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President, Chico State College.

Born: Brookville (Pa.), March 25, 1876; s. of

Jane Elizabeth (Wilson) and William Thomas


Education: Clarion State Normal (Pa.); San

Jose State Normeil (Calif.); Univ. of Calif.


Degrees: A.B., 1923, M.A., 1923, Ed.D.,
1927, U. of Calif.

Married: Sarah Howland Frisbie, Berkeley
(Calif.), 1915; ch. Patricia Howland Hamil-
ton Dowrie (Mrs. James).
Prof. Record: Teacher, Rural Schools (Pa.),
Ward Schools (DuBois) ; Supervising Princi-

pal of .Schs. (Falls Creek); .Supervising Prin-
cipal, Pctaluma (Calif.); VIce-Prlnclpal,
Washington Jr. High Sch. (Berkeley); I>oc-
lurer In Rdn. and .Supervising Principal,
Demonstration .Sch. U. of Calif., As.soc. Prof,
of Edn., Cl.'ircmont Colleges, Clarcmont
(Calif.); Exchange Prof, from Claremont
Colls, to the Nat. Univ., Mexico City, D.F.;
summer session: Buffalo .State Teachers Coll.,
and U. of So. Calif.; Pres., Chlco State Coll.,
since 1931.

Publications: Treasure Trail Series (Literary

Memberships: Rotary; Masons; Phi Delta
Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi.
Recreations: Golf.

Bus. Address: Chico State Coll., Chico, Calif.

HAMILTON. Genevieve Bartlett

Sculptor, Designer.

Born: St. Louis (Mo.), June 7, 1901; d. of
Minerva Bartlett (Miller) and William Deca-
tur Hamilton, III.

Education: Mark Hopkins (San Francisco);
Chouinard Sch. (Los Angeles) ; Lindenwood,
St. Charles (Mo.); Monticello, Godfrey (111.);
English Classical Sch. (Pasadena) ; Pupil of
Brewster, Cooper Union, and Archipenko
(New York) ; research work at museums and
potteries in France, Italy, Spain, and U.S.A.
Prof. Record: Designer and one-third owner,
Hamilton Tiles, Inc., 1916-.30, "Hamilton Pot-
tery," mfrd. by Vernon Kilns (both in Los
Angeles) ; sculptured figurines and tableware
chosen by Nat. Jury to represent Amer. Pot-
tery in museums of principal Scandinavian
countries and at Stoke-on-Trent (Eng,), 1937;
works bought by Syracuse, Cleveland, and
Fogg (Toledo, Ohio) Museums, and North-
western Univ. Permanent Gallery; ceramic
sculpture in Fine Arts Bldg., San Diego
World's Fair, 1935; pottery and tableware
in Fine Arts Bldg., San Francisco World's
Fair, 1939. Works shown in Nat. Ceramic
Exhbn., traveling show, Amer. Museums,

Publications: Photographs of work and per-
sonal mention in various popular and indus-
trial mags., such as, House Beautiful, Life,
Creative Design, Crockery and Glass Journal,
Design, etc.

Awards: Certificate of Honor in Fine Arts
from Amer. Inst, of Architects, 1925; Hon.
Mention, Ceramic Sculpture, Third Nat.
Creamic Exhibition, Syracuse Museum, 1934;
."BlOO Purchase Prize, Head of Christ in
Ceramic Sculpture. HoUvwood-Riviera Gal-
leries, 1936.

Religion: Christian Science.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Writing and riding.

Home Address: 2249 Hill Dr., Eagle Rock,

HAMILTON, Gilbert Van Tassel.

A.B., M.D.

Born: Frazyesburg (Ohio), Jan. 15, 1877;
s. of Margaret (Van Tassel) and Joseph Gil-
bert Hamilton.

Education: Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; Jefferson
Med. Coll.; Harvard Univ. (Grad. Sch.)
Degrees: A.B., Ohio Wesleyan U., 1898; M.D.,
Jefferson Medical Coll., 1901.



Degrees: A.B.. Ohio Wesleyan U., 1898; M.D.,
Jefferson Medical Coll., 1901.
Married.- Marv. d. of U. S. Sisson. in Edge-
wood (R.I.», June 27, 1906; ch.; Joseph

Prof Record: First Asst., State Hosp. for
Insane. Warren (Pa.). 1902-08; President,
McLean Hosp., Waverley (Mass.), 1905-07;
Researches in Comparative Psychology and
Psvchopathology. 1905-17; Research in Psy-
chbpathology. 1921. in Marriage, 1924-28;
Clinical practice of Psychiatry, 1928 — ; ter-
mer Dir of Research, Div. of Psychobiology,
Bureau of Social Hygiene (New York City);
former Dir., Santa Barbara Socialization

Publications: Books: Introduction to Objec-
tive Psijchopathology; A Research in Mar-
riage- The Adversary in Tomika (Novel);
What Is Wrong With Marriage? (with Ken-
neth Macgowan).

Armv Service: Captain, A.S.S.C. U.S. Arniy
Res.: on active duty Oct., 1917 to March,

Memberships: Santa Barbara Club; Phi Kap-
pa Psi Frat.
ReUgion: Agnostic.
Politics: RepiTblican.
Recreations: Farming.

Bus. Address: Edgerly Court, Santa Barbara,

Ho?ne Address: 824 Morena Rd., Santa Bar-
bara. Calif.

HAMILTON. Guy Clarence

Vice-President and General Manager, Mc-
Clatchy Newspapers and McClatchy Broad-
casting Company.

Born: Wisconsin, Mar. 3, 1879; s. of Martha
Lucretia and George Gurley Hamilton.
Education: Stevens Point (Wis.) Normal Sch.
Married: Elizabeth R. Hamilton, April 4,
1903; ch. : Mrs. James Kerins, Helen, Clar-
ence, and Paul.

Prof Record: Began career as High Sch.
Principal in 1901; Asst. Bus. Mgr., Tacoma
Ledger, 1903-07; Office Mgr. and Chief Acct.,
Sacramento Bee, 1907; Bus. Mgr., Santa Ana
(Calif.) Register, 1919-20; Chief Acct., Sacra-
mento Bee, 1921-23, Bus. Mgr., 1923-32, dur-
ing this period, was also Sec.-Treas. of Mc-
Clatchy Newspapers; Elected Vice-Pres. and
appointed Bus. Dir., McClatchy Newspapers,
1932, has served as Vice-Pres. and Gen Mgr.
since 1936.

'^Directorships: Director, Vice-Pres. and Gen.
Mgr., McClatchy Newspapers; Vice-Pres. and
Gen. Mgr., McClatchy Broadcasting Co.;
Vice-Pres. and Dir., James McClatchy Co.
and James McClatchy Publishing Co.
Memberships: Sutter and Elks Clubs.
Hobby: Philately.

Bus. Addre.'is: 911 Seventh St., Sacramento,

Hoine Address: 1424 — 38th St., Sacramento.
Calif. •

HAMILTON. Marion Ethel (Mrs.
Francis M. Hinkle)


Born: Ripon (Wis.), Nov. 3, 1881; d. of
Marion (Shepard) and Frank Hamilton.
Education: Albany Female Acad. (N.Y.)

Married: Colonel (then Lieut.) Francis M


Publirations: Wild Ginger (poem; Harold

VinaP, 1926; The Ultimate Lover (poems;

Pascal Covici), 1927.

Home Address: 3665 Elliott St., San Diego,


HAMILTON, May Stuart (Diane)

Sculptor, Designer.

Born: St. Louis (Mo.), Jan. 19, 1899; d. of
Minerva Barllett (Miller) and William Deca-
tur Hamilton, III.

Education: Mark Hopkins (San Francisco);
Amer Sch. of Sculpture; Art Students
League and Columbia Univ. (New York);
studied under Landowski at Julian Acad, and
Denis Gel in (Paris); research work at mu-
seums and potteries in France, Italy, Spain,
Eng., and U.S.A.

Married: James Francis, s. Of Dr. Octave
de Causse. in Pasadena, Calif., Oct. 4, 1924.
Prof Record: Designer and one-third owner,
Hamilton Tiles, Inc.; "Hamilton Pottery,
mfrd by Vernon Kilns (Los Angeles) ; sculp-
tured group in white bronze "Three Giraffes,
Brooklyn Mus. (New York) ; ceramic sculp-
ture "Madonna," MacDowell Foundation
Gallery; "Hamilton Pottery" chosen by Nat.
Jury to represent Amer. Ceramics in muse-
ums of principal Scandinavian countries and
at Stoke-on-Trent (Eng.), 1937; also in-
cluded in Nat. Ceramic Exhbn. traveling
show at Amer. museums, 1937; ceramic sculp-
ture was shown in Art Sec, San Diego World s
Fair, 19.35, and San Francisco World's Fair,

Publicatio-}s: Photographs of work and per-
sonal mention in various art mags., such as
Ceramic Design; in industrial mags., such
as Creative Design; popular mags., such as Beautiful, 1930-40.

Aioa,rds: Award of Honor, Fine Arts, from
American Inst, of Architects, 1925. Hon.
mentions from second and third Nat. Ceram-
ic Exhbn., Syracuse Mus., 19.33-34.
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Young Democrats.
Recreations: Fencing and writing.
Home Addre.^s: 2249 Hill Dr.. Eagle Rock,

HAMILTON. Minerva Bartlett

Painter, Ceremist.

Born: Gallantin (Mo.), Nov. 21, 1864; d. of
Lucy (Bartlett) and Michael Miller.
Education: Pub. schs. and Grand River Sem-
inary, Gallatin (J^o.), the Art Acad. (Chi-
cago, 111.)

Married: William Decatur, III, s. of William
Decatur Hamilton, II, in Omaha (Neb.),
Dec, 1890; ch. : May Stuart and Genevieve

Prof. Record: Maintained pub^ studio in
early nineties, taking commissiofts, teaching
all branches of painting; head of Art Dept.,
Oswego Coll. (Kan.), 1896-97, Lindenwood
Coll (St. Charles Mo.), 1898-1900, Forest
Park Univ. (St. Louis, Mo.)), 1904; Founder
and Pres., Hamilton Tiles, Inc. (Los An-
geles), 1916; Mantel in main lounges of Fri-
day Morning and Calff. Country Clubs (Los
Angeles) and Sovereign Hotel (Long Beach),
are outstanding examples of her product;
among notable examples of her colored bath
rooms are the four baths In Albert Lans-



buTKh's (ArchlliTl I widely puhllclzofi home

(San Francisco).

Awariis: Certificate of Honor in KInp Arts,

Amcr. Inst, of Architects, 1!)"J5.

Religion : Presbyterian.

Polilirs : New Deal Democrat.

Rcrrention.i: TravelInK and gardening.

TTnme Address: 2219 IIIll Dr. Eagle Rock,


HAMMACK. Daniel Stewart. A.B.


Born: Burlington (Iowa) May 11. 1883; s. of
Isabella (Stewart) and Daniel Marlon Ham-

Education: Public Schs., San Diego and Na-
tional City (Calif.); Occidental Coll. (L.A.);
Princeton Univ.

Degrees: A.B., Occidental Coll., 1905; Prince-
ton U., 1966.

Married: Margaret Cleland, d. of Amanda C.
and Jonathan Cillev Fales (Prof., Centre
Coll. Kentucky, 36 yrs.) in Danville (Ky.),
June 2, 1910; ch. : Elizabeth H. Strange
(1912) and Daniel S. Jr. (1914).
Prof. Record: Has been practicing law in
Los Angeles since 1907.

Directorships: Mem. (15 yrs.) and Secy., Bd.
of Trustees, Occidental Coll.; Mem., Bd. of
Trustees, and Secy., Highland Park Presby-
tian Church. 35 yrs.; Mem., Bd. of Dir.,
Travelers' Aid Soc. (L.A.l; Mem., Exec. Bd.,
Boy Scouts of Amer. ; Metroplitan Area Coun-
cil of L.A.; So. Pasadena Community Chest.
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa (Princeton,
1906), Alpha Tau Omega (Occidental Coll.);
Pnnceton Club of So. Calif.; San Gabriel
Country Club.

Religion: Presbyterian.

Politics: Democratic.

Recreations: Golf, mountain trips, fishing,

interested in the collection of books on Calif.

and Western history, paintings of Calif.


Bus. Address: Spring Arcade BIdg., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 1614 Marengo Ave., So. Pasa-
dena, Calif.

HAMMER, Charles Joseph Montgomery

President, Charles J. Hammer Machinery

Born: Visalia (Calif.), March 22, 1891; s. of
Catherine Rosella (Barth) and Andrew
Michel Hammer.

Education: Public schs., Visalia (Calif.)
Married: Alice M., d. of Lucretia E. and
R. I. St. Clair, in Vi.salia, June 21, 1913;
ch.: Mrs. George Cochran, and Harold H.
Bus. Record: Received first job in Machinery
Dept., Visalia Fruit Canning Co., Sept., 1913;
started in the automobile and machinery
bus., discontinuing the automobile dept. in
1921, and carrying on since in farm machin-
ery; has been very active in fish and game
work for many yrs. ; built pheasant pens at
Morning Grove as co. project; raised funds
and constructed fish rearing ponds at Miner-
al King, 60 miles east of Visalia; through
contact and cooperation persuaded the Fish
and Game Com. to est. a fish rearing pond
6 miles east of Visalia which is highly suc-
cessful; for 20 yrs. active in civic affairs oT
Visialia; elected to City Council Bd. in 1934;
Mayor two yrs. ; still serving as councilman.

DirertorshijiH: Pres. (<1 times), Vlsnlla .Sports-
men's Assn. and active among original or-
g.inlzors of the Visalia Rodeo Assn. In 1'.i?,();
Trustee, Chamber of Commerce.
MeinhershipH: Rotary Club; KIk.s and Mfxjse
Lodges; Sportsman's Club (Past-Pres.)
Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Outdoor life, hunting and fish-
ing, mostly big game.

Bus. Address: 915 K. Main St., Vi.salia,

Flome Address: 1470 Beverly Dr.. Visalia.
Calif. ♦

HAMNER, William Marion. B.F.A.

Art and Animation In.slructor, Otis Art

Born: Kipp, Kan., April 24. 1906: s. of Millie
(Swenson) and William Marion Hamner, Sr.
Education: Otis Art Institute (Los Angeles);
Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles); Yale Univ.
(New Haven. Conn.), majored in mural paint-

Degrees: B.F.A., Yale U., 1932.
Married: Margaret, d. of Adam Jones, at
Las Vegas (N.M.), Oct. 7, 1935; ch.: Judith
Louise, William Marion, Jr.
Prof. Record: Animated Cartooning for eight
yrs. ; Walt Disney Studios, 1932, doing asst.
animation; "Fabeles Cartoons" (New York
City); U. B. Iwerks Studios (Beverly Hills),
1934; in few yrs. rose to direction of pic-
tures; directed animated cartoons for two
yrs. ; then started teaching at Otis Art Inst,
and producing own commercial films.
Directorships: Dir., U. B. Iwerks Cartoons.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Fishing and painting.
Bus. Address: 2401 Wilshire Blvd.. Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 907 E. Cypress Ave.. Bur-
bank. Calif. *

HAMPTON. The Right Reverend

Regionary Bishop, Liberal Catholic Church.
Born: Palmerston North (New Zealand),
Feb. 23, 1886; s. of Ellen (Hampton) and
Alfred Hampton.

Eudcation: Convent of the Paraclete, Wood-
side (Surrey, Eng.) (Anglo-Catholic) ; Ar-
dingly Coll. (Sussex, Eng.)
Prof. Record: Lecturer on philosophical,
mystical, and theosophical topics; ordained
Old Catholic Priest, Aug. 19. 1917 in Los
Angeles (Calif.); consecrated Bishop, Liberal
Catholic Church. Sept. 13. 1931; enthroned
as Regionary Bishop, on Whitsunday (June
9), 1935.

Directorships: Pres. and Chmn. of Provincial
Bd. of Trustees. Liberal Catholic Church.
Inc.: Pres., Church of St. Alban of Los An-
geles, Inc.

Publications: Reincarnation — A Christian
Doctrine, The Mysticism of the Mass, and
The Occult Side of Healing (all pub. by St.
Alban Press); numerous articles, radio
talks, and lectures.
Religion: Liberal Catholic.
Politics: Independent.

Bus. and Home Address: 2041 No. Argyle
Ave.. Los Angeles. Calif. ' *

[375 J



Born: Golden (Colo.>, July 30. 1900: s. of
Sadie (Berkshire) and Thomas Hampton.
Education: Grammar, Jr. high schs. and
Polytechnic High Sch. (Los Angeles).
Degrees: LL.B., Univ. of So. Calif.
Married: Elizabeth, d. of Anna Carol Stiles,
at Pasadena (Calif.), June 15, 1924; ch.:

Prof. Record: Editorial Dept., Imperial Val-
ley Press (EI Centrot, San Francisco Chron-
icle, and later affiliated with the L.A. Ex-
press- est. own law office in Los Angeles,
1927 ■' in spring of 1939 was elected to repre-
sent 'the 13th District in the City Council of

Navy Service: Left sch., 1917, to work on
submarines in shipyards: enlisted in the U.S.
Marine Corps, 1918; honorably discharged,
Jan., 1919.

Memberships: James Garfield Masonic Blue
Lodge No. 566 (Past Master) ; L.A. Melrose
Chapter Roval Arch Masons; Fraternal Or-
der of Eagles: Sunshine Post No. 251, Amer.

Religion : Methodist .
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Tennis, golf, and hunting.
Bus. Address: City Hall, Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 2431 Echo Park Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif.

HANDSAKER, Professor John
Morrison, A.B., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Economics, Occidental

Born: Portland (Ore.), Nov. 20, 1907; s. of
J. J. Hansaker.

Education: Reed Coll., Portland (Ore.);
Univ. of Chicago (111.)

Degrees: A.B., Reed Coll., 1929; Ph.D.,
Univ. of Chicago, 1939.

Married: Marjorie, d. of B. F. Linfield;
Chicago (III.), Aug. 25, 1934; ch.: Alice E.
(b. Feb. 23, 1941).

Prof Record: Member of Staff, N.R.A.,
1934-36- Instr. in Coll. of Economics and
Business. U. of Wash. (Seattle), 1937-38;
Instr. in Economics, Occidental Coll., 1938-
40: Asst. Prof, of Economics, Occidental
Coll.. 1940—.

Publications: The Cleaning and Dyeing In-
dustry, a Case Study in "Controlled Com-
petition, (U. of Chicago Press), 1939. Ar-
ticles and book reviews in economic and
academic journals.

Memberships: Town Hall of Los Angeles;
Mem of Nat. Panel of Arbitrators of the
Amer. Arbitration Assn.; Mem. Bd. of Dir.
of Pacific Southwest Acad.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Independent.
Recreations: Tennis, fishing, badminton, and


Bus. Address: 1690 Campus Rd., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 5002 La Roda Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

HANNA, Byron C(alvin), LL.B.

Lawyer, Member, Firm of Hanna & Morton.
Born: Kansas City (Mo.), Jan. 2, 1887; s.
of Florence E. (Townsend) and Phil K. Han-

Education: Los Angeles public schools; grad-
uate, Univ. of So. Calif., Coll. of Law,

Degrees: LL.B., U. of So. Calif., 1910.
Prcf Record: Admitted to bar of State of
Calif , Jan. 23, 1908; City Attorney of
Venice, 8 yrs.; Chief Deputy Dist. Atty.,
Los Angeles County, 21/2 yrs.; Instr., U. of
So Calif. College of Law, 8 yrs.: Pres., So.
Calif. Business Men's Assn., 1932-35; Dir.,
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, 1930-
39- Pres , L.A. Chamber of Commerce, yr.,
1937- Pres U of So. Calif. General Alumni
Assn., 1936-37; Pres., So. Californians, Inc.,
Nov 1, 1937 to July 1, 1938: Pres., Los
Angeles Breakfast Club, 1939-40.
Awards: Los Angeles Realty Board Service
Watch, 1938.

Memberships: State Bar of Calif.; Amer.
Bar Assn.: Los Angeles Bar Assn.; Calit..
L A Athletic, Stock Exchange, Bel-Air Bay,
Wilshire Country, and Bohemian (San Fran-
cisco) clubs; Delta Chi.

Bus. Address: Pacific Mutual Bldg., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 138 So. Hudson PI., Los An-
geles, Calif,

HANNA, Professor Paul Robert, A.B.,
M.A., Ph.D., LL.D.
Professor of Education, Stanford Univ.
Born: Sioux City (Iowa), June 21, 1902, s.
of Regula (Figi) and George A. Hanna.
Education: Minnesota public schools; Ham-
line Univ., St. Paul (Minn.); Columbia Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1924, LL.D., 1938 Hamline
U.; M.A., 1925, Ph.D., 1929, Columbia U.
Married: Jean, d. of Lulu B. and Milton G.
Shuman, in St. Paul <Minn ), 1926: ch
Emily-Jean (9), John Paul (8), Robert Snu-
man (6).

prof. Record: Asst. Professor of Education,
Teachers Coll., Columbia U., 1930-3d; at
present Prof, of Education, Stanford U.
(Calif.); Consultant to Nat. Resources Plan-
ning Bd.

Publicatioyis: Wonder Flights of Long Ago;
Catalog of Units of Work; Newlon-Hanna
Spellers: Social Studies Series; Youth Serves
the Community; The Role of Eudcation m
Utilizing Regional Resources; etc.
Memberships: Nat. Edn. Assn. : Prog. Edn.
Assn.; Assn. for Childhood Edn.: Dept.
of Elementary Sch. Principals; Council for
the Social Studies; Masonic Lodge, etc.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Architecture, aviation.
Bus. Address: School of Education, Stanford
University, Calif.

Home Address: 737 Frenchman's Rd., Stan-
ford University, Calif.

HANNA. Phil Townsend

Editor of Westways.

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Aug. 24, 1896:
s. of Florence Emily (Townsend) and Philip
Kenderly Hanna.



Education: Univ. of So. CuUf.
Married: (1) Katherine T. CunnliiKhnm
(lilvorced Aug. 19, !!).'!!)) ; ch.; I'hil Town.s-
oiul, II. (2» Nollle Jayne, cl. ol William
Manning, in Virginia Citv (Nov.), Aug. IJl,

Pro/. Record: Writer, Lo.s Angeles Tribune
and Express, l!U5-li;; Writer, Lo.s Angeles
Timex, 1916-17; Eililor, Ansocialed,
1918-20; Editor, Western Journal Co., varl-
ou.s trade papers, 1920-27; Editor, Touring
Topics uiow Westways), 1927 to present.
Directorships: Secy., Los Angeles Chap.,
Wine and Food Society; So. Calif. Hist.
Soc. ; Trustee, Southwest Museum (Los An-

Piiblications : Author: Libras Calif ornianos;
Mexico in the Machine Age; Spanish Con-
querors of the Pacific West, 1933; California
Through Four Centuries, 1935; California
Under Twelve Flags, 1937. Editor: Map of
Exploration tn the Spanish Southwest; Chin-
igchinich; A Gil Bias in California (by Alex-
andre Dumas) ; Los Angeles in the Sunny
Seventies (by Ludwig Salvator).
Memberships: Sunset Club; Zamorano; Wine
and Food Soc. (all of L.A.)
Politics: Kepublican.

Recreations: Mountaineering and cooking.
Bus. Address: 2601 So. Figueroa St., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 829'/4 So. Normandie Ave.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

HANNA. Wilson Creal

Chief Chemist and Chemical Engineer, Calif.
Portland Cement Co.

Born: Leadville (Colo.), Nov. 18, 1883; s.
of Frances Amelia (Creal) and John Bennett

Education: Calif, and New York.
Married: Blanche, d. of Alfred Franklin
Beal, May 19, 1909; ch.: Madge Hanna
Robbins, Evanelle Beal.

Prof. Record: With Calif. Portland Cement
Company (Colton), since 1903; now Chief
Chemist and Chemical Engineer.
Publications: Papers in rock products and
Amer. Society for Testing Materials Pro-
ceedings. Editor of chapter on cement in
fifth edition of Scott's Standard Methods of
Chemical Analysis.

Wlemberships: Rotary; Masonic; Cooper Orni-
thological; Amer. Ornithologists Union; Amer.
Chem. Soc; Amer. Inst, of Chem. Engineers;
Amer. Soc. of Testing Materials; Amer.
Concrete Inst.; etc.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Ornithological studies with spe-
cial attention to collection of birds' eggs.
j5ms. Address: California Portland Cement
Co., Colton, Calif.
Home Address: 141 E. F. St., Colton, Calif.

HANSEN. Armin, A.N.A.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Oct. 23, 1886;
s. of Olga (Josue) and Herman W. Han-

Educatioii: San Francisco (Calif); Stuttgart
(Ger.); Antwerp (Belgium).

Degrees: A.N.A. (National Academy of De-
sign), New York.

Married: Frances, d. of Henry Hives, San (Calif.), June 22, V.)2'J: ch.; one son.
Bus. Address: P. O. Box, Monterey, Calif.
Home Address: 254 Eldorado St., Monterey.
Calif. •

HANSEN, Ejnar. R.A.F.A.


Born: Copenhagen (Denmark), Jan. 9,
lbS4; son of Laura and Jens Hansen.
Eudcation: Royal Acad, of Fine Arts, Copen-

Prof. Record: Arrived in the U.S.A. in May,
1914. Resided in Chicago and Wheaton (111.),
and there exhibited his work until 1925, at
which time he moved to Los Angeles. An
active exhibitor in Calif, and other states
since 1925, his work is represented in many
museums and private collections; latest works
at: New York Fair, 1939, Golden Gate Ex-
position, 1939 and 1940; completed mural for
Lovelock (Nev.) Post Office, 1940.
Awards: Chicago Art Inst., 1918 and 1923;
Los Angeles, Mus., 1927; Foundation of
Wes-tern Art, 1934; Calif. County Fair (Po-
mona), 1935 and 1936; Pasadena Soc. of Ar-
tists, 1936; Pasadena Civic League, 1937;
Sacramento State Fair, 1937; San Diego Mus.
1937 and 1938; Los Angeles Mus., 1937; Pasa-
dena Soc. of Artists, 1939; Sacramento State
Fair, 1940.

Memberships: Secressionist Group of Den-
mark, called "The 13"; Calif. Water Color
Soc. (Pres., 1940); Pasadena Soc. of Ar-
tists; The Art Congress; Scandinavian Amer.
Art Soc. of the West.

Bus. Address: 238 Wyoming St., Pasadena,
Calif. •

HANSEN, Professor Hazel Dorothy,

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., F.R.G.S.
Professor of Classic and Archaeologist, Stan-
ford Univ.

Born: San Mateo (Calif.), Sept. 28, 1899;
d. of Marguerite Marie (Charvoz) and Chris-
tian William Hansen.
Education: Stanford U.

Degrees: A.B., 1920, M.A., 1921, Ph.D., 1926,
Stanford U.

Prof. Record: In residence at The American
School of Classical Studies, Athens (Greece),
for the years 1922-25, 1927-28, 1936-37, 1939.
At Stanford U.: Instr., 1928; Asst. Prof.,
1930; Asso. Prof., 1935; Professor of Clas-
sics and Archaeologist, since 1940.

Directorships: Secy, of San Francisco Aclise-
ological Soc.

Publications: Early Civilization in Thessaly
(the Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore), 1933;
articles in learned journals, also reviews;
Contributing Editor of The American Jour-
rial of Archaeology; contributor to Classical

Awards: Honorary citizenship of Skyros
(Greece), 1939.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa; The Archae-
ological Inst. Of America; Amer. Philological
Assn. ; Fellow, Royal Geographical Society



Bus. AiUlresa: Box 2442, Stanford University,


Homt: Address: Stanford University, Calif.

HANSEN, Captain Victor R.. U.S.A.
Inf. Res., L.L.B.

Lawyer, Partner in Firm of Hansen & Sween-

Born: Minneapolis (Minn.), March 12, 1904;
s. of Gina (Ericksen) and Hans A. Hansen.
Education: Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles;
Univ. of So. Calif. Law Sch.
Degrees: LL.B., U. of So. Calif., 1928.
Married: Lillian M., d. of Martha and Ar-
thur Clausen, Oslo (Norway), Sept. 6, 1910;
ch.: Marlene Adrianne (age 7), Victor Rus-
sell (age 4).

Prof Record: Admitted to practice law in
Calif, 1928; practiced in San Pedro (Calif.).
6 mos., Los Angeles since 1929; formed part-
nership, Jan. 1, 1931, firm name, Hansen &

Army Service: Commd. 2nd Lieut, in Inf.

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