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Recreations: Aviation, bridge, study of sociol-

Bus. Address: Los Angeles Board of Educa-
tion, Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 3301 W. Adams Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

GRIFFIN, Frederick Llewellyn. B.S.,

Associate Professor of Agricultural Educa-
tion, University of Calif. College of Agri-

Born: Pueblo (Colo.), July 29, 1884; s. of
Martha (Martin) and Llewellyn Griffin.
Education: Oregon State Coll.; Univ. of
Calif.; Cornell Univ.

Degrees: B.S., 1908, M.S. A., 1911, Ore.
State Coll.; grad. work at U. of Calif.
(Berkeley), 1912-13, and Cornell U., 1926-27.
Married: Annie Laura, d. of Douglas G. Hill,
in Corvallis, June 21, 1909; ch. : Dorothy L.
Hitte, Katharine M., and Winifred A.
Prof. Record: Research Asst., Plant Path.,
Ore. State Coll., 1908-1911; Instr. in Agr.,
Boise (Idaho) High Sch., 1911-12; Instr. and
Asst. Prof., Agricultural Edn., U. of Calif.,
1912-13; Prof, of Agr. Ed. and State Leader
of Boys and Girls Club Work, Ore. State
Coll., 1913-16; Prof, of Rural Edn. and State
Leader of Junior Extension Work, New York
State Coll. of Agr., Cornell U., 1916-18;
Assoc. Prof, of Agricultural Edn., U. of
Calif_^ 1918 — . Supervisor of the Two- Year
Curricula, Coll. of Agr., Davis (Calif.),

Memberships: Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Pi Phi,

Phi Delta Kappa, Gamma Sigma Delta.

Religion: Unitarian.

Politics : Independent.

Recreations: Walking, gardening.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Coll. of

Agriculture, Davis, Calif.

Hoyne Address: 215 Rice Lane, Davis, Calif.

GRIFFIN, H(oward) R(eginald). LL.B.

City Attorney of San Bernardino.

Born: London (Ontario, Can.), Nov. 11,

1902; s. of Alma Ann (Finch) and Henry

Howard Griffin.

Education: Univ. of So. Calif. Prep. Sch.;

Univ. of So. Calif.

Degrees: LL.B., U. of So. Calif., 1925.

Married: Diana, d. of Samuel Christensen, in

Los Angeles (Calif.), Jan. 13, 1925; ch. ;

Diana, age 12, and H. Redge, age 10.

Prof. Record: CJeneral practice of law in

San Bernardino (Calif.), 1926- 40; Mgr.

United Stores Realty Corp. in San Bernardino,

Riverside, and Redlands, 1930, elected City



Altv Of San Bernardino. May, 1935; Candi-
da e" ror Disl. Atty., of . San Bernardino
County. 1938. Re-elected City Atty. of San
Bernardino, May, 1939 — .
Directorships: Pres., San Bernardino Co.
Bar Assn.

Memberships: Masonic organization; Eagles
Lodge; Argonauts.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics : Republican.

Recreations: Tennis, football enthusiast.
Bus. Address: Katz Bldg., San Bernardino,

Home Address: 3366 Mayfield Ave., San
Bernardino, Calif.

GRIFFIN, John Alden

Consulting Engineer.

Born: Topeka (Kan.), Jan. 16, 1S83; s. of
Hetty R. (Parsons) and Jas. F. Gnltin.
Education: Topeka (Kan.); Armour Inst, of
Tecli. (Chicago).

Married- Violet, d. of Geo. Planner, in
Chicago (111.), June 10, 1903; ch. .^VVinifred
(Mrs Willis Evans, Long Beach, Calit.)
Prof. Record: Struct. Engr Llewellyn Iron
VVks., 1903-04 (Des. & Det., P. E. Depot
10 Story Bldg., Sixth and Main, Ste^l Frame)
Struct. Engr., O.S.R.R., Salt Lake City, 1905
Struct Mgr., Parkinson & Bergstrom, Archts
Los Angeles 1906-07; Asst. City Engr City
of Los Angeles, 1908-09; Chief Engr., Weber
Duller Chimney Co., 1910; Asst. City Engr.,
Oty of LOS Angeles, 1911-17; Capt. of Engrs
U S Armv, 1917-18; Major, Engrs , 1918-
19 AE.F.,"City Engr., City of Los Angeles,
1920-24; (Consulting Engr., 1925—.
Memberships: Los Angeles Athletic Club;
32 degree Mason.
Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: (Jolf and fishing.
Home Address: 5471 Brynhurst Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Other Address: 431 W. Seventh St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

GRIFFIN. Z. Wayne. A.B.

Radio Director of Pacific Coast for Batten,
Barton, Durstine, and Osborn.
Born: Beaverdam (Ky.), June 13, 1?07; s.
of Beatrice Austin and Z Wayne Griffin.
Education: Various high schs., finished at

Degrees: A.B.. Oregon State Col^.^Sl. Post-
graduate work in music at U. of bo. cam.
Married: Elinor Remick, d. of Maude R. and
James G. Warren of L.A. (Calif.); ch. .James
W. (13), Z. Wayne, Jr. (3), and Elayne
(4 mos.)

Prof. Record: After finishing college, worked
for time as Promotional Dir. at Phelps-Terkel
(Men's Clothiers); became Music Dir., Pasa-
dena Community Playhouse with Gilmore
Brown- additional music study and some
teaching— then received opportunity in/adio;
worked with Nat. Broadcasting Co. (KPO &
KGO) as Writer an'd Producer, (San Fran-
cisco), and later with KYA (Hearst) where
employed in capacity of Writer-Producer for
some time. During this period, also wrote
for San Francisco Examiner. Went to KHJ-
Don Lee (Los Angeles) for three yrs.; e.x-
perience culminated in present position with
Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn as Radio
Dir. of Pacific Coast, 1938 — .

Vinctorships: Pres., Auto Centre Garage Co.
Army Record: Reserve Commission in the

Memberships: Beta Theta Pi; Univ. Club,
Hollywood Athletic clubs.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Bowling, hunting, tennis, swim-
ming, boxing, etc. Games and extensive read-
ing of books and plays.

Bus. Address: Guaranty Bldg., Hollywood,

Home Address: 179 So. McCadden PI., Los
Angeles, Calif.

GRINSTEAD, Durward, A.B., LL.B.


Born: Louisville (Ky.), Jan. 2, 1894; s. of

Annie (Harwood) and James F. Grinstead.

Education: Univ. of Mich., Ann Arbor


Degrees: A.B., 1914, LL.B., 1916, Univ. of


Married: (Div.) ; ch. .■ Anne (Mrs. Fred Light

Emerson, Jr.), and Gladys Maria.

Prof Record: After graduation, practiced

law in Ky. and Chicago (111.); practiced

law in Wash. (D.C.), 1925-29; Foreign Serv.

of the U.S., serving as a career officer at

Dresden (Germany), Warsaw (Poland), and

Hamburg (Germany) ; resigned to devote

all time to writing.

Publications: First novel Elva published, 1929;

Belardo, published, 1931; collaborated on
screenplay of Maid of Salem for Paramount
Pictures, 1936; has also published numerous
short stories, articles, etc.
Army Record: "Dollar-per-year man" Coun-
cil of Nat. Defense; Coast Artillery Corps
and Judge Advocate General's Dept. during
latter part of World War I.
Religion : Christian.
Politics : Republican.

Home Address: 1030 Cochrane Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

GROS. Robert Richart. A.B.

Public Relations-Publicity for Pacific Gas
and Electric Co.

Born: Salt Lake City (Utah), July 11, 1914;
s. of Gladys (McConaughy), (nowMrs. S. V.
R. Gros) and Duncan Grant Richart, U.S.

Education: Stanford Univ.
Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1935.
Married: Evelyn, d. of Mrs. W H Weyher,
in Salt Lake City (Utah), July 25, 1936; ch. .
Elizabeth Ann (June 29, 1940).
Prof Record: Following nis grad. from
Stanford U. did one year of graduate work,
during which he served as Bus. Mgr. of
Stanford Student Body. He then taught de-
bating Political Science and Public Opinion
at Stanford, 1936-37. During this same year
he occasionally acted as a public relations
counsel, carrying on several projects for a
newspaper chain and several private bus.
firms; Oct. 1937 joined Publicity staff of
Pacific Gas and Electric Co., as Special Rep-
resentative; in that capacity since. He has
done considerable speaking and lecturing
throuo-hout Calif., addressing conventions,
forums, ednl. instns. and other organiza-
tions: he averages about 200 such addresses
and lectures per year.


WHO'S WHO in California

nirrrl(>i-!ihii)'<: Dlr., Uoljorl Kirk. Ltd. (Men's
FurnishliiKsi, S.-in Fr;inclsco.
Mi-whcrNliiiis : I'hi Hota Kappa. Delta SlRma
Uho, PI SiKm.i Alpha; hon. mem. .Salt Lake
City .h\ riiamlter of Comm.; .St.-inford Alumni
A.ssn.; Commonwealth Club of Calif.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Independent.

Recrrnfinna: Horschack and fl.shinfj. For
many years he has followed a study-hobby of
interviewing outstandinp celebrities, prlnicl-
pally in the field of Kovernment and politics,
but also in the realm of sports and the arts
as well. Has built up a large collection of in-
scribed photographs, original manuscripts antl
letters from these peoi)le, many of whom he
has come to know personally as friends.
Many of his lectures and speeches are about
his experiences and pursuit of this study-

Business Address: 245 Market St., San Fran-
cisco. Calif.

Home Address: 185 Dana Ave. Palo Alto.

GROSE, The Reverend Georae Rich-
mond, A.B., S.T.B., M.A., D.D., LL.D.

Born: Nicholas Co. (W.Va.), July 14, 1869;
s. of Mary Estaline (Harrah) and Andrew
Di.xon Grose.

Education: Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; Boston
Univ., Sch. of Theo.

Degrees: A.B., M.A., Ohio Wesleyan U.,
1896; S.T.B.. Boston Univ., 1896; D.D.,
1908, LL.D., 1916.

Married: Lucy (Dickerson) in Cadiz (Ohio),
June 28, 1894; eh.: Mary Frances (Mrs. Whit-
man), Wilbur Dickerson, Helen, Virginia, and
William Edwin.

Prof. Record: Ordained Methodist-Episcopal
Mmistry, .1896; Pastor Cherry Valley Church
Leicester (Mass.), 1894-97, First Church Ja-
maica Plain, Boston (Mass.), 1897-1900; First
Church Newton (Mass.), 1900-05, First
Church, Lynn (Mass.). 1905-08, Grace Church
Baltimore (Md.), 1908-12; Pres., De Pauw
Univ., 1912-24; Bishop, Meth.-Epis. Churcn.
assigned to Peking (China), 1924-32 (resigned
as Bishop); Mem.. Xnd. State Bd. of Edn..
1913-24; Mem., Gen. Conf., Meth.-Epis.
Church. 1916-20-24: Pres.. Ednl. Assn.
Meth.-Epis. Church, 1917; Mem., Univ. Sen-
ate; Mem. No. Ind. Conf.

Publications: The Outlook for Religion, 1913;
Religion and the Mind, 1915; Life of James
W. Bashford, 1922; The Neiv Soul in China,
1927; Edward Rector — A Story of the Middle
West, 1928; Contbr. to various periodicals;
Religion Ed., Pasadena Star-News.
Memberships: Twentieth Century (Boston),
Eclectic, City (Baltimore) ; Columbia (Indian-
apolis) ; University (Pasadena) ; Sigma Alpha

Religion: Methodist.

Bus. Address: Religion Editor, Pasadena Star-
News, Pasadena, Calif.
Home Address: Altadena, Calif.


Concert Pianist, Composer.

Born: Russia, 1884; s. of Clara and Abe


Education: Grad. of Master Sch. at Vienna.
Married: Irma Pickova. in Czecho-Slovakia
1925; ch. .• Joan.

Prof. Record: Concert Pianist, tours In Ger-
many, Austria. .Sweden, liussla, America;
received prizes for comi)osltlons : .SiKnale,
(Germany!. Columbia ('Jramophone. Vl'-lor
Gramophone, New York Symphony, I,;iko
Placid. Ex. -Pros., .Soc. of (Contemporary
Music; Co-founder, League of Comrxwers.
Pulilicntions: Operas; Emperor Jones; Jack
and the Beanstalk; Helena, etc. .Screen
plays.' Fight for Life. .Symphonic poems:
Hill of Dreams; Enchanted Isle; Vagahondia,

Av)ards: Elizabeth Coolidge; David BIspham

Modal; Juillard Foundation; Soc. of Amer.


Memberships: McDowell Soc. (Charter Mem.).

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Chess, tennis, swimming, screen.

Home Address: 118 Surf St., Santa Monica,

Calif. •

GRUT, Ryan A.. B.S.

Contracting Engineer, Honorary Vice-Consul
for Denmark at Los Angeles.
Born: Copenhagen (Denmark), July 12, 1895;
s. of Gudrun (Ileffensberg) and Alfred Grut.
Education: Univ. of Copenhagen.
Degrees: B.S., Copenhagen U., 1918.
Married: Helga in Riverside (Calif)., Nov. 17,

Prof. Record: Contracting Engr. at Copen-
hagen (Denmark), London, (England), New
York; Chief Engr. for Truscon Steel Co.,
Los Angeles (Calif.); own business, since
1925. Knighted by King of Denmark.
Bus. Address: 318 W. Ninth St.. Los An-
geles, Calif.

GUDDE, Professor Erwin Gustav, A.B.,

M.A., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of German, University

of California.

Born: Schippenbeil (Germany), Feb. 23, 1889;

s. of Bertha (Sobke) and Franz Gudde.

Education: Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., 1917, M.A., 1918, Ph.D. 1922,

Univ. of Calif.

Publications: Freiligraths Entwicklung Als

Politischer Dichter (Ebering, Berlin), 1923;

Social Conflicts in Medieval Poetry, (Univ.

of Calif. Press, Berkeley), 1934; Neu Hel-

vetien (Huber, Switzerland), 1934; Sutter's

Oivn Story (Putnam, New York), 1936.

Recreations: Hiking, swimming.

Bus. Address : Univ. of California, Berkeley,


GUDMUNDS, (Mrs.) Thordis Louise


Born: Winnipeg (Manitoba, Can.); d. of
Anna (Gudmundsson), (Icelandic) and Nik-
ulas Ottenson, (Icelandic).
Education: Winnipeg (Manitoba, Can.), and
Los Angeles (Calif.)

Married: Steinthor Gudmunds (Icelandic), in
Los Angeles (Calif.), Mar. 5, 1930; ch. : Stein-
thor Jon (7); Nikulas (5).

Prof. Record: Teachers Certificate in Har-
mony and Theory from Olga Steeb Piano
Sch. Los Angeles; under tutelage of Dr.
Mary Carr Moore; Scholarship pupil of Dr.



Mary Carr Moore; received certificate June.

193d- won first prize for song The Spinner's

Song (whiicli includes Icelandic ciiant-tune) ;

Calif Composers Soc. Contest (compositioni,

1940. Speak, read, and write Icelandic.

Primarily mother and housewife.

Directorships: State Pres.. Calif. Composers

Soc: Music Chmn., Le Conte Sch. P.-T.A.,


PubUccitioiis: The Spinner's Song (songt;

Blighted Hopes (vocal duet), both published

by Wesley Webster.

Religion: Protestant.

Home Address: 2126 Derby St.. Berkeley.


GUEDEL, John Bimel

Vice-President. Charge of Radio, Dan B.
Miner Advertising Company.
Born: Portland (Ind.) Oct. 9, 1913; s. of
Hazel (Bimel) and Walter Guedel.
Education: Beverly Hills High Sch., Univ.
of Calif, at Los Angeles (1 yr.)
Married: Beth, d. of Hyrum Pingree. in Bev-
erly Hills (Calif.), Aug. 15, 1936.
Prof Record ■ Wrote Syndicated Humor-News
Comment Column for 723 papers served by the
NEA Serv.. 1934; went to Hal Roach Stu-
dios, 19.34, as Writer, continued in that
capacity at the same stu(Jio until 1937; having
collaborated on some dozen Orir Gang com-
edies. Laurel and Hardy shorts, five Patsy
Kelly shorts, two features released by MOM.
Entered radio in 1937 as Writer of Ho^ise
Party variety show; then Writer of dramatic
series Reunion of the States for a year;
Dir of Radio, Dan B. Miner Advertising
Agency in 1938; wrote and produced the
variety quiz Pull Over Neighbor for two years
and a half; wrote and produced dramatic
series Tapestries of Life for a year; became
Vice-Pres. in charge of Radio, Dan B. Miner
Advertising Co.. 1941.

Directorships: Vice-Pres.. Dan B. Miner Co.
Publications: Articles in Radio Trade Mag-
azines, Broadcasting, 1940; Sales Manage-
ment 1940. Fiction in Fawcett Publications,

Religion: Christian Science.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf, badminton.
Bus. Address: 1151 So. Broadway, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 1657 Benedict Canyon Dr.,
Beverly Hills, Calif.

GUeRARD, Professor Albert, A.B.,

Teacher, Writer, Lecturer.

Born- Paris (France), Nov. 3. 1880; s. of

Marie (Collot) and Marcel Theophile (Leoni


Education: Sorbonne, Paris, and London.

Degrees: A.B., (Classical and Modern), Paris,

1898-99; Agregation d' Anglais, 1906, Pans;

Litt.D., Geneva Coll., Penna. (Hon.) 1936.

Married: Wilhelmina, d. of Rev. John L.

Macartney. D.D., in Beaver Falls (Pa.), Aug.

21, 1907; ch. : Dr. Therina (Mrs. H. Pearson),

Dr. Albert Guerard. Jr.

Prof Record: Stanford Univ., 1907-13, and

1905 (Prof, of General *nd Comparative

Literature, English Dept.); U.C.S.B. (now
U.C.L.A.), 1924-25.

Publications: French Prophets of Yesterday,
(Appleton), 1913; French Civilization in the

XlXth Century (Century), 1914; Five Masters
of French Romance, (Scribner) 1916; French
Civilization from its Origins to the Close
of the Middle Ages (Houghton Mifflin), 1920;
Short History of the International Language
Movement (Boni and Liveright) 1922; Re-
flections on the Napoleonic Legend (Scribner)
1924; Beyond Hatred (Scribner) 1926;Li/e
and Death of an Ideal (Scribner), 1928; L'Av-
enir de Paris (Payot), 1929; Literature and
Society (Lothrop), 1934; Art for Art's Sake,
(Lothrop), 1935; Preface to World Literature
(Holt), 1940.

Army Record: U.S. Army, Aug., 1917 to July,
1919; Intelligence and Liaison Serv., A.E.F.;
1st Lieut. Interpreters Corps.
Awards: World War Medal; Chevalier de la
Legion d'Honneur; Officer of the Crown of
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Anti-partisan.
Recreations: Sleeping.
Bus. Address: Stanford Univ.. Calif.
Home Address: 635 Gerona Rd., Stanford
University, Calif.

Other Address: Box 1982, Stanford University,

GUERIN. Arthur Somers. LL.B.
Judge of Municipal Court of Los Angeles.
Born: Spokane (Wash.), Aug. 6, 1900; s. of
Nellie (Somers) and Arthur Guerin.
Education: Lewis and Clark High Sch.,
Spokane (Wash.); Univ. of Idaho, Moscow

Degrees: LL.B., Univ. of Idaho, 1924.
Married: Rita, d. of L. C. Kendrick, in
Spokane (Wash.), June 17, 1925.
Prof. Record: Began his practice of law in
Orofino (Ida.), June, 1924; elected Co. Atty.
of Clearwater Co. (Ida.), Nov., 1924, re-
elected Nov., 1926, served until June, 1928;
moved to Los Angeles (Calif.) ; admitted to
practice law in Calif., June, 1928, and en-
gaged in general practice at Los Angeles;
appointed Atty. for Veterans Welfare Bd. of
Calif for the So. Dist., 1935; served in that
capacity until Dec, 1936: appointed by Gov.
Frank F. Merriam to fill unexpired term as
Judge of Municipal Court; elected Judge of
Municipal Court of Los Angeles. Mar., 1937.
Army and Navy Record: World Wnr I. U.S.
Navy, Wireless Operator; Lieut., U.S. Army
Reserve Corps.

Memberships: Beta Theta Pi; B.P.O.E.,
Amer. Legion (Hollywood Post). Forty and
Eight; Los Angeles Co. Employees Assn.,
Council for the Promotion of Boys Welfare,
So Calif. Acad, of Criminology; Calif.
Acad, of Political Sci.; Conf. of Cahf.
Judges; Los Angeles Bar Assn.
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing, traveling,
boys clubs, amateur photography, and ath-

Bus. Address: Hall of Justice, Los Angeles,

Ho7?ie Address: 3112 Swan PL, Los Angeles.

GUILD, The Reverend Lewis Thurber,

Ph.B., Ph.D., D.D.
Clergyman (retired).
Born: Rising Sun (Iowa). May 5, 1864; s.

[362 J


of Sarah (llamscy) antl Revfiend .1. Kills

Education: Public sc-hs. of Iowa; 111. Wcs-
leyan Univ. Learned Printers' trade and
editorial work on ncw.spapers.
negrcen: Ph.B., Ph.D., III. We.slcyan U.
(on examinations); D.D. Nebraska Wes-
leyan (hon.), 1903.

Married: Rulh, d. of Lavina and W. D.
Thomas (Lafayette. III.), in Galva (111.),
June 21. 1884; ch. : Ellis D., Ruth E.,
Bartlett P., and Lewis T.. Jr.
Prof. Record: Owner and Editor, Holdredge
(Neb.), Republican, 1884-85; Fargo (N.D. I,
Courier-News, 1913-16, Managing Editor;
Santa Monica (Calif.) Daily Outlook. 1917-
18; Pres. and Dir. of some small corp. in
Los Angeles, owning apartment houses; Pas-
tor, First Meth. Ch. (San Diego), Grace Ch.
(Lincoln, Nebr.); Wilshire Methodist (Los
Angeles) Wesley (Minneapolis), Grace (Des
Moines), First Methodist (Long Beach), Pastor
each church several years; Supt., Los An-
geles Dist. Methodist-Episcopal Church, 1923-
29; entered Methodist Ministry. 18S8, retired
and traveled around world, 1929; Preached
in England under Tnternat. Com. E.xchange of
Preachers and Lecturers, 1930. Four times in
Europe, traveling through western and cen-
tral; two visits to the Holv Land. 1913-19.30.
Pres., Celtic Club of Los' Angeles, 1919-20.
Publications: The Romance of Religion (Ab-
ingdon Press) ; Cosmic Rays in Literature,
(Cokesbury Press) ; numerous articles In
mags, and various religious publications.
Memberships: Chaplain. Silver Trov.-el Lodge,
F.&A.M. No. 415 (L.A.); Celtic Club (L.A.).
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Hom.e Address: 149 So. Kingslev Dr., Los
Angeles, Calif.

GUILD, Jr., Lewis Thurber

Editor and Manager, Gardena Valley News.
Born: Crete (Neb.l, June 30, 1896; s. of
Ruth (Thomas) and Dr. Lewis Thurber

Education: Fargo Coll., Fargo (N.D.) ; Teach-
ers Coll., U. of Calif., So. Branch.
Married: Ruby, d. of Mr. and Mrs. A. T.
Helgesen, in Santa Monica (Calif.), July
27, 1918.

Bus. Record: Mr. Guild was on the staff of
the Santa Monica Daily Outlook. 1917-18;
Rancher. 1918-23; Teacher. Gardena High
Sch., 1925-28. He has been Publisher of
the Gardena Valley News since 1928.
Directorships: Pres. and Treas., Guild Corp •
Dir., Gardena Valley Chamber of Comm.
Memberships: Lions Internat.; Potrero Coun-
try Club; (Past Master) Gardena Masonic
Lodge, Scottish Rite (Long Beach Consistorv),
Al Malaikah Shrine, Eastern Star.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf.

Bus. Address: 930 Gardena Blvd., Gardena


Home Address: 1017 W. 161st St., Gardena.
Calif. *

GUILFORD, Professor Joy Paul, A B

M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, University of South-
ern California.

Born: Marquette (Neb.), Mar. 7, 1897; s. of

Arvllla (Monroe) and Edwin Augustus Gull-

Education: Aurora High .Sch., Aurora (Neb.);
Univ. of Neb.; Cornell Univ.
Degrees: AM., 1922, M.A., 1924, U. of Neb.;
Ph.D., 1927, Cornell U.

Married: Ruth Sheridan, d. of Delia (Sher-
idan) and William Walter Burke, Ithaca
(N.Y.), Sept. 8, 1927; ch. : Joan Sheridan.
Prof. Record: Asst. In Psychology, Cornell
U., 1924-26; Instr. In P.sychology, U. of 111.,
1926-27; Asst. Prof, of Psychology, U. of
Kan., 1927-28; Assoc. Prof, of Psychology,
U. of Neb., 1928-40; Visiting Prof, of Edn.
W. Va. Wesleyan, summers of 1923 and
1925; Visiting Prof, of Psychology. North-
western U., first semester of 1935-36 and
summer of 1936, U. of So. Calif., summers of
19.'.8 and 193S. Formerly Pres. of the
Psychometric Soc.

Directorships: Dir. in the Psychometric Corp.;
Pres. Midwestern Psychological Assn. ; Mem.
of the Exec. Council of the Amer. Psycholo-
gical Assn. Representative on the Nat. Re-
search Council, Div. of Psychology and An-

Pnblication.'i: Mr. Guilford has authored these
books; Laboratory Studies in Psychology,
1934; Psychometric Methods, 1936; General
Psychology, 1939; Fields of Psychology, 1940;
Sttidies in Elementary Psychology, 1940. Also
the author of numerous articles appearing in
scientific journals. Cooperating Edit, in the
following journals: Aynerican Journal of
Psychology; Journal of Experimental Psy-
chology; Psychological Record; Psychomet-
rika; Psychometric Monographs; Educational
and Psychological Measurement.
Army Record: S.A.T.C. at the Kansas State
Agr. Coll., Sept. to Dec, 1918.
Memberships: Interprofessional Inst.; Pi Kap-
pa Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Phi
Sigma, Phi Delta Kappa, Psi Chi.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Photography, golf, music.
Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

GUILL, John Hudson, B.S.
Vice-President, Federal Farm Mortgage Cor-

Born: Chico (Calif.), Dec. 28, 1879; s. of
Mary (Bryan) and John H. Guill.
Education: State Normal (Chico); Univ. of

Degrees: B.S., U. Of Calif., 1903.
Married: Ethel, d. of Ida B. and Samuel
R. Gardner, in Etna (Calif.), May 12, 1908;
ch. : Mary, Samuel, Ethel May, John Jr.,
Virginia, and Charles.

Bus. Record: Farmer, Chico (Calif.), 1903;
Mem. of the Assembly, 1911-14; Pres. Butte
Co., Farm Bureau, 1918-20; Trustee, State
Normal Sch. (Chico), 1915-19; Chmn., Bd.
of Freeholders for drafting charter for Butte
Co., 1919; Dir. and Vice-Pres., Federal Land
Bank (Berkelev), 1917-22; Mem. Federal
Farm Loan Bd., Washington (D.C.), 1922-
33; Deputy Land Bank Commr., 1933-35;
Vice-Pres., Federal Farm Mortgage Corp.,

Politics: Democrat.

Br«. Address: Farm Credit Administration,
Washington, D. C.

Home Address: 7507— 12th St., N.W., Wash-
ington, D. C.



GULICK, Jr., Professor Sidney Lewis,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of English; Director of

Extension Education, Mills College.

Born: Kobe (Japan). Aug. 17 1902; s of

Cara May (Fisher) and Sidney Lewis GuUck.

Education: Oberlin Coll.; Yale Univ.

Degrees: A.B., 1923, M.A., 1925, Oberlin

Coll.; Ph.D., Yale U., 1931.

Married: Evelyn Mary, d of William Fred-
eric Bad(5. in Berekelv (Calif.). July 31. 1931.

ch.; Marian Harris and Sidney Lewis, III.

Prof Record: Teacher, Doshisha U., Kyoto
(Japan), 1923-24; Assoc, in Pub. Speaking,

U of Calif., 1927-30; Instr. in English, U. of
Rochester, 1931-35. Dr. Gulick has been
Asst. Prof, of English and Dir. of E.x-
tension Edu. at Mills Coll. since 1935.

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 92 of 235)