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Lean Gray.

Education: Colgate and Columbia Universities.
nearees- Ph B., Colgate. 1897; M.A.. 1898.
PhD 1898. Columbia; Litt.D.. Colgate,

Married: Emily Hough, d. of Lewis Tarr.
In Baltimore (Md.). Oct. 11. 1905; ch.: Doro-
thy Sewall and Sydney MacLean.
Prof Record: Instr. in Eng., U. of Tex.,
1902-05; at Stanford U., since 1905 .
Ptiblications: Emerson. 1917, and The Origi-
nal Version of Love's Labour's Lost, 1918
(Stanford U. Press); Selections From Old
Testament Literature (Macmillan), 19d0.



Mrmhcrships : Delia Upsllon, I'hl P^eta Kappa,

Rio Del Mar Country Club.

KclifjUin : Mnllarlan.

Recreationii : Genealogy and play writing.

Bus. and Home Addrcsn: Stanford University,

Calif. ,111(1 Carmcl-by-lhe-Sca, Calif.

GRAY. Leon E.. A.B.

JudRe of the Superior Court, Oakland (Calif.)
Bom: Oakland (Calif.), Nov. 17th, 1884; s.
of Hannah (Thompson) and Samuel Gray.
Education: Univ. of Calif., Berkeley.
Degrees: A.B., 1906, U. of Calif.

Married: Mary Sullivan, In Santa Cruz
(Calif.), 1921.

Prof. Record: Assemblyman, 1919; City At-
torney of Oakland, 1921-27; Judge of the
Superior Court, 1927 — .
Bits. Address: Court House, Oakland, Calif.

Home Address: 616 Boulevard Way, Oakland.

GRAYDON. Betty Marshall, LL.B.,


A.ssistant U. S. Attorney for the So. Dist.
of Calif.

Born: Eureka (Calif.), d. of Laura (Harring-
ton) and Carl C. Marshall.
Education: Pub. schs. of Cedar Rapids (Iowa)
and Redlands (Calif.) and Lauralton Hall,
Milford (Conn.); Loyola Univ.
Degrees: LL.B., 1930, LL.M., 1931, Loyola
U. Soh. of Law (Los Angeles).
Married: George W. (dec), s. of Lt. James
Graydon, U. S. Navy (dec.), in Los Angeles
(Calif.), May 8, 1915.

Prof. Record: Secy to the late Judge Sidney
N. Reeve; admitted to Calif. Bar, 1930;
aptd., Asst. U. S. Attorney by Atty. Gen.
Cummings in May 1938.

Memberships: Phi Delta Delta; Women Law-
yers' Club, L. A. Bar Assn.; Soroptomist:
Open Forum Breakfast Club (Pres.); Acad,
of Criminology; Native Daughters of the
Golden West.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Mountain trips.

Bus. Address: U. S. Post Office Bldg. Los

Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1048 W. Kensington Rd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

GREEN, Benjamin Bristow

Fiction Writer.

Born: Louisville (Ky.), Dec. 14, 1874; s. of
Susan (Cunningham* and James A. Green.
Education: Public schools in Louisville (Ky.)
Married: Sarah Helen, d. of Moses Jerome,
in Columbus (Nebr.), June 14, 1906.
Prof. Record: Newspaper work Louisville
Courier Journal; Denver Republican.
Publications: For Street & Smith; Fiction-
eers, Inc., Periodical House, Inc.
Memberships: Padries (Prof, writers' club).
Religion: Member of Congregational Church.
Bits. Address: Study, McNeece Bldg., 432
F St., San Diego, Calif.

Home Address: 4232 St. James PI., San
Diego, Calif.

GREEN. Dean Bertha, A.B., MA.


Dean of Womt-n, Lo.s An>,'elc.s City ColleRe.
Born: .San Luis Obispo (Calif.), April 2.3,
1878; s. of Mary L. (Robin.son) and Dr. John
B. Green.

Education: Univ. of .So. Calif.; Univ. of

Degrees: A.B., U. of So. Calif., 1899; A.B.,
U. of Calif., 1900; M.A., U. of Calif., 1921.
Prof. Record: Taught in U. of .So. Calif.:
Monrovia High School; Long Beach High
School; Head of Latin Dept., Hollywood
High School, \Mco-Principal, 1919-29; Dean of
Women, Los Angeles City College, 1929 — .
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Gamma,
Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women.
Religion : Methodist.
Recreations: Motoring, traveling.
Bits. Address: 855 No. Vermont Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 19641/2 No. Alexandria, Lo8
Angeles, Calif. •

GREEN, Farnk Willard. B.S.


Born: Tarkio (Mo.), Aug. 7, 1904; s. of Flora

Ellen (Schaeffer) and Willard Christopher


Education: Univ. of So. Calfi.
Degrees: B.S. in Arch., U. of So. Calif., 1927.
Married: Winifred B., d. of Ethel (Reed)
and Louis R. Seydel, in Los Angeles (Calif.),
May 11, 1928; ch. : Jane Ellen.
Prof. Record: Apprenticeship under H. C.
Nickerson, Architect, previous to 1931; prac-
ticing architecture in Calif, since 1931.
Membershivs: Los Angels Cooperative In-
ternat.; Alpha Rho Chi.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Fishing, bowling, golf.

Bits. Address: 220 No. Juanita Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 1835 Arvin Dr., Glendale,
Calif. •

GREEN, Julia Boynton •


Born: South Byron ((Genesee Co., N.Y.); d.
of Emily Tabitha (Cook) and James T. Boyn-

Education: Ingham Univ.; LeRoy Acad.;
Private Schls. at Rochester and Nyack
(N.Y.); Tutors, Art Students' League (N.Y.);

Married: L. Worthington, s. of Loren Green
in South Byron (N.Y.); ch. : Boynton M.,
Gladys, and Norman Boynton.
Publications: Lines and Interlines; This En-
chanting Coast — Verse on California Themes;

Memberships: So. Calif. Woman's Press Club,
League of Western Writers, League of
Amer. Penwomen, So. Calif. Writers' Guild;
for years a member of Poetry Soc. of Eng.
Religion: Unitarian.
Politics : Republican.

Home Address: 922 No. Ardmore Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.



GREEN, Raymond H.

President, Green's, Incorporated.

Born: Clarksville (Iowa), Nov. 26. 1888; s.

of Dora Isabel (McCreary) and Herbert E.


Education.- High Sch., Clarksville (Iowa).

Married: Claire, d. of Laura Wright, in

Long Beach (Calif), Sept. 19, 1925; ch. ; a


Bus Record: The business of Galer & Son,

Printers, was acquired in 1908 in Long Beach

(Calif. >. and is now under the name of


Directorships: Pres., Green's, Stationers,

Engravers, Printers.

Memberships: Rotary, B.P.O.E.

Religion: Congregational.

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 542 Pine Ave., Long Beach,


Home Address: 3700 California Ave., Long

Beach, Calif.

GREENBERG. Professor David Morris,
A.B., Ph.D.

Professor of Biochemistry, Univ. of Calif.
Born: Boston (Mass.), Sept. 15, 1895; s. of
Samuel Greenberg.
Education: Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: A.B., 1921, Ph.D., 1924, U. of Calif.
Married: Sadye J. Berkowitz; ch.: Lenore
Jean, and Joan Esther.

Publications: Papers on biochemical subjects
published in The Journal of Biological Chem-
istry, American Journal of Physiology, Ameri-
can Chemical Society, Proceedings of the So-
ciety of Experimental Biology and Medicine,
Physiological Reviews, Proceedings National
Academy of Sciences.

Memberships: Sigma Xi, Phi Sigma. Amer.
Soc. of Biological Chemists, Faculty Club.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Fishing, golf, and parlor games.
Bus. Address: Div. of Biochemistry, Univ. of
California, Berkeley, Calif.
Home Address: 66 Poppy Lane Berkeley,

GREENBURG, Jack Carl. A.B., LL.B.
Chief eierk of A.ssembly, Calif. Legislature.
Born: Chicago (111.), Jan. 4, 1909; s. of Jenny
(Kestlinger) and Lewis Greenburg.
Education: Univ. of 111.; Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: A.B., 1930, LL.B., 1933, U. of So.

Married: Sophie, in Los Angeles (Calif.),
June 2, 1938; ch. : Tobia.

Prof. Record: Practiced law since 1933; Asst.
Chief Clerk of Assembly, Calif. Legis., 1937,
Chief Clerk, 1939-40.
Memberships : Lambda Gamma Phi.
Religion: Jewish.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Tennis.

Bus. Address: 704 So. Hill St., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 1736 So. Hayworth Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

GREENE. A. Crawford. A.B.

Lawyer, Member, McCutchen, Olney, Mannon
and Greene.

Born: Providence (R.I.), Aug. 17, 1885; s.
of Annie Hatfield tAylsworth) and Herbert
Whipple Greene.

Education: Yale Univ.; Harvard Law Sch.,

Degrees: A.B., Yale U., 1906.
Married: Natalie Coffin, of Ross (Calif.),
Aug 24, 1912; ch. : James Coffm, Anne
Aylsworth, Natalie, Aylsworth Crawford, and

Prof Record: Admitted to Calif, bar, 1909;
Mem. of firm. Page, McCutchen, Knight
and Olney, later McCutchen, Olney, Mannon
and Greene, since 1912; Acting Admimstr.
for Calif., U.S. Food Administration, 1918;
Chmn., Com. of 43, 1937-38.
Directorships: Pres.: Babcock Estate Co.,
Calif. Pacific Title and Trust Co., Hobart Es-
tate Co., Hobart So. R. R. Co., and San
Francisco Land Co.; Dir. : Amer. Trust Co.,
Calif. Water Service Co., Oakland Title Ins.
and Guaranty Co., Mariposa Commercial and
Mining Co., Western Shore Lumber Co., Bal-
four Bldg., Inc., Va. and Gold Hill Water
Co., Howard Investment Co., Shaffer Estate
Co.! Firemen's Fund Indemnity Co., Home
Fire and Marine Ins. Co., and San Fran-
cisco Bay Expn., Inc.; Trustee: Pacific Mu-
tual Life Ins., Co., Mills Coll., Thacher Sch.,
and San Francisco YWCA.
Memberships: Amer., Calif., State, and San
Francisco Bar Assns.; Alpha Delta Phi;
Pacific-Union, Bohemian Commnwlth. Yale
(S.F.), and Meadow (Marin Co.) clubs.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Balfour Bldg., San Francisco,

Home Address: 2676 Pacific Ave., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.


City Attorney of Dinuba, California.
Bom: Tulare County (Calif.), Feb. 1, 1884;
s. of Lulie J. (Harper) and Samuel K.

Education: Pub. elem. sch., Dinuba High
Sch., Hastin^js Coll. of Law of the Univ. of
Calif. (San Francisco).
Degrees: LL.B., U. of Calif., 1907.
Married: Minna Lois, d. of Sarah A. and
Christian Aulman, in Stockton (Calif.), Dec.
2, 1913; ch.; Lynn Aulman.
Prof. Record: General practice of law, since
1907; City Atty., Dinuba, 1916-26, 1932—.
Memberships: F. & A. M., B.P.O.E., I.O.O.F:
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Bank of America Bldg., Di-
nuba, Calif.
Home Address: 128 No. I St., Dinuba, Calif.*


Specialist in Early Childhood and Adult Edu-

Education: Baraboo (Wis.) Elementary and
High Sch.; grad., Chicago Cbllegiate Kinder-
garten Institute; studied, Nat. Kgn. Coll.
(Chicago), Univ. of Chicago, Univ. of Calif.
(Berkeley), Columbia Univ. (N.Y.C.).
Prof. Record: Supervisor of Kindergartens
(Baraboo, Wis., Pomona, Calif.); connected
with Kindergarten Training Dept., Los An-
geles State Normal Sch. (now Univ. bf Calif.,
Los Angeles), 1912-37; Delegate and presenfc-



ed a paper at the First Pan-Pad fic Etlufa-
tlonal Conf. (Honolulu), 1921; Established
(at ILC.L.A.) first nursery sch. In Calll.,
iyU3; Supervisor, Nursery Sch. Training
(U.C.L.A.), gave Univ. extension,
lectured throughout country, 192'.i-37; made
survey of nunsery schs. throughout the U.S.,
1U24 and 19L'7, made same in England, Scotlanil
and on continent, l'J27; Delegate fibm Ihc
U.S. to Llevan (France) dedication of First
Community House In France (devastated
region), 1927; Mem., Exec. Board of Inler-
nat. Kindergarten Union, 1922-2(j; Pres., So.
Calif. Kindergarten Primary Club, 192:5-24;
instrumental in the establishment of the State
Assn. (now Calif. State Assn.) for Child-
hood Education, 1923; Pres., Pacific Coast
Assn. fV)r Nursery Education, 1930-35; Mem-
ber, Executive Hoard, Nat. Assn. for Child-
hood Edn., 1931-35.

Publications: A Six Year Experiment With
a Nursery School (with Dr. Chas. Waddell;
Univ. Press in Berkeley) ; Pioneers oj the
Kindergarten (chapter on Dr. Wm. Hail-
mann; Century Pub.); History of the Kinder-
garten Movement in the Western States
(pub. Washington, D.C.) ; numerous mag. ar-
ticles in many ednl. publications. Articles in
Pan. Pac. Publication, Aug., 1921.
Directorships: Advisory Com. and Com. of
Nineteen in Nat. Assn. for Childhood Edn.,
1930-41; at present. Supervisor of Week-day
Nursery Sch. of First Congregational Church
(Los Angeles).

Memberships: Womens Athletic and Ebell
Clubs (Los Angeles) ; Nat., State and So.
So. Calif. Assn. for Childhood Edn. (Hon.
Life Mem.); Delta Phi Upsilon, Delta Kappa
Gamma (nat. hon. frat.). Gamma Phi Beta
(social fraternity).
Religion: Congregational.

Recreations: Reading, nature enthusiast,


Home Address: 736 Heliotrope Dr., Los

Angeles, Calif. •

GREER. S. Allan

Sales Manager, Greer-Robbins Company
Born: Marseilles (111.), Mar. 28, 1903, s. of
Mabel (Driver) and Perry H. Greer.
Education: Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley), 1924.
Married: Helen, d. of Mary and Chas. J.
Sabine, in Los Angeles (Calif.), Nov. 10,
1928; ch. ; Susanne, Joan, and William.
Bus. Record: Employed by and now Mgr.,
Greer-Robbins Co. (distributors of Chrysler,
Plymouth and Hupmobile cars), since 1925.
Directorships: Greer-Robbins Co.; P. H.
Greer Co., Inc.; West Amer. Finance Co.
Memberships: Kappa Alpha; Los Angeles
Athletic Club.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 1509 So. Figueroa St., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 116 No. Las Palmas, Los
Angeles, Calif. •

GREEVER. Professor (Gustavus) Gar-
land, A.B., M.A., Ph.D.
Professor of English, University of Southern

Born: Lead Hill (Ark.), April 4, 1883, s. of
Lydia Catherine (Redus) and Willisim Adams

Education: Central Coll. Mo.; Trinity Coll.
(N.C.), now Duke Univ.; Harvard Univ.

Drgrrvx: A.IJ., Central Coll., 1904; M.A.,
Trinity Coll., liX)5; Ph.D., Harvard U., 1914.
Married: May .St. Clair, d. of .Sallle (Brlckey)
and Charles A. Stocking, In Fletcher (Mo.),
June 17. 190H; ch. ; William .St. Clair.
Prol. Record: Primarily a Teacher of Eng- Teacher of English, Durham (N.C.)
High .Sch., 1905-08; A.s.soc. Prof, of,
U. of Ark., 1908-12; Sheldon traveling Fellow
from Harvard in Europe, 1914-15; Assoc.
I'rof. of Eng,, Washington and Lee U.,
1915-17, Indiana U., 1917-19; Prof, of
and Head of Dept., Wesley Coll. (Winnipeg).
1920-21; Prof, of Eng. and Acting Head of
Dept., Agricultural Coll. of Utah, 1922-23;
Prof, of Eng., U. of Colo., 1925-26, U. of So.
Calif, since 19.30. Teacher at summer ses-
sions of various Universities. Is active as a
lecturer, author, and co-author of many
books in the field of English scholarship or

Publications: Ceyitury Handbook of Writ-
ing; Century Collegiate Handbook; Century
Book of Selections; Century Vocabulary
Builder; Facts and Backgrounds of Litera-
ture, English and American; A Wiltshire
Parson and His Friends; The Soul of the
City (a number of these are collaborations).
Army Service: Private, faculty company,
U. S. Army, Ft. Sheridan (111.), July and
August, 1918.

Memberships: Kappa Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa,
Phi Kappa Phi. Modern Lang. Assn., Philo-
logical Assn. of Pacific Coast, Amer. .\ssn. of
Univ. Professors.
Religion : Methodist.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations : Motoring.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 4132 Creed Ave., Los Angeles,

GREGG. Professor John William. B.S.,

Professor of Landscape Design, Consultant in
Landscape Design, University of Calif.
Bom: Weare (N.H.), Jan. 8, 1880, s. of
Ruth Adelia (Sleeper) and Frank Pierce

Education: Public sch., Natick (Mass.); Mil-
iord (N.H.); Mass. State Coll.; Boston

Degrees: B.S., Mass. State Coll., and Boston
U., of 1904.

Married: Mary, d. of Anne and Dr. (Jeorge
H. Jennings, in Jewett City (Conn.), Jan. 27,
1906; ch. : John Jennings, Ruth Greenwood,
and Donald Franklin.

Prof. Record: Started with Dept. of Horticul-
ture, St. Louis Exposition, 1904; practiced
in Neb., 1904-07; Prof, and Head of Dept.
of Horticulture, Baron de Hirsch Agricul-
tural Sch., Woodbine (N.J.), 1907-10; Asst.
Prof, of Horticulture. Pennsylvania State
Coll., 1910-3; Prof., Chief of Div. and Con-
sultant in Landscape Design, U. of Calif.,
since 1913. Has developed the parks and park
system of Berkeley, campus of U. of Calif.
(Berkeley), Los Angeles, Riverside. Davis and
La Jolla — also school grounds, parks and
private estates in various parts of Calif.
Directorships: Member, Bd. of Trustees,
Amer. Soc. of Landscape Architects.
Army Service: Ex-Captain R.O.C., Div. of
Construction, Q.M.R.C, U. S. Army.
Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Soc. of Land-



scape Arch., Univ. Landscape Arch. Soc.,

Amer. Planning and Civic Assn., Nat. Conf.

on City Planning, Amer. Country Life Assn.,

Councilor Mem., Nat. Conf. on State Parks;

Alpha Sigma Phi, Delta Tau Sigma, Phi Phi,

Rotary Internat.; Masons.

Religion: Prebyterian.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Nature study, boating, fishing,

and hunting.

Bus Address: Div. of Landscape Design,

Univ. of California, Berkeley, Calif.

Home Address: 705 The Alameda, Berkeley.


GREGORY, Jackson. B.L.


Born: Salinas (Calif.), 1882; s. of Amelia

(Hartnein and Durell Stokes Gregory.

Education: Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: B.L., U. of Calif., 1906.

Married: Lotus, d. of C. F. McGlashan, in

Truckee, 1910; ch. : Jackson, and Roderick.

Prof. Record: Author of many Western and

regional novels including : Far Call, Ace m the

Hole, The Girl at the Crossroads, The Mad

O'Hara of Wild River, Secret Valley, Silver

Star Ru. the Conqueror, Powder Smoke,

Captain Cavalier. Lords of the Coast Man to

Man, Judith of Blue Lake Ranch, Sudden Bill

Dorn, Guardians of the Trail, etc.

Religion: Catholic.

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 310 E. 44th St., New York,


Home Address: Auburn, Calif.

GREUSEL, John Hubert. Litt.B.


Born: Detroit (Mich.), March 20, 1866; s. of
Sophia (Stumm) and Joseph Greusel (of
New England stock, Gov. Winthrop, 1630).
Education: Detroit public schs.; Univ. of

Degrees: Litt.B., U. of Mich., 1888, (in
Absentia, 1889-90).

Married: Stella, d. of Elizabeth (Die) and
Seborn F. Tolsma, in Detroit (Mich.), March
17, 1892.

Prof Record: Writer of journalism, biog-
raphy, historic research; Spec. Writer: New
York World, Detroit Free Press, Detroit
News, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles
Times, McClure's Syndicate, etc. All star
Staff New York Recorder, under Julius
Chambers. Has written character sketches
of more than 500 leading Americans in all
walks of life, also Mussolini, and many other
European celebrities. Wrote 14-col. mus.
narrative first-hand sources of Grover Cleve-
land's boyhood, later appeared in brochure,
but originally in N.Y. World, also brochures
of Champ Clark, Edison, Teddy Roosevelt,
etc Books include: Life of Bismarck, The
Origins of Democracy, The Rogue's March
(satire on conventionalities of society),
Story of Monroe Doctrine, History of Repub-
lican Party. Writing was syndicated in W)
papers, featured in Time and Tide, (192b-
32), later in Whirligig of Time. For past five
yrs has been preparing series of general
histories now in Mss., for final revision;
great landmarks in various hist, periods at-
fecting the rise of the Common Man; the
Masses; Western Europe's gift to the U.S.A.,
traced through evolution of social institutions

of Ancient Greece, Roman Republic, Empire,
Medieval France, England; also brief biog-
raphies of early and long- forgotten leaders of
democratic impulse who met death for their

Religion: Non-sectarian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Chess, roulette, general history.
Home Address: 6061 Hollywood Blvd., Hol-
lywood, Calif.

GREY. Elm«r


Born: Chicago (III.), April 30, 1871; s. of
Caroline (Johns) and Henry C. Grey.
Education: Grammar and high sch., Mil-
waukee (Wis.).

Married: Anabel Rohrabacher, d. of John
Henry Hubbard, in Pasadena (Calif.), Apr.
18, 1917; ch. : Mrs. F. Charles Forrester
(daughter by former marriage).
Prof. Record: Served a three yrs'. appren-
ticeship in Arch, with firm of Ferry & Clas
(Milwaukee) ; took four study trips abroad,
(three times traveling by bicycle); prac-
ticed in Milwaukee three yrs., during which
time was Architect of Church of the Christian
Sci Soc. Moved to Calif, and became partner
of Myron Hunt, under firm name of Myron
Hunt & Elmer Grey, Architects. Firm was
architect of the residence of Henry E. Hunt-
ington, (now known as the Huntington Art
Gallery,), San Marino (Calif.); also erected
first building for Calif. Inst, of Tech.,
Pasadena (Calif.); firm dissolved partner-
ship in 1910. Since that time Mr. Grey has
been Architect of the Chemistry Building
(Calif Inst, of Tech.), Pasadena Community
Playhouse, First Churches of Christ Scientist
in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Palo Alto,
the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Lincoln Shrine
(Redlands), and much fine residence work.
He is a painter in oil and water colors, some
of the latter are in permanent collection of
Chicago Art Inst. Was Member of Advisory
Bd of St. Louis Expn. Has written many
articles for magazines, including: Scribners,
Ladies Home Journal, Pictorial Review, num-
erous arch, publications.

Memberships: Calif. State Assn. of Architects.
Religion: Follower of Inst, of Religious Sci-
ence, Los Angeles.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Swimming, horseback riding.
Home Address: 1372 So. El Molino Ave., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

GRIER. The Reverend Albert Cotton.


Clergyman (retired).

Born: Bay City (Mich), Feb. 27 1864; s of

Mary Jane (Miller) and Theophilus Cotton


Education: Bay City (Mich.) High Sch.;

Univ. of Mich.

Degrees: B.S., U. of Mich., 1886.

Married: (1) Julia (dec^), 1^,°^ William

Sherman, in Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 22, 1889.

ch : Sherman Cotton, Gladys Carney, and

Joyce Virgin Hedin; C2) Eva M. Adams.

Prof Record: Pastor: Universalist Church

in (Charles City, and Osage (la.), three yrs-

Racine (Wis.), 13 yrs., Spokane (Wash.),



15 yrs., r.isiulcna (Calif.), one yr., New
York Cily, 13 yrs.; retired since 1936.
Religion: The Truth.
Politics: Democrat.

Home Address: 385 Magnolia St., Laguna
Beach, Calif. •

GRIFFIN, Christopher John. A.B., LL.B.

Cil.N- Attorney of Huntington Park; Teacher
at Garfield Evening High School.
Born: Fo.x Lake (Wis.), Aug. 17, 1891; s.
of Margaret Ellen (Good) and Franklin
Nathan Griffin.

Education: Public schs., Fo.x Lake (Wis.);
State Teachers Coll., Valley City (N.D.);
Leland Stanford Jr. Univ.; Univ. of Mont.;
Univ. of Wis.

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1922; LL.B.,
Mont. U., 1924.

Married: Effie Maine, d. of Mamie (Overn)
and John Oscar Jacobson, Valley City (N.D.),
June 18, 1921; ch. ; Marilynn Kathleen, Cul-
len John, James Darol, Frank Noel, and
Martha Alice.

Prof. Record: Supt. and Prin. of Schs., Karls-
ruhe (N.D.), Sept., 1914 to Jan, 1916; Supt.
of Schs., Osnabrock (N.D.), Sept., 1916- June
1918; practiced law in Huntington Park
CCalif. ), March 1924 — . City Judge Hunting-
ton Park (Calif.), 1932-36; City Attorney,
Huntington Park, 1938—. Teacher, Evening
High Schs. (now Garfield), Los Angeles
City School Dist., 1936 — . Prof, of Law,
Metropolitan U. (Los Angeles,), 1928-1938;
Mem., Calif. State Democratic Comm..

Army Service: Corporal. Co. B Dev. Bn. No
1, Camp Grant (111.), July, 1918-Feb., 1919.
Memberships: Pres. Southeast Hort. Soc, So.
Calif. Hort. Inst.; Rotary; Coordinating
Council, Huntington Park, (Past Pres.); Phi
Delta Kappa; Holy Name Soc; Advisory
Committee; Family Welfare Assn.
Religion : Roman Ca'tholic.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations : Gardening, nature study.

Bus. Address: City Hall, Huntington Park,

Home Address: 3261 Live Oak St., Hunting-
ton Park, Calif. •

GRIFFIN, Clementina de Forest, A.B.,


Secondary Principal, Los Angeles City High

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Sept. 7, 1889;
d. of Eva Guadalupe Gil de Tejada (de la
Plaza) and George Butler Griffin.
Education: Sacred Heart Convent (Los An-
geles); Los Angeles High Sch. ; Vassar Coll.;
Univ. of So. Calif.; U. of Calif., Los An-
geles, Curtiss-Wright Tech. Inst.
Degrees: A.B., 1909, Vassar Coll.; M.A.,
1938. U. of So. Calif.

Prof. Record: On the Staff at Mt. Wilson
Observatory; Organizer and Dir., Las Encinas
Sch. for Girls; Playground Dir., Los Angeles
Playgrounds; State Employment Bur.; Sur-
vey of Welfare Work (Pasadena) ; Home
Tubercular Children, L. A. City Schs. ;
Visitor Brownson Settlement: Principal at the
following High Schs. : Narborne, Venice, Can-
oga Park. Miss Griffin was a student of

Aviation Mechanics at Curtlss-Wrlght Tech.
Inst., and student of Flight at Pac. Aero-
anutlcal Sch.

I'ublications: Various articles on welfare or-
ganizations In L. A. Tidings, 1917-21; Wumen
Tccluiicians—Wky Notr. (The Nat. Aeronautic
Magazine), April, 19.36.

Clubs: Vas.sar Alumni Assn.; Historical Soc.
noga Park) clubs; 99's (Internat. Soc. of
of So. Calif.; AAUW; 99's (Internat. Soc. of
Women Pilots), The Californian's (Secy.)
Religion: Catholic.

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