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Ariskey to proceed with the formation of said company of one
hundred cuirassiers, under which there shall be thirty cuiras-
siers with ponies ; provided he be bound to have said company
fully equipped precisely between this and the first of March
next, of qualified, experienced, and well-armed cavalry of the
Scottish nation, provided with well-trained horses, of such
height and weight as the order of the Land implies, otherwise


failing this, said company shall not be taken into service ; and
in the meantime every horseman without a horse shall for his
support be supplied with seven stuivers daily, and every one with
a qualified horse and properly armed, fourteen stuivers a day.

1604, December 23. — Captain Areskey, notwithstanding all
the difficulties in his way, has undertaken to form — between this
and the first of March next precisely, new style — the company
of cavalry, 100 cuirassiers strong, in accordance with the
regulations of the Land, and the resolution placed in his
hands by the States, except that he insists on ponies such as
Cavalry Captain Hamilton had. And after said Areskey having
been told that he ought to content himself with the offer
made to him, without being opinionative to such a point
about the ponies, since the States make no levies of cavalry
but on the footing indicated, it was explained to him that,
since he will have his way, it will be counted sufficient if, on
the muster day of said company, there are more than thirty
qualified horse soldiers. As for ponies, no notice will be
taken of ten or twenty, but, in view of his exactingness, he
must heed this well, that the States also will be exact with
him, and, in respect of that, he is to bear in mind that he
shall have to form his company, according to the 'foresaid
resolution, placed in his hands, between this and the first of
March next, consisting of one hundred qualified, well-armed
cavalry cuirassiers, with well-trained horses, everything
according to the regulations of the Land. Or failing this,
said company shall not be accepted — to which the "foresaid
Ariskey has agreed. And in this matter the Recorder is
charged to communicate this transaction to his Ex y [Prince
Maurice], and request that his Ex y will be pleased to assign a
post to the said Ariskey, so as to form the said company, with
letters-patent or commission for that purpose.

December 29. — To write to the Province of the city and
surrounding country of Groningen, that they are to grant the
companies of Captains Norman Bruce and Selby, provisionally
placed as a share to their charge by the Council of State, their
settlement, and liquidation of their current pay.

January 4. — It was agreed that Esaias Chastelain shall be
reimbursed the sum of ^1663 16 s , advanced by him, with


consent of the States, to the Cavalry Captain Ariskey for the
support of his company of cavalry.

January 15. — As to the request of the Cavalry Captain Arch d
Areskey, praying for a subsidy for his company of cavalry,
still incomplete, he is apprised that the attention of the
petitioner was early directed to all the difficulties which would
beset him therein, and that more cannot be done for him in
that matter than has already been done.

January 19. — On the request of Baron Buccleuch and Cap-
tain Ariskin, praying that they may be allowed to increase the
companies of his Scottish regiment up to 150 men, their
regulation strength, consideration of the matter was postponed,
till the Provinces of the State shall have given their consent.

January 24. — At the request of Arch d Ariskin, it was
agreed that the Commissioner of the Treasury pay to the
petitioner the transport money of one hundred infantry at
eight guilders a head — and that on the bases of the resolution
— from the time that he arrived at Veere, but deducting what
he received at Veere, Dordrecht, here and elsewhere, in money,
forage, and victuals.

January 27. — To write to the States of Utrecht, and ask
to be informed by them whether they have given any sup-
plies to the cavalry company of Arch d Areskyn, and, if so,
to what extent. Item, What horses had he ? also, How is
the company equipped ?

February 5. — It is agreed that 1200 guilders be provided for
the time being for the Cavalry Captain Arch d Areskin towards
the maintenance of his company of cavalry till the last of this
month, according to the order made thereanent ; provided he
be told to have his company formed against the first of March
next, according to the resolution given him in writing. Or in
default the States shall report him.

May 7. — Agreed that the Cavalry Captain Arch d Areskin
shall, beyond the month's payment which was yesterday
accorded to his company, be by anticipation furnished (in
order that in the service of the Land he may take his com-
pany out of Utrecht, and bring them into the field), with the
sum of two thousand guilders, provided that the said sum be
deducted from him during the next four months.


January 25. — The Advocate of Holland reported that the
Baron of Buccleuch had complained to him that justice was
not done him against Captain Bruce, who killed his lieutenant
Captain Hamilton in a duel. In respect that the said Bruce is
suffered to walk about the streets here in the Hague, notwith-
standing that he had been summoned to the Council of War.
And praying for justice, to remove all sources of trouble before
going a-field.

Item. That he may have leave to increase his company,
beyond his present strength (of two hundred), to two hundred
and fifty men, at which he is always to hold the same complete.
Having consulted as to both the said points, it was resolved
respecting the first that the Council of War be earnestly
recommended to adjudicate on the death of the said Hamilton,
in order that all inconveniences and misunderstandings
among the troops of the Scottish nation may soon be re-

Regarding the second point, the States agreed that if, at
the muster of the company of the said Baron of Buccleuch,
there be found twenty or thirty qualified soldiers beyond the
authorised number on active service in the same company,
that these shall be passed in the muster and paid.

Claims of Sir William Balfour.
(April 15, 1605.)

Messieurs, — Quand nos subiectz nous prient de choses j ustes Diplomatic

il appartient a notre honneur de tenir la main a leur satisfaction. Corre ^°° d ~

. _ ence, 1603-

Cest pourquoy a Finstance de ce gentilhome Sire Guillaume 1608.

Balfour Chevalier, nfe serviteur domestique filz du feu colonnel
Balfour, mort en vfe service, Nous reiterons la requeste que
quelqu'an passe vous avions faicte en sa faveur, a fin que luy
faire payer quarante et deux mille florins, desquels vous estez
redevables a son diet pere, dont le droict et tiltre luy appartient.
Mais ces premieres lettres apporterent si peu de fruict que
force luy est vous importuner de rechef, et a nous le seconder de
nfe faveur, tant pour le respect que nous avons au gentil-
home, come pour la raison qu'a la chose en soy, ayant este
lesdictes lettres acquises au colounel defunct par ses longs et


signales services, et en fin par sa mort, laquelle vous avez raison
de rememorer et recognoistre envers son heritier. Ce que nous
esperons que vous ferez, voyant qu'avons et Paffaire a cceur et
]e gentilhome en estime, tant pour nous donner contentement
en sa satisfaction come pour luy oster Toccasion de penser a
d^ultres moyens. Escript a fire maison de Grenewich, le
quinsiesme jour d'Avril, Tan de nre regne de la grande
Bretaigne, France et Irlande le troisiesme.

Jaques R.

Messeigneurs, Messeigneurs les Estatz Gnaulx des Pro-
vinces Unies, — Remonstreen toute reverence et humilite le Sieur
Guillaume de Balfour, Chevalier etc., filz ayne de feu Collounel
Henry Balfour, Quil desirant ensuivre les traces de son feu Seig r
et pere, lequel a laisse sa vie en la defence de vf e j uste cause et
guerre, il a passe quelque huict mois accepte une compagnie au
regiment du Baron de Backlouch sous esperance de meilleur
advancement a la premiere occasion, Or, comme il lui con-
viendra quiter des tres belles conditions qu'il a pres de sa
M t6 son maistre, pour vacquer au present service. Supplie tres
humblement quil plaise a voz Seigneuries le recompenser par
le paiement de certaines obligations quil a pour le deu du
service de son Seig r et pere comme app* par les copies icy
joinctes veu quil est heritier et considere le quiter de la debte
et Ires de faveur de sa S te Ma te escrite a cest effect a voz S ies ,
Ensemble son bon zelle et affection vers Tadvancement de vfe
cause, et signamment qu'il passe soubs silence des aultres
obligations de ceulx de Bruges et pays de Francq, d 1 aultant
qu'elles sont a leur charges en particulier.

Copie 1.

Nous prelatz, nobles et deputes des villes, representants les
estats gnaulx des pays bas, presentement assembles en la ville
d'Anvers a tous ceulx qui ces presentes verront, salut. Comme
par descompte faict et arreste par le commissaire Charles
Longin, avecq le Sieur Christoffer Edmiston, cap ne d'une
compaignie de gens de pied soubz le Regiment du Coronel


Balfour, soit trouve que au cap ne soit defalque au descompt a
fire prouffict la somme de deux mHle livres, de quarante gros
monnaye de flandres la livre, a cause d'armes et munitions
livres au Regiment par Guill. Lindsay. Scavoir faisons que
pour asseurer le S r Guill. Lindsay de son deu et Tanimer a
continuer semblables services, Avons promis et asseure, pro-
mectons et asseurons par ceste de payer au d 1 Guill. Lindsay ou
au porteur de cestes lad. somme de deux mille livres, dicte
monnoye, endans six mois prochains de trois mois en trois mois
par esgalle portion a commencher avoir cours doiz (des ?) le
premier de ce pfit mois de Mars xv c soixante dix nef et de la
enavant, jusques a la parpaie de lad. somme, et ce par les
mains de fire Tresorier des guerres Thierry van der Beken,
present ou aultre advenir. Obligeans a cest effect nous et
chacun de nouz, nos personnes etbiensquelzconques meubles et
immeubles, pfns et advenir, les soubmectons a la coerction de
tous et quelzconques juges, tant ecclesiastiques que seculiers,
avecq renunciation de touttes exceptions et privileges, signam-
ment celle dictant que generalle nest d'aulcune valeur si
Tespecialle ne precede ; le tout sans aulcune fraulde ou
malenziez. Moyennant que la presente soit enregistree et
verifiee en fire chambre des aides. En tesmoia;nao;e de verite
avons faict cacheter cestes du cachet accoustume et faict signer
par un de noz secretaires.

Par ordonnance expresse desd 1 S rs Estats.


Faict a Anvers le xxiii e jour de mars xv c soixante dix neuf.

Copie II.

Nous Prelats Nobles et Deputez etc. . . . Comme par
descompte faict et arreste par le commissaire des moustres
Charles Longin avec les capitaines du Regiment du Colonnel
Balfour soit trouve que aud. capitaines soit defalcque aud.
descompte a fire proffict la somme de onze mil trois cent trente
quatre livres, de quarante groz monnoye de flandres la livre, a
cause d'armes et munitions livres aud. Regiment par led. S r
Balfour, Scavoir faisons, que pour asseurer led. S r Colonnel


Balfour de son d. deu et Tanimer a continuer sembles services,
Avons promis et asseure, promectons et asseurons par cestes de
payer aud. S r Balfour ou au porteur de cestes, lad. somme de
onse mil trois cens trente quatre livres dicte monnoye, endeans
an et demy prochain, et trois termes par esgalle portion, a
commencher avoir cours dois le premier de ce mois de Mars et
de la enavant jusques a la parpaye de lad. somme, et ce par les
mains de iire Tresorier de guerres Thierry van der Beken
present ou aultre advenir, etc., etc. Houfflin.

Faict en lad. ville d'Anvers le xxiii e de Mars xv c soixante dix
nef, etc.

Copie III.

Nous Prelatz, nobles et deputes etc. Comme par descompte
faict et arreste par le commissaire Charles Longin, avec le S r
Balfour, coronnel d^ng Regiment de gens de pied Escossois et
pour le restant du traictement de sa personne de sa com-
paignie coronnelle, soit trouve qu'aultre les prests, rabas et
payemens quaud. S r Coronnel avons faict depuis lu xviii e de
Novembre xv c lxxvii, jour de Tentree de son service, jusques le
dernier du mois de febvrier dernier passe jour dud. descompte
luy serions demeurez redebuables la somme de dix huict mille
deux cens x cl £ xv s, de quarante gros monnaye de flandres la
livre. Scavoir faisons que pour donner aud. S r Coronnel tout
contentement possible endroict le payement de lad. somme et
affin de Tanimer de tant plus de continuer vertueusement en
iire service, Avons promis et asseure, promectons et asseurons
par cestes, payer aud. S r Coronnel Balfour, ou au porteur de
cestes lad. somme de xviii™ ii c iiii xx xi £xv s dicte monnaye,
endeans an et demy prochain venant etc., etc. Houfflin.

November 22. — On information received that in Scotland two
regiments of servants 1 are being raised for the enemy, it is
resolved that this be made known to the Admiral of the fleet
before Dunkirk ; charging him to keep a look out for them
and in case he should capture any English or Scots, who are

1 The word Knechten = serva.7its may be short for Lanzknechts = /a«^w, or it
may just mean serving-men.


being conveyed to the enemy, to see that they are thrown

1606, January 3. — At the request of Colonel Edmond, it
was agreed that a Commissary of musters [or muster master]
be sent to Rotterdam to inspect the new Scots arrived there,
brought over by Lieutenant William Martin, and make them
delay for some days, to see if in the interim the forty Scots
whom he still expects arrive ; so that, thereafter, having heard
the report of the said Commissary, it may after be resolved
whether one company shall be made up out of them or not.

1606, January 6. — Resolved to write to the Commissioners
of the Councils of Holland, that seeing the States have resolved
to keep the said Scots in their service, their lordships shall be
pleased to arrange with the Magistracy of Rotterdam to
accommodate and put them up in their city for a certain short
time. That the States have issued an order by which a loan
is granted them for fourteen days, and that further orders will
immediately be issued that the same be continued ; so that on
that account they need furnish no more victuals to the said
soldiers. It was further resolved that Lieutenant Martin, who
brought the said Scots over from Scotland, if he should succeed
in forming a company of new Scots, fresh from Scotland,
within a month or six weeks, capable and qualified soldiers, to
the number of 150 heads, will have a commission over them
granted to him ; otherwise the foresaid soldiers shall be
reduced, that, in the interim, order shall be taken that the
same be supported by a loan, that is to say with a dollar each
soldier (officers included).

February 27. — It was found desirable to charge the first
[muster] commissary to betake himself to Rotterdam, and
review the company of Scots arrived there from Calais, raised
in Scotland, for the service of the enemy, and see whether the
soldiers are suitable for the service of the Land, and provide
them with three days 1 provisions.

April 28. — On the request of John Balfour, brother of Baron
Balfour of Burley, praying to be allowed to form a company
of Scottish infantry for the service of the Land, it was resolved
that, a considerable number of recruits being still expected
from Scotland, the request of the petitioner in the meantime
lie over.




Captain Er shine's Company.

The Magistracy of Zwolle to the Council of State.
(May 21, 1606.)

My Lords, — We cannot withhold from you how having, by
order of his Excellency, last autumn received the cavalry com-
pany of Captain Arskin, we could at first supply them only
very badly with lodgings, they being people of a foreign
nation, and also in appearance completely impoverished and
sickly. Besides that, we were already provided with other com-
panies, both mounted and on foot, hence all hesitated to lodge
the said cavalry. However, by persuasion and encouragement,
we at length prevailed on our burgesses to receive them. Now
it so happened that the said captain left this place shortly
after his arrival, and owing to indisposition or other hindrances
has not yet returned. On account of which said cavalry, dur-
ing the time they have been here in garrison, have received
very little money, and therefore would have had no means of
support for themselves and their horses, had not the burghers
with whom they lodged commiserated them and assisted them
with victuals, oats, hay, and other necessaries, in the full
expectation that from time to time the captain would come
with pay or send the money.

While upwards of ten to twelve hundred thalers have in
this way now been spent on the cavalry, and the burghers are
expecting that these troops may soon receive orders to march
to the field, we have had earnest representations and entreaties
from said burghers to aid them in obtaining payment for their
outlays, otherwise they expressly declare that when the orders
arrive, and the troopers proceed to remove their horses from
the stalls, they intend to retain them in lieu of payment ;
therefore we cannot refrain from, in the most friendly manner,
making request to your lordships that the money for the pay
of said company, to be drawn by the said captain, be with-
held for behoof of our burghers. Otherwise it will be im-
possible to prevent the said burghers from retaining the horses,
as security, till they receive payment; because they are, for
the most part, people with very limited means, to whom any
loss is a serious matter. And though in this matter we trust


entirely to your lordships, we desire, nevertheless, that you
may be pleased to send in return to us by the bearer of this,
our express messenger, a small rescript. — Herewith, etc., your
lordships good friends,

the Burgomasters, Aldermen, and Council
of the Town of Zwolle.

September 12. — Received a letter, of date 7 September, from Resolutions
his Excellency, wherein his Excellency requests that the States G ene rai S i606
would be graciously pleased to have Lieutenant-Colonel William
Brogge in favourable recommendation, before any other, for
the colonelcy of the regiment of the late Edmond. After
consultation, the reply was ordered to be sent, that so far as
his Excellency considers it proper to grant the regiment to the
foresaid Lieutenant-Colonel Brogge, in which the same has
served as lieutenant, the States agree thereto, provided no other
officers be appointed over the regiment, so long as it is
doubtful whether, after the month of September, the burdens
of war will be so heavy.

1607. January 27. — In regard to his long and faithful
services, Colonel Brogh is granted a salary of four hundred
guilders a month, as Colonel Edmond likewise formerly had.

February 23. — At the request of Captain Henry Bruce, pray-
ing for full payment and recompense for his past services, it was
determined and declared that the States-General, considering
their situation of affairs, have treated the petitioner as favour-
ably as anybody else, of whatever nation, in the service of the
Land, that he will therefore, for a change, have to content
himself for the present.

March 19. — Two petitions were read from the widow of
Andrew Macrevaels, in life cadet in the company of Captain
James Blair, and from the widow of Captain Robert Barkly, also
cadet of the said company, praying respectively for payment,
the one of one hundred, the other of eighty guilders, for
services rendered to the Land by their said late husbands, under
the said Captain Blair, but an understanding was come to
that, on account of their being likely to form a precedent,
these payments cannot be entertained.

April 11. — On a request of the relict and orphans of


Captain Robert Barkly, Scotsman, it was ordered to place the
same in the hands of the Clerk of the Treasury, to discover
how long petitioner's husband had served, and what balance is
due to him. Item. What has been paid to the same, or to
the petitioner, by the Receiver-General, or by the Receiver
of Holland, and, otherwise, how widows in like circumstances
have been treated ?

Prince Maurice to the Council of State.

Letters and Noble, honourable, very wise and discreet, our specially

Requests sent GOOD FRIENDS) — My Lords, — Captain Francis Henderson has
of State. complained to us, that you object to permit the arrears of his

pay, to which he is entitled, to be sent after him, which are
due to him as having served as sergeant-major in the regi-
ment of Colonel Buccleuch, during a period referred to in the
accompanying remonstrance ; as to which he beseeches us to
speak a word in his favour to your lordships, in order that he
may have it granted him. And because we well know that he
has filled the said office from June 1604 till now; though
Captain Halket filled the same post about four months during
his absence, and there is now Captain Forbes, who replaced
him. Therefore in all friendship we request your Honours, by
these presents, to issue an order that he be paid for his past
services. — Your lordships 1 obedient friend,

(S d ) Maurice de Nassau.

The Hague, the last day of March 1607.

To the Council of State.

My Lords, — Thomas Marchbank, ensign in the company
of the late Commander Edmonds, and afterwards of Colonel
Brough, has informed us, and shown by petition, in the name
of George Ramsay, lieutenant of the same company, and in
his own name, that although they had served long years in the
said company, and had been garrisoned with them on several
occasions in our City, and had held their soldiers in such good
order, discipline, and quietness, that they had not only been
thanked by their late commander and the soldiers themselves,
but even by the whole community here. That in spite of all


this, it pleased their present colonel and captain, Brough, to
shift them from their respective posts without, be it noted,
having any reason for doing so, and in revenge at the soldiers
having demanded their arrears from the widow Edmonds,
deeming that they were the instigators, though that had not
been shown, and the charge had been withdrawn. And since,
as they said, we were acquainted with their good conduct
while garrisoned in Utrecht ; and further with their faithful
services, which should be taken into consideration, in the battle
of Flanders, the sieges of Ostend, Rynberck, and elsewhere,
they therefore besought us most humbly to grant them a
declaration or prescript to lay before your lordships, regarding
their conduct and behaviour in Utrecht, in order that they
may thereby promote their interests with you, in complaining
of the matter aforesaid. That we could not refuse them ; and
we hereby declare, that the said company remained several
years consecutively in garrison within our town ; that the
foresaid officers kept the company in such good discipline,
and the soldiers conducted themselves so modestly and politely
in their intercourse with the burgers, that we and the general
community derived much pleasure from their conduct, which is
the reason why we address your lordships. Praying Almighty
God to have you in His holy keeping, Your honours' 1 obedient

Sheriff, Burgomaster, and Aldermen
of the Town of Utrecht.
Written at Utrecht, the 25 April 1607.


James R.

Trusty and welbeloved, wee greet you well. A subiect
of owers, called George Ramsey, Lieutenaunt to Collonell
Edmonds, is now a suiteur to the States Gen 1 to be releived
w tb some pension or other advancement in regard of his long
services and infirmities contracted in their service. And hath
had reason to alleage unto them for his suite having spent
many yeares in their service ; had two brothers slayne there,
and lastly weakness happened to himself, wherew th though we
doubt not but they wil be moved to have consideracon of him,


yet because he is one of whorae we have heard well and doe

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