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abeth (Angle) and Lawrence Estavan Sr.
Education: Public schools.
Married: Inez, d. of Dr. C. G. Frere, in San
Francisco, Nov. 26, 1924; ch.: Larry Jr., and

Prof Record: On Editorial Staff of San
Francisco Chronicle, 1924-32; subsequently
Editor of A History of the San Francisco
Theatre in twenty monograph vols., a work
sponsored by the City and County of San
Francisco through cooperation of the WorK
Projects Admin.; contributor of poems, short
stories and articles to Westward. Script.
Pacific Weekly. Poetry, and other periodicals;
Book Reviewer for Joseph Henry Jackson s
Sunday section of the San Francisco Chron-

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Hiking, swimming, and motor-

Bus. and Home Address: 537 Fourth Ave., San
Francisco, Calif.

ESTERLY, Virginia Judy. A.B., M.A.
Administrator, Sociologist, Scripps College.
Born- Hillsboro (Ore.), 1882; d. of Fredericks
Bremer (Kelly) and Martin Judy.
Education: Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: A.B., 1923, M.A., 1929, Univ. of



Mnrrird: Ward Benjamin, s. of Alice (Olln)
and Ciilvin K.'.tcriy, in HeaUlsburR (CiiUf.),
1910; ch. : Josephine (Mrs. Borson), and
Virginia (Mrs. Dunbar).

Pro/. Record: Dean of Women, II. of Ore.,
192.^-30; Acting Doan of Women, U. of
Calif. Inter.session, 192.3; IT, of Calif., Dean
of Women. Summer .Session, 1924; Asst. to
the Pres.. Scrlpps Coll., 19M — .
Dirrrtnrfihips: Oriental Studies .Soc. of Clare-
mont Col!ep;cs: Mem., Eduratlonal Council
Western Personnel Servlre; Mem., Exec. Com.,
Assn. of Amer. Colleges and U. of the
Pacific Southwest: So. Branch of the Nat.
Council on Family Relations.
PubJicntinnx : Mag. articles on ednl. subjects.
Memberships: Alpha Omicron Pi (social),
Alpha Kappa Delta (hon.), PI Lambda Theta;
Mortar Board, Prytanean.
Religion: Episcopalian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Music and gardening.
Bus. Address: Scrlpps Coll., Claremont, Calif.
Home Address: 1055 Dartmouth St., Clare-
mont, Calif.

ETIENNE, Myron Edouard

Investment Counselor.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Jan. 7, 1896;

s. of Victor Etienne, Jr.

Education: Univ. of California.

Navy Record: U. S. Navy, 1917-19.

Memberships: Phi Gamma Delta; Bohemian

Club (San Francisco).

Politics: Republican.

Hobby: Native Calif, shrubs and wild flowers.

Btis. Address: 523 W. Sixth St., Los Angeles,


Hoine Address: 2324 Mandfville Canyon, W.
Los Angeles, Calif.

EURICH, Professor Alvin Christian.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Education, Stanford University.
Born: Bay City (Mich)., June 14, 1902; s. of
Hulda (Steinke) and Christian Eurich.
Education: Public schools. Bay City (Mich.);
No. Central Coll. (III.), 1924.
Degrees: A.B., No. Central Coll., 1924; M.A.,
U. of Maine, 1926; Ph.D.. U. of Minn., 1929.
Married: Alice, d. of Bertha (Krushke) and
Charles Albert, in Orono (Me.), June 14, 1926.
Prof. Record: Instr., U. of Maine, 1924-26;
Asst. in Educational Psychology, U. of Minn.,
1926-27, Instr., 1927-29, Asst. Prof, and
Asst. Dir. of Ednl. Res., 1929-35, Asst. to the
Pres. and Asso. Prof, of Ednl. Psychology,
1935-36. Asst. Dean of the Coll. 'of Edn.
and Prof, of Edn., 19.36-37; Prof, of Edn.,
Northwestern U., 1937-38; Consultant on
Pennsylvania Study. Carnegie Foundation for
the Advancement of Teaching, 1935; Visiting
Prof., summer quarter, Univ. of Mich., 1931,
West Va. U.. 1933. Stanford. 1934, North-
western, 1936; Lecturer. U. of Fla., 1937,
U. of Wash., 1940; Dir., Evaluation Study of
Bennington Coll. since 1939; Prof, of Edn.
and Faculty Secty. of the Sch. of Edn., at
Stanford U. since 1938; Cons. Ed., Farrar
and Rinehart.

Directorships: Secty., Edn. Sec. of the Amer.
Asso. for Applied Psychologists; Dir. Calif.
Soc. of Sec. Edn.

Publications: The Reading Abilities of Col-

lege Rtudcntn; (with FI. A. Carroll) Educa-
tional Psychology : (with K. C. Wll.srin) /n
19X6 and In /.0.17; Author of numerous articles
In prof. mags, and Co-Author "Current
Affairs Tests." published three times a year
In Time, The Weekly News Magazine.
Memberships: Sigma XI, Phi Delta Kappa.
Politics: Independent.
Recreations: Gardening, and traveling.
Bus. Address: Stanford Univ., Palo Alto,

Home Address: Sun.set Drive, Los Altos, Calif.
EUSDEN, Isabel Meredith

Civic Worker.

Born: Marne (Iowa), May 24. 1892; d. of
Minerva (Marsh) and Thomas O. Meredith.
Education: Simmons Coll., Boston (Mass.);
Simpson Coll.. Indianola (Iowa); Iowa State
Coll.. Ames (Iowa).

Married: Ralph Bonner. M.D.. s. of Harry J.
Eusden, in Yuma (Ariz.), Apr. 22, 1930.
Prof. Record: Pres., Nat. Bus. and Prof.
Women's Club (Long Beach). 19.35-.36; Board.
Long Beach Comm. 19.36-40; Bd.. Long
Beach Chanter. Amer. Red Cross. 1936-39;
L. A. Co, Probation Com., 1937-44; Pres., Wo-
man's Auxiliary to L. A. Co. Med. Asso,
1940-41; Citizens Com., L. B. Soc. Welfare
Dept.. 1940; Executive Com. of the Council
of Social Agencies. Long Beach.
Memberships: Alpha Chi Omega: Amer. Assn.
of Soc, Workers; President's (Long Beach).
Ebell and Univ, Women's clubs.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Independent Republican.
Recreations: Gardening, and motoring.
Hom,e Address: 4360 Myrtle Ave.. Long Beach,

EUWER, Anthony

Illustrator, Writer, Lecturer.

Born: Allegheny (Pa.), Feb. 11, 1877; s. of

Virginia (Courtney) and Anthony Euwer.

Education: Shadvside Acad.. Pittsburgh
(Pa.); Princeton Univ. (N. J.); New York
Sch. of E.xpression and Art Students League.
Married: I. May, d. of J. Price Strong, Feb.
19, 1935: ch. : Anthony Euwer, Jr. (by former
marriage) .

Prof. Record: Illustrated and wrote for
Harper's, Scribners, Life, Outing. New York
Sun, Herald, World, American, Collier's and
Nat. Sunday Magazine: lecturing and writing
in England in 1911-12, illustrated articles in
Eng, publications: continuing art work and
lecturing in So. Calif. ; widely known as a
designer of book-plates.

Publications: Rickety Rimes and Rigmaro,
1902; Christopher Cricket on Cats, 1907, 2nd
edit., 1909; Rhymes of Our Valley, 1916, 2nd
edit,. 1917; The Limeratomy (a limerick
anatomy), 1917; Wings and Other War
Rhymes, 1918; By Scarlet Torch and Blade,
1923, 2nd edit. (G. P. Putnam's Sons). 3rd
edit. (Metro. Press); Friendly Firs, 1931;
contrib, to mag, page of Oregon Sunday Jour-
nal, 1922-26; Rob Wagner's Script.
Army Record: Entertainer with A.E,F. in
France and Germany. 1918-19.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 1244 No. La Brea, Hollywood.



EVANS, Aaron Loyd

Editor, Lindsay Gazette.

Born: Fonda (lowi), Apr. 17, 1877; s. of
Nora (Sayre> and Eugene Evans.
Education: High school, Fonda (Iowa); Upper
Iowa Univ., Fayette (Iowa); Metropolitan
Bus. Coll., Minneapolis (Minn.); Johnson
Conservatory of Music and Art, Minneapolis

Married: Ruby Jeanetle, d. of Charles A.
Knight, in New Richmond (Wis.), Nov. 9,

Prof. Record: Taught school; learned print-
ing tr;'de and did newspaper work at Grants-
burg and New Richmond (Wis.), Minneapolis
and St. Paul (Minn.), and Lindsay (Calif.);
purrha.sed Lindsay Gazette, July 1, 1907,
now Editor of this publication, recognized as
one of the best known weekly papers of
Calif.; served as Pres. of Asso. Chambers of
Commerce of Tulare Co.; Pres. of Lindsay
Chamber of Commerce; Chmn. of Lindsay-
Strathmore Irrigation District Growers Com,
in settlement of the famous 20-year law suit
of Kaweah Delta Water Users vs. Lindsay-
Strathmore Irrigation Dist.
Memberships: Masonic Lodge, O.E.S., Lind-
say Chamber of Commerce, Strathmore
Chamber of Commerce.
Religion: Christian, no denomination.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Tennis and golf.
Bus. Address: 140 E. Honolulu St., Lindsay,

Home Address: 211 Valencia St., Lindsay,

EVANS, Arthur W.

Deputy Parole Officer, State of California.
Born- Norman Okla., Oct. 12, 1908; s. of
Katharine (Robb) and Arthur Grant Evans.
Education: Deane Sch. and pub. schools (San-
ta Barbara State Coll.

Married: Carmelita, d. of Domenica (Cava-
letto) and Jose Ramon Janssens, In Los An-
geles (Calif.), July 5, 1939; ch. ; Arthur
Grant, II., and Arthur Robb.
Prof. Record: Deputy Probation Officer, Los
Angeles Co., 1931-33; Chief Probation Officer,
Santa Barbara Co., 1933-1941.
Directorships: Secty.-Treas., Calif. Probation
Officers Assn.; Pres., Tri-County YMCA.;
Dir. BEX Alumni Assn., Santa Barbara State
Coll.; Secty., Santa Barbara Socialization

Memberships: Beta Sigma Chi; Nat. Proba-
tion Assn.

Religion : Presbyterian.

Bus. Address: Benj. Franklin Bldg., Santa
Barbara, Calif.

Home Address: Star Route, Santa Barbara,

Other Address: P. O. Box 404, Santa Barbara,

EVANS, Colonel Charles James, LL.B.

U. S. Customs Service (retired).
Born- Washington (D. C), Feb. 7, 1866; s.
of Mary A. (Shrader) and Joseph Fordyce

Education: Washington Grade Sch.; Gram-
mar and High Schs., Oakland (Calif.); Univ.
of Calif.
Degrees: LL.B., Hastings (3oll. of Law, 1892.

Married: Lois, d. of Alfred G. Stonesifer (of
Newman, Calif.), in Oakland (Calif.), Apr.
16, 1903; ch. ; Charles Porter and Orville

Prof. Record: Entered Customs Service as
Sampler, 1891; promoted to Examiner, 1892;
Chief Examiner, 1912; Chief Asst. Appraiser,
1928; U. S. Appraiser, Customs Service, 19,32
and retired, 1938 (after two extensions by
Pres. Roosevelt) ; apptd. Customs Advisor,
G.G.I.E., Jan. 1, 1939 and served two yrs.
Army Record: Enlisted in Nat. Guard of
Calif., Signal Corps Fifth Infantry, 1887;
helped to organize the Second Brigade Signal
Corps and transfered there in 1889; pro-
moted First Lieut., 1890; Capt., 1891; re-
signed, 1893; apptd. Major and Signal Officer,
.Second Brigade Staff, 1895; Lt. Col. Signal
Officer Div. Staff, 1900; Col. and Asst. Adju-
tant Gen. and Chief of Staff, 1902 (while
Chief of Staff, promoted the efficiency of
the Nat. Guard so that when he accompanied
it to the joint maneouvers with the Reg.
Army under Gen. Arthur MacArthur, from
whom it received high praise, at Atascadero
in 1904; retired with rank of Col. in 1905.
Memberships; Beta Theta Pi. Phi Delta Phi;
Bohemian Club (San Francisco) ; Piedmont
Lodge, F. & A. Masons; Calif. State Bar,
U. S. Customs Ct. Bar.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Hiking and gardening.
Home Address: 134 Dracena Ave., Piedmont,

EVANS, Charles Percy

Editor, Publisher, Daily Times-Advocate.
Born: Chillicothe (Mo.), Dec. 17, 1880; s. of
Mary Florence (Hanna) and Charles Parson

Education: High School, Chillicothe (Mo.).
Married: Henrietta Bell, d. of Rose (Viques-
ney) and George Wheeler Robinson, in Chilli-
cothe (Mo.), June 11, 1905; ch. ; Rosemary

Prof. Record: Started carrying newspapers at
the age of ten; started newspaper reporting
at 17; City Editor of Chillicothe Daily
Tribune at 19; City Editor, Roswell (N. M.)
Daily Record, 1905-11, inclusive; bought
(Weekly) Times- Advocate, Escondido (Calif.),
Aug. 1, 1912 (partnership with E. N. White);
bought out White, May 9, 1914; started Daily
Times-Advocate, Aug. 22, 1912, and has edited
and published daily and weekly since that

Directorships: Dir., Escondido Federal Sav-
ings & Loan Assn.

Arrny Record: Served in B Company, Light
Artillery, N. M. Nat. Guard, previous to 1912.
Memberships: Mason.
Religion: Christian Science student.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Dancing, hunting, and horse-

Bus. Address: 257 E. Grand, Escondido,

Home Address: 806 E. Fourth Ave., Escon-
dito, Calif.

EVANS, Frederick Noble, A.B., M.L.A.

City Landscape Architect and Superintendent
of Parks.

Born: Youngstown (Ohio), July 26, 1881; s.
of Sarah Jane (Livingston) and Daniel
Henry Evans.



Education: Rayen School, Youngstown (Ohio) ;
Harvard Univ.

Degrees: A.B. 1905. M.L.A. 1911, Harvard U.
Married: IJoIIp Spenrcr, d. of James A. San-
ford, In Stockton (Calif.), 1011; ch. : Sarah
June He.s.s (married Lieut. (J. c;,) M.,
U. S. Navy) ; Janet Sanford.
Prof. Record: Land.scape, prof, practice,
Cleveland (Ohio), 1910-14; Prof, of Landscape
Architecture, U. of 111. (In charge of Dlv.
for three years) ; City Landscape Arch, and
Supt. of Parks, Los Angeles (Calif.).

PublicationK: Town Improx>ement (D. Apple-
ton); contributions to prof. mags.
Memberships: Mason, S.A.E. (fraternity).
Religion: Episcopal.

Bus. Address: 304 City Hall, Sacramento,

Home Address: 1341 — 40th St., Sacramento,

EVANS, Frederick Vance, Mus.D.

Minister of Music, Immanuel Presbyterian

Born: Des Moines (Iowa); s. of Nettie (Mot-
ley) and E. B. Evans.

Education: Des Moines schools; Simpson
Coll.; Drake Univ.; Inst, of Art (Columbia
Univ., New York City) ; private teachers here
and abroad.

Degrees: Mus.D., Simpson Coll., 1934.
Married: Mae, d. of Wm. Weisbrod, in Des
Moines (Iowa), 1909; ch.: Gretchen Mae, and
Betty Ellen (wife of Dr. Douglas Meacham).
Prof. Record : Formerly Dean of Music,
Drake University; Lawrence Coll.; Head of
Voice in Highland Park Coll. ; specializing in
church music during recent yrs.; Dir. of
Music in following churches since coming to
Calif.; First Methodist (Los Angeles), First
Methodist (Pasadena), and at present Min-
ister of Music at Immanuel Presbyterian
Church (Los Angeles).

Bms. Address: Immanuel Presbyterian Church,
Wilshire at Berendo, Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 726 So. Oakland, Pasadena,

EVANS. Professor Herbert McLean,

B.S., M.D., F.A.A.A.S.

Professor of Anatomy, Herzstein Prof, of

Biology and Dir. of the Inst, of Experimental

Biology, Univ. of Calif., Berkeley.

Born: Modesto (Calif.), Sept. 23, 1882; s. of

Elizabeth (McLean) and Dr. C. W. Evans.

Education: Univ. of Calif.; Johns Hopkins


Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1904; M.D., Johns
Hopkins U., 1908; M.D. (hon.), Freiburg
(Ger), 1930.

Married: (1) Anabel Tulloch in Sept., 1905;
(2) Marjorie Sadler in June, 1932; ch. ; Mar-
ian McLean, and Gail Bayne.
Prof. Record: Asst. Instr., Asso. and Asso.
Prof, of Anatomy, Johns Hopkins U., 1908-
15; demonstrated origin of body vascular
trunks from capillary plexes, 1909; Research
Asso., Carnegie Instn., 1913-15; Prof. Anat-
omy, U. of Calif., 1915 — ; gave an explana-
tion of the action of vital stains of the ben-
zidine series, 1915; introduced the use of
certain azo dyes for estimation of the blood
volume, 1917; discovered 48 chromosomes in
man, 1918, 1929; produced gigantism and
specific endorcine effects from anterior hypo-

phy.seal hormone administered parcnterally,
1922; Faculty Research Lecturer, U. of
C?allf., 1925; awarded John .Scott modal 'for
the dl.scovery of the antl-sterlllty vitamin E,"
1928; Herzstein Prof, of Biology and Dir. of
Inst, of Experimental Blol., U. of Calif.,
19.'!0 -; Bacon Lecturer, U. of III., 1931;
Lane Lecturer (.San Francisco), 19.32; Herz-
stein Lecturer, Stanford U. and U. of Calif.,
19,34; Beaumont Lecturer (Detroit), 19.37;
Jack.son lectures, U. of Minn., 19.37; William
Henry Welch Lectures (New York), 1939;
Jones Lectures, U. of Ore., 1940; Delegate of
U. S. Dept. of State and the U. of Calif, to
.Second Pan-Amer. Congress of Endocrinology,
Montevideo (Uruguay), 1941.
Atuards: John .Scott Medal, 1928.
Memberships: Fellow, A.A.A.S.; Assn. Amer.
Anatomists, Amer. Physiol. Soc, Amer. .Soc.
Naturalists, Soc. Exptl. Biol., Nat. Acad.
Sciences, Amer. Med. Assn. ; Phi Beta Kappa,
Sigma Xi, Alpha Omega Alpha, Alpha Delta
Phi, Nu Sigma Nu; Corr. Mem., La Sociedad
Argentina de Biologia, History of Science
Soc, Kalserl. Leopold -Carol in, Deutsche
Akad. der Natur Forscher, Societas Regia
Medicorum, Budapestinenis.
Recreations: Book collecting (history of sci-
ence; exploration of Amer. west).
Bus. Address: Life Sciences Bldg., Univ. of
California, Berkeley.

Home Address: 1133 Euclid Ave., Berkeley,


President, Evans & Reeves Nurseries.
Born: Stamford (Eng.), Feb. 14, 1874; s. of
Emma (Tiiompson) and Daniel J. Evans.
Education : Marlborough Coll. (Eng.).
Married; Muriel E., d. of Janet and Alfred
W. Morgan, at San Luis Rey (Calif.), 1895;
ch. : five.

Prof. Record: Formerly in the real estate and
appraisal bus. (Los Angeles), for twenty-five
yrs., also Horticulturist; Dir. of Agricultural
Soc. of the State of Calif. ; for many years
has been introducing new plants into Calif,
from all parts of the world and has intro-
duced into this State probably 50 or 60 trees,
shrubs, and vines which were unkonwn in
this country.

Directorships: Pres. of So. Calif. Horticultur-
al Inst.; Pres., Evans & Reeves Nurseries.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 255 So. Barrington Ave., W.
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 501 — 24th St., Santa Monica,

EVANS, Jr., John W(ainwright), A.B.,
M.A., Ph.D.

Instructor of Astronomy and Mathematics.
Astronomical Research.

Born: New York City. May 14, 1909; s. of
Edith (Clagett) and Wainwright Evans.
Education: Swarthmore Coll.; Univ. of Penn.;
Harvard Univ.

Degrees: A.B., Swarthmore, 1932; M.A., 1936;
Ph.D., 1938, Harvard.

Married: Elizabeth Fredd. d. of G. Eugene
Harlan, in Philadelphia (Pa.); ch. ; Wain-
wright, Nancy Jane.
Prof. Record: Taught Astronomy at U. of



I\Iinn.. 1937-38. Astronomy and Mathematics

at Mills College, 1938—.

Publications: "The Quartz Polarizing Mono-

chromator" (pub., the Astronomical Society

of the Pacific'), Oct., 1940; "Interstellar Lines

and the Distances of the B Stars" Astrophys-

ical Journal, Mar., 1941.

Religion: Quaker.

Politics: Democrat (mild).

Recreations: Lens making, hiking.

Business Address: Mills College, Oakland.


EVANS. Lucille


Born: Sweet Springs (Mo.), Oct. 2, 1872; d.
of Nancy Jane (Stillwell) and Thomas J.

Education: Public and private schools of Mo.
Married: Walter H., s. of Jane and James
Evans, in Sweet Springs (Mo.), May 20,
1S96; ch. : Walter Lee.

Prof. Record: Writing and publishing poetry
for 25 yrs. ; teaching poetry technique for the
past eight yrs. ; studied music and taught for
several yrs.; holds a teacher's certificate;
taught in public schools in Mo. (before mar-
riage) ; studied art for ten yrs. (oil, water
color and china painting) ; writing book re-
views and giving lectures on poetry and

Publications: Has manuscript ready for book
publication; represented in Christian Science
Monitor, in Sept. and Nov. issues of 1940;
"Sonnet Sequences," Versecraft, Pleiades and
other prominent poetry publications, also in
Los Angeles Times, the Daily News and
Pasadena Star-News.

Memberships: The Schubert Club; Poetry Soc.
of So. Calif., Poetry and Music (Hon.), Trou-
badours' Round Table (a local organization
for cultural advancement) .
Religion: Protestant (Universal).
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Listening to symphonic music,
reading, light gardening.

Home Address: 239 No. Eastman Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

EVANS, Professor Newton (Gurdon),
B.S., M.D.
Professor of Pathology, College of Medical


Born: Hamilton (Mo.), June 1, 1874; s. of
Emma B. (Newton) and William Evans.
Education: Pub. schools; Battle Creek Coll.
(Mich.); Union Coll. (Neb.); Cornell Univ.
Med. Coll.

Degrees: B.S., Union Coll., 1895; M.D., Cor-
nell U., 1900.

Married: Cora M., d. of John Murray Dem-
ing, in Glenwood (Iowa) ; ch. : Elizabeth
(Mrs. Ball), and William Dustin.
Prof. Record: Instr. in Pathology, Amer.
Med. Missionary Coll., Battle Creek (Mich.),
1900-05; Prof., Pathology, U. of Tenn., 1908-
11; Prof., Pathology, Coll. of Med. Evan-
gelists, Loma Linda and Los Angeles (Calif.),
1914 — ; Pathologist, Los Angeles Co. Hosp.,

Directorships : Mem., Bd., Coll. of Med. Evan-
gelists, Loma Linda (Calif.).
Publications: Numerous med. papers and re-

Army Record: Lt. Col., Med. Res. Corps,
U. S. Army, 1926-38 (now inactive) ; Comd.
Officer, 47" Gen. Hosp. greater part of that

Religion: Seventh Day Adventist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations : Mountain hiking.
Bus. Address: Los Angeles County Hospital,
Los Angeles, Calif., and College of Medical
Evangelists, Loma Linda or Los Angeles,

Home Address: 2000 Milan Ave., So. Pasa-
dena, Calif.

EVANS, Ralph Willard. LL.B.

State Building and Loan Commissioner.
Born: Chicago (111), Mar. 12, 1898; s. of
Christine (Sebion) and Gustav Evans.
Education: Grade and high schools, Kenosha
(Wis.); Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: LL.B., 1927, U. of So. Calif, (hon.
key for high scholastic attainments.)
Prof. Record: Employed by Cooper Under-
wear Co. and Simmons Co. at Kenosha (Wis.) ;
Barker Brothers, Pa. Rubber Co., Samson
Tire & Rubber Corp., Calif. Fruit Co., and
Calif. Bank, all at Los Angeles (Calif.);
practiced law, own bus., 1927-39; Mem. of
the State Assembly, 1935-36; Executive Secty.
to the (^v. of Calif., 1939.
Memberships: Hon. Mem. Veterans of For-
eign Wars; Sigma Iota Chi, Delta Theta
Phi, Phi Kappa Phi; Order of the Coif; Elks.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations : Tennis, golf, and mountains.
Bus. Address: 417 Montgomery St., San Fran-
cisco and 60S So. Hill St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 2616 W. 82nd St., Inglewood,

EVANS, Walter Ross. LL.B.

District Attorney of Mono County.
Born: Tonopah (Nev.), Apr. 25, 1910; s. of
Elizabeth E. (Sturgeon) and William Beaton

Education: Tonopah Grammar Sch. and High
Sch.; Armstrong's Bus. Coll., Berkeley (Cal-
if.); Hastings Coll. of Law.
Degrees: LL.B., U. of Calif., 1935.
Married: Helen Margaret, d. of Ella M. and
D. V. Cain, in Reno (Nev.), June 7. 1934;
ch. .- Ruth Elizabeth, Diane Eleanor, and
David William.

Memberships: B.P.O. Elks No. 1603.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Hunting and fishing.
Bus. Address: Bridgeport, Calif.
Home Address: Box 816, Bridgeport, Calif.

EVERETT, Elizabeth Abbey, B.S.

Teacher of the Short Story, Berkeley Evening
High School.

Born: Birchville (Nevada Co., Calif.); d. of
Adella (Brown) and Henry Everett.
Education: Stanford Univ.; Univ. of Cailf.
Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1909.
Directorships: Chmn., Writers' Section of
Berkeley Women's City Club.
Publications: Co- Author of The Arch of Ex-
perience (by Clemo, Everett and Everett);



WHO'S WHO in California

Sprat/ of Holly (with Ivaurn Bell Kvcrelt) ;

War Verses (with Laura Bell Kvcrott.)

Memberships : Berkeley Short Storv, Everett,

Scribblers', and Calif. Writers' cliibs.

Religion : ConRregiitional .

Polities: Republican.

Reereations: MountaineerlnR.

Home Address: 2(v?2 Regent St., Berkeley,


EVERETT. Eugenia, A.B.


Horn: Loveland (Colo.), d. of Ruby O. (Git-
tings) and Charles H. Link.
Education: Mount St. Mary's Coll.; Otis Art

Degrees: A.B., Mount St. Mary's Coll.
Married: Richard Henry, s. of H. G. Everett,
at Los Angeles (Calif.) Apr. 2, 1932; ch. :
Jane Carolyn, and Fredric Richard.
Prof. Record: Work has been represented
in many private and public exhibitions; in-
cluded among awards are; Hon. Mention,
Ebell Club (Second Annual Exhibition), 1931;
Third Prize, Los Angeles Co. Fair (Tenth
Annual), 1931; Second Prize. Ebell Club (3rd
Annual Exhibition), 1932; First Prize, Calif.
Art Club (23rd Ann.), 1932; Hon. Mention,
L. A. Co. Fair (13th Ann.), 1934; Second
Prize, Ebell Club (7th Annual), 1936; First
Prize, So. Calif. Festival of Allied Arts, 1937;
Second Award, L. A. Mus. (17th Ann.), 1938;
Firsi Prize. Ebell Club (9th Ann.K 19.38; Hon.
Mention. San Diego Gallery of Fine Arts,
1938; First Prize, Los Angeles Co. Fair (18th
Annual"), 1939; Second Award, Los Angeles
Co. Museum, 1940.
Memberships: Calif. Art Club.
Home Address: Ojala, Ojai, Calif. •

EVERETT, Laura Bell, A.B., M.L.
Writer and Book Reviewer.
Born: Birchville (Nevada Co., Calif.); d. of
Adella (Brown) and Henry Everett.
Education: San Jose State Normal; Stanford
Univ.; Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Stanford Univ.; M.L., Univ.
of Calif., 1918.

Prof. Record: Formerly teacher of English
in Oakland Technical High SchooL
Publications: Co-Author of The Arch of
E.rperience (by Clemo, Everett and Everett) ;
War Verses (with Elizabeth Abbey Everett) ;
A Spray of Holly (with Elizabeth Abbey Ev-
erett) ; Keepers of the Shield.
Memberships: Berkeley Short Story and Calif.
Writers' clubs.

Religion: Congregational.

Home Address: 2632 Regent St., Berkelev.

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 76 of 235)