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ogy, 1936; Christmas Lyrics, 1937; American
Women Poets, 1937; The Crown Anthology of
Verse 1937; The Poinsettia, 1939; The Young
Catholic Messenger, 1932-35; The Young Peo-
ple 1928-39; The Ambassador, 1932-38;
Youth's Comrade, 1931-34; Youth's World,
1935; The Girl's Companion, 1928-35. Also
Articles in: CoUege Life, 1927; True Ro-

mances, 1931 ($250 prize story); The Grail,
1930-34; The Occult Digest, 1930; Child Play,
1928; The Hostess, 1935, 1936, 1937; The
Writer's Monthly, 1935; Family Herald and
Weekly Star. 1936; Junior Joys, 1932-38; The
Way, 1934-38. Poems used on radio, latest
on KFSD on Christmas Day, 1940.
Memberships: National League of American
Pen Women (Past Pres., San Diego branch);
San Diego Writers' Club (Past Pres.) ; Bunga-
low Literary Soc. (San Diego).
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Non-partisan.
Recreations: Walking, gardening.
Home Address: 3820 Eighth Ave., San Diego

HAYLER, George Rex, B.S., C.E.
Civil and Sanitary Engineer: Assistant En-
gineer, City of San Diego.
Born' Fort Dodge (Iowa), June 25, 1880; s.
of Maria Louisa (Ashton) and Henry Hayler.
Education: State Univ. of Iowa.
Dgrees: B.S., (Civil Engr'g.), 1902, C. E.,
1908, State U. of Iowa.

Married: Minnie Vella, d. of Christina and
Barth Casty (San Diego, Calif.), June 24,
1909: ch. : Christina Hayler Anderson (Por-
tales, N. Mex.), Richard Arthur, Elizabeth
Florence, and George Robert.
Prof Record: Asst. Instr., State U. of Iowa
1903; Railway Engr., C. R. I. & P. '^V - ^.
M iS: St P. Ry., 1903-04; Draftsman. Louisi-
ana Purchase Expo.. St. Louis (Mo.), 1904
Railway Engr., St. L. & S. F. R. R.— K. C
S Ry 1904-07; Real Estate Development
San Diego (Calif.), 1907-08; Highway Engr'g.
San Diego County, 1908-11; Panama-Califor-
nia Exposition, San Diego, 1911-15; Munici-
pal Engrng., City of San Diego, 1915-18;
Plant Engr., Concrete Shipyard, San Diego,
1918-20; Hydraulic Engrng., City of San
Diego, 1920-23; Sanitary Engrng, City of San
Diego, 1923—.

Directorships: San Diego Engineers Club.
Memberships: Kappa Sigma; San Diego En-
gineers Club.
Religion: Presbyi.erian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Photography, philately, automo-
bile travel ("Sea America First").
Bus. Address: Civic Center Administration
Bldg., San Diego, Calif.

Home Address: 3977 Normal St., San Diego,

HAYLER, Guy Wilfrid

Civil Engineer.

Born: Hull (England), Feb. 5, 1877; s. of
Ann Elizabeth (Harriss) and Guy Hayler
(both of London).

Education: Collegiate House School; Hull and
Rutherford College (studentship 1892-93),
Newcastle-on-Tvne (England) ; special train-
ing in Architecture and Municipal Engineer-
ing. Awarded Caws Prize, No. Architectural
Assn., 1902.

Married: Mollie, d. of Burton Beddow (of
Langley, Worcestershire, England), New York
City, Dec. 13, 1913; ch. : Guy Beddow (A.B.,
LL.B., U. of Calif.), and Joan Marylyn.
Prof. Record: Came to U.S.A. in 1913 — nat-
uralized American citizen Specialized in
technical work in city planning, housing, etc.
Exhibited at First Internal. Town Planning



Kxhibitlon, Uoyal Arad., London, 1910. Chief
EnKi'.. San Francisco Regional Plan; ReRlonal
Planning ConsullanI, Coldcn Gate HrldKc;
Land Program Manager, Sub-Mar^jinal Land,
Okla. and Texas, Dcpt. of Int.; City Planning
Consultant to several CallTornla cities, also
private land development [trojects. Prepared
reports for CWA, SUA, WPA, and other rov-
ernmental aRencies. Made first City Planning
Aeroplane flight over Green Bay (Wis.), July
17, 1920. Senior Designer, parks and blvds.,
Chicago, 1913-19. Has traveled e.xtenslvely
through Continental Europe, Canada, and

Publications: Several booklets on City Plan-
ning. The Architectural Developments of the
Victoi'ian Age; Rainboiu Paris; The Street of
Today and Tomorrow; The Meaning of City
Planning; Town Planning Actualities; etc.
Contributor to.' American Review of Reviews;
American City; Canadian Municipal Journal;
American Architect; British Architect; Muni-
cipal Engineering; Pacific Coast Architect;
Architect and Engineer.

Civilian Service during First World War: Hos-
pital construction, U.S. Army, Ft. Sheridan
(111.); Pavilion construction, War Recreation
Bd., Chicago (111.); Social Investigation,
Treasury Dept., Chicago; Member, U.S. Pub-
lic Serv. Reserve.

Memberships: Assoc. Mem., Amer. Soc. of
Civil Engineers (City Planning Div.); Royal
Sanitary Inst. (Great Britain) ; Inst, of Muni-
cipal Engineers (London).

Home Address: 453 — 34th Ave., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

HAYLER, Mollie B. (Mrs. Guy Wilfrid

Born: Wellington (Salop. Eng.); only d. of
Jessie (Higginson) and the late Burton Bed-
dow of Langley (Worcestershire, Eng.).
Education: Private schools in England.
Married: Guy Wilfrid Hayler, Civil Engineer,
New York City, Dec. 13, 1913; ch. : Guy Bed-
dow (A.B., LL.B., U. of Calif.), and Joan

Prof. Record: Came to U.S. in 1913 — natur-
alized American citizen Has taken great in-
terest in the P.-T.A.; Pres., Presidio Junior
High School P.-T.A., 1940-1941 (one of
largest in San Francisco) ; Chmn. of commit-
tees and Dir. of "Presidio Day" at World's
Fair, 1939; Legislative Chmn. Geo. Washing-
ton High Sch. P.-T.A.; Leading figure in
movement opposing America entering the pres-
ent European War; Dir., Nat. Board of Nat.
Legion of Mothers of America, 1940; First
Vice-Pres. of Calif. Legion, Exec. Chmn.,
San Francisco Council, and Regional Dir. in
North-western States; organized the first
Women's Convention against the War at
World's Fair, 1940; Vice-Pres., Women's In-
ternational League for Peace and Freedom;
active as organizer, speaker, radio debater
and writer.

Religion: Unity School of Christianity.
Recreations: Music, choral singing (member
of Mothersingers Choral).

Home Address: 453 — 34th Ave., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

HAYS. Howard H.

National Park Executive, Vice-President of
Riverside Daily Press, Inc.
Born: Metropolis (111.), Nov. 23, 1883; s. of
Jennie (Burden) and William Henry Hays.
Education: Univ. of 111., 1903, 1904; Univ. of
Chicago (Law), 1905.

Married: Margaret, d. of D. Ixjrah Maugcr,
Reading (Pa.), April 15, 1916; ch. : Howard
H., Jr., Daniel M., and William H.

Prof. Record: Pas.sengcr Traffic Mgr., Yel-
lowslonc Park Camp.s Co., 1905-16; Mgr.,
Union Pacific Ry. -Northwestern Ry. Tourist
Bureau, 1917; Mgr., National Park Bureau,
U.S. Railroad Adminlstrn., 1918; Pres., Yel-
lowstone Park Camps Co., 1919-24; Pres.,
Sequoia and Gen. Grant National Parks Co.,
192.5 — . Pres., Glacier Park Transport Co..
1927—. Vice-Pres.. Riverside Dally Press,
Inc. (Publisher of Riverside Press and Enter-
prise), 1935—.

Directorships: Sequoia and Gen. Grant Nat.
Parks Co. ; Glacier Park Transport Co. ; Riv-
erside Daily Press.

Memberships: Victoria Club; Rotary; Masonic;
Cosmos Club (Washington, D. C).
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 3650 Falrmount Blvd., River-
side, Calif.

Home Address: 4415 Fifth St.. Riverside,
Calif. Summer: Glacier Nat. Park, Mon-
tana. •

HAZELTON. Alan Weaver, Litt.D.,

F.R.D., Ph.D., F.A.R.U.

President. Major Arts Co.

Born: Bradford (Pa.), Feb. 28, 1903; s. of

Mabelle Elizabeth (Weaver) and Courtney

Earle Hazelton.

Education : Fessenden School ; The Hill SchooL

Degrees: F.A.R.U., Litt.D., h.c, 1938; F.R.D.,

1939; Ph.D., h.c, 1940.

Married: (1) Lydia P. Hazelton; ch.: Alan

Weaver, Jr. (2) Lasca Mary Winter, Tonepah

(Nev.), June 16, 1936.

Prof. Record: Rancher in Wyoming from

1922-23; Oil Producer, 1924-26; Associated in

various capacities from Dir. of Research and

Dir., to Pres. and General Manager, United

Costumers, Inc., 1926-38; ret., 1939. Returned

to bus. as Pres. of Paragon Ednl. Toys, since

1940; Pres., Major Arts Co., 1941.

Directorships: Gen. Sec, Internal. Faculty,
Andhra Research U. (Vizianagaram, British
South India); Secy., St. Luke's of the Moun-
tains Episcopal Church, Inc., La Crescenta
(Calif.); Exec. Dir., La Canada Branch,
Amer. Red Cross.

Publications: The Russian Imperial Order of
Knighthood (pub. by The Amer. Numismatic
Soc. under the Heye Foundation Publica-
ctions) ; numerous articles in the Philatelic
Press on subjects of philatelic interest.

Aivards: Knight Grand Cross of Orders of
St. Anna and St. Stan'islav of Russia; Knight
of Orders of St. Vladimir & St. Nicholas of
Russia; Officer of Order of Prince Danilo I
of Montenegro; Commander of Orders of St.
Lazarus of Jerusalem and Constantinian-St.
George; Red Cross decorations of Bulgaria,
Portugal; Knight Order of Merit of Ecuador.

Memoei ships : Assoc. Mem., Overland Club
(Pasadena) ; Charter and Life Memb., South
Perm. Country Club (Bradford, Penn.).

Religion: Episcopal (Clerk of the Vestry of
St. Luke's of Mountains Episcopal Cr., La
Crescenta, Calif.).

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Writing, military research, phil-
ately, numismatics, history of Crusades, Rus-
sian history, Bulgarian history.



Home Address: 1833 Earlmont Ave., La
Cafiada, Calif.

HAZEN. Irwin R.. B.S., LL.B.


Born: Beaver County (Pa.). July 29, 1869;
s. of Mary J. (Booth) and Shadrick B. Hazen.
Education: Country school (Columbiana
County, Ohio) ; Mt. Hope Academy (Rogers,
O.); Ohio Northern Univ. (Ada).
Degrees: B.S., 1893, LL.B., 1895, Ohio North-
ern U.

Married.- Anna B., d. of Nancy Ella (Barnett)
and John William Burch, Carthage (Mo.),

Prof Record: Started as farmer and teacher
in public schools; admitted to: Ohio State Bar,
1895, Illinois State Bar, 1896, Calif. State
Bar, 1936; practiced law in Chicago, 1896
to 1935. Alderman, City Council (Chicago),
1911-18; Judge. Municipal Court CChicago),
1918-20; held active membership in many
Chicago civic and political organizations, in-
cluding: Chicago Plan Commission, Chamber
of Commerce, Hamilton Club; Pres., Oaks
Club; Pres., Acacia Country Club; Mem.,
San Diego Chamber of Commerce. Now prac-
ticing law in San Diego.

Memberships: All Masonic Bodies; I.O.O.F.;
Moose Lodge.
Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf, fishing, touring.
Bus. Address: Security Bank Bldg., San
Diego, Calif.

Home Address: 4430— 32nd St., San Diego,
Calif. •

HEACOCK. Joel Gale

Publisher, South Gate Press, South Gate
Tribune, Baldwin Park Bulletin.
Born: Brighton (Iowa), Oct. 14, 1891; s. of
Eva (Shafer) and Charles C. Heacock.
Education: Brighton (Iowa).
Married: Bess Bridwell, Brighton, June 26,
1914; ch. : Mrs. Margaret Nelson, Charles,
and Mrs. Elaine Schaal (Glendale, Calif.).
Prof. Record: Publisher, Brighton Enterprise,
1914-27, Baldwin Park Bulletin, 1927, South
Gate Press and Tribune, 1934 — .
Memberships: Masonic, Rotary, Kiwanis.
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Outdoor activities.
Bus. Address: 8115 Seville Ave., South Gate,

Home Address: 8168 San Juan Ave., South
Gate, Calif.; and 153 W. Ramona Blvd., Bald-
win Park, Calif. *

Degrees: Mus.B., Coll. of the Pacific, 1928;
Mus.M., Eastman Sch. of Music, 1937.
Married: Elizabeth, d. of Charles H. Norrls,
Fowler (Calif.), 1913.

Prof Record: Teacher of instrumental, vocal,
theoretical music, also Music History m public
schools, Redwood City, Red Bluff (Cahf.),
from 1928 to 1935; Asst. Prof, of Music,
Fresno State College, 1935-36; Supervisor of
Instrumental Music, Palo Alto Public Schs.,
1937-39; Asst. Professor of Music, Santa Bar-
bara State College, 1939—. Performances of
compositions include : California Suite, by
Pierre Monteux and San Francisco Symphony
Orchestra, Standard Symphony Plour, Feb.
1938— also May 1940, same work performed
by Dr. Howard Hanson and Rochester Civic
Orchestra; Argentango, for piano and orches-
tra, two performances by major symphony
orchestras under preparation.
Aivards: Edward MacDowell Fellowship in
Musical Composition, June, 1940 (made pos-
sible living alid writing at famous MacDowell
Colony in Peterborough, N. H.).
Memberships: Omega Phi Alpha, Sigma Alpha
Kappa; Lions International.
Religion: Methodist.

Recreations: Swimming, hunting, fishing,
dancing, boating, reading.
Bus. Address: Santa Barbara State College,
Santa Barbara, Calif.

Home Address: 1626 Loma St., Santa Bar-
bara, Calif.

HEAKIN. Harold Leslie, A.B.

Sales Engineer, Pacific Foundry Co.
Born- Short Creek (W. Va.), Aug. 1, 1893;
s of Clara (Cooper) and Roahn Heakm.
Education: Wilkinsburg High Sch-! P"^':
burgh Acad.; Bethany Coll.; Univ. of Mich.,
Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: A.B. (L.D.), U. of Mich., 1919.
Married: Florence Isabell, d. of John Ryan
Mcllee Pasadena (Calif.); ch. : Wilham
Johnsok Clyde (stepson), and Florence

Prof. Record: Aviation Engr., General Motors
Coro 1917; Landscape Engr., Kansas City
(MO )', 1919-25; Sales Mgr., Domestic Engin-
eering Corp.. San Francisco, 1925-27 Sa^es
Promotion Mgr., Hot & Kold Corp 1927-29;
Sales Engr., Pacific Foundry Co., 1930—.
Air Service: Air Corps, U.S. Army (World
War I).

Memberships: Acacia Fraternity; Engineers
Club (San Francisco) ; Soc. of Automotive En-

Religion: Presbyterian.
Recreations: Golf, tennis, gardening.
Bus. Address: 3100— 19th St., San Francisco,

Home Address Golden Gate Ave., Belvedere,
Calif.; and, Palo Alto, Calif.

HEADLEY, Professor Hubert Klyne.

Mus.B., Mus.M.

Assistant Professor of Music, Santa Barbara
State College.

Born: Parkersburg (W. Va.), June 19, 1906;
s. of Belle (Cook) and L. L. Headley.
Education: Coll. of the Pacific (Stockton,
Calif.); Eastman Sch. of Music; Univ. of
Rochester (New York).

HEANEY, John William. LL.B.

Lawyer; Partner, Heaney, Price, Postel &


Born: San Francisco (Calif.)

s. of Mary L


Education: Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: LL.B., U. of Calif., 1913.

Jan. 14, 1891;
(Hayes) and William Peter



Married: Malilile A. C"()Hic'lil, lU'iiwooii Cily
(Calif.), Dec. 17, 1917; (divorced, Nov.,
1931); ch. ; Sally, and Edward.
Prof. Record: Admitlcd to Calif. Bar, 1913;
and practiced San Frand.sco, 1S)1.'5-15, Santa
Barbara since lOl.'i; pari nor Ilcancy, Price,
Postel & Parma and i)redoccssors.
Directorships: Dir., First National Trust &
Savings Bank; Pre.s. and Dir., Encinal Realty
Co.; Vice-Pres. and Dir.. Las Alturas Land
Co. ; Calif. Brookside Trading Corp.
Armv Record: Enlisted in Battery C, 144th
F.A., Sept. 1917; 1st Lt. U.S.A., A.S., May
1918; Capt., Sept. 1918; Honorary Discharge,
Dec. 31, 1918; Capt. U.S.A.R.C; A.S. since
1918, now expired.

Memberships: Amer., Nev. State, and Santa
Barbara Co., Bar Assn., State Bar of Calif.,
Bar of U.S. Supreme Court; Amer. Legion;
Phi Alpha Delta; Santa Barbara, Valley, Mon-
tecito Country Clubs.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 21 East Canon Perdido, Santa
Barbara, Calif.

Home Address: 2441 Garden St., Santa Bar-
bara, Calif.; and "HE" Ranch, Star Route,
Cloverdale, Calif.

HEATH, Professor Harold, A.B., Ph.D..
Sc.D., F.A.A.A.S.

Professor of Embryology, Emeritus, Stanford
Univ. Marine Station.

Born: Vevay (Ind.), June 5, 1868; s. of Sarah
Ann (Cowgill) and Charles Wesley Heath.

Education: Wesleyan Univ. (Ohio); Univ. of

Degrees: A.B., 1893, Sc.D., 1919, Ohio Wes-
leyan U.; Ph.D., U. of Pa., 1898.
Married: Elsie Hjerleid, d. of Sivert Hjerleid
Shelley, San Jose (Calif.), May 13, 1897; ch. :
Ronald Wayland, Phyllis Thoburn, and James

Prof. Record: Student Asst., O.W.U., 1891-
93; Prof, of Biology, Coll. of the Pac, 1893-
94; Instr. in Zoology, Stanford Univ., 1894-
1898, Asst. Prof., 1898-04, Assoc. Prof., 1904-
09, Prof., 1909-33; Member of Ohio Weslevan
Univ. E.xpedition to Florida, 1890; Naturalist,
U.S. Fish Commn., Str. "Albatross," 1904;
e.xploration Calif. Coast, summer, 1905;
Japanese Expedition, summer, 1906; Natural-
ist on Pribilof Ids., summer, 1910, 1917, 1918;
Zoologist, Stanford Exp. to Brazil, summer,
1911; Naturalist on Forrester Island, Alaska,
summer, 1913.

Publications: Books and papers dealing with
anatomical and embryological subjects.
Metnberships: Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Xi,
Phi Beta Kappa; Fellow, A.A.A.S.;

Politics: Republican.

Recreations : Western Archaeology.

Home Address: Marine Station, Pacific Grove,

(l''rancc); Royal Botanic (Jardcns, Ktw (Eng-

Degrees: LL.D., Univ. of Calif., 1937.
Married: Elizabeth Welch (dec); ch.; I>ella
Hardy Woodland, and Martha Hecke Wood-

Prof. Record: Came to Calif., 1891; became
naturalized citizen, 1896; apptd. Commr., of
Horticulture by Gov. Hiram Johnson, served
191(;-i;); apptd. First Dir. of Calif. Dept. of
Agr. by Gov. Wm. D. Stephens In 1920, and
.served such under succeeding administratlon.s
of (Governors as Friend W. Richardson and
C. C. Young; apptd. as one of original mem-
bers of Calif. Agr. Prorate Comm. by Gov.
James Rolph in 19.33, and .served during suc-
ceeding administration of Gov. Frank F. Mer-
riam; apptd. as Administrator of Agr. Exhib-
its at (iolden Gate Internat. Exp. by Calif.
Comm., G.G.I.E. in 19.39. During State ser-
vice, consolidated agrTcullural activities under
one dept. ; originator of Western Plant Quar-
antine Bd. (consisting of 11 western states,
British Columbia, Lower Calif. & Hawaiian
Islands) ; suggested organization of Agr. Coun-
cil of Calif.

Publications: Reports, bulletins, etc. while
Dir. of Calif. Dept. of Agr.
Awards: Rank of Commander-Ouissam Alaou-
ite, Agr. Legion of Merit, French Morocco.
Memberships: Masonic; Kew Guild, England
(Hon. Member).
Religion : Protestant.

Home Address: The "Yolanda" Farms, Wood-
land, Calif. •

HEDGCOCK. Charles G.. A.B., LL.B.

City Judge, Huntington Park.

Born: Las Vegas (N. M.), 1887; s. of Eliza A.

(Morris) and Charles V. Hedgcock.

Education: Purdue Univ.; Univ. of Colorado.

Degrees: A.B., 1909, LL.B., 1911, U. of


Married: Mildred M., d. of J. A. Wentworth,

Oakland (Calif.), June 19, 1937.

Prof. Record: Practiced law. Las Vegas

(N.M.), 1912-22; Asst. Dist. Atty., Fourth

Judicial Dist. (N.M.), 1912-16; Member,

State Tax Comm. of N.M., 1915-16; Member,

N.M. State Senate, 1915-16; practiced law,

L. A. Co. (Calif.), 1923—; Member, CivU

Serv. Comm., City of Huntington Park,

1935, City Judge, 1936—.

Army Record: World War I, 1917-19; Major,

JA.G. Officers Res. Corps.

Memberships : Elks, Masons, Sciots, Kiwanis,

Toastmasters, American Legion.

Religion : Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Swimming, gardening.

Bus. Address: 6316'/2 Pacific Blvd., Hunting-
ton Park, Calif.

Home Address: 7029 Miles Ave., Huntington
Park, Calif. •

HECKE. George Henry, LL.D.

Business Farmer.

Born: Hamburg (Germany), Jan. 4, 1870; s.
of Augusta (Botha) and Robert William

Education: Agr. Coll., Geisenheim (Ger-
many) ; Viticultural Coll., Montpelier

HEDLEY, Professor George Percy.

A.B., M.A., B.D., Th.D.

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Religion,

Mills College.

Born: Tientsin (China), Sept. 24, 1899; s. of
Annie Smith (Whitehead) and Jolm Hedley.
Education: Ashville Coll. (Harrogate, Eng-
land); Univ. of So. CEilif. ; Boston Univ.



School of Tlieology: Pac. School of Religion.
Degrees: A.B., 1920. M.A., 1921. BD. 1924,
U. of So. Calif.; Th.D., Pac. School of Reli-
gion, 1928.

Married: Helen Louise, d. of Milton K. Canip-
bell, PhoenixviUe (Pa.), May 14, 1922; ch. ;
Sheila Campbell.

Prof Record: Prof, of Religious Edn. and
Biblical Literature, College of Puget Sound,
1923-26- Acting Asst. Prof, of Biblical Lit..
Pac. School of Religion, 1928-33; Acting Asst
Prof of New Testatment Literature, Hartford
Seminary Foundation. 1933-34; Dir., Pac.
Coast Labor School, 1936—; Lecturer in Re-
ligion, Mills Coll., 1940; Asst. Prof, of So-
ciology and Religion, Mills Coll., 1940—; Re-
corder and Photographer, Tell en-Nasbeh
Exped., Palestine, 1927 and 1929.
PtibUcations: A Christian Year (Macmillan),
1934- The San Francisco Strike As I Have
Seen It. (Church Council for Social Educa-
tion) 1935; Books: Backgrounds and Fore-
grounds (Eucalyptus Press, Mills Coll.), 1939;
contributor to technical journals; verse and
book reviews for San Francisco Chronicle,

Army Record: Private U.S. Infantry, 1918.
Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa; Common-
wealth Club (S. F.).
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Philately, tennis, conversation.
Bus. Address: Bo.x 375, Mills Coll., Oakland,

Home Address: 5951 Majestic Ave., Oakland,

HEFFNER. Professor Hubert Grouse.

A.B., M.A.

Professor of Dramatic Literature and Execu-
tive Head, Speech and Drama Department,
Stanford University.

Born: Maiden (N. C), Feb. 22, 1901; s. of
Lillie (Grouse) and Sylvanus Lafayette Heff-

Education: South Fork Institute; Univ. of
N. C; Univ. of Chicago.

Degrees: A.B., 1921, M.A., 1922, U. of N.C. ;
Graduate study, Univ. of Chicago, 1930-34.
Married: Ruth, d. of Ransom Penny, Clayton
(N.C), April 8, 1922; ch.: Hubert, II, Dec.
26, 1924.

Prof. Record: Instructor In English and Dir.
of Dramatics, U. of Wyo., 1922-23; ibid., U.
of Ariz., 1923-26; Asst. Prof, of English and
Assoc. Dir. and Mgr., The Carolina Play-
makers, U. of N.C, 1926-30; Acting Prof, of
Dramatic Literature, Northwestern U., Sum-
mer 1930; Prof, of Dramatic Literature,
Northwestern U., 1930-39, and Chairman.
Theatre Division, 1938-39; International Re-
search Fellow, Huntington Library, 1934-35
and Summer 1936; Acting Prof., Dramatic
Art. Stanford U., Summer 19.37; Acting Prof.
of Dramatic Literature, U. of Calif., Sum-
mer, 1939; Prof, of Dramatic Literature and
Exec. Head, Speech and Drama Dept., Stan-
ford Univ.. 1939—.

Publications: Dod Cast Ye Both in Carolina
Folk Plays, First Series, N.Y. (Henry Holt).
1922; Modern Theatre Practice, in collab.
with Samuel Selden and Hunton D. Sellman,
New York (F. S. Crofts) 1935; Davy Crockett
and Other Plays, edited with Isaac CJoldberg,
Princeton (The Princeton Univ. Press) 1940;
and numerous articles on theatre and drama.

Memberships: Modern Lang. Assn.; Nat.
Assoc. Teachers of Speech; Amer. Educ.
Theatre Assn.; Nat. Theatre Conference;
Western Assoc. Teachers of Speech; Theatre
Library Assn.; Stanford Faculty Club; Rio
Del Mar Country Club; Bohemian Club.
Recreations: Fishing.

Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.
Ho7ne Address: 1550 Waverly St., Palo Alto,

HEICHER, The Reverend Merlo Karl
Wordsworth. B.S., B.D., M.S., M.A.,
Th.D., Ph.D.

Minister, Community Church of Altadena.
Born: Highspire (Pa.), May 31, 1882; s. of
Independence (Winchester) and Truman N.

Education: Susquehanna Univ.; N. Y. Univ.;
Drew Theological Seminary.
Degrees: B.S., 1902; M.S., 1905; Th.D., 1926,
Susquehanna U.; M.A., 1914, Ph.D., 1915,
N. Y. Univ.; B.D., Drew Theological Sem-
inary, 1914

Married: Margaret Sutherland, d. of Homan
Hallock, Rochester (N. Y.). June 28, 1906;
ch. : Winchester Hallock.

Prof. Record: Missionary under Bd. of For-
eign Missions, M.E. Church at Nagasaki
(Japan). 1906-11; ordained Presbyterian Min-
ister. 1914; Pastor, successively, John Hall
Memorial Chapel of Fifth Ave. Presbyterian
Church (N.Y.C.), First Church, Cedar Falls
(Iowa), First Church. Corvallis (Ore.), until
1925- Prof, of Missions, San Francisco Theol.
Sem.', San Anselmo (Calif.), 1925-34; Interim
Pastor, Presbyn. Ch. of San Anselmo, 1925-
30; First Presbyterian Church of S.F., 1930-
33' Pastor of Westminster Church of Pasa-
dena, 1934-40; Pastor of Community Church
of Altadena, 1940.

Publications: Living on Tiptoe (Richard C.
Smith Co.), 1931.

Army Record: Divisional Secy, of YMCA,
82nd Div. (France), World War I.
Memberships: Chi Alpha.
Religion: Protestant, Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Travel, tennis, badminton.
Bus. Address: 689 Foothill Blvd., Altadena,

Home Address: 1035 Woodbury Rd., Pasa-
dena, Calif.



Born: Vilna (Russia), Feb. 2, 1901; s. of
Anna (Scharfstein) and Ruvin Heifetz.
Education: Royal Conservatory of Music,
Petrograd (Russia).

Married: Florence Vidor, d. of J. P. Arto,
Aug., 1928; ch. : Josepha (10), and Robert

Prof Record: Began study of violin at age of
three- entered Royal Sch. of Music, Vilna,
when five; graduated at eight; became pupil
of Prof. Leopold Auer, St. Petersburg (Rus-
sia). Made first public appearance at age of
seven; played Mendelssohn Concerto; gave

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