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Memberships: N.Y. Zoological Soc. (life
mem.); N.Y. Architectural League (life
mem.); Soci^t^ Nationale des Beaux-Arts
(Assoc, mem.) Paris (France).
Religion: Mem. Soc. of Friends (Quakers).
Home Address: 130 (Zhampion PI., Alhambra,

HARVEY, Galen Miller (Stub)

Whittier College Student Productions Com-

Born: Berkeley (Calif.), March 20, 1906; s.
of Alice (Miller) and Seth Harvey.
Education: Coll. of the Pacific; San Fran-
cisco State Coll.; Whittier Coll.
Prof. Record: Organist, Hotel Leamington,
Oakland (Calif.); Organist and Mus. Dir.,
Drake's Restaurant, Berkeley (Calif.); Con-
cert Dir., Hotel Oakland (Calif.); Corres-
pondent for Sacramento Bee (at Lassen Co.,
Calif.), 1936; Pub. Dir., Hoberg's Resort,
Lake Co., (Calif.); Founder, Calif. Compos-
ers Soc, 19.32; Radio Editor: Pacific Weekly
(Coll. of the Pac), 1938-39; The Golde-tt
Gater (S.F. State Coll.), 1939; Quaker Cam-
pus (Whittier Coll.), 1940; Reporter, Sacra-
mento Bee, and Stockton Independent (own
DUblishers). Promotion Dir., Athletic Dept.,
Coll. of the Pac, 1938-39; Founder and Dir.,
Bovs and Girls Club, Westwood (Lassen Co.,
Calif.), 1938; Whittier Coll. Student Produc-
tions Composer, 1940 — .

Directorships : Founder and Dir., Calif. Com-
posers Soc, and Founder (defunct), Peralta
Community Players.

Memberships: Phi Delta Fraternity, The
Squires (Whittier Coll.)
Religion: Quaker (The Soc. of Friends).
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Music, letter writing, tennis,
leading boys and girls clubs in campfire



Home and Bus. Address: 616 Aileen St., Oak-
land, Calif.

HARVEY, The Reverend Gerald Bush-
nell. A.B., B.D.
Minister, First Methodist Church.
Born- Plainfield (Wis.t, Oct. 28, 1901; s. of
Esther (BushnelO and The Reverend Fred-
erick H. Harvey (Methodist Minister).
Education: Hamline Univ., St. Paul (Minn.) ;
Garrett Biblical Inst.; School of Religion,
Northwestern Univ. (Evanston, 111.).
Degrees: A.B., Hamline U., 1923; B.D.,
Garrett Biblical Inst., 1928.
Married: Arietta W., d. of Jennie and Jo-
seph Christman, Tony (Wis.), Sept. 4, 1928;
ch. ; Walter Merrill and Thomas Malcom.
Prof. Record: Methodist Pastorates in Wis-
consin, Kingman and Somerton (Ariz.),
Bravvley (Calif.); three years Asso. Pastor at
First Methodist Church (Los Angeles), with
Dr. Roy L. Smith, formerly weekly contribu-
tor of column in Zion's Herald (pub. Boston,
Mass.); now. Minister, First Methodist
Church, Monrovia (Calif.)
Directorships: Pres., Bd. of The Latin Amer.
Mission of the Methodist Church (a corpora-
tion holding and managing the property of
all Methodist Churches for Latin Speaking
peoples in the eleven western states), 1936 — ;
Missionarv-Sectv., Pasadena Dist. of the
Methodist Church; Mem. Bd. of Missions, and
Bd. of Conference Relations, So. Calif. -Ariz.
Conf. of the Methodist Church.
Publications: Modern Messages From Ancient

Memberships: Y's Men's Club (Monrovia
Chapter) ; Masonic Lodge.
Politics: Non-partisan.
Recreations: Hiking.

Bus. Address: 315 So. Ivy Ave.. Monrovia,
Calif. *

HARVEY. Milburn Gregory, LL.B.
Lawj'er, U. S. Commissioner for the So.
District of California.

Born: Ukiah (Calif.), Oct. 6. 1901, s. of
Edith (Gregory) and John A. Harvey.
Edu.cation: Stanford Univ. and College of
Law, Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: LL.B., U. of So. Calif., 1924.
Married: Gladys, d. of Mary J. Feerrar, Los
Angeles, Nov. 11, 1924; ch. : Ann and Milburn
G., Jr.

Prof. Record: Mem., law firm of Harvey,
Rimel & Harvev; U.S. Commr., for the So.
District of Calif.; City Attorney of the City
of Laguna Beach, Calif.

Directorships: Secy, and Dir., Reliance Title
Co., Santa Ana (Calif.)

Memberships: Delta Upsilon (Stanford U.);
Sigma Nu Phi (legal).
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Hunting, fishing.

Bus. Address: Reliance Bldg., Santa Ana,


Home Address: 2467 Riverside Dr., Santa

Ana, Calif. *

HASBROUCK, Gertrude S.

staff Lecturer, American Institute of Family

Born: Providence (R.I.); d. of Clara Clark
(Mitchell) and Eddy Mason Shaw.
Education: Providence (special work in Bos-
ton and New York).
Married: Ira D. Hasbrouck (dec.)
Prof. Record: Has had many years of experi-
ence in Federal, State, and City, Departments
of Health, Education, and Social Hygiene
over a wide area in the U.S. and Eastern
Canada; following are some of the positions
she has held: Wis. State Dept. of Health,
cooperating with the Maternity Division of
Children's Bur. U.S. Department of Labor;
Executive Secty., Child Welfare, R.I. Council
of Nat. Defense; State Wide Child Welfare
Specialist, Extension Dept. (R.I. State Coll.);
Social Hygiene Lecturer, Community Health
Council, Cleveland (Ohio) ; Field Secty., Nat.
Child Welfare Assn.; Dir. of Education,
Earnshaw Publications, Newton (Mass.);
Mem. of the R.I. State Bd. Penal Charitable
Commn., for Dependent Children; Pupil Asst.
Supt., Nurses Training School (R.I. Hospi-
tal); Past Pres. of the R.I. State Federation
of Women's Clubs.

Publications: Author of three booklets on
infant care, used in public schs.; a corres-
pondence course in Mothercraft Education;
a booklet, Chats with Expectant Fathers.
Religion: Unitarian
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: American Institute of Family
Relations, 607 So. Hill Street, Los Angeles,

Home Address: 1055 No. Kingsley Dr., Los
Angeles, Calif.

HASSENSTEIN. W(alter) K(urt) Max,


President, Movie Cosmetics Company, Inc.,
and Owner, Hassenstein Company.
Born: Berlin (Germany), March 18, 1898; s.
of Amanda Agnes Gertrud (Fels) and Fedor
Paul Hugo Hassenstein.

Education: Public schs. and Inst, of Tech.
(Berlin, Germany).

Degrees: Ph.D., National Electronic Inst.,

Married: Emma, d. of Marianne (Prellisaueri
and Konrad Madlener, Sm Fi-ancisco (Calif.),

Bus. Record: Wholesale and export in Berlin,
1919-29; manufacturer and distributor in
Hollywood, 1929 — : Pres., Movie Cosmetics
Co., Inc.; Owner, Hassenstein Co.
Army Record: Construction Engineer with
German Flying Corps, 1916-18.
Religion: Lutheran.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing, riding, winter sports.
Bus. Address: 653-57 No. Arden Blvd., Holly-
wood, Calif.

Home Address: 116 No. Lucerne Blvd., Hol-
lywood, Calif.

HATFIELD. Dalzell H.

Owner and Director, Dalzell Hatfield Gal-

Born: Pittsburg (Pa.), Oct. 23, 1893; s. of
Evelyn and William Harry Hatfield.
Education: Public schs. of Pittsburgh and St.



Married: Uulh, (I. of William Leonklas Mus-
scy, Hollywood (Calif, i, Feb. 24, V.UC.
Prof. Record: BcKaii lecturlnj,' on Amprlcun
Arl and st'llinR Aniorlcan and Kiiropean
palntinK-s In i;)'_'0; lia.s conlinuod thi.s work
until the prosenl lime in praclically every
Stale of the Union, u.sinK I,o.s AnKele.s as
Gallery Headquarters; Owner and Dir., Dal-
zell Hatnold Galleries, Ambassador Hotel.
Los Angeles (Calif.)

Publications: Millard Sheets (book on art).
Memberships: Jonathan and California Art
(L.A.), and Beverly Hills Tennis clubs; Mu-
seum Patrons Assn. of L.A. ; Patrons Assn.,
Museum of Modern Art (N.Y.C.) ; Asso. Mem.,
Amer. Federation of Arts.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreatio7is : Tennis, swimming, golf.
Bus. Address: Ambassador Hotel, Los An-
geles, Calif.

HATHAWAY. Jr.. Charles Montgomery.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Diplomat (retired).

Born: Deposit (N.Y.), March 31, 1874; s. of

Eliza (Grant) and Charles Montgomery


Education: Yale University.

Degrees: A.B., 1899; M.A., 1901; Ph.D.,

1902, Yale U.

Married: Frances Elizabeth, d. of Gen. A. J.
Warner, Marietta (Ohio), Sept. 1, 1904; ch. :
Elbridge Warner.

Prof. Record: Instr. in English, Adelphi
Coll., (Brooklyn, N.Y.), 1902-03 and Colum-
bia Univ. (N.Y.), 1903-05; Instr. in Eng. and
Law, U. S. Naval Acad. (Annapolis, Md.),
1905-11; Amer. Foreign Serv., 1911-39; serv-
ing successively at Puerto Plata (D.R,), Hull
(England), Queenstown (Ireland), Budapest
(Hungary), Bombay (India), and Dublin (Ire-
land) as Consul; also at Dublin (Ireland),
and Munich (Germany) as Consul General;
retired March 31, 1939.

Publications: Edited, Ben Jonson's Alchem-
ist (N.Y.,) 1903.

Home Address: Ortega Hill Rd., Summerland,

HATTERSLEY. Professor Linn W.. A.B.,
B.D., M.A.

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Pasadena

Junior College.

Born: Cincinnati (Ohio), Nov. 21, 1885; s. of

Mary (Bowman) and C. M. Hattersley.

Education: Denison Univ. (Granville, Ohio);

Rochester Theological Seminary; Univ. of


Degrees: A.B., Denison U., 1909; B.D.,
Rochester Theo. Sem., 1912; M.A., U. of
Chicago, 1919.

Married: Ruth, d. of Lucy (Brown) and Dr.
J. H. Gilmore, Rochester (N.Y.), May 13,
1912; ch. .- Marion Hattersley Hearn, Paul G.,
Joe, and Marshall.

Prof. Record: Educational missionary in
Burma, India (with furloughs in Amer.),
under the Amer. Bap. For. Miss. Soc, 1912-
26; Teacher in Pasadena Jr. Coll., 1926-39;
Exchange Prof, of Philosophy, Denison Univ.,
(Granville, Ohio), 1939-40; Asso. Prof, of
Philosophy, Pasadena Jr. Coll. 1940—.

Directomhips: Mem. Bd. of Tru.stceH, Univ. of
Kedlands (Calif.).

PublicationH: William JamvH Prize Ennay (U.
So. Calif.), 1936.

Mcmhcrships: Phi Delta Kappa. PI Epsllon

'I'hela, Amer. Phil. Assn.; Pa.sadena New

Century Club.

Religion: Baptist.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Camping with house trailer.

Bus. Address: Pasadena Junior Coll., Pasa-

Home Address: 1038 Elizabeth St., Pasadena,

Barbara Woolworth

Patron of the Arts; Philanthropist.

Born: 2 E. 80th St., New York (N.Y.), Nov.

14, 1912; d. of Edna (Woolworth) and

Franklyn Laws Hutlon.

Education: Chateau de Mont Choisi (Lau-

zanne, Switzerland) ; Miss Porter's Sch.

(Farminglon, Conn.); Miss Hewitt's Classes


Married: Count Court Haugwitz-Reventlow
(now divorced), s. of Count George Haug-
witz, at Reno (Nev.), May 14, 1935; ch. :
Lance (b. London, Eng., Feb. 24, 1936).
Religion: Christian, High Church of Eng.
Politics: Conservative.

Recreations: Music; literature; art; collecting
Chinese paintings, jade, porcelains, Persian
carpets; tennis; swimming; travel in the Far

Home Address: "Winfield House," Regents
Park, N.W.I., London, England, and 1004
Hartford Way, Beverly Hills, Calif.

HAUSWIRTH, Frieda, A.B. (pen name:
Frieda Hauswirth Das)

Writer, Painter.

Bom: Switzerland, 1886; d. of Maria Mag-
dalena (Reuteler) and Karl Emanuel Haus-

Education: Stanford Univ., (Calif.); Bern
and Zurich Universities (Switzerland, one yr.
each) ; received art training at San Francisco
Art Sch., and in Paris.

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1910.
Prof. Record: As Painter.- Illustrated the
Juvenile Leaphome ; E.xhibited in the Salon des
Beaux Arts, Grand Salon (Paris), 1926, under
name of Frieda Hauswirth Das; has partici-
pated in many exhibitions in U.S.A. and
India; held one-man exhibitions in Boston,
N.Y., S.F., and London; Brooklyn Museum
bought an aquarell in 1931, State of Mysore
Museum bought two in 1928.

Publications: Marriage to India (Vanguard,
N.Y.), 1930; Purdah, the Status of Indian
Women (Kegan Paul, London), 1932; Leap-
home and Gentlebrawn (Dent and Sons, Lon-
don), 1932; Into the Sun (Dent and Sons,
London), 1933; Die Lotusbraut (Rotapfel,
Zuerich and Leipzig), 1938; Allmutter Kaveri
(Rotapfel, Zuerich and Leipzig), 1939.
Recreation : Gardening.
Religion: Philosophic Monism.

Home Address: 11 El Portal Court, Berkeley,



HAVENSTRITE, Russell Easton

Oil Producer.

Horn- Lovell (Okla.), Mar. 18, 1896; s. of

fennie M (Stirk) and Jacob W. Havenstrite.

Education: Crescent (Okla.) High Sch. ; ChiUi-

cothe (Mo.) Bus. Coll.

Married: Edith, d of Ophelia White at San

Francisco (Calif.), July 19. 1919- ^n..


BUS. Record: Mem. of firm, Havenstrite and

R-ikPr Drilling Contractors, 1920-26, aD-

forbed bv new Corp., Calif. Western Oil Co.,

ttd Or^anTzer and Mgr., Iniskin Drilling Co.,

1935', for development of oil in Alaska^ ""^^

Independent Oil Producer under name of R.

E. Havenstrite, Operator.

nirpctorshivs ■ Pres.. Calif. Western Oil Co..

Sir lnfsk[n Drilling Co Three Miners, Inc

Knivuh Mining Co., 811 W. 7th M., tsiug.

Corp Dir Oil Producers Agency; Republic

Pelroleur^ Co., and Ind. Pet. Assn. of Amer.

Armv Service: Air Service, Nov 3, 1917;
mscharged, Jan. 20, 1919; was appomted
2nd Lieut. Air Service Res. Corps.

Memberships: Bohemian (Sf.). Calif orma

(L.A.), Midwick Country (L. A), Bankers

N.Y.), Uplifters (Santa Monica), and L.A.

Athletic clubs.

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Polo, golf, big-game hunting,

and fishing.

Bus. Address: 811 W. Seventh St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 301 Carolwood Dr. Holmby

Hills, Los Angeles, Calif.

HAV\/'KES. (Mrs.) Edith Granger. A.B.

Editor (retired); Clubwoman.

Born- Chicago (lU.O, Oct. 8, 1869; d. of

Martha J (Munsell) and Ransom E. Granger.

Education: Public schs. (Chicago, 111.);

Smith Coll.

Degrees: A.B., Smith Coll., 1891.

Married: William Hawkes (div.), at Santa

Rosa (Calif.), 1908; ch. : one daughter.

Bus. Record: Editorial work in Publishing

house of A. C. McClurg and Co. 1893-1905.

Postmaser, Fulton (Calif.), 1921-39.

Publications: Granger's Index <o Ppftrj/ ond

Recitations (A. C. McClurg and Co ), 1905
(revised edition several yrs. later), also oc-
casional poems and articles.
Memberships: Saturday A"ernoon Club (San-
ta Rosa;) Amer. Assn. of University Women,
and Leakue of Western Writers (Sonoma Co.
Branch) .

Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Home Address: 630 Spencer Ave.. Santa Rosa.

HAWKES. Ernest William. A.B., M.A.,

Head, Biology Department. Glendale Junior

Born: Ashfield (Mass.), July 19, 1881; s. of
Edlah (Gurney) and Enos Smith Hawkes.
Education: Dakota Wesleyan Univ., Colum-
bia Univ.; Univ. of Pa.; Umv. of Wash.;

Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles; Univ. So.
Calif. Cgrad. work).

Deorees- A.B., Dakota Wesleyan U.. 1900;
M.A.. 1913. Ph.D., 1915, U. of Pa.
Married.- Anita, d. of Esther Anderson; ch. :
Kenneth, Luella, and Charles (adopted).
Prof. Record: Formerly with U. S. Bureau of
Edn., Alaska Service, 1909-12; Canadian Ge-
ological Survey, 1915; Res. Fellow and Lec-
ture, Columbia U. and U. of Pa., 1916-1',
Adi Prof U. of Tex., 1919; Coorainator,
Veterans Bureau, 1920-23; Head Biology
Dept., Glendale Jr. Coll., 1928—; Mem., Nat.
Res. Council, during World War I.
Publications : Author : Inviting-In Feast of the
Alaskan Eskimo, 1913; Eskimo Land, 1914;
Dance Festivals of the Alaskan Eskimo, 1914;
The Labrador Eskimo, 1916; A Prelenape Site
in New Jersey, 1916; Skeletal Measurements
of Point Barrow Eskimo, 1916; Kratz Greek
Mound Group (with S. A. Barrett), 1919;
Orientation for College Freshmen (with K. L,.
Johns), 1929; Wood Gods (poems), 1935;
Interpretations, 1936; Sorigs of the Redwood
Highway, 1939; Antiphonies. 1940; Editor:
Guide to Astronomy, 1932; Guide to General
Biology, 1932.

Army Service: 1st Lieut., U. S. Army, dur-
ing World War I.

Memberships: Amer. Anthropol. Assn.; Inter-
nat Congress Americanists; Amer. Legion;
Cosmopolitan and Del Mar Clubs.
Bus. Address: Glendale Jr. College, Glendale,

HAWKINS. Bellwood Chase

Judge of Superior Court, State of California.

Born: Hollister (Calif.), Sept. 21, 1885; s.

of Emma (Chase) and N. A. Hawkins.

Education: U. of Calif (19()4-06); U. of

Mich. (1906-07); Stanford U. (1907-08).

Married: Pearl, d. of Nellie and Charles

Minniear, Modesto (Cahf.), July b. 1910. ch. .


Prof. Record: Mgr.. Modesto Title Abstract

Co.. 1908-17; admitted to Bar of Calif.,

1917- practiced law at Modesto (Calif.),

1917-26- Police Judge and Justice of Peace at

Modesto, 1926-35; elected Judge of Superior

Court, State of Calif.. 1935, and still retams

that position.

Memberships: Phi Kappa Psi; Modesto Lodge

No 1282, B.P.O.E. (Past E.xalted Ruler and

Past District Deputy); Stanislaus Lodge No.

206, F. and A. M. (Past Master).

Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting and fishing.

Bus. Address: Court House. Modesto. Calif.

Home Address: 1105-14th St., Modesto, Calif.*

HAWKINS. Nicholas Andrew. A.B.,

M.A., LL.B.


Born: Crawford Co. (Mo.). May 31, 1856;

s of Margaretta (Fraizer) and Nicholas

Hawkins (both of Ky.)

Education: Pacific Methodist Coll. (Santa

Rosa, Calif.); Union Univ.; Albany (N.Y.)

Law Sch.

Degrees: A.B., 1877, M.A 1881, Pacific

IViethodist Coll.; LL.B.. Albany Law Sch..


Married: Emma E., d. of George E. Chase;



eh. : .Tared Waldo (Attorney-at-Luw), and
Bellvvood Chase (Judge, Superior Court, Mo-
desto, Calif.)

Prof. Record: BeKan practice at HolUster,
Oct. 1, 1879; Dlst. Atty., San Benito Co.,
1882-8(5; removed to Woodland, Jan. 1, 1887,
and practiced there until Jan. 1, 1915; Mom.
of the Legislature, .{(Jth Dlst., 1905 and
extra session 1906: Introduced and fathered
the bill for establishing the Univ. Farm at
Davis, Calif.; Superior Judge. Yolo Co.. Jan.
1, 1909 to Dec. 31, 1914; Chmn., Local Ex-
emption Bd., Stanislaus Co., during World
War I.

Memberships: /ndepndent Order of Odd Fel-
lows. Woodland Lodge No. Ill; Woodman of
the World (43 yrs.)

Religion: Methodist Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Gardening and motoring.
Home Address: Modesto, Calif.

Tiihxthn of Lonely IIouhc, VX'A; Youth'n Cap-
tain Life of Ralph Waldo liinernon, I9:i5; Knot
MilU of the Itockiex fwlth E. B. Mills*, 19.35;
Poet of C'raigie fl'/use, The Life of Lonf/fel-
low, 193(5; On the Golden Trail, 19.30; Phan-
tom King, The Life of Napoleon' h Hon, 19.37;
Rising Thunder, The Life of Jack Jouett,
19.57; The Miniature's Secret . 19.'18; The
Happy Autocrat, A Life of Oliver Wendell
Holmes, 19.3.S; Romantic Cities of California,
1939; No Road Too Long, 1940; Concord' h
Happy Rebel (H. D. Thorean), 1940; Wil-
liamsburg Old and New, 1941. Contributor of
poems, short stories and articles to magj.
Ar7ny Service: Engaged in war work In
France for YMCA and American Red Cross,

Memberships: Authors' League of Amer. ;
(Hon. Mem.), MacDovvell Club, since Its
foundation; Calif. Writers' Club.

Hoyne Address: 1801-B Spruce St., Berkeley,

HAWKINSON. (Miss) Lily O.. A.B., M.A.

Teacher, Belmont High School.

Born: Marquette (Kans.), Aug. 1, 1894; d.

of Christine C. (Ingemanson) and Frank G.


Education: Kan. State Univ. (Lawrence,
Kans.) ; Colo Univ.; Univ. of So. Calif.; Clare-
mont Colls.

Degrees: A.B., Kan. State U., 1915; M.A.
U. of So. Calif., 1926.

Prof Record: Former Teacher in Kans., Mont.,
Minn., Ariz., and Calif.; Exec. Sec, YWCA,
Fort Worth (Tex.), 1918-20; at present
Teacher at Belmont High Sch., Los Angeles.
Directorships: State. Dir., Calif. Federation
of Bus. and Prof. Women's Clubs (Past-Pres.,
L.A. District).

Memberships: Calif. State and Natl. Fed. of
Bus. and Prof. Women's Clubs.
Religion: Presoyterian.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Music, bowling, and gardening.
Bus. Address: 1575 W. Second St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 2405 Kenilworth, Los An-
geles, Calif.

HAWTHORNE, Hildegarde (Mrs. J. M.


Born : New York City, d. of Mary Albertina

(Amelung) and Julian Hawthorne.

Education: Abroad and pvtly.

Married: John Milton Oskison, of N.Y.C.,

July 16, 1920.

Prof. Record: Reviewer, N. Y. Times, 1914-
1917; now writing e.xclusively.
Publications : Author : A Country Interlude,
1904; Poems, 1904; Essays, 1907; The Lure of
the Garden, 1911; A Peep at New York,
1911; Old Seaport Towns of New England,
1916; Rambles Through College Towns, 1917;
Girls in Bookland, 1917; Makeshift Farm
1925; Corsica, 1926; Maybe True Stories,
1926; Island Farm, 1926; Deedah's Wonderful
Year, 1927; Mystery at Star-C Ranch. 1929;
Secret of Rancho Del Sol, 1931; Wheels
Toward the West, 1931; Mystery in Navajo
Canjon, 1931; Romantic Rebel, The Life of
Hawthorne, 1932; Riders of the Royal Road,
1932; Open Range, 1932; Lone Rider. 1933;

HAWXHURST, Jr., Robert

Mining Engineer and Geologist.
Born: San Francisco, June 19, 1875; s. of
Kate (Stephens) and Robert Hawxhurst (both
of Colonial ancestry dating from 1636).
Education: Univ. of Calif.; Stanford Univ.
Bus. Record: Engineer a.nd CJeologist, various
mining, oil, and railway companies in Cen-
tral and South America, Hawaii, Philippine
Islands, China and Malaya, 1895-1905; Con-
sulting Engr., Truro Syndicate and Charles
Kaufman Mining Interests (London), 1905-09;
Gen. Mgr., Poderosa Mining Company (Chile),
1906-09; Member of firm, Hau'xhurst, Aisin-
mann and Wolff, Mining Engineers and Pe-
troleum (Jeologists (London and Bucharest),
1909-19; Consulting Engineer and Geologist in
San Francisco, since 1919.
Technical and Scientific Societies: Mem.,
Amer. Institute of Mining and Metall. En-
gineers (past Chairman, San Francisco Sec-
tion); Amer. Soc. of Civil Engineers; So-
ci6t6 G^ologique de France; Seismological Soc.
of Amer.; Calif. Academy of Sciences; Le
Cont6 Geological Club; Fellow, American
Association for Advancement of Science; Mem.
San Francisco Engineering Council, 1938-40;
Mem., Soc. of California Pioneers.
Memberships: Engineers' Club of San Fran-
cisco (Pres. 1940) ; Masons.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Crocker First National Bank
Bldg., San Francisco, Calif.

Home Address: 1 Presidio Terrace, San Fran-
cisco, Calif. •

HAY, Abraham Jones, A.B.

Vice-President and Manager, Security First
National Bank, Pasadena Branch.
Born: Perry (Kan.), March 7, 1898; s. of
Farmie E. (Jones) and Abraham Hay.
Education: Public schs. (Perry, Kan.); Univ.
of Kan.

Degrees: A.B., U. of Kan., 1919.
Married: Greeta, d. of Charles Gramse, at
Perry (Kan.), Aug. 5, 1922; ch. : Lolita,
Charlene, and Abe.

Bus. Record: Became associated with Sec.
First Nat. Bank in Nov., 1920; Vice-Pres.,
Sept., 1929 and Mgr. of the Pasadena Brancli,
July 19. 1938; Former Pres., Pasadena
Clearing House Assn., 1933.



Directorships: Treas., Thoburn Terrace, Inc.;
Past Dr and Mem., Chamber of Commerce;
D?r Community Chest; Pres Dept. of Rec-
reation; Mem.. Pasadena Tournament of
Roses Assn.

Memberships: Alpha Tau Omega; Scottish
Rite Mason. Shriner; University, Twihght.
and Pasadena Shrine Clubs.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 230 E. Colorado St., Pasadena,

Home Address: 1277 Avocado Terrace, Pasa-
dena, Calif.

HAYES, Jay Orley, LL.B.
Publisher, Mercury Herald Co.
Born: Waterloo (Wis.), Oct. 2, 1857; s. of
Mary (Folsom) and Anson Evens Hayes.
Education: Public schs. of Waterloo; Univ.
of Wis.

Degrees: LL.B., U. of Wis., 1880.
Married: Clara Isabel, d. of Chief Justice
Wm. Penn Lyon (Supreme Court of Wis.),
Madison (Wis.), June 16, 1885; ch.: Mi dred
Mary Hayes Roth, Lyetta Adelia, Elystus
Lyon, Miriam Folsom Hayes Kester, and Jay

Bus. Record: Practiced law in Madison
(Wis ) 1881-82; Knight & Hayes, Ashland
(Wis ), 1882-87. Engaged in mining iron ore
in upper Mich, for many years and in gold
mining in Calif.; also fruit growing; since
early Aug., 1901, has been the Publisher,
Mercury Herald newspaper.
Directorships: Ashland Iron Mining Ca; Mer-
cury Herald Co. ; Hayes Chynoweth Co ;
Sierra Buttes Canal & Water Co.; Dir., Cahf.
Prune and Apricoc Growers Assn.
Memberships: Union League. Odd Fellow,
CJolf and Country (San Jose) Clubs; San Jose
Chamber of Commerce; Mason.
Religion: True Life Church.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf.

Bus. Address: Mercury Herald Co., San Jose,
Home Address: Eden Vale, San Jose, Calif.*

HAYLER, Florena Agnes, A.B.


Born: Fort Dodge (Iowa), April 14, 1870; d.
of Maria Louisa (Ashton) and Henry Hayler.
Education: Fort Dodge public schools; Crrin-
nell Coll. (Iowa) ; extension work in English,
Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Grinnell Coll., 1898. Holds a
Calif. Teacher's Life Diploma for Secondary

Prof Record: Teacher in high schools of
Iowa and Calif, for twenty yrs., serving as
Prin. and Vice-Prin. in several. Has written
and sold hundreds of stories, articles, and
poems, including: Prairie Wings, 1938; The
Classmate, 1937; The Young Crusader, 1938-
41- The Friend, 1930-39; The Paebar Anthol-

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