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Polities: Republican.
Recreations: Golf, photography and art.

Bus. Address: 131 Arizona Ave., Santa Mon-
ica, Calif.

Home Address: 710 - 19th St., Santa Monica,

DONNER, John Whakely. B.S., M.S.
Manager-Secretary, Pension Department, City
of Los Angeles.

Born: Cordell (Okla.), Sept. 29, 1896; s. of
Celestia Amanda (McKasson) and Thomas
Monroe Donner.

Education: Greenville High Sch. (Te.xas) ;
So. Methodist Univ. (Dallas) ; Univ. of So.

Degrees: B.S., S.M.U., 1923; M.S., U.S.C,

Married: Ruth Mai, d. of Johnnv and Robert
Lindsay, Greenville, (Te.x.), Sept. 20, 1922.
Prof. Record: Junior Accountant. C. W.
Rohne (L.A.), 1923; same, C. S. Rohne (Pas-
adena), 1924; Senior Accountant, J. Arthur
Greenfield and Co., 1925; Investigator, Bur-
eau of Budget and Efficiency, 1925, Budget
Accountant, 1926, Asst. Dir., 1926; Mgr.,
Secy., Pension Dept., City of Los Angeles,
1938; Instr. in Accounting and Budgeting in
U.S.C, since 1930.

Navy Record: Naval Aviation, M.M.I.C,

Memberships: Elks; Masons; Speakers Club
of L.A.; Governmental Administration Group;
Western Gov. Research Assn. ; Amer. Soc. of
Pub. Administration; Municipal Fin. Officers
Assn. ; American Legion.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Golf, handball, and fishing.
Bus. Address: Pension Department, City Hall,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 2918 Motor Ave., Los Angeles,
Calif. •

DONOHOE, Nellie Gertrude


Born: San Francisco (Calif.), d. of Eleanor
(Grade) and Capt. William Lawrence.
Education: Public school and Presentation

Married: Charles Landon Donohoe (news-
paper publisher), Santa Barbara (Calif.).
Bus. Record: Entered actively into politics
in 1912; elected Mem., State Central Com.
in 1916; elected Delegate at Large to Dem-
ocratic National Conv., later same conven-
tion elected First Democratic Nat. Com.
Woman of Calif., 1920; re-elected, same,
N.Y. Conv., 1924, and Houston (Texas) Con-
vention, 1928, and at Chicago, 1932; appoint-
ed Postmaster at Oakland, 1933, and re-ap-
pointed in 1938.

IHrcrtorships: DIr. In Infanllle Paralysis,
Community Chest and Red Cross Drives;
Amateur Athletic A.ssn.; Nat. Assn. Post-
masters; VIce-Pres., Womans City Club of
Oakland and Needlework CJulld of Amer.
Mrmherships: I'ast-Pres., .Soroptomlst Club of
Oakl.and and Federal Bus. Assn.: Charter
Mem. and Past Pres., Berkeley Chapter of
American Penwomen.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Travel.

Bus. Address: U.S. Federal Building, Oak-
land. Calif.

Home Address: 428 Lee St., Oakland, Calif.
Summer Address: Indian Creek Lodge, Phllo,
Calif. •


Owner and Publisher, The Citizen, Culver

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Jan. 23, 1886;
s. of Mary (Hayes) and Patrick Donovan.
Education: Schools in San Francisco (Calif.)
Married: Catherine Loretta, d. of Josephine
and Michael O'Donnell, San Francisco, Feb.
21, 1903; ch.: Eileen and Roy.
Bus. Record: Owner and Publisher of The
Citizen in Culver City (Calif.), for twenty

Directorships: Pres., Continental Enterprises,

Memberships: Knights of Columbus, Elks,
Native Sons.

Religion: Catholic.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing, golfing and traveling.

Bus. Address: 9355 Culver Blvd., Culver City.


Home Address: 9401 National Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

DORCUS. Professor Roy Melvin. A.B.,

M.A., Ph.D.

Assoc-ate Professor of Psychology, University
of California.

Born: Maryland, Feb. 9, 1901; s. of Emma
(Feiser) and Charles W. Dorcus.
Education: Johns Hopkins Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1922; M.A., 1924; PhD.,
1925, Johns Hopkins.

Married: Mildred Elizabeth, d. of Mattie E.
and J. Russell Day, Frederick (Md.), 1925.
Prof. Record: Instructor, Psychologv, Johns
Hopkins U., 1925-27, Asso., Psychology, same,
1927-37; Asso. Prof. Psychology, U. of Calif.,
Los Angeles, 1940; Editor. Journal of Com-
parative Psychology and Comparative Psvch-
ology; Monographs; Bd. of Editors, Journal
of Psychology.

Publications: Textbook of Abnormal Psychol-
ogy, 1934; (revised with G. Wilson Shaffer),
1940; contributor of scientific articles to
various professional journals.
Meynberships: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Xi,
Pi Gamma Mu; Amer. Psychol. Assn., West-
ern Psychol. Assn.; Amer. Soc. Adv. Mgrs.
Religion: Lutheran.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 1508 Midvale Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.



DORR. Dorothy Countryman


Born: Saint Paul (Minn.), Feb. 6. 1891; d.
of Cora M. (Simmons) and Marcellus L..

Education: St. Paul public schools; N.Y.
School of Fine and Applied Art.
Married: William Ripley, II. s. of Helen Mer-
rill (Thurston) and William Ripley Dorr, St.
Paul (Minn.), May 27, 1919; ch.: Roger.
Memberships: Poetry Soc. of So. Calif. (Pres.,
1938-40) .

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Music, poetry, and painting.
Home Address: 1637 Via Arriba, Palos Verdes
Estates, Calif.

DORR. II. William Ripley. B.S.

Conductor, St. Luke's Choristers.
Born- St. Paul (Minn.), June 19. 1891; s.
of Helen (Thurston) and Wm. R. Dorr.
Education: Univ. of Minn.; St. Paul pub.

Degrees: B.S., in Mech. Eng., U. of Minn.,

Married: Dorothy, d. of M. L. Countryman,
St. Paul (Minn.); ch.: Roger Dorr.
Prof. Record: Representative, Aeolian Co.
(Pipe Organ Dept.), 1916-25; Repr., Hall
Organ Co., 1925—; Teacher of Choral Music,
Palos Verdes Schools, 1929—; Choirmaster
and Organist, St. Luke's Episcopal Church,
'Long Beach, 1930—, whose choir of sixty
boys and men, have sung for and appeared
In forty motion picture productions, includ-
ing San Francisco, Midsummer Night's
Dream, Prisoner of Zenda, Prince and Paup-
er, and many others.

Publications: Many articles on choirs, organs,
and choral music in The Diapason. The Am-
erican Organist, The New Music Review and
English Church Music.

Army Record: First class Musician and Act-
ing Bandma.ster, U.S.N.R.F., World War I.
Memberships: Chi Psi, Tau Beta Pi, Theta
Tau; Univ. Club of L.A.; Treasurer and
Dean, L.A. Chapter of American Guild of
Organists, two terms.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Sailing.

Home Address: 1637 Via Arriba, Palos Ver-
des Estates, Calif.

DORSEY, Susan Miller, A.B., LL.D.,

Educator (retired).

Born: Penn Yan (New York), Feb. 16, 1857;
d. of Hannah (Benedict) and James Miller.
Education: Penn Yan public schools; Vassar

Degrees: A.B., Vassar, 1877; LL.D., U. of
So Calif., 1920, Pomona, 1925, Occidental
Coil., 1927, U. of Calif. (Berekeley), 1928.
Married: Patrick W., s. of John Dorsey. at
Penn Yan (N.Y.), June 4, 1881; ch.: Paul

Prof Record: Teacher of Greek and Latin,
Wilson Coll., 1878-79; Vassar Coll., 1878-81;
High School, Los Angeles (Calif.), 1896-1902,
Head of Classical Dept., 1902-07, Vice-Princi-
pal 1902-13, Asst. Supt. of Schools, Los An-
geles (Calif.), 1913-20, Supt. of Schools,
1920-29. Trustee, Scripps Coll., 1927. Trustee,
U. of Redlands, 1929-33.

Publications: Many articles for educational
journals on administration; Vocational Edu-
cation; Character Training; The Schools and
Higher Education.

Memberships: Nat. Education Assn.; Teachers
Assn. of Calif.; American Asso. of Univ.
Women; Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Delta PI,
Pi Lambda Theta; Women's Athletic Club
(Los Angeles) ; Women's Law Observance

Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Walking.

Home Address: 1506 Arapahoe St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

DOUGLAS. Professor Claude C. A.B.,

B.D., M.A., D.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Greek and Religion, University
of Southern California.

Born: Barbour Co. (W. Va.), Nov. 12, 1865;
s. of Rhoda V. (Holden) and Franklin A.

Education: Western Maryland College; West-
minister Theological Sem.; Univ. of Chicago
Divinity School.

Degrees: A.B.. 1899, M.A., 1903, D.D., 1924,
Western Maryland Coll.; B.D., Westminister
Theol. Sem., 1901; Ph.D., U. of Chicago,

Married: Lillie M., d. of Lee Newlon, in Ter-
ra Alta (W. Va.), 1901; ch.: Roscoe L.,
Paul T., and Charlotte M.
Prof Kecord; Methodist Pastorates, fouryrs.;
Teacher, Westminister Theol. Sem., eleven
yrs.; Teacher, U. of So. Calif., twenty-six
yrs. ; now, Prof, of Greek and Religion.
Publications: Overstatement in the New Test-
ament (Holt), 1931; Word Windows to the
Gospel (In Mss., now being considered for
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 5722 Buena Vista Terrace,
Los Angeles, Calif.

DOUGLAS. Donald Wills. B.S.

Designing Engineer, Aircraft Manufacturer;
President and Chairman of the Board of
Directors of Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc.
Born: Brooklyn (N.Y.), April 6, 1892; s. of
Dorothy (Locker) and William Edward

Education: Trinity Chapel; U.S. Navy Aca-
demy (Anapolis, Md.); Mass. Inst, of Tech.
Degeres: B.S., 1914, Mass. Inst, of Tech.
Married: Charlotte M. Ogg, Marion (Ind.),
June 5, 1916; ch.: Donald W., Jr., William
E., Barbara Jean, James Sholto, and Malcolm

Prof. Record: Chief Engr., Glenn L. Martin
Co , Aircraft Manufacturers, Los Angeles
(Calif ), 1915-16; Chief Civilian Aeronautical
Engr., U.S. Signal Corps., 1916-17; again
Chief Engr., Glenn L. Martin Co., Cleveland
(Ohio), 1917-20; from 1920—, Pres. and
Chmn of the Bd., first of the Douglas Co.,
then Douglas Aircraft Co., Inc. (Manufac-
turers of Military, Naval and Commercial
types of Airplanes) ; recipient of the Collier
Trophy for "outstanding advance in Avia-
tion," 1936; in 1940, received the Daniel
Guggenheim Medal for "outstanding contri-


WHO'S WHO in California

hutlon to the design and ronsl ruction of Irnns-

port airplanes."

Direct or ships : Prcs. and Chmn, of Iho Hd.,

Douf,'Ins Aircraft Co., Inc.: Dir., of F'armcrs

and Merchants Nat. l?anlc; I'rcs.. DouRlas-

Slralton Oil Co.; Chmn., Ud. of Dir., DouKlas

Oil and RofininK Co.: Dir., Bowlu.s Sailplanes,

Inc.: Dir., Sparklinp Life, Inc.

Nax^y Record: Throe yrs. Midshipman, U.S.

Navy, Anapolls (Md.); U.S. Signal Corps,


Awards: Collier Trophy; Daniel Guggenheim

Memberships: Delta Psi; Los Angeles Athletic

Los Angeles Yacht, Pacific Coast, Calif.

Yacht, Bel-Air Bay Clubs.

Religion: Episcopalian.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Yachting and hunting.

Bus. Address: 3000 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa

Monica, Calif. •

DOUGLAS, John Scott. B.B.A., M.B.A.
Fiction Writer, Traveler.

Born: Seattle (Wash.), May 16, 1905; s. of
Neva (Bostwick) and J. F. Douglas.
Education: Univ. of Wash.; Harvard Univ.
Degrees: B.B.A., U. of Wash.; M.B.A., Har-
vard U.

Married: lone, d. of Dr. Norton F. Hazel-
dine, San Diego (Calif.).

Prof. Record: Published 800 short stories,
novelettes and serials (also some articles) in
approximately 140 publications, many being
based upon experiences during years of travel
to foreign lands.

Publications: Novel: Girls Can Be Gallant
(Phoenix Press) ; also published fiction in
140 periodicals including: Thrilling Adven-
tures; Sky Fighters; Weird Tales; Love
Story Magazine; Dime Sports; Thrilling
Sports; Thrilling Western; Popular Detective;
Popular Spo7-ts; etc.

Memberships: Calif. Writers Guild; Amer.
Fiction; Phi Kappa Sigma.
Religion: Presbyterian.

Recreations: Travel, camping, fishing, phil-
ately, tennis, etc.

Bus. and Home Address: 3739 Poe St., San
Diego, Calif. •

DOUGLAS. The Reverend Lloyd C,
A.B., M.A., B.D., D.D., LL.D., Litt.D.

Born: Columbia City (Ind.), Aug. 27, 1877;
s. of Sarah Jane (Cassel) and the Rever-
end Alexander Jackson Douglas.

Education: Wittenberg College, Springfield

Degrees: A.B., 1900, M.A., B.D., 1903, Wit-
tenberg Coll.: D.D., 1920, Fargo Coll. (N.
D.), U. of So. Calif., 192S, U. of Vermont,
1931: LL.D., 1935, Gettysburg Coil. (Pa.);
Litt.D., Northeastern U., 1936.
Publications: Wanted A Congregation, 1920;
The Minister's Everyday Life, 1924: These
Sayings of Mine, 1925: Those Disturbing Mir-
acles, 1927; Magnificent Obsession, 1929;
Forgive Us Our Trespasses, 1932: Precious
Jeopardy, 1933; Green Light, 1935; White
Banners. 1936; Home for Christmas. 1937;
Disputed Passage, 1939; Doctor Hudson's
Secret Journal, 1939; Invitation to Live, 1940.
Memberships: St. Botolph (Boston), Authors'

niollywood), and Bel-Air Bay clubH; Phi

Gamma Delta.

Religion : Congregational .

Politir.s: Republicin.

Bus. and Home Address: 214 St. Pierre Rd.,

Bcl-AIr, Lo.'; Angeles, Cilif.

DOUGLASS, Aubrey Augustus. A.B.,
M.A., Ph.D.

Asslst.'int Superintendent of Public Instruc-
tion and Chief, Division of Secondary Edu-
cation, Calif. State Department of Educa-

Born: Eureka (Kan.1, Fob. 26. 1887; s. of
Ella E. (Mains) and Clifford II.
Fdvcation: Kansas State Teachers College
(Emporia); Clark Univ., Worce.ster (Mass.).
Degrees: A.B., Kansas State Teachers Coll.,
1912; M.A., 1915, Ph.D., 1917, Clark U.
Married: M. Evelyn, d. of Harriet (Bagley)
and James Fitzsimmons, Boston (Mass.),
1918: ch.: Brian and Malcolm.
Prof. Record: A.sst. Prof., Edn., Washington
State Coll., 1919-24; Lecturer on Edn., Har-
vard Grad. Sch. of Edn., 1924-26; Prof., and
Head of Dept. of Edn., Claremont Colleges,
1926-35; Dir. of Studies, Grad. Sch. of Clare-
mont Colleges, 1937-38; Visiting Prof, in
Summer Sessions, U. of Wash., Pa. State
Coll., Harvard U., Stanford U., Chicago U.,
U. of Calif.; Dir. of Summer Sessions, Clare-
mont Colleges, 1929-.34; Asst. Supt. of Public
Instr. and Chief, Div. of Secondary Edn.,
State Dept of Edn.

Publications: The Junior High School, 1917;
Secondary Education, 1927; The American
School System, 1934, revised edition, 1940;
Modern Secondary Education, 1938.
Army Record: U. S. Army, 1917-18.
Memberships: Phi Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Golf, gardening, and fishing.

Btis. Address: Library and Courts BIdg.,

Sacramento, Calif.

Home Adderss: 2762 11th Ave., Sacramento,

DOWD, (Miss) Helen Lietta

(known professional as "Lietta")

Artist, Teacher Lecturer.

Born: Buffalo (New York), May 20, 1908;

d. of Louise (Lyman) and Dr. J. Henry


Education: Pasadena public schools: Chouin-
ard Art School (Los Angeles, Calif.); spe-
cial coaching by Prof. Emmy Zweybriick

Prof. Record: Finished art sch., 1930; did
J. W. Robinson's Christmas windows follow-
ing year; taken into Artist Guild, Inc. of
N.Y., 1932; won First Honorable Mention
in Illustrating at So. Calif. Festival of Arts,
1935; exhibited extensively in Calif, and N.
Y. City, including several one-man exhibits
in leading galleries: important commns. to
do decorating for children of notable fa-
milies; under contract to Brayton Potteries
of Laguna Beach to design ceramics; de-
signer of wallpapers for Imperial Paper and
Color Corp. ; Lectures on Illustrating for
Universities, club, and schools; teaches art
to both adults and children: Illustrates maga-
zine articles for parents and children.
Publications: Illustrations for The Funny



Little Boy. bv Dorothy Baruch (Lothrop, Lee

and Shepard Pub.), 1936; Art Work for

Woman's World and David C. Cook Pub.


Memberships: Hon. Mem. of Hanamalea Soc,

Broad Oaks, Whittler Coll.; Pasadena Fine


Religion: Christian Scientist.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Swimming, tennis, concerts,

working with children.

Bus. and Home Address: 178 No. Hill Ave.,

Pasadena. Calif.

DOWNEN, John Mosser, Ph.B.

Supt., Masonic Home for Children.
Born: Rocky Ford (Colo.), Oct. 11, 1876; s.
of Susan (McCoUum) and Thomas J. Down-

Education: Univ. of Colo.
Degrees: Ph.B., U. of Colo., 1899.
Married: Katherine, d. of Arthur Gordon
Calhoun, Mineral Wells (Tex.), July 1, 1901;
ch.: John Calhoun and Margaret (Mrs. W.
F. Pruden).

Prof Record: Teacher, Centennial High Sch.,
Pueblo (Colo.), 1899-1902; Prin., Centennial
High Sch., Pueblo, 1902-06; Supt. of Schs.,
CrOlden (Colo.), 1906-11; Supt., Clayton Coll.
for Boys, Denver, 1911-24; Mgr., Murphey
Sch. for Children, Dover (Del.), 1924-25; has
been Supt. of the Masonic Home for Child-
ren, Covina (Calif.) since 1927.
Memberships: Covina Rotary (Past Pres.);
Covina I^odge, F. &. A. M.; Phi Kappa Sig-

Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 1636 E. Badillo St., Covina.
Calif. *

DOWNEY, Senator Sheridan

United States Senator.

Born: Laramie (Wyo.), Mar. 9, 1884; s. of

Evangeline Victoria (Owen) and Stephen

Wheeler Downey.

Education: Pub. schs. of Laramie; grad. of

Univ. of Mich. Law Sch., 1907.

Married: Helen (Symonds), Nov. 15, 1910;

ch.: Margaret, Emily, Sheridan, Helen Jane,

Richard Symons, and Patricia June.

Prof. Record: Admitted to Wyo. Bar. 1907,

and began practice in Laramie (Wyo.); U.

S. Senator from Calif, for term, 1939-45;

strong advocate of pensions.

Publications: Author of economic pubis.

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: U. S. Senate, Washington,

D. C.

Home Address: Atherton, Calif. *

DOWNEY. Stephen Wheeler. B.L.

Lawyer, Senior Member, Downey, Brand &


Born: Laramie (Wyo.), June 14, 1886; s. of

Evangeline (Owen) and Stephen Wheeler


Education: Univ. of Michigan.

Degrees: B.L., U. of Michigan, 1908.

Married: Persis, d. of Carrie E. and Harry

A. Mclntire, Sacramento (Calif.), Oct. 25,

1919; ch.: John Francis, Stephen Wheeler,

Jr., Wendy, and Charlotte.

Prof. Record: Admitted to practice of l.iw.
Apr. 1909.

Army Record: First Lieut., 158th Infantry,

Memberships: Commonwealth (San Fran-
cisco), Rotary (Sacramento).
Religion: Episcopal.

Bus. Address: Capital National Bldg., Sacra-
mento, Calif.

Home Address: 1300 - 41st St., Sacramento,

DOWNING. Paul Milton

Vice-President and General Manager, Paci-
fic Gas and Electric Company.
Born: Newark (Mo.), Nov. 27, 1873; s. of
Margaret Gray (Sanford) and T.B. Downing.
Education: Stanford Univ., 1895.
Married: Frances Stevenson, July 20, 1897.
Business Record: With Tacoma Light and
Power Companv, 1895-96; Market Street
Railway Co. (San Francisco), 1896-97; 1898 to
1899 with Blue Lakes Water Co. which af-
terward became a part of Pacific Gas and
Electric Co.; 1899 to 1901 with Standard
Consolidated Mining Co.; Since 1901 has
been with the Pacific Gas and Electric Com-
pany or some of its predecessor companies:
Mgr., Colusa Gas & Electric Co., 1901-02,
Div Supt., Bay Counties Power Company,
1902-03, California Gas & Electric Corpn.,
1903-1908, Pacific Gas and Electric Co., En-
gineer of Operation and Maintenance, 1908-
17. Chief Engineer Elec. Dept., 1917-20, Vice-
Pres. in charge Elec. Const'n. and Operation,
1920-29, Vice-Pres. and Gen. Mgr., 1929 — .
Directorships: Vice-Pres., Edison Electric
Inst.; Vice-Pres., Gen. Mgr., and Dir., Pac.
Gas and Elec. Co.

Memberships: Amer. Inst. Electrical Engrs.;
Pacific Coast Electrical Assn.; Pacific Gas
Assn.; Shrine, Calif. Commandery, Past Mas-
ter Calif. Lodge No. 1, F. & A.M., (San
Francisco) ; Commonwealth, Engrs., Olympic,
Pacific Union, Lakeside Country, San Fran-
cisco Golf, Menlo Country, Sutter and Com-
mercial clubs.

Bus. Address: 245 Market St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 1980 Washington St., San
Francisco, Calif.

DOWNS, The Reverend Francis Shunk,

Ph.B., B.D., D.D.

Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.
Born: Dover (Del.), June 3, 1885; s. of
Elizabeth (Brown) and Presley Spruance

Education: Dover High School; Mercersburg
Academy, 1902; Lafayette College, 1906;
Univ. Penn. Law School, 1906-07; Princeton
Theological Seminary, 1907-10; Johns Hop-
kins Univ., 1912-13.

Degrees- Ph.B., 1906, D.D., 1926, Lafayette
Coll.; B.D., 1910, Princeton Theol. Sem., win-
ner of Gelston-Winthrop Fellowship in
Church History.

Married: Jane Louise, d. of Elizabeth (Long-
streth) and Reverend Leigh ton Wilson Eck-
ard, D. D., Philadelphia (Pa.), June 1, 1910;
ch.: Elizabeth Bayard.

Prof. Record: Founder and Pastor of Cal-
vary Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, 1910-
18- Pastor of Market Square Presbyterian
Church, Germantovra (Philadelphia), 1918-
22; Pastor of First Presbyterian Church,
Tyrone (Pa.), 1922-25; Secty., Bd. of For-



cign Mission Missions of Presbyterian Church
In U.S.A., 1!):J3-.TJ; I'aslor of First Presbyter-
ian Church, Berkeley (Calif.), I'.KiL' -. Foun-
iler and First Pros., KvanKellcal Fellowship
of Northern Calif.; Intcrch.inKe Preacher
between Great Britain and America, 1930;
Mission Lecturer at Lane Theol. Sem., Oma-
ha Seminary, and San Francisco Seminary;
Moilcrator of San Francisco Presbytery,

Directorships: Trustee. Lincoln U.; Mem.
of Bd. of Foreign Missions of Presbyterian
Church In U.S.A.; Trustee of San Francisco
Theol. Sem., Moderator of Huntingdon Pres-
bytery. 1931-32; Pres., Bd. of Dir., Berkeley
Presbyterian Missionary Home; Mem. of
E.xec. Com., World Dominion Movement;
Mem., Ed. Council, The Religious Digest;
Pres.. Mercersburg Alumni of No. Calif.;
Pres.. Princeton Seminary Alumni of Calif.
Publications: A Brief History of Calvary
Church; What Think Ye of Christ? Chris-
tianity and Today; A Tribute 'of Love; The
Call of Christ to the Presbyterian Church;
and The Heart of the Christian Faith.
Memberships: City Commons, Rotary, Sons
of Delaware; Chi Alpha, Pi Gamma Mu, Del-
ta Kappa Epsilon.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Independent Democrat.
Recreations: Walking, reading, and attend-
ing all kinds of athletic events.
Bus. Address: 2407 Dana St., Berkeley. Calif.
Ho7ne Address: 753 Santa Barbara Rd., Ber-
keley, Calif.

DOWNS, Walker Wallace. A.B., LL.B.

Born: Chicago (111.). June 29. 1908; s. of
Susan (Walker) and Wallace Henry Downs.
Education: Pomona College (Claremont) ;
Univ. of So. Calif. Law School (Los Angeles).
Degrees: A.B.. Pomona Coll., 1930; LL.B.,
U. of So. Calif. Law Sch., 19.33.
Married: Dorothy E.. d. of Mrs. Elizabeth
Spoor, Redlands (Calif.), Aug. 13, 1936.
Prof. Record: Has been practicing law In
La Verne since being admitted to the bar.
City Judge of La Verne at present.
Directorships : Dir., La Verne Cham, of Com.,
and San Gabriel Valley Asso. Chambers of

Memberships: Past Master. Masonic Lodge
428 (San Dimas), Chapter. R.A.M. (Pomona);
Pres., Rep. Assembly 49th Dist. ; Phi Alpha
Delta (law frat.); Lions Service, and Toast-
master's clubs.

Religion: Community Church.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Civic betterment, badminton.

bridge, growing orchids.

Bus. Address: First Nat. Bank Bldg., La
Verne, Calif.

Home Address: 1717 - 4th St., La Verne,
Calif. •

DOYLE. Clyde, LL.B.
Lawyer, Senior Partner, Clyde Doyle and
John Gee Clark.

Born: Oakland (Calif.). July 11, 1888; s. of
Nettie (Gilman) and Thomas Doyle.
Education: Oakland Grammar School; Poly-
technic High School, Long Beach (Calif.);
Univ. of So. Calif., Los Angeles.
Degrees: LL.B., U. of So. Calif., 1917.


Married: Lydla. d. of Blanche W. and Fran-
cis C. Ycomans, Long Beach (Calif.), Mar.
21, 1914; ch.: Clyde, Jr., Lydla Louise and
Dorothy Grace.

Prof. Record: Boy Counsellor, and Inatr , In
Government, and Athletic Coach, at Calif.
George Junior Republic, 1912-13-14, Chlno
(Calif.); became Junior Partner In firm of
Haskell, Keelor & Doyle. Attorneys-at-Law,
1917, Long Beach (Calif. j; .Senior Partner,
Doyle, Clark & Thomas, 1923; .Senior Part-
ner. Clyde Doyle and John Gee Clark, which
is the e.xisting firm.

Directorships: Mem. of Bd. of Dir.. YMCA
(Long Beach); Trustee and Counsel for Calif.
Junior Republic. Chlno (Calif.), Adelaide
Tichenor Hospital -Sch.

Awards: Meritorious Award as outstanding
citizen of Long Beach, 1936.

Memberships: Masonic (Long Beach); Hon.
Mem., 20-30; Knight Templar; First Pres.,
Kiwanis (Long Beach).

Religion: Protestant (Congregational Church).

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Outdoor life and sports.

Bns. Address: Jergins Trust Bldg.. Long
Beach, Calif.

Home Address: 500 Los Altos Ave., Long
Beach, Calif. •

DOYLE, Grace Evelyn Meredith

Head Custodian, Los Angeles City Board of

Born: Crafton (Pa.), Nov. 17. 1889; d. of
Mary Brodie (Scott) and Harry Alfred

Education: Crafton Union High School; stu-
dent of lip-reading.

Married: George Curry (now deceased), s.
of William Doyle, Pittsburgh (Pa.), Jan.
31. 1910; ch.: Mrs. Arthur C. Kistler. Mrs.

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