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which the sacred vessels were kept.

Carved Wood, etc. 1 1 9

B. 100 Armchair. Commencement of 17th Cent.

,, 88 Cabinet. Walnut. i6th Cent. Centre: Henri II. Limoges

enamel, placed later.

,, 319 Embroidery on canvas. 13th Cent. Legend : S. Martin oj

Gres Pottery.

,, 453 Hunting bottle. F. Arms ; a monogram W. R.

,, 414 Vase. Gtr. Three women in relief bearing legends :
Judith, 1567 — Esi/ier, nat, eichtoria — Lucrecia in Romirin

,, 471 Beer jug. Greishcin. 1666.

,, 467 Beer jug. Greishein. 1685. Christ and Apostles.

Below : Hanns , Georg . Kehrn . Z. B. I. R.

Maria Magdelena Kehrnin.

Side 3.

,, 36 Bas relief. Ala. Gcr. i6th Cent. The Magdalen kneeling.

,, 19 Bas relief. Stucco, partly gilt. Attribd. to Mino da

Fiesole (1400-86). Frame forms part of the design.

,, 97 Cathedra (Episcopal chair) of the Archbp. of Vienne,

Dauphine. End of i6th Cent. Figures and foliage in high
relief, and inlaid with coloured marbles.

,, 47 Bas relief. Terra cotta, painted. Ital. Sch. of Ghiberti.

B. V. M. and Child.

,, 108 Chair. Ebony. 17th Cent. S. George between two lions.

,, 35 Bas relief. Ala. Ger. 1 6th Cent. S. George and the


,, 306 Chain terminating in a spoon at each end. Boxwood. 17th

R.S. 53 Bas relief. Limestone. Sch. of Nuremburg. i6th Cent.
Ludovic v., Count Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of the two
Bavarias (1478-1544). Inscril^ed

., 56 Plaque. Calcareous stone. i6th Cent. Arms of Wolff
Scaiiffletzer and of Barbara Mertz, 1601.

I20 Carved Wood, etc.

Window 4.
B. 95 Closet ; partly gilt. i6th Cent.

Window 5.

,, 49 Bas relief. Terracotta. Ital. Commencement of 15th Cent.

Sch. of Donatello (i 383-1466). B. V. M. and Child.

,, 341 Mosaic. Mar. Gr. Commencement of I2tli Cent. Trans-

,, 68 Statuette. Terra cotta. F. End of 18th Cent. \'enus and


,, HS''^' Bas relief. Gcr. i6th Cent. Triumph of Maximilian I.,
Emperor of Germany (1459-15 19). The legend gives his

,, 67 Model of Caryatides for Pavilion de I'Horloge, Louvre.

Sarrazin (S. 1590-1660).

R.S. 14 Bas relief. Mar. i6th Cent. B. V. M. and Child on diapered
blue ground.

,, 15 Bas relief. Ala. i6th Cent. B. V. M. and Child, in gold

B. 245 Mirror. ItaL i6th Cent. Partly gilt metallic frame.

,, 84 Chest. Oak. i6th Cent.

,, 302 Bellows. Walnut ; gilt. i6th Cent.

,, 60 Pax. Bas relief. Terra cotta. F. 17th Cent.

,, 154 Medallion. 17th Cent. Venus Anadyomene.

,, 13 Bas relief. Stucco. Ital. Sch. of Donatello. Commencement

of 15th Cent. B. V. M. and Child.

,, 142 Panel. Medallions of heads in high relief ; wreaths of

foliage. Ge?\ 1 6th Cent.

,, 66 Statuette. Pajou (Augustin, 1 730-1809). F. Portrait of

Bossuet, Bishop of Meaux.

A. 184 Tusk. Bone. i6th Cent. Arms of France.

Carved Wood, etc. 121

Case 6.
Carved Wood.

Begin at x .

B. 246 Mirror. Ital. 16th Cent.

,, 239 Comb. i6th Cent. Legend : Per I'os servir.

,, 283 Knitting needle sheath. 17th Cent.

,, 217 Oval medallion. Ger, Monogram of A. Durer. Voung man.

,, 152 Bas relief. Ital. i6th Cent. Mars and Venus.

,, 205 Chessman. A woman jester. Engraved behind: —

s w e s t e r (Sister Cunegunde).

K u n

,, 199 Medallion. Frame, silver gilt openwork. Legend : Jacobin

Cinuthts, ivtat XXXIL, Anno. MD XXXII.

,, 232 Chessman. 15th Cent. Two heads reversed: A pope and a
jester. Probably copied from a medal struck at Nuremberg
in 151 7, upon the appearance of Luther's writings against
Leo X.'s indulgerjces.

,, 151 Bas relief. Ital. 1 6th Cent. Woman crowning Cupid.

11 233-9 Combs, with legends. 1 6th Cent.

,, 224 Medallion. i6th Cent. Bust of a man.

,, 208 Medallion. Henri IV.

„ 153 Bas relief. i6th Cent. Strength personified l)y a woman in
a helmet.

Case 7,

Carved Wood Medallions.

These portrait medallions are mostly by Augsburg artists, and are
remarkable for breadth of execution and finish. From their first appear-
ance in the i6th Cent, they became famous. This (M. Sauvagoet's) is
probably the finest collection known.


122 Carved Wood^ etc.

198 Medallion. Raymond Fugger of Augsburg, at age of yj, in
the year 1527, founder of the Church of S. Maurice, two
hospitals, a picture gallery, and the Botanic Garden at

231 Medallion. i6th Cent. SS. Andrew, Barbara, and Catherine.

228 Medallion. Fleni. Septem. 1577. Legends from Gospels.
294 Foliage. 17th Cent.

247 Mirror. Flem. End of i6th Cent. Legends.

271 Double F. opening with hinges. Commencement of i6th

Cent. Called "Francois I." Interior contains ten
medallions of various personages.

274 Handles of knives with medallions and arabesques. 15th Cent.
Model for silversmith. Engraved in relief by, or after,
Theodor de Bry (1528-98.)

213 Medallion. Chessman. i6th Cent. Woman in Ger. costume.

272 Medallion M. Commencement of i6th Cent. Marguerite

d'Angouleme, sister of Francois I. (1492- 1549). Legend
of S. Margaret. {Legende doree.)

229 Round medallion opening with hinges. i6th Cent. Legends.

193 Medallion in ivory frame, ornamented with silver. Ernst,

Margrave of Baden-Hochberg. The legend : JVii schimpj
7?iit Ernst, 1533; is probably a play upon the word ernst,
which in German means "serious." So it may be read
thus : "No jokes with Ernst," i.e. with him who is serious

Case 8.

207 Chessman. End of 15th Cent. Andrea Auria, perhaps of
the Auria family, which pretended to be descended from the
Doria family of Genoa.

195 Medallion. Charles V. Legend round frame.

200 ,, Anne Berchtold, aged 19, in the year 1522.

194 J) Charles V. In square frame.

Carved Wood. etc. \2X


210 Medallion. Anthoni Deczel. i6th Cent.

211 ,, His wife. i6th Cent. Pendant to the above.
226 ,, Bust of a man. i6th Cent.

218 ,, A Standard Bearer. i6th Cent.

203 ,, Sophia of Mecklenburg, wife of Johann the

Steadfast, Elector of Sachsen. Written on back in Ger.
l6th Cent. writing : " This portrait represents Sophia,
d. of Magnus, Duke of Alecklenburg, and ivife of Johann
Constance (sic) prince elector of Sachsen, who did this 7vork
ivith his 07VJI hand." This is the elector who presented the
Augsburg Confession to Charles V.

1 6th Cent. A young man.

Ger. i6th Cent. Massacre of the Innocents.

Ital. ,, Grammar.

,, ,, Architecture.

,, ,, Music.

Medallions of Biblical subjects on frame. D. 1557

Chessman. Leonora of Austria (1519-58), wife of Emmanuel,
King of Portugal, and of Francois I.

230 Round medallion. Flerii. i6thCent. Last Supper. Legend:
Desiderio desideravi hoc Pascha mandiccare vobiscum.

146 Bas relief Ital. i6th Cent. Eloquence.

209 Medallion. Anne de Gonzague-Cleves, wife of Henri de
Lorraine, Due de Guise, and of Eduard of Baiern (1616-84).

206 Medallion. Simon Eberwein, theologian (?). The family of
E. is known to science by the name of Cordus. D. 1583.

192 Medallion. Ger. Jobst Trychsess L.C.I. O. An etatis stiis
{sic) LXIII. Legend on back : By the zvill of God, I shall
be master of Wegzhausen, 1534.

215 Medallion. Bust of a man. Behind in ink, ROITH.

M 2




Bas relief.








Mirror. :






124 Carved J Food, etc.

B, 216 Medallion. 15th Cent. Bust of a man. Legend We are

btU shadoivs atid dust, 1 542 — tjo years of age.

,, 191 Medallion. Rene d'Anjou, King of Sicily (1408-80).

,, 201 Medallion. Georig Graf. Legend: The word of God is froju
all eternity, A. D. 1525. Letters A. D. refer to carver whose
name is unknown : they are constantly found. An engraver
named Graf w^as living at Basel in 1524, but his christian
name was not Georg.

,, 202 Medallion. Johann the Steadfast, Elector of Sachsen. (See
No. 203, p. 123.)

,, 225 Medallion. Man in doctor's costume. i6th Cent.

,, 223 Medallion. Bust of a man. i6th Cent. Frame ebony
incrusted wath silver.

., 214 Medallion. Bust of a man. i6th Cent. On back, written
in ink (Latin), ^''Effigy of Martin Luther, heretic,''^ but more
probably that of Gaspard Hedio.

Case 9.

Carved Wood.

293 Snuff box. Commencement of 17th Cent. Medallions
and foliage.

256 Rappee. Fleni. i8th Cent. Figures in high relief.

257 Rappee. Ger. i8th Cent. Terminated by a bird holding a
man by the nose.

300 Clasp knife. Openwork ; high relief. Abraham's Sacrifice.

295 Square frame. 17th Cent. Miniature in body colour done in
1859 by Edm. Hedouin.

290 Sheath for needles. i6th Cent. Figure sitting under a tree.

255 Rappee. Flcrn. i8th Cent.

263 Spoon. i6th Cent. Caryatide at end of handle.

260 Incense spoon, Ger. 15th Cent. Legends in German.

299 Oval frame, ornamented with myrtle wreath. End of 17th

Carved JVood, etc. 125

Plastic Wax Medallions.

The art of modelling portrait bas-reliefs in wax was known to the
Gx'eeks and Romans, and was revived at Florence under the Medici. It
was practised by Luca della Robbia, L. da Vinci, and Santorino (whose
model of the Laocoon was considered by Raffaello to be a chef d'ceuvre) ;
by Michel Angelo (to whom is attributed a Descent from the Cross in the
Chapel of the Royal Palace at Miinchen) ; and by Benvenuto Cellini, a
model of whose Perseus is extant at Florence. To these succeeded a
number of artists, such as Alfonzo Lombardi of Ferrara ; J. B. Sozzini of
Siena ; and Rosso da Guigny of Florence, who emulated the success of
the Ger. artists in wood medallions. The Ital. Art becoming the fashion
in Germany, it was taken up by Laurenz Strauch and Wenceslas Mailer,
l)oth of Nuremberg, in the i6th Cent., and practised in the 17th and i8th
Cents, by C. Rapp, Chevalier (worker in ivoi-y), Weihenmeyer, and
Braunin. It is probable that the medallions in polychrome were executed
as portraits ; while those in white were simply studies made by engravers
for br. medals.

Case 10.

Begin at x .

Wax Medallions unless otherwise described.

B. 360 A woman in the costume of i8th Cent. Red.

,, 352 Polychrome. Flor,. Diana.

»> 353 Polych. A man in a black dress.

i-> 355 Polych. A woman in a black dress with earrings and necklet
in pearls. 1 6th Cent, costume.

■)■) 356 Polych. A woman in a brown dress; head ornaments and
necklet in pearls.

,, 44 Bas relief. Pappenheim stone. i6th Cent. Called in Germany

Speck or Kehlheinicr-stein. A winged child between two
swans. A style of sculpture which dates from the 15th
Cent., and was cultivated at Augsburg, but principally at

,, 39 Bas relief. Pap. stone. Aldegrever, 1538. Group of the

pretty daughter of Augsburg and the Prince of Bavaria.
One of a set of twelve subjects : " The Wedding Dancers,"
engraved by Aldegrever (b. 1502). S.

■>■) 359 White wax. F. A woman's portrait in a lace collar.

T26 Carved Wood, etc.

B. 40 Round medallion. Pap. stone. D. 1553. Marx Stengle,

b. in 1494.

41 Round medallion. Pap. stone. D. 1553. Anna. Marx.
Stenglerinn, daughter of R. Bissinger, b. in 1502.

357 White wax, F. A v/oman in a mantle.

347 Polych. Victoria da Rovera.

346 Polych. Francesco da Rovera, Duke of Urbino (1551-1631).

351 Polych. Portrait of a woman in black dress and veil.

361 Black. Knights fighting.

354 Polych. A woman's portrait ; ornaments of pearls and garnets.

348 Polych. Anne de Montmorency, Constable of France
(1492-1567). Inscribed.

349 Polych. Ger. Charles V. and Ferdinand I.

350 Polych. Celebrated singer — Antoinette-Cecile Clavel, called
Mme. S. Huberti (1756-1812).

42 Small round medallion. Pap. stone. i6th Cent. Man with
a beard. Monogram : T W-69 [Tobias Wost, Saxon
engraver of medals (?) ].

Case ii.


*399 Vellum. F. \Yoman in costume, reign of Louis XV.

401 Vellum. 1 8th Cent. Woman, in octagon rock crystal frame.

*393 Vellum. F. i6th Cent. Marie de Rohan Montbason,
Duchesse de Luynes (1600-79).

385 Oil. F. Knights fighting. Catalogued by Mon. Sauvageot
as by Bredel. Gilt frame ; style Louis XIV.

388 Vellum. i6th Cent. Marie Charlotte de la Tremoille (d. 1682).
Written on back in old characters : M. de laT., 1644.

366 Oil. Brass openwork frame. Catherine Henriette de
Balzac d'Entragues (i 569-1633).

397 Vellum. F. Man in costume, reign of Louis XIV.
395 „ „ Young fop, reign of Louis XIII.

398 „ „ Man's portrait.

Carved Wood, etc. 127

Case 12.

B- ZIZ Oi'- ^'- Child in costume, reign of Charles IX.
5» 396 Vellum. E. Man in costume, reign of Louis XIY.
5' 379 Copper. D. Man's portrait ; costume, Louis XIV.
,, 382 Wood. F, Costume, Louis XIV.

364 Du Monstier. Oil. Madeleine de la Tour, called de Boulogne,

wife of Lorenzo de' Medici, and mother of Catherine
(d. 1519).

372 Wood. Jacques Clement, assassin of Henri III. (1589), in
the habit of ihe Jacobin Convent, rue S. Jacques, Paris.
Adding Fratcr to the name the following anagram is formed :
C'est V enfer qui vi'a crce.

^, 370 Oil. F. Admiral Gaspard de Coligny, Seigneur de Chatillon

(1584- 1 646). Behind is the legend : Dij[ficilia <jiuc pidcra
\sic) .-/" 1608 (Beautiful things are difficult).

^, 384 Wood. Span. Woman's portrait.

,, 368 Oil. Flcm. Isabella Clara Eugenia, daughter of Philip II. of
Spain, governor of the Low Countries (i 566-1633).

15 374 Wood. Woman's portrait, costume Henri III. Monogram,

L. S., 1589, is possibly that of Laurenz Strauch (1554-1630)
or Laurenz Stoer of Augsburg.

371 Wood. I. Moro (A.) ; A woman turning to the left.
2. Coello (Alonzo Sauchez, d. 1590) ; A man in black with a
gold chain turning to the right. 3 and 4. Span. Sch.

->■' 375 Wood. Man's portrait, costume Henri III. Same
monogram as No. 374.

369 Wood. Francois de I'Hopital, Comte de Rosnay, Maiechal
de France (1583-1660).

365 Wood. Sch. of Clouet. Catherine de Bourbon, Duchesse

de Bar, sister of Henri IV.

^, 380 Copper. Fleni. Young man, costume Louis XIV.
^, 381 Oil. Fle/n. Young woman, costume Louis XIV.

128 Carved Wood, dc.

ES. 363 Oil. Theodore de Beze, a Reformer (1510-1605).

i» yil Copper. F. A woman, costume Henri IV.

,, 378 Copper. F. A man, costume Henri IV.

,, 376 Copper. F. A man, costume Henri IV,

Case 13.

Miniatures on Vellum.

,, 400 D. Sch. A lady. In right angle at top, the legend: Com-
mermain Miercszvcld ad exeitiplar pinxit. D. Brtigiiinx
17^5 57 (25 Feb. 1757).

j> 394 Carmontelle. F. The painter Lantara (1745-78).

,, *392 Oliver (Isaac, 1555-1617). E. Robert Devereux, Earl of

383 Wood. D. 17th Cent. A lady.

390 F. Sch. Anne, Due de Joyeuse, peer and admiral of France,
husband of Marguerite de Lorraine, sister-in-law of
Henri III., whose marriage festivities cost 3,600,000 fr.

*387 Cranach (L.) The C^r. printer Rotscholz (?). On the grass,
monogram : L. C, 1525. In the distance. Castle of Hart-
bur sr.






386 Ger. Sch. D. 1 559. Henri IV. and Christian III. of
Denmark (1502-59). Inscribed.

389 F. Sch. Nogaret de la Valette (Jean Louis), Due d'Epernon


391 Hilliard (Nicolas, 1547-1619), E. Countess of Nottingham,
daughter of Henry Carey, Baron Hunsdon. A rmg hanging
to the chain round the neck is supposed to refer to the well-
known story told by Birch in his Memoirs of Queen



42. SALLE.

F. Refers to Catalogue, Serie F. Verrerie.

G. ,, ,, ,, G. Faience Italienne.
IJ. ,, ,, ,, D. Emaux, etc.

B. ,, ,, J, B. Bois Sculptc, etc.

Side i.

In Case.
129 Ven. 1 6th Cent.

20 Large cup ; form of a chalice and cover.

Mv/. End of 15th

? J




> J


» J


Glass ; form of a chalice. Vcn. i6th Cent.

Bottle of a cup-bearer. Vcn. i6th Cent.

Cup. Ven. 1 6th Cent.

Glass ; form of a Ven. gondola. i6th Cent, We read in the
Vraye histoirc coniique dc Fran^oin, by Charles Sorel, under
the pseudonyme of Nicolas Moulinet, sieur Du Pare (ed. in
l2mo. , 1630, part 2, bk. xi.) ; ^^ Encore qu'il fust pour lors
avec des gens qtii tcnoient pour le serie ux, il {Hortensms)
se voulut mettrc un petit sur la debauc/ie, ct ayant en main
tin verre de Venise fait en gondole^ il dit : ' La philosophies
qui disoit que Ics navires qui estoient sur terre estoicjtt les
plus assurees (sic) cntendoit parler de celle-ci.'' "



130 Glass.

F. 41 Glass on foot ; form of a tulip. Vcn. i6th Cent.

,, 42 Glass on foot ; form of a tulip. Ven. i6th Cent.

140 Viderco))ie (drinking cup). Gcr. 17th Cent. Arms of Ger.

62 Vase; form of an urn. Ven. 1 6th Cent.

34 Cup. Ven. i6th Cent.

36 Cup ; vase shape. Ven. 1 6th Cent.

26 Cup-bearer's bottle. Vcn. i6th Cent.
82 Glass ; form of a horn. Ven. 1 6th Cent.
55 Bottle. Ven. i6th Cent.

145 Lamp; form of a ball. Ger. 17th Cent.

97 Oval bottle. Vcn. i6th Cent.

6 Cup. Ven. End of 1 6th Cent.

2y Cup. Ven. 1 6th Cent. Motto: Non pin Fortima : idio.

33 Cup. Vol. i6th Cent.

123 Round cup upon a silver gilt foot. Ven. 17th Cent.

155 Glass on a foot. F. 17th Cent.

130 Glass with two handles. Ven. i6th Cent.

74 Bowl on stand. Ven. i6th Cent.

27 Cup-bearer's bottle. Ven. i6th Cent.

46 Glass; form of a vase. Ven. 1 6th Cent.

47 Glass; form of a bell. Ven. 1 6th Cent.
73 Oval cup. Ven. i6th Cent.

I Flat cup on a stem. Ven. i6th Cent.

65 Concave cup with a flat border. Ven. i6th Cent.

115 Presenting cup upon a gilt chiselled bronze foot. Ven. i6th

116 Glass upon a foot. Ven. 17th Cent.

120 Druggist's bottle; form of an Ital. mandolin. Ven. 17th



Glass. 131

108 Vase with handle. Ven. ox Bohemian. 1 6th Cent.

105 Chalice, or Presenting cup. Ven. i6th Cent.

70 Cup upon a round foot. Ven. i6th Cent.

81 Glass ; form of a horn. Ven. i6th Cent.

21 Vase, with handle. Ven. End of 15th Cent.

22 Small ewer with handle. Ven. i6th Cent.

4 Cup upon a round foot. Ven. End of i6th Cent.
51 Glass. Ven. i6th Cent.
64 Cup. Ven. 1 6th Cent.

8 Dish upon a foot. Ven. i6th Cent.

54 Round glass upon a silver gilt foot. Ven. i6th Cent.

85 Glass. "Ven. 17th Cent.

5 Cup on a round foot. Ven. End of i6th Cent.
117 Bottle. Ven. 17th Cent.
158 Four glasses. F. End of i8th Cent.

89 Drinking cup upon a foot. I'en. r6th Cent.


G. — Vases and bottle ; Urbino and Gubbio faience. Ital. i6th


Side 2.

D. 195 Frtj'f/w^ (drinking bowl). ?^t'«. enamel. Commencement of i6tli

B. 90 Cabinet. Ebony. Commencement 17th Cent.

On Top of Case.

— Vases of Urbino and Gubbio ware. Ital. i6th, 17th Cents.
D. 194 Bottle with flat neck. Ven. enamel. i6th Cent.
,, 196 Vase. Mounted silver, chased. Ven. enamel. i6th Cent.

132 Glass.

Side 3.

F. 148 Glass ; form of a chalice. Bohemian. 17th Cent. Motto :
Lichen thai.

„ 160 Bottle. F. 1 8th Cent. Legend: La paix fait mon partage —

,, 31 Jug with handle. Ven. i6th Cent.

,, 84 Glass; formofahoni. Ven. i6th Cent. ,

,, 121 Bottle. Uncertain fabrication. 17th Cent.

,, 40 Glass on foot ; form of a horn. Vcji. i6th Cent.

,, 10 Glass; form of a cup. Ven. i6th Cent.

,, 14 Glass with handle. Ven. i6th Cent,

„ 53 Glass on a foot. Ve7t. i6th Cent,

,, 141 Drinking cup. Ger. 17th Cent. D. 1638. Arms of Johann
Georg, Elector of Sachsen.

j> 159 Bottle; flat form. F. 1 6th Cent. Arms of Beam.

,, 103 Flat cup. Ven. i6th Cent.

,, 127 Ewer with cover. Vefi. i6th Cent. Arabian style.

„ 93 Glass upon a foot. Ven. i6th Cent.

,, 118 Double bottle, Ven. 17th Cent.

,, 15 Bottle with narrow neck. Ven. i6th Cent.

,, 131 Glass in form of chalice. Ven. 1 6th Cent.


7 Dish. Ven. 16th Cent.

144 Cup. Mounted metal gilt, chiselled. Ger. 17th Cent.

30 Dish. Ven. i6th Cent.

39 Glass upon a foot ; form of a tulip. Ven. i6th Cent.

69 Cup. Ven. 1 6th Cent.

, 152 Vase with cover; form of a sugar basin. Ven. i8th Cent.

G/ass. 133

F. 91 Circular glass. Ven. i6th Cent.

,, 104 Flat cup on a foot. Vcn. i6th Cent.

86 Flagon. Ven. i6th Cent.

Ill Bottle. Ven. 1 6th Cent.

43 Glass on a foot ; form of a bell. Vc/i. i6th Cent.

90 Glass; form of a chalice. Ve/i. 1 6th Cent.

,, 44 Glass ; form of a bell. Vcn. i6t.h Cent.

,, 102 Flat cup. Ven. i6th Cent.

,, 112 \'ase with two handles. Ven. 17th Cent.

,, 49 Glass ; form of a tulip. Ven. i6th Cent.

,, 107 Bowl. Ven. i6th Cent.

,, 2 Cup upon a foot. Ven. 16th Cent.

35 Cup upon three little feet forming flowers. Pl'n. i6th Cent.

,, 125-6 Tassels of small beads. Ven. i6th Cent.

,, 142 Deep plate. Ger. i6th Cent. Arms of Fiigger family.
Raymond Fuggey,, son of Georg F. and Regina Im Holf,
was born in 1489, and created baron by Charles ^'., for
pecuniary aid rendered to him and his father, Maximilian.
His portrait is in Salle 41, Case 7, No. 198 (medallion on
wood, p. 122).

138 Necklet. Veti. beads. i8th Cent.
., 52 Glass ; octagon form. Ven. 1 6th Cent.


D. 540-555 Courteys (P.) Sixteen plaques. Painted enamel, mounted
in carved wood, gilt. i6th Cent. From the chapel of the
Chateau of Ecouen. The twelve subjects from tlie Pa>.sion
are imitated from the engravings of A. Diirer.

. N


Bronze, Iron, etc.

43. SALLE.

Bronze Medals, etc.

16 17 i3 19

15 14 13 12





G. Refers to Catalogue, Serie C. Objets de Bronze, Cuivre,



Etain, Fer, etc.
„ D. Emaux, Orfevrerie.
Sculpture Moderne.

Side i.

— Lemoyne (J. B. , 1 704-78). Br. Project for statue of Louis XV.

at Rouen.

M.S. 249''''' Statuette. Hurtrelle (S., 1648-1724). B. V. M. at foot of

— Campaign in Italy. Original, marble, by P. Bontemps, was

made for tomb of Fran5ois I., S. Denys.

Side 2.

Shelf above Case.

C. 51 Bust. Br. F. 17th Cent. Henri IV.

43 Statuette. Br. F. 17th Cent. Henri IV.

Bronze^ Iron, etc. i ^



Under Shelf.

282 Ewer. Copper. Flem. i6th Cent.

369 Coffer. Copper gilt, and chiselled. Ital. i6th Cent. The
medallions are Gcr.

16 Statuette. Br. Modern imitation of antique. Jupiter and

367 Coffer. Iron openwork, gilt. 1 6th Cent.

On Shelf.

54 Bust. Br. F. 1 6th Cent. (Attribd. to B. Prieur). Mar-
guerite de Valois.
283 Vidcrcome (Drinking cup). Pewter. Ger. i6th Cent.

365 Coffer. Br. Mod. (?) repetition of Donatello's cofter. 15th

370 Coffer. Copper openwork, chiselled. End of i6th Cent.
Under shelf.

366 Coffer. Iron, damascened gold. i6th Cent.

49 Lansquenet (Candlestick). Br. Ger. i6th Cent.

278 Vase ; form of a peacock. Br. Siculo-Normand. 13th Cent.

Seems to have served both as a candlestick and a ewer.
The term Siculo-Normand is applied to Sicilian work
of the nth Cent., which was made up of Romanesque,
Byzan. and Saracenic elements grafted upon the Norman
introduced into Sicily by Count Roger.

360 Perfume burner. Br. chiselled. Ital. 17th Cent.

64 Bull. Br. Ital. 17th Cent.

268 Table clock. Copper gilt, F. i6th Cent.

57 Bust. Br. Ital. i6th Cent. Diana.

On Shelf.

279 Ewer and basin. Pewter, chiselled. F. i6th Cent. Medal-

lion of man's head on basin, and legend : Sculpebat
Franciscus Briot. Fac simile of No. 74, Salle 44 ; and No.
1364, Musee de Cluny (Cat. 1855).

N 2

1-56 Bronze^ Iron, etc.

C. 271 Table clock. Copper gilt. Ger. i6th Cent.

IQ Statuette. Br. Ital. End of i6th Cent. Ceres draped.
Imitation of that in Vatican.

33 Statuette. Br. Ital. i6th Cent. A nude warrior.

269 Table clock. Copper gilt, and chiselled. Ital. i6th Cent.

585 Foot of candlestick. Br., chiselled.


55 a


Under Shelf.

280 Basin. Pewter, chiselled. F. End of i6th Cent. Probably
from a design by Briot.

On Shelf.
379 Candlestick. Br., chiselled. Ital. i6th Cent.
389-90 Chamber night light. Copper chiselled, and gilt. Ven.
i6th Cent.
*59 Bust. Br. F. i8th Cent. Child's head.

*270 Table clock. Copper chased, and gilt. Ger. i6th Cent.
It belonged to the Farnese family, who had their arms and
escutcheons added to it by an Ital. workman. In 1848, the
main-spring breaking, Mon. Sauvageot found that it bore
the date 1680 ; while the barrel bore that of 1 590.

Under Shelf.
2 Pyx. Pewter gilt. i6th Cent.
4 Mass bell. Br., chased. Ital. 1 6th Cent.
266 Table clock. Copper chased, and gilt. F. i6th Cent.
20 Statuette. Br. Ital. l6th Cent. Hercules (young).
4 24 Statuette. Br. Ital. i6th Cent. Bacchus (young).
397 Mortar. Br. F. i6th Cent.
35 Statuette. Br. Flor. 15th Cent. A child. A drawing by
Verrocchio, in collection of IMon. de la Salle, seems to be
the first idea for this statuette.
65 Wild boar. Br. /". 17th Cent.
281 Ewer. Metal stamped, and bronzed. i6th Cent.

Bronze^ Iron, etc. 137

On Shelf.
C 377 Candlestick. Brass. Ger. End of 15th Cent.

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