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Gilbert J. Mahorney, Richard W. and How-
ard Bidwell.

Prof. Record: Accepted present position 17
yrs. ago during her husband's illness; after
bitter strugle (being very hard of hearing),
succeeded in obtaining her Certificate of Ac-
complishment as Custodian-Engineer (A-rat-

Directorships: Founder, Southeast Soc. for
Hard of Hearing (Jr. Past Pres.); Contact
Chmn., Hard of Hearing in South Gate;
Chmn., Employment Com. (Vocational Coun-
sel). Amer. Soc. for Hard of Hearing in Pa-
cific Zone; Pres.. South Gate Chapter, Calif.
Sch. Employees Assn.

Memberships: Southeast Soc. for Hard of
Hearing; So. Calif. Breakfast Club for Hard
of Hearing; Amer. Soc. for Hard of Hear-
ing; Calif. School Employees' Assn.
Religion: Christian.

Politics: Republican (voted Democrat in last
2 elections).

Recreatoins: Flower arrangements, outdoor
sports shared with family, study of vocational
adjustment and social service of hard of

Bus. Address: Stanford Ave. School, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 9404 Stanford Ave.. South
Gate. Calif.; and 10433 Montara Ave., South
Gate, Calif. •


DOYLE, Helen MacKnight, M.D.
Physician, Author.

Born: Petrolia (Pa.), Dec. 15, 1873; d. of
Olive (Peck) and Smith Peck MacKnight.
Education Univ. ot Calif.; Inyo Academy.
Degrees: M.D., U. of Calif., 1894.
Married: Guy P., s. of Robert Doyle, at
Bishop (Invo Co., Calif.), June 14. 1899; ch..
Dorothv Doyle Morrison; and Morns Mac-

Prof. Record: Practice of medicine since
graduation from college.

Publications: A Child Went Forth; Mary
Austin, Wo7nan of Genius; poems.
Awards: Silver Medal, Commonwealth Club
of San Francisco.

Memberships: Calif. Writer's, Berkeley Wo-
men's Citv, and Twentieth Century clubs;
Author's Guild of America.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Gardening, driving.
Horr^e Address: 2600 Ridge Rd., Berkeley,

DRAA. Charles Clifton. Mus.B., Mus.D.
Pianist, Music Educator.

Born- Niles (Ohio), May 13, 1871; s. of Mary
Delmere (Ball) and Samuel Perry Draa.
Education: Studied piano under Dr. William
Mason u^.Y.C): Vianna Jose da Motta
(Berlin, Germany); Harold Bauer (Pans,
France) .

Degrees: Mus.B., 1891, Mus.D., 1928, Adrian
Coll. (Mich.).

Prof. Record: Teacher of Piano, Adrian Sch.
of Music. 1891-93; Dir. of Music, \Mlder
(Minn.) Coll. (Episcopal), 1893-95; Teacher
of Piano in Atlanta (Ga.), New York City.
and also taught In Berlin (Ger.) from 1905
to 1910. Located in Los Angeles since 1911.
Organizer and Mgr., U.S. Government War
Savings Concert Bureau, World War I. State
Dir Publicity, Calif. Federation of Music
Clubs 1918-22, and Founder, Feb.. 1920, Ed.
until ' 1922, Federation's Official Bulletin.
Aided Amer. Com. for Devastated France,
1919 Waged successful campaign for repeal
of Los Angeles Music Teachers' Occupational
Tax 1923 Audition Chmn., Hollywood Bowl
Summer Concerts, 1924. Calif. Delegate and
Speaker at meeting of Music Teachers Natl.
Assn. (Rochester, N.Y.), 1926. Chmn., Guar-
antors' Com., Los Angeles Oratorio Soc,
1927-''9 Dr Draa's portrait is included among
others of "The World's Best Known Musi-
cians" in The Etude Music Magazine of Jan.,

MemhersUps: Executive Staff, Nat. War Say-
ings Com. for Calif. (So.) World War I;
Music Teachers' Nat. Assn.; Los Angeles
County Music Teachers' Assn. (Pres., 1924-
25)- Music Teachers' Assn. of Calif. (Pres.,
1926-27) ■ Federal Music Project Advisory
Bd of Los Angeles, since 1936; Musicians'
Guild- Founder Mem., Hollywood Bowl Assn.
and Pac. Geographic Soc; Charter Mem.,
Los Angeles Chapter of Pro-Musica, and Los
Angeles Bach Festival Foundation; Life
Mem Minn. Masonic Veteran Assn. ; Gamut
Club (Pres., 1928-29): Los Angeles Opera
and Fine Arts Club (Pres., 1930-31); Mac-
Dowell Club of Allied Arts; Scottish Rite
Mason (32°), Knight Templar, Shriner; Los
Angeles Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alumni Assn.,

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Nat. Frat. (Life Mem.).
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 1440 W. 29th St., Los Ange-
les, Calif.


Judge of the Superior Court, State of Calif.
Born: Sutter County (Calif.), Aug. 30, 1885;
s. of Virginia (Lynds) and Edwin L. Dra-

Education: Georgetown Univ. (Washington,

Degrees: LL.B., Georgetown, 1913.
Married: Dorothy J., d. of David J. Reese,
at Ventura (Calif.), April 11, 1923; ch.
Louis C, Jr., Jack, David, and Jerry.
Army Service: Served in U.S. Army during
World Vv^ar I.

Memberships: Masonic Orders; Elks; Com-
monwealth Club of San Francisco.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Horseback riding.
Bus. Address: Courthouse, Ventura.
Home Address: Ojai, Calif.

DREHER, Fred L.. B.L., LL.B.

Lawyer, Senior Member, Dreher, McClellan &

Born: Lenzburg (111.), Dec. 10, 1878; s. Of
Margaret (Griebel) and Peter J. Dreher.
Education: High school (Pomona, Calif.);
Pomona College; Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley);
Hastings College of Law, Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: B.L., U. of Calif., 1901; LL.B.,
Hastings Coll. of Law, U. of Calif.
Married- Mae V. Starkweather, at San Jose
(Calif.), May 26, 1919; ch.: Robert J. (b.
Jan. 8, 1922), Rita M. (b. May 23, 1924).
Prof Record: Commenced practice of law in
San Francisco, May, 1904, immediately after
being admitted to practice in State and Fed-
eral Courts. Practiced alone until Jan. 1,
1930, when he took in as partner, J. Ed
McClellan, under firm name of Dreher,
McClellan; subsequently admitted Frank J.
McCarthy to partnership, under name of
Dreher, McClellan & McCarthy; since 1927,
has had his office at 485 Calif. St., in same
location where his office was prior to the
S. F. earthquake and fire, 1903.
Memberships: San Francisco Bar Assn., Am-
erican Bar Assn.; King Solomon Lodge, 260
F & A.M.; Calif. Bodies Scottish Rite (32°),
Islam Shrine; Commonwealth Club of Calif.

Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 485 Calif. St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 736 - 3rd Ave., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.


Head, Art, Interior Decorating and Pro-
cess Depts., Paramount Studio.
Born: Bremen (Germany), Aug. 21, 1885.
Education: Univ. of Munich (Bavaria, Ger.).
Degrees: Dipl.-Ing., in Arch., U. of Munich.
Prof Record: Supervising Architect of Ger-
man Imperial Govt, in the Cameroons (West
Africa); Ufa-Efa (branch of Paramount),



In Berlin (Ger.): has been In Ihp U. S. with
rat-ainoimt since lit'J.'l; deslRned sellings for
such Dlicclors as lAihllsch, Mamoullan, Von
Storiihcru, Ituoiil Walsh, Sllllor, Horzage and

Mfvilicrshipn: Acad, of Motion Plclurc Arts
and Sciences, U. S. Naval Inslllute.
Htia. Addrrsn: Paramount Sludlo, 5451 Mara-
thon St.. Hollywood. Calif. •

DREYFUS, Jr.. Louis G., A.B., M.A.
Envoy E.xtraordlnary and Minister Plenipoten-
tiary to Iran.

Born: Santa Barbara (Calif.). Nov. 23, 1889;
s. of Constance (Anerswald)and Louis G.

Edtication: Hotchkiss School, and Yale Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1910, M.A., 1911, Yale U.
Married: Grace, d. of John B. Hawes, In
Victory (N.Y.), Dec. 26. 1892.

Prof. Record: Deputy Consul General. Berlin
(German V). 1911-12; Vice-Con.sul. Lima
(Peru). 1912-13; Vice-Consul, Berlin <Ger-
many). 1914-15; Vice-Consul at Budapest.
1915-16; Vice-Consul at Sofia. 1916-17; Con-
sul at Malaga (Spain). 1917-19; Consul at
Paris (France), 1919-20; Consul at Poleimo
(Italy), 1920-21; Consul General at Dresden
(Germany). 1921-25; Foreign Service Inspec-
tor in Western Europe. 1925-27; Consul Gen-
eral at Oslo (Norway). 1927-28; Consul Gen-
eral at Naples (Italy), 1929-31; Consul Gen-
eral, Copenhagen (Denmark), 1931-33; Con-
selor of Embassy at Lima (Peru), 1934-39;
Minister to Iran and Afghanistan, 1939 — .

Memberships: Union Interalliee (Paris);
Tehran Club and Tehran Golf.

Religion: Protestant Episcopal.
Bus. Address: Amer. Legation, Tehran. Iran.
Home Address: 221 Constance Ave.. Santa
Barbara. Calif.

Other Address: c/o Dept. of State. Washing-
ton, D.C.


Director, Child Welfare and Attendance.
Kern County Schools.

Born: Fort Green (Fla.). April 13. 1900; s.
of Mary (Stephens) and U. A. Driggers.

Education: Univ. of Florida.
Degrees: B.S., U. of Florida. 1921.
Married: Lucille, d. of Louis Gill, at Porter-
ville (Calif.). Nov. 29, 1923; ch.: Rona. Lad-
die, and Neddie.

Prof. Record: Teacher, Principal, Supervisor.
Supt., Dir. of educational work since 1921.
Past Pres., Porterville Athletic Club; Past
State Pres.. Fraternal Order of Eagles. "F"
Club. Univ. of Fla. ; Pres., Bakersfield Lions
Club. 1941-42.

Army Service : Reserve Officer U.S.A. (In-

Fraternities: Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Sigma.

Scabbard and Blade.

Religion: Baptist.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Football, baseball, and fishing.

Bus. Address: Court House, Bakersfield,

Home Address: 2333 Quincy Dr., Bakersfield,

DRIGGS, (Miss) Alice A(ugusta)

Patron of the Alls.

Horn: Brooklyn (NY.); d. of Teresa Bowen
(Way) and Silas Wright Driggs.
Education: AdclphI Academy.
Memberships: D.A.U.; Ebell Club (Los An-
geles); Town and Gown (Univ. of .So. Calif,);
A.sslstance League (L.A.); MacDowell Club
of Allied Arts; Women's Convention Com.,
L.A. Chamber of Commerce.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Traveling; foundinr; the Amer-
ican Museum of Musical Art and Industry;
gardens and garden clubs; collecting dolls of
all nations because of costumes.
Home Address: 3191 W. Seventh St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

DRIVER, John Rush

Superintendent, Alameda County Prison

Born: Versailles (Mo.), Sept. 12, 1877; s.
of Catherine (Branner) and John C. Driver.
Education: Versailles (Mo.)
Married: Florence, d. of Jacob C. Flook, at
Garden City (Mo.), Dec. 14, 1904; ch.; La
Verne, John C, and Harold E.
Bus. Record: Left his father's farm in 1896
(at the age of 19), and attended private
school, following summer passed examination
as Teacher, taught country sch. for 4 yrs.
during winter months, worked on farm in
summer. Came to Calif, for a visit, lacked
funds to return home; located position in gro-
cery store in Reno; 1903 went to Oakland
where he worked for 1 yr. Returned home to
Mo., married, came back to Calif, and en-
tered storage and moving business. After 25
yrs. sold out and retired, but like many
others, due to the "depression", was forced
to go back to work. Obtained position as Su-
perintendent, Alameda Co. Prison Farm,
where he is at present.

Mem,bershi-ps: Masonic; Kiwanis.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Plenty of exercise and playing

Bus. Address: c/o Sheriff's Office, Oakland.

Home Address: 2213 Vine St., Berkeley, Calif.

DRURY, Chaplain Clifford Merrill,

U.S.Navy Reserve, A.B., B.D., S.T.M.,
Ph.D., D.D.

Professor of Church History and Missions,
San Francisco Theological Seminary.
Born: Early (la.), Nov. 7, 1897; s. of Mae
(Dell) and Will Drury.

Education: Early High Sch.; Buena Vista
Coll.; Univ. of Edinburgh (1927-28).
Degrees: A.B., Buena Vista Coll.. 1918; B.D..
1922. S.T.M.. 1928, S.F. Theol. Sem. ; Ph.D.,
U. of Edinburgh (Scotland), 1932; D.D.,
Buena Vista Coll.. 1941.

Married: Miriam, d. of Otto Leyrer, at Ber-
keley (Calif.), Nov. 17, 1922; ch.: Robert
(b. 1925), Patricia (b. 1929), and Philip
(b. 1930).

Prof. Record: Asst. -Pastor, First Presbvterian
Church (Berkeley, Calif.), 1921-23; Pastor,
Community Church (Amer.), Shanghai, China,
1923-27; Pastor, First Presby. Church (Mos-



cow, Idaho), 1928-38; Prof., S.F. Theol.
Sem., 1938—.

Publications: Henry Harmon Spauldi7ig (Cax-
ton Printers), 1936; Marcus Whitman. M.D.
(Ca.\ton), 1937; Elkanah and Mary Walker
(Caxton), 1940; numerous articles in histori-
cal magazines and religious press.
Army and Navy Service: Served eight months
World War I, in chemical warfare service
research work, Yale U.; si.x mos. as Asst.
Field Dir., Amer. Red Cross, Fort Des
Moines (la.); Reserve commn. in Navy as
Chaplain, since 1933.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Chi Alpha
(S.F.); Mason (Commandry).
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreatioyis : Collecting historical documents.
Bus. Address: San Anselmo, Calif.
Home Address: 118 Bolinas Ave., San Ansel-
mo, Calif.

DRYER. George William, A.B.
Lawyer, Senior Member, Dryer, Richards and

Born- Placerville (Calif.), Feb. 12, 1881; s.
of Mary Luella (Alexander) and John Lewis
Dryer, M.D.

Education: Santa Ana High Sch (1898);
Stanford Univ. (1902); Stanford Law Sch.
(1903-04) .

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1902.
Married: Louise, d. of Myra and John Dick-
son, at Del Monte (Calif.), Sept. 18, 1915;
ch.: John Lewis, Mary Louise (dec.)
Prof Record: Admitted to Calif. State Bar
in 1904 and engaged in practice in Los An-
geles- Mem., Mulford and Dryer, 1908-22;
now Senior Mem., Dryer, Richards and Page
(Los Angeles) ; Pres., Stanford Law Soc,

Directorships: Pres., L.A. Orthopaedic Foun-
dation and Hospital, since 1918; Dir., L.A.
Community Chest, since 1925.
Awards: Recipient of L.A. Realty Bd. annual
award for Community Service and Citizenship,
for 1936.

Memberships: Amer. Bar Assn. ; State Bar
of Calif.; L.A. Bar Assn. (Trustee, 1941);
Historical Soc. of So. Calif.; 32° Mason,
Shriner; Native Sons of the Golden West;
Calif Soc. Sons of the Revolution; L.A.
Stanford (Pres. 1909) and University (Pres.,
1914) clubs; Delta Chi.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 820 Rowan Bldg., 458 So.
Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 133 So. Las Palmas, Los An-
geles, Calif.

DUBNOFF, Jacob V/illiam, A.B., M.A.
Research Assistant in Biochemistry, Calif.
Inst, of Tech.

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.). Jan. 26, 1909; s.
of Lena (Dolginoff) and Paul Dubnoff.
Education: Pub. schs. in Los Angeles; Univ.
of Calif., Los Angeles; Univ. of Calif.,

Degrees: A.B., U. of Calif., Los Angeles,
1931; M.A., U. of Calif., Berkeley, 1933.
Married: Belle, d. of Fanny (Coopersmith)
and Hyman Wax, in Los Angeles (Calif.),
1932; ch. : Ena Marie.

Prof. Record: Soil Chemist, Dept. of Agr.,
Berkeley, 1933-34; Research Biochemist, U.
of Kazan, 1934-36; Research Asst. in Bio-
chemistry, Calif. Inst, of Tech., since 1936.
Publicatiojis: Various papers on biochemical

Memberships: Sigma Xi.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Photography and tennis.
Bus. Address: California Inst, of Technology,
Pasadena, Calif.

Home Address: 1865 Brigden Rd., Pasadena,
Calif. '

DUCKLES. Frederic Monroe, A.B.
Asso. Secretary, Pacific Southwest Area,

Born: Carlinville (111.), June 30, 1881; s. of
Emma (Lawson) and Edward G. Duckies.
Education: 111. Coll. (Jacksonville); Harvard
Univ. (post-grad. work).
Degrees: A.B., 111. Coll., 1905.
Married: Harriet, d. of Rev. Waldo B. Har-
ris, at Seward (111.), Oct. 26, 1907; ch.:
Vincent Harris and Edwin Lawson.
Prof Record: Y.M.C.A. Secy, since 1905,
serving in Chicago. Pittsburg (Kan,), Rock-
ford (111.), and Oroville (Calif.); Calif. State
work and the Pacific Southwest Area work
of the Nat. Council; at present is specializing
in work for hard-of-hearing children.
Directorships: Dir., Pacific Zone Com. of the
Amer. Soc. for the Hard-of-Hearing.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Gardening and home shop.
Bus. Address: 501 Mercantile Bldg., Berkeley,

Home Address: 1121 Brewster Dr., El Cerrito,

DUFF, James Leo, A.B.
Director, Duff Corporation.
Born: Menlo Park (Calif.), Oct. 24 1891;
s. of Rosena (Macdonald) and Michael Fran-
cis Duff.

Education: Menlo Park pub. and Palo Alto
high schs.; Stanford Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1913.
Married: Mary, d. of Henry Martin Lannan
(Lannan Ranch), near Parma (Ida.); ch.:
Mary Patricia Lannan and Margaret Mary

Bus. Record: Teacher, Potter Sch. for Boys
(San Francisco), 1914-16; Junior Coll. (Au-
burn, Calif.), 1916-17; has been in the coffee
bus. since 1919; broker in coffee in L.A.
since 1924.

Directorships: Dir., Duff Corp.
Publications: Editorial Bd., Stanford Book of
Verse (Eng. Club, Stanford U.), 1916 Editor,
The Eleventh Field Artillery (11th F.A.,
Dijon, France), 1919; Author, The Rubaxyat
of Ohow Dryyam (Leedon Pub. Co.), 1922;
Editor and Pub., Insurance Pictorial, 192J-^4;
Contributor to Saturday Evening Post, New
Yorker, Commonweal, America, Poetry, Spirit,

Army Service; 2nd Training Camp Presidio,
S.F.; Commd., Reg. Army and assigned 11th
F.A.; discharged as 1st Lt., 11th F.A.
Memberships: Newman Club of L.A.; Cath-



olio Poetry Soc. of Amor. (Chnrtcr Mem.)

Religion: Roman Catholic.

Politics: Democrat.

Rccreation/i: Tonnl.s, writing, i)holo;,'raphy,

drawing, and block print Inj^.

Rux. 1248 Whole.salc St., I,os An-

Rolcs, Calif.

Home Address: fi'27 WIn.slon Ave, San

M.irino. Calif.

DUFFY, Clinton Truman

Warden of San Quentin State Prison.

Born: San Quentin (Calif.), Aug. 4, 1808;

s. of Eugenia (Palmer) and William J.


Education: San Quentin Grammer and San

Rafael High Schools.

Married: Gladys, d. of John H. Carpenter,

at San Francisco (Calif.), Dec. 31, 1921; ch.:

John Carpenter (Jack).

Bus. Record: Formerly with Hercules Powder

Co., Northwestern Pacific Railroad, and

Hutchinson Co. (contractors) ; now. Warden

of San Quentin State Prison.

Directorships: Calif. State Employees Credit


Navy Service: Served in U.S. Marine Corps

during World War I.

Memberships: Amer. Legion; Masons.

Religion: Presbyterian.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Gardening and fishing.

Bus. Address: State Prison, San Quentin,


Home Address : San Quentin, Calif. *

DUFFY. Jr., William Joseph


Born: San Pablo (Contra Costa Co., Calif.),

Aug. 23. 1892; s. of Eugenia A. (Palmer i

and William Joseph Duffy.

Education: San Rafael High Sch. ; Coll. of

Agr., Univ. of Calif, at Davis (June, 1916).

Married: Hazel Gladys, d. of Adelaide and

Herbert Ale.xander Frazer, at Montgomery

(Ala.), Nov. 30, 1896; ch. : Betty Ann, and

Marjorie Adelaide.

Bus. Record: Foreman of 800 acre farm on

Twitchell Island (San Joaquin River Delta),

for James M. Brown, 1917-18; Supt. of three

ranches in vicinity of Sacramento, for E.

Clemens Horst Co., 1918-20; Gen. Foreman,

and for past 15 yrs. as Leasing Agent and

Land Salesman (leasing of appro.ximately

35,000 acres annually to various tenants),

Sutter Basin Corpn., Ltd., Robbins (Calif.),

1920 — ; has own farm of 680 acres, acquired

since 1930; active in Farm Bureau and sch.


Directorships: Trustee of Robbins Grammar

and Yuba Union High Schs.

Memberships: F. and A.M. (Past Master).

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Swimming, golfing, touring, and

the theatre.

Home Address: Robbins, Calif. *

DULIN. Edgar Shelton

Pres., Byron Jackson Co.

Born: San Diego (Calif.), Nov. 4, 1892: s.

of Jean (Garrettson) and Edgar G. Dulin.

Education: Los Angeles High Sch.; Univ. of

Married: Sueadelo, d. of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
ir. MIIos, Lo.s Angeles (Calif.), Nov. 10, 191!5;
rh.; Mrs. HenJ.imln S. Lackland (N.Y.), Mrs.
John 15. Merritt (Los Angeles, Calif.).
Bus. Record: Vlce-Pres. of Blankonhorn-
Hunter Co., l!ll5-22; Vice-Pros., Mlankon-
horn-IIuntcr-Dulin Co., 1920-22 (name chanj?-
<•<! to Hunlcr, Oulin A Co., 1922); Vlce-Pres.,
Hunter, Dulin & Co., 1922-28; Vlce-Pres.,
Byron Jack.son Co. in 1928, Pres., since
1929 -.

Directorships: DIr., Byron Jack.son Co., Pat-
terson Ballagh Corp., Tea Garden Products
Co., Earl Fruit Co., Di Giorgio Fruit Corp.,
Merchants and Mfrs. Assn.; DIr., Petroleum
Eciuip. Suppliers Assn.; Dir., Metal Trades
Mfrs. A.ssn. of So. Calif.

Memberships: Calif., Country (L.A.), Wll-
shire Country, Bohcmi.m (.San Francisco),
Bel-Air Bay, Ramada (Houston) clubs.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing, and golf.
Bus. Address: 2150 E. Slauson Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 332 So. Plymouth Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

DUNCAN. Frances

Journalist, Author, Magazine Writer.
Born: Brooklyn (N.Y.) ; d. of Hannah
(Leech) and Capt. Charles C. Duncan.
Married: John Leroy, s. of Katherine (Van
Dyke) and Charles Manning, at Philadelphia
(Pa.), May, 1914 ;ch.: Margery (in Motion
Picture as "Julie Duncan"), John Van Dyke
(Pacific Coast Hort. Editor Better Homes
and Gardens), and Charles Duncan (Lock-
heed Experimental Div.)

Prof. Record: With Parson and Sons Co.,
Nurserymen; Edited (Hort.) Country Calender
(Review of Reviews Co.); Editor, Garden
Dept., Ladies' Home Journal and Delineator;
Dir. of Playground, Ethical Culture Sch.
(Brooklyn Branch); Designer of Playground,
Montessori Sch. (N.Y.); taught gardening and
designed Garden Girls Collegiate Sch. (Glen-
dora) ; Garden Editor, L.A. Times, 1926-31.

Publications: Mary's Garden and How It
Grew (Century), 1902; When Mother Lets
Us Garden (Dodd Mead and Co.), 1904; My
Garden Doctor (Doubleday), 1908; Robertc^
of Roseberry Gardens (Doubleday), 1915;
Home Vegetables and How to Grow Them
(Scribner), 1918; Joyous Art of Gardening
(Scribner), 1920; has written numerous
articles, chiefly on Horticulture and Garden-
ing, for Atlantic Monthly, Scribners, Ladies'
Home Journal, Woman's Home Corripanion,
American Home Magazine, Better Homes and
Gardens, and Calif. Arts and Architecture.
Politics: Democrat.

Home Address: 3517 Rowland Ave., Burbank,

DUNCAN, Professor Kenneth. A.B.,
M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Economics, Pomona College.
Born: Minneapolis (Minn,). March 5, 1890;
s. of Ella M. (Hill) and Archelaus Duncan.
Education: Wabash Coll. ; Northwestern Univ. ;
Univ. of Wis.; Univ. of Mich.
Degrees: A.B., Wabash Coll., 1910; M.A., U.
of Wis., 1915; Ph.D., U. of Mich., 1923.
Married: Antoinette, d. of W^illiam Burr
Banks, at Crawfordsville (Ind.), Aug. 17,



1914; ch.: Harriet Lucile (Mrs. Frans Nelson)
and Dorothy Jean.

Prof Record: Prof, and Dean, Lingnan U.
(Canton. China), 1911-26; Prof, of Econ.,
Pomona Coll., Claremont (Calif.), since 1926;
Visiting Prof., Nat. U. of Mex., 1933; Acting
Prof, of Econ., Stanford U., 1936.
Publications: Essentials of Economics (Shang-
hai), 1914; Equipment Obligations (N.Y.),

Memberships: Rotary Club, University Club
of Claremont; Phi Beta Kappa.
Religion: Congregational.

Bus. Address: Pomona Coll., Claremont,

Home Address: 1100 Harvard Ave., Clare-
mont, Calif.

DUNIWAY, Clyde Augustus. A.B., M.A.,
Ph.D., LL.D.
Educator (retired).

Born: Albany (Ore.), Nov. 2, 1866; s. of
Abigail Jane (Scott) and Benjamin Charles

Education: Portland (Ore.) Public Schools;
Cornell Univ.; Harvard; Leipzig; Berlm;

Degrees: A.B., Cornell, 1892; M.A., 1894,
PhD, 1897, Harvard U.; LL.D., Denver U.
and Colorado U., 1914, Colorado Coll., 1923.
Married: Caroline M., d. of Anne and John
Cushing, Oakland (Calif.), June 10, 1901;
ch. : Benjamin C. and David C.
Prof. Record: Instr. in History, Harvard and
Radcliffe, 1896-97; Asst. Prof., Asso. Prof.,
Prof , History, Stanford, 1897-1908; Pres.,
Montana U., 1908-12; Pres., Wyoming U.,
1912-17; Pres., Colo. Coll., 1917-24; Dir.,
Amer Univ. Union, London, 1923-24; Prof..
History, Carleton Coll., 1924-37; retired
1937; Carnegie Visiting Prof., Japan and
Australia, 1930-31.

Publications: Handbook of Graduate Courses,
1895-96-97 (Macmillan) ; Freedom of Press m
Massachusetts, 1906 (Harvard Press); Daniel
Webster as Secretary of State (Knopf), 1927;
sundry articles in professional journals, 1902.
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa; Chit Chat
(S.F.); Rotary, Hon. Mem. since 1917.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Independent Republican.
Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.
Home Address: 622 Salvatierra, Stanford
University, Calif.

DUNLAP. Professor Knight. Ph.B.,

M.L., A.M., Ph.D., L.H.D.
Professor of Psychology, University of Cali-

Born: Diamond Spring (Calif.), Nov. 21,
1875; s. of Sarah Calista (Knight) and Elon

Education: Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley); Har-
vard Univ.

Degrees: Ph.B., U. of Calif., 1899; M.L.,
Harvard, 1900; A.M., 1902, Ph.D., 1903,
L.H.D., 1931, Gallaudet.

Married: Mary, d. of Harlan A. Durand,
Oakland (Calif.), May 5, 1906; ch.: Anna
D. Surges, Mary K. Dunlap, and Sarah C.

Prof. Record: Assistant and Instr. in Psy-
chology, U. of Calif. (Berkeley), 1902-06;

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 71 of 235)