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telles gens en ce pais la, de les enlever et transporter ou bon
luy semblera, sans vostre empeschement ou destourbier
quelconque. Et prions Dieu, Messieurs et Comperes vous
tenie tousfours en sa sainte et diffne garde. — Vostre bien Bon
Amy et Compere. Jaques R.

Escript a nostre Palais de Westminstre, le ix. jour de
May 1609.

(Datum, April 17. Recep. May 19, 1609.)

Messieurs, — Ayantz entendu de par noz Ambassadeurs
que la conclusion s^st faicte de la trefve entre vous le Roy
d'Espagne et les Archiducqs nous avons voulu aussy tost vous
fre cognoistre combien nous en sommes contentz d'autant que
croyons qu'en un tel subiect mieux ne se pouvoit fre et qu'en


Tissue d'icelle comme aussy en la conduite chez le commen-
cement vous avez trouve par effects de quelle sincerite nous
nous sommes portes envers Fasseurance et prosperite de vos
affaires. Orez estant par cest accord vre estat en termes
d'estre estably comme vous vous asseurerez que nous ferons
tousiours tous les offices d'un voysin amy et confedere, aussy
pour le present se nous offrent deux considerations lesquelles
vous recomandons a bon escient. L'une que puisque vous
estez asseurez de repos avec ceux contre qui vous avez eu si
longue contestation vous vueillez purveoir a la continuation
d\ine bonne et parfaicte union entre vous mesmes. Ce qui
touche si avant a vre propre salut et seurete que ne doubtons
point que vre prudence dMieure a autre ne le vous represente.
LTautre est telle quappartient non moins a nre sollicitude et
prevoyance qu'a vre reputation. Cest que puisqua cause de
ceste trefve il est a penser que ne vueilliez charger vre Estat
de si grande nombre de gens de guerre que par cy-devant vous
avez entretenu, en la diminution que vous en ferez vous
vueilliez principalement avoir esgard a la retention et re-
muneration de nos subiectz par le long et fidele service
desquelz comme aussy au prix de leur sang, il ne se peult nier
que plusieurs de voz victoires n'ayent este gaignees. Envers
lesquelles si vous monstrez maintenant gratitude et recognois-
sance, il sera a vre honneur vers tous, et a ceste nation, grande
occasion de continuer la bienveillance et affection a vre Estat.
Quant a noz Ambassadeurs ayantz acheve Toeuvre pour
laquelle ilz y ont este envoyez et en laquelle ils ont travaille si
longuement oultre le seiour qua faict le Sieur Winwood par
tant d'annees Nous les avons ordonne de revenir Tun et Tautre
et ne doubtons nullement qu'ayant laisse chez vous si bonnes
marques de leur prudhomie et affection en ce qui leur appar-
tenoit en ceste coniunction vous vueilliez aussy avoir pour
agreable le retour comme nous avons faict celuy de vre Ministre
fidele le Sieur Carron qui s^n est alle vers vous. — Vre bien
bon amy, Jaques R.

De nre palais de Westminstre, le xvii. iour d'Avril 1609.




From the Governor of Breda to the Council of State.
(August 8, 1609.)

My Lords, — Although I have several times admonished
and commanded the lieutenants of Captains Forbes l and
Scott 2 before their departure to satisfy and pay divers burghers
of the town of Breda, who were out of pocket both to the
said captains and also to their officers and soldiers. For
example, Captain Forbes owes the sum of 300gl. 5s. 2d., and
Captain Scott the sum of 45gl. 19s. 2d., which you may
see from the documents hereto appended. Nevertheless they
have removed to Vendicq, in obedience to the order sent by his
Excellency, without in any way satisfying said burghers, who
have begged me to write in their favour to your lordships, in
order that they may be paid their just debts, in which I most
humbly join my petition to theirs. Not doubting that your
lordships will so arrange that the good burghers shall succeed
in getting payment, and they at another time will be the
more willing to assist the soldiers in their needs. — Herewith,

etc., your W M Honours' 1 obedient and very loyal

servant, Justinus van Nassau.

At Breda, this 8 August 1609.

Re Captain Gordons Company. (Oct. 6, 1609.)

My Lords, — Since your lordships have been pleased to com-
mand that I should always, and from time to time, make you
acquainted both with the situation and condition of this
garrrison, and also of its captain and officers, stating which of
them have been absent, and how long, I shall therefore not
neglect as regards them, to communicate to you the following.
First, that the soldiers here are kept in good order, the
watches looked to, and to sum up in a word everything as
carefully attended to as ever was the case before the date of
this truce, which in fact you will find.

Further, as concerning the captain and officers of the com-
pany, your lordships will be pleased to hear that there are

1 See p. 71.

2 See p. 64.


no absentees except Captain Gordon, who has not been here
during twenty-five or twenty-six weeks ; indeed, all the year
round, he has not been one month with his company. His
lieutenant, too, has been absent over six months, his oldest
sergeant over six weeks ; and the other sergeant is on the sick
list. Thus there is but one officer, viz., the ensign, a foul
useless drunkard, in the company, which to all intents and
purposes has none. Moreover, the said company is very badly
paid and upheld, so that out of extreme poverty many soldiers
desert, and as is well known very few of the others are fit for
duty. And (with respect I say it) such a state of matters is
not what ought to be, and is a condition fraught with evil
consequences. I pray therefore that your lordships may see
good to order the said captain very sharply to betake himself
with his officers to his garrison, to pay and uphold his com-
pany, as other captains here do, lest for want of this it sink
into utter ruin, for the poverty among them is extreme.

This is what at present I had to write. — And with these
presents, etc., Johan de Witt.

Actum at Steenbergen, the 6th October.

To the Council of State. (Oct. 7, 1609.)

My Lords, — Your lordships will please to understand, that
on the 25th July last the States-General ordered me to furnish
information monthly to their High Mightinesses regarding the
state of these garrisons, and the condition of the soldiers, stating
what officers were present in or absent from their companies, and
although I have several times sent them information regarding
these matters, and among other points, that Captain Gordon,
whose company has been here in garrison over a year, has never
been more than one month with the same, indeed during
twenty-six successive weeks he has never been with his com-
pany, and is still absent. His lieutenant was not there
during six months, his oldest sergeant during six weeks. Such
was the state of matters that only one officer was found in the
company, viz., the ensign — a foul, rank, and careless drunkard,
the company being practically without a single officer. More-


over the soldiers of the said company were miserably found and
paid, on which account very many of them deserted, and
through poverty came to ruin.

But in regard to these points, I have never received any
answer, and because the company remaining almost without
officers and oversight has gradually become so impoverished
that the misery smouldering within it can no longer be endured
nor the complaints and sighs, and through this the whole
company will evidently be brought to ruin. Also that three
times the said soldiers have besought me with increasing
vehemence to advise your lordships of their misery and
poverty, and some remedy must be adopted, otherwise they
must perish in their extremity. For this purpose I have sent
off this messenger who can by word of mouth inform you of
the existing need and give details about it. Also that many
burghers complain, that having out of compassion for the poor
soldiers provided them with some necessaries, they have not
been paid for it. Therefore I entreat most earnestly, that it
may please your lordships to give heed to the calamities of the
said soldiers, and everything connected therewith, that ought
to be seen to. To order the said Captain Gordon most strictly
to betake himself with his officers as soon as possible to his
company, to pay and provide for his soldiers as is right, and
also, so as to prevent the complete ruin of the company. But
in order that I may have something wherewith to satisfy and
comfort the poor soldiers, may it please you to write a short
reply, and forward it to me by the bearer of this, in order that
I may show it to them. — And herewith, etc., Y — H — M —
obedient servant, Johan de Witt.

Actum at Steenbergen, 7th October 1609.

To the Council of State of the United Netherlands.

Captain John Gordon, at present in garrison within the
town of Steenbergen, showeth with due respect, that it is
now full three months since he, the petitioner, received payment
from the State, either for himself or his company. He has
therefore been compelled to burden himself to the last degree
with the interest of borrowed money, in order to satisfy his


company. Yea, so deeply has he engaged himself, that he has
no means left and knows of none -(having no one to solicit
for them) by which he can maintain his soldiers. Therefore
he prays most humbly that your lordships shall be pleased to
advance to him, the petitioner, provisionally, the sum of five
or six hundred pounds of forty groats, in order that he may in
some measure satisfy his company until orders be issued some
time and way otherwise, as to the payment,
By doing which, etc.

Gordons disbanded Company. 1

To the Council of State. (Oct. 14, 1609.)

My Lokds, — Since it has pleased your lordships to discharge
Captain Gordon with his company ; his soldiers, owing to ill
payment, are deeply indebted to the burghers here, which the
accompanying specification, and the report of the Commissary
Badburch, charged by your H. M. to effect the disbandment
will well show and explain, said soldiers having due to them a
considerable sum of arrears of pay. Yet they do not wish to
act otherwise than to pay their debts, and satisfy the burghers,
who supported them so loyally with victuals and drink in their
extreme poverty, to such a degree indeed, that but for their
having done so, the company would have perished long ago —
as everybody very well knows. Said support also was proffered
mostly by my persuasions out of pity for the poor soldiers.
I have thus earnestly entreated your lordships, that you
may be pleased so to assist the burghers, and who have little
enough, to obtain payment of their just debts. For other-
wise many of them will be ruined, for here we are but a scant
community, which, as your High Mightiness well knows, can
bear no loss. Therefore, again praying you to take into con-
sideration the circumstances of the case, may your High
Mightiness be pleased to assist the poor people in this, since
in so doing you will truly perform a work of charity. — And
with these present, etc., Johan de Witt.

Actum at Steenbergen, 14th October 1609.

1 See also pp. 243, 253 and 292.


Recommendation of George Ramsay.
(Datum. Nov re . 25. Recep. Dec r . 16.)

Messieurs. — Ce gentilhomme George Ramsey, lieutenant du
Colonel Brog, ayant este absent au temps de la mort du feu
Colonel Edmonds, faillit de la place de Capitayne de sa Com-
panie qu'il pretend de droict luy appartenir. Or parce quen
cela il a este moins recogneu que de raison luy estoit deu ;
estant a present vacant de capitaine la companie du Cap.
Rondneys, 1 il vous vient supplier de la luy conferer, tant pour
le regard de ses merites passez, ayant perdu en vostre service
de son sang et un sien frere, comme pour luy faire reparation
du dommage soustenu pour avoir failly de la Companie du
Col. Edmonds. Ores estant son desir fonde sur tant de raison,
nous ne ferons de long propos a le vous recommander, sachant
que tant pour le respect de justice que pour Tamour de nous,
vous ferez tout ce qu'appartient a vre honneur de faire. — Vre
bon Amy et allie, Jaques R.

Royston, le xxv iour de Novembre 1609.

Recommendation of John Young
(Dat. Nov r . 10. Rec. Decern 1 . 24).
Messieurs et comperes, — Ce porteur Jean Young bourgeois
de nostre ville d'Edimbourg, ayant avance diverses sommes de
deniers aux capitaines et autres officiers par vous employes a
faire levee des gens de guerre en nostre royaume d'Escosse, et
ne trouvant nul moyen d'estre paye (les dictz officiers s'excu-
santz come lVayantz point en payement de vous) est en fin con-
trainct de recourir a vous ; et partant nous a tres humblement
supplie de se recofnender come celuy qui a tousiours employe
sa personne et moyens pour vous faire service. Et d'autant
que sa demande ne nous semble point desraisonable. Nous
vous avons bien voulu prie de cognoistre sa cause et donner tel
ordre pour Tamou!' de nous qu'il en soit paye tant des deniers
susdictz que des decomptes de feu son beaupere. mort en vostre
service. Et sur ce, Messieurs et comperes, prions Teternel vous
tenir en sa sainte et digne garde. — Vostre bien bon amy et
Compere, Jaques R.

Escrypte a nostre palais de Westminstre, le dixiesme de
Novembre Tan 1609.

1 Udny?


Remonstrance des Ambassadeurs el Colonels de la
Grande Brittagne

(Exhibit, in the assembly of the States- General, May 22, 1607.)

[Partly destroyed.]

Messieurs, Messieurs les Estats Generaux. — Messieurs, Diplomatic

nous supplions bien humblement . . . . en ce ? orres ?°^'

rr m dence, 1609-

reglement qu'on faict a present de vos trou . . . qu'il 1612.

leur plaise avoir soin de Thonneur de nostr . . . Nations

suivant les recommendations que sa Ma . . .a faictes

par ses lettres et nostre remonstrance . . la dessus

ayans esgard tant au merite de leurs services qu'a la bonne
alliance que de long temps a este entre nos Royaumes et
vos Provinces.

Nostre nation a este la premiere qui est venue a vostre
service et y est continue sans iutervalle, insques a la derniere
heure. Avec quelle resolution, zele et fidelite nos gens se sont
tousiours comportes durant vos guerres ; vos victoires en par-
lent et le present estat de vos affaires remonstre vivement ; en
bien de recognoissance de leurs services, nous prions de ne nous
mectre pas une tasche d'ignominie ce qui nous ingerons estre
faict si on nous range a 70 testes, pesle mesle, avec le reste de
Tarmes. Cest ce que nous demandons [?] et soubz correction
non sans raison, et iustice que les compagnies tant angloises
qu'escossoises, qui a la derniere monstre ont este soubs cents
testes, puissent demeurer au mesme estat, et celles qui sont au
dessus ce nombre, la soient reduictes a cent testes.

Pour faciliter cela, les Collonnels soubsignes se contenteront
que leurs compagnies demeurent chasque a deux cens testes,
contents que le nombre supernumeraire que hier leur a este
accorde, soit distribue parmy leurs regimens. Nous croyons que
vos seigneuries ne scaurontpas faire chose qui puisse estre plus
agreable a sa Ma t<§ , ny pliis advantageuse au bien et honneur
de leur service.

Ri. Spencer. Rodolphe Winwood.

H. Vere. Ed. Cecyll.

Th. Ogle.

[The signatures are those of the two Ambassadors and the English colonels.
Although the Scots troops are mentioned, neither Colonel Brog's nor Lord
Buccleuch's names are appended.]



Requeste des Amb rs de la grande brettagne, pour le traittement
des Ministres aupres des Compagnies de lew nation.

(Exh. 10 June 1609.)

A Messieurs, Messieurs les Estatz Generaijx. Messieurs,
— Nous presentons cette requeste a V. S ies au nom des Collonels
de nostre nation et de leurs regiments, laquelle ne tendant
pas a autre but que a Thonneur de Dieu, au service de vos
provinces et au bien des subiects de sa Ma t6 de la gran Bret-
tagne, nous confions que V. S ies Faccorderont sans difficulte.

Cest qu'il leur plaise accorder en chasque compagnie, tant
angloise qu'escossoyse, qu'est a present et doresenavant sera en
vostre service, une mortepaye pour le traittement de six
ministres de nostre nation, gens scavants et de bonne vie,
dont deux feront leur residence icy a la Haye, le troysiesme
a Berghen op Zoome, le 4 e a Breda, le 5 e a TEscluse, le
sixiesme a Nimeghen, pour catechiser et instruire en la
cognoissance de Dieu et de la vraye religion, les compagnies
quy seront en garnison et aux lieux circonsvoysins, suivant la
lyste mise au dessoubs.

Ceste requeste estant tant recommendee par soymesme, nous
recommendons bien serieusement aux Vos bonnes graces.

Ri. Spencer.


Les deux Ministres residents a la Haye iront prescher a
Tergaw, 1 Worden, 2 Dordrech, Leyden, Delff, Rotterdam.

Le 3 e , qui reside a Berghen, prendera a sa charge toute la

Le 4° qui reside a Breda, aura pour sa charge, Gertruide-
berghe, Huysden, 3 Gorcum, Worcum, 4 Bummell. 6

Le 5 e TEscluse 6 et toute la flandre.

Le 6° Nimeghen, Arneham, Doesbergh, Zutphen, Deventer,
Grave, Voiche. 7

1 Tergouw, Gouda. 2 Woerden.

3 Heusden. 4 Woudrichem. 5 Zalt-Bommel.

6 Sluis. 7 Vucht (?).


July 25. — On the request of Magdalena Hume, formerly Resolutions

widow of Captain David Stuart, it was decided that since the ° f the ^tates-

- -r. . -iii*- • ■ i- General,

town of Bruges is particularly kept in view in the claim of the

petitioner, she is thereupon to address herself to that town.

Nevertheless the States grant her, out of commiseration, the

sum of fifty guilders in all.

The Sutlers of Gordon's Company.
From the States- General to the Council of State.
(May 11, 1610.)
My Lords, — The sutlers of the disbanded company of the
late Captain Gordon were by us again referred to the States
of Utrecht, in order that they might sue there for their pay.
We therefore recommend you so to assist these poor petitioners
once more with your Lordships' 1 intercession, that they may
succeed in getting their payment, or at least come to an agree-
ment with the other creditors in Utrecht ; inasmuch as an
attempt is being made, against all reason and justice, to nullify
their right of hypothec. — Herewith, etc., your Lordships good

The States-General of the United Netherlands.

Carol Bentinck, V*.
By Order of the same
From the Hague, the 11th May 1610.

Recommendation of James Erskine.
(Recep. June 8, 1610.)
Haults et puissants Seigneurs, nos bons amys et alliez, — Diplomatic
Ay ants eu occasion de nous servir par deca du Chevalier Jaques Corres Pon-
Arskyn, Gentilh. de iire Chambre privee, capitaine d'une com- 1609-14.
pagnie de cuirassiers a vre solde, Tavons retenu de sa charge
plus longuement que de son gre il n'eust voulu. Lequel
desirant de s^n retourner vers vous maintenant pour s^cquicter
de tout ce qui luy appartient, Nous Tavons voulu accompagner
de ceste cy, tant pour vous faire scavoir la vraye cause de son
absence, laquelle nous esperons ne vous sera point desagreable,
come pour vous prier de luy continuer tousiours vre bonne
grace en tout ce quil aura occasion de vous en requerir. Et
si vos aff 1-8 le peuvent permectre et que la paix continue avec




of the States-

voz voisins, de sorte que pour le present vous n'ayez a faire de
son service, nous prions de le nous renvoyer, iusques a ce que
Toccasion se presente de vous servir de luy. Ce que nous
aurons pour fort agreable et demeurons. — Votre tres affectione
amy, Jaques R.

De nre Palais de Westminster, le xxiv jour d'Avril 1610.

October 9.5th. — Thomas Stuart, Englishman, having served
these Lands about eighteen years, and having been severely
wounded in the head in the trenches before Gulick, 1 was
granted, out of commiseration, and in order to effect his cure,
twenty-four guilders ; but this is not to be used as a precedent.

Letter from the Municipality of Wilmstadt.

(Nov. 10, 1610.)

My Lords, — It would appear that William Nory, Scots-
man, at present an inhabitant of our town, received at the
taking of the Sconce of Crimpen, during the first troubles, a
wound in one leg from a shot, which, as time went on (in spite
of every remedy applied by him), got much worse and festered ;
so that now there are no means by which he can be cured.
Owing to this, and the great expenses he incurred, he has
fallen into such poverty, that he has no means wherewith in
his old age to support himself and his wife. Wherefore we
write to your Lordships in his favour (also he has conducted
himself honestly and burgherlike in this town for a consider-
able number of years). And we humbly pray, that you be
pleased to grant the said William Nory some reasonable
aliment, both on account of his former services, and because
he is unable to earn his bread, in order that he may thereby
support himself in his extreme poverty and old age. By
doing this, you will perform a work of mercy before God the
Lord, and comfort the recipient in his great misery. We
conclude with our humble respects. — My Lords, your Lord-
ships 1 obedient, etc., The Sheriffs, Burgomasters and

Aldermen of the foresaid Town.

Written in Wilmstadt, this 1 5th November 1610.



Petition of Colonel Barth Balfour. (Exh. Dec. 7, 1610.)
To their High Mightinesses "the States-General.

With becoming reverence and respect, James Cracke, on Requests
behalf of Colonel Bartolm. Balfour, residing abroad in Scotland, General
begs leave to intimate, that in the year 1594, your High Mighti-
nesses granted the said colonel a yearly pension of two hundred
pounds, of forty grotten each, in payment of his services ; which
pension has been paid here by Mr. Doublet, the Receiver-
General. But when the same pension became due on the 16th
day of April 1610, the said colonel empowered a merchant from
Scotland to receive the money, but he received none ; and in
consequence lodged a protest, to the great injury of the said
colonel. Therefore the petitioner prays most humbly that it
may please your High Mightinesses to order the Receiver-
General, Mr. Doublet, or his commissioner, to pay the said
pension as previously, amounting to one thousand pounds,
without delay or objection, in order to avoid all extraordinary
expenses. By doing this Jacques Cracke.

Petition qf Rev. Andrew Hunter.
(Receptum Januar 5.)
Illustrissimis et consultissimis Dominis D.D. ordinibus Letters and
Gnalib, — Anno superiore per anticipationem accepi cent, flore- ^^councii 1
nos in castris, deinde coram Juliaco a Domino Dubeletto triginta of State.
octo florenos ; hinc ex ducentis illis florenis quos in extra-
ordinarium stipendium quotannis conceditis sexaginta duo
floreni supersunt ; et plane statueram vos per anticipationem
non urgere, sed familiae sustentandae et creditoribus satis-
faciendi circa et necessitas (praeter valetudinariae et decum-
bentis uxoris meae statum) invitum me hue rapiunt, ut una
cum 62 illis florenis centum etiam florenos per anticipationem,
expetam. Cavebo in posterum (si fueri possit) ne vobis in
huiusmodi negotio molestus sim.

Andreas Hunterus, Evangelij
Jesu Christi Minister.

Captain Forbes 1 s Company at Tiel. (April 18, 1611.)
The Commander of the Garrison in Tiel to the Council of State.
My Lords, — This afternoon the officers here at present,


and most of the soldiers, of the company of Captain Forbes, 1
garrisoned here, came to me with the complaint, that now in
the twenty-seventh week, they have as yet received no advance of
money, and during all this time had supported themselves very
poorly and with difficulty, and that it was impossible for them
to endure this state of matters or to support themselves any
longer : that also because of hunger and anxiety they must
have been forced to desert, had they not been supplied with
victuals by the good burghers and inhabitants of this town,
particularly by the widow of T. Reyner Gijsberts. But this
support the citizens no longer could or would give, as there is
now due to them by the company a considerable sum of money.
On account of which they (the soldiers) have also pledged
themselves to such an extent, that they have lost all credit.
Therefore in regard to this humbly praying I make this strong

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