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ship; has frequently been employed as a
screen writer in Hollywood studios.
Dirctorships : Dir., Calif. Writers' Guild.
Publications: Serials and short stories in
nearly all popular magazines, both in Amer.
and Eng. ; among best known stories are
The Belled Palm (Cosmopolitan) and Long
Cold Night (American) ; current book. Come
Out and Fight (Doubleday, Doran & Co.)
Army Service: Enlisted as a Private, Apr.
1917, and emerged at the Armistice as a
Battalion Commander; went overseas with
the 89th Div. with rank of 1st Lieut.; pro-
moted to Capt. Sept. 1918; after War, re-
mained as Capt. in the Res. Corps for five
yrs.; for six weeks on St. Mihiel Front was
Billeting Officer in towns of Humberville
and Orcueveau.

Memberships: Kappa Sigma; Calif. Writers
Guild, Kiwanis Club (Santa Ana).
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Fishing and traveling.
Bus. Address: 214 Santiago Bldg., Santa
Ana, Calif.

Home Address: 2121 No. Flower St., Santa
Ana, Calif.

ELVRUM, Leora Powell

Past President, Los Angeles District, Calif.
Federation of Women's Clubs.
Born: Belleville (III.), Dec. 30; d. of Eliz-
abeth (Watkins) and Major Ellas Benton

Education: Los Angeles pub. schs.. State
Normal Sch. (grad. 1914).
Married : Oscar Sigert, s. of Inger Sophia
and Ole Elvrum, at Los Angeles (Calif.),
Jan. 12, 1915; ch.: Helen Elizabeth and
Don Sigert.

Directorships: Past Pres., Los Angeles Dlst.
Calif. Fed. of Women's Clubs.
Memberships : Calif. History and Landmarks
and Women's 20th Century (Eagle Rock)
clubs; Calif. State Hist. Assn.; HoUenbeck
Ebell, L. A. District Bd. Alumnae.
Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. and Home Address: 2407 So. Budlong
Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.

ELWOOD. Maren, A.B., M.A.

Writer, Teacher, Lecturer.
Born: Cordova (Minn.); d. of Ella (Flow-
ers) and George El wood.

Education: Regina (Saskatchewan) Coll.;
Univ of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Sask.);
Univ. of Calif., Berkeley; post-grad, vvork
in various universities in Vienna and London.
Degrees: A.B., 1922, M.A., 1923, U. of

Prof. Record: Traveled through France, Bel-
gium Austria, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland,
Italy, Poland, and Russia, making a survey
of edn. for adults as conducted in those
countries; for 18 yrs. a Teacher of Writing
and a Literary Critic, Agent and Adviser;
Lecturer on European Travel and Adult
Edn , as well as on Writing Technique and
Literary Trends, U. of Calif., Extension Div.
at San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Holly-
wood; in addition to regular classes In
short story and article writing, special work
with writers as Critic, Agent and Adviser.
Publications: Ednl. articles, juvenile stories,
verse; Author, Know Your Characters.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hobbies; Siamese cats and long-
distance commuting.

Bus. Address: 6362 Hollywood Blvd., Holly-
wood, Calif.

Home Address: 2034 No. Argyle Ave., Holly-
wood, Calif.

ELY. Professor Leonard Wheeler, A.B.,


Professor Emeritus of Surgery, Stanford Uni-
versity Hospital.

Born- Brooklyn (N. Y.), Nov. 28, 1868; s.
of Frances Almira (Wheeler) and George
William Ely.

Education: Columbia Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1889. and M.D., 1895, Col-
umbia Univ.

Married: Jessica, d. of Ray Lyman Wilbur,
M D , LL.D., Sc.D., at Stanford U. (Calif.),
Nov 14 1922; ch.- Leonard Wheeler, Jessica
Wilbur, George Whittlesey, and Agnes Blake.
Prof Record: Practiced in New York City, 15
years, Denver, three years, San Francisco,
1913— ; Prof, of Surgery, Emeritus, Stan-
ford U.

Publications: Joint Tuberculosis (Willlani
Wood & Co.), 1911; Diseases of Bones and
Joints (American Journal of Surgery), 1914;
Bone and Joint Studies (with Dr. John r.



Cowan), 191(i; Inflammation in Bones and

Joints, I'J'Zi.

War Record: Capt. Med. Corps, 1918-19.

Memberships : Alpha Delta Phi.

Politics: Demociat.

Recreation: Bridge.

Bus. Address: Stanford Univ. Hospital, San

Francisco, Calif.

Home Address: 2162 Bryant St., Palo Alto.

Calif. •


Playwright, Motion Picture Producer.
Born: Sandusky (Ohio), May 29, 1874; s. of
Mary and Henry Emerson.
Education: Oberlin Coll.; Western Reserve
Univ.; Univ. of Chicago; Dramatic Sch. of
Chicago Musical Coll.; Amer. Academy of
Dramatic Arts (N. Y.)

Married; Anita Loos., d. of Minnie and R.
Beers Loos, at Bayside (Long Island), June
15, 1920.

Prof. Record: Produced and acted in plays
for William Harris, Daniel Frohman, Mrs.
Fislxe, Clyde Fitch, A. H. Woods, Klaw and
Erlanger, Lee Shubert, Charles Frohman, and
many others, 1904-1910; Gen. Stage Dir. for
Charles Frohman, 1910-14; wrote and starred
in The Conspiracy (1912), and Step Lively
(1913) ; wrote and produced (in collaboration
with Anita Loosi The Whole Town's Talking
(1923), The Fall of Eve (1924), Gentlemen
Prefer Blondes (stage adaptation of the
book), 1925, Cherries Are Ripe (1928), The
Social Secretary (1932) ; Writer and Dir. of
Motion Pictures for Paramount, D. W. Grif-
fith, Joseph W. Schenck, Douglas Fairbanks,
Mary Pickford. Constance and Norma Tal-
madge, 1914-25; Writer and Producer of
Motion Pictures for Metro-(3old\vyn-Mayer,

Directorships : Pres. Emerson-Loos Co. (Writ-
ers and Producers of Motion Pictures) ; Pres.
Actors' Equity Assn., 1920-28, Hon. Pres.

Publications: How to Write Photoplays, 1920;
Breaking Into the Movies, 1921 (both with
Anita Loos).

Memberships: Dramatists' Guild, Authors'
League, Players, Lambs, Coffee House and
Lotos Clubs (all of New York) ;Everglades
and Seminole Clubs (Palm Beach) ; Jonathan
and Bel-Air Country Clubs (Los Angeles) ;
Alpha Delta Phi frat. (Hudson chapter, Ohio).
Religion: Agnostic.
Politics : Independent.

Recreations: Orchestral music, opera, theater
and golf.

Home Address: 506 Ocean Front, Santa
Alonica, Calif.

Town Residence: Ravenswood Apts., Roos-
more Ave., Hollywood, Calif. •

EMERSON, Professor Robert, A.B.,

Asst. Prof, of Biophysics, Calif. Inst, of Tech.
Born: New York City, Nov. 4, 1903; s. of
Grace (Parrish) and Haven Emerson.
Education: Harvard Univ.; Univ. of Berlin.
Degrees: A.B., Harvard U., 1925; Ph.D., U.
of Berlin, 1927.

Married: Claire, d. of William Lloyd Garrison,
in West Newton (Mass.), Feb. 9, 1929; ch. ;
Kenneth, Stephen, David, and Ruth.
Prof. Record: Nat. Research Council Fellow
in Biology, Harvard U., 1927-1929; Instr.,
Gen. Physiology, Harvard U., 1929-30; Asst.
Prof, of Biophysics, Calif. Inst, of Tech.,
since 1930; on leave from Calif. Inst, of

Tech., working us Research Asso. Carnegie
Insln. of Wash., Dlv. of Plant Bloloey,

Publications: Various contributions to scien-
tific journals.

Recreations: Ice skating and cabinet work..

Bus. Address: California Inst, of Technology,
Pasadena, Calif.

Home Address: 648 So. Arroyo Blvd., Pasa-
dena, Calif. •

EMERSON. Wallace Leroy. A.B., M.A.,

President, Westmont College, Los Angeles.
Born: Legrand (Iowa), Dec. 18, 1886; s. of
Lucy (Salisbury) and Frederick A. Emerson.
Education: Huron Coll.; Stanford Univ.;
Univ. of So. Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Huron Coll., 1916; M.A., Stan-
ford U., 1923; Ph.D., U. of So. Calif., 1933.
Married: Mabel, d. of Mary (Mathewson)
and David L. Robords, at Springfield (Mo.),

Prof. Record: Administrator, public schs.,
1911-25; Asst. Prof, of Edn., Occidental Coll.,
1925-30; Dean, Los Angeles Pacific Coll.,
1930-32; Asso. Prof, of Edn., Dean of Men,
Wheaton Coll., 1932-34, Prof, of Psychology,
Dean of Students, 1934-40; Pres. Westmont
Coll., 1940—.

Directorships: Trustee, Westmont Coll.

Memberships: Pi Gamma Mu, Chi Sigma

Theta, Phi Delta Kappa.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Independent.

Bus. Address: 231 So. Westmoreland Ave.,

Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 854 Kodak Dr., Los Angeles,

Calif. •

ENCELL, Harry Albert, B.S.

Born: Hannibal (Mo.), June 8, 1880; s. of
Alberta (Colston) and John Nimrod Encell.
Education: Public schs. in Calif.; U. of Calif.
Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1906.
Married: Marjorie, d. of Mary Ellen (Doble)
and E. B. Howe, at Riverside (Calif.), July
12, 1909; ch. ; Mary Alberta Luosey, Dorothy
Virginia Hack, and John Howe.
Prof. Record: Admitted to practice law, 1908;
gen. practice in Oakland (Calif.), 1908-15;
Mem. Calif. Legislature, 1915-17; Examiner
and Atty., Calif. Railroad Comm., 1915-19;
Chief Counsel, Bd. of Med. Examiners, 1919-
23; Atty, for Calif. Highway Comm. 1923-
27: practice In San Francisco, 1919 to date,
specializing in public utility regulation and
eminent domain.

Memberships: Bachelordon Club (U. of
Calif.); F. and A. M.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Progressive.
Recreations: Fishing and hunting.
Bus. Address: 309 Flood Bldg., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 706 Hillgirt Circle, Oakland,
Calif. •

ENDERLY, May Shumway

Founder-iPresident, International Woman's
Club, Inc.

Born: New Windsor (111.), d. of Lydia Jane
(Streeter) and Stephen Burroughs Shimiway.
Education: High Sch., New Windsor (111.);
Cons, of Music, Galesburg (111.).



Married- Frederick W.. s. of Willhelm En-
derly, in Des Moines (Iowa) ; ch. ; Richard

Directorships: Freeman-Nelson White Oil Co.,

Memberships: Matinee Musical Club, Inc.
(former Pres. and Incorporator); Daus. or
the Nile (Member at Large); Eastern Star;
Huguenot Soc; Daus. of Founders and Pa-
triots of Amer.; Daus. of the Amer. Rev ;
111. Assn. of Los Angeles; Pan-Amer. Fel-
lowship (Los Angeles i.
Religion: Christian Scientist.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. and Home Address: 975 Ingraham St.^
Los Angeles, Calif.

ENGLISH. Harold M.


Born: Omaha (Nebr.), Apr. 28, 1890; s. of

Maria (Mudgett) and Paul A. English.

Education: Thacher School.

Married- Dr. Hermine, d. of Huguette (Kal-

inderian) and Gregoire Ketenedjian, Mairie

of the 19th Arrondissement, in Paris (France),

July 7, 1919.

Prof. Record: Societaire of the Autumn

Salon (Paris) ; regular exhibitor, since 1932,

at the Tuilleries Salon (Paris).

Awards: (3old Medal for painting at the Paris

Internat. E.xpn., 1937; Chevalier of the Legion


Memberships: Anglo-American Group of

Painters (Treas.)

Bus Address: 1901 Orchid Ave., Hollywood,


Home Address: 1002 Hartford Way, Beverly

Hills, Calif., and 7 Rue Cassinl, Paris


ENLOE, Newton Thomas. M.D.

Chief Surgeon, Enloe Hospital.
Born- Missouri, Feb. 23, 1872; s. of Nancy
Frances (Van Pool) and Thomas M. Enloe.
Education: Clarksburg (Mo.), Hooper Inst.;
Mo. Medical School.
Degrees: M.D., Mo. Med. Sch., 1895.
Married- Dorothy, d. of Joseph Schram, in
Berkeley (Calif.), Feb. 8, 1922; ch. : four.
Prof Record-. Has operated the Enloe Hos-
pital for 28 years; previously engaged m
surgery and private practice.
Directorships: On Advisory Board of Anglo-
Calif. Bank, Chico (Calif.).
Publications: Article; Applications of Plaster
Casts Prior to Open Reduction of Fractures.
Memberships: Masons, Shriner, Odd Fellows,
Eao-les, Modern Woodmen of America, Rotary
Clubs; Amer. Med. Assn., No. Calif. Med.
Soc, Calif. Med. Soc, Butte Co. Med. Soc.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Horesback riding and hunting.
Bus. Address: Esplanade at Fifth Avenue,
Chico, Calif.

Home Address: 488 East 3rd St., Chico,

ENSTAM. Carl H.. M.D.
Physician; Secretary-Treasurer, Los Angeles
County Homeopathic Society.
Born- Minneapolis (Minn.), Aug. 8, 1891; s.
of Marie Christine (Anderson) and Andrew
J. Enstam.

Education; Upsala Acad., Kenilworth (N. J.);
Augustana Coll., Rock Island (111.); Hahne-
mann Med. Coll., Chicago (111.).
Degrees: M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., Feb.

Prof. Record: Private practice of medicine,
specializing in diseases of the gastro-intes-
tinal tract and homeopathic medicine; in-
terested in research in the application of
homeopathy to disease.

Publications: "Rebuilding Homeopathy,"
Pacific Coast Journal of Homeopathy. July,

Army Record: Served in S.A.T.C. Hahne-
mann Med. Coll, unit during World War I;
Hon. Discharge, 1919.

Meviberships: Phi Alpha Gamma, Amer. Inst,
of Homeopathy, Calif. State Homeopathic
Med. Soc. (Past Pres.) ; Los Angeles Co. Hom-
eopathic Med. Soc; Southwestern Homeo-
pathic Med. Soc, (Past Pres.)
Religion: Student of Theosophy.
Politics; Democrat.
Recreations; CJolf and billiards.
Bus. Address: 1709 West Eighth St., Los
Angeles, Calif.

ERDMAN. Professor Henry Ernest.

B.S., Ph.D.

Professor of Agricultural Economics, Univ.

of Calif.. Berkeley.

Born: Near Armour (S.D.), Nov. 6, 1884; s.

of Anna M. (Stuempges) and Gustav Erd-


Education: S. D. State Coll; Univ. of Wis.

Degrees: B.S., S. D. State Coll., 1912; PhD.

U. of Wis., 1920.

Married: Irene, d of Elizabeth and Albert

Maw, in Madison (Wis.), May 26, 1917; ch.:

Margaret Lee, and Martha Irene.

Prof. Record: Graduate Asst., Univ. of Wis.,

1916-17- Asst. Prof. Rural Economics, Ohio

State U., 1917-22 (on leave 1921-22); in

charge of Cost of Marketing Div., Bur. of

Markets, U. S. Dept. of Agr. ; Prof, of Agr.,

Economics, U. of Calif., 1922—.

Publications: The Marketing of Whole Milk,

1921; American Produce Markets. 1928.

Memberships: Faculty and Commonwealth of

Calif, clubs.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Fishing.

Bus. and Home Address: 2543 Hilgard Ave.,

Berkeley, Calif.

ERICKSON. Thelma Holm. Mus.M.
Pianist, Teaclier, Lecturer.
Born: Roseau (Minn.), Oct. 30, 1897; d. of
Mike Holm (Secty. of State of Mmn., a
former musician, who had his own symphony
orchestra). Her grandfather was Swedish
Lumber King, Hans Hanson. (Pres. of Amer.
Automotive Administration Assn.) Mother
was Marie (Isrealson), (Swedish, German,
French) of German nobility.
Education: Gunn Sch. of Music; MacPhail
Sch of Music; Maplewood Acad.; North Star
Coll.; DePaul U. ; Chicago Musical Coll.
Amer. Conservatory; pupil of Ganz, Gunn,
Sowerby, Robeyn, Sergei, and Tarnowsky.
Degrees- Mus. M., Gunn Sch. of Music, 1929;
Diploma (Music) N.S. Coll., 1918; winner of
many scholarships.

Married: Clarence Oliver Erickson (Icilled in
auto accident Sept. 5, 1935)


WHO'S WHO in California

Prof. Record: Hail hor own School of Music
for Ki yrs, and In l'.);!5 was elected to Head
of Piano Dept. of Wesley Coll., Grand Forks
(N. D.); DIr. of choirs, chorus; Pianist tor
small symphonies; Grille, commissioned to
vvrllo ai'ticles for Northwest Musical Herald;
has done extensive lecturing, conccrtlzlng, ac-
companying, radio, organization work, having
organized the L. A. Dist. Fed. of Music
Cluhs and is its first Pres., org.inizcd San
Fernando Valley Music Study club; has done
some comi)oslng: lectures on child psychology,
etc. ; Teacher of many winners of scholar-
ships to leading universities and music col-
leges; Dir., Exhibits (Agricultural lof Pen-
nington Co. (Minn.) at State Fair, and num-
erous other activities foreign to musicians;
concerllzod in the Middlewest, Canada, West
Coast; guest artist on major radio stations;
has been presented to Royalty, U. S. Presi-
'lents. Ambassadors, etc. ; has also appeared
in many nevvsreels; has been the sole teacher
of nineteen-year-old Angeline Havel, winner
of the full year's scholarship at DePaul Univ.
of Chicago, whom critics, on her concert tours
throughout the middlewest and southern states
are calling "Little Mozart."
Directorships : First Vice-Pres. of Minn. Fedn.
of Music Clubs when elected to Wesley Coll.
in N.D. ; WPA Bd. of Advisors, Minn.; Minn.
State Education Chairman until 1935 when
she moved to N.D. Coll.; State Bd. of Calif.
F^edn. of Music Clubs, Official Teacher for
JS.O. Minn.: Crippled Children Teacher; Past
Pres. of Worthy Matrons; Past Pres. Eastern
star: Vice-Pres. State, Past Pres., Assembly
of Fedn. of M. C.

Publications : Indian Cycle; My Morturd; class
songs, etc.

Memberships : Assistance League, Alpha Chap-
ter Delphians; Cultural Arts Soc. ; Nat.
Fedn. of Music Clubs. San Fernando Valley
Music Study Club, Mineralogy Soc, N. H.
Women's and Hon. Mem. MacDowell clubs;
P.P. Assemblv, Eastern Star, Pro America,
Studio City Civic Club.
Religion: Seventh Day Adventist.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Mineralogy, books, stamp col-
lecting, metal etching, arts and crafts, pho-
tography, scrap on all phases of life, field
trips, travel, special research on music in
industry, music therapeutics.

Home Address: 11638 Otsego, No. Hollywood,


ERIKSSON, Professor Erik McKinley.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. ((Jec. May, 1941)
Professor of History, University of Southern

Born: Odebolt (Iowa), Apr. 21, 1896; s. of
Maria (Matson) and Erik Eriksson.
Education: Odebolt High Sch.; Morningside
Coll.; State Univ. of Iowa.

Degrees: A.B., 1920; M.A., 1921; Ph.D., 1922,
State U. of Iowa.

Married: Minnie Louise, d. of A. H. W.
Reuber, in Odebolt (Iowa), June 16, 1921;
ch. : Lois Minnie, Margaret Helen, Robert
Mcl^inley, and Mary Louise.
Prof. Record: Fellow in History, State U. of
Iowa, 1921-22; Lecturer in History, Iowa
State Teachers' Coll., summer, 1922; Research
Asso. State Histl. Soc. of Iowa, summers,
192.3, 1924; Prof, and Head of Dept. of Hist..
Lombard Coll., 1922-25; Prof, and Head of
Dept. of Hist., Coe Coll., 1925-29; Lecturer In
Hist., State U. of Iowa, summer, 1925; His-
torian of Coe Coll., 1927-29; Assoc. Prof, of

Hist., U. of So. Calif., 1929-37; Prof, of Hint.
1937 -.

Puhlicatlona : Cedar Rapids Collegiate Iniiti-
tute (Coe Coll.), 1928; Parnonn Seminary
(Coe Coll.), 1929; Oc College Inntitute (Coe
Coll.), 19.'50; American Conntitutional lliHlory
(with D. N. Howe; W. W. Norton & Co.j,
19.'i.'i; VonstitulKjnal Banin for Judging the
New Deal (with T. H. Steele; Ito.semead Re-
view Press), 19.'5(); The Huj/rrnne Court and
the New Deal ( J, 1940-41;
7() articles in The Dictionary of American
History (Scribner'sJ , 1940; over 70 period-
ical articles, 1921-41; writer of newspaper
column "You and Your Nation's Affairs,"

Army Record: U. S. Army, 1918-19; Capt. U.
S. Army Res., inactive at present.
Memberships: Mason 32 deg. ; Phi Kappa Phi,
Alpha Pi Zeta, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Delta
Kpsilon; Amer. Hist. Assn., Amer. Assn. of
Univ. Profs. ; Faculty Club, Amer. Legion.
Religion: Presbyterian;
Politics : Independent.

Activities Speaker on current problems, Amer.
foreign relations, events in Amer. Hist.
Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1704 Rose Villa St., Pasadena,

ERNSBERGER, George Hughes, A.B.,
M.D., F.A.C.S.

Attending Surgeon, Covina Hospital.
Born: Ootacamund (India), 1893; s. of Mary
Ann (Hughes) and David Oliver Ernsberger.
Education: Allahabad Univ. (India); Ohio
Wesleyan and Western Res. Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Ohio Wesleyan U., 1914; M.D.,
Western Reserve U., 1918; F.A.C.S., 1933.
Married: Vera, d, of Alfred E. Currey in
Los Angeles (Calif.), Oct. 20, 1934; ch. :
Joiin Grant.

Prof. Record: Resident, St. Luke's Hospital,
Cleveland (Ohio), 1918-1920; practiced med-
icine in Los Angeles, 1920-32; Covina (Calif.)

Army Record; Enlisted Med. Res. Corps, 1918.
Memberships: Mason, Rotarian, Toastmas-
ters Internat.; Plu Rho Sigma, Alpha Omega

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Gardening and amateur moving

Bus. Address: 276 W. College St., Covina,

Home Address: 1274 Lorencita Dr., Covina,

ESAU (Miss) Katherine, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Botany and Asst. Bot-
onist, College of Agriculture, Univ. of Calif.
Born: Ekaterinoslav (Russia), Apr. 3, 1898;
d. of Margarethe (Toevvs) and John J. Esau.
Education: Coll. of Agriculture, Moscow
(Russia); Coll. of Agriculture, Berlin (Ger.);
Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley).
Degrees: Diploma, Coll. of Agrictulture (Ber-
lin), May, 1922; Ph.D. in Botany, U. of Calif.,
Dec. 1931.

Prof. Record: Research in Plant Breeding
(breeding sugar beets for resistance to the
curly-top disease) with the Spreckels Sugar
Co. (Spreckels, Calif.), 1924-27; in 1928, grad-



uate work at the U. of Calif. (Davis) and
part lime emplovment in research in breed-
ing sugar beets: 1931, apptd. Instr. and Jr.
Botanist; 1937, promoted to Asst. Botanist
and Asst. Professor of Botany and contin-
ued teaching and research; sabbatic leave
from Julv 1 to Dec. 31, 1940, during which
time held a John Simon Guggenheim Mem-
orial Foundation Fellowship; apptd. Research
Fellow of Radcliffe Coll., and carried on re-
search in plant anatomy at the Harvard
Univ., Cambridge (Mass.).
Publications: Has published the results of her
research since 1930, which deals mostly with
anatomy of healthy and virus-diseased plants,
some with sugar-beet breeding; altogether, 21
papers in print, most of them in Hilgardia
(Calif. Agric. Exp. Station Pub.), some
in the American Journal of Botany, Phyto-
pathology, Journal of Agricultural Research;
two review papers in The Botanical Review.
written upon invitation.

Memberships: Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa;
Amer. Assn. for the Advancement of Science,
Botanical Soc. of Amer.
Religion : Mennonite.

Bus. Address: University of California, Col-
lege of Agriculture, Davis, Calif.
Home 'Address: 237 First St., Davis, Calif.

ESBERG, Caroline Lilienthal


Born- San Francisco (Calif.), Oct. 5, 1880;

d. of Bella (Sloss) and Ernest R. Lilienthal.

Married- Milton H. Esberg, in San Francisco

(Calif.), May 1, 1901; ch. : Milton H., Jr., and

Ernest L.

Directorships: San Francisco Mus. of Art;

San Francisco Garden Club; Golden Gate

Kindergarten Assn.; Pac. House (a Calif.

corp ); Nat. Plant, Flower and Fruit Guild;

Needlework Guild of Amer.; San Francisco

Chapter, Amer. Red Cross: San Francisco

Chapter, U.S. Com. for Care of European

Children, Inc.

Memberships: Century (Calif.), Women's

Athletic, Women's City, St. Francis Yacht,

Lagunitas Country, and Women's Republican


Religion: Jewish.

Recreations: Gardening.

Bus. Address: 200 Bush St., San Francisco,


Home Address: Box 517, Ross, Calif.; 3444

Washington St., San Francisco, Calif.

ESPEY, Professor John Jenkins,

A.B., B.Litt., M.A.

Asst. Professor of English, Occidental Coll.
Born: Shanghai (China), Jan. 15, 1913; s. of
Mary L. (Jenkins) and J. Morton Espey.
Education: Kuling Amer. Sch.; Shanghai
Amer. Sch.; Occidental Coll.: O.xford Univ.
Dearees- A.B., Occidental Coll., 1935, O.xford,
1937; B.'.Litt., 1938, and M.A., 1941. Oxford.
Married- Alice M., d. of Maude (Gillespie)
and Elbridge Gerry Rideout, in Los Angeles
(Calif.), Aug. 6, 1938.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Epsilon Phi;
Oxford Soc, Merton Soc. (Oxford), The
Assn. of Amer. Rhodes Scholars, Long Christ-
mas Dinner Soc.
Recreations: Book collecting.
Bus. Address: Occidental Coll., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 2035 Ridgeview Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

ESSIG. Professor Edward Oliver. B.S.,

Professor of Entomology and Entomologist
in the Experiment Station, Univ. of Calif.,

Born: Arcadia (Ind.), Sept. 29, 1884; s. of
Isabel (Todd) and Monroe Franklin Essig.
Education: Pub. Schools, Humboldt (Calif.);
Eureka Normal Sch. (private): Pomona Coll.;
(spec, work at Univ. of Brussels (Belgium)
and Cambridge Univ. (Eng.).
Degrees: B.S., 1909, M.S., 1912, Pomona

Married: Ethel Mildred, d. of Mary (Harring-
ton) and George Langford, in Eureka (Calif.),
May 13, 1910; ch.: Mary Isabel.
Directorships: Trustee, First Congl. Church
(Berkeley) and Permanent Fund, Amer. Assn.
Econ. Entomologists: Dir., Amer. Iris Soc.
Publications: Injurious and Beneficial Insects
of California; Insects of Western North Am-
erica; A History of Entomology.
Awards: Chevalier du Merite Agricola (French
Agriculture) ; Dykes' Medal, Amer. Iris Soc.
Memberships: Calif. Horticultural Soc, En-
tomological Soc. of Amer., Amer. Assn.
Econ. Entomologist, Amer. Assn. Advance-
ment of Sciences, Amer. Iris Soc, Amer.
Fuchsia Soc, Pac. Coast Entomological Soc,
Calif. Acad, of Sciences; Sigma Xi, Alpa
Zeta, Phi Sigma; Calif. Assn. of Co. Agri-
cultural Commissioners, Nat. Res. Council.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Gardening— breeding Irises and
Japanese Tree Peonies, (introduced many new
Iris hybrids) ; color photography.
Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: 910 Hilldale Ave., Berkeley,

ESTAVAN, Lawrence


Born- Louisiana, Mar. 13, 1903; s. of Eliz-

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 75 of 235)