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Town Report

Russell and Roberta Ingram Senior Center

Pictured on the cover of this year's annual report is the new Senior Center that is
currently being constructed. This 13,000 square foot building is scheduled to be
open on June 1, 2002. The new Senior Center will be located on Sally Sweet's
Way off Veterans Memorial Parkway.

Thanks to the voters of the Town of Salem and Mr. and Mrs. Ingram this dream is
becoming a reality!

Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request

This document is available upon request in alternative formats including: large print, diskette, audiotapes, and
Braille or non-English language.

Please contact the Salem Town Manager's Office, 33 Geremonty Drive, Salem, NH 03079 or call
603-890-2120 to request this service.


In Memory

2001 was a difficult year for law enforcement both nationally and locally. The Salem Police
Department and the Town of Salem lost a great asset and a wonderful friend this past year with
the passing of Officer Ted Anagnos. Ted was "living his dream" as a Salem Police Officer.
While jogging off duty, Officer Anagnos was hit by a vehicle and tragically killed. The loss of
Officer Anagnos has shaken the hearts of the Salem Police Department and the community, but
has also strengthened the resolve of the Salem Police Department to continue serving this great
community. With great pride, the Town of Salem dedicates the 2001 Annual Town Report to the
memory of Officer Ted Anagnos.

In appreciation to the following employees who left service with the
Town of Salem with at least 15 years of service:

Sarah (Sally) Sweet, Senior Programs — 32 Years of Service

John (Frank) Callahan, Public Works Department — 27 Years of Service

Timothy Raynowska, Fire Department — 27 Years of Service

George Winchell, Police Department — 27 Years of Service

Rosemarie Hartnett, Community Development Department — 24 Years of Service

Marilyn Pearson, Purchasing Coordinator - 2 1 Years of Service

Alan Gould, Police Department, 20 Years ofSerx'ice

James Stone, Fire Department - 18 Years of Service

Peter Delorey, Police Department —17 Years of Service

George Sealy, Capital Project -17 Years of Service





Town Manager 7

Assessing Department 9

Community Development Department 1 1

Building and Inspections Division 14

Health Division 16

Plaiming Division 18

Finance Department 20

Fire Department (Includes Southeastern NH Hazardous Materials Mutual

Aid District Report) 21

Human Resources Department (including report of the Joint Loss

Management Committee) 24

Human Services Department 26

Information Services Department 28

Police Department 29

Public Works Department (Including Highway, Utilities

& Engineering Divisions) 32

Recreation Department 35

Senior Services 36

Tax Collector 40

Town Clerk 41

Salem District Court 43


Budget Committee 44

Conservation Commission 46

Council on Aging 48

Historic District Commission & Museum 50

Housing Authority 53

Kelley Library Board of Trustees 55

Kelley Library Director's Report 56

Kelley Library Treasurer's Report 58

Kelley Library Statistics 59

Plarming Board 61

Recreation Advisory Committee 64

Trustees of the Trust Funds 65

Zoning Board of Adjustment 71


Tax Collector's Report 73

Independent Auditor's Report (for prior year) 76

Independent Auditor's Communication of Reportable Conditions

(for prior year) 77

All Government Funds Combined Balance Sheet (unaudited) 78

Special Revenue Funds Combining Balance Sheet (unaudited) 79

Capital Projects Fund Combining Balance Sheet (unaudited) 80

General Fund Statement of Appropriations, Expenditures and Encumbrances

(unaudited) 82

General Fund Statement of Estimated and Actual Revenues (unaudited) 84

General Fund Statement of Changes in Unreserved-Undesignated

Fund Balance (unaudited) 85

Sewer Fund Statement of Estimated and Actual Revenues (unaudited) 86

Water Fund Statement of Estimated and Acuial Revenues (unaudited) 87

Fixed Asset Group of Accounts (unaudited) 88

Bank Balances by Fund by Account (unaudited) 89

Statement of Town Debt (unaudited) 90

Summary of Taxes and Assessed Valuation (unaudited) 91

Treasurer's Report (narrative) 92





All terms expire in the month of March


All terms expire in the month of March

Board of Selectmen - Three Year Terms

Philip A. Smith, Chairman 2002

Everett P. McBride, Jr., Vice-Chairman 2002

Richard R. Gregory, Secretary 2003

Ronald J. Belanger 2003

James E. Holland, Jr. 2004

Town Clerk - Three Year Terra
Barbara Lessard

Tax Collector - Three Year Term

Cheryl- Ann Bolouk

Treasurer - Three Year Term
John Sytek

Moderator - Two Year Term
Charles W. Morse





NH State Representatives (District 26) - Two year terms
All terms expire in the November 2002

Ronald Belanger

Richard Cooney

Janeen Dalrymple

Michael Downing

Ronald Giordano

Robert McGuire

Stephanie Micklon

Charles Morse (District 28)

Richard Noyes

Anne Priestley
State Senate -Arthur Klemm (District 22)


(Appointed by Board of Selectmen)

Library Trustees - Three Year Terms

Rosemarie Hartnett, Chairman 2003

Martha Breen 2004

Ethel Fairweather 2002
Library Director Eleanor Strang (Appt. by Trustees)

Supervisors of the Check List - Six Year Terms

Joan Sabatini, Chairman 2006

Janice Habib 2002

Sheila Murray 2004

Budget Committee - Three Year Terms

Robert Johnson, Chairman 2004

Earl Merrow, Vice-Chairman 2002

Stephen Campbell, Secretary 2003

Kathleen Cote 2002

Stephanie Micklon 2003

Robert Mayer 2002

Brenda Sack 2004
Bernard H. Campbell, School Board Rep.
Everett P. McBride., Jr., Selectmen Rep.

Trustees of the Trust Funds - Three Year Terms

Harley Featherston, Chairman 2004

Michael Garafalo 2002

Norman MacAskill 2003

Conservation Commission - Three Year Terms
All terms expire in the month of April

Thomas Campbell, Chairman 2003

Linda Harvey, Secretary 2002

John Hill 2002

George P. Jones, III 2004

William Schultz 2004

William Valentine, Vice-Chairman 2003

George Maihos, Alternate 2003

Janet Wilson, Alternate 2002

James E. Holland, Jr., Selectmen Rep.
Ross Moldoff, Planning Director, Staff Rep.

Council on Aging - Three Year Terms

All terms expire in the month of April
Ronald Giordano, Chairman 2003

Brenda Burke 2002

Robert Castricone 2004

Janet Cheeseman 2003

Dr. Elliot Fair 2004

Victor Mailloux 2004

Ann St. Hilaire 2002

James E. Holland, Jr., Selectmen Rep.
Patricia Drelick, Sr. Programs Coord., Staff Rep.

Fair Hearing Committee, Three Year Terms

All terms expire in the month of September
Janet Cheeseman 2003

Mark Dufour. Sr. 2003

Ethel Fairweather 2003

Robert Loranger, Administrator. Staff Rep.

Historic District Commission - Three Year Terms
All terms expire in the month of .April

Martha Breen, Chairman 2003

Kathryn Burke 2004

Beverly Glynn 2002

Patricia Good 2003

Susan Gregory 2003
Philip A. Smith. Selectmen Rep.

Housing Authoritj - Five ^ ear Terms

All terms expire in the month of .April

James Galluzzo, Jr.. Chairman 2003

Susan Desmet 2004

Delbcrt Downing 2003

Mary Frances Renner 2004

Georgette Smith 2002

Diane Kicrstead, E.xecutive Director
James E. Holland. Jr.. Selectmen Rep.

Museum Committee - Three ^ ear Terms

.411 terms expire in the month of .April

Jeff Barraclough. //wfor/ca/ 5oc. Rep. 2003

Beverly Glynn, Historic District Rep 2003

Susan Gregory, Historic District Rep. 2004

Ernest Mack, Historical Soc. Rep. 2003

Dan Zovisza, Historical Soc. Rep. 2004

Vacant. Historic District Rep. 2002
Philip A. Smith, Selectmen Rep.

Planning Board - Three V ear Terms

.All terms expire in the month of,\ovember

James Keller, Chairman 2003

Gene Bryant 2002

Michael Lyons 2004

Maria Hamilton 2003

Phyllis O'Grady 2002

Gary Azarian 2004

Robert Boucher. Alternate 2002

Doris Levesque, Alternate 2003

Adam Webster, Alternate 2004
Richard Gregory. Selectmen Rep.
Ross Moldoff, Planning Director, Staff Rep.

Recreation Advisory Committee - Three Year Terms

All terms expire in the month of November

Stephen Kniaz, Chairman 2003

Michael Crosby 2002

Daniel Dippo 2003

Ralph Mattia 2004

Michael Wallace 2002

Vacant 2004

Kerri Ganlev, Alternate 2003

Michael Loomis, Alternate 2004

Vacant. .Alternate 2004

Martha Breen, School Board Rep.

Everett McBride, Selectmen Rep.

Julie Kamal. Recreation Coord.. Staff Liaison

Rockingham Count>- Planning Commission

Salem Representatives - Terms expire annually in June

Richard Cooney 2004

James Gigante 2004

Richard Sunday 2004

Richard Gregory 2004

Zoning Board of Adjustment - Three \'ear Terms
All terms expire in the month of .April

Joseph Scionti. Chairman 2004

Michael Herrick 2003

Edward Huminick 2003

Les Miller 2003

Stephen Reynolds 2004

. Curtis Davis. .Alternate 2003

Edith DesRosiers, Alternate 2003

George Maihos, .Alternate 2004

Daniel Norris. .Alternate 2002

John Smith. .Alternate 2002
Sam Zannini. Chief Building Official. Staff Rep


Town Manager

Jeftrey C. Towne. Town Manager
Maureen Witley

Assessing Department

Normand Pelletier. Chief Assessor
Catherine Arsenault, Deputy Assessor
Joyce Desrosiers
Anne Fogarty

Community Development Department

William Scott, Community Dev. Director
Carolyn Maldonado

Capital Projects Division

Vacant, Capital Projects Manager

Building Division

Samuel Zannini, Chief Building Official

Ken Sherwood

Warren Winter

Janet Thompson

Health Division

Suzanne Doucette, Health Officer

Planning Division

Ross A. Moldoff, Planning Director

Maureen Sullivan

Finance Department

Linda Casey, Finance Director
Melanie Orr, Accounting & Budget Manager
Stephen Artemis, Purchasing Coordinator
Patricia Gaddis, Water/Sewer Billing
Susan Galvin, Accounts Payable
Jean Mayo, Accounts Receivable
Tina Lambert, Water/Sewer Billing
Rena Webster, Payroll

Fire Department

Arthur E. Barnes, Fire Chief, Emer. Mgmt. Dir.
Kevin Breen, Assistant Fire Chief
Paul Parisi, Deputy Fire Chief
Betty Oldeman

Human Resources Department

Mary Donovan, Human Resources Director
Donna Pratt

Human Services Department

Robert Loranger, Human Services Administrator
Barbara Riley

Information Services Department

Cynthia Crescenzi, Information Services Manager
Karen Landry, Programmer/Analyst
Amanda Harding, GIS Coordinator

Police Department

Paul Donovan, Chief of Police
John Boudreau, Captain
Donna Ward

Public Works Department

Rodney Bartlett, Public Works Director
Rick Russell, Operations Manager
Bill Daly, Utilities Manager
Lydia Fortier

Engineering Division

James Brown, Senior Engineer

Joseph Chamberlain

Maureen Sullivan

Recreation Department

Julie Kamal, Recreation Coordinator
Jeanine Bannon

Senior Programs

Patricia Drelick, Senior Programs Coordinator
Daniel Pacheco
Lois Kurgan

Tax Collector

Cheryl- Aim Bolouk, Tax Collector

Town Clerk

Barbara Lessard, Town Clerk

Patricia Carter, Deputy Tax Collector
Mary Fawcett, Deputy Town Clerk
Mary Ann Bell
Jacqueline Delaney
Donna Bergeron
Susan Wall

District Court

John A. Korbey, Justice
Michael E. Jones, Special Justice
David S. Wajda, Clerk of Court
Margaret Daszuta, Deputy Clerk


Sniiullng: Everett P. McBride. Jr.. Vice-Chairman. Ronald J. Belanger.
Seated: James E. Holland. Jr.. Philip .4. Smith. Chairman. Richard R. Gregory: Secretary^

The Town of Salem has continued to mo\e ahead with many projects:

• Stiles Road agreement reached after seventeen years

• Blake Road water Hne

• Ground breaking for the Senior Center Building

• Lawrence Road water tower project completed

• Flood gauge monitors installed and utilized

We have also accomplished the follow ing:

• Acquired Al's Trailer Park

• Acquired Cellular One Building at 90 Main Street

• "Lowered the Tax Rate"

The year 2001 has brought many personnel changes including Chief of Police Paul Donovan,
Community Development Director William Scott, Utilities Manager William Daly, Finance
Director Linda Casey and Senior Programs Coordinator Patricia Drelick. Town Manager Jeff
Towne did a good job in the hiring of the above department heads.

We have also lost personnel through Retirement including. Senior Programs Coordinator Sally
Sweet, Purchasing Coordinator Marilyn Pearson, Deputy Chief James Stone, DARE Officer
George Winchell and Capital Projects Manager George Scaly. These people will be very hard to
replace. Sorry to see them go.

We have a new Selectman, James E. Holland, Jr., who is also doing a good job as a new member
on the Board.

I would like to thank the people of Salem for their support in all the issues that make our town

The Town of Salem has a great work force that continues to make Salem a better place to live.
Best wishes to all of these people. On behalf of the Board of Selectman we thank the community
for your support.

Respectfully Submitted,


Sliiinliiii:: Kevin Brccii (Asmmuhi I'irc Chief). Paul Parisi (Deputy Fire Chief). James Brown (Senior

Engineer). John Bomlreau (Police Captain). Rodney Bartlett (Public Works Director). Patli Drelick

(Senior Programs Coordinator). Normand Pellelier (.4sse.-<sor). Ross Molcloff (Planning Director). Sam

Zannini (Chief Building Official). Boh Loranger (Human Senices Administrator). JeffTowne (Town

Manager). Bill Scott (Community Development Director). Seated- hack row: Maty Donovan (Human

Resources Director). Julie Kamal (Recreation Coordinator). Cynthia Crescenzi (Information Sen'ices

Manager). Seated-front row: Arthur Barnes (Fire Chief). Cheiyl Bolouk (Tax Collector), Linda Casey

(Finance Director). Barbara Lessard (Town Clerk). Paul Donovan (Police Chief).



My Assistant informing me that a plane had just hit a tower at the World Trade Center
interrupted my Tuesday morning Department Head meeting on September 1 1 , 2001 . We all
stood in shock as we watched the second plane hit the other World Trade Center tower on live
television. The memories of that day and the days that followed will forever be etched in my
mind. The loss of so many innocent people is still beyond comprehension. My report this year
seems to be insignificant in comparison to the terrorist attacks on New York City and on the
Pentagon. My thoughts and prayers are still with those who lost loved ones and for the men and
women of the Police, Fire and EMS Departments in New York City who lost relatives, co-
workers and fHends.

The terrorist attacks hit close to home. The Town of Salem heightened its own security in many
ways in the weeks that followed. Department's of the Town secured municipal buildings,
revamped procedures and made sure our response capabilities were appropriately coordinated
under the direction of Arthur Barnes, Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director. We
convened a meeting of the Emergency Operations Center to discuss potential issues that we may
have been faced with in Salem. We responded many times to alleged anthrax scares after U.S.
Senator Tom Daschle's Office received a letter containing anthrax. All responses were negative,
thank God.

The Town of Salem experienced our own tragedy in July of 2001 - the death of Police Officer
Theodore "Ted" Anagnos. Officer Anagnos was jogging off-duty when he was hit and killed by
a motor vehicle in Lowell, Massachusetts. Officer Anagnos had only been employed with the
Town of Salem for a year at the time of his death but his impact will last well into the future.
We have affixed his badge number, #99, on Police Department vehicles in his memory.

This past year was a transition year for many departments. There were several employees that
retired in 2001 with over twenty years of dedicated service to the Town. Captain Alan Gould
retired after twenty years of service from the Police Department and became the Chief of Police
in Rye, NH. Marilyn Pearson, Purchasing Coordinator for the Town, served the community for
over twenty-one years. Rosemarie Hartnett, from the Planning Department, retired with twenty-
four years of service. John "Frank" Callahan, Department of Public Work's Chief Mechanic,
retired after twenty-seven years of service. Sarah "Sally" Sweet, Senior Programs Coordinator
retired with an amazing thirty-two and a half years of faithful service to the Seniors of Salem. I,
on behalf of the entire community, thank these individuals for their efforts, dedication and
commitment to the Town of Salem and for the incredible amount of work that they provided over
all of those years to make Salem a better place for all to enjoy.

There were several other very notable employee retirements/resignations and I would be remiss
if I didn't thank them for their years of dedication and service to the Town. They are: Deputy
Fire Chief James Stone (18 years). Police Chief Stephen MacKinnon (7 years). Former Town
Manager and Community Development Director E. James Turse (3 Yi years). Utility Manager M.

Joseph Geary (6 years) and last but not least Capital Projects Manager George Sealy (17 years).
The expertise exhibited by all of these former employees will be greatly missed.

During this year, a year with high employee tumo\er, the staff that remained took on additional
burdens to assure a smooth transition. The Human Resources Department processed out those
who left employment and also had the task of processing in all of the new employees. Mary
Donovan and Donna Pratt worked tirelessly in 2001 . Department of Public Works Director
Rodney Bartlett was a tremendous asset to me and to the Town. His expertise and knowledge
was instrumental in accomplishing many of the tasks that you will read about in this annual
report. 1 would also like to thank Finance Director Linda Casey for her dedication and
willingness to go beyond what was expected of her in her first year as Finance Director. The
Town is very fortunate to have all four of these individuals on staff

The Town amidst such change and turmoil accomplished a tremendous amount this past year.
Bill Scott, Community Development Director, led the Capital Improvement Committee and the
results of the program arc available for residents to review at the Town Hall or the Kelley
Library. Ross Moldoff. Town Planner, continued the development of the twenty-year Master
Plan for the Town, which is also available for review. Rick Russell. Operations Manager for the
Department of Public Works, filled in this summer as the Interim Capital Projects Manager and
oversaw the "neighborhood roads program" and the Blake Road MtBE project as well.

The following capital projects were either initiated, continued or completed this past year: Stiles
Road, Pelham Road, Blake Road MtBE project, neighborhood road program, reconstrucfion and
paving of Liberty Street and Enner Road, sewer inflow and infiltration project. Senior Center
and the refurbishing and repainting of the 1 awrence Road water tower.

With traffic congestion mitigation as a goal, 1 reached an agreement with a private interested
party that paid the Town of Salem $500,000 towards the construction of the remaining portion of
Stiles Road. We anticipate the completion of that project to be June 30, 2002. This project has
been discussed for over 17 years and all of us look fonvard to its completion next year.

The Town purchased 90 Main Street, Cellular One Building, utilizing the Depot Improvements
Trust Fund. This property will be essential to any future plans of improving the traffic
congestion in the Depot area. We are looking at other properties in the area to purchase as well.
We are in negotiations with one other parcel at this time.

Senator Judd Gregg was successful in locating Federal funds in the amount of S500,000 to assist
the Town of Salem in mitigating a water contamination problem in the Blake Road
neighborhood. MtBE was discovered in private wells in that neighborhood and Town Meeting
voted to authorize long-term debt to pay for the extension of the municipal water system to that
area. The Board of Selectmen and I stated that we would seek out any and all State or Federal
aid and with the help of Senator Gregg we met that objective.

Town Clerk Barbara Lessard instituted a mail-in motor vehicle registration program in
November. Residents are now able to renew their auto registrations without having to come to
the Town Hall. The feedback so far on this program has been extremely positive. Another

positive step that was undertaken late in the calendar year was to hire a web page designing fimi
to totally recreate the Town of Salem web page. Hopefully we will serve the community better
through this electronic media opportunity.

The State of New Hampshire is in the process of final design on the widening of 1-93. The State
has done a good job of holding meetings locally to receive public mput. You, the citizens, have
provided excellent information to the State's employees and many positive changes have come
as a result of that input. The Board of Selectmen, Town Staff and I have attended many of these
meetings and have provided the State with our opinions and the opinions that you have shared
with us. We will continue to protect the interests of the Town of Salem as we work
cooperatively with the State on a project that will be of great benefit not only to Salem but also
to the State of New Hampshire as a whole.

The Town has worked with State and Federal Agencies to place river gauges in several locations
in Salem. These gauges were installed to provide the various governmental agencies and you the
residents with critical information relative to river levels and flows. We utilized the gauges this
spring and with the critical information obtained we were able to make appropriate decisions
relating to the release of water from Arlington Pond Dam. We were also able to obtain critical
information that would defend Salem's decision to release water to our southern neighbors in

The Town, through various grants approved at a previous Town Meeting, purchased Al's Trailer
Park formerly located on Route 28. We purchased the property, successfully relocated all
residents and demolished and removed all remaining structures located on the property. Our
intention is to provide additional flood storage on that location in 2002.

Lastly, it is important to thank Maureen Witley for her dedication, support and knowledge.
Maureen is a tremendous resource to the community and I am thankful for her assistance.

Respectfully submitted,
Town Manager


Our Department remained very active this past year. Low interest rates brought the number of
property transfers and refinances to an all time high. The consequences of this high demand for
real estate are dramatically escalating sales prices. Other than mobile homes and condos there are
very few homes selling in Salem for less than $200,000. New/ construction throughout the year
added over $50 million to our tax base. Due to this high volume of activity the registry of deeds
has now begun delivering our deeds on CD Rom. This will speed up the process of receiving our
deeds and will assist us with storage of these documents.

Our assessment data is still available at no cost on the web at We now
update the site on a quarterly basis and have received very positive feedback both from the

business sector and taxpayers. We encourage you to visit the site and let us know if you think we
can make any changes to improve this service.

Gail Watts who had been with us since the fall of 1998 decided to retire at the end of November.
We wish her and her husband a long and happy retirement. In early December Ann Fogarty
joined our staff and is quickly learning the various duties of her position. As has been the case
since 1 first started working here, my job is made easier by the assistance I receive from my
supportive and professional staff Joyce Desrosiers and Cathy Arsenault.

Respectfully submitted,
Q/Vcitnvana ^euetter^

Summary of Inventory




$ 835.855,400'

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