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inhabitants of these Provinces. May it please your Honour-
able Mightinesses to grant with the mild hand of your liberality
compensation to the petitioner for the loss of his hand, and
not only move him to thankfulness, but also in so doing oblige
us, for by this a particular favour would be done to us, etc.

Burgomasters and Rulers of the
City of Alckmaar.
At Alckmaar, 29th January 1632.

Eesoiutions 1632, February 18. — The request of Christina Boswel, widow

of Lieutenant-Colonel Alane Coutis, to be granted support
on account of and in recompense for her husband's services, was

March 5. — With regard to the petition of the widow of Lieu-
tenant [Colonel] Allane Coutis for a life-pension or allowance, it
was resolved, before coming to a final decision, to obtain the

of States-


advice of the Council of State ; but afterwards a sum of one
hundred and fifty guilders was granted to the petitioner.

Recommendation by the King of George Stuart.

Hauts et Puissants Seigneurs, Nos bons amis et ali.iez, — Le Diplomatic
S r Guillaume Vrry, 1 Capitaine d'une compagnie de gendarmes, e ^ esp0n
aprez vous avoir servi plusieurs annees en vos guerres, se trou-
vant ores force par la vieillesse et Findisposition qui Faccom-
pagne de recercher vostre conge et permission po pouvoir
resigner sa dite Compagne a nostre bien ame et feal le S r
George Stuart, 2 frere de nostre Cousin le Due de Lenox, qui se
porte d'une affection singuliere a vous servir en ceste charge la.
Nous vous avons bien voulu recommander ceste requeste,
non seulement comme estant bien raisonable, mais aussy fort
louable, en ce que Tun vous ayant servi tant d'annees vous
presente en sa place un si digne successeur, et Fautre estant
descend u d\ine tige illustree, desire s'employer pour le bien de
Vos Estats, et ainsy tous deux s'offrent esgallement (tant
qu'est en eux) a la continuation de Fadvancement de vostre
service. Au regard de quoy Nous vous prions tres affectu-
eusement de vouloir aggreer leurs desirs et Fintercession que
nous vous faisons pour Tun et pour Fautre. Ainsy que Nous
nous promettons de Fequite de FafFaire et de vostre affection,
affin qu'avec Eux nous vous en puissions remercier. A tant
Nous demeurerons tousjo rs , Hauts et Puissants Seigneurs, Nos
bons amis et alliez, vostre bien bon Amy, Charles R.

A nostre palais de Westmestre, Ce 5 me d'Avril 1632.

1 Urrie of Pitfichie was the name of an old family in the Garioch in Aberdeen-
shire. Sir John Urrie, ' a soldier of fortune and very changeable,' served on
both sides in the Civil War, and was defeated by Montrose at Auldearn. He
married Maria Magdalena van Jaxheim, daughter of Christopher Sebastian van
Jaxheim de Erlabrun, and both his grandfather and great-grandfather were
named William. — Itiverurie and the Earldom of the Garioch.

2 George, Lord d'Aubigny, fourth son of Esme, third Duke of Lennox, was,
says Douglas, ' a great loyalist who lost his life in the king's service at the battle
of Keynton in 1642.' Lord Clarendon says ' he was a man of great hopes, of a
gentle and winning disposition, and of very clear courage.'




Resolutions of
the States -

May 25. — A missive was received from the King of Great
Britain, written at Whitehall on April 28th last, recommend-
ing their High Mightinesses to give orders that the widow of
Captain Ramsey be paid the sum of fourteen hundred and
ninety guilders arrears of said captain due by this State.

After discussion thereanent, it was resolved that this matter
be placed at the disposal of the Council of State.

June 4. — There was read the advice of the Council of
State, of date March 6th last, with regard to the petition of
the widow of Lieutenant-Colonel Coutis, presented on the
previous day to their High Mightinesses, in which she requests
support, both on account of her husband's long and faithful
services and because of certain accounts.

After discussion, it was resolved and decided, in accordance
with said advice, that this petition be not entertained, because
it would be too great a burden for the country to support the
widows of all captains and officers, where no petition has been
addressed to the Provinces; besides, the petitioner's husband
did not die when facing the enemy, but in his bed, and her
son has received from His Excellency an ensigncy, and may
in time be still further promoted. And as regards the claims
for accounts due, no consideration can be taken of them, on
account of their forming a precedent of importance.

Requests to
tne Council
of State.

From a letter of the Dutch Ambassador Joachimi.

London, 29th June 1632.
Honourable and Potent Lords, — . . . Six days ago general
consternation reigned, both at court and in the city, through
a false report spread abroad, to the effect that before or
about Maestricht, a large number of English and Scottish
officers had been slain. Their names were Messrs. Vear [Vere],
Morgan, Packingham, Brog, Carew, and Balfour. Neither
Mr. Brasser nor I had anything to say in contradiction
of this report, except what we thought would probably and
likely tend to soften the evil tidings. Which ill news is now
dead, because the letters from Brussels and Antwerp make no
mention of the loss ; but on the contrary assure us that the
arms of my Lords the States-General advance successfully on


the Meuse and the Scheldt. May God further and further
bless the same. (Signed) Alb. Joachimi.

September 3. — With regard to the petition of Christina Resolutions

Boswel, widow of the late Lieutenant Couttis, for reasons of stat ? s "

. General,

brought forward by the petitioner, the sum of thirty guilders

was awarded her as a gratuity ; an order for it is to be


December 22. — The petition of the widow of the late

Lieutenant-Colonel Coutis to receive a pension during her

life-time, and to have it transferred to her daughter after her

death, having been read, it was resolved, after discussion, to

obtain the advice of the Council of State.

1633, A'pr'il 9. — The [consideration of the] petition of Chris-
tina Boswel, widow of Lieutenant-Colonel and Captaine Alane
Coutis to be granted a life pension for herself and her daughter
was postponed.

May 28. — AVith regard to the petition of Christina Boswel,
widow of the late Allane Coutis, it was resolved, after
discussion, hereby to grant the petitioner, as a gratuity,
the sum of one hundred guilders, in addition to what she
has already received. An order for the money is to be

1634, April 28. — The petition having been read of Patrick
Stuart, captain of a Scottish Company, repartitioned on [charged
to] the province of Friesland, complaining that he, the peti-
tioner, has since January of last year received no money from
the said province, it was resolved, after discussion, to request
the States of the said province that, in order to prevent all
misunderstanding and other troubles, they should not be
dilatory in continuing the support of the company com-
manded by the petitioner.

October 17. — The petition having been read of Christina
Boswell, widow of the late Allane Couttis, it was resolved,
after discussion, for reasons therein mentioned, that the peti-
tioner, instead of two guilders, which she is actually receiving
at present from the doorkeeper Hendersum, shall henceforth
receive four guilders.




Requests to
the Council
of State.

(May 24, 1636.)

Honourable and Potent Lords, particularly Good Friends,
— George Bruce, late sergeant of the company of Colonel
Balfour, and afterwards ensign in the company of Captain
Kirkpatrick, having been killed during the attack made on
the hornwork before the fort of Schencken, three weeks after
he got his ensigncy, left a sorrowing widow behind him, the
bearer of this, and we could not reject her prayer, that we
would herewith address these our letters to your Honourable
Mightinesses, friendly entreating that it may please your
Honourable Mightinesses to consider favourably the petition,
which from poverty she is obliged to present to you ; accord-
ing as your Honourable Mightinesses shall find the faithful
services of her husband to deserve.

Honourable and Potent Lords, particularly good friends,
recommending herewith your Honourable Mightinesses to the
protection of God Almighty, — Your Honourable Mightinesses 1
obedient friend, F[rederic] Hi. d'Orange.

At the Hague, the 24th May.

Resolutions of
the States-

1637, June 2. — The petition having been read of Patrick
Stewart, a captain in the service of this country, it was resolved,
after discussion, to grant and furnish the petitioner, hereby,
with a letter of recommendation to the States of Friesland, in
order that he may obtain from them payment of three thou-
sand four hundred pounds, being arrears of salary due to him
from April 22nd, 1633 to April 18th, 1636.

July 30. — The petition having been read to the meeting of
Christina Boswel, widow of the late Allane Coutis, in his life-
time for thirty-three years in the service of this State as cap-
tain and lieutenant-colonel respectively. It was resolved, after
discussion, hereby, out of commiseration, to grant the peti-
tioner forty guilders, for which an order is to be sent to her.
And the doorkeeper Hendersum is ordered to continue to hand
weekly to the said petitioner as much as she received weekly
last year for another year.


November 2. — The petition having been read of Mrs. Chris-
tina Boswell, widow of the late Alarje Coutis, in his lifetime for
thirty-three years in the service of this country as captain and
lieutenant-colonel, requesting, for reasons adduced by her, to
be assisted with some special grant in this great need of hers.
It was decided and resolved, out of commiseration for her,
and on account of her husband^ good services, to grant
her a special allowance of forty guilders, as she has received
before this time, without, however, considering it as a fixed

1638, January 23. — The further petition presented to their
High Mightinesses in the name and on behalf of Christina
Boswel, widow of the late Alaine Couttis, was refused, after

January 26. — The further petition of Christina Boswel,
widow of the late Alane Couttis, was again refused, after

January 28. — The further petition of Christina Boswel,
widow of the late Alane Coutis, having been reconsidered, it
was resolved, after foregoing discussion, to grant the petitioner
twenty-five guilders, for which an order will be despatched
[to her].

(Feb. 1638.)

Companies complete. Colonels of Infantry. Requests to

Council of
Morgan. Balfour. State.

Herbert, Henry, knight. Baron d'Amont.

Gorinsrh. Sandelandis.

Colpepyr, Thomas. etc.

(Feb. 18, 1638.)

To the colonels of all regiments, horse and foot.

We hereby notify to you that, in the name of the country,
you must order all captains of your regiment, or the officers
commanding the companies, to bring their companies up to
the full authorised strength by the first of April next, and
thereafter to maintain them at the full number; also thor-


oughly to equip them with good weapons, and other necessary
instruments, so that there shall be nothing wanting ; failing
which we shall hold the colonels responsible.
Resolutions May 6. — With regard to the petition of Christina Boswel>

General 8 widow of the late Alane Couttis, in his lifetime lieutenant-

colonel, after discussion the petitioner was awarded the sum
of fifty guilders in addition to what she has received previously
from their High Mightinesses. An order for the said sum is-
to be despatched to her.

July 21. — With regard to the petition presented to their
High Mightinesses in the name and on behalf of Christina
Boswell, their High Mightinesses declared that they adhered
to their former resolution.

August 13. — With regard to the petition of Christina
Boswel, widow of the late Alane Couttis, in his lifetime lieu-
tenant-colonel, their High Mightinesses resolved to continue
hereby for another year to the petitioner four guilders a week,
to be paid her by the doorkeeper Hendersum. And, in addi-
tion, a sum of twenty-five guilders was voted to her ; for which
an order is to be despatched to her.

June 8. — [Decision about] the petition of Hester Seldnytsky,
widow of Sergeant-Major Hamilton, to receive support, was
postponed after foregoing discussion.

June 16. — [Decision about] the petition of Hester Sed-
nytsky to receive assistance was postponed.

June 25. — [Decision about] the further petition of Hester
Sednytsky was again postponed.

July 5. — With reference to the petition of Hester Sitnisky,
their High Mightinesses resolved to postpone their decision
about the said petition.

October 21. — With reference to the petition of Hester
Seldnytzky, widow of the late Sergeant-major Hamilton, sup-
ported by a recommendation from his Highness, to receive a
yearly pension on account of the reasons adduced by her, it was
resolved, after discussion, for the reasons brought forward in
the said petition, to grant the petitioner hereby the cash
sum of seven hundred guilders, an order for which is to be
despatched to her.


November 4. — With reference to the further petition of
Hester Sednytsky, surviving widow of Sergeant-major Hamil-
ton, their High Mightinesses declare that they gave to the
petitioner herself personally the seven hundred guilders granted
to her before this, and that on account of their having done
so they are not to be annoyed because of the debts of her

July 6. — Messrs. Arnhem and Conders are requested and
commissioned to attend the funeral of the late Lieutenant-
Colonel Hinderson 1 with the short mantle, and this specially
because the said lieutenant-colonel lost his life in active service
of the State.

The Prisoners talcen at Calloo.

August 18. — A despatch was received from the ambassador
Joachimi, written in London on the 5th instant, announcing
that Mr. Secretary Windebaugh had come to his lodgings on
the day of writing, to notify to him that the king, having
written several times to the Cardinal Infante about the release
of four Scottish officers and six hundred soldiers of that nation,
who were taken prisoners in June last in the country of Waes,
had received that day a reply that the said cardinal was willing
to oblige the king and release the four officers, on condition that
they do not serve against the House of Austria for a year, and
the aforesaid six hundred soldiers, on condition that he be
allowed to enlist on his side an equal number of soldiers in
England ; that Mr. Windebaugh said that the king thought
the conditions feasible, seeing that the district could not assist
the prisoners ; that he would like to know Joachimi's opinion
about it, whether their High Mightinesses would accept the
aforesaid officers and men on the above conditions ; that he
(Joachimi) had replied that the proposal was a matter which
he did not know how to respond to, as it went beyond his
instructions, that questions relating to the quartering on
districts were settled in the Netherlands by the generals of
both parties, and that he believed that negotiations were being
carried on for the release of the said prisoners in the Nether-

1 Lieutenant-Colonel James Henderson of Sir David Balfour's regiment, p. 230.

2 F




Petitions to
the Council
of State.

lands. Joachimi also stated that on the date of his previous
letter he had gone to Mr. Secretary Coke to discuss with him
the proposals which eight days ago he had laid before the
king, and that he stated more distinctly that the Cardinal
Infante was willing to restore to the king the aforesaid officers
and soldiers on the conditions stated above ; but that His
Majesty would not accept them without knowing whether they
be would acceptable to their High Mightinesses and the Prince
of Orange, and desired that he (Joachimi) should write and
obtain information on the point. The missive also contained
some other points of importance worthy to be considered.

After discussion thereanent, it was resolved to write as
speedily as possible, and without further consideration, about
the case of the prisoners in connection with the point indicated
in the foregoing despatch to his Highness the Prince of Orange,
referring the said matter to, and placing it before, the most
wise consideration of his Highness, in order that he, having
come to a resolution on the matter, a reply in pursuance
thereof may be sent to Mr. Joachimi ; and in so far as the
other points mentioned in the said missive are of importance,
that Mr. Arnhem be requested to extract from it the points
requiring consideration, and report them to their High Mighti-
nesses, handing them in in writing.

List qf the Soldiers captured at Callo and sent to Lillo. 1
(Exhibitum. March 15, 1639.)

Van 't Regiment

Van de Comp ie Colonnelle
Alexander Litteljohn
Pieter Borrel
Pieter Olifant
Gilbert Cetoum
Pieter Thomas
William Paret
Robbert Hal
Andro Farghuardson
Robert Westwatter
William Arnot
Archibald Niderey
James Irland

van den Coll 1 Balfour.

Thomas Ritcharson
Robbert Ment
James Davitson
Jhon Abercrombe
Eduart Herwel
George Schadij
Jhon de Rycke
Jhon Themson
Alesser Tolloch
Robert Anderson
Andro Wilson
Jan van den Bosch
Richard Wricht

1 See Wagenaar, Vaderlandsche HisL, vol. ii. p. 270.




Jhon Fosser
Alexander Allet
Jhon Macpuwel
Jhon Corvet
John Ogilve
Richard Smith
Francie Dog
Peter Donckan
Peter Robbertson
William Paterson
Matheu Roberson
Makeu Makadiu
William Ingels
George Waterson
Sandie Geddes
Renalt Davitson
Themos Theusten
Eduward Smonsie
Wichard Tenuys
William Wrrie
Franchejs Cornelis
Andries Rid
Alexander Broun


Van den U-Coronnel Douglas.

Robert Bier
Patrick Michel
James Seunrel
Alexander Imces
Willem Kar
Alexander Tremmelle
Philip Thencas
Robert Malice Tenger
Remb Rind
Thumis Jansson
Thomas Heupen
Jan Manschet


Van den Serg t -Major Kirpatrick.

James Balfour, lieutenant.
Davit Littelj sergeant.
Sanders Tenston

William Elder
Michiel Wilsep
'William Breun
Gilbert Parcker
Robert Teuwen
Hen Saers
James Clarck
Jan Davidts
Davit Tendel
John Wachem
Alexander Robbertson


Van Cap n Riddel.

Alexander Terlandt, sergeant.

Steen Jack

Jhon Simson

Nicolaus Kidsier

Sandie Ray

James May

Sandie Hog

Gerrit Peterson

James Teuper

Wessel Gerritsen

Eduart Hereng

Thomas Anderson

James Cunegam


Van Davidt Balfour.

Hubert la Mont
Georg Schot
Robert Makey
Thomas Eduard
John Muller

Van Cap n Levingston.

Jhon Pewes
Jhon Houston
Jhon Barclay
Daniel Sinclaire
Mongo Kant




Peter Langlnes
Peter Muddie
Robyn More
Robert Menges
James Watt
Jacob Cammel
Peter Nieuwenhuysen
Patrick Craffort
Jan Hay
John Thomasson
Ritchard Borton


Van Gap 11 Jhon Henrison.

James Nul
William Berentrop

Georg Schiel
Jhon Red de Yonger
Georg Steenson
Adam Kincgherme
William Ewart
Robyn Fraser
Jhon Redelder
Jhon Jansen
Robert Robertson
Jan Joly
James Straffen
John Marten
James CrofFort
James Wod
Marcus Mager


Van 't Regiment van den Baron d'Amont.

Van de Compaignie Coronnelk.

Andries Wiijt
Reynier D'avison
William Mackey
William Spacker
John Smeth
Thomas Smechelman
Henry Ter
George Trommel
Robert Abercromme
Patrick Hum
John Macklyn
Jan Jader

Robbert Cusetter

Andre Hat

Stoffel van Dorten

Daniel Mackengam

James Bel

Alexander Levingstohn

Ritchart Hacklet

Patrick Spiedeman

Wouter Sproet

Robert Coster

Willem Philips

Jan Eduarts


Van den U-Coll 1 Balfour.

William Kar, sergeant
Walter Moncrieff
George Kar
John Woth
Thomas Kar
Patrick Paverman
John Scha
Davidt Abercromme
Adam Mackalem
Sander Lesse
Angnus Macore
Hidu Macklyn
James Henrison
William Tenning
Thomas Douglas
Alexander Stimson
John Jong
Andries Schot
John Everson
Davit Gerits
Mongo Hotsey
James Hory
James Ramsay





Van den Serg ( -Major Levingston.

John Wier, lieutenent
James Bely, sergeant
Alexander Cuningam
John Boyt
James Spret
Robert Walles
Jan Dryborch
Andries Andriess
James Bachler, tot Lilo ges-
torven [died at Lillo]


Van Cap 71 Pidcarn.

Robbert Doncke, lieutenant

David Ogewe, sergeant

William Grey

William Schot

George Bornet

Henry Garden

John Robberts

Jan Huntter

Jan Coleys

John Schot

James Gooden

John Leyn

Alexander Mel


Van Cap"- Schot.

Nathanael Bruce, vendrich

John Ree
Joris Miller
Meynart van Ravensberg

John Krichlyn
Gilbert Mackey
Alexander Staes
James Her
John Michiel
Anthony Viry
Thomas Scholt
Thomas van Soeste
Eldert van Wayle
William Kelly


Van Cap' 1 Lauder.

James Karrentres, vendrich
Andries Grand
Alexander Ham
Robert Foret
Adam Aringstrang
Orfre Calhoum


Van Gap 11 Coutis.

John Brus, lieutenant
John Karckettel
Jan Janssen
David Coustreum
Patrick Bell
Eldert van Dousburch
Corst van Doesburch
Thomas Janssen
Willem Daint
Meynaert Jacobs


Van 't Regiment van den Coll 1 Sandelants.

Van den U-C'oll 1 Areskyn.

Willem Lei, Lieutenant
David Anderson, vendrich

Andries Bredich
Matheus Peters

Gewin Tremmel
Alexander Douckers
Robbert Robberts
John Nies
Christoffel Kniper
Robbert Donckam




William Hael
Adam Jongh
John Pringel
Thomas Craffort
Patrick Mil
John Innes
Henrick Thomas


Van den Serg'-Major Caddel.

N. Caddel, sergt-major

Jan Hamilton, lieutenant

Laurens Janss, vendrich

Franchis Johnstil, sergeant

Thomas Hutson

Jan Treuwe

Christiaen Martens

Alexander Gipson

Willem Meur

Lachlam Mackwyn

Mathys Linson

James Rodersort

Alaxander Feulartoum

Eeuwe Wilson

James Broun

George Grinley

John Walson

Mans Smeth

James Corheth

John Strath

Sander Bel


Van Cap n Levingston.

William Wallis, vendrich
Robbert Wachep
Arsbalt Watson
Reynier Krichem
Willem Dircxson
James Thamson
James Grim
Robert Merck
Jan Robbertson

1 i.e. gentleman volunteer.

Robbert Rocoy
Christiaen Anbey
Henrick Grim, edelman
[nobleman] 1


Van Cap 11 Jaicques Balfour.

Adam Witsert, lieutenant

Hendrick Sandelans, vendrich

Jan Balfourt, sergeant

Davidt Craffurt

Robbert Linson

John Estoun

Thomas Robbertson

Gilbert Fleck

James Renne

William Cadel

John Wach

Patrick Makerter

Olivier Borch

Eduard Armstrang

Robert Yong

Thomas Ecken

Thomas Yongston

Daniel Boomgaert

Hans Marcelis

Melchior Elschemel

John Christs

William Patrick

Sander Sim

Henrick Metsel

William Eduart

Robbert Christon

Andries Morrij

Lenaei-t Wolfsaert

Thomas Stuart

William Donalson


Van Cap n Stuart.
Patrick Stuart, capiteyn
John Forbus, lieutenant
Dadat Trettray, sergeant
Hugo Faxson




David Rattray
Alexander Ferbus
James Meur
James Wat
George Mirdoch
Evert Backer
Robert Berelton
Roelant Schotte
Gebert Schotte
Olivier Peters
Robbert Waddel
Daniel Mackyn
Daniel Smeth
Alexander Been
James Maurits
Paschier Lerin
John Ritsy
Bernt Hansen
William Douglas
Andries Stuart
Heiirick Polman
William Simpson
Pauwels Ordre
Joris Wisser, edelman


Van Cap n James Schot.

James Riddel, lieutenant

Thomas Cunegam ~|

& Vsergeanten
David Cra . . . Isic])

Fulmer Muller

Robbert Walgraff

John Wals

Ewyn Johns
James Wales
Thomas Welreen
Franchis Lauder
Willem Henricx
William Storcke
John Blastock
Alexander Gordon
Thomas Pats
Alexander Hoseck
Davidt Story
John Christs
Daniel Mackmillen
James Teeck
John Bayer
John Vits


Van Cap n Hum.

Jan Lame, lieutenant
Justus Grim
John Wricht
Adam Anderson
William Otterson
James Meuries
Thomas Hum
Willem Jacobss

Van 't Regim t van Graeff Maurits
van Nassau, etc.

(Feb. 5, 1639.)
Honourable Mightinesses, — I have not had before this a
subject to write to your Honourable Mightinesses about,
but now I cannot refrain from troubling your Honourable
Mightinesses with these few lines, now that the circumstances

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