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faire a ce Seig r , sa Ma t6 prendra en tres bonne part et la
recognoistra par tous offices de meilleur Amy et Allie. Je
supplie que je puisse avoyr par escript vostre responce et pour
ma decharge et que le Baron de Boucloughe tant mieux se
puisse regler sans y contrevenyr, a ce que de vostre part sera
ordonne. Faict le 25 e de May 1611.

Signe Rodolphe Win wood.

A consultation was held on the proposal, made at the meet-
ing in the forenoon, by the Lord Winwood, Ambassador of the
King of Great Britain, in favour of the Baron of Buccleuch, in
order that he may be permitted to remain for a certain time
still in Scotland, in the service of His Majesty. And all things
considered, an understanding was come to that it would be
difficult to agree to said request because of the disservice and
bad precedent of it to the Land. But especially seeing that
the said Lord Baron, petitioning as having been more than
seven years in the service of the Land, has not been present
personally in the same, in all, more than six months. And
that therefore the said Lord Winwood be requested to take
this excuse in good part and transcribe it.

In case, however, his Excellency should further insist, it was
agreed that on the recommendation of His Majesty, consent be
given for the said baron to have six months more leave from his
regiment without reference to or stoppage of his pay that is
due or will be due, and as besides there is no reason for that
since the regiment as yet is not accepted on any repartition.
But we declare nevertheless, that the matter shall be attended
to, as soon as the assembled deputies of the provinces shall
have arrived.

1612, January 10. — Mr. Magnus presiding, intimated that
through his Excellency he had received intelligence of the
death of Colonel Buccleuch, and being afraid that the King
of Great Britain might again set about recommending in his
place as commander of the regiment some one not having the


necessary skill and experience, that therefore his Excellency
would ask their Highnesses to take into consideration whether
it might not be advisable (in anticipation of such action), that
they at once commission a fit colonel ; that his Excellency
recommends the lieutenant-colonel of the said regiment, Robert
Henderson, whom he knows as a good soldier, and who is well
fitted for the position, and that a provisional instrument might
be granted him to assume the command of the said regiment
and keep it in good military order. All which having been
considered and weighed, it was agreed on the said recom-
mendation of his Excellency that an instrument be granted to
the said Lieutenant-Colonel Henderson, whereby he shall be
commissioned to command the foresaid regiment in the same
quality as hitherto he has held, and containing further a pro-
mise that should their Highnesses decide to appoint or com-
mission a colonel at some future time over the said regiment,
he was to be preferred before any one else.

Recommendation of Lord Buccleuch.
(Jan. 4. Rec. Feb. 8, 1612.)

Haults et puissants Seigneurs xoz boxs amis et alliez, — Diplomatic
Nous vous avons desia par noz lettres assez instammen reco- Ae ^° ce ^609-
mande P affaire du Baron de Bucklugh, lequel pour vous estre 1614.
bien et particulier* cognu, il n'est pas besoing par redites
inutiles de vous plus representee Seulement vous prions
encore par celle-cy d^ vouloir avec telle promptitude qu'il
conviendra mettre la derniere main et de comuniquer a nr e
Ambassadeur demeurant aupres de vous (auquel avons lfagueres
renouvelle la charge de vous en faire instance de nr e part, et
de nous advertir au plustot de ce qui s'en sera ensuivy) vfe
premiere resolution la dessus. Ce que ne doubtons point que
vous ne vueilliez faire tres volontiers, non seulement pour
exempter la partie interessee de toute fascheuse attente, ains
pour nous faire voir par mesme moyen le soing que vous avez
de satisfaire a noz subiects, mesmement a ceux que nous avons
en estime, en toutes leurs iustes poursuittes, co de nre coste
nous demeurons. — Vre bien affectionne amy, Jaques R.

De nre Palais de Westminstre le 4 e jour de Janvier 1612.




July 16. — The request was read of Johan Cleck, and Johan
van Thielburgh, the servant and solicitor of the late Colonel
Buccleuch, with an appended letter of the King of Great
Britain, dated 12th January last, in favour of the son of the
said colonel ; written to urge that an order be issued about
the payment of arrears for services of the said colonel. And
it is decided to have the advice of the Council of State there-
anent, with the admonition that they attend well to all the

September 1. — The advice is read of the Council of State,
convened 25th August last, concerning the request of the ser-
vant and solicitor of the late Colonel Buccleuch, and first it
was agreed that, before disposing of the matter, inquiry be
made in what state the affairs of the said Buccleuch are, and
what passports he has had.

1613, February 8. — Hereafter the said Lord Winwood
declared that he was charged by His Majesty to present to
their Highnesses a letter of His Majesty, dated the 4th January
last, whereby His Majesty again strongly recommends and
requests that they will be pleased to show all diligence in the
affairs of the Baron of Buccleuch, with such promptitude and
willingness as is fitting; and to communicate to His Majesty's
Ambassador residing here their resolution, to be taken finally
thereon. To which end the said Lord-Depute made urgent
request, and asked that said resolution be given to him in

After consultation it was resolved in substance to reply that
seeing the pay of the late Baron of Buccleuch has never been
accepted by the Provinces on the repartition of which he held his
footing, therefore no resolution can be come to about the pay-
ment of the said pay until the Provinces shall have given their
consent to the quota demanded from each towards payment of
the old debt. That being done, proceedings will be taken
with all due consideration for the recommendation of His
Majesty ; and a resolution will be arrived at in the business of
the said Baron of Buccleuch as favourable as in the present
situation of the government of their Lands shall be found j ust,
reasonable, and right.

1613, Feb. 8. — Sur le contenu de la lettre du roy de la


Grande Bretaigne, datee le quatriesme iour de Janvier dernier,
escript par Sa Maj. en faveur du baron de Bucklugh, presentee
et recommandee ce jour d'huy en Tassemblee a Messeigneurs
les Estats Gnlx des Pays Bas Unis par le S r Winwood,
ambassad r de sad. Majeste, declarent iceulx Seigneurs Estatz
aultant que le tractement de feu le baron de Bucklugh n'a
jamais este accepte par la province sur laquelle il avoit este
repartie. C'est pourquoy qu'il ne peult estre resolu sur le
payement d'icelluy, avant que les provinces soient d'accord sur
le faict des quotes d'icelles (a quoy Ton travaille tous les iours)
et que les consentemens requis pour le payement de vielles
debtes seront accordez. Cela faict sera alors avec toutes
bonnes considerations, avec regard a la recommendation de
sad. Maj d et sur Taffaire du diet baron de Bucklugh si favor-
ablement resolu, comme selon la constitution presente de Testat
de ce pays il sera trouve en justice, raison et equite convenir.

Faict en Tassemblee des d. Seigneurs les Estatz Gnlx le 8 e
jour de Febvrier Tan xvi c et treize.

August 7. — The request of the son of the late Colonel
Buccleuch was read, requesting liquidation, settling of accounts,
and satisfaction for the arrears for his father's services. But
it was agreed, before coming to a decision, to read the minutes
of the advice regarding it drawn up by the Council of

October 19. — A request was read, presented on the part of
the son of the late Baron of Buccleuch, praying for payment
of arrears of his fathers services.

And it was agreed to place the same in the hands of the
Council of State, to be examined more particularly, and thereon
to advise their High Mightinesses.

October 26. — Read the advice of the Council of State,
dated the 24th inst., on the request of the son of Colonel
Buccleuch, holding, for reasons mentioned therein, that their
Honours in this matter do not know how otherwise to advise
than they advised a year ago, 1612, August 23rd, on the request
of the servant and solicitor of the late Colonel Buccleuch, for
settlement and payment. They have to advise the States-
General that his regiment landed at the close of 1603, and he
himself in the beginning of 1604. And according to a resolu-


tion of their High Mightinesses, his pay as colonel commenced
on the 1 st of January, and as captain on the ] 6th January
1604 ; and so continued serving till the 25th December 1611 ;
that he was absent most of the time in Scotland and England,
as he left with passport at the commencement of the siege of
Sluys in May 1604, and in 1605, a little before they went
afield, and was that summer not with them in the field. Also
in 1606, even before the war, he was not afield. So that in
the year 1605, or till the beginning of the year 1606, he was
little in this Land, except that he returned ouce or twice, and,
nevertheless, he was paid as colonel till 29th of June 1609, and
as captain till the 6th July 1609. Nor has he had here any
continuous passports of absence except what were sought for in
the interval. From all which it is rather to be inferred that
his place was kept open for him than that he has a right to
enjoy pay. And we should therefore be of opinion, under
correction, that the remonstrant ought to be well content with
the wages and payments he received.

November 25. — The advice of the Council of State was read
again, of date 24th October last, on the request of the son of
the late Colonel Buccleuch. And it was agreed to commission
the Clerk of Court to sound the petitioner's commissioners as
to whether they are empowered to come to an agreement and
treat in regard to all the petitioner's claims, and in that case,
it is suggested that they might negotiate for a yearly pension
during the life of the petitioner, as satisfaction in full of all
the petitioner's claims, none excepted.

1615, January 20. — Taking into account negotiations pre-
viously begun on the part of the heir of the late Baron and
Colonel Buccleuch, and what was offered to his commissioners
in full payment of his arrears. It was agreed, that to Delia
Butler, legitimate daughter of the late Captain Thomas Butler,
whom the said Baron, being then only fifteen years of age,
seduced and bent to his will and lust, there shall be paid, by
way of deduction from the sum that shall be agreed upon,
and settled as due to the said heir, one hundred guilders in all.
The one half ready money, and the other half within the next
six months.

August 15. — On the recommendation of Lord Wotton,


Ambassador Extraordinary of the King of Great Britain, with
the view of obtaining for the heir of the late Colonel Buccleuch
satisfaction in reference to the foresaid colonel's arrears.

After deliberation, it was understood and agreed that the
offer already made shall be renewed to the commissioners of
the foresaid heir, and in the transaction they are to remember
the little daughter of the foresaid colonel, by Delia Butler,
daughter of Captain Butler.

August 26. — Hereafter the foresaid Lord Ambassador
recommended two matters, the one about the son of the late
Colonel Buccleuch, that the same should be satisfied and paid
his father's arrears in money and not by a pension.

September 8. — The Clerk of Court was again commissioned
to confer more particularly with the commissioners of the heir
of the late Colonel Buccleuch, about the offer of the life pen-
sion of twelve hundred guilders a year, during his whole life
long, made to him as in full payment of all his claims. Also
in reference to the satisfaction he undertakes to give for the
support of the mother and bastard child, left by the foresaid
colonel, for which urgent request is made to their High

November 11. — The Clerk of Court reported that he, in
pursuance of the charge of their High Mightinesses, has been
in communication with the commissioner of the son and heir
of the late Colonel Buccleuch, about the offer made to him
here on a former occasion, of a pension of twelve hundred
guilders a year, in full payment of all the claims of the said heir
to the arrears for his late father's services to the Land, and
that the said commissioner has declared that he will accept the
foresaid offer, provided their High Mightinesses please to
grant him a deed to the effect that if at any future time a new
regiment were to be raised in Scotland for their service, that
they should appoint him master over it, and commission him as
colonel. And otherwise that he is content to acquit and dis-
charge on the offer of the said pension of twelve hundred
guilders yearly, provided their High Mightinesses be pleased to
provide him with the first colonelcy of the Scots presently in
service, that shall become vacant by the death of the colonel.
Declaring further about the claim of the woman by whom the


late Colonel Buccleuch had a child, still living, that the said
woman received from the foresaid colonel one thousand guilders,
that she also received from their High Mightinesses at the
expense of the arrears of the said colonel, in one sum, one hun-
dred thalers, and in another, sixty guilders. That in addition
he is willing to pay her four hundred guilders more, and that in
his opinion, the said woman ought therewith to be well con-
tented. But should their High Mightinesses, in spite of all
this, consider the offer not enough, he leaves it to be fixed at
their discretion.

It was agreed that the said Clerk of Court shall refer the
matter as above to the said woman, and learn from her whether
she is willing to be satisfied with these terms. If not, what
more she claims, and with what she would be contented, and in
addition, whether she would be willing to part from her child.
December 3. — Heard the report of the Clerk of Court on his
conference with the commissioners of the son of the late Baron
Buccleuch, formerly Colonel of a Scottish regiment in the ser-
vice of these Lands, and with the mother of the bastard child
of the said Baron by her. In satisfaction of all said mother's
claims for her own support and that of the said child, she
asked one thousand guilders ready money, and four hundred
guilders yearly, whereupon the foresaid commissioners offered
her only six hundred guilders ready money and two hundred
guilders yearly, and to relieve her from keeping the said child.
After deliberation their Higli Mightinesses concluded and
resolved, that the said mother, for all her claims, is to receive
eight hundred guilders in ready money once, and over and above
that two hundred guilders yearly for her support, and besides
that, two hundred guilders a year for the support of the said
child, until by legal attestation from the city of Edinburgh, it
shall be shown to their High Mightinesses that the said child
shall have been adopted by the heir of the said Baron of Buc-
cleuch and supported. On which the said two hundred guilders
for the child here shall cease.

December 19. — A remonstrance handed in by the commis-
sioners of the heir of the late Baron of Buccleuch was read.
And it was agreed that the Clerk of Court shall confer more
particularly with the same, in order to understand the remon-


stranfs intentions and say to him, that their High Mighti-
nesses do not desire in this matter in any way to use their
authority, but that the remonstrant shall have to give his
consent to the offers made, as well in regard to the principal,
as in respect to the woman or mother of the child, willingly, or
refuse to do so.

1616, January 31. — On the petition of Delia Botlers, re-
questing that it may please their High Mightinesses to increase
the 200 guilders assigned to her as a provision by way of
deduction from the claims of the late Baron of Backlough by
such additional sum as mav enable her both to satisfy her
creditors and to live on in this cold winter : it is resolved
that the petitioner must be satisfied in the meantime with the
said 200 guilders, on the understanding that her creditors may
not seize her goods.

April 30. — On the request of Miss Delia Butler, praying
that the child the deceased Colonel Buccleuch had by her be
left in her charge, and that for the support of herself and the
foresaid child, the resolution made some time ago by their High
Mightinesses regarding this matter be allowed to take effect.
After deliberation it is understood that they will not permit
the child to go to the heir of the foresaid Colonel Buccleuch,
but let it remain with the petitioner on the footing of the
foresaid resolution.

July 16. — To Delia Butler, by whom the late Colonel
Buccleuch had a child, there was granted for her support, and
that of the child, fifty guilders ready money, and fifty guilders
more within the next six months, by way of deduction from
the arrears of the foresaid colonel.

July 22. — On the request of Hans van Thielburch, praying
for payment of the three thousand guilders, which the late
Baron of Buccleuch is justly indebted to him for moneys
advanced and services. But a resolution as to that is post-
poned till the transaction commenced with the heir of the
foresaid Lord Baron shall be concluded.

November 1. — In consideration of the coming cold winter,
a further sum of 150 guilders is voted to Delia Botlaers on the
same conditions as before ; this sum to be deducted from the
arrears still due by the country to Baron Bachlough.




1617, May 10. — To Miss Butler on the foregoing footing is
yet granted 100 guilders once, for the support of her little
daughter, which she had by the late Baron of Buccleuch. 1

Noel de Caron to the States-General.
(Oct. 19, 1617. Rec. Nov. 14.)

My Lords, — Annexed is an autograph letter of His Majesty,
in which he requests me, on his behalf, to direct the attention
of your High Mightinesses to the case of the Baron of Buccleuch,
in order that he be paid the money, which the State owes to
his late father. In effect, the king charged his secretary Lord
Winwood to state, that it seems the said Buccleuch would be
willing to give an acquittance and full discharge for the debts
your High Mightinesses owe to him in consequence of the
circumstances referred to, provided he be appointed a colonel
in their service ; which the king thinks can be done, without
further expense to the country, if an agreement could be made
with Colonel Brock, whom the king considers will now be
pretty well up in years ; 2 and that it is time he should retire
from war. In addition, he should receive a certain honorary
pension, to be provided for Colonel Brock by the said
Buccleuch. The king is of opinion that this matter would
be speedily settled if you would arrange matters with the said
Brock. The king, with the same end in view, will write to
his ambassador Carleton, in order that on the king's behalf he
may do all he can. I willingly recommend this proposal to the
consideration of your High Mightinesses, His Majesty being so
much interested in the matter, as the said Lord Winwood
informed me. I have also written to his Excellency who, I
suppose, will also communicate with your High Mightinesses in
order that the matter may be so arranged as to be of the
greatest service and profit to the land. Truly, my lords, the
said Buccleuch is a young nobleman, brave and well fitted for

1 It is interesting to note the ultimate fortune of the child who had been the
subject of so much application and negotiation. ' Jeane Scot, natural sister of
Earl Walter, called by Satchells "Holland's Jean," married Robert Scott of
Quhitslaid, who, on 8th November 1633, granted a discharge to Earl Walter for
8000 merks of tocher with her.' — Sir William Fraser's Scotts of Buccleuch.

2 Colonel Brog was nevertheless able to render good service for nineteen
years more.


war. I well know that in attending to this matter, your High
Mightinesses will perform an act of great friendship to His
Majesty. Noel de Caron.

Monsieur Caron, — Encores que ie vous aye souvent rec-
comande Paffaire du Sieur de buccleugh pour interceder
aveques messieurs les estats, qifil puisse avoir quelque satis-
faction d'eux, pour les debtes deues a son pere ; si est ce que
ie n'en ay encores receu aucune responce, afin donques que
vous puissies scavoir, aveques quelle instance ie demande que
iustice luy soit faicte aveques toute faveur et bonne expedition
en ce cas, ie vous envoye ce mot escripnt de ma main propre,
remectant a secretaire Winwoode de vous informer plus
particulierement sur ce subiect et vous recomendant a la pro-
tection du tout puissant. — Vostre bon amy, Jaques R.

November 4. — The Messrs. Goch, Bouchorst, and Vernau
report that they have intimated orally to the Lord Ambassador
Carleton the conditions on which their High Mightinesses have
agreed to grant the requested deed of expectancy to the Earl
of Buccleuch, as to which also some argument took place
between both parties. It was thought proper, before resolving
further thereon, that a concept of the deed or resolution be
drawn up in writing, that afterwards it may again be read
over here, and checked in such a way as may be found necessary.
It is to contain the complete discharge of all his claims on the
Land on account of his father's services, and otherwise, the
payment of his father's debts here in this Land not excepted.
The missive of the King of Great Britain was read over, dated
from Belvoir, the 5th August last, in favour of the Lord Earl
of Buccleuch, in order that he be satisfied — whether in ready
money, or by his being provided with some honourable charge
in the service of the Land. And looking closely at all that
had been previously done in this matter, it was found that
their High Mightinesses have always shown themselves inclined
to the completion of the matter aforesaid, and that it was
owing; to the said Earl of Buccleuch himself that the affair had
not terminated sooner, he not having been willing to accept
the equitable offers made.

Out of regard to the strong recommendations of His Majesty,
and the good qualities of the foresaid earl — about whom their
High Mightinesses have certainly had other good reasons to


excuse them — and in order yet to show their inclination to
and affection for the good qualities of the said earl, and how
much they esteem what His Majesty has been pleased to recom-
mend about the matter through the foresaid missive and His
Majesty's ambassador, also through their own commissioners
who were last in England, it was resolved that the foresaid
Lord Earl of Buccleuch be granted satisfaction in one of the
said two ways : either, one way, by granting him a deed to the
effect that he shall have the first colonelcy that shall become
vacant among the troops of the Scottish nation, and in case,
before a vacancy occurs, a new regiment of Scots should be
raised, that the same shall be done under him. 1 But it is to
be understood that in accepting this he is to renounce the
other proposed way of satisfaction, 2 and to resign all his claims
on the Land, their High Mightinesses understanding it to be
just and in order that the large debts due by his late father,
the Baron of Buccleuch, to his solicitor, here in this Land, be
paid by the said earl. 3

The ' Acte E-vpectatif?

1620, July 14.— The States-General of the United Nether-
lands, on account of the earnest prescript of His Majesty the
King of Great Britain, and the very serious recommendation of
Lord Carleton, His Majesty's ambassador, also in consideration
of the merits of the late Lord Baron of Buccleuch, and the good
qualities of the present Earl of Buccleuch, have, in conformity
with their High Mightinesses' resolution of the 4th November
last, and the declaration regarding it, drawn up in writing, by
the said Earl of Buccleuch, in his missive of the 19th May
last, with the said Earl of Buccleuch therein agreed, and we

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