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Co., Farmers Irrigation Co., and Santa
Clara Water Conservation District.

Directorships: Santa Paula Water Works,
Ltd.; Dir.. Rancho La Cuesta. Ltd.: Trus-
tee, Santa Paula Union High Sch. Dist.
Memberships : Asso. Mem., Am. Soc. of Civil
Engineers: (Past Pres., now Dir.) Santa
Paula Rotary Club; Santa Paula No. 291.
F.&A.M.: (Past Pres.) Santa Paula Cham-
ber of Commerce.
Religion: Universal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Amateur photography.

Bus. Address: 117 No. Tenth St., Santa
Paula, Calif.

Home Address: 725 Virginia Terr., Santa
Paula, Calif.

Other Address: P. O. Box 732. Santa Paula.
Calif. *


Vice-Pres., Paramount Pictures, Inc.. in
Charge of Studio Operations.
Born: Greenville (Ga.), Dec. 14, 1890.
Education: Oorgia Sch. of Tech. (Atlanta).
Bus. Record: With S. A. Lynch Enterprises,
1916-23, when interest was sold out to Para-
mount, remained with Lvnch Enterprises
until 1933; joined Paramount (N.Y.), 1933,
elected Vice-Pres., in Charge of Theatre Op-
erations, 1935, transferred to Los Angeles,
in charge of Studio Operation. 1938.

Memberships: Acad, of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences.

Bits. Address: Paramount Pictures. Inc.,
5451 Marathon Ave., Hollywood. Calif.

[317 J


FRENCH. Roy La Verne. A.B., M.A.
Director, School of Journalism, University
of Southern California.

Born: Eureka (Kan.), Aug. 6, 1888; s. of
Cora A. (Emmerson) and Albert L. French.
Education: Public schools. Eureka (Kan.);
Uni%'. of Wis.

Degrees: A.B., 1923; M.A., 1925.
Married: Una O.. d. of Gertrude and Kit
Meredith, in Perrv (Okla.), Sept, 21, 1918;
Mrs French is the Head, Foreign Language
Dept., Citrus Jr. Coll., Azusa (Calif.), at
the present time.

Prof Record: Asst. in Journalism. Sch. of
Journalism, U. of Wis., 1923-24; Head,
Dept. of Journalism. U. of N.D.. 1924-27;
Founder, Dept. of Journalism, U. of So.
Calif 1928; Dir., Sch. of Journalism, U.
of So. Calif., 1933—; in 1936 was sent as
a Fellow for study in Germany by the
Oberlaender Trust Foundation, Philadel-
phia (Pa.).

Publications: Currently Co-Owner and Co-
Publisher, The Inyo Independent, Indepen-
dence (Calif.); and the Owen's Valley Prog-
ress-Citizen, Lone Pine (Calif.).
Army Record: Private, Co. B, 307th Inf.,
77th Div., 1918-19, wounded in action, Oct.
15, 1918.

Membershins: Siama Delta Chi (Nat. Pres.
3927-28) Theta Delta C:hi, Pi Sigma Alpha;
Author's Club (Hollj^ood); Amer. Inst, of
Journalists (Treas.); Calif. Newspaper Pub-
lishers' Assn.; Live Oaks Tennis Assn. (So.
Pasadena) .

Politics: Former Republican, now plain anti-
New Dealer.
Recreations: Tennis.

Bus. Address: 3551 University Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 901 Cordova St., Alhambra,

Other Addresses: Lone Pine, Calif.; c/o Home
National Bank, Eureka, Kan.


Judge of the Municipal Court.

Born: Macon (111.), July 27, 1896; s. of

Bertha (Blumenthal) and Gustav Freund.

Education: Illinois public schools (Decatur);

Univ. of 111.; Univ. of So. Calif.

Degrees: LL.B., U. of So. Calif., 1918.

Married: Fredericka Skora, d. of Emma and

Robert Schulman, Los Angeles (Calif.), July

27, 1926; ch. : Gareth S. (b. 1928).

Prof. Record: Admitted to the practice of

law in Calif., in 1919, engaged in general

practice during early years of practice;

later specialized in corporate practice; now,

Judge of the Municipal Court, Los Angeles


Navy Record: Enlisted in the U.S. Navy,

June 1918, served until the end of war;

honorable discharge.

Memberships: Amer. Legion; Amer. Legion

Luncheon Club; Elks; Optimist; Masonic;

B'nai B'rith; Zeta Beta Tau; Los Serranos

Country Club.

Religi&n : Jewish .

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Photography, wood-craft, golf.

Bus. Address: Hall of Justice, Los Angeles,


Home Address: 509 No. Cherokee Ave., Los

Angeles, Calif.

FRICK. Mary Elizabeth, B.S., M.A. in Ed.
Teacher; Registrar, Metropolitan High

Born: San Diego (Calif.), May 3, 1893; d.
of Mary Harris (Rennie) and Moses L.

Education: Los Angeles High Sch.; Los An-
geles State Normal Sch.; Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: B.S., 1927, M.A., 1931, U. of So.

Prof. Record: Past Pres., High School
Teachers A.ssn. of L.A., Inc.; Past Chmn.,
Affiliated Teachers Organizations of L.A. ;
now. Registrar, Metropolitan High Sch.,
L.A. (Calif.)

Membersihps: High School Teachers Assn.;
Calif Teachers Assn.; Nat. Education Assn.;
League of Women Voters; Republican Wom-
ens Club; Women's Auxiliary of the L.A.
Chamber of Commerce; Woman's Athletic
Club- Order of the Eastern Star (Sunset
Chapter); Kappa Chapter, Delta Kappa

Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations : Motoring.

Bus. Address: 234 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 517 No. Edinburgh St., Los
Angeles, Calif.

FRIED. Alexander. A.B., M.A.
Music and Art Editor, San Francisco Ex-

BoT^n- New York City, May 21, 1902; s. of
Sarah (Perils) and Henry Fried.
Education: N.Y.C. public and high schools;
Columbia Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1923, M.A., 1924. Columbia U.
Married: Audrey, d. of Floretta and Otto
Farncroft, San Francisco (Calif.)
Prof. Record: Managing Editor. M^'.mcal
Digest of N.Y., 1925; Music and Art Editor,
San Francisco ChrOnicle. 1926-34; at present.
Music and Art Editor, San Francisco
Religion: Hebrew:

Bus. Address: 3rd and Market, San Francis-
co, Calif.

Home Address: 86 Mora Ave., San Francisco,

FRISBEE. Professor Ira Nobles, A.B.,
M.B.A., C.P.A.

Associate Professor of Accounting. Univ. of
California at Los Angeles.
Born: Ontario (Calif.), Nov. 7, 1897; s. of
Myra (Nobles) and Henry Fnsbee.
Education: Public schools of Ontario (Calif.);
Pomona College; Harvard Univ.
Degrees- A.B., Pomona Coll., 1919; M.B.A.,
Harvard Graduate Sch. of Bus. Administra-
tion, 1921; C.P.A. , in State of Calif.. 1923.
Married: Helen Violet, d. of Charlena (Shan-
non) and Louis E. Sheets, Cambridge (Mass),
Oct. 1, 1920; ch.: Theodora, Donald, and

Prof. Record: Accountant with Price, Water-
house & Co., San Francisco (Calif.). 1921-
24- Asst. Prof.. Univ. of Calif.. Los An-
geles 1924-30, Asso. Prof., 1930—; opened
office as Certified Public Accountant in
Beverly Hills (Calif.), 1926, practicing vnth
his ovim staff of accountants.



DircctDrnhipH: Dlr., Calif. Soc. of Cerllflerl
Public Accountants.

Puhlicntiovn: liuniliess StatiHHcn (McGraw-
Hill HU. Co.). odilion. 1<):!2, 2nfi edition,
I'JAH (with .John R. RiKKlcman); several
articles in accounting; maf^azines.
ylrmi/ Record: EnlLsted, Sept. 1918, honorary
discliarge, Dec, 1918.

Mrmhernhips : Santa Monica Del Mar Club;
Amer. of Accountants; Amor. Account-
ing Assn.; Amer. Statistical As,sn.; Amer.
Economic Assn. ; Rotary Club of Beverly
Hills (Past Pres.); Phi Beta Kappa (Pom-
ona Coll.)

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Sailing, handball, badminton,
and swimming.

Bus. Address: Bank of America BIdg , Bev-
erly Hills, Calif., and Univ. of California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 239 So. Peck Dr , Beverlv
Hills> Calif.

FRISSELLE. Samuel Parker, A.B.

General Manager, Kearney Vineyard.
Born: Syracuse (N.Y.), Jan. 3, 1881 • s of
Eliza (Parker) and Ralph Fris-selle.
Education: Stanford Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1903; Stanford U.
Married: Degmar, d. of Mrs. Frank Brad-
ford, San Francisco (Calif.), Nov. 12, 1912-
ch. ; one son.

Directorships: Dir., Calif. State Chamber of
Commerce, Chmn. San Joaquin Valley, Coun-
cil of State Chamber; Asso. Mern., US

Memberships: Rotary (Fresno, Past Pres..
1927-28), also, mem. of various other com-
mittees and public service groups.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Hunting, fishing.
Bus. Address: R 8, Box 721, Fresno. Calif.

FRY. The Reverend John. A.B., M.S.T..

Pastor. Epworth Methodist Cniurch.
Born: Carthage (N.C.), Oct. 23. 1870; s of
Martha (Redding) and DeGraffenried Fry.
Education: Trinity Coll. (now Duke Univ.)-
Vanderbilt Univ.

Degrees: M.S.T., Pac. Sch. of Religion, 1918-
D.D., Asbury Coll., 1937.

Married: Malta CThafin, d. of Rev. G W
Callahan, Taylorsville (N.C.), June 1, 1895-
ch.: Mrs. R. L. Gardner.

Prof. Record: School teacher; now Pastor,
Epworth Methodist Church, Berkeley (Calif.)

Army Record: Served with YMCA in World
War I.

Memberships: Lions Club; Masonic Frater-

Religion: Methodist.

Politics: Independent.

Bus. Address: 2516 Durant Ave., Berkeley.

Hom.e Address: 514 Arlington Ave., Berkeley.
CalJf. •


City Judge.

Born: Washington (D.C.), Nov. 14, 187fi'
s. of Elizabeth (Dado) and Nath. B. Fugitt.
Education: Washington (D.C.) High School;
Columbia Univ. (now George Wasjh.) and
Lehigh Univ., Bethlehem (Pa.)
Married: Genevieve, d. of Peter Lu.\, San
Bernardino (Calif.), Aug. 13, 1918.
Prof. Record: Mlxcr-Foreman, 111. Steel Co.
(Chicago); U.S. (Jeological Survey In Wis,,
Iowa, La., Miss., Ohio, and W. Va.; Harbor
Master. Los Angeles Harbor; Nat. Cash Reg-
ister Co. In Ind.. Kv., Mo., and Ore.; Fire
Engr., Standard Oil Co., El Segundo (Calif.);
now City Judge, El Segundo.

Memberships: Theta Delta Chi; Masons;

Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Football, baseball, fishing, and


Bus. Address: El Segundo, Calif.

Home Address: 635 Loma Vista, El Segrmdo,


FULLER. Professor Benjamin Apthorp
Gould. A.B., A.M., B.Sc, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy, Univ. of So. Calif.
Born: Brookline (Mass.>, March 9, 1879; s.
of Emily Gorham (Carter) and Horace Wil-
liams Fuller.

Education: Harvard Univ.; Clirist Church,
Oxford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1900, A.M., 1902, Ph.D.,
1906, Harvard U.; B.Sc. 1905, Oxford U.
Prof. Record: Instr. in PhilosoDhy Harvard
U., 1906-10, 1913-20; writing in Rome (Italv),
1920-24; Prof, of Phil, and Teaching Fel-
low, Grad. Sch., U. of Cincinnati, 1924-31;
Visiting Prof., U. of So. Calif., 1931-32:
Prof, of Phil., U. of So. Calif, since 1933.
Publications: The Problem of Evil in Plotimis
(Cambridge Univ. Press), 1912; History of
Greek Philosophy, (I) Thales to Democritus,
1923, (II) The Sophists. Socrates, and Plato.
1931, (III) Aristotle. 1931; History of Philo-
sophy (Henry Holt & Co.), 1938.
Army Record: Capt., Infantry. U.S. Army
with Amer. Section, Supreme War Council.
Versailles, 1918-19; Major, M.I.O.R.C, 1920-

Awards: Knight, Order of the Crown of

Memberships: Union, Harvard (Boston); Har-
vard (New York) ; Athenaeum (London) ;
Union Interalli^e (Paris>.

Recreations: Gardening, walking, riding, col-

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 6887 Alta Loma Terrace, Hol-
lywood, Calif. *

FULLER, Professor Leonard Franklin,

M.E., Ph.D.

Chairman, Department of Electrical Engin-
eering, Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley).
Born: Portland (Ore.), Aug. 21, 1890; s. of
Anna Jessie (Parrish) and Franklin Ide Ful-

Education: Cornell Univ.; Stanford Univ.
Degrees: M.E., (Cornell, 1912; Ph.D.. Stan-
ford. 1919.



Married: Lucretia Robinson Strong of Port-
(OreJ, d. of Williani James Strong, Provi-
dence (R.I.), June 22, 1912; ch. : Franklin
I., Leonard F., Jr., Mary Esther.
Prof. Record: Chief Electrical Engr., Fed.
Telegraph Co., 1912-19: Consulting Engr.,
1919—: Chmn., Dept. of Elect. Engrg., U.
of Calif., 1930—; Elect. Engr., Gen. Elec-
tric Co.. 1923-24 and 1926-28. Exec. Vice-
Pres., Fed. Telegraph Co., 1928-32.
Publications: Author of various technical
papers in engineering journals.
Memberships: Bohemian, Sierra, Engineers'
(S.F.) and Faculty (Berkeley) clubs.
Recreations: Mountain climbing, exploring.
Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Berkeley,

Home Address: 1535 Cowper St., Palo Alto,

FULLER. Ruth Cornell

Author, Lecturer, Teacher.
Born: San Diego (Calif.), Sept. 2; d. of
Clara Blanche (Hazen) and Henry Weaver

Education: Hawaiian Is. (Pago Pago); Calif.
High Sch.; English Sch. (New Zealand);
Univ. of Calif.; special courses.
Married: Francis C. Fuller, 1920-30; Arnold
Tolley, 1939; ch.: John Cornell Fuller.
Prof. Record: Lectured and taught before
every known group — oriental, international,
womens clubs, churches of everv denomina-
tion. Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Buddhist
colls, and universities, Jr. groups, study
groups, cultural salons, art clubs, etc.
Flonors: Recognition from India and China
lor work in developing deeper understand-
ing in Fields of Philosophy and Literature
between East and West.

Memberships: Who's Who of L.A.; Women
of Achievement of Amer. ; Pleiades CHub";
Womens Breakfast Club; Writers Round
Table; John o' London Literary Circle;
Chinese Cultural Soc: North Hollywood
Womens Club; Sunday Eve. Salon; etc.
Religion: Universal Philosophy.
Politics : Democrat.

Recreations: Dancing, swimming, golf, mu-

Home Address: .341 No., Plymouth Blvd.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

FULTON. Kenneth Isaac, B.Sc.
Director, Natural Resources, State of Calif.
Born: Portland (Ind.), Oct. 8, 1892; s. of
Dink (Miller) and James Lamb Fulton.
Education: Morgan Park (111.) Military
Acad.; Ohio State Univ.; Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: B.Sc, in Ceramic Engineering.
Married: Margaret, d. of Sarah G. and Oren
A. Rawlings, Portland (Ind.); ch.: Mar-

Bus. Record: Real Estate and Insurance at
Corona del Mar (Calif.), 1922-29; The As-
surance Corpn. (Insurance Brokers), Los
Angeles, 1929—.

Directorships: Pres. of The Assurance Corpn.
Army Record: Enlisted March 30, 1918;
commissioned 2nd Lt., 34th Engr., about June
1, 1918; in A.E.F., 1918-19; Depot Engr.,
Of ficler, Mlramas Etepot, Base Section 6,

A.E.F.; commissioned 1st Lt., 34th En^. .,

Nov., 1918.

Memberships: Mason; Phi Gamma Delta.

Religion: Presbyterian.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Swimming, tennis, fishing and


Bus. Address: Dept. of Natural Resources,

Sacramento, Calif.; Private Bus. Address:

810 So. Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1979 No. Van Ness Ave.,

Hollywood, Calif.

FURBAY. Professor John Harvey. B.S.,
M.A., Ph.D., F.R.G.S., F.R.A.I.

Author, Lecturer; Associate Professor of
Education, Mills College, Oakland, Calif.
Born: Mt. Gilead (Ohio), Sept. 29. 1903;
s. of Caroline Talbott (Wood) and Wm. Le
Roy Furbay.

Ed%icatiG>i: Otterbein College; Asbury Col-
lege; Ohio State Univ.; Columbia Univ.;
NY. Univ.; Yale; special study in Eump-
ean schools and tropical education at Univ.
of London; Graduate Fellow, Univ. of Chi-

Degrees: B.S., Asbury Coll. 1924: M.A.. N.Y.
Univ., 1928; Ph.D.. Yale. 1931; F.R.G.S..
and F.R.A.I. (London), 1938.
Married: Elizabeth Jane, d. of Alice and
Charles F. Dearmin, Indianapolis (Tnd.). Dec.
19, 1928; ch.: John Talmadge, Judith Alison.
Prof. Record: Lab. Instr. in Biology, As-
bury Coll , 1923-24; Student-promorion work
1924-25, Graduate student, 1925-27; Asst.
Prof, of Biology, Taylor U., 1927-29; Asst.
Prof, of Biology, Jr. Coll. of Conn., 1929-
30- educational broadcast series on Sta.
WICC for six months, 1929-30; travel in
Europe and study of educational systems of
England, France and Germany, summer,
1930: Asso. Prof, of Edn. and Biology, Tay-
lor U., 1931-33; Head, Dept. of Edn.. ColL
of Emporia, 1933-35; radio series over NBC
network, summer, 1935; Republic of Liberia,
Head of the College of West Africa. 1936-
39- Asso. Prof., of Edn., Mills Coll., 1939—;
Originator and Author of two syndicated
newspaper columns: Know Thyself, and The
Debunker (running in 112 newspapers daily).
In Liberia, made Anthropological collection
for Amer. Mus. of Natural Hist. (N.Y.),
made first motion pictures covering the
life and conditions in this African State;
has lectured before most of America's lead-
ing lecture assns.; Guest Prof., Univ. of
Hawaii (Honolulu) summer, 1941; originated
first coll. marriage course open to the public
on the Pacific coast.

Publications: History of Sex Education (N.Y.
Univ ) 1927; Undergraduates in Evangelical
Colleges (Yale Univ.), 1931; Nature Chats
(Science Press), 1933; Curious Habits of Our
Common Birds. Animals, and Plants (Noble
& Noble), 1935; Observations and Practice
Teaching (Macmillan), 1936; The Debunker
(Seichel), 1936; Contributing Editor for
series of elementary readers for State of
No. Carolina, also for series of readers en-
titled Getting the Meaning (Lippincott),
1940; manuscript. Manual for a Course in
Marriage (Appleton-Century), 1941.
Memberships: Lions Club.
Religion: Society of Friends (Quakers).
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Archery and motion picture

1 330 J


Bus. Addrrsa: Mills C(>llo^,'o, Oakland, Calif,
and Ledger Syndicate. Philadelphia, Pcnn.

Home Address: 6165 Ascot Dr., Oakland,

FURNAS, Lieut. Colonel I. Lester,

U.S.Army Res., D.D.S.

Dental Surgeon.

Born: Lynn (Ind.), Sept. i:5, 1888; s. of
Ozella (Hadley) and Miles J. Furnas.

Education: Central Normal College; Indiana

Degrees: D.D.S., Indiana U., 1910.

Married: Angela, d. of M. C. Cannavina,
Cleveland (Ohio), July 6, 1933.

Prof. Record: Prof, of Prosthetics. Indiana
U., 1910-20; Prof, of Prosthetics and Dental
Technology, Western Reserve U., 1920-38.

Directorships: Pres., Chamber of Commerce,
La Jolla (Calif.)

Publications: Co-Author, The American Text-
book of Prosthetic Dentistry; and author of
some twenty-five published professional

Army Record: Lt. Col., U.S. Army Dental
Corps Res.

Memberships: Mason; Delta Sigma Delta,
Omacron Kappa Upsilon (Hon.); Shrine; La
Jolla Country Club.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Travel.

Bus. Address: 928 Silverado St., La Jolla,

Home Address: 5902 Beaumont Ave., La
Jolla, Calif.

FUSSELL, Joseph Hall, D.Th.
Secretary General, The Theosophical Society.
Born: Nottingham (Eng.), Sept. 16, 1863;
s. of Susannah (Hall) and Joseph Fussell.

Education: Univ. School and Univ. Coll.,
Nottingham (Eng.)

Degrees: D.Th., Theosophical Univ., 1929.
Prof. Record: Private tutoring in Physical
Science and Math.; came to U.S.A. in 1890,
and became Science Master at private school,
Savannah (Ga.); private tutoring in New
Jersey and New York City, 1892-93; became
Private Secretary to Wm. Q. Judge (who
was head of Theosophical Soc. in U.S.A.),
then Katherine Tingley (who succeeded Wm.
Q. Judge) ; now Secy. Gen. of the Soc.

Directorships: Trustee of Theosophical Soc,
Point Loma (Calif.)

Publications: Contributor of many articles
to Theosophical and Masonic publications.
Honors: Received Honors Certificate for
Theory of Electrical Lighting, Finsbury
(London) Tech. Sch.; Honors Certificate in
Physics in Intermediate E.xam. for Science
Degree, London Univ. but did not take de-

Memberships: 32° Mason (A. & A.S.R.)
Religion: Theosophy.
Recreations: Reading and walking.
Bus. and Home Address: International Head-
quarters Theosophical Society. Point Loma.

GABBERT, John Raymond, B.S.

A(h("rllsing AKcnl, Calif. Klec. Power Co.
Horn: C.iroll (Irjwai, June 5, 1881; s. of
Klla (Peters) and Thomas (iavin Gabbert.
Education: Univ. of Calif., Coll. of Commerce.
Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1907.
Married: Elizabeth, d. of Mr. and Mrs. A. F.
Gordon, In Oxnard (Calif.), June 25, 1908;
ch. : John Gordon (Atty., Riverside); Mrs. J.
Edward Sanders (Hendrix Coll., Conway,

Bus. Record: Publisher of the Oxnard Courier,
1907-12, Riverside Enterprise, 1921-29; found-
ed California Citrograph, 1915; State Real
Estate Commissioner, 1925-27; has been advtg.
Agent of the Calif. Elec. Power Co.. since
1929; Mem. Calif. State Bd. of Edn., 19.31-37;
Pres., Calif. Newspaper Publishers Assn.,

Publications: History of Riverside City and

Memberships: Chi Psi; Ciolden Bear Honor
Soc. (U. of Calif.)

Religion : Presbyterian.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations : Study of old trails and historical

spots of West.

Bus. Address: 3771 Eighth St., Riverside,


Home Address: 6410 Palm Ave., Riverside,


GAGE, Alan Edward, M.D.

Physician and Surgeon.

Born: Clear Lake (S.D.), Sept. 16, 1886; s.

of Sarah Anna (Williams) and Luther E.


Education: Public schools (S.D.); Univ. of

Degrees: M.D., U. of 111., 1912.

Married: Ida O., d. of Lovina (Johnson)

and Ole Hanson, in Humbold (S.D.), Feb.

12, 1913; ch. : Phyllis, and Jules.

Prof. Record: Entered practice of medicine

and surgery in Parker (S.D.), 1912; later

moved to Peterson (Iowa), then to Salem

(S.D.), and finally to Sioux Falls (S.D.),

practicing there until 1929, at which time

moved and located in Hollywood.

Memberships: Kiwanis, Masonic, Shrine,

YMCA; L.A. Co. Medical Society.

Religion : Congregational.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, bowling, and fishing.

Bus. Address: 6253 Hollywood Blvd., Holly-
wood, Calif.

Home Address: 2155 Outpost Dr., Hollywood,
Calif. •

GAHAGAN, Helen (Mary)

Stage Actress, Concert Singer, Civic Worker.

Bom: Boonton (N. J.), 1900; d. of Lillian

Rose (Mussen) and Walter Hammer Gahagan.

Education: Barnard Coll.

Married: Melvyn Douglas, s. of Lena (Shakel-

ford) and Edouard Gregory Hesselberg,

BrookljTi (N.Y.), Apr. 5, 1931; ch. : Peter

Gahagan and Mary Helen.

Prof. Record: Starting with early stage am-



bitions at the Berkley Inst. (Brooklyn), Miss
Gahagan was first cast in Manhattan (1922),
by John Cromwell; then Dreams For Sale for
William Brady. This was the beginning oi
a stage career as a star which took her into
such plays as Fashions For Men, Chains,
Leah Kleshna, Beyond, Enchanted April,
Young Woodlei/, Trelawny of the Wells. Not-
withstantling her tremendous success on the
stage. Miss Gahagan trained for opera and
concert: her auditions were so successful a
European tour was booked which took her
to England, France, Germany, Austria, Hun-
gary, Holland, and Italy. Upon her return to
the'U S in 1931, she was immediately signed
by David Belasco for the lead in Tonight or
Never. While the stage consumed most of
her time Miss Gahagan still found time to ap-
pear, with great success, in concert and
opera in Dallas, San Francisco, Cleveland,
Springfield, Dayton and the Hollywood Bowl.
A tour with The Cat and the Fiddle was fol-
lowed by such stage successes as Moor Born,
Mother Lode and Mary Of Scotland. Motion
pictures eventually persuaded her to do She
(RKO), 1935. During recent years Miss Ga-
hagan has become a dominant figure in
California Democratic and Civic work being
Calif. Democratic Committeewoman and Mem-
ber, National Advisory Committee WPA Com-
munity Service Projects, etc.
Directorships: Mem. Nat. Advisory Com.,
WPA Community Service; Calif. Advisory
Com., Nat. Youth Administration.
Memberships : League of Women Voters; Nat.
Clonfercnce on the Housing Emergency; Com.
to Defend Amer. by Aiding the Allies; Fight
for Freedom Co.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Swimming, reading, and walk-

Bus. Address: 9484 Wilshire Blvd., Holly-
wood, Calif.

Home Address: 7141 Senalda Rd., Outpost
Estates, Los Angeles, Calif. *

GAIR. Colin Munro

Secty.-Treas., Johnson, Carvell & Murphy,
Merchandise Brokers.

Born- Springford (Ontario, Can.), Sept. 10,
1878; s. of Margaret Ann (Pearce) and
William Gair.

Education: Pub. sch. and high sch., Toronto

Married : Hazel, d. of Capitola and Thomas B.
La Touche, in Los Angeles (Calif.), Oct. 24,
1906- ch. : Louise (Mrs. Guy H. Foell), Colin
Munro, Jr., William La Touche, and Edward

Bus Record: In 1896, was the Bkpr. in the
Amer, Agricultural Chemical Co., Buffalo
(NY.); 1902; Bkpr., H. Jevne Co. (L.A.);
1902, F. W. Braun Co.; 1908, Secty.-Treas.,
Brunswig Drug Co.; has also been Secty.-
Treas. of Johnson, Carvell & Murphy since

Directorships: So. Properties, Inc.; Agencies,
Inc • Hosp. of the (3ood Samaritan; Mid-
night Mission; St Paul's Cathedral; Standing
Com., Diocese of Los Angeles.
Memberships: Jonathan Club; Hollywood
Lodge F. & A. Masons, Scottish Rite, 32 deg.;
Sons of the Revolution (Pres., 1936-37), Soc.
of Colonial Wars ((3ov. 1940 and 1941);
Descendants of the Colonial Clergy.
Religion: Episcopal, 21 yrs. Sr. Warden,
St. Paul's Cathedral; since 1913, a member

of the Gen. Conv. of the Protestant Episcopal

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