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Mem., Speakers' Club, 1932-39, inclusive:
Mem , Advisory Bd., Rio Hondo Council.
Campfire Girls, 1935-36; Mem., Exec. Com.,
Los Angeles Metro. Area Council, Boy
Scouts of Amer., 1935-39. Participated in
Univ of Calif. Inst, of Government in 1936,
1937, and 1939, Inst, and Welfare Sections;
conducted class in Inst'l. Management, U.
of So. Calif. School of Government, 1939.



Memlx-rnhipii : Los AnRoU's i\Tln<'raloK'lral Sor.,
1935 - ; (Charier mcm.» I*rcsorvallon of
Squid (Newspaper Wrllers and Public Offi-
cials); Governmental Administrative CJroup;
Calif. Conf. of Social Work; Calif. F:xe-
cutlves of Public Welfare; Council of Social
Apencies of I^os AnRoles; Amer, Assn. of
Social Workers; Do\vne\' Rotary Club, 1925.
Bus. and Home Addrens: Rnncho Los Amlgos,
Hondo, Calif.

HARRINGTON, Mark Raymond, B.S.,
M.A., F.A.A.A.S.
Anthropologist; Curator, Southwest Museum.

Born: Ann Arbor (Mich.), Julv 6. 1882: s.

of Martha (Smith) and Mark Walrod


F,rlvrntion: Ann Arbor (Mich.): Washln<^on

(DO; Seattle (Wash.); Mt. Vernon (New

York) .

Dporees: B.S., 1907, M.A., 1908, Columbia


Married: Edna Laura, d. of Frederick Parker,
Sacramento (Calif.). 1927: ch.: Jnbns Heye
(a. 22, son by a previous marriage).
Bn.i. Rpcorii : Asst. in AT-cbeoiocn'. Amer.
IVTuseum of Natural Hist.: Fio'd Tnstr.. Pea-
bodv Mus. of Harvard: Field Ethnolosrist,
Heve Mus. : Asst. Curator, in ch. Amer.
section. T^niv. of Pa. Mus. : Archoo'o<rist and
Fthno'ot'ist, Mns. of the Amer. Indian. Heye
FnundaHon: Dir. of Rosearch. Soiithwest
ATus.: Research Asso.. Carnegie Institution
of Washington: Con.sultant. National Park
Service; Curator, Southwest Mu.seum.
Pubfirritiovs: Ccrfnin Caddo f^ifes in Arkan-
sas (New York). 1920: Cherokee and Earlier
RF7nains on Uvner Tennessee River (New
York), 1922: C^iba Before Columbus (New
York), 1921; Dickon Among the Lennpe
Tvdians (The John C. Winston Co., Phila-
delDhia), 19.'^8: Gypsum Cave. Nevada (Los
Angeles), 19,33: Lovelock Cave (with L. L.
Loud, Berkeley), 1929; Relic/ichi and Cere-
vionies of the Lenape (New York), 1921;
Sacred Bundles of the Sac and Fox Indians
(P'^i'adelphia), 1914. Besides his books, has
published manv pamphlets and articles on
archeology, ethnologv. and historv in tech-
nical and popular publications and occasion-
ally has written magazine fiction.
Army Service: Officer training in 1918: later
commissioned 1st Lieut., Specialist Reserve,
U.S. Army.

Aivards: Fellow, Amer. Asso. for the Ad-
vancement of Science: Fellow, Soc. for
Amer. Archeology.

Memberships: Southwestern Archeological
Fed.; Amer. Assn. of Museums; Friends of
San Fernando Mission (Past Pres.)
Religion: (Christian.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Gardening, restoration of his-
toric buildings.

Bus. Address: Southwest Museum, Highland
Park, Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 10940 Sepulveda Blvd., San
Fernando, Calif.

HARRIS, Franklin Stewart, Jr.. A.B.,
M.A., Ph.D.

Research Assistant, Norman Bridge Lab.,
Calif. Inst, of Tech.

Born: Logan (Utah), May 24, 1912; s. of

F'ranke Ustella (.Spilsbury) and Franklin
.Stewart Harris.

Education: Brlgham Young Univ.; Calif. Inst,
of Tech.; travel in Europe and Near East.
Degrees: A.B., 19.31, and M.A., 19.3(5, Brig-
ham Young U.; Ph.D., Calif. Inst, of Tech.,

Married: Mabel, d. of Harry Lionel Bost,

In Salt Lake City (Utah). Sept. 22, 19.36;

ch.: Franklin Stewart, III.

Prof. Record: Grad. Asst., Brigham Young

U., 19,35-.36; Grad. Asst., 19.37-.38, and Re-

.search Asst., since 1938, Calif. Inst, of Tech.


Publications: With J. A. Widtsoe, Seven
Claims of the Book of Mormon (Zion's Print-
ing and Pub. Co., Independence, Mo.), 19.36;
many mag. articles, mostly on popular .sol.
Memberships: Amer. Assn. for the Advance-
ment of Scl., Utah Acad, of Sci., Arts, and
Letters; Delta Phi, Sigma Xi, Si.gma Pi

Religion: Latter-Day Saint (Mormon).

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Reading and hiking.

Bus. Address: California Inst, of Technology,

Pasadena, Calif.

Home Address: 615 So. Molino Ave., Pasa-
dena Calif.

HARRIS, George Albert

Artist, Muralist.

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), Jan. 24. 1913:

s. of Victoria (Rea) and (George A. Harris.

Education: Calif. School of Fine Arts, 1928-


Married: Wilma, d. of Frederick Hogue,
San Francisco (Calif.), 1931; ch.: three now

Prof. Record: Designed and executed murals;
one fresco, one tempera for Coit Tower
(San Francisco), and Woodland (Calif.)
Post Office: has done private portraits and
has exhibited oil paintings, prints and draw-
ings in exihbitions in San Francisco, Los
Angeles, Sacramento, New York and Chicago
for the past eight yrs. Taught professionally
for two and one-half years (oainting and
life drawing) ; has also done lithograph and

Bus. Address: 1945 Pierce St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 1275 Stanyan St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif. •

HARRIS, Mrs. Grace Griffith


Born: Near Santa Rosa (Calif.), May 9,
1885; d. of Ida (Fleming) and Nathaniel
Alvin Griffith.

Education: Santa Rosa primary schs.; Cogs-
well Polytecnic Coll. (San Francisco).

Married: A. O. Harris, Berkeley (Calif.),
Feb. 22, 1939.

Publications: Has had nine paintings repro-
duced in color by the Magazine of Hawaii,
and the Sunset Publishing Co. of Calif.
Memberships: Mem. of Nat. League Amer.
Pen Women; Royal Soc. of Water Colorists

Religion: Bahai (International).
Bus. Address: 2366 Virginia St., Berkelev.
Calif. '•



HARRIS, Harwell Hamilton

Architectural and Industrial Designer.
Born: Redlands (Calif. >, July 2, 1903; s. of
May (Hamiltoni and Frederick Thomas Har-

Education: Pomona Coll.: Otis Art Institute.
Married: Jean Murray, d. of Lydia (Brog-
den") and John Arthur Bangs.
Prof. Record: Secy., Amer. Group of Inter-
nal. Cont^ress of Modern Arch., 1931; first
house, 19,''.4; conducted in Arch. De-
sign. Chouinard Art Inst. (Los Angeles).
1938-39. U. of So. Calif.. 1940. Hon. Men-
tion in House Beautiful competitions, 1934
and 1936; twice winner, first prize. Pitts-
burgh Glass Inst, competition. 1937 and 19,38;
Honor Award. .So. Calif. Chapter A. I. A.,
1937; work exhibited by Cercle des Architects
Modernes, Paris International Exposition
(France), 19,37, U.S. Housing Authority
Exhbn., 1939, Mu.seum of Modern Art, 1939,
Golden Gate Exposition, 1940. Designed
"American at Home" room, New York
World's Fair, 1940.

Publications: Has had his work published
in Amer., English, Swiss, German, and Jap-
anese arch. mags.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: 2404 W. Seventh St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 2311 Fellowship Parkway,
Los Angeles, Calif.

HARRIS, Professor Herbert E.. Ph.B.
M.A., LL.D., Litt.D.

Educator; Director of Extension, Whittier

Born: Ottumwa (Iowa), Sept. 18, 1875; s.
of Delphia (Mayhew) and Allen Rees Harris.
Education: Penn. Coll.; Univ. of CThlcago;
Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: Ph.B., 1901, M.A., 1903. LL.D.,
1931, Penn. College; Litt.D., Whittier Coll.,

Married: Ruth, d. of Ruth (Woodward) and
Dr Barclay Trueblood, Monterey (Calif.),
July 20, 1904; ch.; Mrs. Marjory Ruth Simp-
son and C. Richard.

Prof. Record: Stud. Asst. in English, Penn.
State Coll., 1899-1901; Prof., English, Whit-
tier Coll., 1901-10, Penn. Coll., 1919-20; Prof.
English, 1920-36, Vice-Pres., 1931-33, Actg.
Pres., 1933-34, Dir. of Pub. Relations, 1939-
41, Whittier Coll. Lecturer, Calif. State
Teach. Assn., 1936, U.S., Europe, and Far
East, 1936-39.

Bus. Interests: Rancher, growing flower
seed, walnuts, and alfalfa.
Directorships: Whittier Art Assn.
Publications: Has written travel articles,
short stories, pageants and plays.
Army Record: Camp Secy., Y.M.C.A., March
Field (Calif.), World War I.
Memberships: Rotary Internat. (Oub Pres.,
Dist. (Jov., Chmn., Internat. Serv. Com.)
Religion: Friends.

Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Travel, golf.

Bus. Address: Whittier Coll., Whittier. Calif.
Ho7ne Address: 802 Worsham Dr., Whittier,

HARRIS, Morris Bedford


Born: Albion (111.), Sept. 10. 1866; s. of
Constance (Thomp.son) and Lucius Harris.
Education: Univ. of Ind.; Whittenberg Coll.,
Springfield (Ohio).

Married: Jessie B., d. of Biddle Boggs, in
Springfield (Ohio), Feb. 21, 1889; ch.; Mar-
jorie (Mrs. A. F. Muenter), and Ronald

Prof Record: Sr. Mem., Harris, Willey &
Harris; Roosevelt Presl. Elector, 1904-12;
Mem., State Bd. of Edn.. 1915-16, Calif.
Senate, 1918-26; Chmn., Rep. State Conv.,
1918; Asso. State Dir.. Four Minute Men,
World War I; Pres., Trustees, Calif. State
Normal Sch., 1910-19: Mem., Adv. Bd.,
Fresno State Coll., 1919; Calif. Hwy. Com.,
1927-31: Mem., Calif. R. R. Com., 1931-37,
Pres., Jan., 1936.

Directorships: Rowell-Chandler Corpn.
Memberships: Mayflower Soc; Sons of Amer.
Rev.; Phi Kappa Psi.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: T. W. Patterson Bldg., Fres-
no, Calif.

Home Address: 711 Ashlan Ave., Fresno,



Born: Lincoln County (Okla.), Feb. 12, 1898;
s. of Laura (Broddle) and E. E. Harris.
Education: Calif, schs.; Univ. of Calif.
Married: Johana (formerly Beulah Duffey),
d. of Laura and Claude Duffey.
Compositions: For Symphony Orchestra rPare-
well to Pioneers. When Johnny Comes March-
ing Home, Folk Song Symphony, Three
Symphonic Essays, Fantasia (by Sweelinck.
For String Orchestra: Prelude and Fugue.
For String Quartets: The Art of the Fugue
(transcribed for String Quartet by M. D.
Herter Norton and Roy Harris). For Piano
Quintet: Quintet for Piano and Strings (in
three movements). Choral Compositions:
Christus factus est, Sanctus, A Song for Oc-
cupations, Symphony for Voices (in three
movements). On Poems of Walt Whitman,
Folk Song Symphony (for Orchestra and
Chorus of Mixed Voices), He's Gone Away
(Appalachian folk song).
Awards: Composers Fellowship of the Pasa-
dena Music and Arts Assn.; Twice awarded
Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow-

Memberships: Lotos Club; Amer. Soc. of
C.A.& P.

Religion: Protestant.

Bus. Address: c/o Mills Music Co., 1619
Broadway, New York, N.Y.
Home Address: 21 Chittenden Ave.. Wash-
ington Heights, New York, N.Y.

HARRON, Marion J.. A.B., J.D.
Lawyer, Member, United States Board of
Tax Appeals.



Bom: Snn Francisco (Cnllf.). Sept. 3, 19(W;
d. of Mrs. Charles Merrill Ilnrron.
Education: Girls High Sch., San Francisco
(Calif.), 1916-20; Univ. of Calif. (Berkelev),

Degrees: A.B.. 1921, J.D., 1926, Univ. of

Prof. Record: Admitted to the of the
State of Calif.. Aug., 1926; Rcneral practice
Of law. 1926-36; Mem. of Faculty, Inst,
for the Study of Law, Johns Hopkins Univ.,
1928-29; A.sst. Council, Nat. Recovery Ad-
min., Washington (D.C.), 19.33-,35; Regional
Custodian of Rehabilitation Corps., Resettle-
ment Admin., 19,3,'5-36. Specialist in t.ixatlon,
trusts, corporation law, banking, bankruptcy,
corporate reorganizations; apptd. to U.S.
Boc.rd of Tax Appeals by Pres. Franklin D.
Roosevelt for term of 12 years in 1936; as
a Mem. of Bd., serves in judicial capacity in
hearing and deciding appeals on Federal in-
come, estate and gift tax.
PubJicatinns: Current Legal Research in the
United States (Johns Hopkins Press).
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta
Delta ; Prytanean Soc.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Riding, hiking, tennis, piano.
Bus. Address: U.S. Board of Tax Appeals,
Washington, D.C.
Home Address: Berkeley, Calif.

HARSHMAN, The Reverend Charles
William. A.B., B.S., S.T.B., Ph.D.
Clergyman (retired).

Born: Trumbull County (Ohio), Dec. 14,
1S5S; s. of Susanna (Jones) and CJeorge
Washington Harshman.

Education: Western Reserve Seminary, West
Farmington (Ohio) ; Mount Union Coll., Al-
liance (Ohio) ; Boston Univ. (Mass.)
Degrees: B.S., 1882, A.B., 1883, Western
Reserve Seminary; S.T.B., Boston U., 1888;
Ph.D., Mt. Union Coll., 1893, Boston Univ.,

Married: Avanelle C, d. of Carrie (Stoney)

and Thomas Cory, West Lafavette (Ind.),

June 23, 1891; ch.: Lieut. Colonel Clarence

C. (U.S. Army, Ordnance Dept.), Bessie H.

(Mrs. Baldwin M. Woods, Berkeley, Calif.),

and Harry C. (Englewood, N.J.)

Prof. Record: Ordained Minister active in

pastoral work from 1884-1924; from 1888 to

1890, Pres., Orange River Coll., Orange

City (Fla.); for many years, a lecturer on

Chautauqua and similar circuits; active

worker for legal restrictions on alcoholic


Publications: Christian Giving . (Methodist

Book Concern); The Harshman Fayiiily, A

(Genealogy (Institute Press. Gardena, Calif.)

Religion : Methodist.

Politics: Variable.

Recreations: Golf, oil painting, traveling.

Home Address: 135 Hillside Ave., Piedmont.


HARSHMAN, Lieut. Colonel Clarence
Cory U.S.Army, B.S.

Lieut. Colonel, Ordnance Dept., U.S. Army.

Born: Bristolville (Trumbull Co.. Ohio),

Nov. 22, 1893; s. of Avanelle (Cory) and
The Rev. Dr. Charles William Harshman.
^duration: Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley).
Degrees: B.S. (In Elec. Engrg.), Univ. of
Calif., 1914.

Married: Naomi, d. of Hatlle (Wert) and
John William Helfrich, In Los Angeles
(Calif.), Aug. 1, 1925.

Prof. Record: Valuation Engr., H. T. and
C. L. Cory, Con.sulting Engrs., 1914-17;
Elec. and Mech. Engr., .Standard Oil Co. of
Calif, at El Segundo Refinery, 1923-29,
buyer of Electrical and Refinery Machinery
and Equipment, same Co. (San Francisco),

Directorships: Secy, and Treas., San Fran-
cisco Post, Army Ordnance Assn.
Army Service: Enlisted, Officers Training
Camp, San Francisco, 1917; commissioned
2nd Lt., Regular Army, 1917; served as 2nd
Lt., 1st Lt., and Capt., Regular Army,
until resignation, accepted 1922; service in
Coast Artillery, Air Corps and Ordnance
Dept. Appointed Capt., Ordnance Dept. Re-
serve, 1923; promoted to Major, 19.30, to
Lt. Col., 1939; ordered to active service,
Sept., 1940, in which capacity he is now

Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, gardening, genealogy.
Bus. Address: The Armory, 1800 Mission
St., San Francisco, Calif.
Home Address: 135 Hillside Ave., Piedmont,

HART, Ann Clark (Mrs. Jerome A.


Born: San Francisco (Calif.), April 3rd; d.

of Alice Ann (Duncan) and William Squire


Education: Private tutors, and Univ. of Calif.


Degrees: LL.B., Univ. of Calif., 1895;


Married: Jerome A. Hart (dec. Jan. 3, 1937).

Publications: Abraham, Clark: Signer of the

Declaration of Independence; Clark's Point,

San Francisco; Laurel Hill.

Memberships: Burlingame Country Club;
State Bar of Calif.; Com. on Historic Prop-

Recreations: GoU, photography.

Home Address: 138 Yerba Buena St., San
Francisco, Calif.

HART, Professor Frank William, A.B.,

Ph.D., LL.D.
Professor of Education, University of Calif-
ornia (Berkeley).

Born: Quincy (Ind.), Nov. 17, 1881; s. of
FloYence Amanda (Smith) and William
Henry Hart.

Education: High Sch., Gosport (Ind.); Ind.
Univ.; Columbia Univ. (N.Y.)
Degrees: A.B., Ind. U., 1908; Ph.D., Colum-
bia, 1920; LL.D., U. of Melbourne, 1938.
Married: Louise Rosseel Gibbs of Detroit
(Mich.), Dec. 25, 1912; ch.: Louise Rosseel.

Prof. Record: Teacher and Prin., High Sch.,



Prescott (Ariz.), 1908-16; Assoc. Instr..
Teachers Coll., Columbia. 1917-20; Exec.
Secy , Nat. Soc. for Promotion of Vocational
Edn.,' 1918; Assoc. Prof, of Edn., U. of
Calif 1920-25; Prof, since 1925; Visiting
Prof' of Edn., Teachers Coll., Columbia,
1925 spring semester, 1932; Lecturer, sum-
mer session, Geo. Peabody Coll. for Teachers,
Nashville (Tenn.1, 1920, U. of Wyo , 1926,
Utah Agr. Coll., 1928-30, Mem. of Staff,
Survey of Chicago Public Schools, 1932; Del-
egate" Internat. Conf. Edn. (auspices. New
Edn. Fellowship, Eng.) Australia, New Zea-
land, 19.37; Mem., N.E.A.

Publications: A Standard State School
Building Code. 1924; (with Geo. D. Strayer
and N L. Engelhardfi, Problems in Educa-
tion Administration, 1925; (with L. H. Peter-
son) Teachers' Salaries in San Francisco
(a survey and professional salary scale);
Teachers'and Teaching, by 10,000 High Sch.
Seniors, 1934; has made many county, dis-
trict and city school surveys and written
reports on same; Contributor to Amer. Sch.
Bd., Journal. , etc. Educational Consultant
on school planning.

Memberships; Phi Delta Kappa: Mason; Bo-
hemian (San Francisco), and Faculty (Ber-
keley) clubs.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Univ. of CaUfornia. Berkeley,

Home Address: 8850 Terrace Dr.. El Cerrito,

HART, William LeHoy

City Judge.

Born: Fremont (Neb.), Apr. 15. 1890; s. of
Emma E. (Heming) and William Francis

Education: V.'olbach and Fermoit (Neb.).
Married: Eleanor Church Fursman, d. of
V/illiam Lockhart Church, at Tijuana (Me.-
ico). May 20, 1931.

Prof Record: Engaged in stock business and
ranching in Neb. and Wyo. prior to World
War I; operated a ranch in Idaho (near
Boise) after war until end of 1922; moved
to Los Angeles and entered decorating busi-
ness in 1923, remained until 1930, when
comolete breakdown of health forced retire-
ment; entered real estate in Oceanside
(Calif.), 1932; apptd.. City Judge, 1931.
Army Record: Enlisted June 12, 1917, dis-
charged July 28, 1919; trained in Texas with
18th and 20th F.A.; went into hatt'e m
St. Die-Strassbourgh sector, finished in Metz-
Argonne sector (direct descendant of Ed-
mund Hart, builder of U.S.S. Constitution!.
Awards: Verdun Medal (French).
Memberships: Amer. Legion.
Recreations: Fishing, gardening.
Bus. Address: City Court. Third and Nevada
Sts., Oceanside, Calif.

Home Address: 820 No. Nevada St., Ocean-
side, Calif., and 303 So. Hill St., Oceanside.
Calif. *

HARTLEY, Edith Dykstra

Instructor in Voice, Occidental College.
Born: Bethlehem (N.Y.); d. of Margaret
(Boar) and Dr. Lawrence Dykstra.

Education: Studied music in N.Y.C., Ch\-

cago. Grand Rapids (Mich.), Los Angeles
(Calif.); Pomona Coll. (Calif.); Conserva-
tory of Music, Rochester (N.Y.).
Married: Walter E., s. of Dr. R. H. Hart-
ley, Grand Rapids (Mich.); ch.: Faith.
Prof Record: Teacher of Voice, Grand Rap-
ids Pomona, and Occidental Colls.; Church
and Concert Soloist; Asso. Leader with Bu-
reau of Univ. Travel.

Memberships: Sigma Alpha Iota, Delta Kap-
pa Lambda.
Religion: Episcopal.
Recreatidns: Golf, antiques.
Bits. Address; 1600 Campus Rd., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

Home Address: 1873 Campus Rd., Los Ange-
les, Calif.

HARTLEY. Joseph Alexander, B.S.

President, Braun Corporation.
Born: Near Lincoln (Neb.), Aug. 21, 1883;
s. of Flora (Alexander) and Alfred Atwood

Education: Los Angeles City Schools; Los
Angeles High School; Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: B. S., Univ. of Calif., 1907.
Married: Helen Collier, d. of Sadie and
Ralph E. Muncy, at Los Angeles (Calif,),
Aug. 29, 1907; ch.: Alfred Alexander and
Helen Patricia.

Bus. Record: With F. W. Braun & Co.,
wholesale drugs (Los Angeles). 1901-03;
attending Univ. of Calif., 1903-07; Garvin
Cyanide Ext. & Dev. Co. (In Charge of ore
testing plant), 1907-08; (Mill Mgr.), Gold
Road M. & M. Co., Galice (Ore.), 1908-09.
Returned to Braun Corpn., 1909; Mem. of
Bd , Secy., and In Charge of the Edn. Dept.,
Sales, later became Purchasing Agt., Sales
Mgr , 1923, Vice-Pres., 1925, Pres., 1928—;
Pres., Pac. Wholesale Radio, Inc., 1925-30;
Pres., L. A. Radio Jobbers Assn., 1925-28;
Pres.! Radio Trades Assn. (L.A.), 1926.
Directorships: Dir., Los Angeles Chamber of
Comm., 1928—; Pres., L. A. Chamber of
Comm., 1941; Dir. and Vice-Pres., Merchants
and Manufacturers Assn., 1940; Dir., All
Year Club of So. Calif.; Dir., Scientific Ap-
paratus Makers of Amer., 1930-41; Dir.,
L. A. YMCA, 1923—.

Memberships: Delta Upsilon, Phi Lambda
Upsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi; Univ.,
Calif Wilshire Country, and L. A. Rotary
(Pres 19.37-38) clubs; Amer. Chemical Soc;
Amer. Inst, of Mining and Metallurgical En-

Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Amateur photography, golf,

Bus. Address: 2260 E. 15th St., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 126 So. Irving Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

HARTLEY, Professor Walter E., A.B.,
Mus.B., F.A.G.O.

Director of Department of Music, and Pro-
fessor of Organ and Theory, Occidental

Born: Wilmington (OhW), 1883; s. of Mary
Elizabeth (Hammond) and Dr. R. H. Hartley.



Education: Wabash Coll. (Crnwfordsvlllc,
Incl.). Yale.

Degrees: A.B.. 1908, Mus.B., 1910, Yale;
F.A.G.O., 1923.

Married: EcUlh, d. of Rev. Lawrence Dykslra,
Grand Rapids (Mich.), 1912; ch.; Faith

Prof. Record: Organist and Choirmaster: St.
Marks Pro-Cathedral, Grand Rapids (Mich.),
Pilgrim Congregational Church, Pomona
(Calif.), 1915-26. First M.E. Church, Pasa-
dena (Calif.) 1927-;n; Prof, of Organ and
Theory, Pomona Coll., Claremont (Calif.)
1915-26, Occidental Coll. since 1926.
Publications: Songs and Anthems (H. W.
Gray Co., N.Y.C.)
Memberships.- Delta Tau Delta.
Religion: Episcopal.

Recreations: Tennis, bridge, carpentry, put-

Bus. Address: 1600 Campus Rd., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 2007 Ridgeview Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

HARTSHORN, William Coleman. B.M.E.

Assistant Supervisor of Music, Los Angeles
Citv Schools and Instructor of Music, Univ.
of So. Calif.

Born: Weiser (Idaho), Jan. 12, 1907, s. of
Martha Ellen (Duncan) and Albert Walker

Education: Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: B.M.E. , U. of So. Calif., 1932.
Married: Alma Frances, d. of Ored Nillson
Alvin, Los Angeles.

Prof. Record: Organist and Choir Dir., Ver-
mont Square Methodist Church, 1928 — ;
Instr. in Music, Beverly Hills High School,
1928-35; Instr. in Music and Head of the
Music Dept., University High School, 1935-
1937; Asst. Supervisor of Music, Los Angeles
City Scohols, 1937 — : Tvlem., summer session
Faculty of U. of So. Calif., 1930—; Exten-
sion Lecturer, 1936 — .

Publications: Making Friends with Music,
six volumes, Hartshorn-Leavitt (pub. Girni &

Fraternities: Pi Kappa Lambda, Phi Kappa
Phi, Phi Mu Alpha.
Religion : Methodist.

Bus. Address: 1205 W. Pico Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 1817 W. 42nd St., Los An-
geles, Calif. *



Born: Ogden (Ohio), Sept. 23, 1860; s. oi

Nancy (J.Ioore) and William Penn Harvey.

Education: Cincinnati Art Acad.; Acad^mie
Julien and Academie Delacluse (Paris) ; under
Fremet for sculpture of animals at Jardin
des Plantes.

Married: Edith, d. of Julia E. and Wm. H. H.
James, Montclair (N.J.), 1925.

Prof. Record: Public Commissions; sculptural
decoration for Lion House, New York Zoologi-
cal Soc. ; Eaton Memorial (Toronta, Canada),
large standing elk for B.P.O.E., figures for
Court House (Youngst6\vn, Ohio) ; sculptural
features for Evangeline Blashfield Memorial

(N.Y.C); eagles for Victory Arch (Fifth
Ave., N.Y.); medal for Numismatic .Soc. (in
c<»mmemoratlon of America's declaration of
war on Germany, I'JUit ; portrait models of
race "Tencrlffc," J. C. Ponney's bull
"Foremost," of "Dinah," gorilla (life size),
for N.Y. Zoological .Soc, of Normandy buTl
and Texas steer for Exposition at St. Louis,
and eight fool standing bear for mascot,
Brown Univ. (Providence, R.I.).
Exhibited: At annual Paris Salons; various
Amer. Expositions: Natl. Acad. (N.Y.), Phil-
adelphia Acad., Chicago Art Institute, Soc.
of Arts and Crafts (Detroit), Arch. League
(N.Y.), Allied Artists of Amer. Natl. Sculp-
ture Soc, Calif. Art Club, Carmclita House
(Pasadena), Ebell Club (L.A.), L.A. Mu-
seum at Exposition Park, Laguna Beach Art

Work in Permanent Collections: Metropoli-
tan Mu.seum of Art (N.Y.); Cincinnati Mu-
seum; Museum, Newark (N.J.); City Art
Museum (St. Louis) ; Cranbrodk Museum,
Bloomfield Hills (Mich.); Brookgreen Gar-
dens (S.C); Natl. Museum of Art, Washing-
ton (D.C.); L.A. Museum at Exposition Park

AuKirds: John V/anamaker prize for marble
lion at Amer. Art Assn. exhibition (Paris),
1900; Gold Medal for painting "Orpheus
Charming the Animals' at "Paris et Prov-
inces Exposition," 1900; medals for sculp-
ture in bronze at Pan-Amer. Exposition
(Buffalo), 1901. St. Louis Exposition, 1904,
Panama-Pac. Exposition, 1915.

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