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Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Reading biography; collecting

biographies of the Presidents of the U.S.

Bus. Address: 247 S. Central Ave., Los

Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 366 No. Van Ness Ave., Los

Angeles, Calif.

GALBRETH, R(oss) Morgan

Presiding Judge, Municipal Court, City of
Los Angeles.

Born: Carnegie (Pa.), Jan. 4, 1879; s. of
Anna Mary (Taggart) and E. Edgar Gal-

Education: Occidental Coll.; UTiiv. of So.
Calif. Law Coll.

Married: (1) Louise Cornelia (Brigden), 1905
(dec. Jan. 24, 1913); ch.: Helen L. (Mrs.
George C. Huntington), Mary Elizabeth. (2)
Belle Brigden, d. of Melville T. Whitaker,
in Los Angeles (Calif.), June 2, 1915.
Prof. Record: Admtited to bar of Calif, in
July, 1913; private practice until Feb. 1926;
apptd. to Judgeship in Municipal Court, City
of Los Angeles, Feb., 1926; elected to same
office in 1927 for two years, 1929 for six
years, 1935 for six years; Presiding Judge,

Directorships: Vice-Pres. Hollywood Presby-
terian Hosp.; Vice-Pres., Baurhyte Maternity

Army Record: Span. -Amer. War, 7th Calif.
Volunteer Inf.; nine years in Nat. Guard of
Calif.; United Span. War Veterans of Calif.
Past State Commander, Judge Advocate) ;
7th Calif. Volunteer Assn. (Vice-Pres.)
Memberships: Masonic, Elk; Historical Soc.
of So. Calif.; Trojan Club.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Hall of Justice, Los Angeles,

Home Address: 434 So. Harvard Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

GALE. Hoyt Stodciard. A.B., B.S.

Geologist (retired).

Born: Cleveland (Ohio), Dec. 9, 1876; s.
of Helen (Richardson) and George Rodney

Education: Harvard; Cambridge.
Degrees: A.B., 1900, B.S., 1902, Harvard.
Married: Almira, d. of Benjamin Rush Miller,
in Cambridge (Mass.), June 18, 1902; ch. :
Hoyt Rodney.

Prof. Record: United States Geological Sur-
vey, 1902-18; as Geologist, author of numer-
ous publications on geological subjects, both
in U.S. and abroad; later engaged as Chief
Geol. for various foreign subsidiaries of
Gulf Oil Corp., and then in administrative
charge of Gulf Company's operations on Pac.
Coast in U.S., 1923-29; since that time, gen-
eral consulting practice, metals, non-metals
and oil geology, at home and abroad; spent
the year 1939 on geol. work in So. Africa.
Army Record: Served as Special Agt. under
office of Chief of Engrs., U.S. Army, for for-
eign duty, during World War I.
Memberships : Tech. assns., such as Geol. Soc.
of Amer.

Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 1775 Hill Dr., Los Angeles,



GALENTINE, Dean Florence Rose
Speer. A.B., M.A.

'rcacluT (retired I.

Born: Stockton (Iowa), 1879; d. of Elmira
(DouRherly) and William Jefferson Speer.
Kduraiimi : Public school, Monmouth (111.);
Monmouth Coll. 1900.

Dcnrces: A.B., Monmouth Coll. 1900; M.A.,
Univ. of So. Calif., 1930.

Married: William Allen, s. of Elvira (Welch)
and Ellas Galentlne, Redondo Beach (Calif.),
Dec. 23, 1905; ch. : Florence Galentlne

Prof. Record: High School Teacher, 1900-21;
Dean of Girls, 1921-26.

Directorships: Various offices in Calif. Fedn.
of Women's Clubs, Inc. ; Pres., First Dist.
Congress of Parent and Teachers, Inc. ; Pres.,
of Fedn. Bus and Prof. Women's Clubs, Inc.
Publications: Last play When the Earth Was
Young, just produced in Nov., 1940.; poems,
pageants, and plays.

Memberships: Phi Kappa Phi; Music Arts
Soc. of Santa Monica; Bus. and Prof. Wom-
en's; Nat. Girl Scouts, Inc.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Motoring and hiking.
Home Address: 2203 Marian PI., Venice,
Calif. •


Balletmaster, Teacher of Dance.
Director, San Fracisco Academy of Allied

Born: Vilna (Russia), May 19, 1896; s. of
Rachel (Zupran) and Abraham Galpern.
Education: Humanistic Gymnasium in Mos-
cow; State Univ. (Moscow) ; State Euryth-
mical Inst. (Moscow) ; State Experimental
Studio ot Dramatic Ballet (Moscow).
Married: Nina, d. of Joseph Chmelow, in
Piotrkow (Russia) ; ch. : Anthony (b. New
York, 1932).

Prof. Record: Choreagrapher of the State
Children's Theatre in Moscow; Balletmaster
and Teacher of Gesture, Jewish Chamber
Theatre (Moscow), 1919-23; Guest Artist
and Dir. of various ballet companies in
Ger. and Italy. 1924-1926; Balletmaster and
Musical Director, opera house in Dus-
seldorf and in Cologne, 1926-32; Instr.,
Cologne Conservatory of Music and Municipal
Drama Sch. (Leipzig) ; presented the Sonata
at the opening of Radio City Music Hall,
19,32; Instr. in dramatic expression at the
Group Theatre, Theatre Collective, and New
Theatre Sch. (New York) ; presented The
Chinese Nightingale, The Would Be Gentle-
man, and The Miracle of St. Anthony in New
York; Dir. of the Amer. Children's Theatre,
Inc. (New York"), Dir. of the Chamber Art
Studio (New York) ; Guest Choreographer for
the Federal Dance Theatre and the Phila-
delphia Ballet Co. ; Dir. and Solodancer, with
The Romance of a People; Dir., San Francisco
Acad, of Allied Arts (Calif.); Guest Instr.,
Calif. Assn. of Teachers of Dancing; Lec-
turer. Mills Coll., San Francisco Mus.,
San Francisco State Coll., Brigham Young U.;
Guest Choreographer, Max Reinhardt's Pro-

Publications: Numerous articles in various
publications on the theatre in U.S.S.R.; on
the Dance in Der Tarn (Berlin) and The
Dancing Times (London), The American

Dancer, and The Dance (New York); a
lengthy essay, "The Actors Body" In The
Theatre Workshop (New York).

Avxtrds: Honorary Diploma from the Inter-
nal. Theatre Exhibition In Magdegurg, 1927.

Religion: Mosaic.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Geology and mineralogle (min-
eral and rock collecting), tiny ship models,
fencing, and .swimming.

Bus. and Home Address: 1699 Taylor St., San
Francisco, Calif.

GAMAUF, Ladislaus (Csdktornyai),

A.B., M.A.

Composer, Teacher, Choral Conductor.

Born: Budapest (Hungary), Aug. 30, 1890;
s. of Ethel (Csaktornyai), (Opera-singer Royal
Opera House), and Stephen Gamauf. (Mana-
ger, Royal Opera House, Budapest).

Education: Budapest Gymnasium; Theol. Sem.
Esztergom (Hungary) ; Liszt Royal Acad, of
Music (Budapest); Univ. of Chicago, grad-

Degrees: A.B., Esztergom (Hungary), 1915;
M.A., Univ. of Chicago, 19.33; Composer
and Conductor (deg.) Liszt Royal Acad.,
(Budapest) 1917.

Married: Elizabeth Megj'ery (pianist), d. of
Elizabeth (Schev) and Emery Megyery, in
Kansas City (Mo.), Oct. 6, 1937.

Prof. Record: Boy singer at the Royal Clhapel
(Budapest); sang solo numbers before Em-
peror Franz Joseph and Empress Elizabeth;
daily organist for five yrs., in his college
days; musical training at the Liszt Acad, of
Music (Budapest) ; pupil of Leo Weiner, Zol-
tan Kodaly, Victor Herzfeld, Arpad Szendy,
etc. ; founded and directed Budapest Pales-
trina Choir in more than 25 concerts of
major choral works in assn., with Ernst Von
Dohnanyi and the Budapest Philharmonic;
post-graduate course at the U. of Chicago;
founded and directed for ten yrs. Liszt Consv.
of Music. Cleveland (Ohio) ; won a Fellow-
ship of $300 at U. of Chicago; founded and
directed Kansas City Philharmonic Chorus
two yrs., gave two concerts with the Philhar-
monic Orchestra assisting; first performance
in the Central West of Beethoven's Mass in C
and Brahms' Requiem: his compositions were
performed by the Budapest Philharmonic,
Cleveland Orchestra and Chicago U. Orches-
tra; for seven yrs. coached the stars of the
Royal Opera; came to U.S.A., 1921, citizen in
1927; now maintains studio of voice, piano,
and composition (Gamauf Studios).

Directorships: Palestrina Choir of Budapest;
Liszt Consv. of Music, Cleveland (Ohio) ;
Kansas City Philharmonic Chorus; several
minor singing societies.

Textbooks: Hungarian Hymnal (911 pages),
Rozsvolgji (Budapest). Several choruses in
a collection by Geszler. Principles of the Art
of Fugue, (Univ. of Chicago.)

Memberships: The Music Teachers Assn. of
Calif. ; Fedn. of Union Musicians (Protec-
tive Assn.), Cleveland (Ohio).

Religion: Catholic.

Recreations: Hiking, photography, chess,
listening to recorded music; playing four-
hand piano pieces with his wife.

Bus. and Home Address: 1956 No. Highland
Ave., Hollywood, Calif.



GAMBELL, Francis H.. M.D.


Born: Winfield (Iowa), May 3, 1870; s. of
Margaret Jane (Fulton) and John C. Gam-

Education: Parson's Coll., Fairfield (Iowa);
Keokoh (Iowa) Med. Coll.; Univ. of 111.
Degrees: M.D., Keokoh Med. Coll., 1898;
M.D., Univ. of 111., 1904.

Married: Helen Mabelle, d. of Chas. Fern-
strom. in Lone Tree (Iowa), Oct. 15, 1906;
ch. : John Cooper, CJeorge Fernstrom, William
Bryant, and Robert Fulton.
Prof. Record: Spent three yrs. In Alaska as
Supt of Government Reindeer Station, 1898-
1901; practiced medicine in Thief River Falls,
1902-19; was in Siberia doing Red Cross work,
1919-20; Surgeon-in-Chief of Ducy Hosp.
trains that carried the wounded from the
battle fields to base hospitals; located in
Willows (Calif.), 1920; practiced prof, since

then: at present is Co. Phys., Surg., and
Health Officer.

Publications: Article in World's Work, 1921,

"Carrying the Mail Farthest North."

Army Record: Red Cross Work, only Captain.

Memberships: Kiwanis.

Religion : Presbyterian.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 109 W. Walnut St., Willows,


Home Address: 505 West Wood St., Willows,

Calif. *

GAMBLE. William Elliot. B.S., M.D.,
F.A.C.S., F.A.M.A.

Physician, Surgeon (retired).
Born: Palerma (Ohio), Apr. 9, 1860; s. of
Margaret (Cotter) and George Washington

Education: Iowa State Coll.; Rush Med. Coll.
Degrees: B.S., Iowa State Coll., 1886; M.D.,
Rush Med. Coll., 1886; F.A.C.S.; F.A.M.A.
Married: Clara Daisy, d of Rufus Bixby, in
What Cheer (Iowa), 1890; ch. : Raleigh
Welch, Richard Cotter, Mrs. E. H. House,
Mrs. C. P. L. Nicholls, and Mrs. A. D.

Prof Record: Praciced general medicine in
\Vhat Cheer (Iowa) until 1892, in Chicago
(111.) until 1895; then specialized in ophthal-
mology until retirement in 1930; is Prof.
Emeritus, Univ. of 111.

Publications: Has vwitten many articles on
diseases of the eye.

Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Coll. of Sur-
geons, Amer. Med. Assn., and Emeritus of
Chicago Inst, of Med.; Mem. Chicago Med.
Soc , 111. State Med. Soc, Chicago Ophthal-
mological Soc. (Past Pres.); University (Chi-
cago) and Santa Monica (Calif.) Del Mar

Politics : Republican.
Recreations: Gardening.

Home Address: 2201 Malaga Rd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

GAMON. John Arthur, A.B.

Former Diplomat.

Born: Wheaton (111.), Feb. 9, 1882; s. of
Jennie T. (Daniels) and Benj. Harris Gamon.
Education: Wheaton (111.); Univ. of Mich.

Degrees: A.B., U. of Mich., 1904.
Married: Minnie, d. of C. L. Moulton, in
Glen Ellyn (111.), Oct. 1, 1907; ch. ; Virginia
McClintock, Lt. John A., Jr., and David L.
Prof. Record: C. M. & St. P. Ry, auditor's
office; 111. Steel Co., South Chicago (111.);
Jones and Laughlin Steel Co., Chicago dH-);
Consul, Puerto Cortez, Acapulco, Corinto, and
Cobh; Consul General, Cobh, London, and

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Fishing and photography.
Home Address: 927 Mendocino Ave., Ber-
keley, Calif.

GANEY. Annie T.

Social Service and Civic Worker.
Born: Ruma (111.), Dec. 18, 1872; d. of Marj
Ann (O'Neill^ and Patrick Faherty.
Education: Public schools of 111.
Degrees: First Grade and High School Teach-
er Certificates.

Married: James H. Ganey in East St. Louis
(III ), June 18, 1902; ch. ; O'Neill D., James
H. Jr., Annabel Burkard, John H., and
Robert J.

Prof. Record: Taught school for six yrs.;
Bookkeeping-cashier for May Co., St. Louis
(Mo.), one yr. and for F. H. Ingalls, five
yrs.; active in public affairs for fifty yrs.;
"social service work and political (as it af-
fected those in need of that work) ; Speaker
for P -T.A. in 111., in seven counties; Treas.
of City Council, P. -T.A. in E. St. Louis
(111) ; Secy, and Vice-Pres. Nat. Council,
Catholic League In Belleville Diocese (111.);
served on Hosp. Board, twenty yrs.; Treas.,
Council of Nat. Defense.

War Record: Hon. discharge from State of
III. for war work, 1918.

Directorships: Pres., Queen of the Angels
Hospital Aux., Queen's Daughter, 1896—.
Memberships: P. -T.A. (40 yrs.); State Cen-
tral Com. (Dem.) (6 yrs.), reappointed, 1940.
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Child Welfare work and all
that pertains to it.

Home Address: 2309 Raymond Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

GANNON. Joseph Pierce

Banker, City Official.

Born: Santa Rosa (Calif.), July 27, 1896;
s. of August (Pierce) and James Edwin

Education: Visalia (Calif.)
Married: Irene, d. of of E. J. Fox, in Visalia
(Calif.), Nov. 1917; ch.: one son, 21 yrs.
old( Senior at U.C.L.A.)

Business Record: Associated with First Nat-
ional Bank, Visalia Abstract Co., and Sec-
urity Title Insurance and Guarantee Co.,
all of Visalia (Calif.), Immediate Past. Pres.
of Visalia Rotary Club; formerly Treasurer
of Rotary Club and Dir. for many years.
Directorships: Secy., Persian Ditch Co., and
Watson Ditch Co.; Dir., Visalia Chamber of

Navy Record: Served with Navy during
World War I.



Mvinbershiim: liolary Club; Amcr. LoL'lon;

ReUgioyi: Protestunt.

Politics: Hepubllcan.

Recrcatioris : Golf and fishing.

Bus. Address: Vlsalla, Calif.

Home Address: 620 Kawcah Ave., and P.O

Box 1027, Vlsalla, Calif. •

GANS. Herbert South. B.S.

Judse of Superior Court of Tehama Co.
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Sept. 19, 1873;
s. of Cornelia (Shrewsbury) and Enoch South

Education: Washington and Jefferson Coll.

Degrees: B.S. Washington and Jefferson
Coll., 1S97.

Married: Edith K., d. of Andrew Johnson,
near Red Bluff (Calif.), Dec. 23, 1903; ch. :
Herbert J., Donald F., and Edward S.
Prof. Record: Teacher, Lawyer, Superior

Memberships: Red Bluff Rotary, Masonic
Lodge, Woodmen of the World.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, geology, photography,
and wood working.

Bits Address: Red Bluff, Calif.

Home Address: 1055 Main St., Red Bluff,
Calif. i

GANS, Robert J.

Treasurer, Pacific Plastic & Manufacturing

Born: New York City (N.Y.), Oct. 27, 1886;
s. of Henrietta ((Goldsmith) and Joseph S.

Education: New York City public schools.
Married: Effie, d. of Benjamin Wise, in
Cincinnati (Ohio), June 7, 1909; ch. : Clif-
ford R.

Biisiness Record: Wholesale cigar bus., 1903;
retired Feb. 1936, re-entered business Mar!
20, 1939, as Pres. Pacific Plastic & Manu-
facturing Co.

Directorships: Treas., Pacific Plastic and
Manufacturing Co.; Dir., Mt. Sinai Hosp.
and Clinic; Vice-Pres., Los Angeles Sana-

Memberships: Elks Lodge No. 99; Royal Sel-
ect Masters of Calif.; Royal Arch Masons of
Calif.; Life Mem.. West Gate Lodge No. 335,
B'nai B'rith; Independent Order of Forest-
ers; Miramonte Country Club.
Religion : Hebrew.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 5446 Carlton Way, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 440 N. Las Palmas, Los An-
geles, Calif. •

GANTVOORT. William F.. M.E., E.E.
Research Associate in Bacteriology, Stanford

Born: Amsterdam (Holland), July 10, 1886;
s. of M.A.C. (Arends) and Gerrit Jan Gant-

Education: Grammar, high and electrotech-
nical schools, Amsterdam (Holland).

Degrees: M.E. and E.E. Mlttwckla (Saxony)
Technical Inst., 1913.

Married: Nancy C, d. of Dr. Lincoln Cothran
(San, Princeton (N.J.), Nov., 1938-
ch. : two.

Prof. Record: Engr., De Rooy and Co., Soura-
baya (Java), 1913-18; Chief Engr., De Rooy
and Co., Sourabaya (Java Neth., East Ind.;,
1918-2.!; Pres. and Managing Dir., various
electric utilities In Neth., East Indies; planned
organized, and built 24 electric utilities In
this period; acted as Consulting Engr. for
electrification of city and rural electrifica-
tion for the Neth. East Indian Government
and City governments, 1923-;54.
Memberships: Noth. .Soc. of Engrs. ; Com-
monwealth of Calif, and Mountain View Ro-
tary Club.

Religion: Protestant.
Recreations: Music and photography.
Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.
Home Address: Sunset Dr., Los Altos, Calif.*

GARBUTT. Katharine Kendig, A.B.

Dept. Librarian, Literature Dept., Los An-
geles Public Library.

Born: Brooklyn (N.Y.), 1894; d. of Caroline
Downer (Hamilton) and John Landon Kendig.
Education: Smith Coll.
Degrees: A.B., Smith Coll., 1916.
Married: Bernard, s. of Elizabeth Louise and
Isaac Garbutt, in Ontario (Calif.)
Prof. Record: K.K.G.; New York Pub. Li-
brary; East Orange Pub. Libr. (N.J.);
Santa Barbara Libr. ; Los Angeles since

Recreations : Riding, reading, and the theatre.

Bus. Address: 530 So. Hope St., Los Angeles

Home Address: 1308 Cedaredge Ave Eagle
Rock, Calif. »

GARCIA. The Reverend Benito E.

Pastor, Plaza Methodist Church.

Born: Albuquerque (N.M.), Aug. 3, 1896; s.

of Sra. Martina (Jaramillo) and Rev. Gavino


Education: New Mexico schools; Menaul
Mission Sch. ; New Mexico Normal Univ. ;
Berkeley Sch. of Religion.
Married: Eloisa L., d. of Polinario Montoya,
in Albuquerque (N.M.), Nov. 29, 1917; ch. :
Benito E., Jr. and Evangeline E.
Prof. Record: Pastor: Glendora (8 mos.),
Rivera (three yrs.), Santa Ana (eleven yrs.)
and Plaza Meth. Church, Los Angeles (Calif.),
now in eighth year; Exec. Secy., Young
People's Work of Latin Amer. Mission (four

Directorships : Secretary, Latin Amer. Mission
Conf. ; Bd. of Dirs., Plaza Comm. Center and
Span. Amer. Inst.

War Record: YMCA during World War I at
Camp Kearney.

Religion : Methodist.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 125 Marchessault St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 4127 Berenice Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif. .



GARDNER, Erie Stanley

Author, Lawyer.

Born: Maiden (Mass.), July 17. 1889: s. of
Grace Adelma (Waugh) and Charles W.

Married: Natalie Talbert in 1912; ch . : Nat-
alie Grace (Mrs. Alan R. McKittrick).
Prof. Record: Admitted to the Calif. Bar at
the age of 21, in 1911: Mem., firm of Orr &
Gardner 1911-1917; Pres.. Consolidated Sales
Co (San Francisco), 1917-21; became a Mem ,
Drapeau. Orr & Gardner (Ventura) in 1919,
which later became Sheridan, Orr, Drapeau
& Gardner.

Publications: Author of some 25 .mystery
books, and many short stories published in
This Week, Saturday Evening Post, Vos-
movolitan ,and many P^lP, "^^ga^^^f ^- .Jl^,^,'?,
Mason Books: first, The Case of the Velvet
Claws, the last, The Case of the Haunted
Husband- D.A. books: first, D. A. Calls it
Murder%na last. The D. A. Goes to Trial;
also Murder Up My Sleeve.
Recreations: Hunting with bow and arrow.
Bus. Address: P.O. Box 67. Temecula, Calif.

GARDNER, Jonathan Edward, LL.B.


Born: Oregon (Mo.), Aug. 14, 1873; s. of
Mary L. (Springer) and William A. Gardner.
Education: Public schools; Hesperian Coll.,
Woodland (Calif.); Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: LL.B., U. of Calif., 1898.
Married: (1) Charlotte, d. o^ J^f ^e ^p^^'
Sanderson, in San Francisco (Calif.), Feb.
1907- (2) Anna Grace, d. of ur. s>. ^■
Rodgers, at Del Monte (Calif.), June 30,

Prof Record: Clerk in office of Mynsk &
Deering (San Francisco) 18 mos.; one year
with Bancroft- Whitney Co.. editorial work;
40 years in active practice of general nature
(Watsonville) ; in partnership with H. C.
Wyckoff, Jan. 1901 to Nov. 1936; now firm
of Wyckoff. Gardner & Parker.
Directorships: Dir., L. D. McLean Co. (San
Francisco) .

Publications: One year assistant on Rose's
Notes to U.S. Supreme Court Reports.
Memberships: F.&A.M.; B.P.O.E.; K. of P.;
I.O.R.M.; Sierra Club.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. and Home Address: P.O. Box 998, Wat-
sonville, Calif.

GARLAND, John Jewett, B.S.

Realtor and Insurance Broker.
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.). Apr. 20. 1902; s^
of Sadie Blanche (Hinman) and William
May Garland.

Education: Hotchkiss School. Lake ville
(Conn.); Yale Univ.. New Haven (Conn.)
Degrees: B.S.. Yale U.. 1925.
Married: Helen, d. of Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Chandler, at St. Johns Episcopal Church
(Los Angeles), Dec. 29, 1933; ch. : Gwendolyn
Chandler, and William May, II.
Bus. Record: 1925-41, W. M. Garland and
Co.. Salesman and Broker.
Directorships: Calif. Standard Finance Corp.:
Gov. and Registrar of L.A. Museum of His-
tory, Science and Art; Secy., St. Johns Epis-
copal Church; Dir. of the Hospital of The
Good Samaritan; Dir. Calif. Real Estate Assn.

Memberships: St. Elmo Club (New Haven,
Conn); Delta Phi. (Frat. Omicron Chapter,
Yale) ; Calif., L.A. Athletic. Midwick Coun-
try and Bohemian (San Francisco) clubs.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: W. M. Garland Bldg., 9th and
Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 1999 Oak Knoll Ave., San
Marino, Calif.

GARLAND, William May

Head, W. M. Garland & Co.
Born: Westport (Me.), Mar. 31, 1866; s. of
Rebecca (Jewett) and Jonathan May..
Education: High school, Waterville (Me.)
Married: Blanche Hinman in New York, Oct.
12. 1898; ch.; William Marshall and John

Bus Record With 111. Trust and Savings Bank
(Chicago), until 1890; moved to Los Angeles
CaUff; Auditor. Pacafic Cable Co.. 1890-94;
Head of W. M. Garland and Co.; Pres (:alif.
Standard Finance Corpn.; Pres.. Calif. State
Cham, of Comm.; 1929-30; Hon Pres. Calif.
Real Estate Assn.; Mem. Nat. Assn. of Real
Estate Boards (twice Pres.); Los Angeles
Realty Board (three times Pres ) ; Dollar-
a-vear man" (Washington) World Warl; (^ol.
on Staff of Gov. Gillette, 1906-10; ex-member
L A. Board of Education, Public Libr Board;
Mem. Rep. Nat. Convs., 1900-24-28-36-40;
Mem. Internat. Olympic Com., that went to
Rome 1923, secured celebration of the X.
Olvmpiad at Los Angeles for 1932 ; Pres.
Organizing Com., X. Olympiad (L.A.), 1932.
Pres., L.A. Art Assn.. 1934-39.
Decorations : Decorated Order of Leopold (Bel-
gium) ; Officer, Order of the White Lion
(Czechoslovakia); Officer, Legion d Honneur
(France): Cross of Honor Red Cross—First
Class (Germany) ; Officer Order of the
Crown (Italy); Commdr., Order of Orange-
Nassau (Netherlands); Officer, Royal Order
of the Polar Star (Sweden); Commdrs. Cross
Order of Polonia Restituta (Poland); Mem..
Sons of Revolution.

Memberships: California (Pres ISOS^ : Los
Angeles Athletic (Pres., 19 yrs.), Los Angeles
Country, Midwick Country, Crags Country,
(Pres. ten yrs.), Bolsa Chica Gun (Pres.
six yrs.). Bohemian (San Francisco), and
Cypress Point Country (Pebble Beach, Calif.)
clubs; Union Interalli^e (Paris).
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: W. M. Garland Bldg.. Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 815 W. Adams Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.


Managing Director, Hollywood Photography,

Born: Peoria (111.), May 27, 1898; s. of
Etta (Vogel) and Gustuv Garms.
Education: No. Denver High Sch. (Ashland.)
Married: Ruth Hall, d of Walter Ybanez in
Jacksonville (Fla.) Dec. 29. 1912; ch. .
Pamela Ann and Carole Lee.
Prof Record: Photographer: (Motion Pic-
turs) Grand Duchess and the Waiter, Garden
of Allah. Whoopee, Disraeli, Morocco, Shang-
hai Express (Academy Award, 1932), City
Streets. An American Tragedy, Scarface,
Smilin' Through, Zoo in Budapest. Angels



Over liroddwdi/: Dli'cctoi-; Crimr, Without
Pannioti, The Hcouiidrfl, Drciiiniii!/ Lips. The
Sky in the Limit, I'roduccr; lici/ond Tomorrow
(Assoc. Producer), Angelv.s Over Broadway ,
The Scoundrel, Critne Without Pannion, The
Sky in the Limit, Dreaming Lipn, Lilac Dom-
ino: iilso ManaRlnK Dir.. Ilollvwood Pholo-
Kraphy Ltd.; News and Motion I'lcture Pholo-
grai)hic Service, London (Eng. ).

Directorships: Pres., Academy ProducUons,

Memberships: A.S.C. ; 32° Mason and Shrinor.
Religion: Christian Science.
PnUtics: Democrat.

RccrealioHs: Tennis, swimming, riding, back-
gammon, bridge, football, and movies.
Bus. Address: 9405 Brighton Way, Beverly
Hills. Calif.

Home Address: 300 So. Roxbury Dr , Beverly
Hills. Calif.; 1345 Coast Blvd., So. Laguna
Beach, Calif.; 109 So. Swall Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif. •

GARNER. Bess Adams. A.B.

Writer, Theatre Director.

Born: Benzonia (Mich.), 1887; d. of Jennie

(Miner) and John Quincy Adams.

Education: Pomona High Sch; Pomona Coll.

Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll.

Married: Herman Hastings, s. of Letitia

(Hastings) and William O. Garner, in Pomona

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