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John Harrison (Gordon.

Education: Grammar, high, and bus. schs.
Madera (Calif.); course in real estate and
possesses brokers' license.

Married: Roselvn, d. of Clara and Ernest
Brimmer, at San Jose( Calif,), Dec. 3, 1925;
ch. ; one dau. by former marriage.
Bus Record: Entered and has followed build-
ing and loan and real estate bus. since 1911.
Directorships: Asst. Secy, and Mgr., Madera
Mutual Bldg. and Loan Assn.; Mem., Advis-
ory Bd., Bank of Amer.; Mem. Sch. Bd., and
Fair Bd.

Memberships : Masonic Lodge; I.O.O.F. Lodge.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Recreation: Gardening and stamp collecting.
Bus. Address: 129 So. D St., Madera, Calif.
Home Address: 376 So. Lake St., Madera,

GORDON, Professor Kate, Ph.B., Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, Univ. of Calif., Los


Born: Oshkosh (Wis.), Feb. 18, 1878; d. of

Helen (Jackson) and William A. Gordon.

Education: Oshkosh Normal Sch.; Univ. of


Degrees: Ph.B., 1900. Ph.D., 1903, U. of

Prof. Record: Taught at Mt. Holyoke Coll.,
1904-06, Teachers Coll., Columbia, 1906-07,
Bryn Mawr Coll., 1912-16, Carnegie Inst, of
Tech. (Pittsburg), 1916-21, U. of Calif., Los
Angeles, 1922 — ; Psychologist for State Bd.
of Control, Children's Dept., part time, 1918-
22; Summer Sch. teaching, U. of Wyo., 1923,
U. ot Wis., 1924, Stanford U., 1926-28.
PjMicntions: Esthetics (Holt), 1909; Educa-
tional Psychology , 1917; Co-author and editor,
Franz and Gordon Psychology-, about 40 ar-
ticles in Psychological journals.
Memberships: Amer. Psychological Assn.,
Amer. Philosophical Assn., Amer. Assn. of
Univ. Women; Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi,
Pi Gamma Mu.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Ho7ne Addre.'is: 10431 Tennessee Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.



Born: Skala (Austria); s. of Huda (Kiver-

stein) and Leib Gottesfeld.

Education: Pub. schs.; College of the City of

N Y • Albany Law Sch., Union Univ., Albany


Married: Rose, d. of Hyman Silver, in San

Francisco (Calif.), Nov. 5, 1921, ch. : Joan


Bus. Record: Admitted to practice in the

State of Calif., Dec. 13, 1913; U. S. Supreme

Court, Feb. 28, 1921; Interstate Commerce

Commn., Aug. 12, 1929; was admitted to the

U S. Court of Claims Mar. 28, 1929; U. S.

Dist. Court, No. Dist. of Calif., Dec. 16, 1913;

U. S. Dist. Court, So. Dist. of Calif., Mar. 14,

1929; Circuit Court of U.S.

Army Service: Enlisted in the U. S. Army,

Dec 13, 1917; was Sgt. in the Intelligence

Sec, Infantry; discharged Jan. 14. 1919.

Memberships: Amer. Bar Assn., Bar Corp. of

Calif., Amer. Soc. of Internal. Law; Amer.

Legion; P. C. O. Amer. Legion; La Societe

Des 40 Homines et 8 Chevaux; Jewish War

Veterans of U.S. (Past Nat. Vice-Commdr.) ;

Dept. of Calif. Jewish War Veterans of U.S.

(Past Dept. Commdr.); Advance Post of

Amer. Legion (Past Commdr.); S. F. Lodge

No. 3, Benevolent Protective Order of Elks,

U.S.; United Veterans Council (S.F.) (Past


Religion: Jewish.

Bus. Address: 690 Market St., San Francisco,


Home Address: 1501 Lake St., San Francisco,


GOULD. Arthur, A.B., M.A., Ed.D., LL.D.

Deputy Superintendent, Los Angeles City

Born: Toronto (Ont., Can.), Jan. 20, 1879; s.
of Eliza Sherwood (Baker) and Thomas E.

Education: Pasadena High Sch.; Pomona
Coll.; Yale Univ.; Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: A.B., 1901, LL.D. (hon.), 1940, Po-
mona Coll.; M.A., Yale U., 1904; Ed. D., U.
of So. Calif., 1940.

Married: Lilian, d. of R. E. Whittemore, at
Essex (Conn.), Feb. 5, 1878; ch. : Mrs. Fred
Monte, Elizabeth, and Arthur Jr.



Pri)l. Record: Tcncher, Sanln Ann, and Snn
Dli^o IliK'li SchlH. (Calif.); VIcc-I'rIn., I'rin..
San nic'Ki) HlKh Sch.; Assl. Supt., Deputy
Supt., L. A. City Sclils.; Mem., Com. on the
Nat. Com. on the Orientation of Sec Kdn.,
the Depl of Keo. Sch. I'rln.s. of the N.K.A.
("The IJriKK.s Com."); Mem., State and Nat.
Com. dealin,!,' with the S-yr. Kxi)erlment of
tlie Commn. on the Relation of Sch. and Coll.
of the I\F:.A.; Mem., L. A. Co. Com and
Chmn, city com. vvorkinp; on "The Coopera-
tive Study of Teacher Kdn." of the Commn.
on Teacher Edn. of the Amer. Council on
Edn. ; Former Chmn., Welfare Com. ot the
So. Sect, of the Calif. Teachers Assn., and
Vice-Pres. of the So. Sect., C.T.A.; Former
Chmn. and at present Mem., Exec. Com. of
the So. Calif. Regional Br. of the Progres-
sive Edn. Assn.; taught classes In administra-
tion and supervision, Pomona Coll. Summer
Session, U. of Calif., L. A. Summer Sessions,
and U. of Calif. Extension Div. ; Mem., Eval-
uation Staff, Stanford U. Summer Workshop,

Publications: Numerous articles on sch. sub-
jects and the interest between teachers and
pupils, for various ednl. publications.
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta
Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi; Calif. Teachers'
Assn., Progressive Edn. Assn., Nat. Edn.
Assn. of (Talif. Sec. Sch. Principals, Nat.
Assn. of Sec. Sch. Principals, Calif. Soc. of
Sec. End.: Alumni Assn. of U.S.C; Del Mar

Religion : Protestant.

Bus. Address: Chamber of Commerce Bldg.,
1151 So. Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 5115 No. Figueroa St., Los
Angeles, Calif.

GOULD. Janet Williams. M.A.

Lecturer, Orchardist.

Born: White Oaks Plantation, near Fayette
(Mo.), Sept. 27; d. of Anne Maughs (Overall)
and Robert Prewitt Williams.

Education: Howard-Payne Coll. (Fayette,
Mo.); Central Coll.; special work at Chicago
Univ., Univ. of Calif., and Univ. of So.

Degrees: M.A., Howard-Payne Coll., 1896.
Married: (1) Walter Minturn, s. of Elizabeth
(Pope) and Albert Flandreau Dean, at Ab-
beville (Va.), 1910; ch. : Walter Manley and
Elsie D. Campbell. (2) Chester Mason, s. of
Mary Ellen (Wilder) and Charles (3ould.

Prof. Record: Private Secy, to her father
(State Treas. of Mo.); taught Eng. in girls'
colleges in Mo., Va., and S. C. ; in addition
to maintaining her home and family, has
found time during the past year to actively
engage in research in early Calif, hist., with
a view of placing all of her records in the
Huntington Library; as a result of her re-
search work, she is in constant demand as a
speaker before historical groups, women's
clubs, etc.

Publications: Books of poems; one of her
pageants was produced in New York and
one in California.

Religion: Episcopal.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting old adobes and finding
their stories.

Home Address: 1513 So. Main St., Corona,

GOULD, William Ellis, A.B.

Editor and I'uhli.sher, 'I'Ide.

Horn: Pacific (;ri)vo (Calif.), May li.'!, irK)4;

s. of Emllle L. (Cleveland) and William .J.


Education: Pub. schs. (Pacific Grove); Po-
mona Coll.

Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll., 1927.
Married: Ruth E., d. of Christiana (Jorls)
and Adolf L. F>lt, at Santa Cruz (Calif.),
Dec. 22, 1929; ch. : Thelma L. and Marian E.
Bus. Record: Publisher (Pacific Grove, Calif.),
1928-.31, 1936—; Editor, .Santa Cruz Sentinel,
1931-36; now Ed. and Publisher of Tide
(Pacific Grove) .

Memberships: I.O.O.F.

Religion: Congregational.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf and chess.

Bus. Address: Tide, Pacific Grove, Calif.

Home Address: 725 14th St., Pacific Grove,

Calif. •

GRADY, Henry Francis. A.B., Ph.D.
Corporation Executive.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Feb. 12, 1882;
s. of Ellen G. (Rourke) and John Henry

Education : St. Mary's Univ. (Baltimore, Md.)
Catholic Univ. (Washington, D.C.); Univ. of
Calif.; Columbia Univ.

Degrees: A.B., St. Mary's U., 1907; Ph.D.,
Columbia U., 1927.

Married: Lucretia, d. of Reginald F. del
Valle, at N.Y. (N.Y.), Oct. 18, 1917; ch. ;
Reginald del Valle, Patricia Louise, Henry
Francis, and John Weston.
Prof. Record: Lecturer, evening session, Coll.
of N.Y.C., 1916-17, Columbia U., summer of
1917 and term 1917-18; Special Expert, Bur.
of Planning, Statistics, U.S. Shipping Bd.,
Mar. 1918-Feb. 1919; U.S. Trade Commission-
er to London and continental Europe to re-
port on post-war financial conditions, 1919-
20; Acting Com. Attache (London), Aug.
1919-Feb. 1920, Holland, Apr. -July 1920;
Acting Chief, Div. of Research, Bur. of
Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Jan. -June
1921 ; Lecturer, Foreign Service Sch., George-
town U.. Spring of 1921; U. of Calif., 1921-28;
Prof, of Internal. Trade and Dean of Coll.
of Commerce, U. of Calif., 1928-37; Trade
Adviser, S.F. Cham, of Comm., 1922-34;
Chmn., S.F. Regional Labor Bd., Feb. -June
1934; Visiting Prof., Inst, of Pacific and
Oriental Affairs (Honolulu), Summer of 1932;
Impartial Chmn., Regional Labor Bd. for
S.F., 1934; Pres., Pan Amer. Soc. (S.F.,
1933-34; Pres. Amer. Assn. Coll. Schs. of
Bus., 1934-35; Chief, Div. of Trade Agree-
ments, Dept. of State, and Chmn., Trade
Agreements Com., 1934-36; Mem., Economics
Com., League of Nations, since Jan., 1937;
Mem., Raw Materials Com., League of Na-
tions, Jan. - Sept. 1937; Vice-Chmn.. U.S.
Tariff Commn., May 1937-Aug. 1939; Chmn.,
Com. for Reciprocity Information, May 1937-
Aug. 1939; Mem., Exec. Com. on Commercial
Policy, July 1934- July 1936, May 1937 to
date.- Chmn., Exec. Com. on Comm. Policy
since Aug. 1939; Asst. Secy, of State, Aug
8. 1939-Dec. 31, 1940; Pres., Amer. President
Lines, since Jan. 1, 1941.

Publications: British War Finance (1914-19),
1927; The Port of San Francisco (with Robert
M. Carr), 1933; Contributor to Currencies



After the War, 1919, also to economic, bus.
and trade journals, etc.

Members;! i/js.- Lambda Chi Alpha, Beta Gam-
ma Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Pan Xenia.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Motoring.

Bus. Address: 311 California St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 850 Powell St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

GRAEBER, Charles F.

Mayor, City of Albany.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), June 28. 1892;
s. of Elizabeth (O'Bannon) and Prof. Charles
Frederick Graeber.

Education: Public schs., San Francisco.
Married: Helene Louise, d. of Charles Fred-
erick Brauer, at Long Beach (Calif.), July
6, 1918: ch. : Bettie Helene, Lorraine Char-
lotte, Charles Frank, and Donald Eric.
Bits Record: Stock Supervisor, Ford Motor
Co. (Richmond), for 18 yrs. ; Adj., Albany
Post No. 292. Amer. Legion, 1928-30, Com-
mander, 1931-32; Pres., Albany High Sch.
Dads' Club, 1933, '38, '39.
Armj/ Service: Amer. Expeditionary Forces
in Mex., 1916; A.E.F. in France, 1918-19;
Div. Sergeant Major.
Memberships: Amer. Legion.
Religion: Christian Science.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 1010 So. Tenth St., Richmond,

Home Address: 1061 Peralta Ave., Albany,

GRAFMAN, Rabbi L. Elliot. A.B., B.H.L.


Rabbi of Temple Israel, Long Beach, Calif.
Born: Jersey City (N.J.), Nov. 8, 1896; s.
of Belle (Rosen) and Saul Grafman.
Education: Univ. of Cincinnati; Hebrew
Union Coll. (Cinn., O.); John Marshall Law
Sch. (Chicago, III.)

Degrees: A.B., U. of Cinn., 1924; B.H.L. ,
1919 and Rabbi, Hebrew Union Coll., 1924;
J.D., Jonn Marshall Law Sch., 1937.
Married: Florence, d. of Frank Herst, in
Chicago (111.), June 30, 1925; ch. : Rosemary.
Prof. Record: Rabbi: Reform Temple, Tampa
(Fla ), 1924-30, Tremont Temple (New York
City), 1930-34, Temple Israel, Long Beach
(Calif.) 1938—; Nat. Dir. of Speakers' Bur.,
Anti-Defamation League, Chicago (111.),
1S35-38; Scholarship Commissioner of Phi
Epsilon Pi Frat. (intercollegiate) 1939-40,

Directorships: Dir.: Family Welfare Assn.,
Jewish Com. for Personal Service (Los An-
geles), Long Beach Comm., (Thest; Co-C:hair-
man, "Long Beach Golden-Rule-Week Assn."
Publications: Contribution of Mosaic Law to
Current Legal Systems and Messiah Idea in
Biblical Post-Exilic Literature, articles.
Army Record: U. S. Marine Corps, Apr. 17,
1917, to Jan. 31, 1919, Parrls Island (S.C),
Boston Navy Yard, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,
Galveston, Tex., discharged, rank of Private;
Chaplain, Marine Corps League, Detach-
ment , 1939-40.

Awards: Expert Rifleman, Good-C^OTiduct

Memberships: A. L. Peterson Post, Amer.
Legion; Bd. of Rabbis of So. Calif.; Long
Beach Rotary Club, 1938—; Marine Corps
League B'nai B'rith Phi Epsilon Pi.
Religion: Jewish.
Politics: Non-partisan.
Recreations: Golf, swimming, and music.
Bus. Address: Temple Israel, Long Beach,

Hoine Address: 293 Argonne Ave., Long
Beach, Calif. *

GRAHAM, Alexander Edward. Ph.B.

Laboratory Inspector in Charge, Bureau of
Animal Industry, U. S. Department of Agri-

Born: Santa Barbara (Calif.), Oct. 4, 1875;
s. of Jane H. (Brown) 'and Edward Graham.
Education: Chico Grammar Sch.; Hopkins
Military Acad.; Oakland High Sch.; Univ. of
Calif., Berkeley.

Degrees: Ph.B., U. of Calif., 1898.
Married: Florence, d. of Emma C. Derby, in
San Francisco (Calif.), May 10, 1904 ch. :
Cecilia Bancroft and Janet Cordelia Gra-

Prof. Record: Teacher of Science, Peralta
Sch. (Berkeley); State Normal Sch. (San
Diego); Chemist, O.xnard (Calif.) Sugar Co.,
Swift & Co. (San Francisco) ; Laboratory In-
spector in Charge, U. S. Bur. of Animal Ind.
(S.F.), for the past 34 years.
Directorships: Tahoe Meadows Club.
Memberships: Sigma Xi (sci. honor soc);
San Francisco Federal Business Asso. (Pres.,
1928) ; Tahoe Meadows Club.
Religion : Unitarian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Gardening and swimming.
Biis. Address: 223 The Old Mint Bldg., San
Francisco, Calif.
Home Address: 53 Plaza Dr., Berkeley, Calif.*

GRAHAM. Colonel William Alexander,

U.S.Army, LL.B.
Army Officer (retired) ; Writer.
Born: Chicago (111.), Jan. 23, 1875; s. of
Martha Smith (Hawkins) and Major William
R. Graham, U. S. Army.

Education: Cedar Falls (Iowa) High School,
1891; Beloit Coll. (Wis.) Acad., 1893; Beloit
Coll., 1893-4; Stanford Univ., 1894-96; Univ.
of Iowa, 1896-97.

Degrees: LL.B., U. of Iowa, 1897.
Married: (1) Ada Jane, d. of Mattie (Gouge)
and Lewis F. Houck, in Webster City (Iowa),
June 25, 1902; (2) Helen Jeanette, d. of Annie
E. (Johnston) and George Berkeley Bury, m
Washington (D.C.), Nov. 28, 1935; ch. ; Capt
Alexander Graham, F.A., U. S. Army and
William A. Graham, Jr. (infant).
Prof. Record: On. practice of Law Cedar
Falls (Iowa), 1897-1902; Jr. Mem., McVey
& Graham, Insurance Specialists, Des Moines
(Iowa), 1902-04; Mem., McHenry & Graharn,
general practice (Des Moines), 1905-07; in
gen. practice alone and specializing in ad-
vertising contracts (Des Moines), until 1916;
then answered the call of the Pres. for Mex.
Border Service as an officer of the Nat.
Guard of Iowa; Judge Advocate, U. S. Army,
1917-1931- Lecturer on Military Law & (3ov-
emmenl Contracts, Loyola U. Sch. of Law
(Los Angeles), 1941.



Piil)lir(ilioiiK: The .SVo/.i/ o/ the Little Big
Horn (Century Co.), 1!)'J(); Come on; Br,
Quick; Bring Packs and An Historic Jag, etc.
(Cavalr.v Journal).

Army Record: Private, First Lieut, and Capt.
"B" Co., ;ird Infantry. Iowa Nat. Guard,
inT2-17; Mo.x. Border Scrv.. 1916-17; Major,
Judge Advocate, U. S. Armv (Res.), Aug.
miT; Div. Judge Advocate, '88th Div. Nat.
Army, i;)17-18: Lt. Col., Judge Advocate,
99; Hclfort Sector and Mcuse Argonne Cam-
paign (France), 1918; Lt. Col., Judge Advo-
cate, Regular Army, 1920; Col., Judge Advo-
cate, 1931; retired Jan. .'U, 19.'59; served as
Corps Area Judge Advocate .'ird, 6lh and 7th
Corps Areas. Chief of Military Affairs, Mili-
tary Justice and Claims and Bonds Section;
Judge Advocate General's Office (Washing-
ton) ; and Assistant Judge Advocate Gen.
and Acting Judge Advocate Gen., protem,

Medals: Mex. Border Serv. Medal, 1916-17
and World War Victory Medal with two
stars, 1917-18.

Memherships: Alpha Tau Omega (Stanford),
Phi Delta Phi (Iowa) ; Lake Shore Athletic
and Univ. clubs (Chicago, III.)
Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Landscaping, golf, and riding.
Home Address: 555 Radcliffe Ave., Pacific
Palisades, Calif.

GRANDIER, Lydia London

Editor and Manager, The Daily Transcript.

Married: Frank Caylus Grandier; ch.; Aline


Memberships: Wednesday, Cuyamaca, San

Diego Figure Skating, Coronado Beach and

Tennis clubs.

Recreations: Bookbinding and skating.

Bus. Address: 'uM First Ave., San Diego,

Home Address: 248 Nutmeg St., San Diego,
Calif. •

GRANT, The Reverend Alsie Roymond,
A.B., S.T.B., D.D.

Minister, First Methodist Church
Born: Oshkosh (Wis.), Aug. 24, 1897; s. of
Catharine (Miller) and A. Rollin Grant.
Education : Riverton Iowa High Sch. ; Cornel!
Coll. (la.); Boston Univ., Sch. of Theology.
Degrees: A.B., Cornell, 1919; S.T.B., Boston
U., 192S; D.D., Cornell Coll., 1932.

Married: Doris K., d. of W. H. Malin, in
Tama (Iowa), June 22, 1921; ch.: Jean

Prof. Record: Minister.- First Church (Vin-
ton), 1928-31, Simpson Church (Mi.nneapolis),
1931-33, First Church (Duluth), 1933-37, First
Church (Sacramento, 1937 — ; Pres., Lions
Club, in Minneapolis, 1931 and in Sacramento,
1940; Dist. CJov., Iowa Lions, 1930; Chaplain,
Calif. State Senate, 1939-40.
Memherships: Mason, Shriner, Lion's Club;
Theta Phi (hon. minister's frat.)
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golt.
Bus. Address: 2100 J St., Sacramento, Calif.

Home Address: 2658 Marty Way, Sacramento,

GRANT, Jessie Krrrtherine). B.S.

Kdilor, The Ta.x Digest, California Taxpayer«'

Born: Pocatello (Idaho), July 3, 1903; d. of
Kathcrlne A. (Wade) and James S. Grant.
Education: St. Jo.seph's Sch.; Pocatello High
Sch; Univ. of Ida., So. Hr. ; Univ. of So.
Calif. (Los Angeles).
Degrees: B.S., U. of So. Calif., 1927.
Prof. ;2ccord .'"Teacher, Arco High Sch. CIda.);
Asst. Editor, The Tax Digest; now, Editor,

Sororities: Beta Sigma Omicron, Phi Chi
Theta, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Travel and gardening.
Bus. Address: Subway Terminal Bldg., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 970 Maltman Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif. •

GRANT. Professor Ulysses S.. A.B.,
Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S., F.G.S.A.
Professor of Geology and Chairman, Dept. of
Geology, Univ. of (California, Los Angeles.
Born: Salem Center (N.Y.), May 23, 1893;
s. of Fannie (Chaffe) and U.S. Grant, Jr.
Education: Harvard Univ.; Univ. of Calif.;
Stanford Univ.

Degrees: A.B., Harvard, 1915; Ph.D., Stan-
ford, 1929.

Married: Matilda B. Grant.
Prof. Record: Asst. Curator in Paleontology,
Los Angeles Mus. of Hist., Sci and Art, June
1930-Jan. 1931; Instr. in Geology, Feb. 1931-
June 1931; Asst. Prof., 1931-35; Asso. Prof.,
1935-40; Prof, of Geol., 1940—; Chmn., Dept.
Geology, U. of Calif., Los Angeles, 1937—;
Cons. Geol., Long Beach Harbor Dept.,

Publications: Catalogue of the Pliocene and
Pleistocene Mollusca of California (Memoires
of San Diego Soc. of Natural History), 1931,
(Co-Author with Dr. H. R. Gale); many
scientific papers in technical and research

Army Record: 2nd Lieut., Ordnance, Wash,
ton (D.C.), 1917.

Scientific Societies: Fellow, (Geological Society
of Amer., Amer. Assn. Adv. Sci. ; Amer. Ge-
ophysical Union, Amer. Assn. Petroleum Ge-
ologists, Soc. of Economic Paleonthologists
and Mineralogists, The Paleontological Soc,

Religion : Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Camping and swimming.
Bits. Address: Univ. of California, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 547 No. Las Palmas Ave.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

GRAVES. C. Edward. A.B.

Librarian, Humboldt State College, Areata,


Born: Hatfield (Mass.), Feb. 22, 1885; s. of
Susan Hanna (Wing) and Charles Lemuel

Education : W e s 1 e y a n Univ., Middletown

Degrees: A.B., Wesleyan, 1908.

Married: Emily, d. of Charles W. Melcher,



in Hinsdale (111.), 1915; ch. : Edward Melcher.
Prof. Record: Student. U. of Paris 1908-09;
Instr. in Romance Languages, VVesleyan U .
1909-11; Student. N. Y. State Lib. Sch (Al-
bany), 1911-13; Asst.. U. of 111. Lib Urbana
(111 ) 1914-17- Librn., Minnesota Historical
See' '(St Pau'n, 1917-20; Apple Ranching,
Hood River, (Ore.), 1920-24 ; Librn Hum-
boldt State Coll., Areata (Calif.), 1924—.
PubUcations: Various articles in libr. journals
and in natural hist, mags.; at present, Out-
door Editor, Sunset mag.

Memberships: Sierra Club (San Francisco);
Mazamas (Portland, Ore.)
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Mountaineering and photog-

Bus. Address: Humboldt State Coll., Areata,
Home Address: Areata, Calif.

GRAY. Alan Egleston, A.B., LL.B.


Born: Grafton (N.D.), Apr. 7, 1899; s. of
Laura F. (Egleston) and James E. Gray.
Education: Pub. sch., Grafton, (N.D.)
Degrees: A.B., Univ. N.D, 1921; LL.B..
George Washington Univ., 1923.
Married: Grace, d. of Mary (Hauge) and
N. N. Lunding, in Hope (N.D.), Dec. 27,

Pro. Record: Attache of Agency, U.S. and
Norway Arbitration at the Hague. 1922,
Spl. Disbursing Officer, U.S. and Brit. Claims
Arbitration (London), 1923; Secy, and Law
Clerk Asso. Justice George Sutherland, U.S.
Supreme Court, 1924-29; Spl. Counsel to
Amer Commissioner, German Mixed (^laims
Com., 1929; Spl. Counsel to Amer. Agent
Spl. Claims Com., U.S. and Mex., 1929-31,
actively engaged in practice of law in
Washington (DC), 1929-34; in Los Angeles

(Calif.), 1934—.

Memberships: Phi Delta Theta, Phi Delta

Phi; Lal<eside Golf Club (Hollywood).

Religion: Presbyterian.

Politics: Republican.

Secreations: CJolf.

Bus. Address: 530 W. Sixth St., Los Angeles,


Home Address: 351 So. Van Ness Ave., Los

Angeles, Calif.

GRAY. Gordon (Larimore), A.B., LL.B.


Born: Berrien Co. (Mich.), Aug. 20. 1878; s.

of Emma (Larimore) and F. M. Gray.

Education: Harvard Coll. and Harvard Law


Degrees: A.B. 1901, LL.B. 1903, Harvard


Uarried: (1) Elizabeth Starrett (Dec., 1913);

ch. : Barbara (Gray) Neville. (2) Frieda

(Foote) Chapman, d. of Henry W. Foote, in

San Francisco (Calif.), 1921; ch. : Virginia

and CJordon, Jr.

Prof: Record: Practiced law in Chicago until

1908; in San Diego since 1910; former Pres..

San Diego Bar Assn.; Mem.. Amer. Bar Assn.

and Calif. State Bar; Senior Mem., law firm

Of Gray, Gary, Ames & Driscoll. San Diego


Directorships: T>iT., Transamerica Corpn. and

First Fed. Savings and Loan Assn. of San


Memberships: University and Cuyamaca clubs

(San Diego) and Commonwealth Club of Calif.

Bus. Address: Bank of America Bldg., San

Diego, Calif., and 7915 Girard St., La Jolla.


Home Address: 1900 Spindrift Dr., La Jolla,


GRAY. Harold Farnsworth. B.S., M.S.,

Sanitary and Hydraulic Engineer.
Born: San Francisco (Calif.), June 29, 1885;
s. of Anna Turner (Farnsworth) and Iheo-
dore Gray.

Education: Univ. of Calif., Berkeley.
Degrees: B.S.. 1907, M.S., 1912, Gr. P.H. In
Hygiene, 1915. U. of Calif.
Married: Harriet Kate, d. of Georgie A. E.
(Wright) and Charles Florence Helman.
Prof. Record: Early engineering experience
with Peoples Water Co., Oakland (Calif.),
and Los Angeles aqueduct; in 1910, with Prof.
W B Herms of Univ. of Calif., perforined
first malaria-mosquito control work in U.S.
at Penryn (Calif.), with subsequent similar
work in Calif., 1910-12; Health Officer Palo
Alto (Calif.), 1913-16, San Jose, 1916-17.
State Dist. Health Officer, Calif. State Dept.
of Pub. Health, 1917-19; Chief, Div. of Sani-
tary Engrg., New Mex. State Dept. or
Health, 1919-23; since 1925, Cons. Sanitary
and Hydraulic Engr. on various water supply
and treatment .and sewerage and sewage
treatment, plants for municipalities and
corporations in Calif, and Ore.; since 1930,
also Engr. for Alameda Co., Mosquito Abate-
ment Dist.

Publications: Luckett & Gray, Public Health
AUmmistration (Blakiston), 1923; Herms &
Grav Mosquito Control (Commonwealth
Fund) 1940; numerous technical and scien-
tific articles in engrg. med. and scientific

Memberships: Delta Omega public health
hon.); Amer. Soc. Civil Engrs. ; Fellow,
Amer. Assn. Adv. Sci.; Fellow, Amer. Public
Health Assn; Amer. Water Works Assn
Calif Sewage Works Assn. (Pres. 1940-41)
BP.O.E.; Soc. of Calif. Pioneers, Soc. of
Mayflower Descendants in Calif., Baronial
Order of Runnymede; East Bay Engrs. Club
(Past Pres.)

Home Address: 2540 Benvenue Ave., Berkeley,

GRAY. Professor Henry David, Ph.B.,
M.A., Ph.D., Litt.D.

Professor Emeritus of English, Stanford Univ.
Born: Plainfield (N.J.), Nov 6, 1873; s of
Henrietta Augusta (Perry) and William Mac-

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