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Sorbonne (Paris).
Degrees: A.B., U. of Kan., 1918.
Married; Helen Dorothy, d. of Wilbur S.
Jenks, at So. Orange (N.J.), Sept. 17, 1920;
ch. : Shirley.

Prof Record: Asso. with John Murray An-
derson for 10 yrs. in N.Y. and Calif, as
Musical Dir. and Advisor; Dir. of Music,
Universal Studios Inc., 1929-37; wrote origi-
nal scores for over 150 cartoons at Universal
Studios; scored numerous feature pictures in-
cluding The Mummy; Metropolis; The Leo-
pard Men of Africa, and many others; com-
posed a symphony for the N.Y. Philharmonic

Publications: Ten popular songs, including My
Lover (King of Jazz) and Biossoms.
Army Service: 13 months in 3rd Field Artil-
lery, 6th Div.; overesas, 1 yr.
Memberships: Amer. Legion; Delta Upsilon
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Tennis, badminton, and baseball.
Home Address: 10866 Bloomfield, No. Holly-
wood, Calif.

DIFFIN, Charles Willard, A.C.


Born: Meadville (Pa.), March 25, 1884; s.
of Julia (Benedict) and Charles A. Diffin.
Education: Univ. of Buffalo.
Degrees: A.C, U. of Buffalo, 1917.
Married: Pearl, d. of Eleanor E. (Howe),
M D., and Rev. George R. Burnside, Buf-
falo (New York), June 10, 1903; ch.: (Mrs.)
Beatrice D. Burch, Charles Burnside, Douglas

Prof. Record: Structural Engineering work,
1901-14, then Univ. training, followed by
management of co. manufacturing airplane
metal parts; developed successful electrical
heat treatment process; Vice-Pres. of United
Aircraft Engineering Corpn. (New York);
Dir of Sales for syndicate disposing of Brit-
ish aircraft holdings in Can., following
World War I; moved to San Diego (Calif.),
1924, engaging in business as building con-
tractor until 1931; since then engaged in
writing for magazines.

Publications: Various magazines; Gray Smoke

(Garden City Pub. Co., N.Y.), 1940.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Desert and mountains.

Btis. and Home Address: R.D. 2, El Cajon.


DIGGLE. Roland. Mus.D.

Organist and Choirmaster, St. Johns Epis-
copal Church.

Born: London (Eng.), 1885; s. of Jane
(Fisher) and Charles Edmund Diggle.
Education: City of London schools; Oxford

Degeres: Mus.D., New York, 1914.
Married: Mary Webster (Smiths Falls, On-
tario), 1908; ch.: Dorothy.
Compositions: Some 300 compositions pub-
lished, the majority for organ, these have
been played all over the world (program
notes usually say, "by the most prolific
composer of organ music of tlie past two
decades"); other compositions for voice,
piano, chorus and chamber music; orchestral
works have been played by some of the
leading sympohny orchestras, including the
Los Angeles Symphony, Womans Orchestra,
etc. ; contributes regular articles to The Dia-
pason, The American Organist, The Etude
and Musical Opinion; a number of prize win-
ning works including Sonata for Cello and
Piano, and String Quartett.
Memberships: Mason, Organist of Henry S.
Orem Lodge, F. & A.M., 458, Organist of
Pentalpha Lodge, F. & A.M., 202.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Reading.

Bus. Address: 514 W. Adams Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 260 So. Citrus Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

DILLER. Professor Elliot Van Nos-
trand. A.B., M.A., Ph.D.
Associate Prof, of Religion and Philosophy;
Dean of the Chapel, Mills Coll.
Born: Brooklyn (New York), Oct. 20, 1904;
s. of Jean (Pollard) and Frank J. W. Diller.
Education: Poly. Prep. Sch., Brooklyn
(N.Y.); Williams Coll.; Columbia Univ.;
Harvard Uinv.

Degrees: A.B., Williams Coll., 1926; M . A .
Columbia U.. 1928; Ph.D., Harvard U.. 1934.
Married: Berta, d. of Henry 111, Rock Island
(111.); ch.: Anthony.

Prof. Record: Asso. Prof, of Philosophy, Lin-
coln Memorial U., 1928-30; Student Counselor
for Episcopal Church, Stanford U., 1935-37;
Mills Coll., Oakland (Calif.), 1937—.
Publications: The Mountain and the River
(Eucalpytus Press), 1938; Guests at the Inn
(Eucalyptus Press), 1940; articles, reviews,

Memberships: Am. Assn. of U. Professors;
Am. Philosophical Assn.; National Assn. of
Biblical Instrs.

Religion: Protestant (Episcopal Church).
Bus. Address: Mills College, Oakland, Calif.
Home Address: Mount Vernon, Maine. •



DILLON, (Miss) Fannie Charles

i'lunist, Comijosor, Teacher.
lioni: Denver (Colo); <l. of Florence (llooili
and Judge Henry Clay Dillon.
Kchwation: Long Ueach Illgli Sell.; Pomona
Coll.. Claremont (Calif.); Music, 8 yrs.

f.(/. Record: Has been a Concert Pianist,
Composer and Teacher for many yr.s., debut
In 1!)()H; many honors received In letters
from famous pianists and other musicians,
who have performed her works; first wom-
an composer to be invited to MacDowoll Col-
ony (Peterborough, N.II.); constantly men-
tioned as only woman Compo.scr of Western
America to rank with foremost men com-
posers of the day; several of her works in
manuscripts are among those of twelve lead-
ing men comi)osers in the Library of Con-
gess, for perpetual display; compositions have
oeen played by Josef Hoffman, Percy Grain-
ger and many others.

Compositions: Many compositions for solo
piano and voice, published by G. Schlrmer
and other leading publishers; many misc.
works performed by large orchestras, chorus-
es and string quartets.

Memberships: Delta Omicron (Hon. Nat.
Mem.); So. Calif. Women's Press Club (Hon.
Mem.), Matinee Musical Club (Hon. Mem.),
Schubert Woman's Club (Hon. Mem.); Mac-
Dowell Colony Assn.
Religion: Christian Science.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Mountains, Kodak pictures.
Christian Science Monitor, Christian Science
Monitor Scrap-books.

Bxis. Address: Los Angeles High School,
4600 Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 1229 So. Cloverdale Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Other Address: (Summer), "Robins' Wold,"
Fawnskin, Bear Valley, Calif.

DILWORTH. Nelson Smith

Member of the Assembly, Calif. Legislature.
Born: East Palestine (Ohio), June 27, 1890;
s. of Margaretta D. (Smith) and Rev. Albert

Education: Los Angeles pub. schs.
Married: Lillian O., d. of Benjamin F. White-
man, in San Francisco (Calif.), April 28,
1891; ch.: Nelson S., Jr., James Willis, and
George Hugh.

Prof. Record: Publisher, Coachella Valley
News (weekly), 1911-15; Postmaster at
Hemet (second-class office), 1924-36; Pres.
of Riverside Co. Chamber of Commerce,
1934-35; elected to the Assembly in 1936.
Directorships: Hemet Valley Chamber of

Ar^ny Service: Enlisted in U.S. Army, 1917;
in action at St. Mihiel (France).
Memberships: Harold W. Hyland Post No. 53,
Amer. Legion, Harbour-Record Post No. 2266,
Vet. of Foreign Wars; Nuevo-Lakeview

Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Raising Guernsey cattle and
saddle horses.

Bus. Address: Assembly Chamber, State
Capitol, Sacrametno, Calif. ; and Rte. 1, Box
18, Hemet, Calif.

Home Address: Columbia St. at Crest Dr.,
Hemet, Calif.

DINNING, Robert J.

Landscai)e Painter.

Burn: (Jmaha (Neb.», June 8. 1887; k. of
Katherlne (Kllnej and Robert J. Dinning.
Education: Univ. of Chicago; The Pa. Acad-
emy of the Fine Arts; The Art .Students
League- of New York; The IJarnos Founda-
tion, Merlon, Pa.; studied abroad.
Married: Anna Marie, d. of Peter Jensei.,
Omaha (Neb.), Nov. 5. 1920.
Minnbershipa: Chi Psl (Frat. of U. of Chi-
cago); The Amer. Artists Professional
League; Fine Arts Culb of Pasadena, (Pres.,

Religion: Unitarian.
Recreations: Music, theatre, travel.
Home Address: 290 Wigmore Dr., Pasadena,

DINWIDDIE, John Ekin, B.S.


Born: Chicago (III.), 1904; s. of Helen
(Starrett> and William Stewart Dinwiddle.
Education: Univ. of Mich.; two yrs. post-
grad, work under Eliel Saarinen.
Married: Frances, d. of Fannie (Hatch) and
Avery Putnam Matthews, in Berkeley
(Calif.), 1930; ch. : Betty Anne (1932), and
John Putnam (1940).

Prof. Record: Winner, George G. Booth Trav-
eling Fellowship of U. of Mich., 1927; one yr.
travel and study in Europe; established prac-
tice, San Francisco, 1935; architect for nu-
merous residential and commercial bldgs.
which have received nat. and internat. recog-
nition; examples of work e.xhibited in S. F.
Museum of Art, Mus. of Modern Art of New
York; several examples in permanent collec-
tion of Mus. of Modern Art; twice winner of
House and Garden annual award for most
distinguished house of year; winner of nu-
merous other nat. architectural competitions;
since 1939 tv/o associates, Albert Henry Hill
and Phillip E. Joseph.

Publicati07is: Examples of work published
frequently in Architectural Forum, Arcihtec-
tural Record, London Architectural Review,
House and Garden, etc. ; occasional supple-
mentary articles written for these.
Memberships: Tau Sigma Delta (hon. arch.)
and Sigma Phi.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 233 Sansome St., San Fran-
cicso, Calif.

Home Address: 125 Stonewall Rd., Berkeley,


DISKAY. Joseph

Opera Singer, Teacher.

Born: Tapolca (Hungary), Dec. 26, 1886.
Education: Royal Academy of Music in Buda-
pest (Hungary).

Prof. Record: Was member of the Royal
Opera in Budapest; sang in the U.S.A. (opera
and concert) ; was headliner in Keith's Or-
pheum Circut; Radio: NBC, KHJ, KFI,
KNX, etc.; sang in various motion pictures;
his pupils come from almost every state in
the country.

Army Service: Was Captain In the Hungarian
Army (3 times decorated).
Memberships: Uplifters and Breakfast clubs;
Masonic Lodge 422; 233 Club; Cal. Veterans
Assn., Wilshire Beverly Unit No. 1 (Hon.
Mem.); Music Teachers Assn.



Religion: Reform Church.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Music, sports and literature.

Home Address: 6683 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood,


DISNEY, Walt. M.S., M.A.

Pres., Walt Disney Productions.
Born: Chicago (111.), Dec. 5, 1901; s. of
Flora (Call) and Ellas Disney.
Education: Pub. schs. of Marceline (Mo.);
Benton Grammer Sch. (Kansas City) McKin-
ely High Sch. (Chicago), 1917-18.
Degrees: Hon. M.S., U. of So. Calif., 1938;
Hon. M.A., Yale U., and Harvard U., 1938.
Married: Lillian Marie (Bonds) in Lewiston
(Ida.), July 13, 1925; ch.: Diane Marie and
Sharon Mae.

Prof. Record: At age of nine tackled his
bus. veniure, a paper route; had an early
interest in drawing and photography while in
high sch.; was "news butcher" on trains be-
tween Kansas City and Chicago, 1917-18, his
first real job; went overseas as an Ambu-
lance Driver, 1918; after the war, obtained
a job with an advertising co. in Kansas City,
doing art work for farm journals (tempor-
ary) ; went into bus. for himself as a free-
lancer until he became cartoonist for a slide
CO. ; home e.xperiments led to his making a
short reel of Kansas City incidents which
he sold to several local theatres; came to
Hollywood in 1923 and formed a partner-
ship with his bro. Roy; set out for a suc-
cessful bus. by sending one of their cartoons
to New York and receiving order for a
series of pictures for an independent co. ;
producing Oswald The Rabbit; created char-
acter of Mickey Mouse, synchronizing and re-
leasing his third with sound, from then on the
rise of Mickey's popularity was steady; in
1933, had a hundred employees, now his per-
sonnel numbers over 1200; produced Flowers
and Trees, 1932, Three Little Pigs, 1933, The
Tortoise and The Hare and Funny Little Bun-
nies, 1932; Who Killed Cock Robin, 1935; The
Band Concert, 1935; Three Orphan Kittens,
1936; The Country Cousin, 1937; The Old
Mill, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs,
1938; Ferdinand The Bull, 1938; The Ugly
Duckling and Pinocchio, 1939; Fantasia, 1940.
Army Service: Ambulance driver with A.E.F.,
France, 1918-19.

Awards: 1932: Spl. Award from the Acad.
Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the
creation of Mickey Mouse; also from Acad.
Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Certificate
for first color cartoon, Flowers and Trees.
1933: Cert., Acad. Motion Picture Arts and
Sciences for Three Little Pigs, Medal from
Parents Magazine "for Distinguished Service
to Children," Medal from New Movie Mag-
azine for best picture of yr.. Three Little
Pigs, from Argentina, Tribute Cert, from
Nat. Sch. of Decorative Arts for Mickey
Mouse and Silly Symphony cartoons. Cert.,
Acad, of Nat. Arts and Letters, Cuba. 1934:
Cert., Acad. Motion Picture Arts and Scis.
for The Tortoise and The Hare, Medal for
Achievement from The Poor Richards Club,
Philadelphia (Pa.), Cert, from America's
Young Men, one of the twelve outstanding
young men of 1934, from the Second Internat.
Cinematographic Art Exhbn. at Venice
(Italy), a medal for the picture Funny Little
Bunnies; letter of apptmt. as Hon. Mem. to
Art Worker's Guild, London (Eng.). 1935:
Cert, and Bronze Statue of Mickey Mouse

from Brazil for The Tortoise and The Flare,
Tribute Cert, and antique culglass bowl from
the First Soviet Cinema Festival, U.S.S.R. ;
Nat. Bd. of Review rated Who Killed Cock
Robin, as one of the ten best pictures of the
yr.. Cert, from The Amer. Inst, of Cinema-
tography (Los Angeles), Cert, from the
Third Internat. Cinematographic Art Exhbn.
at Venice (Italy) for The Band Concert,
Medal from League of Nations, Govt, of
France conferred the Legion d'Honneur, Cup
from the Festival Internat. de Cinema at
Brussels for The Band Concert and Who
Killed Cock Robin. 1936: Cert, from Acad.
Motion Picture Arts and Scis. (Hollywood)
for Three Orphan Kittens, Plaque awarded
by Jay Emanuel Pubs, for Who Killed Cock
Robin. Spl. Award from Jay Emanuel Pubs,
for the creation of Donald Duck. Mate
Gourd awarded to Donald Duck by the peo-
ple of Buenos Aires (Argentina). Nat. Dis-
tinguished Service Award from U.S. Jr.
Chamber of Commerce, Modal from the
fourth Internat. Cinematographic Art Exhbn.
at Venice (Italy) for Walt Disney Cartoons.
1937: Gold Plaque from the Acad. Motion
Picture Arts and Scis. (Hollywood) for the
best cartoon of 1936, The Country Cousin,
Gold Medal from Hermosa Beach Jr. Cham-
ber of Com. for service to th3 Community
and State of Calif., Spl. Award from Jay
Emanuel Pubs, for best cartoons, Medal
from Fifth Internat. Cinematographic Art
Exhbn. at Venice (Italy) for the Walt Dis-
ney Cartoons. 1938: Gold Plaque from Acad.
Motion Picture Arts and Scis. (Hollywood)
for the best cartoon of 1937, The Old Mill,
Gold Plaque from Acad. Motion Picture Arts
and Scis. (Hollywood) for Scientific Achi-
evement, The Multiplane Camera, Marble
electric clock from 49th Annual Tournament
of Roses, New Year's Day, 1938, spl. prize
for "Snow White and Seven Dwarfs" float.
Bronze and wooden plaque from Radio Guide
" in appreciation of pleasure brought to radio
listeners by Disney's characters," Spl. Award
from Boxoffice for the best picture of month
(Feb.) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs;
Bronze and wooden plaque from Nat. Broad-
casting Co. for "Mickev's Tenth Birthday
Broadcast," Sept, 27, 1938, Spl. Awards from
Film Daily for New York Film Critics for
best picture Snow White and the Seven
Dwarfs, Gold and wooden plaque, tribute
from Havana (Cuba) artists; Degree of
M.S., U. of So. Calif.; Degree of M.A., Yale
U. and Harvard U. 1939: Scroll from Golden
Gate Expn., San Francisco (Calif.); Minne-
apolis (Minn.) Journal Critics' Poll. Award
for best picture of 1938, Snow White and
the Seven Dwarfs, Spl. Award Trophy from
Acad. Motion Picture Arts and Scis. (Holly-
wood) for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
Gold Plaque from Acad. Mot. Picture Arts and
Scis. Hollywood for best cartoon of 1938,
Ferdinand the Bull. 1940: Gold Plaque from
Acad, of Motion Picture Arts and Scis.
(Hollywood) for best cartoon of 1939, The
Ugly Duckling, Cup from the Ohio State
Persian Club awarded to "Figaro" (Pinoc-
chio) as the best animal actor, Key from
Delta Omicron, awarded to Walt Disney, Me-
dal from Soc. of Motion Picture Engrs, "for
Outstanding Achievement in Motion Picture
Tech.," bronze fire hydrant from the Tail-
waggers (Hollywood) awarded to Pluto as
the most promising dog actor. 1941: Plaque
awarded by the Dowling Foundation of Ply-
mouth (Mich.) to Walt Disney, Scroll from
New York Critics awarded to Fantasia as
the best picture of the yr.. Medal "for Out-
standing music service" from New York
Schs. of Music. Plaque from Mu Phi Epsilon.



Awarded to Wult Disney for Music In Fan-
tania. Plaque from Nal. Kcd. Music Clubs
to Walt Disney In recoK. of contribution to
Adv. of Music Kecordlnn In Fttntusia.

Memberships: Hollywood Authors. Amer Soc.

of the French Legion of Honor; Hon. Mem.,


Art Workers' Guild of London: Delta Oml-

Recreations: Polo and movies.

Bits. Address^ Walt Disney Productions, 2400

Alameda Blvd., Uurbank, Calif.

DISPENSA, Johnette Gertrude, A.B.,

M.A., M.D.

Anatomist. Physiologist, Instructor Los An-
geles City College.

Born: Osevvatamie (Kan.), Sept. 5, 1903; d.
of Jonette (Cowgill) and Richard Hornbeck.
Education: Private school; Univ. of Calif.
degrees: A.B., 1927, M.A., 1928, M.D., 1931,
U. of Calif. (Berkeley).

Married: George, s. of Frank Dispensa, San
Francisco, June 7, 1922.

Prof. Record: Interne at Children's Hosp.,
1931-32; Interne at L.A. General Hosp., 1932;
Sch. Physician (Lynwood, Calif.), 1932-33;
School Phys., Santa Barbara Public Schools,
1934-37; Instr. in Anatomv and Physiology,
Los Angeles City Coll.. 1933-34 and 1937 to
present time. Grad. with Honors in Med. Sci.
Publications: Several technical papers on
intelligence and personality for various Med.

Awards: Edward Frank Kraft Prize Award,
U. of Calif., 1924; Joseph Bonnheim Me-
morial Scholarship, U. of Calif.. 1925-26.
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Sigma,
Sigma Xi (Hon. Soc), and Alpha Epsilon
Iota (Med. Sorority).
Religion: Presbyterian.

Bus. Address: Los Angeles City ColL, 855
No. Vermont, Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 2839 Francis Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

DIX, Beulah Marie. A.B., M.A.; (Mrs,
George Flebbe)

Playwright, Author.

Born: Kingston (Mass.), Dec. 25, 1876; d.
of Maria L. (Morse) and Henry S. Di.\.
Education: Chelsea High Sch.; Radcliffe Coll.
Degrees: A.B., 1897, M.A., 1898, Radcliffe.
Married: George H., s. of Heinrich Flebbe,
Cambridge (Mass.), 1910; ch.: Evelyn (Mrs.
David Scott).

Prof. Record: Began writing plays and short
stories while in coll. and had them published;
went en to write 20-30 books, published by
McMillan, Harper's, Holt, etc. ; collaborated
in pla^'^v^iting with the late Evelyn Green-
leaf Sutherland, some of which were Breed
of the Treshams, Boy O'Carroll, Matt of
Merrymount (produced in Eng.), Road to
Yesterday, Lilac Room, For the Defense (pro-
duced in this country); uncollaborated plays:
Moloch, Across the Border (ran in New
York, 1914-15) : came to Hollywood in 1916
and has written almost exclusively for screen
ever since.

Home Address: 124 No. Elm Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif.

DIXON. Thomas J.


Born: Crisfield (Md.), April 20, 1889; s. of

Mary (Simonson) and Judge N. Walter Dixon.

Edurntvin: .St. John* Military Academy:
studied law while an officer of Denver court.
Mnrrxnd: Lalla Ruth. d. of Dr. D. W, ColllnH
and l-alla A. Collins, Pueblo (Colo.). Dec.
27, 1913; ch.: Eleanor Good, David, De-
borah Bryant. Thos. J., Jr. and JoAnn M.
Prof. Record: Organizer of Westwood Hills
Federal .Savlnjis and Loan Assn., and Se-
curity Federal Savings and Ijoaw Assn.
Directorships: Calif. Savings and Building
Loan League (Past Pres.); Pres., Westwood
Village Bus. Assn.; Young Men's Club of
Westwood Village; President and Dir. of
Security Fed. Savings and Loan Assn.
Army Service: Former Major. Judge Ad-
vocate of Colo.

Memberships : Kiwanis, and social clubs.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 1081 Westwood Blvd., West-
wood Village, Los Angeles. Calif.

Home Address: 430 Dalehurst Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

DOBBINS. The Reverend Hugh Trow-
bridge. A.B., M.A.

Born: Jackson, Amador Co. (Calif), Aug. 13,
1866; s. of Mary Eloise (Trowbridge) and
Rev. Hugh Hillis Dobbins, D.D.
Education: Princeton Univ., Classical Fellow-
ship; Princeton Theological Seminary, New
Testament Fellowship, 1892; Univ. of Berlin,

Degrees: A.B., 1888, and M.A., 1889, Prince-
ton U.

Married: Roberta Tomlin, d. of Sarah Eliz-
abeth (Bramel) and Lewis Marshall Lloyd, in
Berkeley (Calif.), Apr. 11, 1895; ch.: Hugh
Lloyd. Ruth Roberta (Mrs. D'Anneo), Lewis
Trowbridge, and Leslie E.

Prof. Record: Pastor of Presbyterian Chur-
ches at Virginia Citv (Nev.), 1895-96, Eureka
(Calif.), 1896-99, Colusa (Calif.), 1900-18;
Stated Clerk. Sacramento Presbytery, 1903-34;
Moderator of Svnod of Calif., Presbyterian
Church of the U.S.A., 1935-36;
Directorships: Pres., Lake Tahoe Conf.
Commn. of Midvalley Corpn. and Ventura
Land and Water Co. ; Trustee of Synod of
Calif.; Pres.. Bd. of Trustees of San Fran-
cisco Theol. Sem., 1933-41.
Memberships: Phi Betta Kappa; Common-

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing and duck hunting.
Bms. and Home Address: 2750 Marin Ave.,
Berkeley, Calif.

DOBBINS, Natalia Potter

Writer, Clubwoman.

Born: Oakland (Calif.), Oct. 30, 1894, d. of

Mary Frances (Vaughn) and Thomas Benton


Education: St. Mary's, Portland (Ore.) :public
schools, San Francisco (Calif.); Miss Horton's
Sch.. Oakland (Calif.); Miss Head's Sch.,
Piedmont (Calif.); Univ. of Calif., 1927.
Married: John Leslie (deceased June 25,
1938), s. of Mary Eloise (Trowbridge) and
Rev. Hugh Hillis Dobbins, at Alameda
(Calif.), July 15, 1913; ch.: John Potter (b.
Tientsin. China, July 4, 1914), David Trow-
bridge (b. Tientsin, China, June 21, 1916).



Prof. Record: Uesicied for considerable time
in China and Japan, wliere siie met her late
husband. Served on dramatic programs for
charity and war relief in San Francisco dur-
ing World War I; engaged in dramatic work
for New York moving picture studios, 1919.
Asst. Secy., San Francisco Branch, New
Orient Society, 1927-29; Program Chmn.,
League of Western Writers, San Francisco
Branch, 1931-32; one of three founders and
Chmn., San Francisco Drama Review Club,
1933 — . Organizer and Dir.. "Noche de En-
canto" (a social group for fostering Pan-
American good will), 1934-38; Founder-Dir.,
Peace Emblem Assn., 1935—. Organizer-Dir.,
San Francisco Branch, World Affairs As-
sembly, 1936—.

Publications: Feature writer, California
Daily (U. of Calif. Pub.), 1925-27; also
Overland Magazine, Poetry House Anthology
(pub. Poetry House, New York); California
Poets (pub. Henry Harrison, New York),
1933. Author: Feng Clung (Chinese sketches)
(pub. Sutton House, Los Angeles), 1933.

Memberships: Western Women's Club (San
Francisco); League of Nations Assn.; League
of Amer. Penwomen (San Francisco branch) ;
League of Western Writers; Inst, of World
Affairs Assembly; New Orient Soc; San
Francisco Drama Review Club; China Soci-
ety; Vedanta Soc; Peace Emblem Assn.;
Olympic Club (San Francisco Women's Sec-
tion) ; Eugene Field Society (honorary mem-

Religion: Universalist and Metaphysician.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Dancing, swimming, tennis,
horseback riding, auto touring, travel, music
(violin), drama, books.

Home Address: 506
Cisco, Calif.

48th Ave., San Fran-


Editor, Author, Lecturer.

Born: Kiev (Russia), Nov. 21, 1883, s. of
Sarah (Tikotzky) and Abraham B. Dobsev-

Education: College of City of New York; New
York Univ. Law Sch. ; courses in Sociology
under Prof. Charles Beard, and Prof. Frank-
lin Giddings, Columbia Univ.; Rand School
of Soc. Sci.

Married: Elizabeth, d. of Isaac Breslow,
New York City, 1907; eh.: Bernard A.
Prof. Record: Editorial Staff of Funk & Wag-
nails Co., Standard Dictionary, Literary Di-
gest, charge of illustration dept. of Jewish
Encyclopedia (12 volumes), 1900-06; Gen.
Secy., Jewish Pub. Society of Amer. (Phila-
delphia), 1906-26; (pub. 125 books); Secy.,
Jewish Classics Comn. Helped revolutionize art
of Oriental printing for Monotype Co. (the type
being namel after him). Publisher of New
Illustrated History of the Jews (by Prof.
Graetz, in 6 vol.); also many other scholarly
works, Asso. Editor with Ferdinand Perret of
California Artists and Art in California (15
vol., now in process), also studies in folk-
lore of Calif., etc. Has lectured throughout
America and in Univ. groups (Yale, U. of
Okla., etc.). Has debated with outstanding

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