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JULY, 1867

Allen County Public LiDrai;^

Genealogical Sketch



July, 1867,




JULY, 1867.

In the year 1671 John Thurber and his wife
Priscilla, with six of their eight children, leav-
ing two, James and Mary, in England, came
to this country from a parish or place called
Stanton, in the county of Lincolnshire, 129 miles
from London. They settled in the town of
Rehoboth, Mass., at a place called New Meadow
Neck, now a part of the town of Harrington,
R. I. The next year, 1672, James and Mary
joined the family. The names of the eight chil-
dren were, — Abigail, John, Thomas, Edward,
Charity, Elizabeth, James and Mary.

James, from whom our family is descended,
was born in England, Aug. 26th, 1660, and died
March 26th, 1736, aged 75 yrs. and 7 mos. He
married Elizabeth Bliss, of Rehoboth. They had
nine children, viz : James, born March 3d, 1684;
John, horn October 31st, 1686; Rachel, born

March 15th, 1688 ; Elizabeth^ born Dec. loth,
1690; Bathia^ born March 15th, 1692: Jona-
tharij born March 25th, 1695 ; Grissell^ born
March 3d, 1697; Samuel, born in Rehoboth,
Auguft 27th, 1700; Edward^ born Auguft 9th,

Samuel, from whom our family is descend-
ed, married Rachel Wheeler, of Rehoboth. He
died in Providence, Dec. 20th, 1785, aged 85
yrs. 3 mos. 24d. His wife died in Rehoboth,
date unknown. They had eight children, viz : —
Samuel, born in Rehoboth, Oct. 27th, 1724;

John^ born , died a young man; Benja-

miUj born July 14th, 1736, married Phebe Dyer,
and died in Providence, April 28th, 1807; ^^~

chely born , married William Martin,

and died in Providence, May 26th, 1805 ; James,

born , married Lydia Harding ; Mary,

born , married Oliver Mason ; Daniel,

born , married Louise Peck, and moved

to Mendon, Mass. ; Hezekiah, born ,

married Miss Haskell, and moved to Vermont.

Samuel, from whom our family is descend-
ed, married Hopestill Martin, of Rehoboth,
who was born May 8th, 1725, and died July 7th,
1785, aged 60 yrs. 2 mos. He died July 18th,
1807, aged 82 yrs. 8 mos. 23 ds. They had

eight children, viz : Rebecca, born Dec. 22d,
1749, died Feb. i6th, 1830, married Silas Covil,
who died in Troy, N. Y. Dec. 26th, 1820.
They had three children, — Stephen, Rebecca and
Ps\i\y^.— ^Martin, born Jan. 14th, 1753, died
Aug. 29th, 1783, married Prudence Waterman,
who died Sept. 28th, 1782. They had three
children, — Sally, Charles and Fayette. — Hope,
borrk Nov. 30th, 1754, died suddenly, July 24th,
1826, married Olney Winsor, who died March
15th, 1837. They had one daughter, Susan. —
Samuel, born Feb. 15th, 1757. — Squier, born
Feb. 7th, 1759, died June 22d, 1837, married
Catherine Fowl, who died Aug. 23d, 1864.
They had twelve children, — Squier, George,
Catharine F., Rebecca, Sarah Ann, Ira, Celia,
Ethan, Silas, Hope, Henry and Marcia. — Ed-
ward, born Feb. 21st, 1761, died July 6th, 1795,
married Sally Field, who died July 9th, 1836.
They had seven children, — Martin, Hope,
William, Edward, Sally, Stanton, and one that
died an infant.- — Rachel, born May 19th, 1763,
died Jan. 20th, 1784. — Lydia, born May 12th,
1767, died March 12th, 1786.

Samuel, from whom our family is descended,
married Mehetable Dexter, daughter of Christo-
pher and Priscilla Dexter, of North Providence.
She was born Feb. 25th, 1759, ^"^ was of the
fourth generation from the Rev. Gregory Dex-

ter, an associate of Roger Williams. She died
suddenly, Dec. 9th, 1829, aged 70 yrs. 10 mos.
14 ds. He died Nov. 6th, 1839, aged 82 yrs.
8 mos. 22 ds. They had nine children, viz:
Dexter, born Apr. 24th, 1 7 8 1 . ^± ^J^^^ V'^^iL

■ Amey^ born Sept, 5th, 1782, died Sept. 5th,

1783, aged one year.

Isaac^ born Sept. 25th, 1783, died Oct. 2d,

1784, aged one year and seven days.

Samuel^ born Jan. 21st, 1785, died July 2d,
1 821, aged 2^ yrs. 5 mos. 12 ds. He married
Ann Comstock. They had five children, viz :
Mary; Benjamin C, died Sept. 7th, 1840;
Samuel, died March 19th, 1835; George I.,
died Jan. 6th, 1856; Jofeph, died Nov. 5th,

Lydia, born March i8th, 1786, died Sept.
29th, i860, aged 74 yrs. 6 mos. 11 days. She
married Richard Salisbury, who died Jan. 15th,
1843, in the 59th year of his age. They had
eleven children, viz : Joshua, died Sept. 29th,
1826; Richard, died May 12th, 1847; William
D. ; Lydia, died Apr. 14th, 1813 ; Samuel T. ;
James P. ; Mehetable T. ; Mary ; Amey G. ;
Chriftopher D., died Dec. 17th, 1829; John.

Mehetable, born Dec. ist, 1787. She married
Phineas Potter, who died Aug. 2d, 1852, in the
73d year of his age. They had -two children,
viz: Phineas; Abby, who died in her fifth year.

Rachel, born Feb. 20th, 1789, died Apr. 2d,


1865, aged 76 yrs. I mo. 13 ds. She married
Ellas Smith, who died June 20th, 1846, in the
77th year of his age. They had one daughter,
Mariette T., who died aged 25 years.

Isaac^ a twin to Amey, born Jan. 30th, 1795,
died, after a severe illness, June 13th, 1866, near
midnight, aged 71 yrs. 4 mos. 13 days. He
married Lucy Brown. They had three children,
viz; Isaac, who died in his twelfth year; Amey;
Isaac B.

Amejy a twin to Isaac, born Jan. 30th, 1795,
died Nov. 26th, 1820, aged 25 yrs. 9 mos. 25
days. She married Jabez Gorham. They had
two children, Amanda and John.

Dexter, the oldest son of Samuel and Mehet-
able, married Hannah Gorham, oldest daughter
of Maj. Jabez and Catharine Gorham. They
were married by the Rev. Stephen Gano, on the
27th of May, 1803. She was born Feb. 19th,
1784, and died May 12th, 1833, aged 49 yrs. 2
mos, 21 ds. They had ten children. — He mar-
ried as his second wife, Jane H. Hill, widow of
John Hill Jr., and daughter of William C. and
Acsah Hutton. They were married Dec. 2d,
1834, by the Rev. Peter Simonson. She was
born in Plainfield, Conn., July 13th, 1790, and
died Dec. 25th, 1861, aged 71 yrs. 5 mos. 7 days.
They had no children.


The ten children of Dexter and Hannah
were : —

Charles^ born July 20th, 1804, died at Man-
chaug, Mass., Sept. 13th, 1839, aged 34 yrs. i
mo. 20 ds. He married Bretaina Holbrook,
Dec. 3d, 1827. She died Feb. 2d, 1834, in the
29th year of her age. They had two children. —
He married as his second wife, Abby K. Stewart,
who was born April 29th, I808. They were
married July 6th, 1835. They had two chil-

Edmund, born Aug. 15th, 1806, married Jane
C. Russell, of Nobleboro', Me., born June 9th,
1809. They were married Feb., 1833. She
died Dec. 6th, 1-843, ^g^'^ ZS 7^^- 5 i^os. 27 ds.
They had four children. — He married as his sec-
ond wife, Deborah Seabury, born Oct. 25th, 1817.
They were:married Sept. 9th, 1847. They have
had two children.

Hettay born July 24th, 1809, died Jan. 15th,
1834, aged 24 yrs. 5 mos. 23 ds. She married
Miles Tobey, who died in Canaan, Conn., Feb.
3d, 1835, in the 27th year of his age.

^/^/^jy, born Aug. 15th, 181 1, died Dec. 25th,
1856^ aged 45 yrs. 4 mos. 7 days.

Hannah, born Nov. 15th, 18 13, died Aug.
29th, 1 83 I, aged 17 yrs. 9 mos. 16 days.

Emmdj born Aug. 3d, 1816, died in New York,

May 26th, 1838, aged 22 yrs. i mo. 22 ds.
She married James Brown of New York, who
died in the city of Washington, D. C, Aug. 1st,
1864, aged 59 yrs. 5 mos. 10 ds. They had one
child, a daughter.

Rachely born May 27th, 1818, married Joseph
C. Hartshorn, who was born in Boston, Mass., Oct.
27th, 1 8 1 2. They were married Aug. 26th, 1 844.
They have had two children, and adopted one.

Ann, born March 27th, 1820, died Oct. 21st,
1 821, aged I yr. 6 mos. 25 days.

Ann, born Aug 8th, 1822, married Thomas
Arnold, who was born in Coventry, R. I., Sept.
28th, 1815. They were married Nov. i8th,
1 841. They have had two children.

Gorham, born April 9th, 1825, married Lydia
L. Herbert, who was born in Rowley, Mass.,
Nov. 22d, 1829. They were married Apr. nth,
1848. They have had six children.





- The two children of Charles and Bretaina
were : —

Henry Allen, died Jan. 9th, 1833, aged 4 yrs.
4 mos. I day.

Bretaina^ died Aug. 23d, 1843, aged 7 mos. 17

The two children of Charles and Abby were ; —
Irene, died Jan. 4th, 1836, aged 4 days.
Emma, born Aug. 27th, 1837.


The four children of Edmund and Jane
were : —

Samuel, born Apr. 4th, 1837, married Angie
B. Sturges, who was born in Vassalboro', Me.,
July 6th, 1837. They were married Nov. 22d,
i860. They have had two children.

Charles Dexter, born May 30th, 1839, rnarried
Annie E. Low, who was born July 27th, 1839.
They were married Nov. 28th, i860. They
have had one child, a daughter.

Edmund Russell, born June 6th, died Oct. i6th,

Hannah Gorham, born July 21st, 1842.

The two children of Edmund and Deborah
were: —

Jane Russell, born Jan. I9th^ 1854.

Abby, born Jan. 14th, 1857, died Feb. 4th,
i860, aged 3 yrs. i mo. 21 days.


The daughter of Emma and James Brown is
Emma Thurber, born Feb. 7th, 1836.


The children of Rachel and Joseph C. Harts-
horn are : —

Mary Loring, born Aug. 14th, 1851.

Annie Thurher, born Aug. 8th, 1857,

They also adopted, with the name of Emily
Elizabeth, in her sixth year, Mary Elizabeth
Chambers, who was born in Liverpool, England,
Feb. 7th, 1 85 1.


The two children of Ann and Thomas Arnold
were : —

Dexter Thurher, born Aug. nth, 1844, died
at McGregor, Iowa, Aug. 22d, 1857, aged 13 yrs.
II days.

Abby Thurber, born Jan 27th, 1861.


The six children of Gorham and Lydia are

Hettie, born June 21st, 1849.

Alice, horn Aug i8th, 1855.

William Herbert, born Sept. 19th, 1859.

Dexter, born Aug 7th, 1861.

Edmund Gorham, born April 17 th, 1864.

Edith Ann, born July 2d, 1867.






Children of Samuel.
The two children of Samuel and Angie are
Helen, born May loth, 1862.
Rebecca Russell, born June 6thj 1864.

Child of Charles D.
The daughter of Charles D. and Annie is :-
Abby, born July 8 th, 1861.

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