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and from this she passed to admonishing us that some princes of the
Empire and others commissioned thereto were already on their way to
visit my Lords the States, with the object of furthering a peace : she
asked us what we thought the same might be likely to bring about. We
said that my Lords the States, by their stedfastness in the war against
the Spaniards during so many years, and their resolutions in diverse
treaties that were found alone, and notably not long since, in the answer
to the letter of the Duke Ernestus, given to Hartiz and Coeman, they
had given it to be well understood what was to be expected of the peace,
etc. On which Her Majesty began to praise very highly the said answer
and the wisdom of my Lords the States, and so ended her talk. We
then took leave reverently, and with proffers of service, in doing which




Her Majesty strongly recommended the case of Colonel Morgan, and so
we departed to Kingstone for the night's rest, and the next day, the
fifteenth of October, returned again to Budnal Grin foresaid, where we
continued living, expecting a favourable wind for crossing, until the
twenty-fifth October, when it changed to a good quarter, and we set out
for Gravesend, and set sail the same evening, and after some wanderings
at sea, we arrived at Veere the twenty-eighth October, and thence we
went on to Middleburgh, and we set forward again from there, on the
second of November, and on the third (with God's help) we arrived here
in the Hague again.

During the above written legation in Scotland, we were solicited on
account of diverse requests and grievances, and in particular, the King
begged that we should recommend to the notice of my Lords the States,
the case and pretensions of the widow and sorrowing children of the late
Colonel Henry Balfour, to his arrears, which the Bishop of Dunkeld,
having married the widow of the foresaid Balfour, is coming in person to
prosecute the claim, notwithstanding that we dissuaded him.

His Majesty did similarly, through Mr. Schenan, recommend the case
of Captain Alexander Wichart, to the end that justice or contentment
might be done him. Item, the case of Captain Mathias Ralingh, whose
Request, with apostille of His Majesty, is herewith delivered. His
Majesty, by word of mouth, further recommended to us all his subjects
in general in our country, being in arrears, such as a Captain Jan Balfour
and others.

Herewith are submitted the complaints of Unfred Grey and Francois
Temont, alleging that they have been injured by certain sentences of the
Admiralty of Zeeland. Item, the Remonstrance of Mr. Jan Tronand
and partners, merchants of Edemburgh, complaining of some quantity of
hides taken from them at sea, and seeking restitution. Lastly, the
Agent Dammen has strongly recommended two of his requests, herewith
submitted, to my Lords the States, the one touching the restitution of
the debt incurred by him in his prison at Dunkirk, and the other, the
increase of his pay, as to all which my Lords shall be pleased to do what
they shall find to be fitting.

Thus reported and exhibited at a meeting of my Lords the States at
the Hague, November 1594.

(Signed.) W. de Brederode.

Jacob Valcke.

[In 1595, Denniston, the resident Scottish representative at
the Hague, presented certain articles to the States the last of
which was in these terms :]

' Priant tres instamment V. S. de prendre quelque bon ordre
avec Thoir et veuve du feu Capitaine Trayll, touchant les
arrierages deus au diet feu Capitaine.''


[On 14th February 1595 Sir William Stewart of Houston,
having again arrived at the Hague as Ambassador from the
King of Scotland, 1 had an audience of the States-General along
with Mr. Denniston the resident envoy. Their instructions
and the reply of the States contain no references to the
Scottish troops, but the Ambassador seems to have availed
himself of the opportunity to make certain arrangements with
regard to his own affairs.]

May 8, 1595. — The secretary was ordered to deliver to the
Ambassador Stuart the reply of the States to his proposal made
on behalf of the King of Scotland with the Act of Approval
of the former Treaties made between Scotland and this
country, referred to in the foregoing reply, and asked for by
His Majesty. In consideration of certain things it was resolved
to defray at the expense of the country, at the hotel of the
Briel, the charges and expenses there incurred by the two
Ambassadors of the King of Scotland, who were lodged there,
to the amount of 1500 guilders.

At the request of the said Mr. Stuart, asking the Lords
States to be pleased to accept such assignations as he has made
to some of his creditors on the grant of the 14,000 guilders,
which will fall due on July 20th next, in accordance with the
agreement made by him, also to authorise and order the
Receiver-General to raise on his (the petitioner's) account, on
interest, the last payment in full a like sum of 14,000 guilders,
to fall due on July 20th, 1596, in order that therewith he
might pay such arms as he had bought in this country for the
King of Scotland. And, thirdly, to grant him a passport to
permit him to transport from here to Scotland 500 muskets,
300 corselets and fencing-pads, and 500 pikes. It is resolved
and granted that the Receiver-General shall be permitted to
undertake to pay the creditors of the petitioner to whom he
shall grant assignation on the payment of 14,000 guilders,
which shall fall due on July 20th next, two months after due.

1 On 24th December 1594, Sir William Stewart of Houston, Commendator of
Pittenweem, was sent as Ambassador to Flanders on ' sum wechtie affearis,' and
on 10th July 1595, he reported, and was thanked for his 'meritorious proceed-
ings.'— P.C. Reg.


And that accordingly, the said petitioner may negotiate on it.
Regarding the second prayer, that the request made in it shall
be refused and declined in view of the present condition of the
government of the Lands. And regarding the required
passport for the transport of the arms, that it be granted

Note with reference to the Mission o/"1594. On 20th May 1619, at a
sitting of the Privy Council, the Earl of Melrose produced ( ane blak
round buist,' containing the commission of 1594 to the Lord of Brederode
and Mr. James Walck, and the confirmation and ratification made by the
said commissioners of the ancient friendship treaties and alliance, and
especially of the peace and league made in the town of ' Buiche ' in
Hainault, on 5th December 1550, dated at Edinburgh, 14th September
1594, ' quhilk buist ' had been sent from England to be put in sure keep-
ing in His Majesty's Register within the Castle of Edinburgh. — P. C. Beg.,
vol. xii.





Various Appointments.

March 29. — It is found expedient by the States-General, Council of
on the recommendation of his excellency, that some one
be commissioned and authorised as Commandant or Chief
over the Scottish soldiers in the field. His excellency nomi-
nated thereto Captain Murray ; and that therefore a pro-
visional commission be granted to the said captain, at a salary
of i?200 a month when afield.

November 21. — To advise the States-General, that it would
be expedient that a Provost be secured for the Scottish
regiment, which was done under Balfour at 50 guilders a

January 17. — On a request of Captain Hamilton, pre-
sented from the States-General, advise that the council refuse
it. That since the captain has done all in his power to send
the people over, but transport was hindered by a contrary
wind, that there be given him in addition for every soldier
three Caroli guilders, without the same being made a

1599, June 4. — At the request of the captains of the
Scottish regiment, the transport of 550 men is agreed to for
the twelve Scottish companies, in pursuance of the decree of
his excellency. The payment, however, of the same is not to



be reckoned higher than their respective fixed strength, viz.
the chief flag or company at 200, and the rest at 150 men each

On a letter of recommendation from Holland, 1 a commission
was obtained for the cavalry Captain Edward, as colonel over
the Scottish regiment, in the place of the late Colonel Murray,
at the same salary as the former colonel enjoyed.

Letters of Recommendation of James VI.
Captain Dallachy.
states-General Messieurs, — Jacoit que nous sachions la gratuite dont vous
Re^uestsT* usez *■ I'endroit de ceux, qui vous ont fidellement servi, esperon-
nant par honnorables recompenses, ceux qui portent les armes
pour vous a exposer d'autant plus hazardeusement leurs
personnes a tous perils. Si est ce que nous n'avons pour cela
laisse d'assister le nubite du capp ne D'allachy, homme qui
vous a en tant d'experience d'annees tesmoigne sa valeur, et
maintenant reduict en sa vieillesse. Vous priant tant pour les
raisons mentionnees, que pour Tamour de moy, luy user
quelque favorable recognoissance en luy monstrant par les
effects, que ma recommandation ne luy a este infructueuse, ce
que m'esmouvera dautant plus, a regarder de meilleur ceil tous
les vostres, que par semblables services, ou en vostre contem-
plation se rendront envers nous recommandables. Priant
Dieu sincere, Messieurs et comperes, vous donner sa s te garde.

Jaques R.
De S te Croix, le premier d'April 1599.

Colonel Alexander Murray.
Messieurs, — Le Collonnel Alexandre Mourray s'en retournant
en vos pays, apres avoir entierement obtenu de nous ce que
vous nous demandiez par les vostres n'avons voulu permettre
qu'il reprit sa brisee sans estre charge de quelque importante
commission de notre part, comme vous entendrez plus au
long de luy mesme, En quoy vous prions le croyre adioitant
indubitable croyance et foy a Tafraire que nous luy avons
enioinct vous communiquer en nostre nom, comme a personne,

1 The Prince of Orange had recommended Edmond to the States of Holland,
'he being the ablest of the Scottish captains.'


qui ne cede a aucun vivant, tant pour le regard du naturel
debvoir envers son prince quen desir de vous servir. Et nous
remettant a son recit prions Dieu, Messieurs et comperes, vous
comble de ses felicitez. Jaques R.

De S te Croix, le premier d' April 1599.

Captain Brog.

Messeiurs, — La fidelite, et nubite du Capp ne Guillaume Brog
un de noz subiectz nous esment a vous le recommander
affectueusement, a fin q'aux occasions, qui s\)ffriront pour son
avancement et honneur, vous assistiez favorablement le zele,
qu'il a monstre de porter a vostre service, le gratiffiant, p
occasionnant de suivre a bonnes enseignes les traces de ceux
qui ont participe de vos courtoisies si bien veuillances, par
une continuation d'ardeur d'exposer sa vie en tout ce qui vous
concernera, si m'asseurant, qu^l ne sera deceu de Fespoir qu'il a
en vous tant pour les causes susdictes, que pour Tamour de moy
je prieray Dieu, Messieurs et comperes, vous donne heureuse
vie. Vostre bon amy et compere, Jaques R.

D'Edimbourg, le 20 April 1599.

Colonel Edmond.

Messieurs, — Ayant entendu qu^apres la mort du feu Sieur
Alexandre Murray, Colonel de Tinfanterie Escossoise qui est a
vostre service, vous ayez faict election du Capitaine Edmond
pour commander au regiment, du quel encore que la valeur et
fidel deportement soit assez cogneu par la preuve des services
par luy faicts. Neantmoins estant nostre subiect et pour sa
fidelite en vostre service d'autant plus ayme de nous, le recom-
mandons qu'il soit d'autant plus respecte et honore de toutes
faveurs, privileges et honneurs qu'autres Colonnels ont jouy
en vostre service par cy devant. A quoy nous attendant
prions Dieu, Messieurs et comperes, vous maintenir en sa
grace. Vostre bon amy et compere, Jaques R.

De nostre palais de Saincte Croix, le dernier de Septembre

Sir William Murray.

Messieurs, — Ayantz occasion d'employer en quelque nostre


service le Sieur Cap ne Guillaume Murray, qui vous a autrefois
servi au faict de la guerre, il nous a semble expedient de le
rappeler. Mais estant avertiz qu'il est embrouille en quelque
procez en ces pais la, touchant les affaires de son frere, n'avons
pas voulu omettre de le recommander et vous prier par le
porteur (qui est le frere de Deniston, notre ambassadeur ordi-
naire pres de vous) de le favoriser en ses affaires et le depescher
vers nous le plustost qu'il sera possible. Nous les recom-
mandons doncq d'aultant plus affectueusement en regard de sa
fidelite envers nous et des bons services faictz a vous, tant par
luy-mesme que par feu son frere. Nous avons donne charge
au Sieur de Deniston de vous informer plus au long tant en
ceste matiere comme en des autres auquel il vous plaira adiouter
pleine creance en tout ce quMl vous dira de notre part, qui
sornmes et demeurerons tousiours, Vostre bien bon amy et
confrere, Jaques R.

De Saincte Croix, le xx. Octobre 1599.

After the Battle of Nieuport.

Messieurs et Comperes, — Ayantz este advertiz tant par
voz lettres que les rapport asseure du porteur comme
Dieu par sa grace vous avoit faict victorieux sur voz
ennemis d'une si furieuse et sanglante bataille, avons este fort
resiouyz, comme au bon succes de toutes vos affaires, nous
nous estimons tousiours y avoir nostre part a Tadvancement
desquelles il ne vous manquera rien qui depend de nostre
pouvoir, comme nous avons donne charge au porteur de vous
informer plus amplement, au quel il vous plaira adiouster pleine
creance en ce qu'il dira sur le desir que nous avons a vous
faire paroistre qu'elle est nostre disposition envers vous et
vostre estat, et quel bien et honneur nous esperons tirer de
vous quand nous en aurons besoing. Vous priantz tousiours
faire estat de nous comme Tun de voz plus affectionnez. Et
d'autant qu'en vostre derniere victoire plusieurs de noz gens
sont mortz et en reviennent tous les iours de la tant des blessez
et estropiez, ruinez quasi en votre service. Nous desirons
qu'ayez esgard au traittement de ce peu de reste, qu'estantz a
Favenir pour Tamour de nous plus respectez, les plus gallants
espritz et plus valencieux puissent estre induictz librement


se rendre en votre service, dont nous avons (Dieu mercy)
assez bon nombre, 1 desquelz quand vous aurez affaires, vous en
disposerez. Et comme toutes voz bonnes fortunes sont reputees
et nostree (?), nous ne doubtons pas que de pareille affection
vous aurez a congratuler quand vous entendrez le vray et
simple discours (lequel vous envoyons avecque ces presentes) de
la plus cruelle trahison qu'a ose machinee contre nostre per-
sonne et de laquelle Dieu par sa grace, non sans miracle, nous
a delivre. Quant au porteur, 2 lequel nous avons este bien
resjouy de veoir aupres de nous, ayant par Tespace de vingt et
six ans este esloigne de sa patrie, nous n'estimons pas estre
necessaire de vous le recommander, car quoy que nous le
respectons pour estre notre subiect, si est ce que nous tenons
plus de compte de sa valence et fidelle affection qu'il a porte a
votre service, que de sa naissance et pour Fencourager d'avan-
tage, il n'y a ny bien nlionneur qu'il peut esperer de nouz qui
luy manqueront pourveu qull continue. Nous ne doubtons
que vous ne faciez le pareil et a luy et a tous autres de
notre nation qui de pareille volonte s'addresseront a votre
service, et seront tres aises qu 1 ^ toutes occasions il soit
familiairement par vous employe devers nous en affaires de
consequence. Etc. Jaques R.

De Falcland, le xx. d'Aoust 1600.

David Barclay {of Towie or Urie).

Messieurs et Comperes, — Ce gentilhomme porteur, nomine
David Barclay, sieur de Struy, frere germain du feu Cap ne
Robert Barclay, qui ayant ces ans passes seruy fidellement au
faite de vos guerres, et ayant perdu la vie en ce dernier conflict.
Sur ce a prins resolution d'aller par dela pour prendre ordre de
quelquonques biens et moyens appartenants au susdit defunct,
son frere, ensemble les decomptes que vous luy serez trouve

1 The difficulty of Scotland rested rather in the surplus than the deficiency of
these 'gallant spirits' for which King James thanks Providence for having
provided him with a 'sufficient number.' The legislation of his parliament and
the policy of his privy council in regard to the Highlands and Island, indicate
the problem presented by the ' assez bon nombre,' which previous Jameses had
taken summary methods of reducing.

2 Probably Colonel Edmond, who went to Scotland 'to remake his regiment.'


redevable pour son service en vos elites guerres. Vous priant
affectueusement que tous les biens qui luy appartenoit, aussi
bien devant son decez, que les dites decomptes soit delivrez au
dit gentilhomme, avec son nepveu le fils du dit feu Cap ne
son frere, a qui tout appartient tres justement comme a son
propre fils et et heritier, a scavoir aussi que le dit gentilhomme
est son vray tuteur de loy. Car la mere du dit garcon ne peut
estre nullement ouye s'opposer au contraire du dit tuteur, veu
que pieca [?] elle a este divorsee dVvec son feu mary, comme il
est tres notoire. Outre plus le dit tuteur est honnorable
gentilhomme de biens et d'heritage, et bien respecte pour son
honneste comportement en toutes ses actions, estant digne de
faire valoir tout ce qu'il recevra au profit du dit pupille son
nepveu, jusques a ce qu'il soit venu en parfait age. Et la
dessus vous reprions de rechef, que pour Famour de nous vous
expediez le plustot que pourrez le dit gentilhomme, en luy
delivrant son dit nepveu et tout ce qui luy appartient de droit,
ce qui incitera davantage tous nos autres subjects hazarder plus
volontiers leurs biens et leur vie mesme en votre service. De
quoy faisant nous ferez un singulier plaisir ce que nous sommes
et demeurerons preste recognoistre mutuellement en ce qu'il
vous plaira nous requerir. Priant, etc. V re tres affectionne
ami, Jacques R.

De notre palais a Dundie, ce xxvi. de Septembre 1600.

Captain John Ker.

Messieurs et Comperes. — Le Sieur Cap ne Jehan Ker, 1 qui
pour une requeste a impetre conge pour quelque espace de
venir par deca pour certaine siene affaire. Et estant prest a
s'en retourner vers vous, nous a sollicite de vous le recommander,
ce que nous faisons de meilleure volonte, pour autant que nous
scavons que au service passe il n'a manque rien en luy de son
devoir et durant quil a este la n'a fait chose indigne de son
honneur ny de notre faveur. II vous plaira donguce le laisser
retourner librement en ce pa'ie, afin d'estre icy pres ]es sienes
dites affaires. Aussi nous vous prions de prendre en sa place

1 See pp. 59 and 60 (in note), also p. 31.


de commandement un gentilhomme lequel le d* Cap ne y mettra
assez suffisant pour descharger ce. rang de preeminence et qui
sans aucune doubte vous contentera. El pour ce que le d*
Cap ne n'a point fintention de retourner ci apres en vos
quartiers, estant tellement empesche en ses dites affaires nous
yous requetons affectueusement que le peu de deniers qu'il luy
sont deues, tel ordre y soit donne qu'il puisse recevoir ses
decomptes pour s'acquitter de tous ses despenses et charges, pour
retourner avec toute diligence, de telle facon quMl n'aye point
occasion de se plaindre de vous. Ce qui nous sera fort
agreable, comme nous prions le Createur, Messieurs et Com-
peres, vous tenir en sa digne garde. Votre bon Amy et Com-
pere, Jaques R.

De notre palaisj de S te Croix, ce xxvii. jour de Decembre

1600, October 5. — Huygens, Secretary of the Council of State Council of
reported, that having spoken with the States-General about
the transport money of Colonel Edmond and 800 Scots, brought
over from Scotland, by commission of the States-General ; said
States had declared, that the payment for each soldier should
be payment usually given, 8 guilders, and that the opinion of
the States was, and still is, that out of the 800 Scots should
be formed the three companies mentioned in the Act of the
States- General. Further, that the Scottish Regiment should
be held from that date at from 13 to 11 companies, that the
colonel's company should number 200, and the others 113,
which companies may be filled up from the said number of
800 men.

November 13. — Report made concerning the division and
reduction of the new Scottish soldiers, in order to bring up
the companies to 135 men.

1600, June 3. — Inasmuch as Captain Brog desires to under- Resolutions

take the duties of Lieutenant-Colonel of the Scottish regiment, ° f stat f s "

° ' General,

solely for the honour, without other pay, and that neither

their excellencies nor Captain Edmond know of any reasons




why the same lieutenantship should not be granted to the
above mentioned Brog, it is agreed to.

1600, December- 29. — Captain Brog was allowed in one
payment 600 guilders for his previous services in his quality
of Lieutenant-Colonel of the Scottish Regiment, and it was
agreed that in future he shall enjoy a salary of 100 guilders
per month, commencing from the first of January next,
and that a commission to that effect be despatched to

Requeste pour le Cap ne Hamylton.

(Requests). A Messeigneuks, Messeig rs [sic] nu Conseil d'Estat. 1 — Re-

monstre en toute humilite et reverence Capitaine Hamilton,
en garnison a Nimeghe, come il a pleu a V. S. depescher ordon-
nance le xxviii de Apureil pour ung moys de gages, sur Mons r
Doublet, Recepveur gfial ; et le dit recepveur a done ung
decharge sur Messeig rs les estats de Zelande. Mais ayant
envoye ung home expres pour son payement, mes d s Seig rS du
Zeelandt ont refuse le dit payement, au grande prejudice du
remonstrant. Car il a este contraint de lever Targent a
Interrest pour Tintretenement de sadit compaignie. Partant
il prie qu'il plaise a mes Seig rs doner ordre pour sondit paye-
ment au regarde du temps que est desia passe.

Quoy faissant. Le xi Maye 1601.

Jaqtjes Crack.


of States-

1601, December 17. — In reference to the petition of Captain
Brog, requesting payment of the balance of his account, made
up 13th June '88, for his pay as Sergeant-Major of the
Scottish regiment, under Colonel Balfour, from the 1st Sep-
tember 1583 to the 5th March 1585, and again till the last of
April '88, amounting to 2224 pounds, eight shillings, it was
agreed that search be made in the Rolls here, the Treasury

1 From the packet of requests presented to the States-General and to the
Council of State in 1601.

This collection is very defective; from 1600-1620 only 1601, 1611, and
1 61 7 exist.


of the States- General, as well as in the Finance Chamber
of Holland, as to how much o/ said sum the petitioner
has received ; and that of the balance he shall be paid
one-third in ready money, and the other two-thirds within
the next two half-years, and that an order to that effect on
the Receiver-General be despatched.

1602, September 20. — Whereas Robert Stuart, Scotsman, a
sailor on board a man-of-war, in the service of the Land, has
voluntarily confessed, without being put to the torture, that
on the third of August last he had taken on himself to pass in
review among the company of Captain Balfour as a soldier of
said company, under the name of Thomas Fowler, and that he
seduced thereto other six sailors, who also were passed in
review as soldiers of the said company ; whereby the prisoner
aforesaid, contrary to his oath, and the placards on the sub-
ject of the mustering, has defrauded and robbed the Land ;
said decree forbidding such fraud on pain of death. Therefore
the States-General and the Council of State of the United
Netherlands taking, as is fit, all things into consideration, and
doing justice, at the instance and demand of the Advocate
Fiscal, brought against the prisoner, condemn the said Robert
Stuart to be hung by ropes till he be dead, as an example to

Given the xx. September 1602.

Letters of King James i. 1603.

Recommendation of' Livingstone.

Messieurs et Comperes, — Ce jeune home Leviston, ayant Diplomatic

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