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Duty under the Revenue Act, 1903, sec. 11 (1), and Customs and

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Inland Revenue Act, 1891, sec. 4 (1). London County Council^ AppeUcwUt
▼. Cook, Bespondenl, K.B.D. 8th December. 22 T.R. 125.

27. A solicitor (not in practice) who was carrying on business as a
bookmaker was struck off the roll. In the matter of a Solicitor — ex

jparU The Incorporated Law Society, K.B.D. 11th December. 22 T.R.

28. Bill of lading for the carriage of goods, containing all the usual
exceptions, and the words — written on the margin in red ink — "Carried
entirely at merchant's risk." Held (a) that these words did not cut
<down or exclude anything contained in the special clauses ; (6) that
recklessness was negligence of a bad kind. Briscoe ds Co. v. Powell A
Co., K.B.D. nth December. 22 T.R. 128.

29. A person may be indicted at common law for the misdemeanour
of receiving goods, knowing them to have been stolen by a wife from
her husband. It is not necessary, where felonious stealing is alleged, to
«tate the circumstances under which the goods were stolen. Rex v.
Payne, K.B.D. 9th December. 22 T.R. 126.

30. Obligation to repay borrowed money in these terms, " In con-
sideration of the loan of £150, I agree to repay to you the said sum
within three months of the receipt by me of a written notice by you
Tequiring me so to do." A guarantor added a guarantee. The debtor
died impecunious, and the creditor sued the guarantor without giving
any notice. Held that the action was premature, and that letters of
administration must be taken out by the creditor, and notice given.
Bickaby v. Lewie, K.B.D. 11th December. 22 T.R. 130.

31. Purchasers of land under statutory powers are subject to the
provisions of the Lands and Waterworks Clauses Acts whether they take
\iy agreement or compulsion. Caledonian Railway Co, v. Sprott, 1856,
19 D. (H.L.) 3 ; 28 Jurist, 486, 2 M'Q. 449 ; Lord Provost, Ac., of
Glasgow v. Fa7^, 1888, 15 R. (H.L.) 94, 13 AC. 696, referred to. If
the Corporation desire support from the adjacent minerals at a distance
more than 40 yards from the waterworks, upon payment of compensa-
tion, they must specify the prescribed distance in the special Act.
Corporation of Manchester v. Moss Colliery, Limited, Ch.D. 12th
December. 22 T.R. 132.

32. Under Customs and Inland Revenue Act, 1878, sec. 12, owners
of steamships are entitled to an allowance for depreciation although
they have already received allowances amounting in the aggregate to
96 per cent. John Hall, jun,, <fc Co, v. Rickman, K.B.D. 12th
December. 22 T.R. 131.

33. A tramway, which by its Act was " deemed to be a railway " for
certain purposes, hdd not to be a railway for the purpose of the
-deductions in rating allowed by sec. 211, sub-sec. 1, of the Public
Health Act, 1875. Blackpool and Fleetwood Tramroad Co. v. Thornton
Ui-ban District Council, K.B.D. 13th December.

34. No. 21, T.R. 463, affirmed. A torpedo boat destroyer, 150 feet
in length, had her two riding lights at a height less than that prescribed
by Article 11 of the Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1897.
Held that she was to blame for the collision, there being negligence on
the part of the Admiralty in not providing her with means of complying
with the King's regulations as to lights. The ** Hirondelle," C.A. 14th
December. 22 T.R. 146.

35. No. 21, TR. 183, affirmed. Injunction granted against the

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running of a printing machine all night as a nuisance at common law,
on the ground that, although the district was devoted to the printing
trade, the working of the machine at night caused a serious additional
disturbance to the plaintiff and his family. Ru&hmer v. Polstte A Alfieriy.
Limited, C.A. 14th December. 22 T.R. 139.

36. In rating a railway to poor lute, it is not correct to take interest
on the cost of construction. The true principle is to look at the rent
that would be given for the railway by a hypothetical tenant from year
to year, who was in a position to work it. This would depend on its.
earnings. Great Central Railuoay Co. v. ABseMment Committee of
Banbury Union, K.B.D. 14th December. 22 T.R. 148.

37. Nos. 411 and 412, vol. xx., 20 T.R. 706 and 710, reversed.
Action for damages by shareholder against director, founded (1) on
Directors' Liability Act, 1890, and (2) on the Companies Act, 1867, sec.
38, for non-disclosure of contracts. Director found not liable on the
ground that the contract, which was not disclosed in the prospectus,
was of no importance, and could not have influenced the proposing
shareholder, and that the waiver clause applied. Calthorpe v.
Trechman; Macleay v. Tait, H.L. 15th December. 22 T.R. 149.

38. No. 16, vol. xxi., 21 TR. 109, affirmed. Sees. 56 and 57 of the^
Stamp Act, 1891. In the sale of a business in consideration of a fixed
sum and an agreement to pay the vendor a share of the profits to be
thereafter made, held that although this money was payable on a
contingency, it attracted ad valorem duty. Underground Electric Cos.
of London, Limited v. Com/missioners of Inla/nd Revenue, H.L. 15th.

39. No. 10, vol. xxi., 21 T.R. 91, reversed, and No. 298, vol. xx., 20
T.R. 528, restored. Under sec. 43 of the Tramways Act, 1870, a depot
outside the district must be taken over if suitable to and used for the
purposes of the undertaking. Manchester Carriage and Tramway-
Co,, Limited v. Stnnton and Pendlebury Urban District Council, H.L.
15th December. 22 T.R 154.

40. No. 123, vol. XX., 20 T.R. 242, reversed. A mutual insurance
company is entitled to apply part of the profits arising from the mutual
and participating branch of its business in the formation of a reserve
fund when that is within the powers of its constitution, and there is no
condition to the contrary in its policies. A prospectus which is not
referred to in the policy cannot be looked at as part of the contract with
the policy holder. British Equitable Assurance Co,, Limited v. Baily^
H.L. 15th December. 22 T.R. 152

41. No. 152, vol. xxi., T.R. 1st April, 1905, affirmed. Shoreham
Harbour Trustees and London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway held
liable for damage sustained by a ship in a berth at the harbour, on the
ground that there was a duty on the first to keep the berths in good
order, and on the second to warn the vessel of the danger. The " Beam,**'
C.A. 16th December.

42. Leave granted to amend specification by way of disclaimer under
sec. 19 of the Patents, Ac, Act, 1883, as distinguished from correction.
In re Letters Patent of Alsop, No, 14006 of 1903, C.A. 16th December.
22 T.R. 157.

43. No. 16, supra, 22 T.R. 115, reversed, on the ground that the
creditors had supplied goods to the trustee under the deed of' assign-
ment, and received payment for them and could not approbate and

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reprobate the deed. In re Brindley — ex parte Taylor <fe Co., C.A. 16th
December. 22 T.R. 155.

44. Certain water rights under deeds held to be contractual merely
and not the natural rights of ordinary riparian owners. Cf. White v.
White (Partiek Mills Case), H.L. December, 1905. The Llanrwst
EUetridty Supply Co,, Limited v. The Llanrwst Urban District Councily
(Sx., Ch.D. 16th December.

45. Conviction sustained under sec. 17 of the Inland Revenue Act,
1867, for taking orders at unlicensed premises and executing them at
licensed premises. (7/. Nobleit v. Hopkinson, 21 T.R. 448. Flias v.
Dunlop, K.B.D. 16th December.

46. Newspapers were sold containing coupons to be filled up with
guesses at the results of certain football matches, the winner to get a
prize. The magistrate dismissed the charge on the authority of
Caminada v. ffulton. Case remitted to the magistrate to find whether
the price was paid for the newspaper or the coupon. Hart v. Hay
Nisbet A Co., 1900, 37 S.L.R. 652 ; 2 F. (J.) 39, referred to. Hawke v.
Hulton d: Co,, K.B.D. 18th December.

47. Gold bonds by a foreign Government with interest coupons
attached held not to fall under the category of " marketable securities "
or '^ foreign share certificate " under the Stamps Act, 1891, but imder
that of "promissory note," although they might not be promissory
notes in the sense of the Bills of Elxchange Act. Speyer Brothers v.
Commissioners of Inland Revenue, K.B.D. 18th December.

48. No. 280, vol. xxi., 21 T.R. 618, affirmed. In assessing the value
of premises used as engineering works, tenants' machinery, which is
there for the purpose of making them fit as premises for the particular
purposes for which they are used, is properly to be taken into account
as enhancing the value of the premises. Kxrhy v. Asstwment Committee
of Hunslet Union and Others, H.L. 19th December.

49. Under order 11, rule 1 (a) it is a breach of contract within the
jurisdiction when the agent of a foreign insurance company gives
notice to their agents in London determining the contract. The
contract was one to be performed within the jurisdiction. Mutzen-
hecher and Others v. La Aseguradora Espanola, C.A. 17th December.

50. Under Michael Angelo Taylor's Act, sees. 80 and 82 (57 Geo.
III. a 29), the Court granted an injunction against the Corporation
taking part of a house for the purpose of throwing it into the street.
Thompson A Jackson v. Hammersmith Corporation, Ch.D. 19th December.

51. A person who has rendered himself liable to an action for
infringement of patent is not entitled to bring an action against the
owner of the patent for a declaration that the patent is invalid.
North Western Marine Engineering Co,, Limited v. Leeds Forge Co.„
Limited, Ch.D. 19th December.

52. Under sec. 14 of the Weights and Measures Act, 1894, a general
consent to prosecution by the inspector may be given ab ante, A
special consent is not necessary. Tyler v. Ferris, K.B.D. 19th

53. Under the Merchant Shipping Act, 1894, sec. 164, and the
Employers and Workmens Act, 1875, a seaman is not guilty of
unlawful refusal to perform duty who refuses to go on a voyage carrying
contraband of war. Sibery v. Connelly, K.B.D. 19th December.

54. Where the books of a professional business are produced for the

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inspection of an intending purchaser, that is stronjs; evidence of fact
negativing fraud. Coumhe v. DavieSj K.B.D. 19th December.

65. No. 425, vol. xx., 20 T.R. 755, aflfirmed. Action by the owner
of a private harbour four miles north of Carnarvon for declarator that
his harbour was not within the *' port of Carnarvon " in the sense of
Acts passed in 1793 and 1809, and so free of the dues imposed under
these Acts, (a) It is not to be expected generally that a tax will be
imposed on persons who do not benefit by it; (b) there is no land
adjacent to the sea, but it is in one port or another ; (c) the " limits of
a port " are narrowed by the recession of the sea, and extended by the
advance of the sea, whether due to natural or artificial causes;
(d) in the whole circumstances held that the plaintiff's harbour was
** within the limits of the port." Assheton Smith v. Owen^ C.A. 20th

56. Bonds issued by an insurance company to be redeemed at a
premium, but with a condition endorsed on the back that the principal
sum should become immediately payable if an effective resolution were
passed to wind up the company. The company went into voluntary
liquidation. Held that only the face value was payable, and that the
Court would not rectify the bond in the absence of fraud or common
mistake. Redfem v. Manchester Assurance Company, Ch.D. 20th

57. Articles of a company provided that votes were to be given
personally or by proxy, and that if a poll were asked it should be taken
** in such manner and at such time and place as the chairman of the
meeting directs." Held ultra vires for the chairman to direct the poll
to be taken by voting papers. McMillan v. Le Roi Mining Co., Limited,
Ch.D. 20th December.

^^ointmtnts, ^uimtM C^angts, ^t.

Glasgow. — Mr. A. W. Myles, late county clerk of Forfarshire, has
been appointed town-clerk of Glasgow, and commenced his duties on
the 1st January of this year.

Forfar. — Mr. R. Freer Myles has been appointed county clerk of
Forfarshire, in place of his brother, Mr. A. W. Myles, appointed
town-clerk of Glasgow.

Lanark. — Mr. Walter Gumming, from the Sheriff-clerk's office,
Glasgow, has been appointed a Sheriff-clerk-depute of the county of
Lanark, in room of the late Mr. James Young.

Glasgow. — Messrs. J. & J. Boyd k Miller, 190 St. Vincent Street,
have altered their firm-name to Boyds, Miller, & Thompson.

Oban. — Mr. Alexander MacArthur has assumed afi partner Mr.
David Stewart, recently practising in Ayr, and acting as interim town-
clerk there. The business will be carried on under the firm-name of
MacArthur & Stewart.

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Vol. XXII. FEBRUARY, 1906. No. 254.



We now resume our notes on the official patronage exercised
during the last twenty years from the point to which the notes
in our January issue were carried.

In July, 1895, the Unionist Administration of Lord Salis-
bury was formed, Lord Balfour of Burleigh being Secretary
of State for Scotland. The Lord Advocate was Sir Charles
Pearson, K.C. ; the Solicitor-General, A. Graham Murray,
K.C. ; W. J. Mure, legal secretary to Lord Advocate; Crown
Agent, W. J. Dundas, W.S. The Advocates-depute were-
C. S. Dickson, C. N. Johnston, James Ferguson, and C. C.
Maconochie. The following appointments were made : -

1. James Wallace, interim Sheriff of Argyll, in absence of

Sheriff Mackechnie.

2. Thomas A. Fyfe, Sheriff-Substitute of Lanarkshire.

.'5. John Paton, Keeper of the Rolls of the First Division.

4. J. Maitland Thomson, advocate, Keeper of the Historical

Department, Register House.

5. R. H. Smith, Sheriff-clerk, Roxburgh.


Professor Saintsbury (Rhetoric), Edinburgh University.


1. Lord Pearson, appointed Lord Ordinary in room of Lord

Rutherfurd Clark, resigned. ,

2. A. Graham Murray, Solicitor-General, becomes Lord


3. Charles Scott Dickson, Solicitor-General.

4. John Chisholm, Advocate-depute.

5. John Leslie, Sheriff -clerk of Sutherlandshire.

6. Thomas Rutherfurd Clark, legal secretary U> Lord Advocate,

in room of W. J. Mure, retired.

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7. John Downie, Sheriff-clerk of Lanarkahire, in room of George

Sellar, deceased.

8. R. Vary Campbell, Sheriff of Berwick, Roxburgh, and

Selkirk, in room of David Boyle Hope, deceased.

9. John Jamieson, Sheriff-clerk of Fifeshire.

10. James Wallace, Sheriff of Dmnfries, in room of R. Vary

Campbell, transferred to Berwick.

11. Andrew RuUierfurd, Sheriff of the Lothians and Peebles, in

room of Sheriff A. Blair, deceased.

12. David Dimdas, interim Sheriff of Argyll during Sheriff

Mackechnie's leave.

13. Charles C. Maconochie, Sheriff- Substitute of the Lothians

and Peebles.

14. John Paton, Keeper of the Rolls, to be D.C.S., First Division.

15. James S. Saunders, Keeper of the Rolls of the First


16. C. K. Mackenzie, Advocate-depute.


1. W. C. Smith, advocate. Sheriff of Chancery, in room of

Sheriff Wallace, transferred to Dumfries.

2. Russell Bell, Sheriff-Substitute at Falkirk.

3. W. G. Scott Moncrieff, transferred from being Sheriff-

Substitute at Elgin, &c., to Inverness, on resignation of
Sheriff-Substitute Patrick Blair.

4. Rev. John Anderson, assistant Keeper of Historical Depart-

ment of the Register House.
6. Hay MacWatt, Sheriff-Substitute of Argyllshire at Camp-

6. Ronald H. Baillie, Sheriff-Substitute of Roxburgh, &c., on

retiral of Sheriff Speirs.

7. Charles M'Kie, Sheriff-clerk of Dumfries.

8. John Cairns, A.C.S., in room of William Reid, deceased.

9. W. C. Smith, interim Sheriff of Dumfries during Sheriff

Wallace's leave.

10. W. B. Glen, S.S.C, Principal Extractor of Court of Session.

11. D. Antonio, D.C.S., to be principal Clerk of the Bills and

Sequestrations, in room of R. B. Shaw, resigned.

12. James Scott, A.C.S., to be D.C.S., in room of D. Antonio,


13. Hugh Watt, A.C.S.

14. John Boyd, Sheriff -Substitute at Glasgow, on retiral of Sheriff

Erskine Murray.

15. Bremner P. Lee, Sheriff -Substitute at Forfar, in room of

Sheriff-Substitute A. Robertson, resigned.


Professor Sir Henry Littlejohn (Forensic Medicine), Edinburgh.


1. Hector M'Leod, Sheriff-Substitute at Linlithgow.

2. A. E. Henderson, Sheriff-Substitute at Paisley.

3. Samuel B. Armour, Orkney, transferred to Cupar as Sheriff'


Digitized by VjOOQIC


4. J. R. Coseus, Sheriflf-Substitute of Orkney, &c.
. 5. W. Straohan, Sheriff-clerk at Linlithgow.

6. William Veitch, A.C.S., to be D.C.S., in room of James

Scott, deceased.

7. William Brown, A.C.S., on promotion of Mr. Veitch.

8. Henry Johnston, Sheriff of Forfarshire, in succession to

Sheriff Comrie Thomson, deceased.

9. F. J. Grant, Rothesay Herald.

10. James Ferguson, Sheriff of Argyll, in room of D. Mackechnie,


11. W. C. Smith, Sheriff of Ross, &c.

12. John Chisholm, Sheriff of Chancery.

13. John Wilson, Advocate-depute.
H. Francis J. Grant, Lyon Clerk.

15. James A. Fleming, Advocate-depute.

16. A. MacdcHiald, Sheriff-clerk, Inverness.

17. G. W. Burnett, Sheriff-Substitute at Aberdeen, in room of

Sheriff-Substitute W. A. Brown, resigned.


R. Herbert Story, D.D., LL.D., Principal of Glasgow University.
Professor Patrick (Divinity), Edinburgh University.


1. Patrick Smith, Sheriff-Substitute of Roxburgh, in room of

£. Erskine Harper, deceased.

2. A. Robertson, Sheriff -clerk of Nairn.

3. Alex. L. M'Clure, Advocate-depute.

4. James Cameron, Keeper of the Register of Deeds, in room

of Alex. Forbes, retired.

5. James Mljenon, Sheriff-clerk of Ross-shire.

6. C. N. Johnston, Sheriff of Caithness, Orkney, and Zetland,

in room of Sheriff Thorns, resigned.

7. Charles Rampini, Sheriff of Dumfries, in room of James

Wallace, resigned.

8. J. G. Webster, Sheriff-Substitute at Lochmaddy, transferred

to be Sheriff-Substitute at Elgin, in room of Charles
Rampini, promoted to Dumfries.

9. Scott Moncrieff Penney, to be Sheriff- Substitute at Loch-

maddy, in room of J. G. Webster, transferred to Elgin.

10. Lord President Robertson, appointed a Lord of Appeal, in

room of Lord Watson, deceased.

11. J. Blair Balfour (Lord Kinross), appointed Lord President.

12. J. D. Sym, Sheriff-Substitute at Perth, in room of John

Graham, deceased.

13. William Boa, Keeper of the Rolls of the First Division.

14. C. Kincaid Mackenzie, interim Sheriff of Dumfries during

Sheriff Rampini's absence.

15. John Rankine, interim Sheriff of the Lothians, &c., in absence

of Sheriff Rutherfurd.


Professor Nicoll (Divinity), Aberdeen.
Professor Thomas (Natural History), Aberdeen.

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1. J. S. Saunders, O.C.S., Second Division, in room of W.

Anderson, deceased.

2. George Watt, SherifE-clerk, Forfar, in room oi Thomas

Congleton, deceased.

3. Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, Remembrancer for Scotland, in room

of Reginald Macleod, appointed Registrar-GeneraL
i. R. T. Yoimger, Advocate-depute.

5. A. O. M. Mackenzie, Advocate-depute.

6. Hay Shennan, Sheriff-Substitute of Ross and Cromarty at


7. Alexander Moffat, Sheriff-Substitute of Caithness, Orkney,

and Zetland.

8. C. N. Johnston, Sheriff of Inverness, Elgin, and Nairn, in

room of Sheriff W. Ivory.

9. John Wilson, Sheriff of Caithness, Orkney, &c., in rooin of

C. N. Johnston.

10. J. A. Fleming, Sheriff of Dumfries, on resignation of Charles


11. John Chisholm, interim Sheriff of Fife, <kc., during Sheriff

Mackay's absence.
V2. Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, Registrar of Joint-Stock Companies.
13. L. T. Napier, Sheriff- Substitute of Dumfries and Galloway.
U. C. J. Guthrie, Sheriff of Ross and Cromarty, on Sheriff W. C.

Smith resigning to contest a seat in ParUament at election

of 1900.

15. Thomas A. Fyfe, appointed one of the Sheriff -Substitutes

at Glasgow on death of Sheriff Spens.

16. W. G. Scott Moncrieff, transferred from Elgin to Lanarkshire.

17. G. Watson, transferred to be Sheriff -Substitute at Elgin, <&c.

18. C. C. Maconochie, senior Sheriff-Substitute at Edinburgh,

on resignation of Sheriff Hamilton.

19. L. T. Napier, transferred from Sheriff-Substituteship at

Wigtown to Dumfries and Galloway.

20. A. E. Henderson, transferred from Paisley to be Sheriff-

Substitute of the Lothians.

21. W. D. Lyell, transferred from Kirkcudbright to be Sheriff-

Substitute at Paisley.

22. L. T. Napier, transferred from Wigtown to be Sheriff-

Substitute at Kirkcudbright.

23. George Watson, transferred from Inverness, &c., to be

Sheriff-Substitute at Dumfries.

24. J. P. Grant, transferred from Banff to be Sheriff-Substitute

at Inverness.

25. James S. Saunders, transferred to be O.C.S., First Division.

26. Joseph Antonio, O.C.S., Second Division.

27. James Reid, Sheriff- Substitute at Banff, in room of J. P.

Grant, transferred to Inverness.

28. John MCrone, Sheriff-clerk, Sutherlandshire.

29. J. H. Begg, transferred to Aberdeen as Sheriff-Substitute

on the death of Sheriff G. W. Burnett.

Dr. Marshall Lang, Principal of University of Aberdeen.

Digitized by LjOOQ IC



1. George A. Slight, first Clerk of Justiciary.

2. Alex. Rae^ second Clerk of Justiciary.

3. J. C. Shairp, Sheriff-Substitute, Ayr, on death of Sheriff

Orr Paterson.

4. A. T. Gl^g succeeds J. H. Begg soi Sheriff-Substitute at


5. C. Eincaid Mackenzie, Sheriff of Fife and Kinross, on Sheriff

Mackay's resignation.

6. J. Foster, Sheriff -clerk, Elgin.

7. J. C. Guy, Advocate-depute.

8. J. W. Moir, Sheriff-clerk, Clackmannan.

9. John Cairns, D.C.S., in room of G. Marrable, resigned.

10. R. Maxwell Main, A.C.S., in room of John Cairns, promoted.

11. E. T. Salvesen, Sheriff of Berwick, Ac, on the death of

Sheriff R. Vary Campbell.

12. D. J. Mackenzie, Sheriff-Substitute at Wick, to be Sheriff-

Substitute of Ayrshire at Kilmarnock on death of Sheriff


1. J. Dean Leslie, Sheriff-Substitute of Clackmannan, in room

of Sheriff-Substitute Tyndall Bruce Johnston, resigned.

2. Scott Moncrieff Penney, Sheriff -Substitute at Portree.

succeeds Sheriff-Substitute Shairp, transferred to Ayr.

3. George J. Campbell, Sheriff-Substitute at Stomoway, trans-

ferred to Portree.

4. Dudley Stuart, to be Sheriff-Substitute of Caithness, iVc,

at Wick.
6. Francis Squair, Sheriff-Substitute of Lews, in room of Sheriff
G. P. Campbell, transferred to Skye.

6. P. J. Blair, Sheriff-Substitute at Dumbarton, in room of

Sheriff-Substitute Gebbie, resigned.

7. A. 0. M. Mackenzie, Sheriff-Substitute, Lanarkshire, in room

of Sheriff Mair, resigned.

8. Ewan Macpherson, legal secretary to Lord Advocate in room

of T. R. Clark, resigned.


Professor Kerr (Natural History), Glasgow.
Professor Baikie (Moral Philosophy), Aberdeen.


1. William Guthrie, Sheriff of Lanarkshire, in room of Sheriff

Berry, deceased.

2. A. S. D. Thomson, Sheriff- Substitute of Lanarkshire.

3. W. S. N. Patrick, Sheriff-clerk of Ayrshire.

4. W. Weir Grieve, Sheriff-clerk of Lanarkshire, on death of

John Downie.

5. R. J. Davidson, Sheriff-clerk, Fifeshire.

6. R. 0. Pagan, Clerk to Justices, Cupar.

7. W. C. Steadman, Clerk of the Peace, Jedburgh.

8. J. S. Curror, Sheriff-clerk of Stirlingshire.

9. A. Graham Murray. Secretary for Scotland, in room of Lord

Balfour of Burletgh, resigned.

Digitized by LjOOQ IC


10. C. S. Dickson, Lord Advocate,
n. David Dundas, Solicitor-General.

12. James Stewart, Sheriff-clerk of Argyllshire at Dunoon.
13: John Campbell, Sheriff-clerk-depute, Inveraray.
14. Malcolm Sinclair, Lochgilji^ead, Clerk of the Peace for


1. Ewan Macpherson, Local Government Board.

2. R. B. Pearson, legal secretary to Lord Advocate in room of

Mr. Ewen Macpherson.

3. Charles C. Maconochie, Sheriff of Lothians and Peebles, on

retirement of Sheriff Rutherfurd.

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