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Palatine on the other, an auxiliary force of British troops
was sent to the aid of the Protestant claimants. Two English
and one Scots regiment were made up from the British troops
serving in Holland, and in the case of the Scots, nine com-
panies were taken from the two regiments, Sir Robert Hender-
son of Buccleuch's regiment acting as Colonel, Caddell of
Brog's regiment as Lieut. -Colonel, and Sir William Balfour as
Sergeant-Major. The command of the whole was given to
Sir Edward Cecil (Lord Wimbledon), 1 and the force distin-
guished itself in the siege and reduction of Juliers (Gulick).
In a narrative of the siege by an eyewitness, 2 the writer states
that on the 15th August

1 this day ere night the enemy threw fireworks into General
Cecil's Main Batteries, which burnt long and did much harm
before the same could be quenched : the enemy maintaining the
same with cannon and musket the most part of the night : but
Sir Robert Henderson, Colonel of the Scots, had the Guard that
night, who shewed great judgment both to quench it and to
hinder the enemy from attempting it any more, who shot wild fire
and granadoes most part of the night.'

Juliers was surrendered on 1st September. The reputation
already gained in the service of the States is well illustrated by

1 See Dalton's Life and Times of General Sir Edward Cecil, Viscount
Wimbledon, List of Officers, State Papers, Holland, 1610.

2 Weymouth's account of the Siege of Gulick, Royal mss. (Dalton's


an anecdote with which Lord Wimbledon commenced his little
' Treatise upon Cavalry.' * Henry iv. of France, whensoever any
of the Princes, Nobilitie, or Gentry desired to kiss his hand,
would tell them they should have been much more welcome to
him if they had seen the face of the Prince of Orange,
meaning the wars by it. 1

The instructions given in January 1615 to Sir Dudley
Carleton, on his being sent as Ambassador to the Hague, con-
tained a special clause relating to the English and Scottish
troops in Dutch pay. ' And because we have of our subjects
in the service of the States upon the point of 200 companies
we cannot but be sensible of their good, and therefore recom-
mend them to your care and protection to assist them with
your countenance in all their lawful causes and pursuits, and
by your power to defend them from injuries and wrongful
oppression.'' 1 The English companies which had hitherto
formed the garrisons of the cautionary towns were in 1616
erected into an additional regiment, thus making the British
infantry in the Dutch service consist of two Scots and four
English regiments.

The Ambassador's correspondence contains several references
to the Scots in foreign service. At one time he conveys the
apprehensions of the States that the Earl of Argyle is going
to take service with the Spaniards ; 2 at another Sir Robert
Henderson cautions him in regard to a deserted soldier of his
company, who has become a ' meddler with Jesuits ; 3 and again

1 On July 7th, 1617, Carleton mentions having sent a despatch to His Majesty
by Colonel Brogue, and on Feb. 4th, 161 7-8 acknowledges having received one
from Secretary Lake by Sir William Balfour.

2 1618. Nov. 3rd. — Carleton states that S. Horace Vere reported that the
States am rs came to him ' to acquaint him that the States were advertised from
Brussels, that the Earl of Argyle having there settled himself and his lady in
their return from Spa this last summer, seeks the command of a regiment of the
king's subjects in the service of the Spaniard, which as it would turn much to
their prejudice by debauching with the English and Scots soldiers, who are ever
ready upon such new occasions to run to the enemy, they beseech his Majesty not
to give any to it' 'Such would prove like that of the Irish, a nursery of dis-
affected persons.'

3 1619, May 15th, Sir Robert Henderson to Sir D. Carleton. — 'Concerning
William Gordon who had been of his company, but had left it above two years
and took away with him 2000 guilders, he married Straghan, a burgomaster's


the ambassador himself sends a cautious report upon Captain
Henry Bruce, who has just returned from the service of the
Emperor. 1 That the Scottish troops were a powerful support
to the House of Orange in the struggle between Prince Maurice
and the Calvinists, and John van Olden Barneveld and the
Arminian party is also indicated by an experience of Colonel
Henderson's reported by Sir Dudley Carleton on June 18th, 1619.

' At Horn Schonoven and some other towns of Holland, the
Arminians in considerable numbers have had these last Sundays
past their meetings and preachings with public profession so to
continue, though it be with hazard of life and goods : and at
Alcmaer on Sunday last, an assembly of them being gathered to-
gether in a wood adjoining to the town and Colonel Hynderson
(who doth there command over the extraordinary troops sent
thither expressly to suppress these tumults) going thither to
accompany the states deputies who went to forbid the meeting,
was assailed by the people with their knives, not without some
danger to himself and the deputies, until a troop of soldiers came
up, by whom they were beaten away, but without blood.'

daughter, and left his wife miserably, so that it was not to be expected he would
come into these parts. That he was a debauched Papist and a meddler with

1 1620. April 15th. Carleton to Secretary Naunton. — ' Here is arrived some
few days since from Vienna a Scottish man of good place and reputation in the
Emperor's wars [Capt. Henry Bruce] who hath presented himself unto me, and
desired me to make known on his behalf to his Majesty that he hath voluntarily
retired himself with good leave of the Emperor, because he would not bear arms
against his Majesty's son-in-law. He hath served the Emperor formerly when
he was Duke of Gratz, in his wars against the Venetians when they lay before
Sardinia, and was now lately governor of Nidarburg in the confines of Austria
and Moravia, whereof the town being taken from him by surprise by the Count de
la Torre, though he rendered the castle by composition, it is thought his coming
away is not altogether voluntary. He was once in service of this State and well
esteemed of, but here he will be no more trusted, for he is a hot Papist, and
Parsons, the English Jesuit's books are his chief study. From hence he intends
to go directly into Scotland as soon as he can receive certain monies at Amster-
dam, which he hath exchanged to a good sum from Vienna, as that which he saith
he hath profited in the wars. Now, whether he comes as he pretends out of the
zeal of a good subject, or (as is suspected among his fellow-soldiers) upon dis-
grace, or (as may be doubted of one who changeth his religion in his old days)
employed by Jesuits, whose convert I hear he is, I humbly refer to His Majesty's
judgment. So it is, that I find him a person of that consideration that deserves
his Majesty's care what becomes of him.' (He went direct to England.)


The Twelve Years 1 Truce, which should have expired on the
9th of April 1621, was by the mediation of the British and
French Ambassadors prolonged to the 3rd of August, and it
was thought that if the Arch-Duke Albert had lived longer, it
would have been converted into a permanent peace. He died
on July 13th, and Prince Maurice, now by the death of his
elder brother the head of the House of Orange, was anxious
for fresh triumphs in the field.




STATES OF WAR (1610-1618).


compy pay

70 men £472



Wisschardt, .

Col. Backlouch,
Col. Brogh,
Cap n Robert Hen-
derson, . 100 „ 1417
[Here follow a number of
English names.


Caddel, . 70

Oliuver Wodney, ,,

Mackinge, . „

W=» Coutis, 1 . „




Henry Balfour,
Thomas Arskyn,
Francois Hender-

Wil m Douglas,
W m Balfour,
W m Hutson, .
George Bodwell,
John Halket, .
Mongo Hamilton,
David Balfour,




Thomas Ewingh, sergeant-major of the Regimeut of Brogh, . £80
Andrew Hunterus, clergyman of the Scots, 2 . . £33, s. 6. 3d.

The Prince of Scotland, £5'" yearly,
The children of Cap u John Nysbeth, yearly,
Widow of C n John Balfour, ....
The children of Cap" Waddel, viz. Archibald, John and

W m . each yearly, .....
Mrs. Margaret Stuart, widow of the Agent d' Amman,
W" Murray of Pickeries, on the life of John, Agnete,

Elizabeth, and Margarete, his children, each ^

part, ......

Elisabeth Crighton, widow of the C n Dallachy, the half for

herself and the other half for John and Catherine

Dallachy, each £100, ....

Elisabeth Forbes, widow of Cap 11 Willem van Nysbeth,

the one half at her death [the other half], to W m .

Arthur, and Margareta Nysbet, each ^ part, yearly

Probably a mistake for Allan Coutts.

Rev. Andrew Hunter. See representations by, pp. 245 and 294.

£4 ,r xvi s.13 d.4










The children of Cap n Prop, Jan and Janneken Prop,
each the half, .....

Mrs. Anna Kirpatricx, widow of Cap n Strachan,

The children of C n James Egger, named Niclaes and
Margareta, each one half, ....

Mrs. Suana 11 Splithoff, widow of Cap n Kilpatricx, the
one half till her death and the other half during
the lifetime of her children — Jan, Maria, and
Helena Kilpatricx, ....

Prudentia Laurens, daughter of the Cavalry Captain
Louys Laurent, .....

Anna van Dyck, widow of C n Blair,

Joost Blair, ......

Zeeland. Infantry

[After several English names


men monthly pay

Caps Walter Bruce, 70 £1050

,, George Homes, ,, „

„ Mombry, „ „

Bart. Balfour, yearly, £1000
The widow of Col. Morgan, 600

Utrecht. Infantry








C n Hamilton,
Setton, . ,, ,,

W m . Martin, 1 . „ ,,

The widow of James Blaire,

yearly £400
Andrew Renton, „ 150


Rendered in August

Gelderland. Foot


70 men

Hollandt. Foot

Col. Brogh, .

150 men £2014

Henry Balfour, . 70 ii

R l Henderson,

150 „


Thos. Arskyn, . ,,

Caddel, .

70 „


H. Levingston, . ,,

Geo. Ramsey, 2 .



Francois Henderson, ,,




Schot [Robert], „

Allane Coutis,



W m Douglas, „



1 See p. 203.

2 George Ramsay succeeded Captain Udny on 23rd October 1610, having
been recommended as lieutenant in 1607 and 1609 (pp. 207 and 240). He was
dead before 14th April 1615, when he was succeeded by John Kininmond. His
widow and children were recommended by Breda in 1616 (p. 283). See also
request by his widow, 24th May 1632.


Mongo Hamilton, 70 men £1059
Davidt Balfour, . ,, ,,

D. Lindesay, 1 . ,, ,,

12 10


16 13 4


4 3 4




4 3 4

W m Balfour, . 70 men £1059

W m Hudson, . „ „

Geo. Bodwel, . „ ,,

Jan Halket, „ „

Col. Brogh for his person, ..... £400

Wardens and Quartermasters
Thos. Ewing, S fc major of Brogh, . . . 80

Robert Mesterton q r m r of Col. Brogh, . . . 50

Officers of Justice
Willem Carcadie, Provost Marshal of Brogh, . . 50

Andreas Hunterus, Minister of the Scots, . . . 33 6 8

The son of Cap n Penthon [Renton],
The children of Cap" Jan Nysbeth,
Widow cap n Jan Balfour,

„ „ W m Hendrick,
Pieter Michiel, .

Gracious Pensions
Widow Kirpatrick to enable her to keep little son at school for

6 years, ...... £50

Pensions for settlement of accounts and previous services

The children of cap. Waddel, Archibald, Jan, and Willem 200 each, £600
Maria Rig, Widow Cap n Melvil, on the lives of Jacques, Davidt,

Janneken, Tanneken and Hester, 80 each, . . . 400
Guilliaume Murray of Pickeries on the lifes of Jan, Elisabeth and

Margaretha, his children, each one third, . . . 300

Jan and Catharina Dalachy, children of cap n Dalachy, . . 200

Elisabeth Forbes, widow cap" VV m Nysbeth, etc., . . . 400

Mistress Anna van Duvenvoorde, widow Col. Cuningham, etc., . 300

The children of cap. Prop, Jan and Janneken, . . . 200

Mistrees Anna Kirpatrick, widow cap. Strachan, . . . 200

The children of Cap. James Egger, Niclaes and Margaretha, . 175
Guiliam Sudeman cap" on his life and on that of Maria van Eyck

his wife, or on the longest living, .... 100

widow L l Penbrouck, ...... 100

Zealand. Foot

Brouwnfielt, 70 men £1059

Walter Bruce, 70 men £1059

George Homes, . „ ,,

Moubray, . „ „

Jhon Hamilton,

1 David Lindsay had succeeded to the company of Lord Buccleuch, having
taken the oath on 6th April 1612. He died before 12th February 1620.

1617] STATES OF WAR 229


Col. Robert Henderson, .

. £300.

Forbes, S* Major,


Blaire, q r m r ,


Michiel Henderson Pr. M.

, . 50


Col. Balfour 1000 yearly,

Utrecht. Foot


70 men

Vriesland. Foot

Arthur Forbes,


Groningen. Foot

Norman Bruce,



. £83 6 8



The list of officers (under Guelderland and Holland) is similar, and
under Guelderland occurs ' Pension — Juff : Anna van Lieven, wid w
van Cap 11 Arthur Stuart (yearly), £75.'

Holland. Cavalry

monthly pay

Robert Ixvin, 1 ... 70 £2457

W m Balfour, 2 . 2067

Gelderland. Foot
Donaldson, . 70 men . . £1059


Col. Brogh, . 150 men . £2014

Col. Henderson, 150 . 2014

Thos. Edmoudt, 3 70 . 1059

John Kennimondt, 4 ,, . ,,

Holland. Foot

Jacques Sandilants, 5 70 men £1059


Allane Coutis, ,, ,,

1 Robert Irvine. 2 See p. 69.

3 Son of Colonel Sir William Edmond (p. 54) ; received commission January
16th, 1617 in succession to Lieutenant-Colonel Caddel. Succeeded by William
Drummond on nth August 1625, on becoming a captain of cavalry. Report as
to his company of cavalry, 162S.

4 John Kininmond succeeded George Ramsay on 5th April 161 5, and died
before 2nd December 1630, when he was succeeded by John Bellenden.

5 Sir James Sandilands, commissoned 16th November 1618, in succession
to Captain Mackenzie, sergeant-major in same regiment (Colonel Brog's),
26th October 1627. Lieutenant-colonel, 4th May 163 1. Colonel in succession
to Sir William Brog, 13th March 1636. Dead before 8th March 1639, when
succeeded by Colonel James Erskine. Was succeeded in command of his
company by his lieutenant, Thomas Livingstone.




Robert Coutis, 1 . 70 men . £1059

W m Hudson,

. 70

men .

Thos. Arskyn, „ . ,,

James Henderson, 4


H. Levingston, . ,, „

[Geo. Bodnel], .

Francois Henderson, ,, . ,,

Jhon Hacket, . 70

men .

Robert Schot, . ,, • ,,

Mongo Hamilton,


James Lindesey, 2 „ . ,,

David Balfour, .


W m Orrock, 3 . „ . „

John Murray, 5 .


[W m Balfour], .

[David Lindesay] 1 ,

Pay on


Col. Brogh, for his person, .


Allane Coutes, Lt-Col.,


Col. Henderson,


Francois Henderson, LMDol.,


Hacquet, s 1, major, .


Blaire, q r m r ,


Michel Henderson, 6 Provost m.,




Wardens and Quartermasters
W m Drommond, 7 ....

[Thos. Ewingjs* major Reg 1 Brogh,
Robert Mesterton, q r m r ,



1 Robert Coutts succeeded Sir Henry Balfour, 9th August 1615, and was
succeeded by William Drummond, 7th December 1621. Referred to as 'the late
Captain Coutts ' in 1628.

2 James Lindsay, commissioned 31st March 1615. Married Isabella Mow-
bray, divorced wife of Captain R. Scott, in 1627. Succeeded by John
Henderson, 22nd September 1629.

3 William Orrock took oath as captain in succession to Sir William Balfour,
November 23rd, 1618. Served at Cleve, 1622. Deceased before 24th October
1631, when succeeded by John Kirkpatrick.

4 James Henderson took oath on 4th November 161 8, in succession to Captain
Bothwell. Sergeant-major, 13th February 1633. Lieutenant-colonel, 20th July
1634. Was dead before 7th July 1638. Douglas mentions Sir James, a younger
son of James Henderson of Fordell, along with his brother, Sir Robert (p. 60)
as 'both colonels in Danish, Swedish, and French wars.' On 6th July 1638
the States-General specially commissioned two representatives to attend the
funeral of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Henderson, who had lost his life in the
active service of the State.

5 John Murray took oath on 12th February 1620, in succession to D. Lindsay.
Captain Murray died before 12th March 1621.

6 Michael Henderson.

7 William Drummond, commissioned as captain in succession to Robert
Coutts, 7th December 1621. Sergeant-major, 1617. Killed at Groll, and
succeeded by Walter Murray, 29th September 1627. He was a son of
Alexander Drummond of Meadop, second son of Alexander Drummond of
Carnock, and thus a cousin of Colonel Bartholomew Balfour. — Genealogy of the















1617] STATES OF WAR 231

Officers of Justice
Willem Carcadie, Provost Marshal, Reg* Brogh, . . £50

Andreas Hunterus, minister, . . . . . 33 6 8

[The children of Capn Jan Nysbeth], .
Janneken, the daughter of Cap n Jan. Nysbett,
Widow, Cap" W m Hendricon, .
Pieter Michiels, ....

Gracious Pensions
[Widow Kilpatrick to keep her little boy at school for 2 years
more, £50 ; this expired in Feb. 1618].

Pensions for settlement of accounts and previous services
Cap n W m Balfour, for his life, ..... £600

Maria Righ, widow Cap n Melvil, on the lifes of Jacques, David

Janneken, Tanneken and Hester, each 80, . . . 400

Guillaume Murray of Pickeries, on the lifes of Jan, Elisabeth,

[Margrieta] his children, one [third] half, . . . 200

Jan and Catharina Dalachy, children of Cap n Dalachy, deceased,

[300] each 100, ..... [300] 200

The children of Cap u Wm Nysbeth, deceased : [William], Arthur

and Margrieta Nysbeth, [200] each one [third] half, . [200] 133, 6 8
Mistress Anna van Duvenvoorde, widow Col. Cuningam, on the
lifes of mistress Magriet van Duvenvoorde, the wife of Cap n
of Horse Wisschaert, and Elisabeth Cuningham, . . 300

The children of Cap a Prop, Jan and Janneken Prop, one half each, 200
Mistress Anna Kilpatrick, widow Cap n Strachan, on her life, . 200
The children of James Egger, Niclaes and Margrieta, each half, 175

Guilliaume Suderman 100 on his life [or on that of Maria von

Eyck his wife, or the longest living], . . . 100

Widow, Lieutenant Penbrouck, on the lives of Thos., Jan, Jan-
neken, Willemke, Henry, and Richard Penbrouck , each one 6th, .
The children of Cap" Kilpatrick, Jan, Maria, and Helena Kil-
patrick, ....... 25

Joost Blaire, ....... 50

Zeeland. Foot

Walter Bruce, . 70 men . . £1059

Geo. Homes, . „ . . „

Brouwnfielt, . „ . . „


Col. Balfour, £1000 yearly on his life, . . . £83 6 8

Utrecht. Foot
Marioribankes, 1 . 120 men . . £1655

Sitton, . • . ,, „

1 Thomas Marjoribanks took oath upon a commission in succession to Captain
Hamilton on l6th January 1620. Dead by 4th September 1636.




Groningen and Ommelanden. Foot
George Coutis, 1 . 120 men . . £1655

Philip Balfour/ . „ ,,

Vriesland. Foot
Archibald Bethone, 3 120 men . . £1655

[Names within brackets erased in original : those in italics are additions].



monthly pay




Col. Brogh,
„ Henderson, „

[Here come 43 English
John Kennimont, 70
Mackinge, . „

Allane Coutis, . „
Robert Coutis, . „
Thomas Edmond, „
Thomas Arskyn, ,,
Tractementen op Holland. Salaries
Colonnel Brogh voor sijn persoon,
Colonel Henderson, .
Franchois Henderson, U- C 1 , .
Hacquet, Sergeant Major,
Blaire, quartiermeester,
Michiel Henderson, provost, .

Officieren van Justitie
William Carcadie, provoost van Col. Brogh, . . . £50

Andreas Hunter us, Predicant van de Schotten, . £33, s. 6 d.3

1 George Coutts received his commission in succession to Norman Bruce on
8th July 1615 (letter from Groningen, 19th June 1615). Was at Rees in
1622, became sergeant-major, Earl of Buccleuch's regiment, 30th December
1628. Lieutenant-colonel, 17th July 1629. Seems to have died in 1638, when
Philip Balfour was promoted to be lieutenant-colonel.

2 Sir Philip Balfour, eldest son of Colonel Bartholomew Balfour (see p. 48),
took oath on 2nd June 1621, became sergeant-major of Earl of Buccleuch's
regiment before Bois-le-Duc on 7th July 1629. Lieutenant-colonel, 7th March
1639. Became colonel of same regiment in succession to Lord Almond, 5th
November 1640. Retired before 19th May 1646, when he was succeeded by
Sir William Drummond. See petitions by, in 1631 and 1639.

3 Archibald Bethune seems to have succeeded Arthur Forbes in 1614.
* This list is given in Dutch.


monthly pay




Franchois Hender-




Robert Schot, .



James Lindesay,



William Balfour,



William Hudson,



George Bodwell,



John Hacket, .



Mongo Hamilton,



David Balfour,



David Lindesay,



id only by Holland









amen £566

1 620] STATES OF WAR 233


De Zoone van Cap n Renton, .... £12, s.10

Kinderen van Cap n John Nysbeth, . . . £16, s.lOd.4

Weduwe Cap n John Balfour, . . . £4, s.3. 4d.

Gratieuse pensioenen tot nu toe betaelt ten comptoire van den
Ontfanger-generael [pensions given out of grace, hitherto
paid out by the Receiver General].

De weduwe van Kilpatricx om haer soontgen ter schoole te
houden, noch voor den tyt van 2 jaren. 's jaers [the
widow of Kilpatrick, to keep her son at school for 2
years more], ...... £50

Pensioenen spruytende uyt saecke van affrekeningen ende
voorgaende diensten [pensions originating in matters of
accounting and for service rendered].

De Kinderen van Cap n Waddel, als Archibald, Jan, ende

Willem Waddel, elck £200, .... 600

Cap* W m Balfour, ...... 600

Guillaume Murray van Pickeries, ten lyve van Jan, Elisa-
beth ende Margrieta zijn Kinderen, elx een derde part
[in lifetime of J., E., and M. his children each +], . 300

Jan ende Catharina Dallachy, kinderen van Cap n Dallachy,

elcx£l00, 200

De kinderen van wijlen [children of the late] O Willem
Nysbeth, als Willem, Arthur ende Margrieta Nysbeth,
elcx een vierde part [j part], .... 200

Joffe Anna van Duvenvoord, weduwe van den Col. Cuningam, yearly
ten lijve van Jouff [in the life of Mrs.] Margriet van
Duyvenvoorde, huysvr [wife] van den Ritmeester
Wisschart, ende Elisabeth Cuningham, elcx de helft
[each|], ...... £300

De kinderen van Cap u Prop, Jan ende Janneken Prop, elcx

de helft, ....... 200

Joffr. Anna Kilpatricx, weduwe van Cap n Strachan, . 200

John Barckley, . . . . . .150

De kinderen van Cap" James Egger, genaemt Nicolaes

ende Margrieta, elcx de helft, .... 125

Joff r Maria de Lion, wed e van Cap" Henry Balfour, . 75

De kinderen van Cap" Kilpatrick, als Jan, Maria, ende

Helena Kilpatrick, ..... 25

Holland. Cavalry

men monthly

Robbert Wrving [?] . . . . .70 £2457

W m Balfour, . . . . .70 2064

[The rest are the same as the previous year.]



REQUESTS, 1609-1611.

Letters of King James.
(Rec. May 30, 1609.)

Diplomatic Messieurs et, — L'estat de voz affaires estant a

ence^ 01 ! 1 d P r ^ sen t tel que vous nVn avez plus besom de grande partie des
1609-12. gens de guerre que vous entreteniez auparavant et entretenez

encore, tellement qu'il vous sera necessaire de congedier
beaucoup d'iceulx. Et d'aultant qu'il y a plusieurs de noz
sujectz de ce mestier la en voz services, qui, n'estantz pas
employez en vostre service voudroient volontiers chercher leur
fortune ailleurs. Nous prions que par vostre authorite il soit
permis a quiconque des nostres qui voudroit faire levee de

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