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Orange.' Breda, 1650.

'Eubulus, or a Free and Loyal Discourse to His Sacred Majesty, by one of his
most faithfull subjects,' 1660.

' Hecatombe Christiana, or Christian Meditations and Disquisitions upon the
Life and Death of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, 1661, dedicated to the
Right Honourable my very loving brother Richard Lauder, Baron of Haltoun.'

' Breda Exultans, or a Poem on the Happy Peace with England,' 1667.

' Good Wishes to his Highness the Prince [of Orange] on his Birthday.'

1 Epitaph on the Death of Mr. Alexander Wedderburne, Preacher of the
Gospel in the British Church at the Bosch e.'

Mr. Wedderburne returned the compliment by writing an Epitaph for the

1636] STATES OF WAR 327

A Christmas Carol was addressed to him as ' the Heroycall L, Colonel Lauder,
Patron of Truth,' which contains the lines,

' Nixt Hawthorn-Damon, *Halton Lysis love,

My mind doth move.'
Lysis being the name assumed by Lauder in his elegy on the poet.

The following lines from his poems refer to the services of Scots in foreign

From the ' Scottish Soldier.'

' Behold two thousand in Jerusalem,
Brave champions of the Faith, true Scotish men,
Led by great Hugo, Philip's brother bold,
Who then the scepter of faire France did hold.
Behold the holy king Saint Lewys then
Proud to lead on three thousand Scots againe
To Palestine, whilst that brave Earl of March,
Their captaine, by his side did statelie march ;
Of whose assistance finding so much good,
Our third King Alexander's help he su'd,
And had two thousand more sent to his neede,
Whom Atholl's Earle and Carrict's Counte did lead.'

' This way our grandsires went, this way our sires,
This way must hee to honour who aspires :
By this our brethren in these latter dayes
Have in the schooles of warre been crowned with bayes.
Shall we who follow them degener then,
And not be like our valiant countrymen ?
Who when calm peace at home their minds did marre,
Did seek employment into forraine warre,
As Holland well can witnesse, who did find
Their friendly help, and first did prove them kind,
Of any neighbour nation, when opprest
With Tyrannie she first her neck did wrest
From Spaine's hard yoke and did her power disdaine,
A stated freedome since to entertaine
By force of armes, though not her owne, God knowes,
For all her conquests to our courtsie owes
A noble share, which she forgetting now,
Her vile ingratitude doth baselie shew ;
For had they not at Nuyport fought it out,
When but a handful left, enclosed about,
The fortune of that day had not beene good ;
But they would seale it with their dearest blood,
And buye the Victorie at such a rate,
As might deserve more thankes if friendly met.'

From ' Aretopheu'
' That dark oblivion his reward should be,
And that his name should never more be found
In Belgia's annals (where the deeds are drowned
Of worthy Scots) then those Heroes are.
Whose valour first did teach her hands to warre,
And made her see, even in her lowest state,
That Spaynards were but men, and could be beat.'
2 Henry Ecklin succeeded the Earl of Buccleuch, whose lieutenant he had
been, on 12th January 1634.






monthly pay

Voetvolck op


James Balfour .



[Infantry in


John Hindersum



men mon

thly pay

[Here follow names

/George Goring 1
\ Herbert




which are evidently
not Scottish]

Milord Grave .



Walter Murrai





Alexander Murray



James Erskin 2 .



Thorn. Levingston 6



John Kilpatrick 3



John Levingston



Phi 's Balfour, 4 boven

W m Pentlant



sijn Comp ie op Stadt

John Riddel 7 .



ende Landen[in ad-

Henri Echlin



dition to his Com-

David Colyer



pany on S. en L.



W m Riddel 8



William Killegrey



Henri Hume 9



Eduart Stuart 5



James Douglas 10



Thomas Ogle .



George Kyer



1 The first four names are the colonels of the four English regiments.

2 See p. 318. 3 See p. 323. 4 See p. 232.

5 Edward Stuart.

6 Thomas Livingston (2.) succeeded Colonel Sandilands, whose lieutenant he
had been, in command of his company on 25th October 1638. He was dead
by 28th November 1644, when he was succeeded by Louis Erskine.

7 John Riddell succeeded Colonel Archibald Douglas in command of his com-
pany on 1 6th December 1639, and was dead by 19th February 1644, when he
was succeeded by John Kirkpatrick.

8 William Riddell, formerly lieutenant of Colonel Balfour's company, succeeded
Lieut. -Colonel Henderson in command of his company on 20th September 1638.
Became sergeant-major of Kirkpatrick 's regiment on nth June 1660, and was
dead by 1 ith July 1662, when he was succeeded as major by John Kirkpatrick,
junior, and as captain by William Lindsay. Sir William Riddell, second son of
Sir John Riddell, first baronet, became governor of Doesburgh in Holland, and
married Windelina van Buchan. His brothers, John and Thomas, were also
■ captains in the service of Holland ' (ms. Adv. Lib.).

9 Henry Hume, on 19th April 1642, succeeded his brother, George Hume,
who became a captain of horse. George Hume had, on 16th November 1637,
succeeded James Williamson, the company being that previously commanded by
Sir William Brog. He was dead before 1 6th June 1650, when he was suc-
ceeded by John Lamy.

10 James Douglas, formerly lieutenant of Colonel Sir David Balfour's company,
succeeded to the command on his death, 6th December 1638.

1 643]



men monthly pay

James Henderson 1 100 £1417
David Balfour 2 . ,, „

Jacq. Balfour „ „ ,,

Herbert Trogmorton „ „

Tractementen op Hollandt
[Salaries paid by Holland]

Colonnel George Goring . £iii c
William Killegre, L fc Colonnel lxxx




iii c





Henry Wynne, Serg. Major
Henri Hecson, Quartiermr
Wolter Bellis, Provoost
Milord Grave, Colonnel
Richard Corbet L fc Colonel .
Thomas Hamon, Serg. Major
Josias Stephens, Quartiermr
Thomas Wod, Provost
Colonnel Cromwell
Thomas Dolmas, Lieut 1



Thomas Nortes, Sergeant Major lx

Beyerius Cool, Quartierm 1 " . 1

Gripphys Prise, Provoost . xl

James Arskyn, Colonnel . iii c

James Balfour, Lieut. -Col. lxxx

Andries Caddel, Serg fc -Major lx

John Siortes, 3 Quartiermr . 1


iii c


Jacques Duntap, Provoost
John Kilpatrick, Colonnel .
Jahn Henderson, Lieut.-Col.
Thomas Levingston, Serg fc
Major, ....
James Hunter, Quartiermr
James Creynier, Provoost .
Phis Balfour, Colonnel
John Levingston, Lieut.-Col.
Walter Scotte, Sergeant-
Major ....
Eduart Yonger, Quartiermr
Robert Aubri Cromby,

George Clerck, Predicant
van de Schotten [minister
of the Scots], £xxxiii, st. vi, d. viii

Zee Ian t




iii c






'John Courtney

Richardt Keiff
Herri Pomerey
Eduard Morgan

.Charles Ketelbi
Walter Schot

men monthly pay



1 James Henderson succeeded Captain Halkett, who had left his company on
30th December 1639. Sir James Henderson, then deceased, was succeeded by
John Kirkpatrick on 28th August 1644. It is stated in Douglas's Baionage that
Sir James Henderson, eldest son of Sir John of Fordell (brother of the three
colonels), was a captain in the French (sic) service, and died in 1643 without

2 David Balfour, formerly lieutenant of Colonel Balfour's company, received
commission as captain, in place of James Halkett deceased, on 22nd September
1638. He was succeeded on October 8th, 1647, by Mauritz Halkett, previously
his lieutenant.

3 John Schortes succeeded Capt. William Lyle, who had succeeded Lieut. -
Colonel Caddell (deceased), on 13th April 1640, and had left his Company before
1st July 1642. Deceased before 26th September 1644, when he was succeeded
by Captain Henry Graham.

4 English names.


Tractementen op Zeelant

Henri Herbert, Colonnel,
voor sijn persoon [for him-
self] .... £m c

Ferdinand Knichtley, Lieut.

Col. .... lxxx


men monthly pay

James Scot . 100 .£1417

Knichtley . „ ,,

Gregoir . „ „

Corbet, . „ ,,

John Siortes, 1 ,, ,,

The following officers received commissions subsequent to the State
of 1643, and prior to the conclusion of the peace in 1648.

John Kirkpatrick, Feb. 19th, 1644,
In succession to John Riddell, deceased. He was formerly lieutenant
of Colonel Kirkpatrick's Life Company.
Robert Halkett, Oct. 25th, 1644.
In succession to John Kirkpatrick who received the company of Sir
James Henderson, deceased. Robert Halkett had been lieutenant of
Sir James Henderson's Company.
Lewis Erskine, Nov. 28th, 1645.
In succession to Thomas Livingston, deceased. He had been previously
Ensign of Colonel Erskine's Company.
Henry Graham, Nov. 28th, 1645.
In succession to John Shiortes. He had been lieutenant of Captain

Colonel Sir William Drummond, May 19th, 1646.
In succession to Sir Philip Balfour, retired. •
Everwyn Kirkpatrick, Nov. 20th, 1646.
In succession to Alexander Murray, retired.

Mauritz Halkett, Oct. 9th, 1647.
In succession to his captain, David Balfour.

Succession of Officers, 1621-1642
The list which follows gives the succession of the captains of the
different companies, and of the field officers. It shows the officer
commanding each company in 1621, with the date of his commission
and those who succeeded him down to 1642, with the dates of

Holland. Foot
1606 Col. Brogh .... 200 men £2612

{James Williamson, 2 cap 11 of 118 men, March 14th 1636.
George Hume, Nov. 17th, 1637.
Henry Hume, April 23rd, 1642.

1 The Scots and English names are frequently found together. A few of the
English have been given as illustrations, and in particular those of the colonels
and staff of the four regiments in service at the time.

2 Deceased before 16th November 1687.




Dec. 20th, 1603 Col. Robert Hindersou . . 200 men £2612

'Francois Henderson, Sep. 17th, 1622.

Col. Earl of Bucklough, received this compy Dec. 8th 1629.
Henry Echlines, Cap n of 117 men ; Jan. 12th, 1634, by appointment of
His Excy, of Jan. 8th, 1634, Col. Levingston to increase his Compy
standing on Friesland, to 198 men, with 81 from this Compy.
1600 Allane Coutis .... 150 men £2014

{George Kier, May 14th, 1631, of 118 men, the balance to Sandelandis.
Dec. 20th, 1603 Francois Henderson . . 150 men £2014

/Archibald Douglas, Nov. 27th, 1622.
\John Riddel, Dec. 29th, 1639.

Jan. 14th, 1617 Thos. Edmondt ... 120 1655

'Wm. Drommont, Aug. 11th, 1625.
Walter Murray, Sep. 30th, 1627.

After Edmondt this Compy was raised to 140 men ; 30 men in 1628
were put under Haquet.
April 5th, 1615 John Kennimondt . . 120 men £1655

/John Bellenden, 1 Dec. 2nd, 1630.
(Alex. Murray, July 9th, 1631.

Nov. 16th, 1618 Jacques Sandelands . . 120 1655

{Thos. Levingston, Jan. 14th, 1639. October 25th, 1638. January 8th, 1639.

Aug. 4th, 1615 Robbert Coutis, .
[Wm. Drommond, Dec. 8th, 1621.
-! John Sempel, Aug. 1st, 1625.
[John Levingston, Jan. 14th, 1630.
April 8th, 1617 James Arskyn
Jan. 12th, 1607 H. Levingston .
/Patrick Murray, Nov. 25th, 1626.
\Thos. Levingston, March 24th, 1635.
Nov. 28th, 160 4 Robert Schot .
/James Elfingston, Jan. 26th 1627.
\Wm. Pentelandt, Feb. 27th, 1632.
March 31st, 1615 James Lindesay

{John Henresone, Sept 22nd, 1629.
Nov. 23rd, 1618 William Orrock

{John Kirckpatrick, Oct. 25th, 1631.
Nov. 24th, 160 4 Wm. Hutson .

{David Colliar, Feb. 11th, 1625.
Nov. 14th, 1618 James Henderson

{Wm. Riddel, Sep. 21st, 1638.
Nov. 28th, 160 4 John Hacquet .
/David Balfour, Col., Sep. 21st, 1629.
\ James Douglas, Dec. 6th, 1638.
1606 Mongo Hamilton .

{James Balfour, Feb. 26th, 1633.

120 men £1655

















1 Dead by July 8th, 163 1.

332 THE THIRTY YEARS 1 WAR [1621-42

Dec. 20th, 1603 David Balfour ... 120 men £1655

/George Halcquet, Dec. 6th, 1629.

\ James Henrisonne, Jan. 2nd, 1640. s

March 12th, 1621 Willem Schot ... 120 1655

{George Lamont, Nov. 28th, 1622.
Jacques Halcquet, Sep. 18th, 1629.
David Balfour, Sep. 23rd, 1638.
Oct. 9th, 1604 Andreas Donaldson . . 120 1655

{Jacques Balfour, March 18th, 1627.

Pay on Holland.

1 606 Col. Brogh, for his person . . . . 400

J James Sandilandis, March 14th, 1636.
\ James Arskyn, March 8th, 1639.

Allane Coutis, Lt. Col. ..... 100

James Sandelandis, May 9th, 1631.
James Arskyne, March 17th, 1636.
Andries Caddel, March 8th, 1639.
James Balfour, July 21st, 1640.
April 28th, 1612 Col. Robert Henderson ... 300

since raised to 400
'Francois Henderson, Sep. 17th, 1622.
John Hacquet, Dec. 28th, 1628.
David Balfour, Sep. 7th, 1629.
Archibald Douglas, March 8th, 1639.
^John Kirckpatrick, Oct. 21st, 1639.

March 12th, 1618 Francois Henderson, Lt Col. . . 100

John Halquet, Oct. 31st, 1622.
David Balfour, Dec. 28th, 1628.
Jacques Haddon, Oct. 22nd, 1629.
James Levingstone, Dec. 21st, 1629.
James Henrisone, July 21st, 1634.
Archibald Douglas, July 5th, 1638.
John Kilpatrik, March 8th, 1639.
Uohn Henrisone, Dec. 2nd, 1639.

Hacquet, St Major ..... 80

/'David Balfour, Sep. 5th, 1622.
Archibald Bethon, Dec. 28th, 1628.
Jacques Haddon, Oct. 22nd, 1629.
Mongo Hamilton, Dec. 3rd, 1629.
James Henrisonne, Feb. 16th, 1633.
Archibald Douglas, Nov. 3rd, 1634.
John Kirckpatrick, June 29th, 1638.
John Henderson, March 8th, 1639.
VThos. Levingstone, Dec. 2nd, 1639.

Blaire q r m r . . . . . • 50




CW m Jeremias Pentland, Nov. 5th, 1622.
■j Jan Roon, March 16th, 1527.
(.James Houter, Jan. 12th, 1640.

Michiel Henderson, Provost Marshall
{James Kryhiers, Sep. 9th, 1628.

Wardens and Quartermasters
Willem Drommond, S 1 major Reg fc Brogh
' James Sandilandis, Oct. 27th, 1627.
James Arskin, May 12th, 1631.
Andries Caddel, March 28th, 1636.
James Balfour, April 15th, 1639.
I Walter Murray, Oct. 30th, 1640.

Robert Mesterton, q r master of Col. Brogh
(W™ Pentlant, Oct. 22nd, 1630.
\ John Siordes, March 12th, 1632.
|w m Olphinston, Oct. 17th, 1642.

Officers of Justice
Willem Carcadie, Prost marshal of Brogh
(W m Car, Oct. 15th, 1627.
\ Jacques Donlap, June 28th, 1630.

Andreas Hunterus, minister of the Scots

Guelderland. Foot
Jan. 2nd, 1607 Philip Mouvray
/W m Brogen, Feb. 3rd, 1626
lAlex. Bruce, April 12th, 1635.

Zeeland. Foot
1601-3 Walter Broux [Bruce ]
(W m Douglas, June 2nd, 1627.
\ Walter Schott, Dec. 8th, 1629.

Utrecht. Foot
May 17th, 1606 Setton

[Andries Caddel, Jan. 14th, 1623 [June 13th]
} W m Lyle, April 14th, 1640.

I John Schortes, July 4th, 1642.

Jan. 16th, 1620 Mario Ribanckes

James Schotte, Sep. 9th, 1636 [Sep. UK\.

Vriesland. Foot
1614 (?) Archibald Betone .
{ Jonas Levingston [probably Col. James L. Lord





120 men
120 men

120 men

120 men

120 men

120 men


£33 6




334 THE THIRTY YEARS 1 WAR [1621-42

July 23rd, 1605, Geo. Homes . . 120 men £1655

/Jonas Murray, May 6th, 1623.
\Geo. Lauder, 1634, March 11th, 1654.

March 11th, 1606, Steven Brounfielt . 120 men £1655

{ Patrick Stuart, Feb. 1st, 1654.

Groningen and Ommelanden. Foot
July 8th, 1615, George Coutis . . 120 men £1655

{ Alane Coutis, 1 April 30th, 1638 [1637]
Philip Balfour .... 120 men £1655

{ June 2nd, 1621. [Appears in State of War, 1617].

[The italics in the above list indicate a lacuna in the original source, or an
addition and correction made by the compiler from other information.]

1 Allan Coutts, formerly ensign of Captain Scott, on 27th April 1638, in con-
formity with a recommendation of the States of Groningen and Ommelanden,
received a commission as captain of the company of the late Lieut. -Colonel
Coutts, his father. (This was Lieut. -Colonel George Coutts.) Became sergeant-
major in 1660, and lieut. -colonel of Louis Erskine's regiment in 1662. Appears
as lieut. -colonel in 1674, the regiment then being commanded by Jacques de
Fariaux, but not in 1675.





1621, January 26. — The petition was read of Margaret Resolutions of
Hamilton, surviving daughter of the late Captain John
Hamilton, requesting that, in consideration of the eminent
services rendered by her late father to the country, a sum of
money may out of grace be voted to her. And it was resolved
to place said petition in the hands of the Council of State, to
dispose of it.

February 6. — The petition was read of Colonels William
Brogh and Robert Henrisonne, asking for permission to
increase the strength of their respective companies at once to
two hundred men ; but this was to be taken into consideration
before being decided upon.

April 24. — In the matter of the petition of the daughter of
Captain Hamilton, asking for money for her support, the
prayer of the petitioner was refused.

To the Council of State. (Feb. 22, 1621.)
My Lords, — . . . Having been informed by your Lord- Letters and
ships 1 missive of 16th inst. of the resolution of their High f^CouncU
Mightinesses the States-General, of His Excellency the Prince, of state,
and of your Lordships, respecting the further strengthening of
the companies of infantry, that is to say, the companies of
this nation to be increased, each to the number of one hundred
and fifty ; and the French, English, and Scots, to the number
of one hundred and twenty each. And in pursuance of your
command, I shall henceforth not neglect to pay particular
attention to such new enlisted soldiers and recruits, and also


to fix the day of muster about the 1st of April next. But the
cavalry captains here design — as I understood from their talk
some days ago — to be mustered on the 1st of March next, as
they intend to have the cavalry completed at the above date.
Yet I fear that though they may bring the men together, the
muster will prove a failure in the matter of arms. — And here-
with drawing to a close, etc., your potent, worshipful, etc.

(Signed) Gabriel Severijns.
At Grave, the 22nd February 1621.

To the Council of State. (April 8, 1621.)

My Lords, — Sir William Balfour, cavalry captain in this
town with his company in garrison, requests from us the pay-
ment due for servants 1 wages during the period of the last
eleven months : the particulars you will learn more at large
from the document containing his request, which we enclose.
And it is well known that he had lodged first at the house of
Beeckman, and now in the house of the heir of the Provincial
Secretary Kerkman, where he still abides. Moreover, since his
household servants 1 expenses are not on the rolls, and the
officers of lodging allowances have orders to pay no house
service expenses, except in obedience to the Councirs orders ;
therefore it is our request, in case you agree with us, that you
will please to cause this service money to be forwarded to him,
because he has had his lodgings, his family, and his horses
here, for the period of the eleven months aforesaid, and, with
that end in view, to give some document or order, etc.,

Burgomasters, Aldermen, and Council
of the City Nymegen.

8th April 1621.

To the Honourable Council of the City Nymegen.

Captain Sir William Balfour, knight, showeth, with all
respect, that the officers of the lodging allowances in your
town keep from him and refuse to pay the service expenses
due to him, i.e. for himself, his servants, and horses, during a
period of eleven months, or from the 6th November 1618 to
the 22nd September 1619, both included ; notwithstanding he


lodged first at the house of Engelbert Beeckman, and now
since that always at the house of Provincial Secretary Kerck-
man ; the said officers declaring that his service expenses have
not been entered on the rolls. And though he had been
absent once or twice from the musters, on necessary business
in England, he had always had his family and horses here, and
was always responsible for the charges of the lodging. So
your petitioner will trust, as he likewise requests, that his
service money, amounting to one hundred and fifty guilders,
eight stuivers, accumulated during the said period, be paid
him by the officers, by order of your Worships, that he may
be able to satisfy his landlords in that respect. — By doing
so, etc.

1621, May 11. — Inquiry drawn up and taken by me, Jacob
Schimmelpenninck van der Oeij, Commissary in Ordinary
in the County Zutphen, regarding the three following

Under the Cavalry Captain Beaumont.

Andrew Bell, Scotsman, about sixty-six years of age, declared
that he served these Provinces for about forty-five years, both
on foot and mounted ; that he served first under Captain Trell,
Scotsman, then under Cavalry Captain Maxwel, Scotsman, at
Bruges, in Vlanders, and under Bruijs, at Ostend ; that he was
ensign of Captain Grim, after Grim's discharge under Colonel
Balfour, and thereafter under Cavalry Captain Edmond. To
this day he has served as a trooper in that company, and
owing to old age is unable longer to bear arms. He declared
that his passports are placed along with his clothes in certain
boxes at Nimmeghen.

Under Cavalry Captain Urwingh.

Andrew Anderson, Scotsman, is lying sick at Utrecht. The
captain declares that he is sixty years of age, and owing to
several wounds is weak and unable to serve longer.

To the Council of State.
My Lords, — We received your Lordships' missive, with the


request of Captain Areskyn, touching his service money [in
his lodgings 1 ], although he was beyond the sea in Scotland
more than four months, and that is the reason why we refused
to pay him the said service money, and we did so in conformity
with our missive written to us here, of date 7th August 1617 :
whereby a statutory rule was made that the order issued at
the instance of the town as to service should be strictly obeyed
in all its parts ; which order contains these words, ' that those
who are absent for a month shall enjoy no service money /
Nevertheless, as such complainings occur frequently, and come
before us, and your Lordships are also thereby importuned,
we could wish that you would more definitely explain whether
one ought to refuse the service money to those only who have
been out of the country, and pay it to those who have remained
in the Provinces ; and whether one should not pay those
also who have been abroad, in respect that they have had wife
aud children here, besides weapons and baggage, and then you
must here keep up a hired house. On which waiting the
good pleasure of your Lordships, we recommend, etc.

Burgomasters and Aldermen of the City Breda.

To the Council of State. (March 3, 1622.)

Noble, High, and Mighty Lords, — Showeth that Johan
Rongardt, auditor of this garrison, claims as due to him from
the late Captain Coutts a sum of seventy-nine guilders, nine-
teen and three-quarter stuivers, made up from his salary
and earned payments, and promised and pledged to him
at our meeting in general terms that it was to be paid by
every captain. Whereof he handed to the said captain's
blood relations the account, to which he begs to refer, and
wherein it is proved that the said payment 2 has stood year
after year unpaid, which was the cause and reason why he,
Rongardt, sought per modam arresti via ordinaria, and im-
petrated arrest on certain moveables and clothes in the
custody of Ensign Archibald Williams. And as we under-
stand here an action was entered on — propter preferentiam —

1 Not in Dutch. 2 Or contribution.


between said ensign and the solicitor. And so my humble
request is that the said Rongardt .be not curtailed in his right
that he has, but be maintained in his preference (which as
earned wages ought in any case by law to be allotted in his
favour), in respect that he obtained, after the death of Coutis,

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