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History and Biography




A people that take no pride in the noble achievements of remote ances-
tors, will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by
remote grenerations. — jMacaulay.


Publishers, Engravers and Book Manufacturers

Copyright 1912



FOREWORD 1151683

Every age, every race and every part of every new country
inscribes itself with greater or less distinctness on History's dial. Linn
county, Missouri, has written and is writing its record on the immortal
page; and while this is neither a loud-soimding nor a sentimental
inscription, it is one engraved in large and enduring phrase, creditable
to the people who have made and are making it, and altogether inter-
esting and valuable in the chronicles of our common country.
Q Tragedy has shown its.dark and heavy hand in this story. Poetry

has sparkled, heroism has glowed, stern endurance lias presented an
• invulnerable front to hardships and the golden thread of sentiment
^ has run brightly through the woof in its pages. The many-handed
*js^ arm of industry has been at work among the people here for more than
half a century. Rude, rugged labor has poured out its sweat like rain
\ in their behalf. The bounties of nature have been taken at the price
\ she put on them — ingenuity, hard work, a study of conditions and the
^ means to meet their requirements — and a large part of the wealth she
^ had stored up in this region has been developed and i)ut into the
proper channels for the service of mankind.

It is the purpose of this volume to preserve, in some measure,
the record of what the first settlers did in this region in sowing the
seeds of civilization when they came hither from their former homes,
and what their followers have done to care for and reap the harvest
for which the pioneers prepared the way. The book is made iip largely
of personal biographies, and there has been no attempt to give undue
tone or a spectacular trend to the course of events in it. Essential
history insists on writing itself, and ^\^ll not be anticipated, controlled
or turned from its destined way. What the men and women of Linn
county have done and are doing for its advancement and develo]nnent
embodies the real essence of the county's growth and progress, and
points out, with unmistakable significance, the ends at which the people
of the county aim and toward which they are moving.

Tn their arduous task of ]n-eparing this history, its publishers and

promoters have had valuable assistance from Maj. A. "W. Mulliiis,
of Linneus; Col. George W. Martin, of Brookfield, and Judge C. H.
Bigger, of Marceline, in i-eviewiiig the general historj' of the county,
as to which they have made many valuable suggestions. Aid has also
been given the publishers in a substantial and appreciated form by
Charles W. Green, of Brookfield, in his admirable account of the history
of that city since 1882; by Clarence M. Kendrick in his lucid and
interesting chapter on Marceline; by Senator P]. B. Fields in what he
has written about Browning; l)y Oscar F. Libby in his narrative of
the course of events at Laclede ; by George L. Joyce in matter furnished
liy him and otherwise unattainable about Bucklin; by D. B. Ormiston
in his valued chapter on Linneus, and by many other persons who
have been very helpful in making up the book. AVithout their aid the
measure of success attained in the effort to present to the public a
succinct and continuous story of what has occurred in Linn county
from the dawn of civilization on its soil to its present high state of
development, influence and importance, would have been impossible.
The obligation of the publishers to these gentlemen, and all who have
helped in compiling the work is considerable, and is hereby cordially
and gratefully acknowledged.

Finally, to the residents of the covinty, whose patronage has made
the book possible, and whose life stories constitute the largest part
of its contents, the publishers freely acknowledge their indebtedness
with the hope that the volume will be an ample and satisfactory



Geueral Dpscriptiou of Linn County— Climate and Character of Soil — Grain, Grasses
and Vegetables — Tobacco Raising — Once an Extensive Industry — How the Crop
Was Cared For— Heavy Shipments to Europe — Sudden Drop in the Liverpool
Market — Blow to Industry— Demand for Country Produce Comes in Time to
Relieve Situation — Growth of Coal Mining in Linn County — Report of Mine
Inspector — Tonnage, 86,774; Value of Product, $187,913 — (jeneral Review of
County 's Resources — Good Roads 1

Senator Lewis P. Linn.
Missouri's Admission as a State— Hazards of the Early Settlers— The Fertile "Locust
Creek Countrv" '— The First Settlement— Indians' Queer Barter for a Slave Girl—
A Papoose for a White Boy— Why the Deal Failed— "Jack" Holland, the Founder
of Linneus — Trouble With Wolves — The Old Mill at Keytesville — Organization of
Linn County — J'irst Mill on Locust Creek — Some of the Pioneers — The First
Wedding — Early Ministers and Physicians 12


The Settlers ' Markets— Story of a Famous State Highway— Route of the Gold Seekers
—Troublous Times in High Water — Thrilling Rescue at a Mill Dam — Freighting to
Hannibal— The Bratyny Stage Driver — Low Prices for Country Produce — "Wild
Cat" Currency — Curious Legal Tender — Origin of the "Bit" — Lax Methods of
Banking — A Cattleman's Bible — Deer Hams, 25 Cents Each — The Pioneer's Wife. . 21


The Era of Prosperity — Development of Schools and Churches — Death of Senator
Linn— Presidential' Election of 1844 — Shadow of the Mexican War — Call for
Volunteers — Quick Response from Linn County — Incidents of the Campaign in
New Mexico— A Veteran's Interesting Narrative — The Enemy Burned American
Soldiers — Grim Retaliation by the United States Forces Under Sterling Price —
List of Linn County Veterans in War of 1846 — The Rush to the Gold Lands —
More Wealth in Missouri than was Found in California 26


The Great Drought of 1834— Development Between 1840-60 — Increase in Tax Levy —
Plan to Create Grant County Abandoned — Disastrous Prairie Fires — Census of
Leading Towns — Severe Wind and Hail Storm — The "Locust Plague" — Governor
Hardin 's Proclamation for Prayers — Linn County Overrun by Hordes of Rats —
Story of the "Rat Law" bv Its Oriainator — A Humorous Poem by Gene Field —
The ' ' ' Biggest Thing ' ' About the ' ' Rat Law. " 32


First Linn County Fair — List of OflScers— Articles of .Association- A Remarkable
Meteor — The Killing of Willie McKinley — Efforts to get Slayer Pardoned —
Governor Crittenden's Reply to Petition — A Vigorous Condemnation of Drinking
and Pistol Carrying — Organization of Linn County — .lohn Riley, Ransom Price
and Levi Blankenship Named as Commissioners to Select County Seat — The Act
Designating Boundarv Line — Metes and Bounds — The Original Countv Court —
Deed to County Seat 41



How Liuneus Was A'amed — First Sale of Town Lots — Original Court House — A Smoky
Cabin and a Scrap — "Where's the Fight?'' — Jesse Bowyer's Ferry — Sale of Slave
Property— "Highland County" — Division of Townships — Appropriation for New
CoLirt House— Built 'lusidc Amount Appropriated— First Talk of Railroads— .lait
Building to be "Proof Against Breaking Out "—Colonel Robert M. Stewart —
Sketch of His Career- His Work for the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad— A
Hot Campaign for Governor 51


The Nations Wars— The Men of 1812- The Last Reunion in 1871— Presidential
Election of 1860 — Civil Strife — Linn County's Prompt and Loyal Action — Early
Organization and Movements — Capture of Two Confederate Cannon — Recruiting
by Confederates of Linn and Sullivan Counties — Attempts to Capture Them by
Federal Forces — Why They Failed — The Missouri Guerrilla — Raid on Linneus —
Killing of Judge Jacob Smith — A Woman Spy — Laclede Raided by Bush-
whackers — Bounty Jumpers — When the Draft Came — Record of Engagements
bv Linn Countv Militarv Organizations — The Spanish American War — The
Siildiers ' Monument at Brookfield 6(5


Railroads of Linn County — The First Campaign Inspired by Exorbitant Steamboat
Rates — Railroad Convention at Chillicothe in 1847 — Linn County's Delegates —
First Great Disaster on Hannibal and St. Joe Road — The Bushwhacker — General
Grant as a Protector of the Road — W. C. Brown— S. E. Crance — .J. W. Mulhern—
Tom Beeler. Pioneer Operator— P. H. Houlahan— I. N. Wilber on War-Time
Railroading — How the Engines Were Named — The Burlington and Southwestern —
John McCartney — 3(1 Years an Engineer — When Thayer was the Division
Town — Bishop Hogan — George H. Davis — The Pony Express — First Officials of
the ".Toe" — First Run of the "Eli" — Marceline and the Santa Fe — First Double
Track iu Missouri — General Notes 99


The Brunswick. Linneus and Mihin Plank Road— First Publication of Receipts and
Expenditures — County Court Decides War Tax Levy I'nconstitutional- The Town
of Thayer Vacated — Some New Townships — New County Jail — Linn County
Agricultural and Mechanical Society — Common Pleas Court — Fight Over County
Printing— .\warded to Paper That Pai.l One Doliai for It— Attempt to Remove
County Seat Defeated 126


Assessed Valuation of Linn County in 1881 — Some Comparative Statistics — Last
Census Bulletin Values Linn County Farm Land at $54.80 per Acre — Thirteen
Farms of 1,000 Acres and Over — Rapid Rise in Missouri Land Values — Linn
County's Total Taxable Wealth, $10,217,242.0.5 — Report on Live Stock — Some
Important Figures on Missotiri — Corn Crop of State Valued at $107.347,000 —
Wheat Crop, $29,926,000— Tenant Farmers Thrive— General Farming Conditions
Satisfactory 1.S4


Educational — The Civil War Depression — Peace Brings Advancement — Better Pro-
visions for Scho'ds — State Normals and Colleges — The Boy and Farm Life —
New Methods of Rural Schools — Earlv Missouri School Historv — Origin of
Public Schools System in 1S.'?9— Law as Applie.i to Schools— Boards and Their
Powers — Taxation — Length of Terms — School Fun<Is and Appro]>riations — First
-Appropriation for Linn County — School Statistics of the County — Review of
Some of the Town ami City Schools— County Spelling Match at Laclede — ".lack"
RummoU, the Champion Speller — Wins Two Good Suits of Clothes — Ruth Benson,
Second 140



The Pri-ss of Linn CoTinty— lu 1875 There Were But Two Papers— In 1912 There
Are Eleveu — High Character of Publications — H. J. Wigginton on "Journalism" —
Bishop Marvin's Terse Description of a Friend — Faults of Some Newspaper Men
— Sketch of Linn County's First Publisher — A Pioneer Editor and Printer —
Worked xMongside of "Mark Twain" — Went on a "Frolic" That Lasted Four
Years — Original Country Correspondent Lives in Linu County — Reported Sen-
sational Murder Case — 'The Brookfield Gazette — The Linneus Bulletin — The Linn
County News — The Linn County Budget — The Brookfield Argus- — Marceline
Papers [See History of Marceline] 155


Human Interest Chapter — A Red-Hot "Hoss" Race — Mr. Alexander's Game Ride —
A "Hair Finish" — Famous Statesmen — Benton and Linn — Mrs. Linn's Presenti-
ment Saves Husband 's Life — Sketch of Benton — His Visit to Linneus — He
Answers a Question — "Give the Eoys a Chance!" — The Duel With Lucas —
Thirty Years in Congress — Humor of the Court — A Wise Janitor — Argued With
a Juryman — First Execution in Linn County — End of "Tennessee Tom" — A
Haunted Locality — The Howell Case— The" Ta3^1or Case [See History of
Browning] 172


An Official Chapter — The County Representatives — Line of Circuit Judges — Intrepidity
of Judge Smith at a Perilous Time — Senatorial and Congressional — Democratic
Congressional Committee — Republican Congressional Committee — Democratic
Countj' Committee — Republican County Committee — Linn County's Population
by Townships — Vote on State Officers — Incorporated Town and Villages — Post-
offices — Linn County Newspapers 182


Brookfield, By Charles Willis Green — Marceline, By Clarence M. Kendriek — Bucklin,
Bv Georire L. Joyce — Linneus, Since 1882, Bv D. B. Ormiston — Browning, By
Senator E. B. Fields— Laclede, Bv Oscar F. Libbv— Purdin, St. Catharine,
McPdville and Other Towns of the County 195


Locust C}eck Drainage System — Enterprise to Reclaim 25,000 Acres — Estimated
Rise in Land A'aiues — -Alu Interesting Landmark — The Woodland Mills — Indian
Mounds — Descendant of a Noted Warrior — Bov Lost in the Wilderness — Sheltered
by a Deer- A Mother's Joy— The Trail of "the 49ers— The Hannibal and St.
Joseph Cross-State Highway — Automobile Men and Farmers Working for an
Important Improvement — List of Towns on Route — Statement by State Highway
Engineer — Importance of Good Roads 249




Allen, Eev. Calvin 405 'Neill, Thomas 566


Beckett, W. G

Bigger, Clellen G 534

Bresnehen, Thomas M 444

Brownlee, Judge William H 291

C Rauilolph, F.d ward M 753

,, „ „ T, i T a-o Eobiuson, S. Milton 705

Cullen, Kev. Peter J 6o3 '

DeGraw, Dr. Hamilton (deceased) 276 gtandly, Zachary T., M. D 363

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Martin, Col. George W 328 Wheeler, Robert J. (deceased) 384

Moore, James A 345 White, Hon. Benjamin L 585

Mullins, Maj. A. W 257 Williams, Edward C 671


The Withrow Mill on Locust Crock 22

The Soldiers' Monument at Brookfield 96

Type of Blockhouse erected along the Hannibal & St. Josejih R. R 105

The "Missouri" and The Pony E.xpress 120




Ailor, John C 531

Allen, Edmund B 528

Allen, Rev. Calvin 405

Anderson, George W 578

Anderson, John M (deceased) 416

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Bailey, George W 467

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Linn County Bank of Brookfield 446

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Sturtevant, M. G 318

Swan, Albert P 631


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The People's Bank of Meadville 322

Thomas, Benjamin F. (deceased) 278

Thompson, Howard M 576

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Thudium, Daniel 767

Thudium, John G 770

Tooey, James (deceased) 550

Tooev, James C 463

Tooev, Henry (deceased) 310

Tormev, Rev. Walter 636

Tuite, William J. (deceased) 504


Van Dyke, Joseph 738


Walbv, John B 758

Walkup, Joseph T 324

Ware, Marcellus E 321

Watson, Thomas L. (deceased) 718

Welsh, Alexander A 559

West, Harry K. (deceased) 426

West, Henry J 365

Whaley, Dr.' Rov W 668

Wheeler, Robert J. (deceased) 384

Wheeler. William N 492

White, Hon. Benjamin L 585



Wilber, Isaac Newton 500 Wolfe, Willanl 273

Williams, Edward C 671 Wood, John F 306

Wilson, Benjamin S 76S Wood, J. L 593

Wilson, Lee A 692 Woollen, James 1 546

Wilson, Sheldon L. (deceased) 783

Withers, Alonzo 659 Z

Wolfe, Frank M 420 Zurcher, Albert 427

History of Linn County, Missouri


General Description of Linn County — Climate and Character of Soil
— Grain, Grasses and Vegetables — Tobacco Raising — Once an
Extensive Industry — How the Crop Was Cared For — Heavy Ship-
ments to Europe — Sudden Drop in the Liverpool Market — Bloiv to
Industry — Demand for Country Produce Comes in Time to Relieve
Situation — Growth of Coal Mining in Linn County — Report of
Mine Inspector — Tonnage, 86,774; Value of Product, $187,913
— General Review of County's Resources — Good Roads.

Linn county is centrally located in north Missouri, which is under-
stood as being north of the Missouri river; and, on an east and west
line, is exactly in the center of that part of the state. It has not 648
square miles, but, leaving fractions out, has 611, and contains 392,040
acres of land, of which was assessed in the year 1881, 387,759.5 acres.
Linn county, by government survey, has an area of 389,993.58 acres
(by C. G. Bigger in 1866). There is at least that amount of arable
land that nature has richly endowed with productive force, and of such
a variety that all tastes can be suited. The beautiful, undulating
prairie, the timberland of the bottoms — all equally rich, and all having
their special qualities.

Nearly the entire county is a rolling prairie, growing more rugged
in the vicinity of the larger streams, but presenting a vista of beauty
in hill and dale. Locust creek enters at Section 11, Township 60, of
Range 21, and flows south through Section 33, Township 57, of Range

21. East Yellow creek enters at Section 9, Township 60, of Range 18,
and unites with West Yellow creek, which enters at Section 10, Town-
ship 60, of Range 19, in Chariton county. Section 33, Township 57, of

Online LibraryS. (Sabine) Baring-GouldCompendium of history and biography of Linn County, Missouri → online text (page 1 of 83)