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Res., 1925, now Captain.

Memberships: Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta
Phi (legal); Reserve Officers Assn. of U.b.;
Sojourners; British United Services Club.
Religion: Lutheran.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Sports.

Bus. Address: Title Insurance Bldg., 433 So.
Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 1734 Earlmount, La Canada^

HANSON, The Reverend Miles, A.B.

Clergyman (retired). Author.
Born: Gomersal, near Leeds (Eng.), Feb. 3,
1866; s. of Sarah (Robertshaw) and Miles

Degrees: A.B., United Coll. (Bradford,
Yorks), 1892.

Married: Lucy A. Copley, of Gomersal
(Eng.), June 20, 1892; ch. : Miles, Dons
(Mrs. W. H. Davidson), Launcelot William.
(2) Marian Dary Rogers, May 2, 1934.
Prof Record: Ordained ministry, 1892; Pas-
tor Leeds, 1892-1902, Swinton, Lancashire,
1902-10, El Paso (Tex.), 1910-17; became
Pastor, First Church, Roxbury (Boston),
1917, now emeritus; naturalized citizen of
U.S., 1918.

Directorships: Trustee, Roxbury Latin Sch.;
Moderator, Boston Ministers' Assn.
Publications: The Power Behind. 1915; Out
of Old Paths. 1919; The Hills of God, 1923;
What Jesus Mec^ns to Me.
Memberships: Mason.
Home Address: Los Gatos, Calif.

HANSON. Peter, B.S.

Real Estate Appraiser.

Born: Minnesota, 1875; s. of Hansena (Jor-
genson) and James A. Hanson.
Education: Sleepy Eye High School (Minn.).
Degrees: B.S., Univ. of Minn., 1901.
Married: Agnes B., d. of H. S. Botsford,
Glendale (Calif.). 1920; ch.: Clarise Han-
son) Lemon.

Prof. Record: Public School Teacher, Engin-
eer, Farmer. Secy., YMCA, 10 yrs.; in real
estate, 30 yrs.; engaged in Real Estate Ap-
praising, 16 yrs. Instr., U. of So. Calif.,
2 yrs.; Instr., U. of Calif., 5 yrs.; Mem..
City Planning Commn., 3 yrs.; Lecturer, real
estate, banking groups, building and
loan groups, 12 yrs.; at present Appraiser
for: City of Glendale, City of Los Angeles,
County of Los Angeles, State of Calif., Fed-
eral Housing Administration, Federal Home
Loan Bank, Home Owners Loan Corpn., In-
ternal Revenue Bur., and large private ap-
praisal practice covering all types of prop-

Directorships: Nat. Assn. of Real Estate
Boards; Calif. Real Estate Assn. (Pres.,
1932); Glendale Real Estate Bd., Ltd. (Pres.,
1924) ; Amer. Inst, of Real Estate Apprais-

Piiblications : Real Estate Appraisals (Nat.
Assn. of Real Estate Boards), 1931; Con-
demnation Appraisal Procedure, 1934; Eco-
nomic Chats on Home Ownership (by Glen-
dale Press in serial form), 1932; The Mean-
ing of Market Value. 1933; Whom Do Men
Say That I am. 1937.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf, fishing, and travel.
Home Address: 221 Arden Ave., Glendale.
Calif. Other: 986 No. Patencio Rd., Palm
Springs, Calif. *

HARBERT, Helen Ryan

Soprano (Dramatic) ; Clubwoman.
Born- Aspen (Colo.), Jan. 20, 1900; d. of
Abigal (McCarthy) and Michael Daniel Ryan.
Education: Grade and high sch.. Cripple
Creek; Loretta Heights Acad., Denver; Mt.
Scholastic Acad., Canyon City; Colo. Coll.
(Colorado Springs), all in Colo.
Married: Rex P. Harbert, Monrovia (Calif.),
Dec. 2, 1929; ch. : Beverly Helen.
Prof Record: Concert Work; Dramatic So-
prano, East and West Coast Theatre (Los
Angeles) ; Radio, Child Welfare, sponsored
Los Angeles Dist. Fed. Jr., in philanthropic
work and Program Chmn., two yrs. Jr.
Chmn., two yrs.

Memberships: Monrovia Woman's Civic Club;
Prog. chmn. for Los Angeles Dist. Bd., Fed.
of Women's Clubs; Los Angeles Dist. Bd.
Alumnse. Pres., Monrovia Co-ordinating Coun-
cil, Welfare Ch. for Mayflower Sch.; Mem.,
Club Education Com. for L.A. Co. Fed. of

Religion: Catholic.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Music and golf.
Home Address: 235 E. Greystone, Monrovia,
Calif. •

HARBESON, John Wesley. A.B., M.A.,

Principal, Pasadena Junior College.
Born: Farmington (Iowa), Sept. 10, 1884; s.
of Eximena (Luther) and Wesley A. Har-

Education: Univ. of Kansas; Columbia Univ.;
Univ. of So. Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Kansas U., 1911; M.A., Col-
umbia U., 1916; Ph.D., U. of So. Calif., 1931.



Married: Lllla, d. of Ahr.ihiim Ilay, Law-
rence (Kan.), Sept. 15. 1915.
Prof. Record: Prln.: Public Sch,. Perry
(Kan.), 1911-i;5. Rosedale HlKh Sch. (Kan.),
i;n;i-14; Supt. of Schs., TonKanoxic (Kan.),
liMH-i;); In.str. of Soc. Sci., Pasadena IIlKh
Sch., 1920-21; Dir. of Child Welfare, Pasa-
dena City Schs. (Calif.), 1921-24; Dean of
Jr. Coll., Pa.sadona (Calif,), 1924-27; Prln.,
Pasadena High Sch. and Jr. Coll., 1927—.
Dirpctorshijjn: Amer. Assn. of .Jr. Colleges,
Mem., E.xec. Com.

Publications: Classifi/infj Junior College Stu-
dents (Iloched list of Periodical References),

Memberships: Mason; Acacia Fart., Phi Del-
ta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Fishing, hiking, mountain sports.
Bus. Address: Pasadena Junior Coll., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

Home Address: 1596 Rose Villa St., Pasa-
dena. Calif.

HARBY, Harold

Los Angeles City Councilman.
Born: Norway.
Education: Norway.

Married: Emma M., d. of Frank A. Thomp-
son, Great Falls (Mont.), Dec. 25, 1917; ch.:
Harold D., Thornton L.

Bus. Record: Material Stores Depts. of
Shell Oil, Pacific Western and Richfield Oil
Corpn., from 1921 to 1939. Elected Los
Angeles City Councilman, May, 1939, re-elec-
ted, 1941.

Memberships: 16th Congressional Dist. Club;
61st Assembly Dist. Club; La Cienega Home
Owners Assn. ; Midwest Community Service

Religion : Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Goli, skiing, all outdoor sports.
Bus. Address: City Hall, Los Angeles, Calif.
Home Address: 2642 Halm Ave., Los Ange-
les, Calif. *

HARDIN. Willett Lepley, B.S., Ph.D.

Consulting Chemist; Editor, World Affairs

Born: Lima (Ohio), Dec. 8, 1868; s. of Eliza-
beth (Jacobs) and John Hardin.
Education: Buchtel Coll. (now Univ. of Ak-
ron), Akron (Ohio); Univ. of Pa. (Phila-

Degrees: B.S., Buchtel Coll., 1893; Ph.D.,
U. of Pa., 1896.

Married: Isabella Moore, d. of Elizabeth
(Moore) and Edwin Green, Akron (Ohio),

Prof. Record: Instr. in Physics and Chem-
istry, Buchtel Coll., 1893-1904; Intsr., Phy-
sical Chemistry, U. of Pa., 1896-1900; Con-
sulting Chemist and Exec, in corporations,
1900-28; Symmes Valley Coal Co., 1903-07;
Mexican Nat. Gas Co., 1909-20; Pres., Calif.
Avocado Assn., 1922-23; Pres., So. Calif.
Section Amer. Chemical Soc, 1922-24; Editor
of the World Affairs Interpreter, 1929 — .

Publications: The Rise and Development of

Ihe Lif/ue faction of (inHiH: Democracy, I la
Problems and Its Htrcngth; translated Trau-
he's Vhy»ico-(!hcrni(-(tl MrAhoiln; experimental
work and jjubllc addresses publi.shed In var-
ious .scientific journals; World Affnim In-
terpreter (published by the U. of So. Calif.)
Bus. Address: 3551 University Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 4171 Central Terrace, Lot
Angeles, Calif.

HARDWICKE, Sir Cedric Webster


Born: Lye (Worcestershire, Eng.>, Feb. 19,

1893; s. of Jessie (Masterson; and Edwin


Education: Bridgnorth School (Shropshire,


Married: Helena, d. of Mr. and Mrs. Percy

Pickard; ch.: Edward Cedric.

Publications: Let's Pretend.

Army Service: Commission in the R.A.S.C.

in England, 1915, later transferred to the

Northumberland Fusiliers. Served until 1922,

was last officer to leave the war zone. Now

officer in the Regular Army Reserve.

Honor: Knight Bachelor, 1934.

Memberships: Coffee House; Player's (New

York); Garrick; Savage; Green Room and

Beefsteak (London).

Religion: Protestant.

Home Address: 48, Avenue Rd., St. John's

Wood, London, N.W.8, Eng.

HARDY, Professor Osgood. A.B., M.A.,

Professor of History, Chmn. of History and
Political Science Department, Occidental Col-

Born: San Bernardino (Calif.), June 9, 1889;
s. of Lill Jane (Adams) and Rev. William
Prescott Hardy.

Education: Los Angeles grammar schs.; Hol-
lywood High Sch.; Pomona Coll.; Yale Univ.;
Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Pomona Coll., 1910; M.A.,
1911, A.B., 1913, Yale U.; Ph.D., U. of
Calif., 1925.

Married: Amy Berlin, d. of Ralph Waite
Mead, New York City, Nov. 25, 1918.

Prof. Record: Chief Asst. and Quartermas-
ter, Yale-Peruvian expeditions, 1913-15;
Instr. in Spanish, Sheffield Scientific Sch.,
1915-19; Publicity Dept., Mercantile Bank of
the Americas, 1919-20; Office Mgr., Amer.
Finance and Commerce Co., Lima (Peru),
1921; Teaching Fellow, U. of Calif., ik2i-
23; Teacher in History Dept., Occidental
Coll. at the present; summer session Instr.,
San Diego State Coll., Santa Barbara State
Coll., U. of Maine, U. ol New Mex., and Pa.
State Coll.

Publications: March of Industry (Powell
Pub. Co., Los Angeles), 1929 (Co-Author
with R. G. Cleland) ; Contbr. of articles to
Bulletin of American Geographic Society.
Geographical Review, Hispanic American His-
torical Review, Mentor, Pacific Historical
Review, New Mexico Business Review.

Army Service: Reg. Suppy Sgt., Ct. Field
Artillery (1918) ; assigned to Latin Amer.
Sec, Col. House Inquiry (1918).



Memberships: Kiwanis Internal.; Phi Kappa
Epsilon, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Beta Kappa.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Travel, golf, bridge.
Bus. Address: Occidental Coll., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 1763 Campus Rd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

HARGEAR, Frank Foli. A.B.

Partner, Sutro and Company.
Born- San Francisco (Calif.), Nov. 18, 1899;
s. of May (Dalton) and William A. Hargear.
Education: Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: A.B., U. of Calif., 1919.
Married: Margaret Francis, d. of Benj. W.
Vallat, in Montecito (Calif.), 1934; ch.:
James Foli.

Prof. Record: Entered employ Sutro & Co.,
Jan., I'd'JO, admitted as mcmoer of the firm,
Jan., 1927; represented firm and stockhold-
ers as Dir., Haiku Pineapple Co. (Hawaii) ;
opened Los Angeles otfices of firm, Sept.,
1929; elected Gov., Los Angeles Stock Ex-
change, 1930 and is 1941 Gov. at present.
Served as Treas., Los Angeles Stock Ex-
change, Chmn. and member various com-
mittees; Vice-Pres., Dir. and Charter Mem.
Stock Exchange Club of Los Angeles.
Navy Record: In Navy during World War I.
Mejnberships: Alpha Sigma Phi, Phi Phi, Pi
Delta Epsilon, Bel-Air Bay, Stock Exchange,
and Kiwanis clubs; Mason (Charter Rock
Lodge, Berkeley, Calif.); Oakland Consis-
tory, 32°, Shrine (Al Malaikah).
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Independent.
Recreations: Golf, fishing.
Bus. Address: 210 W. Seventh St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 607 No. Lillian Way, Los
Angeles, Calif.

HARING, Professor Clarence Melvin,


Professor of Veterinary Science, Univ. of

Born: Freeville (N. Y.), June 1, 1878; s. of
Ellen Augusta (Ainsworth) and Purley Work

Education: Addison High Sch. (N. Y.); Col-
gate Acad.; State Vet. Coll., Cornell Univ.
Degrees: D.V.M., State Vet. Coll., Cornell
U., 1904.

Married: Grace E. Moody, Long Beach
(Calif.), Aug. 22, 1908.

Prof. Record: Asst. in Vet. Anatomy, Cor-
nell U., 1903-04; Instr. Vet. Sci., 1904-06,
Asst. Prof., 1906-10, Veterinarian and Bac-
teriologist, Agr. Expt. Sta., U. of Calif.,
1910-13, Dir. of same, 1920-24; Prof., Vet-
erinary Sci.. U. of Calif, since 1913. Dir.,
Calif. Antl-hog Cholera Serum Lab., 1911-18.

Army Service: 2nd Lieut., Vet. R.C., Feb.-
Apr.. 1918; 1st Lieut., Vet. Corps N.A.,
April-June, 1918; Capt., Vet. Corps U.S.A.,
July, 1918-Jan., 1919.

Memberships: Mem. Amer. Vet. Med. Assn.
(sec. 1915-16) ; Sigma Xi, Alpha Zeta, Delta
Omega; Mason; Faculty.

Religion: Baptist.

Bus. Address: Division of Veterinary Science,

Univ. of California, Berkeley, Calif.

Home Address: 2405 Hillside Ave., Berkeley,


MARKER, The Reverend Ray Clarkson.

A.B., B.D., M.A., D.D.
Clergyman ( retired ) .

Born: Leadmine (Wis.), Nov. 1, 1866; s. of
Maria (Clarkson) and William Harker.
Educatimi: Northwestern Univ.; Garrett Bi-
ble Inst. ; Lawrence Coll.

Degrees: A.B., 1891, M.A., 1894, Northwes-
tern U.; B.D., Garrett Bibl. Inst., 1893; D.D.,
Lawrence Coll., 1902.

Married: Lulu A. Abernethy, of Spokane
(Wash.), Aug. 24, 1897; ch.: Bernice, Rob-
ert A., Miriam, William, and Rowland R.
Prof. Record: Ordained M.E. ministry, 1893;
Pastor: First Church, So. Chicago (111.),
1893-98; First Church, Appleton (Wis.), 1898-
1903; Rogers Park Church (Chicago), 1903-
07; Emburv Church, Freeport (111.), 1907-
12; First Church, Phoenix (Ariz.), 1912-18;
West Adams Church (Los Angeles), 1918-
24; Grace Church (Long Beach), 1924-27;
First Church, Whittier (Calif.), 1927-32;
White Temple (Anaheim), 1932-36; Cres-
cent Heights Church (Hollywood), 1936-June
1939, retired. Del., Gen. Conf., M. E.
Church, Minneapolis, 1912; Trustee, So. Calif.
Conf.; Dir., Internat. Reform Bur., 1917-21;
Mem., Nat. Council of Nat. Econ. League,
1917-22; Pres., Union Preachers' Meeting
(Los Angeles), 1921.

Publications: Christian Science, 1908; The
Work of the Sunday School, 1911; The Min-
istry of Nature, Mtisic and Tears, 1912.
Meinberships: Delta Upsilon; Mason, K.T.
Home Address: 1246 No. Hayworth Ave.,
Hollywood, Calif.

HARLEY, Professor John Eugene,

A.B., M.A., J.D.

Professor of Political Science, Univ. of So.

Born- Mt. Vernon (Mo.), Nov. 17, 1892; s.
of Emma Harriet (Sloan) and William Rees

Education: Mt. Vernon High Sch.; Harvard
Univ.; Inst, de Hautes Etudes Internation-
ales, Geneva (Switzerland).

Degrees: A.B., 1917, J.D., 1932, U. of So.

Calif.; M.A., Harvard U., 1919 (Carnegie


Prof Record: Instr. in Govt., Lafayette

Coll., Easton (Pa.), 1920-21; Prof, in Polit.

Sci., U. of So. Calif, since 1921.

Publications: The League of Nations and the
Neiv International Law, 1921; International
understanding; Agencies Educating for a New
World, 1931; Documentary Textbook on In-
fluences of the Cinerna (U. of So. Calif.
Press), 1940; Editor: Proceedings of the In-
stitute of International Relations, 2 vols.
(vol. I with K. C. Leebrick), 1927; contbr.,
articles on world affairs. Asso. Editor, World
Affairs Interpreter.

Memberships: Amer. Soc. Internat. Law,
Amer. Polit. Science Assn., Amer. Acad.
Polit. and Soc. Science, Amer. Inst, of Cine-
matography, Council on Internat. Relations;



Phi Bola Knppa, Delta Phi Kpsllon, SlRma

SiRma; Skull and DaKRor; Harvard Club.

R(:Ii!)ion: Methodist.

Politics: Democrat.

Bits. Addrcsn: Univ. of Southern California,

Los Angeles, Calif.

//o7ne Address: V227 W. 39th St., Los An-
peles, Calif. ♦

HARLING, W(m). Franke


Font: London (England), Jan. 18, 1887; s.

of Emily (Patterson) and Joseph Edmund


Education: Public schs., Boston and Grace

Church Choir School (New York); student,

London Acad. Music; pupil of Theophile

Ysaye (Brussels).

Married: Elma Jascha, June 19, 1937; ch.:
Joseph Edmund.

Prof. Record: Organist and Choir Dir.,
Church of the Resurrection (Brussels), 1907-
08. U. S. Mil. Acad. (West Point. N. Y.),
1909-10; Composer: The Corps (West Point
Mil. Acad, hymn), A Liqht Fmvi St. Aanes
(grand opera in one act), Chanson Popu-
laires (symphonic works). Before the Davm,
Oh, Captain, My Captain (tone poem). The
Miracle of Time. The Twenty-Third Psnlm of
David (symphonic poem based on a XV-cen-
tury theme by Orlando di Lasso. Stage
productions in New York City: Deep River,
Paris Bound, Machinal, Salvation (produced
by Arthur Hopkins), Outward Bound, In
Love vnth Love, The 07itsider (produced by
Wm. Harris, Jr.), Miss Nellie of N'Orleana,
Wake Up Jonathan (produced by Sam Har-
ris). Stage presentations for Roxy Theatre,
New York, include: The Trial of Joan of
Arc, A Venetian Fantasy, Jazz Concerto, also
100 published works including operas, songs,
cantatas, and musical scores for motion pic-
tures, including: Tabu, Monte Carlo, Cradle
Song. Trouble in Paradise, Broken Lullaby,
Man's Cnsfle, Bitter Tea of General Yen, By
Candle Light, Madame Butterfly, Scarlet
Empress. So Red the Rose. Souls at Sea,
Men With Witins. Stnnecoarh . Adam Had
Four Sons, and Penny Serenade.
Awards: Award of Merit from the Acad,
of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for "the
best musical score for 1939" (Stagecoach);
The David Bispham Medal for "the "outstand-
ing American grand opera," A Light From
St. Agnes.

Religion: Episcopal.

Bus. Address: Amer. Soc. of Composers,
Authors and Publishers, 30 Rockefeller Plaza,
New York City.

Home Address: South Laguna, CalK.

HARNEY, Sister Mary Eucharia.

A.B., M.A.

President, Immaculate Heart College.

Education: Cathedral High Sch. for Girls,
1910-14; Los Angeles State Normal Sch.,
1914-16: Immaculate Heart Coll., 1926-30;
Loyola Univ., 1930-33.

Degrees: A.B., Immaculate Heart Coll., 1930;
M.A., Loyola U., 1933.

Home Address: 2021 No. Western Ave., Los
Angeles, Calif. •

HARPER, Lawrence Anderson

Co- louiHlr'i- ,ijiil KdiUir, I l.i tijcr ;ind D.'ivles,
I'.ooU I'

n')rn: FJepubllc ( June 20, 1906; s.
of Ora (Anderson) and John Lawrence Harp-

Education: Public schs., and special studios.
Prof. Record: Eight yrs. free-lance maga-
zine writing; Editor, limited circulation .jour-
nals and bulletins; advertising composition:
Pacific Coast Representative and F^ditor of
eastern publications; Literary Critic and Ad-
visor; Founder and Edit., The Reviewer Mag-
azine, 1934; Founder and Mgr. The Uarcun
Press. 1936; Co-founder and Ed., Harper
and Davios, book publishers, 1940.
Publications: Broken Dirge Over Atlantis
(Harvey Taylor), 1940.

Memberships: Hugo Storm Club (Dir.); Is-
landers; Alanuscripters.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Conversation, experimental writ-

Bus. and Hom.e Address: 54.36 Lemon Grove
Ave., Hollvwood, Calif.

HARPER, Wllhelmina

Librarian, Redwood City Public Library.

Born: Farmington (Maine), d. of Bertha
(Tauber) and William Harper.
Education: Americus (Georgia); Southbridge
(Mass.); Flushing (N.Y.); took special cour-
ses at Columbia Univ.. New York Univ., and
N. Y. State Library Sch.

Prof. Record: She has been Librarian in
both New York and Calif, for many years;
was Children's Librn. and later Head Librn.
for 10 yrs. at Poppenhusen Branch of the
Queensboro (N. Y.) Public Libr.; organized
children's dept. of the Kern Co. Free Libr.,
Bakersfield (Calif.), and was Supervisor of
Children's Work there for seven yrs. ; reor-
ganized the Redwood City (Calif.) Public
Libr. and has been its Head Librn. since
1929. Taught Children's Literature at the
School of Librarianship: U. of Calif., San
Jose State Coll.. and Riverside Libr. Sch.
Contributed articles on children's books and
has been book reviewer.

Publications: Has had some 20 books pub-
lished for children (compilations and also
school readers) by the following publishing
houses: Appleton-Century, Dutton, Harper,
Houghton Mifflin. David McKay, Macmil-
lan, Little, Brown, and Benj. H. Sanborn.
War Record: Saw overseas service during
World War I, as Libr. for YMCA at Brest

Memberships: League of Amer. Pen Wo-
men, Authors' League of Amer. ; Women's
Overseas Service League; Bus. and Prof.
Women's Club; Amer. Library Assn., and
Calif. Library Assn.
Religion : Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Walking, riding, gardening, and
other outdoor activities.

Bxis. Address: Redwood City Public Library.
Redwood City, Calif.

Home Address: 35 Elwood St.. Redwood
Citj'. Calif.



HARPER, William Edwin

Realtor (retired).

Born: Redhill (Surrey. England); s. of Mary
(Foster) and Edwin Harper.
Education: Various schools in the east.
Married: Emma Caroline, d. of George Pea-
body, Appleton (Wis.).

Bus Record: Mem. of Faculty, Lawrence
Coll , 1907-12: moved to Coronado (Calif.),
1913- Mavor of Coronado, 1922-26; moved to
San Diego, 1926; elected State Assembly,
ig-^e Senate, 1931-33; at present is Mem.,
State Planning Board, San Diego Harbor
Commn., State Harbor Commission for Bay
of San Diego, Chamber of Commerce, and
numerous civic organizations. Past-Pres.,
San Diego Realty Bd., Honor. Dir. at large
of Calif. Real Estate Assn., retains state li-

Memberships: Kiwanis; Realty Board; San
Diego Club.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Civic affairs, athletics.
Home Address: 2670 Third Ave., San Diego,

Other Address: Harbor Office, San Diego,
Calif. *

HARPOLD, Gertrude M.


Born: Near Buffalo (Mo.), Oct. 1, 1888; d.
of Martha Jane (Taylor) and William Henry

Education: Public sch. ; Private Normal in
Conway (Mo.).

Married: William Franklin, s. of Christopher
Harpold, Pasadena (Calif.), June, 1915;
ch.: Nelson Taylor.

Prof. Record: Originator and Creator of
Studies in White. Exhibitions at the follow-
ing places in California: El Jardin Library
(Ventura), Ruppert's Art and Gift Shop
(Santa Paula), Santa Barbara Biltmore Arts
and Gifts, Artist's Barn (Fillmore), Talent
Show (Ventura), The Colonial Inn (Los An-
geles), Swedish Imports (Los Angeles), and
Brundridges, Reno (Nev.), Los Angeles
Times, 1938, Star Free-Press. Ventura, 1938,
Santa Paula Chronicle, 1938, San Francisco
Chronicle, 1938, Santa Barbara News-Press.
1938; all the above carried reproductions of
Studies in White.

Memberships: Ebell Club of Santa Paula;
Valley Bridge of Santa Paula.
Religion: Christian Church.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Reading, writing, bridge, col-

Home Address: R.I. Box 108, Santa Paula,

HARRAWOOD. Harold Osmond. LL.B.

Judge of Redlands.

Born: McLeansboro (111.), July 4, 1882; s. of

Julia (Rice) and Willis W. Harrawood.

Education: Cape Girardeau (Mo.); State
Teachers Coll.; Univ. of Mo.; Bluff City Coll.
of Law and Commerce, Poplar Bluff (Mo.).

Degrees: LL.B., Bluff City Coll. of Law and
Commerce, 1917.

Married: Elizabeth, d. of Rose and Jas. A.
Holland, Poplar Bluff (Mo.), Sept. 11, 1903.
ch.: Nell (Harrawood) Randolph, Maxine
(Harrawood) Finch, Don and Marian.
Prof Record: Merchant, 1909-11; farming
and fruit growing, 1912-21; County Supt. of
Schs., Butler Co. (Mo.), 1915-19; State Sup-
ervisor, Rural Schs. (Mo.). 1920; Mem.,
Missouri State Legislature, 1921-23; Exec.
Secy, to Gov. of Mo., 1925; Asst. Atty. Gen.
of Mo., 1926-29; Asst. Counsel, Mo. Public
Serv. Commn., 1930; Practicing Attorney,
1921 — , except when duties of public office
conflicted with practice. Came to Redlands
(Calif.), 1930, engaged actively in practice
of law ever since. Judge. Redlands (Calif.),
1938 — . Black River Land and Abstract Co.,
1919-21; Pres., Mo. Nat. Life Ins. Co.,

Publications: Short stories and articles pub-
lished in Rural Life Publications.
Army Record: Mo. Nat. Guard, 1913-17,
reached rank of Lieut.; County Chmn.,
Council of Defense and County Food Ad-
minstr. during World War I.
Meviberships: Knights of the Round Table,
and Knights of Pythias, Redlands (Calif.)
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Fishing, playing pinochle.
Bus. Address: Hall of Justice, Redlands,
Home Address: 1333 Agate, Mentone, Calif.*

HARRIMAN, William R.. A.B.

Superintendent, Rancho Los Amigos.

Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), June 7, 1889;

s. of Lucy E. (Ruddy) and Elmer Ellsworth


Education: Public schs. in Los Angeles and

Catalina Island; Prep. Schs. at Univ. of So.

Calif.; Collegiate, one year, Univ. of Ariz.;

three years, Univ. of So. Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Univ. of So. Calif., 1910.

Married: Elinor Detering, Jan. 19, 1913;

ch.: William R. (b. Sept. 12, 1922).

Prof. Record: Entered county service as
Supt., County Farm, June 1, 1915; Supt.,
Charities, Aug., 1931-33; returned to the
Rancho Los Amigos as Supt.; Mem., Calif.
Conf. of Social Work, since 1917; Mem.,
Calif. Executives of Public Welfare, 1931-33;
Mem., Amer. Assn. Social Workers, since
1932, served on Exec. Com., Los Angeles
Chapter, 1936-38; Mem., Governmental Ad-
ministrative Group, since 1933, Pres. of the
Group, 1935-36; Mem., Council of Social
Agencies (Los Angeles) ; Mem., Bd. of Dir.,
Community Welfare Fed., 1931-33; Chmn.,
Dairyman's Dept., Los Angeles County Farm
Bur., six yrs., 1918-23; Bd. of Dir., Downey
Rotary Club, 1927-31; Mem., Bd. of Dir.,
San Antonia Council, Boy Scouts of Amer.,
19'?6-34- Mem., Calif. Holstein-Friesian Assn.
(Second Vice-Pres., 1929-30, First Vice-Pres.,
1930-31, Pres., 1931-32); Mem., Calif. Horse
Breeders' Assn. (Secy., and Treas., 1930);

Online LibraryRussell Holmes FletcherWho's who in California (Volume 1942-43) → online text (page 96 of 235)