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Cover Illustration:

Portion of architectural plans

of the Community Development

Department renovations. It is

the first major renovation of the

upper level of the Municipal

Office Building since it was

built in 1965.

Personal thanks go to

Salem High School junior

Brandt Wild

for his artful capturing of your

public officials at work

through the magic of his camera lens.



Town Report




Board of Selectmen 5-6

Budget Committee 7-8

Charter Commission 9

Conservation Commission 10-11

Council on Aging 12

Housing Authority 13-14

Kelley Library Board of Trustees 15

Kelley Library Director's Report 16

Kelley Library Treasurer's Report 17

Kelley Library Statistics 18-19

Historical Museum Committee 20-21

Planning Board 22-24

Recreation Advisory Committee 25-26

Trustees of the Trust Funds 26-31

Zoning Board of Adjustment 32-22


Town Manager 35-36

Assessing Department 37

Building Department 38

Capital Projects 39

Community Development 40-43

Elder Services 44-45

Engineering Department 46-47

Finance Department 47

Fire Department 48-52

Southeastern NH Hazardous Materials Mutual Aid District 52-53

Health Department 54

Human Resources Department 55

Human Services Department 55-57

Information Services Department 57-58

Planning Department 59

Police Department 60-61

Public Works Department 61-65

Recreation Department 65-66

Tax Collector 66-69

Town Clerk 70-71

Salem District Court 72


Auditor's Report 74-77

Statement of Appropriation 78

Statement of Expenditures 79

Comparitive Statement of Appropriations 80

Statement of Receipts 81

Comparitive Statement of Receipts 82

Taxes Assessed 83

Special Funds 84-86

Statement of Town Debt 87



Town of Salem, New Hampshire

1997 Annual Town Report




Selectmen - Three Year terms

Everett P. McBride, Jr., Chairman


Robert L. Ellis, Vice-Chairman


Charles W. Morse, Secretary


Robert J. Campbell


Sandra P. Roulston


Town Clerk - Three Year Term

Barbara Lessard






Tax Collector - Three Year Term

Cheryl-Ann Bolouk

Treasurer - Three Year Term

John Sytek

Moderator - Two Year Term

Laurence Belair

Library Trustees - Three Year Terms

Rosemarie Hartnett, Chairman
Richard O'Shaughnessy
Richard Cooney

Library (Appointed by Trustees)
Eleanor Strang, Director

Supervisors of the Check List - Six Year Terms

Janice Habib 2002

Sheila Murray 1998

Joan Sabatini 2000

Budget Committee - Three Year Terms

Earl Merrow, Chairman 1999

Stephen Campbell 2000

Joseph Comforti 2000

Harley Featherston 1998

Roland Maher 1998

Robert Mayer 1999

Pam Berry, School Board Rep.
Fred Kruse, Alternate School Brd. Rep.
Everett P. McBride, Jr, Selectmen Rep.
Charles W. Morse, Alt. Selectmen Rep.

Trustees of the Trust Funds - Three Year Terms

Harley Featherston, Chairman 1998

Michael Garafalo 1999

Terrence Gerlich 2000



Conservation Commission - Three Year Terms

Theodore W. Hatem, Chairman 1999

George P. Jones, III 1998

Earl Merrow 1999

Thomas Campbell 2000

William Schultz 1998

William Valentine 2000

Thomas Aiello, Alternate 2000

Georgette Smith, ^//er«(3?e 1999
Sandra Roulston, Selectmen Rep.

Ross A. Moldoff, Planning Director, StajfRep.

Council on Aging - Three Year Terms

Glen Lavallee, Chairman 2000

Robert Castricone 1998

Delbert Downing 2000

Ethel Fairweather 1998

PatKeegan 1999

Victor Mailloux 1998

Ann St. Hilaire 1999

Karen Bryant, Alternate 2000
Charles W. Morse, Selectmen Rep.
Sally Sweet, Elderly Coordinator, StajfRep.

Fair Hearing Committee, Three Year Terms

Ethel Fairweather 2000

Vacant 2000

Vacant 2000
Robert Loranger, Welfare Admin., Staff Rep.

Historic District Commission - Three Year Terms

Martha Breen, Chairman 2000

Edith Desrosiers 2000

Beverly Glynn 1999

Carol McShane 2000

Donna Smith 1998
Sandra P. Roulston, Selectmen Rep.

Housing Authority - Five Year Terms

Delbert Downing, Chairman 2000

Susan Desmet 200 1

James Galluzzo, Jr. 1998

Patricia Keegan 2002

Mary Frances Renner 1999
Diane Kierstead, Executive Director
Robert Campbell, Selectmen Rep.

Town of Salem, New Hampshire

1 997 Annual Town Report


Museum Committee - Three Year Terms

Louise Ackerman, Historic Dist. Rep. 1998

Jeff Barraclough; Historic Society Rep. 2000

Beverly Glynn, Historic District Rep 1 999

Ernest Mack, Historic Society Rep. 1 999

Carol McShane, Historic Society Rep. 1 998

Donna Smith, Historic District Rep. 1 998
Sandra P. Roulston, Selectmen Rep.

Planning Board - Three Year Terms

James Keller, Chairman 2000

David Bridge 1999

Arnold Croft 1998

Francis DeCesare 1999

Richard Gregory 1998

Stephen MacDonald 2000

Mariane Morales McCann, Alternate 1998

Phyllis O'Grady, Alternate 2000

Keith Wolters, Alternate 1999
Robert L. Ellis, Selectmen Rep.
Ross A. Moldoff, Planning Director, Staff Rep.

Recreation Advisory Committee - Three

John Loftus, Chairman

Gardner Chase

Sean Coyle

Francis Gugliotta

Stephen Kniaz

Joel Vamick

Glen Orso, Alternate

Michael Carney, Alternate

Stephen MacDonald, Alternate

Fred Kruse, School Board Rep.

Charles Morse, Selectmen Rep.

Julie Kamal, Recreation Coordinator.

Year Terms



Zoning Board of Adjustment - Three Year Terms

Phil DeRosa, Chairman 1998

John Doyle 1999

Gerald Forcier 1998

Edward Huminick 2000

Edward Suffem 1997

Catherine E. Barrett, Alternate 1999

Glenn Lavallee, Alternate 2000

Jonathan McNeal, ^/rer«a?e 1998

Edgardo (JoJo) Umali, Alternate 1999

Joseph Scionti, Alternate 1999

Sam Zannini, Chief Building Official, StaffRep.


Town Manager

Stephen J. Daly, Town Manager
Maureen Witley

Town Departments/Staff (Cont.)

Assessing Department

Normand Pelletier, Chief Assessor
Catherine Arsenault, Deputy Assessor
Joyce Desrosiers
Rosemarie Burton

Building Department

Samuel Zannini, Chief Building Official
Ken Sherwood
Warren Winter
Rosemarie Hartnett

Community Development

James Turse, Community Development Director

Elder Services

Sally Sweet, Elderly Services Coordinator
Daniel Pacheco
Lois Kurgan

Engineering Department

James Brown, Senior Engineer
George Sealy, Capital Projects Manager
Joseph Chamberlain
Shirley Begg

Finance Department

Frances Bernard, Finance Director
Linda Casey, Account & Budget Manager
Marilyn Pearson, Purchasing Coordinator
Patricia Gaddis
Susan Galvin
Jean Mayo
Barbara Riley
Rena Webster

Fire Department

John R. Nadeau, Fire Chief Emer. Mgmt. Dir.

Arthur Barnes, Assistant Fire Chief

Kevin Breen, Deputy Fire Chief

James Stone, Deputy Fire Chief

Daniel Breton, Captain

Kevin Campbell, Captain

Kevin Kimball, Captain

William Wamock, Captain

Robin Beshara

Health Department

Suzarme Doucette, Health Officer

Human Resources Department

Mary Donovan, Human Resources Manager
Donna Pratt

Town of Salem, New Hampshire

1 997 Annual Town Report

Town Departments/Staff (Cont.)

Human Services Department

Robert Loranger, Welfare Administrator
Maureen Sullivan

Information Services Department

John Bernard, Information Services Manager
Karen Landry

Planning Department

Ross A. Moldoff, Planning Director
Lydia Fortier

Police Department

Stephen Mac Kinnon, Chief of Police
John Boudreau, Captain
Alan Gould, Captain
Joyce Crocco

Public Works Department

Raymond King, Director of Public Works
Alice LaValley

Recreation Department

Julie Kamal, Recreation Coordinator

Tax Collector

Cheryl-Ann Bolouk, Tax Collector
Gail Watts, Deputy Tax Collector
Patricia Carter
Toni Sullivan

Town Clerk

Barbara Lessard, Town Clerk
Mary Fawcett, Deputy Town Clerk
Mary Ann Bell
Deanna Detreault
Jacqueline Delaney
Ruth Hayes

District Court

John A. Korbey, Justice
Urville J. Beaumont, Special Justice
Michael E. Jones, Special Justice
David S. Wajda, Clerk of Court
Margaret Daszuta, Deputy Clerk

Town of Salem, New Hampshire 1 997 Annual Town Report

Reports from.






Town of Salem, New Hampshire

1997 Annual Town Report


Everett P. McBride, Jr.

Robert L. Ellis

Charles W. Morse

Robert J. Campbell

Sandra P. Roulston

1997 was a very busy year for the Board of
Selectmen. The year started out with the completion
of the water transmission line from Arlington Pond
to Canobie Lake on January 7, 1997. Since turning
the pumps on at Arlington Pond on January 7,
through December 31, 1997 we have pumped
225,000,000 gallons of water or slightly more than
one quarter of Salem's yearly demand for water. In

1998 we expect to pump approximately
300,000,000 gallons of water from Arlington Pond
or a full one-third of Salem's yearly demand for
water. We believe this confirms our assessment that
the Arlington to Canobie pipeline will help meet
Salem's water supply needs for the next 30 - 50

Other major capital improvements over the last year
were the completion of all scheduled road

improvements, which included the complete
reconstruction of Bluff Street and a portion of North
Main Street. The supplemental road improvement
program saw Green Acre Drive along with 35 other
neighborhood streets completed in 1997. All of the
capital improvements were completed on time and
within budget.

The Board of Selectmen has proposed a two phased
extension of water and sewer around Canobie Lake.
The first phase will be in 1998 and the second phase
will be in 1999. We hope, with your support, we
will continue and complete the community wide
water, sewer and road improvement study in 1998.
This plan will give the community the information
needed to move forward with a coordinated
community-wide water, sewer, and road
improvement program beginning in 1999.

Town of Salem, New Hampshire

1997 Annual Town Report

1 997 saw a significant reorganization take place in
the Town of Salem. With the help the Town
Manager Stephen Daly, Human Resource Manager
Maiy Donovan, Fire Chief John Nadeau and the
Salem Fire Department Union Local 2892, we
agreed to have 12-man staffing, add two more
paramedics to bring the number to six, designate an
Advance Life Support Vehicle to carr\' the
paramedic to the seen. This has given Salem a
significant improvement in Advanced Life Support

In the Planning, Engineering, Health and Inspections
Departments, we completed the organization with
the addition of James Turse as our first Communit}'
Development Director. Jim brings with him a
wealth of experience in both public and private
development. He has already begun to contribute
with the writing of the proposed Town Center
Zoning Ordnance, the Senior Zoning Ordnance and
the proposal to complete the PeUiam road project. I
hope you will join me in welcoming Jim to Salem.

The Public Works Department has a new Director,
Ray King. Ray has a vast back ground in public
works projects he gained in the Military. He also
was instrumental in managing the infi-astructure
needed during Desert Storm. I hope you will join
me in Welcoming Ray to Salem.

Human Resources Manager Mar\' Donovan, each
department head, and the union negotiating teams
for their efforts to conclude these contracts in time
for Town Meeting 1998.

In 1997, the Board improved the delivery of ser\'ices
to the community. As the Board looks to 1998 there
are many projects to complete. We believe we have
the best leadership team of any community in the
Merrimack valley and perhaps in the State of New-
Hampshire in place to complete them.

As we enter 1998 we realize the year 2000 is just
around the comer and Salem's 250* Birthday is an
event that we hope the whole community will
support. It's a once in a life time event, entering a
new Millennium and Salem's 250* Birthday. We
hope to have your continued support to bring Salem
into the next Millennium prepared and prosperous.

The Board would like to thank the members of the
boards and committees who have served and express
our particular thanks to those who have "retired"
fi-om some of these positions.

We would also like to remember fondly the passing
this year of several individuals who have ser\'ed the
town faithfully and with distinction both in and out
of government.

Looking forward to 1998 we have competed
contract s with all the Towns Unions. They include
significant changes in healthcare. We urge your
support. We thank Town Manager Stephen Daly,

Respectfully submitted,

Everett P. McBride Jr.

Town of Salem, New Hampshire

1997 Annual Town Report


Earl Merrow, Chair

Stephen Campbell

Joseph Comforii

Harley Featherston Roland Maker Robert Mayer

Not pictured: Pamela Berry (School Board Rep.), Everett McBride (Selectmen Rep.)

Salem is what is known as a "budget town" which
means the elected budget committee (bud com) is
responsible for preparing operating budgets for the
Town and the School District which are presented to
the respective meetings for the voters to act upon.
The Bud Corn's authority comes from a New
Hampshire law known as RSA32 Municipal Budget

The Bud Com monitors the town and School District
budgets throughout the fiscal year and requests
various items of information as they review the
budgets and as questions arise. The Bud Com may
ask any question of a financial nature to better
understand the nature of a particular expenditure and
the Town or School must produce the information.

The Bud Com begins the bulk of its work in the Fall
and into the Winter as it begins the arduous task of
building the budgets for the corning year. The
Committee reviews the Selectmen's and School
Board's proposed budgets with the Selectmen and
Town Manager as well as the School Board and
Superintendent along with department managers.
Following the review, the Bud Com takes a
preliminar)' vote of the budgets and then proceeds to
a public hearing. The public hearing gives the
general public the opportunity to offer input to the
Bud Com. The final step in the process is for the
Committee to take a final vote. The final vote sets
the budget that is presented to the voters. The same
action is applied to all of the warrant articles that
have a monetarv value to them.

Town of Salem, New Hampshire

1997 Annual Town Report

The Bud Com is made up of six members that are
elected at large and a representative from the Board
of Selectmen and School Board who are appointed
by their respective boards. The at-large members are
elected for a three-year term and two are elected
every year. The Committee members receive no pay
and put many hours into their work both at the
meetings and at home. They try to walk that fine line

for budgeting for the community's needs and the
ability for many of our citizens to pay the taxes.
Regardless of their political philosophies, they have
a sincere interest in making Salem a better Town.

Respectfully submitted,

Earl K. Merrow

Town of Salem, New Hampshire

1997 Annual Town Report


Robert Campbell. Chair Richard Gregory Sandy Roulston

Martha Breen

Thomas Eden

Harley Featherston

George Jones

Douglas Tilton

Not pictured: Arthur Campbell, Susan Lane

The Charter Commission elected by the voters of
Salem has proposed a charter that includes an
official ballot session of the town meeting under
provisions of RSA 49-D:3, Il-a. The charter
proposes to keep the town meeting form of
government with a board of selectmen. The charter
does not change any other way that the town will

A charter is a constitution for a town. The proposal
is a modest beginning that can be amended by future
town meetings. Adopting the charter will start
Salem on the road to determining what works best
for Salem, rather than relying on the statutes that
must fit every town in New Hampshire

As Chairman, I thank each member of the Charter
Commission: Martha Breen, Arthur Campbell,
Thomas Eden, Harley Featherston, Richard Gregory,

George Jones, Sandra Roulston, and Douglas Tilton,
for their hard work and dedication to the
Commission and the people of Salem. Together we
were able to prepare a charter that we feel keeps the
essense of a small town community and also allows
for needed growth. Susan Lane was elected to the
Charter Commisison but was unable to serve due to
personal reasons. The Charter Commission
appreciates her input early in the process.

I would like to thank the residents of the Salem
community for their imput on the proposed charter
and for providing us with an opportunity to bring
this charter to town meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert J. Campbell,

Town of Salem, New Hampshire

1997 Annual Town Report


Ted Hatem, Chair

Thomas Campbell

George Jones

Earl Merrow

Wally Schultz

Georgette Smith

Not pictured: Thomas Aiello, William Valentine, Sandra Roulston (Selectmen Rep.)

This year, the Conservation Commission went
forward with the design and permitting for the long-
awaited driveway and parking lot (next to the State
Highway shed on Route 1 11) to access the Salem
Town Forest. With State permits and lease in hand,
the Commission can now complete this long term
goal of providing public access to one the Town's
most important assets - the Salem Town Forest.

The Commission was active in acquiring open space
by completing work necessary for a conservation
easement on the Salem portion of the Urbielonis
farm off Pelham Road, purchase of 10.6 acres off
Zion Hill Road to enlarge the Town Forest, purchase
of land at 30-36 Town Farm Road, adjacent to the
Spicket River, and acquisition of a subdivision
formerly owned by Granite State Baptist Church off

Budron Avenue. We look forward to the
preservation of these tracts for future generations of
citizens to enjoy.

The Commission was honored in April through its
Spicket River Committee to receive an award from
the Environmental Protection Agency for its
volunteer efforts in environmental protection. The
award ceremony at Fanuiel Hall in Boston,
culminated three years of effort to provide Salem
with a clean navigable river. The Spicket River
Committee did not rest though; they held several
clean-ups again this year, starting on May 1 7 and
ending in October 4 with Lucent Technologies
having their own clean-up day. We thank everyone
who participated in this endeavor. It is through the
volunteer efforts of citizens that we are able to do


Town of Salem, New Hampshire

1997 Annual Town Report

this work without the contribution of tax dollars.

The Commission reviewed a total of 29 Dredge/Fill
permit applications, held seminars on Shore Land
Protection and Prime Wetlands Mapping/Buffers,
held an Earth Day walk with Dee Foley of GES, Inc.
in April and saw the resignation of Chairman
Michael Lyons in May. We wish him the very best
in his future endeavors.

The Commission looks forward to continuing its
efforts to conserve and preserve the Town's open
space and natural resources. We welcome citizens
to comment or volunteer for any of the Commission

Respectfully submitted,

Theodore W. Hatem,


Town of Salem, New Hampshire

1997 Annual Town Report


Pat Keegan

Victor Mailloux

Karen Biyant (Alternate)

Not pictured: Robert Castricone, Ann St. Hilaire, Chuck Morse (Selectmen Rep.)

1997 brought changes to the Council on Aging as
new energy and focus that we are hopeful will be
present in the years to come. In addition to having
new members join the committee; Chuck Morse as
the selectmen representative and Karen Bryant as a
new Council member, the Council took receipt of
a new handicap access van.

With the help of the Town Selectmen and Planning
Director Ross Moldoff, the Council received a grant
from HUD to do a feasibility study for a new Senior
Center for the town of Salem. The Council would
like to extend a special gratitude to Sue McGibbons,

without whose help and dedication the Council
would not have been aware of the HUD program
available to the Council on Aging.

As we prepare to usher in the new millennium the
Council is excited and looking forward in continuing
to provide the leadership and services for Salem's
elderly community.

Respectfully submitted,

Glenn Lavallee


Town of Salem, New Hampshire

1997 Annual Town Report


Delbert Downing, Chair

Susan Desmet

James Galluzzo

Pat Keegan

Diane Kierstead,
Executive Director

Mary Frances Renner

Not pictured: Robert Campbell, Selectmen Rep.

The Salem Housing Authority (SHA) operates the
Public Housing Program in the community, which
consists of three elderly housing complexes -
Millville Arms, Telfer Circle, and Hilda Place.
Through this program, the Authority assists 158
elderly and/or disabled households and maintains a
100% occupancy rate. The SHA continues to
operate the Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments
Program, which provides direct rental subsidy
payments to private landlords on behalf of program
participants. Participants pay 30% of adjusted
income toward rent/utility costs. In 1997, the SHA
made subsidy payments totaling $256,967.

The waiting lists for the Public Housing and Section

8 Programs are open, however, both lists are
extensive. Though many households are eligible,
lack of fiinding requires applicants to wait a
substantial period of time before receiving the
needed assistance. The SHA also maintains the
waiting list for the Policy Brook Estates rental
project, which was constructed under the Affordable
Housing Ordinance (adopted by the Town in 1989).
It should be noted that the Public Housing and
Section 8 programs are federally subsidized through
the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD), whereas the Affordable
Housing Program is a local Town-established


Town of Salem, New Hampshire

1997 Annual Town Report

Other efforts to increase affordable housing in the
community include the rental of two single-family
homes to low-income households under a special
lease agreement aimed at providing the families with
the opportunity to accumulate savings in the hope of
some day realizing the dream of homeownership.
The Authority also currently manages a single-
family home through a cooperative effort with the
Salem School District (owner).

Each year, the SHA makes a Payment in Lieu of
Taxes (PILOT) to the Town of Salem for the elderly
housing complexes. In 1997, the annual payment
totaled $27,998.84. The Grand Total of PILOT
payments to date totals $336,153.28, in addition to
a Grand Total of water/sewer payments of

Also in 1997, the SHA was awarded a perfect score
(100%) for the fifth consecutive year through HUD's
Public Housing Management Assessment Program,

thereby once again designated a High Performer.

The SHA continues to seek out means of providing
decent, safe, and affordable housing to low and
moderate income families within the community.
We are presently pursuing options for an Assisted
Living project (housing targeted for frail elderly
requiring some assistance with activities of daily
living). We thank the Town of Salem for their
ongoing support and look forward to working
closely with the Town of Salem throughout the
coming year.

Respectfully submitted,

Delbert F. Downing, Chairman
Patricia Keegan, Vice-Chairman

Diane E. Kierstead, PHM
Executive Director


town of Salem, New Hampshire

1997 Annual Town Report


Rosemarie Hartnett, Chair

Richard Cooney

Richard O 'Shaughnessy

The Kelley Library Trustees are Rosemarie Hartnett,
Chairman, Richard Cooney and Richard
O'Shaughnessy. Richard O'Shaughnessy was

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