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dent (Calif.) High Sch., 1919; San Dimas
(Calif.) High Sch., 1920; worked for Ph.D.,
at U. of Calif., 1921-24 ;Instr. of Hist., Whit-
tier Coll. (Calif.), 1925; Asso. Prof., Hist.,
Oklahoma Coll. for Women, 1926 — .
Publications: Books: Viceregal Administra-
tion in the Spanish American Colonies (Ber-
keley), 1926; The Interdent System in Span-
ish America (Univ. of Calif. Press), 1929;
The Background of the Revolution for Mexi-
can Independence (Boston, Christopher Pub.
Co.), 1934; and numerous other articles.
Honors: Fellowship from the Spanish Govt.,
1929, and carried on research in Spain for
one yr.

Memberships: Nat. Research Council on
Spanish Amer. Hist.; Amer. Assn. of Univ.
Women. Amer. Assn. of Univ. Profs. ; D.A.
R.; Amer. Historical Assn., Hispanic Amer.
Hist. Assn., Miss. Valley Hist. Assn.
Religion: Methodist.
Recreations : Swimming, walking.

Bus. Address: Oklahoma Coll. for Women,
Chlckasha, Okla.

Hi,me Address: 42.3 So. Broadw.'iy, Kedondo
Ucach, Calif.

FISHER. Marjory Marckres, Mus.B.
Music Editor, San Francisco Nevm.
Born: San Jose (Calif.); d. of Ruby (Marck-
res) and John Edward Fisher.
Education: San Jose High Sch.; Coll. of Pa-
cific; Kings' Conservatory; private teachers
(violin), Louis Persinger and Albert Stoes-

Prof. Record: Career as violinist and vlollst
— solo, chamber music and orchestra; writer
for Musical America; Music and Drama
Critic for Christian Science Monitor and
Argonaut, San Francisco News, since 1929;
Inventor of Em-off Free-Ur-Tone Shoulder
Pad and Chin Rest for violinists.

Memberships: Mu Phi Epsilon; American
Press. Soc.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Theatre - going and horseback


Bus. Address: San Francisco News, San

Francisco, Calif.

Home Address: Alexander Hamilton Hotel,
San Francisco, Calif.

FISHER. Ralph Talcott. A.B., M.A.
Vice-President, American Trust Company.
Born: Oakland (Calif.), Sept. 26, 1877; s.
of Susan (Talcott) and Galen Merriam Fish-

Education: High school, Oakland and Univ.
of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., 1901, M.A., 1903, U. of Calif.
Married: Margaret Reid Merriam, of New
York City, June 26, 1919; ch.: Ralph Tal-
cott, Galen Reid, and Margaret Merriam.
Bus. Record: With Asso. Oil Co. (San Fran-
cisco), 1903-18; Pres., Civil Service Bd.
(Oakland); Nat. Assn. of Credit Men; Dir.
Federal Bd. of Vocational Edn. at San Fran-
cisco, N. Y. C. and Washington, D.C., 1918-
21; Dir., Calif. State Dept. Instns, 1921-22;
Vice-Pres., Amer. Trust Co. (San Fran-
cisco), 1922-24: Mem., Calif. State Commn.,
on Pensions, 1927-28; Pres., Bd. of Port
Commrs., 1928-39; Dir., Alameda Co. Tuber-
culosis and Health Assn.; Pres., Community
Chest (Oakland). Nat. Assn. of Credit Men
(Dir., 1933-35, Nat. Vice-Pres., 19.35-36), Pac.
Sch., Rel. (Berkeley), Univ. of Calif. Alum-
ni Council (Berkeley), Internal. House (Ber-
keley); Mem., Bd. Govrs. Alameda Co. Com-
munity Foundation; Pres., U. of Calif. Alum-
ni Assn. and Mem., Bd., Regents, U. of
Calif., 1936-38; Vice-Pres., Amer. Trust
Co. (Oakland), 1924 — .

Awards: Presented Honor Shield by Oak-
land Real Estate Bd. as most distinguished
in Community Service, 1928.
Memberships: Beta Theta Pi; Mason; Ki-
wanis; Athenian-Nile, and Athens Athletic

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: American Trust Co., Oakland,

Hoyne Address: 3247 Kempton Ave., Oak-
land, Calif.

FISHER. Ray Wall. B.S., M.C.Ed.
Teacher, Merritt Business School, Oakland
Public Schools.

Born: Davis Creek (Modoc Co., Calif.), June

[303 J


28. 1893; s. of Margaret Elizabeth (Dawson)
and John Thomas Fisher.

Education: Davis Creek; Oakland; Arm-
strong Coll. (Berkeley); Univ. of Cahf.. Ber-

Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1917, M.C.Ed.,
Armstrong Coll., 1930.

Married.- Maebelle Eloise, d. of Carrie (Lin-
coln) and Charles Clayton Jewell, m Oak-
land, Aug. 26, 1917.

Bus. Record: Spent a year with the S.P.
Co • one yr., as Stenographer with a whole-
sale grocery; Steno. and Clerk four yrs.,
with the Standard Oil Co.; ^o^r >'■■»• "^i"
buisness as Gen. Contractor. Smce 1930,
Teacher of Commercial Subjects, two yrs.,
Armstrong Coll.; eight yrs., Merritt Bus
Sch ■ misc. positions also with Earl Fruit
Co. 'and Dodge Land Co. preceding enlist-

Publications: College Typing, by Fisher,
White and Reigner (The H. M. Rowe Co.,
Baltimore), 1935.

Army Record: Enlisted, Dec. 1918; ten mos.,

A.E.F.; discharge June, 1919, as Corporal.

Memberships: Past Mast, and present Secy.,

Chateau Thierry Lodge No. 569 F. & A. M.;

Mary E. Partridge Chapter 338, O.E.S. (Past

Patron) ; American Legion Post No. 5


Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, gardening, and general

maintenance of buildings.

Bus. Address: Third Ave., and East Tenth

St., Oakland, Calif.

Home Address: 5508 Proctor Ave., Oakland

Calif, and 3933 Ruby St., Oakland, Calif.*

FISHER, Professor Walter Kenrick.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S.
Professor of Biology, Stanford University;
Director, Hopkins Marine Station of Stan-
ford University.

Born: Ossining (New York), Feb. 1, 1878; s.
of Alwilda (Merritt) and Albert Kenrick

Education: Washington (D.C.) public schools
and Stanford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1901, M.A., 1903, Ph.D., 1906,
Stanford Univ.

Married: Evlyn Anne, d. of Annie (Mont-
gomery) and Lorenzo Benson, Salinas (Calif.),
Sept. 2, 1922.

Prof. Record: Special Field Naturalist, U.S.
Biological Survey, 1897-1901; Asst., U.S. Bu-
reau Fisheries aboard U.S.S. "Albatross
1902 and 1904; Asst. in Zoology, Stanford U.,
1902-05, Acting Inst., 1905-07, Instr., 1907-
09, Asst. Prof., 1909-20, Asso. Prof., 1920-
25, Prof, since 1925; Dir., Hopkins Marme
Sta., since 1917.

Publications: Birds of Laysan and the Lee-
ward Islands, Hawaiian Group, 1903- btar-
/ts;ies and Holothians of Hawaii. 190°-"';
Asteroidea of the North Pacific and Adja-
cent Waters, vol. 1, 1911, vol. 2, 1928, vol
3 1930: Starfishes of Philippine Waters and
Adjacent Seas, 1919; Hydrocorals of the
North Pacific, 1938 (all U.S. Govt. Print-
ing Office); Asteroidea of the "Discovery
Expedition (Cambridge Univ. Press), 1940;
and many contributions to scientific journals.
Memberships: Fellow American Assn. Ad-

vancement of Science; Fellow, Emeruus,
Amer. Ornithologists' Union; Sigma Xi.
Politics: Republican.

Recreatio7is: Collecting old Chinese porce-
lain, portrait painting, and gardening.
Bus. Address: Hopkins Marine Station, Pa-
cific Grove, Calif.

Home Address: 844 Laurel Ave., Pacific
Grove, Calif.

FISK. Chester C. B.S., M.A.

City Manager.

Born- Helena (Mont.), May 14, 1900; s. of

Florence (Mclntire) and R. Clark Fisk.

Education: Public schools of Helena (Mont.)

and Univ. of Calif., Berkeley.

Degrees: B.S., 1925, M.A., 1938, U. of Calif.

Married: Phyllis, d. of Mary and C_H.

Wright, Berkeley (Calif.), Aug. 31, 1928.

Prof Record: Draftsman, Dept. of Public

Works, City of Berkeley, 1925-29; Asst City

Engr 1929-35; E.xec. Asst. to City Mgr.,

1935-40; apptd. City Mgr., March 5, 1940.

Memberships: Chi Epsilon (hon. engr. frat.) ;

Winged Helmet (campus hon. soc); City

Mt'rs Assn. ; Berkeley Traffic Safety Commn.

(Pres., 1938); City Commons, Berkeley

Breakfast, and Kiwanis (past Lt. Gov.)


Religion : Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Sports.

Bus. Address: City Hall, Berkeley, Calif.

Home Address: 921 Euclid Ave., Berkeley,


FITCH, Richard Cooper

General Manager, Darrin Auto Body Com-

Born: Indianapolis (Ind.), April 3, 1913;
s. of Marguerite (Cooper) and Robert Fitch.
Education: Culver Military Academy; St.

Married: Simone, d. of Vincent Price Dey-
eraux (famed Parisian architect), in Pans,
1936; ch.: Andree.

Bus. Record: Former Pres., RTC Air Con-
ditioner Co., Indianapolis (Ind.). Designer
for Darrin Auto Body Company.
Directorships: Pres., P.A.C.; Gen. Mgr.,
Darrin Auto Body Co.

Publications: Pan-American Covenant, Pan-
American Corps.
Religion: Christian Scientist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Polo, boxing.
Bus. Address: 8860 Sunset Blvd., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Home Address: 1791 Beverly Glen Bel-Air,
Calif., and 4800 Tibbets Rd., Riverdale, New

FITTS, Marion Lucille


Born: Indianapolis (Ind.), Oct. 4th; d. of
Loretta Van Winkle.

Education: Saint Ann's Acad. (British Col-
umbia) .

Married: Buron Fitts, Los Angeles ((Tallf.),
Feb. 6, 1924; ch. : an adopted daughter.
Memberships: Pleiades Club (Pres.) ; Wo-
man's Breakfast Club (Past Pres.); Repub-



llcan Study Club of Los Angeles (Past Pres.);
P.-T.A.; Cham, of Com. Auxiliary; Purple
Heart; Amer. Lofjion Au.xlllary.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Potiticn: Republican.

litcrcii lions: Gardening, horseback riding,
and home.

Home Addii'sn: ll.'i.i K. floval Oaks. Mon-
rovia. Calif. •

FITZGERALD. James Edward, B.S.,

In.surance and Estate Planning.
Born: Chillocothe (Mo.). Mar. 24, 1897; s. of
Mary (Wilson) and James E. FitzGerald.
Education: Iowa State Coll.; Oregon State

Degrees: B.S., 1922, C.E., 1924, Ore. State


Married: Leah, d. of A. G. Royer, Eugene

(Ore.), June 30, 1921; ch. : Jean Elizabeth,

Mary Leah, and Ruth Louise.

Bus. Record: Civil Engr., State of Ore.,

1920-22; Prof., Engr., Ore. State Coll., 1922-

24; Distributor, Chrysler Automobiles, 1924-

30; life insurance and estate planning, 1930

Army Record: Amer. Ambulance Service,
1916, with French Army; U.S.A.A.S. with
Italian Army, 1917-18; 1st Lieut., U.S. Engr.

Decorations: Croix de Guerre (Italy); Silver
Medal, House of Savoix (Italy).
Memberships: Mason; Amer. Legion; Sigma
Phi Epsilon; Lion; Nat. Assn. of Life Un-
derwriters; Million Dollar Round Table N.A.
L.U. (life mem.).
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golt, fishing, and photography.
Bus. Address: 216 Mills Bldg., San Francis-
co, Calif.

Home Address : 1605 Emery, San Jose, Calif.*


City Attorney of San Luis Obispo.
Born: San Luis Obispo (Calif.), Aug. 12,
1893; s. of Mary F. (Duff) and A. F. Fitz-

Education: Univ. of Santa Clara (Calif.)
Degrees: B.S., 1916, LL.B., 1917, U. of San-
ta Clara.

Married: Emma G., d. of Laura (Hartmann)
and Karl Klein, San Jose (Calif.), Sept. 27,
1921; ch.: Georgiana.

Prof. Record: Practice of law in San Luis
Obispo, 1920 — .

Directorships: Obispo Oil Co.; Brookshire
Oil Co. ; Guarantee Bldg. and Loan Assn.
of San Luis Obispo; San Luis Ice and Cold
Storage Corpn.

Army Record: Second Lieut., 9th F.A., 1917-

Memberships: Amer. Legrion; B.P.O.E.;

Knights of Columbus.

Religion: Catholic.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Outdoor activities.

Bms. Address: 793 Higuera St., San Luis

Obispo, Calif.

Home Address: 1568 Higuera St., San Luis
Obispo, Calif.


Author. .ScrciTi Wrilcr.

Horn: Ul(hm(jn(l Hill (N.Y.), June 19, 1893;
s. of Martha Emma (Grltman) and Simon
Michael Kllz.slmmon8.

Education: Pub. schs. ; special courses,
Married: Menle Muriel, d. of Robert .Simp-
son, In Philadelphia (Pa.), April 30, 1927.
Publicutionii: Better Bridge. Contract Bridge,
The Bainbridge Murder, The Munville Mur-
ders, Seventy Thousand Witnc.i.ies fpub. by
McBrlde); No Witness, Red Rhapsody, Death
on the Diamond, Crimson Ice, The Whisper-
ing Window, The Moving Finger, Sudden Si-
lence. Mystery at Hidden Harbor, The Girl in
the Cage (with John Mulholland), One Man's
Poison, The Evil Men Do, This — Is Murder
(with Gerald Adams) (pub. by F. A. Stok-
es Co.).

Memberships: Screen Writers' Guild; Au-
thors' Club; Writers' Guild of Calif.
Recreations: Gardening, swimming, and tra-

Home Address: 3401 Mentone Ave., Palms
Station, Los Angeles, Calif.

FLANDERS, Lieut. Commander Paul,

U.S.Navy Res.

President, Carmel Land Company.
Born: Chicago (111.), April 19, 1890; s. of
Alicia (Aiken) and John J. Flanders (Ar-
chitect) .

Education: Lewis Inst.; Univ. of 111.; Darm-
stadt (Germany).

Married: Grace, d. of Frank J. Johnson, in

Navy Record: Lt. Commander, United Stat-
es Naval Res.

Memberships: Masons; Delta Kappa Epsi-

Religion: Protestant.

Recreations: Cookery.

Bus. Address: Carmel Land Co., Carmel,


Home Address: Outland, Carmel, Calif. *

FLANNER. June Hildegarde


Born: Indianapolis (Ind.), June 3, 1899; d.

of Mary Ellen (Hockett) and Frank W.


Education: Tudor Hall, Shortridge High

Sch. (Indianapolis); Sweet Briar Coll. (Va.);

Univ. of Calif., Berkeley.

Married: Frederick Monhoff in Altadena
(Calif.), June 29, 1926; ch.: Jan Flanner.
Publications: Young Girl and Other Poems
(with an introduction and decorations by
Porter Garnett; Crocker), 1920; This Morn-
ing (Salvo Three), (Frank Shay, New York),
1921 ; A Tree in Bloom and Other Verses
(decoration by Frederick Monhoff; Macmil-
lan), 1924; Time's Profile (decorated by
Frederick Monhoff; Macmillan), 1929; Man-
sions (a play in one act; Appleton), 1920;
The White Bridge (one-act play; Appleton-
Century), 1938; poetry and prose articles in
the following mags: The New Republic, Poetry
The Yale Review, Travel, The Saturday Re-
view of Literature, Palms, and others.
Awards: Emily Chamberlain Cook Prize at
the U. of Calif, for Young Girl.

Home Address: 428 E. Marigold St., Alta-
dena, Calif.



FLEBBE, Mrs. George (see DIX, Beulah

FLEETWOOD. Margaret Elizabeth
Thomas, A.B.
Newspaper Executive.

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Nov. 16, 1912;
d. of Carrie (Veach) and Willis Coval Thom-

Education: Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: A.B., U. of So. Calif., 1934.
Married: William Ogden. s. of Alice (Cob-
ban) and William Webster Fleetwood, D.D.,
Beverly Hills (Calif.), May 14, 1934; eh.:
William Ogden, Jr., Diane, and Judith.
Prof Record: Publisher of Montebello News.
East Los Angeles Gazette, Pico Rivera News.
Winner of Los Angeles Times Award for
"best front page, 1934."
Directorships: Vice-Pres. of Fleetwood Pub-
lishing Co. and Whittier Reporter Co.
Memberships: Alpha Gamma Delta, Phi Beta
(hon. speech sorority) ; Montebello Woman s

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Badminton, boating, amateur
theatricals, and dogs.

Bus. Address: 4966 Whittier Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 630 Prospect Blvd., Pasa-
dena, Calif.
Other Address: Lake Arrowhead, Calif.

FLEETWOOD. V^illiam Ogden. A.B.
Publisher, Montebello News, East Los An-
geles Gazette and Whittier Reporter.
Born: Ogden (Utah), June 22, 1909; s of
Alice (Cobban) and William Webster Fleet-
wood, D.D.

Education: Saint Albans, Sycamore (111.);
Westminster, Salk Lake City (Utah); Univ.
of Utah; Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: A.B., U. of So. Calif., 1933.
Married: Margaret Elizabeth, d. of Carrie
(Veach) and Willis C. Thomas, Beverly
Hills (Calif.), April 14, 1934; ch.: William
Ogden, Jr., Diane, and Judith.
Directorships: Pres., Fleetwood Publishing
Co. and Whittier Reporter Co.; Rear Com-
modore of the Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club;
Vice-Pres., East Los Angeles Little Sym-
phony Orchestra.

Memberships: Blue Lodge 451 (Montebello);
Pasadena Consistory, A.&A.S.R.; Rotary
(Montebello), and L. A. Athletic clubs.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Yachting, fishing, photography,
(Capt., Lake Arrowhead Star Fleet).
Bus. Address: 4966 Whittier Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 630 Prospect Blvd., Pasa-
dena,, Calif.
Other Address: Lake Arrowhead, Calif.

FLEETWOOD, The Reverend William
Webster. D.D.

Rector, All Saints' Episcopal Church.
Born: Marquette (Mich.), June 8, 1875; s.
of Helen (McDole) and Reverend Benjamin
Franklin Fleetwood.

Education: Western Theological Seminary,
Chicago (111.).

Degrees: D.D., Univ. of So. Calif., 1939.
Married: Alice Mabbett, d. of Marcia (Todd)
and George A. Cobban, Marion (Iowa), June
2, 1902; ch.: William Ogden.
Pro} Record: Rector, Church of the Trans-
figuration (Chicago), 1900-06, St. Mark's
Church, Durango (Colo.), 190(5-07, and
Church of the Good Shepherd, Ogden (Utah),
1907-17; Dean of St. Mark's Cathedral, Salt
Lake City (Utah), 1917-29; Rector, All
Saints' Church, Beverly Hills, 1929—.
Memberships: Blue Lodge Consistory, 32°,
Shrine; B.P.O.E.; Authors (L.A.), and Ro-
tary clubs.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf, bowling.
Bus. Address: 502 No. Camden Dr., Beverly
Hills, Calif.

Home Address: 450 El Camino, Beverly Hills,

FLEMING. (Mrs.) Harriet Sonn. R.N.,


Public Health Nurse and Teacher, Chaffey

Junior College.

Born: Fort Atkinson (Wis.), Aug. 18, 1875;

d. of Sarah M. (Bowen) and James Van

Ness Sonn.

Education: High sch., Evansville (Wis.);

Illinois Training Sch. for Nurses; Cook Coun-
ty Hospital, Chicago (111.), 3 yrs. trainmg, 2

yrs. Instr.

Degrees: R.N., P.H.N. , Chicago (111.).

Married: CJeoffrey Joseph, M.D., s. of Alice
(Sheridan) and James Fleming (dec, 1931),
Chicago, July 23, 1902; ch. : Frances Mary

Prof. Record: Organized required health pro-
gram in Chaffey Union High Sch. and Chaf-
fey Junior Coll., 1919; still Instr. of Hygiene,
Chaffey Junior Coll. Mem., San Bernardino
County Emergency Relief Com. by appoint-
ment Federal Emergency Relief Administra-
tion, State Emergency Relief Administration,
Emergency Relief Administration, 19.32-36;
Mem , Bd. of Trustees, Casa Colina Home
for Chippled Children, 1939-41; San Bernar-
dino County Health, Physical Edn. and Re-
creation; Nat. Com., Nursing Service Amer.
Red Cross; Calif. State Nurses Assn. Nurs-
ing Com., Amer Red Cross; Mem. of Profes-
sional Advisorv Com., Calif. State Bd. of
Health; Past-Pres., Ontario Women's club,
1921-23- Past-Pros., Calif. State Nurses
Assn., 1931-.35; Past-Pres., Diocesan Council
of Catholic Women, Diocese L. A. and San
Diego, 1934-36; Chmn. of Social Hygiene,
Calif. Congress of P.-T. A., 1929-31; Chmn.,
Public Health, Southern Dist., Calif. Feder-
ation Women's Clubs. 1930-.32; Past Pres.,
Ontario Shakespeare Club, 1920-21.
Directorships: Bd. of Dir., Amer. Nurses
Assn., 1936-44; Calif. State Nurses Assn.,
1928-44- San Bernardino Co. Tuberculosis
Assn., 1938-44; Ontario Chapter, A.R.C.
1919-42, Diocesan Council Catholic Women,
San Diego Diocese, 1938-42; Unit 19, Calif.
Org. for Public Health Nursing, 1941-44.
Publications: Author, Four Year Health Pro-
gram for High School Girls. Has written
numerous articles on health education for
nursing, P.-T. A., and public health publica-



Ultinlifi-Hliiiis: Calif. Tcarhors Assn.; Calif.
OiKanl/jitlori for I'liblk- Health Nur.slni?;
Amor. NursInK, Calif. State Nurses
Assn.; Nat. Huslni'.ss and Profes.-ilon.-il Wo-
men (Ontai-lo>; Delta Kappa Gamma; D.A.
K.; Catholic Daughters of Amer.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Demociat.
Rpcreatioim: Youth.

Bus. Address: Chaffcv Junior CollcKe, On-
tario, Calif.

Home Address: 612 No. Euclid, Ontario,

FLEMING, The Reverend Sandford.

B.D., M.A., Ph.D., Th.M.
President, Berlceley Baptist Divinity School.
Born: Adelaide (Australia), May 2, 1888; s.
of Mary Jane (Brown) and Joseph Higginson

Education: So. Australia Baptist Coll.; Yale;
Berkeley Baptist Divinity Sch.
Degrees: B.D., 1917, M.A., 1926, Ph.D.,
1929, Yale U.; Th.M., 1924, M.A., 1925,
Berkeley Div. Sch.
Married: Clarice Ethel Crossing.
Prof. Record: Pastor, Adelaide, 1912-14 and
1917-22; Supt., Home Missions, So. Aus-
tralian Baptist Union, 1918-20; Pastorates in
Conn, and Calif., 1914-17 and 1922-25; Prof.,
Church History and Religious Edn., Berke-
ley Baptist Divinitv Sch., 1926—; Pres.,
Berkeley Div. Sch., 1937—. Pres., No.
Calif. Council of Religious Edn., 1933-35;
Pres., Evangelical Fellowship of No. Calif.

Directorships: Chmn., No. Calif. Baptist Re-
ligious Edn. Comm., 1934-36; Chmn., Dept.
of Christian Edn., Calif. Church Council, No.
Area, 1935-36.

Publications: "A Hymn of the Middle Ages,"
(Ch. XX in Music of the Gospel (Abingdon
Press). 1932; Children and Puritanism (Yale
U. Press), 1933; Liviyig Portraits of Jesus
(Professional Press), 1939.

Memberships: Pi Gamma Mu; Berkeley City
Commons; Church History Soc. ; Religious
Edn. Assn.
Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 2606 Dwight Way, Berkeley,

Home Address: 178 Tamalpais Rd., Berke-
ley, Calif.

FLETCHER, Frank Morley


Born: Whiston (Lancashire, Eng.), Apr. 25,

1866; s. of Sarah E. (Morley) and Alfred

Evans Fletcher.

Education: High School and Univ. Coll.,

Liverpool (Eng.); Atelier Cormon (Paris),


Married: Maud Evelyn, d. of Jonah Brown,
Westleton (Suffolk, Eng.), Mar. 28, 1895.
Prof. Record: As a Teacher, held appoint-
ments at London County Council Central
School of Arts, 1896-98; Dir., Dept. of Fine
Arts, Univ. Coll., Reading (Eng.), 1898-
1906; Board of Edn., London, 1906-07; First
Dir., Edinburgh Coll. of Art, 1907-23; In-
vited to Santa Barbara (Calif.), by Com-
munity Arts Assn., 1923; awarded the Medal
of the Chicago Exhibition, 1893, and for

Colour Prints at the International E.xhihitlon
In Milan, 1896; First prize for Portraiture
at the Sacramento .Stale Fair In 1922. Prints
have been purchased by the British Muxeum
anil the Victoria anfl Albert Mus., London;
Bo.ston Mus. ; State Library at Sacramento
(Calif.); National Museums at Dresden and

Publications: Wood-Block Colourprlntlng
(John Hogg; London), 1916; Colour Control
(Faber and Faber, London), 19.36.
Army Record: Entrenching Officer, Edin-
burgh Battalion. Royal Scots, 1917-19 (home

Memberships: The Community Art Center

Religion: Christian.

Politics: Democrat (Naturalized American
Citizen, Sept. 1929).

Home Address: Grand Ave., Ojal, Calif.

FLEWELLING, The Reverend Professor
Ralph Tyler, A.B., S.T.B., Ph.D., LL.D.
Director and Professor, School of Philosophy,
Univ. of .So. Calif.

Born: Dewitt (Mich.), Nov. 23, 1871; s. of
Mary Cornelia (Whitney) and Francis Tyler.
Education: Alma (Mich.) College; Univ. of
Mich.; Garrett Bibl. Inst.; Boston Univ.;

Degrees: A.B., Alma College 1895; S.T.B.,
Boston U. Sch. of Theol., 1902; Ph.D., 1909,
LL.D., 1931, Boston U.

Married: L. Jennie, d. of Margaret and S.
V. Carlin, Greenville (Mich.), Aug. 16, 1893;
ch.; Ralph Carlin, Mrs. Cecil Richardson.
Prof. Record: Ordained M. E. Ministry,
1896; Pastor, Newton Centre (Mass.), 1903-
06; Athol (Mass.), 1906-09; Harvard St.
Church, Cambridge (Mass.), 1909-13; Leo-
minster (Mass), 1913-16; First Church.,
Boston ( Mass.), 1916-17; Prof, and Head
Dept. of Philosophy, U. of So. Calif., 1917-
29; Dir., Sch. of Philosophy, U. of So. Calif.,
since May 16, 1929; Visiting Prof.. Calif. -
in-China Coll. of Chinese Studies (Peking);
Lecturer at Yenching U. (Peking), and in
various national and Christian Univs. in
China, 1934-35. Founder and Editor of
The Personalist (quarterly journal of philos-
ophy, literature, and religion), since 1920.
Pres., Pacific Div. Amer. Philosophical
Assn., 1938-39.

Directorships: Dir. of the Sch. of Philo.,
U. of So. Calif.; Mem., permanent com..
Internal. Congress of Philo.
Publications: Christ and the Dramas of
Doubt, 1913; Personalism and the Problems
of Philosophy, 1915; Contbr. to Hastings
Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, 1917;
Philosophy and the War, 1918; Bergson and
Personal Realism, 1919; The Reason in
Faith, 1924; Creative Personality, 1926; The
Basic Ideas of East and West, 1935.
War Record: Head, Dept. of Philo., A.E.F.,
Univ., Beaune (France), 1918.
Memberships: Twenty Club; American Phil-
osophical Assn.; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa
Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, and Founder, Pi Epsilon
Theta (national philosophy honor soc).
Religion: Methodist.
Recreations: Fishing.

Bus. Address: University of Southern Calif.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 10609 Cushdon Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.



FLICKINGER, Lillian Wiesike

Teacher of Voice.
Born: Indianapolis (Ind.). June 4, 1879; d.
of Doretla (von Tiestus) and William C.

Education: Indianapolis (Ind.l ; Berlin

Married: (1) Rudolf Wiesike, in Indianap-
olis, June 12, 1906 (dec, 1916); (2) Elmer
E. Flickinger, Sept. 15, 1921 (dec. May 19,
1932) ; eh. : Charlotte Wiesike Case and Ur-
sula Wiesike Frank.

Prof Record: Studied piano and voice in
Indianapolis. Taught at Indiana State Inst,

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