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History of Orange County, California : with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its earliest growth and development from the early days to the present online

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Online LibrarySamuel ArmorHistory of Orange County, California : with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its earliest growth and development from the early days to the present → online text (page 15 of 191)
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1889— \\-. B. Wall. 1905— Dr. J. W. Jones.

1890— Dr. T. R. Medlock. 1906— Dr. G. H. Dobson.

1891— Dr. J. M. Lacy. 1907— Dr. F. M. Bruner.

1892— Dr. John L. Dryer. 1908— Dr. John Wehrly.

1893— Dr. C. D. Ball. 1909— Dr. I. AI. Beebe.

1894— Dr. W. B. Wall. 1910— Dr. C. C. Violett.

1895— Dr. W. B. Wall. 1911— Dr. J. IM. Burlew.

1896— Dr. W. B. Wall. 1912— Dr. "ida P.. Parker.

1897— Dr. J. A. Crane. 1913— Dr. H. A. Johnson.

1898— Dr. L. W. Allingham. 1914— Dr. D. W! Hasson.

1899— Dr. 1. G. Berneike. 1915— Dr. J. I. Clark.

1900— Dr. "W. B. \\'ood. 1916— Dr. R. A. Cu.shman.

1901— Dr. H. S. Gordon. 1917— Dr. G. A. Shank.

1902— Dr. J. P. Boyd. 1918— Dr. Harry Zaiser.

1903— Dr. "\\m. Freeman. 1919— Dr. G. ^l. Tralle.

1904— Dr. F. E. Wilson. 1920— Dr. W. C. DuBois.

The Secretaries, and times of service, are as follows :

Dr. J. P. Boyd, three years. Dr. C. D. Ball, two and one-half years. Dr.
L. H. Fuller, one-half year. Dr. John L. Dryer, six and one-half }ears. Dr. J.
G. Berneike. one and one-half years. Dr. J. B. Cook, one-half year. Dr. H. S.
Gordon, four years. Dr. J. I. Clark, one-half year. Dr. J. M. Burlew, one and
one-half years. Dr. Ida B. Parker, two years. Dr. John \\'ehrly. three years_.
Dr. R. A. Cushman, one year. Dr. W. C. DuBois, four years.

The Orange County ]\Iedical Association, loyal to its countr)-. furnished more
than its normal quota of doctors for service in the late war. The following, who
were active members at the time of enlistment, served for varying periods, and
each attained to the rank opposite his name :

Burlew, Jesse AL. Captain. Santa Ana.

Chapline. F. L.. Captain, Orange.

Davis, \\'alter W.. Lieutenant. Brea.

Marsden. Samuel A.. Lieutenant. Orange. ^

Mc.\uley. John. Lieutenant. Santa Ana.

McKillop, J. E., Major, Huntington Beach.

Winter, Frank E., ]\Iajor, Santa Ana.

Wehrly, John, Major, Santa Ana.


Young, Oscar O., Captain, Garden Grove.
W'ickett, William H., Captain, Fullerton.

Officers of Association in 1920

Dr. W. C. Duliois, I'resident. Dr. J. H. Lang, \'ice-Presi(leiit.

Dr. J. C. Crawford, Secretar}-. Dr. R. A. Cushman, Treasurer.

Members of Association in 1920

Ball, Dr. C. D. Crawford, Dr. T. C.

Barnes, Dr. H. E. W. Cushman, Dr. R. A.

Beebe, Dr. T- L. Davis, Dr. W. \V.

Boyd, Dr. f. P. Dobson, Dr. G. H.

Burlew, Dr. J. M. Domann, Dr. A. H.

Brooks, Dr. C. H. Dryer, Dr. J. L.

Brastad, Dr. T. P. DuBois, Dr. W. C.

Chapline, Dr.'F. L. Day, Dr. Emery C.

Clark, Dr. T- I. Freeman, Dr. W.

Clark, Dr. "Geo. Gobar, Dr. F. T-

Cowles, Dr. D. C. Gordon, Dr. H. S.

Hasson, Dr. D. W. Robertson. Dr. H. M.

Johnston. Dr. H. A. Rover, Dr. D. F.

Jackson, Dr. J. A. Shank, Dr. G. A.

Lang, Dr. J. H. Truxaw, Dr. ]. \V.

Maroon, Dr. T- L. Utter. Dr. J. W'.

i\Iarsden, Dr. S. A. \'iolett. Dr. C. C.

McAulev, Dr. John. Wehrlv, Dr. John.

McKillo'p. Dr. J. E. Wickett, Dr. \V. H.

Myers, Dr. M. C. Wilson, Dr. F. E.

Osher, Dr. J. C. Winter, Dr. F. E.

Raiche, Dr. B. F. Zaiser, Dr. H. E.

The Orange County Bar Association
By Samuel M. Davis

On October 31, 1901, members of the Bar of Orange County signed a call
for a meeting to organize the Orange County Bar Association, to be held on
November 22, 1901. The following attorneys signed the call for the meeting:
Victor Montgomery, W. F. Heathman, J. W. Towner, Ray Billingslev, Richard
Melrose, Z. B. West, E. E. Keech, F. O. Daniel. R. Y. Williams, A. Y. Wright.
S. A. Bowes, H. C. Head, Horatio J. Porgy, John N. Anderson, E. T. Langlev.
W. E. Parker. W. B. Williams, Homer G. Ames, Samuel M. Davis, J. Howard
Bell, J. C. Scott, H. S. Peabody.

On November 22, 1901, the following members of the Bar, met in the Court
Room of the Superior Court, in the Court House, at Santa Ana, and organized
the Orange County Bar Association : Z. B. West, E. E. Keech. F. O. Daniel,
R. Y. Williams, Horatio L Forgy, W. E. Parker, Homer G. Ames, Samuel M.
Davis, J. Howard Bell, J. C. Scott.

The first officers of the Association were as follows : President, Victor Mont-
gomery ; vice-president, Richard Melrose ; treasurer, R. Y. W' illiams ; secretary.
Horatio J. Forgy. A constitution and by-laws were adopted. F. O. Daniel w-as
duly elected as second president of the Association, and following him in order
as presidents were Eugene E. Keech and R. Y. Williams. H. C. Head is now the
president of the Bar Association.

Following the secretaryship of H. J. Forg}'. J. C. Burke was elected secre-
tary, and is now acting secretary of the Association.

The Association has been very active in keeping up the standard of the pro-
fession. It has brought to the attention of the courts several of its members and


other attorneys practicing in the county, who had violated certain sections of
the Codes, relating to the practice of the law, and had been accused of unethical
methods of practice. It has continuously and consistently attempted to raise the
standard of the profession, especially in regard to the honorable practice of
the law.

This Bar Association was active in having one of the attorneys practicing in
the county disbarred for reprehensible conduct after he had been admitted to
practice by the Appellate Court of the Third District. It was shown afterwards
that he had practiced fraudulent and surreptitious methods of gaining admission.
The disbarment of this attorney caused the entire membership of the Bar Asso-
ciation to be joined as defendants in the United States District Court of the
Southern District of California. The case was tried before Hon. Oscar Trippett,
of the United States District Court. When the plaintifif rested his case, the case
was dismissed on a motion for a nonsuit made by the attorneys representing the
Orange County Bar Association.

In the prosecution of this litigation, the Bar Association of this county did
not prosecute any of the parties with a vindictive spirit, but solely to raise the
moral and ethical standard of the profession. In this endeavor, the Bar Associa-
tion, and its officers and members, have been sustained, both by the Supreme and
Federal Courts of this state. These facts are mentioned as noteworthy, because
laymen generally think that the ordinary lawyer is liable to be unethical in prac-
tice, and will take no steps to rid the profession of undesirable members.

The Association is now in a flourishing condition, and has had considerable
work in forming public opinion in legislative matters that have come before the
Association. Several members of the Association have had high honors con-
ferred on them.

The first judge of the Superior Court, after the formation of the countv in
1889, was Hon. J. ^^^ Towner. He was followed bv Hon. T. W. Ballard and
Hon. Z. B. West.

In 1913 the legislature passed an act increasing the number of judges in
the Superior Court from one to two, and this act took effect on August 10, 1913.
Gov. Hiram W. Johnson, on September 13, 1913, appointed Hon. William H.
Thomas to be Judge of the Superior Court, thus established, which became known
as Department Two of the Superior Court of Orange County.

Subsequently, Gov. W. D. Stephens, in December, 1918, appointed William
H. Thomas, Associate Justice of the newly established Court of Appeals, Sec-
ond District, Division Number Two, sitting in Los Angeles, Cal., to take efifect
January 1, 1919.

Gov. W. D. Stephens, in December. 1918, appointed to Hon. R. Y. Williams
as Judge of Department Two of the Superior Court of Orange County, to take
the place made vacant in that Court by the appointment of Judge Thomas to the
Appellate Court. Judge Williams took office January 1, 1919.

The Hon. Z. B. West was elected Judge of the Superior Court in Novem-
ber, 1902, and has succeeded himself for two consecutive terms, and is now Judge
of Department One of the Superior Court of Orange County.

The following members of the Orange Countv Bar Association have filled
the office of District Attornev : T- W. Ballard. Z. 'B. \\'est. R. Y. Williams, H.
C. Head, S. J\I. Davis, L. A. \\est.

The Orange County Bar Association is an aggressive and active force in the
legal history and activities of Orange County, and is doing its part to keep the
standard of the profession high and honorable.

Orange County Historical Society

Attorney S. M. Davis of Santa Ana, in May. 1919, invited a numljer of citizens
from diflferent parts of the county to meet in the Santa Ana library to consider
the question of forming a historical society to collect and preserve a record of the
events of historical interest to the county together with any souvenirs, trophies


or other articles connected therewith. At that meeting the proposition was
nnanimously approved and the following persons were selected to act as the first
board of directors in forming the organization and securing the incorporation of
the societ}', viz. : Dr. John L. Dryer, S. ]M. Davis. j\Irs. W. B. Tedford. C. C.
Chapman, Samuel Armor, H. Clay Kellogg and George ^^'. Moore. Doctor
Dryer was elected president and S. ^I. Davis secretary. Articles of incorporation
were adopted and the secretary was instructed to file copies of the same with the
lioard of supervisors and the secretary of state. In due time the secretary received
the certificate of incorporation and called a meeting of the society to convene
on June 26, 1919, to perfect the organization. At that meeting the resignation
of George W. Moore as director was accepted and Dr. C. D. Ball was elected
to fill tlie vacancy. With this change the temporary board of directors was made
jiermanent. Doctor Dryer declining to continue in the chair. Doctor Ball wa?;
elected president: Samuel Armor, vice-president; S. ^1. Davis, secretary and
treasurer; and ]\Iiss Jeannette E. ^IcFadden, curator. Thus was the Orange
Countv Historical Socictv organized on June 26. 1910.

Orange County Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company

One of the cooperative organizations of Orange County that reflects great
credit on the judgment and forethought of its organizers is the Orange County
Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Organized June 30, 1898, with about
twenty or thirty present, the company now has about 4.500 members. During
the ensuing years it has paid losses amounting to $51,681.51. and has the enviable
record of never having had a claim contested in court.

At the time of the organization of the company the farmers of the count}'
were paying from thirty cents to $1.08 per year on a $100 valuation. For insur-
ance tliat gives additional safeguards to its policyholders, the company has a rate
of about fifteen cents per year on $100. It has now in force insurance to the
amotmt of about $7,500,000 in valuation.

The first official board consisted of the following: ^^'. .A. Beckett, Garden
Grove, president ; N. H. Leonard, Bolsa, vice-president ; F. D. Reed, Garden
Grove, secretary; E. W. Crowell, Orange; Thomas Nicholson. El ]\Iodena : Albert
Barrows, Fullerton ; H. Larter, \\'estminster. Of the first board of directors
only two are now living, N. H. Leonard and H. Larter, the former being the only
one who was actively engaged in all the details of the company's organization.
Mr. Leonard, who is now living in Santa Ana, personally wrote the first appli-
cations that were filed with the secretary, F. D. Reed, and served as the vice-
president of the company for four or five vears.

Orange County W. C. T. U.

By Elizabeth H. Mills

In writing the history of Orange County, all who read its history should know
that the organized forces of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union — organ-
ized immediately after the organization of the County in 1889 — though numer-
ically small, have been a potent factor in the moral, spiritual and political uplift
of the county. The education given by this organization has been progressive
along all lines that tend to the betterment of the human race. It has spared
neither sacrifice nor service to this end, and today not a county in our beloved
state can show a better record. Splendid men have stood behind the brave women
who have dared to blaze the way through indiflference, criticism and intolerance
that ever marks the path to victory. These kept the faith and waged the war-
fare that made it possible for Orange County, with its present eleven Unions
and over five hundred members, to be an effective part in placing in our National
Constitution the Eighteenth and Nineteenth .Amendments, .\irhonor to the W.
C. T. U. women, and their helpers, of this County for their part in making the
nation's present and future sober. Christian citiyen.ship.




Abbott, William F.
Abshier, Clifford
Adams, A. A.
Adams, Anthony
Adams, Arley
Adams, Colvin E.
Adams, Edgar A.
Adams, Harry P.
Adams, W. H.
Adair, Clarence M.
Adkinson, Edmund R.
Adkinson, Raymond
Adkinson, Russel
Ahlf, L. L.
Aldrich, Frank
Alexander, John C.
Allander, Sydney W.
Allec, Eugene A.
Alleman, Roscoe C.
Allen, Joe
Ailing, Earl W-.
Amos, George E.
Anderson, Beverly
Anderson, Frank \l.
Anderson, Mike
Anderson, Norbert L.
Anderson, Sydney W.
Andrada, Arthur B.
Andrus, Lynn T.
Angle, Arthur W.
Annon, Valevian
Appel, Henry
Appel, Theo. G.
Aragno, Matteo
Arguello, Joseph M.
Armfield, Lee
Armin, Frank C.
Arnerich, James \'.
Aseves, Eliseo B.
Ashman, Leslie B.
Ashman, Raymond
Ashman, Theodore
Atkinson, Farrell G.
At well, Frank
Atwood, Chas. P.
Atwood, Percy
Aubuchon, L. A.
Avrit, Burnie
Axelson, Carl
Ayers, Lorin D.
Avers, Maxie H.

Badgley, Chester E.
Baggerly, Jesse
Bagwell, Samuel
Bagwell. William L.
Baier, John L.
Baker, Arnie E.
Baker, Carl
Baker, Clark E.
Baker, Verne A.
Baldwin, Fred W.
Baldwin, Lester G.
Ball, Dexter
Ball, John D.
Ball, Milton W.
Bangs, Edward C.
Barber, Bronson
Barker, Christopher R.
Barnes, Charles
Barnes, R.
Bartlett, Will
Bascom, John L.
Batterman, Herbert W.
Bauer, Louis L-
Beach, Archer C.
Beal, Darold L.
Beals, Ralph A.
Beecher, Walter
Beem, Raymond E.
Beisel, Emerson A.
Belden, Lawrence E.
Beltz, Carl L.
Beltz, Ralph E.
P.elvin, Charles C.
Bemis, Arthur C.
Benchley, Frank E.
Benchley, William L .
Benedict, Newton R.
Bennett, Edward L.
Benson, Albert R.
Bentjen, Fred C.
Berry, Fred JM.
Bertman, John E.
Besser, Frank L.
Rest, Ralph C.
Best, \\'illard
Bibber, Ray
Biggs, Frank E.
Biggs, Martin
Bird, Harold
Birenbaum, Benjamin H.
Bishop, Edwin A.



Bittner, Alfred E.
Rittner, Walter
I)lack Bruce
Black, John P.
Black, Robert L.
Blackrnore, Bayard C.
Blaeholder, Charles C.
Blake, Frank
r.lakemore, Paul E.
Blandiii, Clarence W.
Blandin, Harold C.
Blank, Leon
Blee, Harry H.
Blee, James B.
Block, Tohn A.
Ely, Ed\vin P.
Bockrath, Leo A.
Bohannon, James E.
Boisseranc, Henry
Bolinger, Dowley
Booms. William F.
Boose, Herbert A.
Borchard, Ted
Bowen, Arthur U.
Bowen, Earl P.
Bowen, Franklin L.
Bowen, Frederick J.
Bowers, Noble
Boyer, George R.
Brace, Harry H.
Braddock, Fred W.
Bradford, Chester A.
Bradley, John L
Brady, Arthur J.
Brandt, L. K.
Brashear, Walter F.
Brassier, C. E.
Brewer, Harley P.
Brewster, William B.
Briggs, Frank E.
Briggs, Lewis
Briggs, Otis E.
Briney, Perry
Britton, John J.
Brock, V. D.
Brooks, Henry j\L
Brooks, Ray
Brothers, Howard N.
Brown, Charles A.
Brown, Donald
Brown, George W.
Brown, Harold R.
Brown, Hector
Brown, Howard E.
Brown, J. Burdett
Brown, Joe
I'rown, Lee L
Brown, Ollie

P>rown, Raymond
Brown, \\'illiam R.
Brubaker, Omer E.
Brubaker, AN'alter S.
Bruce, Robert A.
Bruer, Jesse
Bruer, Samuel B.
Brundson, Harold D.
Bruns, C. W.
Bruns, J. E.
Brunton, Delbert
Bryant, Whitney
Buchanan, Stacy M.
Buchheim, Daniel G.
Buckner, CIvde W.
Burdick, Earl K.
Burge, William M.
Burke, Sam W.
Burlew, ]. M.
Burns, Edward M.
Burr, Charles W.
Burr, Clifford
Burruel, John
Burruels, ^'ictor
Burrv, Delbert E.
Buss^ Harold J.
Butchers, William
Butler, Eldon
Buzonl. Claude
Bvran, Wilfred C.

Cadwallader, Forrest
Calder, James A.
Calderwood, Willis C.
Calkins, Harry C.
Campbell, Chester
Campbell, Denver D.
Campbell, Elgie
Campbell, Howard D.
Card, George \l.
C^rey, George W.
Carillo, Raymond L.
Carisoza, Frank P.
Carisoza, Joe
Carlson, Nels A.
Carmichael, Davjd B.
Carnahan, Aaron E.
Carothers, Oscar A.
Carpenter. Thaddeus E.
Carriker, Flovd E.
Carroll, Charles T.
Carron. Henry
Carver, Roy
Cathcart, \Villiam H.
Catherman, I^ay E.
Catland. Alfred'



Certly, George
Cervantez, Joe
Chandler. Ernest L.
Chandler, Roy
Chandler, Roy W.
Chaffee, Elmo N.
Chapline, Frank L.
Chapman, Charles Stanley
Chappell. Ralph K.
Chase, Ralph
Chisum, O. H.
Chittenden, Burton L.
Christ, Earl \V.
Christensen, Jennings B.
Christenson, Albert R.
Christenson, Earl D.
Christy, Samuel W.
Clabby, Jack
Claes, Tonie
Clark, Daniel B.
Clark, Harry R.
Clark. Luther
Clarke, Martin F.
Claypool, Hugh
Clayton, Herbert J.
Clayton, O. H.
Clemens, Ruben ^^'.
Clever, Oscar R.
Clifton, Floren G.
Cline, Carl Otto
Cochran, Ross
Coenen, John J.
Coffin, John R.
Coffin, Owen T.
Cole, Amen
Cole, Glendon
Cole, Ralph W.
Coleman, Harry E.
Coleman, James O.
Collar, Jess. B.
Collette, Frank A.
Collings, Joseph B.
Collins, Joseph L.
Collins, Homer V.
Collins, Loyd R.
Colhns. Robert W.
CoUis, Ronald B.
Comstock, J. Roy
Cone, Arthur L.
Conley, Alfred A.
Conley, Joseph J.
Conner, Caswell L.
Cook, Earl T.
Cook, Thomas D.
Cookson, Raymond D.
Cooley, Archie D.
Cooley, Glenn H.
Coons, Arthur G.

Corcoran. Robert E.
Cordes, Alfred A.
Corliss, Roy Carleton
Cornelison, Enoch
Corrigan, Hugh
Corser, Lloyd C.
Covington, Daniel L.
Cox, Ralph L.
Coyle, Harold H.
Coyle, William A.
Cozad, Paul N.
Cramer, George W.
Crawford, Percy O.
Crawford, Robert M.
Crawford, Ross
Crawshaw, Jesse A.
Crespin, Emil
Crespin, Jim M.
Critton, Lloyd \'.
Crouch. John Edgar
Crow, Grover C.
Crowell, Claude S.
Culley, Herbert B.
Cummings, Albert L.
Cunningham, Richard
Curry, Robert A.
Curti, Lorenzo
Curtis, John H.
Cutler, William E.


Dahl. Walter A.
Dahn. Frank
Dale, Loring ].
Dale. iMilton B.
Daman, Ross
Daniel. F. Orin
Daniel. William H.
Daniels. Aurelio
Daniels. Thomas D.
Danielson. Carl
Danker. Benjamin J.
Danker, Ernest L.
Dankers, Martin L.
Dankers, \\'illiam J.
Dauser, Sue
Davidson, Irving D.
Davis, Elmo H.
Davis, Keith
Davis, P. R.
Dean, Arthur C.
Dean, Calvin T-
Dean, Floyd B.
Dean, Floyd M.
Deaver, Barrett
Deaver, Charles L.
Deaver, Victor


Degryse, Adolph
De Guesippi, Antonio ^[.
Deitrick. Leo
Delanev, Rubin E.
Dellingcr. Charles P.
De Long, Keith
Dennison. John
De Letter, Gustof
Dewitt, Theodore H.
Dickenson, Eugene
Dickenson, Raymond R.
Dickenson, R. R.
Dickey, Leon A.
Dickson, James H.
Dickson, Oma \'.
Dillingham, Henry
Dismukes, Joseph W.
Dismukes, J. Walton
Ditchey, John D.
Doty, Charles \'.
Douglas, Eugene A.
Dowiing, Francis AI.
Dowling, William H.
Dovle, Ralph M.
Drake, A. L.
Draper, James F.
Duarte, Perfect
Da fan, Remi L.
Duhart, Peter
Duker, Otto H.
Duncan, Elora
Duncan, Elbert
Duncan, Harry
Dunkle, William W.
Dunlap, Stafford
Dunlap, Stewart
Dunn, Ray E.
Dunning, jMarshall F.
Durham, Benjamn TJ.
Durler. Ralph E.
Durrett, Henry N.
Dyckman, Albert W.
Dvckman, Walter G.
Dyer, Charles Y.
Dyer, George H.
Dyer, Raymond S.
Dvsinijer, Glen H.

Eaby, Roy L.
Easley, Roy B.
Eastham, E. S.
Echols, Marion H.
Eckhart, Lee F.
Eckley, Lee R.
Eden, John R.
Edgar, Carl R.

Edgar, Nelson
Edwards, Walter E.
Fells. Arthur Lewis
Eells, Ralph H.
Ehlen. Henry
Eichler, Chauncy H.
Eimers, Victor A.
Elam, Joe C.
Elliott," Delhert
Elliott, Floyd T.
Elliott. Frank
Elliott, Leon C.
Elliott, Stamey
Ellis, Archie
Ellis, L. R.
Emmonds, Sheppard
Enderle, Maurice F.
Engelhardt. Clarence H.
Ensigne, Elmer C.
Esau, Carl
Escarsega, Juan
Estes, Troy L.
Estrada, Joe AL
Etchandy, Joe
Evans, James
Everett, Harold
Eyman, Leroy


Faheyii, Edward T.
Fallert, Joseph A.
Fargher, Arthur
Faul, John L.
Faulkner, William C.
Felix, Andres C.
Felts, A. W.
Ferguson, John W.
Ferguson, Samuel A.
Fickle, Glen
Fickle, Marvin D.
Fields, Albert M.
Fife. Edward J.
Finch, Leonard B.
Finley, Edmund J.
Finster. Frank E.
Fipps, Remus F.
Fisher, H. G.
Fisher. Jacob AL
Fixsen, Ivan D.
Fletcher, Warren
Fleusouras, George G.
Flies, Ellery K.
Flowers, Dwight A.
Fluor, Fred
Fluor, P. E.
Forbes, Herbert
Ford, Arthur K.


Ford, Clifford M.
Ford, Guy
Ford. Maurice E.
Fordham, George H.
Fordham, Roy D.
Foster, Henry H.
Foster, Jesse L.
Fowler, Herbert J.
Fox, Elwin
Fox, Melville W.
Frampton, Fred F.
Franklin, Norman T.
Franzen, George H.
Fraze, Major C.
Frazier, Earl
Freeman, Don
Freeman, F. G.
Freeman, Frank E.
Freeman, James A.
Freeman, John W.
Frenger. Eugene A.
Frevert, Ervin C.
Frevert, W. G.
Frice, Arthur
Frice, Harvey
Friend, Bruce H.
Fries, Fred
Frink, William S.
Frostefer, Hugo L.
Frye, Herschel G.
Frye, Joseph L.
Frye, Lawrence H.
Frye, Valiant J.
Fuller, E. I.
Fuller, Fred
Fuller, Lloyd L.


Gage, Loren AL
Gale, Guy H.
Gallienne, Peter F.
Galloway, Ellis Lee
Gantheri C.
Garcia. Vito W.
Gardner, Vera P.
Garner, Robert W.
Garner, Thomas C.
Garr, Charles H.
Garrett, Hubert J.
Georts, Henry
Geretson, Rudolph G.
Gerken, Fred
Gerken, Walter
Getty, Wilbur K.
Geyer, Charles
Geyer, Floyd L.
Gianoulas, Demeterios


Gibbon, Jamie

Gibson, Rex G.

Giese, William

Gilbert, Earl C.

Giles, Clarence F.

Gill, Oliver

Gillaspy, Ivan R.

Gillison, Robert D.

Gilmore, James T.

Girton, William H.

Gisler, Julius P.

Gisler, Thomas P.

Gittins, Lyman S.

Glenn, \^'illiam F.

Glidden, Harrison

Glidden, R. H.

Gobar, F. H.

Goddard, Gerald J.

Goetz, Edward A.

Going, Charles F.

Good, Junius M.

Goodale, Ralph H.
Goodell, Philip H.
Goodnight. Maloy
Gordon, G. M.
Gorton, Alonzo M.
Gothard, Joseph R.
Gow, James
Graham, Robert P.
Graham, Wilbert G.
Granger, Earl C.
Graw, J. J.
Greathouse, Alarshall
Greder, George B.
Greeley, Ross
Green, Robert \\'.
Greenleaf. Erol F.
Griffen. James W .
Grissette, Victor
Grouard, Franklin L.
Grover, Herbert H.
Grumm, Ewald
Guenther, Otto D. N.
Guglielmana. Riccardo
Gulley. Fred
Gunther. Emma O.
Guntz. Beaver G.


Haapa. Eino
Habener. \A'illiam
Hacklander, Atwill H.
Haegele, Frank J.
Halderman. Clarence
Halderman. Leonard P.
Halderman, Myron E.
Hale. Harold E.



Hale, Harry L.

Hale, -W^-ilter B.

Halloway, Bert J.

Hamaiin, Richard J.

Hambleton, Walter N.

Hammerle, Raymond J.

Handley, William C.

Hankey, Carl H.

Hankey, Howard

Hankins, Garland

Hansbarger, Frank

Hansen, Magnus

Hansen, Walter

Hansfield, Gordon E.

Hantsbarger, Frank A.

Harding, William W.

Hardy, Ashael

Hardy, Daniel

Hargett, Coleman A.

Hargrave, Edgar J.

Harms, Fred J.

Harnock, Charles J.

Harper, Harry E.

Harper, Harry O.

Harper, Wilbur B.

Harris, George F.

Harris, George Franklin

Harris, Leon

Harrison, T. H.

Hart. Charles H.

Hart, \\'illiam O.
Hartman, Carl A.
Hartman, Claude E.

Hartung, Edgar J.
Hartwick, Delette
Hartwick, Martin
Haskell, M. D.
Hassler, Bert R.
Hassler, Ferdinand O.
Haster, Richard
Hatch, Ashley
Hatch, Jesse D.
Hatch, Melton
Hatfield, George H.
Hauk, Edward W.
Hawkins, Elmer
Hawkins, ^^'illiam G.
Hays, Mart V.
Healton, Orval P.
Hebson, John W.
Heil, ^'ernon C.
Heine, Dale M.
Heinecke, Albert
Hemmerling, Walter
Henderson, Walter
Heninger, William P.
Henry, Archie
Henry, Ernest M.

Henselman, Linn
Herbst, Valentine F.
Herron, Daniel W.
Hess, Albert F.
Heying. Edward
Heying, Oscar W.
Hickman, Carl
Hildebrand, George W
Hilend, lames E/
Hill, Frank R.
Hill, Fred "
Hill, H. PL
Hill, Horace R.
Hill, Robert
Hill, Roger F.
Hillebrecht, George A.
Hillyard, Warren K.
Hilton, Jules V.
Hinds. Thomas H.
Hinricher, Joseph A.
Hinrichs, John F.
Hoben, Hugh J.
Hodson, Burt B.
Hodson, Roscoe N.
HoiTman, Ralph
Hohn, Vernon F.
Holder, Dee
Holderman, Nelson M.
Holditch, George E.
Holditch, John P.
Holditch, Joseph B.
Hollis, A."D.
Hollowa, Bert T-
Holm, Albert C.
Holmes, Max C.
Holston, Thomas E.
Holt, Harvey K.
Holt, Tohn H.
Holve," Albert A.
Holzgrafe, Harold T.
Holzgrafe, Homer C.
Honey. Lyle C.
PTooker. Ray E.
Hooser, Clarence H.
Hopkins, Clyde H.

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