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Salem, New Hampshire

'Tm front cover motoamm is entitled,
"Winter's bonder land."

Nancie /Hartin of Salem, New Hampshire

Growing up In New Hampshire - with the mountains, the sea, the forest, and rolling farmland
never more than an hour away - Nancie developed an early love of nature and nature's beauty.
As a child, she began taking photographs to capture what she saw, first for her own enjoyment
and later, as a teenager, to share with friends and family. Her hobby turned into a passion, and
for the last 20 years she has traveled throughout New England, honing her craft and finding
beauty in some of the most unlikely places.

Salem held the 4th annual photography contest in 2008. This program includes monthly con-
tests, the winners of which are selected by a Photography Committee made up of Town employ-
ees. The monthly winners are featured on the Town's website and at the end of the year, they
are entered into a competition for the grand prize - the cover of the Town Report

Our back cover highlights the winners from the 2008 year:

January - Nancie Martin of Salem, NH

Februdi7 - John Sjostrom of Salem, NH

March - Bob Sprague of Salem, NH

April - Nancie Martin of Salem, NH

May - Brian Lahaye of Salem, NH

June - Deb Scafidi of Salem, NH

July ■ Adam Mooshian of Salem, NH

August - Richard Spence of Derry, NH

September - Kevin Breen of Salem, NH; Brian Lahaye of Salem, NH

October - Bob Sprague of Salem, NH

December - Ryan Smeltzer of Salem, NH




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For the Year

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The 2008 Town Report is dedicated to Rosemarie "Ro" Hartnett and Robert "Bob" Loranger. Both were former employees of
the Town of Salem before their retirements. While certainly words cannot speak of how much Ro and Bob will be missed, by
dedicating this report in their memory, perhaps all who read this dedication will come to know them and the many
contributions they made to this community.

Rosemarie Hartnett

Rosemarie "Ro" was the 12th born of 14 children. She grew up in East Boston, Massachusetts and was educated in the Catholic
School System, graduating from Mount Saint Joseph Academy in Brighton, MA in 1957. She moved from East Boston to Salem,
NH in 1971.

Ro worked for the Town of Salem from December 1975 to July 2001. She enjoyed
working with, and helping, the people of Salem. She worked in the Building, Planning
and Community Development Departments and served as resource person for the
Board of Adjustment for many years. Coming from a large family, she was especially
proud to serve on the Board of Directors of the Greater Salem Boys & Girls Club for ?"
over 13 years and served on the Annual Auction Committee of the Club. She chaired the »
Colonial Ball in May of 2000 in celebration of Salem's 250th anniversary celebration.
Ro was elected Library Trustee of the Kelley Library and enthusiastically served in that
capacity since 1994. She briefly served as a regular member of the Planning Board for
the Town of Salem.

Ro was the beloved bride of James Hartnett to whom she was married for 49 years. Ro and Jimmy had two children, James and
Lisa, who were raised and educated in the Salem school system. During their childhood, Ro was a library aide and secretary of
PTA at the Haigh School. She taught CCD in her home and attended St. Joseph Church.

Rosemarie loved her family and friends dearly. Family was her greatest joy and pride. Friends were her treasures. Jimmy was
"her darling" and faithful partner in life. She lived to share life with others in the best possible way and had many friends
because she was a friend to many.

Robert P. Loranger

Robert "Bob" Loranger passed away unexpectedly in November shortly after retiring as the Town of Salem Human Services
Director. Bob worked tirelessly for the Town of Salem as their Human Service/Welfare Director for over 27 years and was an
agent of change who helped improve the lives of all he touched.

Bob was instrumental in the formation of several community groups such as the Head
Start Group - Success by Six, and Salem Caregivers. In addition he was active in many
community organizations such as NH Youth Worker's Association, Lazarus House
Shelter Program, Big Brothers - Big Sisters, as well as the Greater Salem Boys and Girls
Club. He was the President of the Greater Salem Human Service Council and was also
active in the NH Local Welfare Administrators Association.

Bob was a kind and compassionate man who thought of himself less than he thought of
those who needed help. He strived to help people better their lives by counseling them,
helping them set goals and priorities or simply by directing them to agencies and
services that could help them improve their life. Bob will be sorely missed by his co-
workers, community members, and most of all the thousands of low-income residents of
the town that he assisted throughout the years. Bob was a true advocate for those who were in need and a voice for those who
could not speak for themselves.









Assessing Department 11

Community Development Department 12

Building Division 13

Health Division 14

Planning Division 15

Engineering Department 16

Finance Department 18

Fire Department 19

Emergency Operations Center 23

Forest Fire Warden and State Forest Ranger 24

Southeastern NH Hazardous Materials District 25

Human Resources Department 27

Joint Loss Management Committee 28

Human Services Department 29

Information Technology Department 31

Recreation Department 32

Police Department 33

Public Works Department 35

Senior Services Department 39

Tax Collector 40

Town Clerk 41


Budget Committee 45

Conservation Commission 46

Council on Aging 47

Historic District Commission 48

Housing Authority 49

Museum Committee 50

Kelley Library Board of Trustees 51

Kelley Library Director's Report 52

Kelley Library Statistics 53


Kelley Library Treasurer's Report 54

Planning Board 55

Recreation Advisory Committee 56

Supervisors of the Checklist 57

Trustees of the Trust Funds 58

Zoning Board of Adjustment 59


Town Treasurer's Report 61

Bank Balances 62

Government Funds Balance Sheet 63

Government Funds Statement of Revenues, Expenditures and Changes 64

General Fund Schedule of Estimated and Actual Revenues 65

General Fund Schedule of Appropriations, Expenditures & Encumbrances 67

General Fund Schedule of Changes in Unreserved-Undesignated Fund Balance 68

Water Fund Comparative Balance Sheet 69

Water Fund Schedule of Revenues, Expenditures & Changes 70

Sewer Fund Comparative Balance Sheet 71

Sewer Fund Schedule of Revenues, Expenditures &. Changes 72

Capital Assets 73

Statement of Town Debt 74

Summary of Taxes and Assessed Valuation 75

Schedule of Town-Owned Property 76

Tax Collector MS-61 Report 82

Trustees of the Trust Funds MS-9 Report 85

Trustees of the Trust Funds MS-10 Report 94





/iiu* a



Board of Selectmen 3-year terms

Elected terms expire in March

Elizabeth A. Rolh, Chairman 2009

Arthur E. Barnes, III, Vice-Chairman 2009

Michael J. Lyons, Secretary 2011

Everett P. McBride, Ir. 2011

Patrick M. Hargreaves 2010

Budget Committee 3-year terms

Elected terms expire in March

Susan Covey, Chairman 2009

Michael Carney, Jr., Vice-Chairman 2011

Peter |. Rayno, Secretary 201 1

)ames Randazzao 2010

Stephen Campbell 2010

Ann Marie David 2009

Roland Theberge 2009
Bernard H. Campbell, School Board Rep.
Arthur E. Barnes, III, Selectmen Rep.

Conservation Commission 3-year terms

Appointed terms expire in April

William Carter, Chairman 2010

William Dumont, Vice-Chairman 2009

Linda Harvey, Secretary' 2011

loan Blondin 2009

Anthony Drago 2011

Patrick McDougall,/l/ternflte 2009

Julie Vondrak,,4/fer;!ote 2011
Maureen Pomcroy (resigned in 2008)
William White (in memory)
Everett P. McBride, Jr., Selectmen Rep.

Council on Aging 3-year terms

Appointed terms expire in April

Ann St. Hilaire, C/io/rman 2011

Russell Ingram, Treosurer 2011

Gerri Beck, Secretary 2009

Linda Cignoni 2009

Barbara Jacques 2010

Josephine Simard 2010

David Tilton 2010
Elizabeth A. Roth, Selectmen Rep.

Historic District Commission

3-year terms

Appointed terms expire in April

Beverly Glynn, Chairman 2011

Jeffrey Barraclough, Vice-Chairman 2009

Cynthia Brown, Secretory 2009

Kathryn Burke 2010

Patricia Good 2009
Elizabeth A. Roth, Selectmen Rep.

Housing Authority 5-year terms

Appointed terms expire in April

George Ma'ihos, Chairman 2010

Virginia Consoli, K/ce-C/)o/rmon 2011

Georgette Smith 2012

Lorraine Thibault, Resident Commissioner 2013

Mary Frances Renner 2009
Michael |. Lyons, Selectmen Rep.

Kelley Library Trustees 3-year terms

Elected terms expire in March

Martha Breen, Acting Chairman 2010

Sally Gilman, Treasurer 2011

Joan Fardella 2009

Rosemarie Hartnett (in memory) 2009

Museum Committee 3-year terms

Appointed terms expire in April

Jeffrey Barraclough, Chairman 2009

Kathr>'n Burke 2010

Beverly Glynn 2011

Patricia Good 2009

Jonathan Smith 2009

Dan Zavisza 2010
Elizabeth A. Roth, Selectmen Rep.

Planning Board Staggered terms

Elected/Appointed terms expire in March

James Keller, Chairman 2010

Gene BPt'ant, Vice-Chairman 2009

Phyllis O'Grady, Secretory 2009

Ronald Belanger 2011

Robert Campbell 2011

Linda Harvey 2010

Jason Haroutunian,/lppo/nterf y4/terA?ote 2010

Edu'ard DeClercq, /Ippo/nterf/l/ternote 2011
Michael J. Lyons, Selectmen Rep.

Recreation Advisory Committee 3-year terms

Appointed terms expire in November

Steven Stewart, Chairman 2009

Victoria McKinney-Vareschi, Secretary 2009

Dianne Barcellona-Wright 2010

Matthew Morin 2010

Richard Murray 2011

Kevin Richard 2011

Frank Russo 2010

Kimberly Sanga 2009

Thomas Woelfel 2010
Patricia Corbett, School Board Rep.
Patrick M. Hargreaves, Selectmen Rep.



"■•• "-^^s^ '

Supervisors of the Checklist 6-year terms


2-year elected term

Elected terms expire in March

Christopher Goodnow

March 2010

Sheila Murray, Chairman 2010

Janice Habib 2014

Tax Collector

3-year elected term

Joan Sabatini 2012

Cheryl-Ann Bolouk

March 2011

Trustees of the Trust Funds 3-year terms

Town Clerk

3-year elected term

Elected term expires in March

Susan Wall

March 2011

Harley Featherston, Cfta/rman 2010

[Barbara Lessard - Retired]

Robert Carpinone 2009

Ralph Stein 2011


3-year elected term

Michael Garofalo [Resigned] 2011

John Sytek

March 2011

Welfare Fair Hearing Committee 3-year terms

Appointed term expires in September

Mark Dufour, Sr. 2009

Hope Mlcklon-Joudrey 2009

Jeffrey Hatch 2009

Zoning Board of Adjustment 3-year terms

Elected/Appointed terms expire in March

Christopher Sousa, C/ja/r/nan 2011

Jeffrey Hatch 2011

Ross Miller 2009

Diana Seifert 2010

James Broadhurst 2009

Michael Smith, Appointed Alternate 2009

Steven T)\2intg\^\s, Appointed Alternate 2009

Tina Gauthier, Appointed Alternate 2009

Robert Uttley, Appointed Alternate 2011

NH State Representatives - District 4

Terms End November 201 unless otherwise noted
Michael W. Downing, State Senator - District 22

David Bates (Elected 11/2008) Windham

Jason M, Bedrick (Term ended 11/2008) Windham

Ronald J. Belanger (Re-Elected 11/2008) Salem

David J. Bettencourt (Re-Elected 11/2008) Salem

Margaret M. Crisler (Elected 11/2008) Windham

David C. Dalrymple (Term ended 1 1/2008) Salem

Anthony R. DiFruscia (Re-Elected 1 1/2008) Windham

Robert J. Elliott (Re-Elected 11/2008 Salem

Marilinda J. Garcia (Term ended 11/2008) Salem

Mary E. Griffin (Re-Elected 11/2008) Windham

Russell F. Ingram (Re-Elected 11/2008) Salem

Walter Kolodziej (Elected 11/2008) Windham

Charles E. McMahon (Re-Elected 11/2008) Windham

Mark A. Pearson (Re-Elected 11/2008) Salem

Anne K. Priestley (Re-Elected 11/2008) Salem

Kevin K. Waterhouse (Term ended 1 1/2008) Windham

Carolyn B. Weber (Elected 11/2008) Windham


After many years of service lo the Town of Salem, some of our devoted employees retired during 2008. We appreciate their
hard work, dedication and distinctive service to the community over the years. We would like to recognize these fine
employees for the commitment, positive attitude, and level of integrity they brought to work every day.

Cathy Arsenault, Assessing Department - 33 years

Roger Brown, Public Works Department - 26 years

Joseph Chamberlain, Engineering Department - 24 years

William Daly, Public Works Department, Utilit>' Division - 7 years

Robert Dennis, Public Works Department - 39 years

Mary Fawcett, Town Clerk's Office - 23 years

Barbara Lessard, Town Clerk - 25 years

Robert Loranger, Human Services - 27 years

Douglas Mullin. Police Department - 24 years

Ronald Paul, Public Works Department - 23 years

Fred Rheault, Police Department - 24 years

Michael Scanlon, Fire Department - 30 years

Eleanor Strang, Kelley Library - 31 years

Michael Wallace, Fire Department - 29 years

Jean Williams, Kelley Library - 29 Years

Salem Years Ago

100 years ago in 1908

Excerpts from the 1909 Town Report ending February 15, 1909 for the year 1908

Officers included: Edwin G. Gate, L. Henry Bailey, Benjamin R. Wheeler (Selectmen and Overseers of the Poor]; Daniel A. Abbott
(Town Clerk]; Frank D. Davis (Moderator], James Ewins (Treasurer]; James Hunt (Collector of Taxes]; William iVlorrill, Frank N.
Emerson, John E. King (Highway Agents]; Lewis F. Soule, Francis E. Higgins, John J. Hunt (Board of Health]; David S. Emery,
Frank N. Emerson (Fire Wardens]; Charles E. Merrell, Edwin G. Gate (Sextons].

Article 7: To see if the town will vote to raise the sum of $100 or any part thereof for the use of the Oilman E. Sleeper Post, No

60, G.A.R., to be expended in the observance of Memorial Day in the year 1908.

Article 16: To see what action the town will take to celebrate Old Home Week and raise money for the same.

Expenses: S412.00 - hose wagon and harness; $7.50 extended to a poor resident for aid on account of diphtheria; $50.00 at
Hose House #1 for fire extinguishers; $11.00 to J. E. King for 5 V2 days of work for highway agent.

75 years ago in 1933

Excerpts from the 1934 Town Report ending January 31, 1934 for the year 1933

Officers included: Arthur H. Abbott, William Barron, Charles A. Kimball (Selectmen and Overseers of the Poor]; Chester T.
Woodbury (Moderator]; Amos J. Cowan (Town Clerk]; James Ewins (Treasurer]; Earle L. Gordon (Collector of Taxes]; Guy L.
Ackerman, John E. King, William A. Kinzler (Highway Agents]; Dr. Lewis F. Soule (Health Officer].

Article 6: To see what action the town will take relative to lighting the streets and raise money for the same.

Article 15: By request of the Fire Department - To see if the town will vote to raise the sum of six thousand dollars ($6,000] to

purchase another piece of fire apparatus.

Expenses: $100.00 for Memorial Day Celebration, $90.00 to John King for labor and truck; $92.00 to John Shea for cement, etc.
for sidewalk construction.

50 years ago in 1958

Excerpts from the 1958 Town Report ending December 31, 1958 for the year 1958

Officers included: William Brown, Lewis Soule, and Howard Willis (Selectmen]; Eleanor Barron (Town Clerk]; James Sayer
(Moderator]; Richard Rodwell (Treasurer]; Walter S Woodbury (Collector of Taxes]; William A. Kinzler (Highway Agent]; Raoul
Lavoie (Chief of Fire Department]; William Barron (Chief of Police Department]; Ralph Gibson (Health Officer].

Article 26: By request of Melvin F. Marsh, Civil Defense Directory and others - To see if the Town will vote to raise the sum of
Six Hundred Dollars ($600.00] for the purpose of two-way radios for the fire department.

Article 42: By request of Bessie Morrison and others - To see if the town will vote to accept Morrison Avenue and raise money
to gravel and tar same.

Expenses: $1,364.00 to Windham Printing Company for printing of town report, $2,508 to William Kinzler for use of his grader.

25 years ago in 1983

Excerpts from the 1983 Town Report ending December 31, 1983 for the year 1983

Officers included: Richard D. Tibbets, Roland C. Smith, Richard L. Southwick, Leo Beaulieu, Henry J. Potvin, Jr. (Selectmen];
Laurence Belair (Moderator], Eleanor B. Barron (Town Clerk]; John Lamprey (Tax Collector]; Donald Bliss (Chief of Fire
Department]; John P. Ganley (Chief of Police Department]; David P. Hanlon (Public Works Director],

Article 32: To see if the Town will vote to appropriate the sum of $12,000 to purchase a 4-wheel drive pickup with plow for the
fire department.

Article 51: By petition - To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $7,000 for the continuance of mosquito
control program.

Expenses: Elections expenditures were $7,585; street and traffic lighting cost $230,513; $8,626 was spent for mosquito
control; $885 was spent for museum equipment.


Board of Selectmen - 1976 to 2008

The list below details the Board of Selectmen from 1976 to 2008 indicating total years served.

William Knightly (9 years)
March 1976 - March 1985

Richard Lockhart (3 years)
March 1976 - March 1979

Bert Ford (6 years)
March 1977 - March 1983

Vesta Roy (1 year)
March 1977 - March 1978

Raymond Bovver (1 year)
August 1978 - March 1979

Joseph Delahunty (6 years)
March 1978 - March 1984

Richard Tibbetts (6 years)
March 1978 - March 1984

Walter Slickney (3 years)
March 1979 - March 1982

Leo Beaulieu (3 years)
March 1982 - March 1985

Henry Potvin, Ir. (3 years)
March 1983 - March 1986

Roland Smith (1 year)
March 1983 - March 1984

Richard Southwick (1 year)
July 1983 - March 1984

Ronald Belanger (9 years)
March 1984 - March 1987
March 2000 - March 2003
March 2004 - March 2007

Stephen Buco (3 years)
March 1984 - March 1987

Howard Glynn (7 years)
March 1984 - March 1991

David Tilton (9 years)
March 1985 ■ March 1994

Charles Coll (3 years)
March 1986 - March 1989

loseph Gagnon (6 years)
March 1987 - March 1993

Douglas Micklon
March 1987 - March 1990
March 2003 - March 2006

Richard Gregory (9 years)
March 1989 - March 1992
March 2000 - March 2006

lames Lawlor (3 years)
March 1990 - March 1993

George |ones ( 6 years)
March 1991 - March 1997

Harold Berry [3 years)
March 1992 - March 1995

Robert Campbell (6 years)
March 1993 - March 1999

Everett McBride (18 years)
March 1993 - March 2011

Robert Ellis (6 years)
March 1994 - March 2000

Sandra Rouiston [3 years)
March 1995 - March 1998

Charles Morse (3 years)
March 1997 - March 2000

Thnmas Eden [3 years)
March 1998 - March 2001

Philip Smith (6 years)
March 1999 March 2005

lames Holland (3 years)
March 2001 - March 2004

Stephanie Micklon
March 2003 - March 2006

Michael Lyons [6 years)
March 2005 - March 2011

Arthur Barnes (3 years)
March 2006 - March 2009

Elizabeth A. Roth [3 years)
March 2006 - March 2009

Patrick Hargreaves [3 years)
March 2007 - March 2010




33 Geremonty Drive


2008 can be marked with cooperation and respect as we all brought unique perspectives
to our role as selectman. Pat Hargreaves an organizer of boy scouts, parades and
volunteers assisted with many community projects through his participation with the
Recreation Department. Everett McBride, having served on the board for many years
provided an historical perspective to our discussions allowing us to make well thought
out decisions. Mike Lyons, the Board's Secretary brought his engineering perspective to
crunching numbers as we faced budget challenges throughout the year such as
water/sewer rates and 2009 budget preparation. Arthur Barnes serving as Vice Chair has
been my right arm attending weekly meetings with the town manager and i as we
discussed the day to day issues facing the town. His ideas and experience having served as
interim town manager a few years ago proved to be invaluable. My background as an
attorney brought a legal perspective as 1 worked closely with the town manager to
evaluate past administrative practices, provide weekly agendas for the Board's meetings
that addressed citizen concerns and act as a catalyst for progress as the Board met our

The BOS conducted a workshop early this year to provide a roadmap for our goals and
provide a gauge to assess our accomplishments. Goals met included, bringing single
stream recycling to Salem, supporting the newly approved Town Economic Development
Committee established to address issues of balancing economic development with
residential needs, finding the means to continue our road improvements and bridge
reconstruction projects, continuing to meet our hydrology plans, keeping informed of the
1-93 project by communication with the NH DOT; and delivering a town-wide budget to
the voters in 2009 that keeps a flat tax rate. While many goals within these projects were
met, we have much work ahead.

As selectmen, our goals could not be realized without the support of the staff of each and
every town Department! Thank you all for your dedication! You are the unsung heroes
who keep our town running no matter if it is the day to day routine or a disaster like the
December 2008 ice storm! Thank you!

As a Board, our mettle was tested early this year with the news that our new town
manager, Jon Sistare was battling cancer. We watched and assisted as he modeled for us
what courage truly is. Throughout the spring, summer and into the fall, he continued to
work, provide support to the board and run our town with stoic fortitude, We are grateful
for the assistance of our fire chief, Kevin Breen who stepped in when Jon needed to be
away while recovering with his surgery and throughout Jon's illness whenever he needed
some recovery time. The transition was seamless both to the general public and to the
town departments which carried their weight most admirably during this difficult time.
We are all thankful for Jon's full recovery and we look forward to his many productive
years with us as our town manager. His sense of duty to the town never wavered during
his illness. Thank you, Jon.

Elizabeth A. Roth

Arthur E. Barnes, III

Michael J. Lyons

Everett P. McBride, Jr.

Patrick M. Hargreaves

In March 2008 I was elected by the Board to serve as Salem's first woman Chairman of the
Board of Selectmen. 1 want to thank the Board for this honor and for working together in
a sincere effort to tackle the difficulties of duties of their office with respect,
professionalism and courage throughout the year.

There is no doubt that our country, our state and our town, will have difficult times ahead.
As a community we have weathered storms before, and together we will meet the
economic challenges of 2009! On behalf of Salem's Board of Selectmen, thank you foryour
confidence in our abilities to serve you and the town of Salem!

Did You Know?

Tlie Board of Selectmen are elected
for tliree-vear staegered terms?

Jonathan B. Sisiarc
Town Manager

Maureen R. Witley
Executive Assistant

Town Hall | 33 Cereraonty Drive | (603)890-2120

After the completion of my first year sen.'ing as your Town Manager, 1 feel I have my feet
under me a bit more than the last time 1 submitted this report after just three months on
the job. The one remarkable aspect that I continue to see here in Salem, which I saw from
the very first day, is the dedication and professionalism of our town's employees. Each
and every employee provides energy to their job and inspiration to all their fellow
employees. The Town of Salem is a great organization and one in which each resident
should be proud.

Some of the year's activity highlights as seen from this office include the initiative for

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