont
Country clubs.

Special Work: Investigated the orbits of
many comets and two satellites; computed
general perturbations of several asteroids.
Publications: The Deteririination of Orbits of
Coynets and Asteroids. Editor, Cajori's New-
ton's Principia, a revision of Motte's Trans-

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: 2740 Hillegass Ave., Berke-
ley, Calif.

CRAWFORD, Will Clark, A.B., M.A.,

Superintendent of City Schools, San Diego.
Born: Hermosillo (Me.x.), July 4, 1891; s.
of Harriet (Sturges), and Matthew A. Craw-

Education: Pomona College; Columbia Univ.;
Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll., 1913; M.A.,



Columbia U.. 1915; Ed.D., U. of So. Calif.,

Married: Katherine, d. of Amelia M. and
Joseph A. Caldwell, at Claremont (Calif.),
Sept. 3, 1915; ch.: Margaret Katherine and
Nancy Elizabeth.

Prof. Record: General Supt., Community
Chautauqua, White Plains (New York), 1916-
17; Principal, Anglo-Chinese Sch. (Singa-
pore), 1919-21; Asst. Mgr., Ahukinl Rail-
road Lihue (Terr, of Hawaii), 1921-23; Dep.
Supt., Dept. of Public Instrn. (T.H.), 1923-
25; Supt. of Public Instrn. (T.H.), 1925-34;
Supt., City Schs., San Diego (Calif.), 1934—.
Publications: Dissertation for EdD. (1940):
Purposes and Personnel Administration of
Adult Education; has contributed to the
Journal of Education; School Executive Mag-
azine; Phi Delta Kappan, etc.
Army Service: Lt., U.S.Army Air Corps,

Memberships: Nat. Edn. Assn. (Life Mem);
San Diego Chamber of Commerce; Phi Beta
Kappa, Phi Delta Kappa, and Pi Gamma Mu
frats. ; Masons; Rotary Club.
Bus. Address: 825 Union St., San Diego,

Home Address: 3305 Voltaire St., San Diego,

CREELMAN. James Ashmore, Ph.B.


Born: Marietta (Ohio); s. of Alice (Buell)
and James Creelman (Editor, War Corres-

Education: Trinity Sch. (N.Y.C); Phillips
Exeter; Yale Sheff.
Degrees: Ph.B., Yale Sheff.
Prof. Record: Newspaerman and motion pic-
ture writer; originals: Fine Manners
(collaborator, Frank Vreeland) ; Gang War;
Half Shot at Sunrise; Danger Lights,
Erik the Great; Last Days of Pompeii (col-
laborator, Melville Baker) ; Dancers in the
Dark, and many others; adaptations: Smilin'
Through; King Kong; The Red Dance; The
Coast of Folly, and many others; writer at
Paramount, Metro, Columbia, Fox, and War-
ners; former Counsel Mem., Authors' League
of Amer., and Screen Writers Guild.
Army Service: Cadet Pilot, U.S.A. Air Serv-
ice, World War I., U.S. Aeronautic Sch., Ith-
aca (N.Y.), Baron Flying Field, Fort Worth

Memberships: Theta Xi; Yale Club (N.Y.).
Religion: Protestant.
Recreations: Tennis, golf, and riding.
Home Adderss: 5930 Franklin Ave., Holly-
wood, Calif.

CREGAR, Richard Bruce

Indian Trader, Merchant-Collector.
Born: Streator (111.), Jan. 4, 1887; s. of
Lillie Belle (Atkins) and John Franklin

Education: High Sch., Mining Engineering
High Sch., Streator (111.); Mining (Calif.)
Married: Nona H., d. of Thomas E. Bloom,
at Santa Ana (Calif.). April 19, 1916; ch.:

Bus. Record: Practical experience In mining,
1910-16, in Calif, and Nev. ; Pioneer Auto
Stage Operators, ten years; collector of In-
dian arts and crafts and Indian relics since
1904, from Old Mex. to Alaska, Maine to
Calif, inclusive; operating Trading Post (fa-

mous Palm Canyon), also Trading Post in
Village of Palm Springs, 1928—.
Directorships: Owner and Mgr., Palm Canyon
Trading Post, Cregar's Indian Trading Post.
Reilgion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Traveling and collecting.
Home Address: 138 Palm Canyon Dr., Palm
Springs, Calif.

CRESS, Carl Chester. A.B., M.S.
Assistant Superintendent of Riverside City

Born: Crescent (Okla.), Dec. 23, 1896; s.
of Fannie (Oliver) and Frederick Cress.
Education: Univ. of Okla.; Univ. of Neb.;
Stanford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1922, M.S., 1931, U. of Okla.
Married: Edith, d. of Agnes (Russell) and
Everett Fulkerson, Wilburton (Okla.), May
15, 1926; ch.: Carl C, Jr., Forrest and Kar-
en Sue.

Prof. Record: Teacher, Crescent (Okla.),
1913-14; Prin., Crescent High Sch. (Okla.),
1916-18; Prin., Roff High Sch. (Okla.),
1921; Teacher, Social Science, Central High
Sch., Omaha (Neb.), 1921-23; Teacher, Soc.
Science, Oklahoma City High Schs., 1923-30;
Prin., Roosevelt Junior High Sch., Oklahoma
City, 1930-33; Prin., Harding Jr. High Sch.,
1933-38; Dir. of Curricula and Instrn., Riv-
erside City (Calif.) Schs., 1938-39; Asst.
Supt., Riverside City Schs. 1939-40. Pres.,
Oklahoma City Teachers Assn., 1929-31;
Pres., State Dept. Secondary Sch. Prins.
(Oklahoma), 1932-33; Exec. Secty., State
Dept. Secondary School Prins. (Okla.), 1933-

Army Service: Observation Battery of Field
Artillery, 1918, World War I.
Mem,berships: Kappa Sigma.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Sports.

Bus. Address: 3450 Ninth St., Riverside,

Home Address: 4093 Elmwood Ct., Riverside,

CRESSE, Mary Blanche

Religious Worker.

Born: Antwerp (Ohio), Aug. 30, 1873; d. of
Ann Mary (Morrelle) and Dr. Nelson Curtis

Education: La Salle Ex. Univ. (Chicago);
Aurora Bus. Coll. (Aurora, 111.); Bell Bus.
Coll. (Los Angeles).

Married: Chas. Lee, s. of Richard Cresse,
San Diego (Calif.), June 15, 1924; ch.: Roy
Morrelle Bender (by former marriage).
Bus. Record: Mgr. of Dept. in Gen. Offices
of C. B. & Q. Railroad (Chicago, Illinois) ;
Secty. to Pres. and Secty. of the following
cos. : The Mexico Immigration Land and
Fiber Co. and The Port Lobos Oil Co.,
both cos. with offices in Los Angeles; Au-
ditor and Bookkeeper for both above cos.;
Public Auditor and Accountant; Office Mgr.
and Bookkeeper at The Hotel Ingraham
(Los Angeles).

Memberships: Los Angeles Union of The Wo-
man's Christian Temperance Union (Pres.);
The United Church Women (Charter Mem.),
represented all the Christian Churches of Los
Angeles on Exec. Bd. for 10 yrs. ; Pres. of



various organizations and soclctiei; McCarty
Memorial Christian Church.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. aiui Ilnme Address: 5124 Alta Canyada
Kd., La Caflnda and 4746 Topaz St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

CRIM, Arthur Preston

Orange Grower.

Born: Near Kittanning (Pa.). Julv 28. 1871;
s. of Elizabeth (Wilcox) and John R. Crlm.
Education: Grove City Coll. (Pa.).
Married: Emma S.. d. of Jack.son Heffel-
flnger (near) RockvlUe, Western Fa.. Sept.
3, 1902; ch.: Arthur Preston. Jr.; Clifford
Jackson and Wilbur Roscoe.
Bus. Record: Grove City Coll.. Class of
"•900 (studying for Ph.B.). work not quite
completed because of illness; before coming
West, followed teaching as a profession for
9 years; arrived in Calif.. 1902. and has been
an orange grower ever since.
Directorships: San Bernardino Production
Credit Bank (Dir.); Redlands Orangedale
Assn. (Pres., Bd. of Dirs.); San Bernardino
Co. Red Scale Control Dist. (Dir.).
Memberships: Redlands Lodge. No. 300. F. &
A. M.; Redlands Chapter. No. 77, R.A.M. ;
Redlands Commandery. No. 45, Knights
Templar; Valley Council. No. 27. R. & S.M.;
Chmn. of Necrology Com., Grand Lodge. F.
& A. M.; Inspector of 105th Masonic Dist.
(for 12 yrs.); Long Beach Ancient and Ac-
cepted Scottish Rite Bodies; Gateway Scot-
tish Rite Club of Riverside and San Ber-
nardino Counties (Pres.).
Religion: Presbyterian (Elder for IS yrs.).
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Basketball and football fan.
Bus. and Home Address: W. Colton Ave. and
Nevada St.. Redlands, Calif.

CRITTENDEN, Dean Roy Howard,


Dean of Fine Arts. Chapman College.
Born: Walnut Grove (111.). 1892; s. of Nellie
(Temple) and William W. Crittenden.
Education: Drake Univ.; private study of
Shakespeare (London), Albertl (Milan), Ste-
phens (New York).

Degrees: Mus.D., Chapman Coll., 1940.
Married: Hazel, d. of Charles L. Webb, Des
Moines (Iowa), 1914.

Prof. Record: Concert baritone and soloist
with eastern orchestras; Head of Voice Dept.,
Phillips U. ; Dean, Crittenden Conservatbry
of Muisc; Baritone v\'ith Western Concert Ar-
tists League; Dean of Fine Arts, Chapman
of Music; Baritone with Western Concert Ar-
tists League; Dean of Fine Arts, (Thapman
Coll. (Los Angeles).

Army Service: Army Song Leader (World
War I).

Memberships: Rotary; Pres., Musician's Guild
of So. Calif.

Religion: Baptist.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing, and golf.

Bus. Address: 766 No. Vermont Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 4343 Bums Ave., Los Angeles,

CROISSANT. Professor Albert. A.B.,


Asst. Prof, of English, OccldenUl Coll.
Rom: .St. Louis (Mo.), June 5. 1894; s. of
Uertha (Niemann) and Albert Croissant.
Education: City Coll. of Law and Finance
(St. Louis); Dennl.son Univ.; Univ.
(St. Louis); Univ. of So. Calif.; Occidental

Degrees: A.B., U. of So. Calif., 1917; M.A.,
Occidental Coll., 1932.

Married: Kathleen, d. of Arthur G. Arnoll,
Pasadena (Calif.), June 1937.
Publications: Many short stories form 1918
to 1925; newspaper and mag. articles on
modern literature; Asst. Editor. California
Review of Adult Education, 19.36-37.
Army Record: Regimental Sgt. Major, Div.
Hdq.. Camp Kearney, 1917-18.
Memberships: Sigma Alpha Epsllon.
Recreations: Tennis.

Bus. Address: Occidental Coll., Los Angeles.

Home Address: 388 So. Virginia Ave., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

CROOK, Lieut. Colonel Welton Joseph,

U.S. Army Ord. Dept., A.B., E.M.,

Metallurgist-Educator; Army Officer.
Born: Melbourne (Australia), Feb. 1, 1886; s.
of Grace (Cooper) and William Joseph Crook.
Education: Scotch Coll. (Melbourne); Mel-
bourne Sch. of Mines; Stanford Univ.; Scoala
Politchnica. Bucharest (Roumania).
Degrees: A.B., Stanford, 1911. Engr. (Min-
ing and Metallurgy), 1919; Dr. Engr., Bu-
charest, 1936.

Married: Maud, d. of Clara and Alfred L'-
Anphere, Salinas (Calif.), 1911.

Prof. Record: Chemist and Assayer, Dept. of
Mines and Water Supplv, Victorian (Jovt.
(Australia), 1907-08; Asst., Dept. of Metal-
lurgy, Stanford, 1910; Chief Chemist. Pac.
Coast Steel Co., So. San Francisco. 1911-13;
Prof, of Metallurg\'. State Sch. of Mines (S.
D.>, 1913-17; Metall. Chem., U. S. Bureau
of Mines. P. P. I.E., 1915; Metallurgist and
Chief Chemist, Pac. Coast Steel Co., 1917-19;
Metallurgist and Chief Inspector, 1919-20;
Chief Metallurgist, 1920-21; Co-operating
Analyst, U. S. Bur. of Standards, since 1920;
Cons. Engr., U. S. Bureau of Mines, 1922;
Consulting Metall. Engr., Pac. Coast Steel
Co. (San Francisco), 1922-30, D. and B.
Pumo and Supply Co. (Los Angeles). 1926-
30; Elliott Core Drilling Co. (Los Angeles),
since 1926; Gen. Pet. Corp. (Los Angeles),
since 1927; Rotary Process Refining Co., 1929-
33; Axelson Mfg. Co.. since 1930; Lt. Col.,
Staff Spec. Res., U. S. Army, since 1927;
Scoala Politechnica. Bucharest (Roumania),
1935-36. At Stanford since 1921. At pres-
ent under orders (As of Nov. 15. 1940) for
E.A.D. in the Army as Lt. Col., Ordnance.
Will be stationed at Rock Island Arsenal

Publications: Spectrum Wave Length Tables,
1935; Metallurgical Spectrum Analysis, 1935
(Stanford Univ. Press) ; also 50 or more ar-
ticles in the technical press.

Army Record: Second and First Lt., Inf..
Commonwealth Militarv Forces, 1904-07; 1st
Sgt., Inf., N. G. Calif., 1912-13; Sgt., 1st
Class, Med. Corps., N. G. South Dakota,



1913-14; Trainee: 2nd Officers Training
Camp, Presidio, of San Francisco. 1917 (Hon.
Discharge — lack of full citizensliip). Appoint-
ed Major, Spec. Res. Officers Res. Cori s.,
1927: Lt. Col., 1939; extended active duty,
Lt. Col., Ord. Dept., Rock Island Ar.senal,

Memberships: Engr. Club of San Francisco;
Theta Xi; Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi; Am. Inst.
Mining Engrs. ; Amer. Soc. Metalls. ; Amer.
Assn. Adv. Sci.; New York Acad, of Sci.;

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Technical Officer, Rock Island
Arsenal, Rock Island, 111.

Horne Address: 675 San Juan St., Stanford
University, Calif, and Rock Island Arsenal

CROSBY, Jr., Harry L. (Bing), Mus.D.
Actor, Singer (Motion Pictures and Radio),

Born: Tacoma (Wash.), May 2, 1904; s. of
Catherine H. (Harrigan) and Harry L. Cros-
by, Sr.

Education: Pub. schs. of Spokane (Wash.);
Gonzaga Univ. (two yrs. of law sch.)
Degrees: Mus.D., Gonzaga U., 1939.
Married: Wilma W., d. of Norah and E. E.
Wyatt, in Hollywood (Calif.), Sept. 29, 1930;
ch. : Gary Evan, Dennis Michael, Philip Lang,
and Lindsay Harry.

Prof. Record: In addition to his fame as a
Motion Picture Actor and Radio Singer for
the past twelve yrs.. Dr. Crosby is rapidly
becoming one of the best-known sportsmen
in the U. S., due principally to his annual
golf tournament, which attracts the best
players in the country, and his race track
at Del Mar.

Directrships: Pres., Crosby Invest. Corpn. ;
Pres. and Dir., Del Mar Turf Club.
Memberships: Lakeside Golf, Pebble Beach
Golf, The Valley of Montecito, and Friars
(New York) clubs.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, racing, tennis, fishing
swimming, and hunting.

Bus. Address: 9028 Sunset Blvd., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Home Address: 10500 Camarillo, No. Holly-
wood, Calif.

CROSBY. Walter Wilson, B.C.E., C.E.
Engr.D., Sc.D., F.A.A.A.S., F.A.G.S.

Civil Engineer.

Born: Brooklyn (N. Y.), Sept. 2, 1872; s. of

Adelaide (Seaver) of Roxbury ( and

Wilson Crosby of Bangor (Me.).

Education: Public schs. of Brooklyn and of

Bangor (Me.); Univ. of Me.

Degrees: B.C.E., 1893, C.E., 1896, Engr.D.,

1926, U. of Me.; Sc.D., U. of Md., 1912.

Married: Florence Lapham Fletcher, d. of

Ellen (Perry) and Frank A. Lapham of

Wash. (D.C.), in Denver (Colo.), Aug. 6,


Prof. Record: Munic. Engrg. and Surveying,

1S90-93: Rwy. Engrg., 1892-96; with Mass.

Hwy. Commn., 1896-1901; Engrg. Hd. of

modern hwy. work and State Hwy. Engr.

of Md., 19()1-12 incl.; Gen. Supt. of Parks,

Baltimore (Md.), 1904-05; Chief Engr., Md.

Geological Survey, 1905-17; Cons. Expert
(Hwys. and Parks) 1912—; on active mili-
tary duty in Fed. Serv. (A. E. F.) 1916-20;
with U. S. Nat. Park Serv., 1921-25 and Supt.
Grand Canyon Nat. Park; with Pa. State
Hwy. Dept., 1925-26; Mem., City Planning
Commn., Coronado (Calif.), 1927—.
Memberships: One of the organizers and Life
Mem. of L'Assn. Internat. Permanente des
Congres de la Route; one of the Organizers
and Mem. of The Amer. Legion; Amer. Soc.
Civil Engrs.; Mil. Order Foreign Wars; Mil.
Order World War; Amer. Fisheries Soc;
Izaak Walton League; Amer. Mus. of Nat-
Hist. ; S. A. R.; Sons of the Revolution;
Phi Kappa Phi (Hon.), Beta Theta Pi;
Coronado Riding Club. Fellow: Amer. A.ssn.
Adv. Sci., Amer. Geog. Soc, Royal Soc. Arts

Awards: Citations from Gen. John J. Persh-
ing and from Maj. Gen. Wm. A. Langfitt,
Chf. Engr., A.E.F.; Order of the Purple
Heart; Lt. Col., U.S.A. (E.O.) retired, 1928
Religion: Unitarian.
Recreations: Salmon and trout fishing.
Bus. and Home Address: 1040 Adella Ave.,
Coronado, Calif.

CROSS, Estelle A. C, A.B., Litt.B., Ph.D.
Newspaperwoman, Writer, Lecturer.
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Oct. 18, 1898;
d. of Frances S. and William S. Cross.
Education: Marlborough Sch. (Los Angeles,
Calif.), graduated, 1917; Chicago Art Inst.,
graduated, 1922; Univ. of Calif., grad. stu-
dent, 1925-26; Oxford Univ. (England), 1926-
29; Univ. of Vienna, 1927.
Degrees: A.B., Chicago Art Inst., 1922,
Litt.B., 1928, Ph.D., 1933, Oxford U., U. of
Vienna, 1934.

Prof. Record: Began 1919 as student of arch.,
decor, art and classical archaeol. Designed
fabrics for Marshall Field (Chicago), Bon
Marche (Paris), Liberty's (London). Research
student in Athens (Greece), Cairo (Egypt),
Prague (Czecho-Slovakia). Writer of Art
criticisms, book reviews, short stories, es-
savs, poems and travel: articles for Amer.,
British, French, Italian and So. African
newspapers and periodicals. Lectured on
PhilVjsophy of Art, Charles U. (Prague), Slade
Inst, of Art, Univ. Coll. (London), U. of
Vienna (Austria), Ashmolean Museum (Ox-
ford U.), Fitzwilliam Mus. of Classical Ar-
chaeology (Cambridge U.), Art and Womens
Clubs in U.S.; lectured on foreign affairs in
the Universities of Switzerland, France, Aus-
tria, Hungary, England, Italy, Russia, Pol-
and, Czecho-Slovakia, and Scotland. Foreign
correspondent in Central and Eastern Europe
from 1926-39. Feature writer for the Del
Mar Club Life Magazine, Santa Monica (Cal-
if.), since 1935. Has interviewed most of
the world's leading personalities from 1927-
39, some of whom were: King George V
of Great Britain, King George VI of Great
Britain, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth
of Great Britain, Duke of Windsor, Rt. Hon.
David Lloyd George, The Late Rt. Hon. J.
Ramsey MacDonald, Rt. Hon. Neville Cham-
berlain, Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill, Rt. Hon.
Anthony Eden, John Masefield (Poet Laureate
of England), Rudyard Kipling, Bernard
Shaw, King Albert of Belgium, Ex-King Al-
fonzo of Spain, Hitler, Mussolini, the Late
Pres. Masaryk of Czecho-Slovakia, Gandhi,
M. Doumergue (former Pres. of the French
Republic), etc.

Directorships: Second Vice-Pres., Pan-Amer.
League (Los Angeles Branch).



Publications: Journaliiim as a Career for
Women (London), 1935; Hungarian Rhap-
sody (niulaposl), 1938; Shirt alcrwn Intor-
vietos (Oxford), 1939; Craativo Art in Child-
hood (Vienna), 1927; The Position of Women
in Avcicnt Ci-i-nrc (Athens), 1928; The Phil-
osophy of Art (Oxford), 19,33; Contemporary
Dramatixls I Ihirr Known (Oxford), 1939;
The Rmnnncc of the Stamp, Its Place in His-
tory, 1939; Russia of Today (London), 1939;
Visits with EnoUsh Men of Letters (Oxford),

Mcmhcrships: Friday Morning (Los Angeles),
Del Mar (Santa Monica), Amer. Women's
(London), and Press and Pen (London)
Clubs; Calif. (U.O Alumni A.ssn. (life

Religion: Episcopalian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, swimming, a philatelist,
painter and etcher.

Homo Address: 1154 W. 29th St., Los An-
geles, Calif.; c-o Lloyds Bank, Oxford. Eng-
land (European address).

CROSS. Dean Henry Aaron. A.B., M.A.
Dean of San Luis Obispo Junior College.
Born: Rockford (111.), Oct. 23, 1891; s.
of Grace (Gray) and Henry Aaron Cross.
Education: Grinnell Coll.; Univ. of Iowa;
Iowa State Coll.; Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: A.B., Grinnell, 1916; M.A., Iowa
State U., 1926.

Married: Pearl, d. of John Heisey, Aug.,
1916; ch.: Barbara Wigger, Joy, and John
H. A.

Prof. Record: Supt. of Schs., Central City
(Iowa); Prin., U. Schs., State U. of Iowa;
Dean, Phoenix Jr. Coll. (Ariz.); Prof, of
Edn., Whittier Coll. (Calif.); Dean, San Luis
Obispo Jr. Coll. (Calif.).

Directorships: Boy Scouts of Amer., Santa
Lucia Area Council, San Luis Obispo (Calif.),
Pres. Central Calf. Jr. Coll. Assn., 1940-42.

Publications: Contributions to various maga-

Memberships: Rotary; Phi Delta Kappa.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. San Luis Obispo Junior Coll.,
San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Home Address: 1341 Osos, San Luis Obispo,

CROSS. Professor Ira Brown, A.B., M.A.,

Professor of Economics, Univ. of Calif.
Born: Decatur (111.), Dec. 1, 1880; s. of
Orietta (Clemmons) and Bradford Cross.
Education: Univ. of Wis. and Stanford Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1905, M.A., 1906, U. of Wis.;
Ph.D., Stanford U., 1909.

Married: Blanche Julia, d. of Rev. Darius A.
Mobley, Vallejo (Calif.), July 14, 1911; ch.:
Ira Brown, Jr., and Carleton Parker.
Prof. Record: Instr. in Economics, Stanford
U., 1909-12; Asst. Prof., Stanford U., 1912-
14; Asst. Prof., U. of Calif., 1914-17; Asso.
Prof., 1917-19; Prof, of Economics, 1919—.
Has served as spec, agent for the Wis. Tax
Commn., Wis. Bur. of Labor Statistics, Car-
negie Peace Foundation, U. S. Immigration
Comm., U. S. Indust. Commn. ; during World
War I, Spec. Agt. for the U. S. Shipping Bd.

and Emergency Fleet Corpn.; gave hIx-
works course for War Industries Bd. un
Km[)loymrnt Mgmt.; served a.s Four Minute
Man In addressing audiences for the Govt,
during the War.

Puhlirations: Child Labor in the United Rtat-
cs; Cooperative Stores in the United Slates;
Essentials of Socialism; Domestic and For-
eign Exchange ; Economics; Money and Bank-
ing: History of Banking in California, 2 vols.;
History of the Labor Movement in California,
Bargaining in San Francisco. Frank Roney,
Irish Rebel and California Labor Leader.
Memberships: Amer. Econ. A.ssn. (Vlce-
Pres.), 1926; Pac, Coast Econ. Assn. (Pres.),
1928; Bd. of Regents, Amer. Inst, of Bank-
ing; Dean of Faculty, Amer. Inst, of Bank-
ing (San Francisco Chapter) ; Phi Beta Kap-
pa, Pan Xenia, Artus, Beta Gamma Sigma.
Alph Kappa Psi : State Bldg, Trade Council
of Calif. (Hon. Mem.); Cham, of Com. (Oak-

Politics: Progressive.

Recreations: Gardening, fishing.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,


Home Address: 1454 LeRoy Ave., Berkeley,

CROSS. Ralph Herbert. A.B., LL.B.

Senior Member, Cross & Brendt.
Born: Sylvan Dist., Center Township, Sac-
ramento Co. (Calif.), Sept. 4, 1874; s. of
Sarah Jane (Meservey) and John Francis

Education: Sylvan District Sch. ; Auburn
Grammar Sch. (Placer Co.); Calif. Coll.
(Baptist) ; Hastings Coll .of Law (Univ.
of Calif.).

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