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December 1688, served in the Scottish campaign, commanded at Inverness, and
defeated Generals Buchan and Cannon at Cromdale. Appointed major-general,
and created Viscount Teviot, in 1696. Commanded a brigade in the Nether-
lands in 1697. Commander-in-chief in Scotland. Lieut. -general, 1703. Died

' He is a gentleman of a good head, and understands most things very well ;
hath purchased a greater estate than any soldier in the king's reign. . . . He is
of a fair complexion, fine shape, and well-looked man, towards fifty-five years

In Sir William Fraser's Earls of Cromarty, there is a curious story of the
apparition of his ghost to ask forgiveness from his deserted Dutch wife.



Holland. Foot
Walter Scott, Col. 1
Hendreck Graham, Lt-Col. 2
Johan Lamy, St-major 3
Alex. Colier 4
Petrus Watkin
Fred. Sandelants 5
Jacob de Champfleury
Carel Otto Scheie
Jacob Robt Lennox G
Johan Abrahal.*
Herbert van Beaumont
Broighwell Flud [sic]
Lewis Arskin, Col. 7
AlaneCoutis, L'-Col. 8
W m Sandelants, S^major 9
Jacob van Himbice.t
James Colpeper
Johan Butler
Pieter de Bitter
Gerrit van Haeften
Jacob Cuyck van Meteren
Diederich van Deepenbroeck
Bonaventura Bodeck
Evert Dirck van Kessel.

Holland. Foot
Henry Graham, Col.
Johan Lamy, L'-Col.
Alex. Colier, S'-major
Petrus Watkin
Jacob de Champfleury
Carel Otto Scheie
Jacob Rob* Lennox
Johan Abrahal
Herbert van Beaumont
Broignel Floyott [sic]
Maurits Hacquet 10
Henry Graham ll
Jacques de Fariaux,

Lord [of the Manor] van Maulde,
Alane Coutes, U'-Col.
Geo. l'Alleman, S l -major

Jacques de Fariaux, Col.
George Lalemandt, L^Col.
Jacob van Meteren, S'-major

I See p. 325. - See p. 498. 3 See p. 493. 4 See p. 497.

5 Frederick Sandilands took oath on April 27th, 1672, and was dead by
August 3rd, 1673, when he was succeeded by Henry Graham.

fi James Robert Lennox took oath as captain on 20th April 1672. Robert
[sic] Lennox was succeeded by Andrew Bruce from August 17th, 1673.

* Lachlane Macklin gets Abrahal's company, December 9th, 1678. — Tran-
scriber's Note. See p. 504.

7 See p. 490. 8 See p. 496. 9 See p. 497.

t Jacob van Imbice (Himbice or d'Imbice) disappears in 1674 in Regiment
de Fariaux. — Transcriber's Note.

10 Maurits Halkett (see p. 491). He had been transferred to Captain James
Erskine's company, who had succeeded Colonel Walter Scott in April, and died
before August 3rd.

II Henry Graham, formerly ensign of Colonel Kirkpatrick's company, suc-
ceeded F. Sandilands on August 3rd, 1673. Left Holland 1688, and appointed
captain in Wauchope's Scots Foot. Killed at Walcourt, in Flanders, in an en-
gagement with the Luxemburgers, 25th August 16S9.





following officers took oath between the ;


1673 and 1688 i 1


Gram (Henry Graham) [as colonel],

April 1st


J. Lamy [as lieut. -colonel],



Alex. Colyear [as sergt. -major]



Ja. Erskine, .....



Thomas Levingstoune

July 19th


Henry Graham ....

Aug. 1st


A. van Esingha, 2 ....

Aug. 21st.


Willem Nanningh [adjutant],

Sep. 12th


E. Kirkpatrik, ....



Andi'eas Bruce, ....

Sep. 26th


Alex. Colier [sergt. -major],

Sep. 28th


Charles Graham [adjutant],

Oct. 23d


Geo. Connocke, 3 ....

Dec. 13th


John Wachope, ....

June 2d


Edward Lloyd, 4 . . .

July 2d


Johan Murray, ....

Nov. 9th


Cornelis Stuart, ....

Nov. 14th


J. A. Lauder, ....

Nov. 23d


Ja. Douglas, .....

Dec. 15th


Alexander Colyear [as colonel.]

Jan. 16th


P. Wesly, 5

Jan. 24th


Hen. Levingston, ....

Jan. 30th


H. Mackay [as capt. and lieut. -colonel],

March 20th


Johne Gibsone, ....



Will. Middleton, ....

March 25th


Will. Makdougall [as capt. and sergt.-m


April 9th


C. Grame [Graham],

May 10th


John Hale, ...:..

May 18th


Ro. Douglass, 6 ....

May 20th


[Walter Corbet, adjutant], 7

Oct. 7th


J. Colyer,

Dec. 23d


B. Sygers, 8

Feb. 26th


Ferdinand van Casteren, 9


Everardus Halkett,

Oct. 3d


William Murray, ....

Oct. 24th


George Ramsay, ....

Oct. 31st


Ja. Douglas [as sergt-major], .

Nov. 5th

1 For particulars of service in most cases, see notes to preceding and subsequent
States of War and regimental lists.

2 Succeeded Falckenham.

3 Captain of a new company in Zeeland from April 16th, 1672. Probably one
of the English officers. Sergeant-major of Graham's, March 16th, 1674.

4 Captain new enlistment. Probably one of the English officers.

5 Captain new enlistment, January 24th, 1675. Probably also an English

6 Captain on new enlistment, May 20th, 1675.

7 Probably an English officer.

8 In succession to Nicolas Schraffer.

9 In succession to Isbrandt Laignier.








R. Bruce/

P. Levingstoung, 2

B. Balfour,

Pieter Blom, 3 .

Johan de Maurignault [exchanged]

David Windgom [qr. -master],

Frederick Cuninghame, .

(Alexander Bruce, by proxy),

(Roory Mackie Provost Marshal)

Alexander Lamy, .

Jo. Bruce,

Alexander Hay, 4

W. Nannijnk, 5

H. Mackay [as colonel], .

[W m Dormel, adjutant] 6 .

[Thos. Browne, adjutant], 7

J. Colyear [as sergt. -major],

Jo. Wachope [as sergt. -major]

J. Douglas, 8 .

J. A. Lauder [as lieu*. -colonel],

Jacob Macquay,

(James Douglas, by proxy) [as lieut

(Gerard Volkerse, Provost-Marshal)

B. Balfour [as sergt. -major]

Sommervaul, .

G. Lauder,

B. Balfour [as lieut. -colonel],
T. Levingstone [as sergt. -major],
Jo. Buchan, .
Jo. Wachog, .

C. Bruce,
John Clerk, .
Alexander Levingst
Wilhelm Schaep, 9
Walt. Bowie, .
Ja. Douglas als Col
Will. Middleton als'St-Major,
Jo. Wauchop als L^Col.,
T. Maxwell, .
(Alexander Bruce, by proxy),
T. Dalyell, .
L. M c Lame, 10 .


Nov. 12th
Nov. 13th
Nov. 14th
Nov. 16th
Nov. 20th
March 2d
June 10th
June 11th,
June 11th
June 15th
June 21st
July 4th
Aug. 16th
Aug. 27th
Sep. 4th
Oct. 13th
Nov. 16th
Nov. 17th
Dec. 3d
Jan. 6th
Jan. 12th
Jan. 18th
Jan. 22d
Jan. 25th
June 13th
Dec. 5th

Dec. 7th
Jan. 5th
May 1st
May 1st
May 10th
Oct. 5th
Jan. 6th
March 22d

March 23d
April 15th
Aug. 8th
Sept 18th
Dec. 16th

2 In succession to A. van Eesinga.

4 In succession to Pieter Bloem.

6 In succession to William Nanningh.

1 In succession to P. Wrohy.

3 In succession to Barent Sygers.

5 In succession to Cornelis Stuart.

7 In succession to Walter Corbet.

8 John Douglas, in succession to Champfleury.

9 In succession to Charles Ernest van Lens.

10 ' Lauchlan MacLean of Coll,' says Douglas {Baronage), 'was a man of a
rare military genius. He went over to Holland with some of his own men and
soon got the command of a company. , He returned to Scotland in the reign
of King James vil., and was unfortunately drowned in the water of Lochy in
Lochaber, anno 1687.'




1682 B. Balfour, ....
W. Douglas, ....

1683 Jo. Buchan [as sergt. -major],
David Colyear [as lieut. -colonel],
Jo. Gordon, ....
Middleton (James),
Gavin Hamilton,
Richard Coningham,

184 B. Balfour [as colonel], .

T. Levingstone [as lieut. -colonel],
Jo. Coningham [as sergt. -major),
Harrie Balfour,
Tho. Hamilton,
Aen. Mackay,

1685 Jo. Wauchope [as colonel],
Will. Middleton [as lieut. -colonel],
Geo. Ramsay [as sergt. -major],
J. Ramsay, ....
Maurice Plunkett, .
W. Corbett, ....
Geo. Hamiltone,
Geo. Lauder [as sergt. -major],

1686 Areskine (Thos.). .
Jo. Dalyell, ....

1687 Ja. Mackay [as sergt -major], .
Geo. Ramsay [as lieut. -colonel],

1688 Cardross (Lord, Henry Erskine),
Wm. Miln, .
J. Ferguson,
J. Sommervail,
Walter Murray,
D. Ca. Auchinbroch,

Holland. Foot
Johan Kirckpatrick, Col.
Everwyn Kirckpatrick, LM^ol.
Johan Alex. Lauder, SMVlajor 1

July 3d
Oct. 6th
Jan. 13th
Jan. 14th

July 30th
Sep. 21st
Dec. 22d
Feb. 16th

July 18th
Nov. 28th
April 9th


April 14th
Aug. 18th

Dec. 3d
Dec. 13th
May 22d
Sep. 5th
Sep. 8th
Sep. 10th
March 29th

April 1st
April 20th

May 22d

Col. 2

1 John Alexander Lauder took oath as captain on the repartition of Vries-
land, March 14th, 1670. Sergeant-Major in succession to Anthony Wylde,
deceased, on November 23rd, 1674. Lieut. -Colonel January 6th, 1678, dating
from May 10th, 1677. Succeeded by B. Balfour, December 5th, 1678. Son of
Lieut. -Colonel George Lauder (p. 326), and brother of George Lauder, who sub-
sequently commanded the regiment. (Petition by Brigadier Lauder, January 31st,
1 708. The brigadier states that five of his brothers fell in the service of the States. )

- Barthold Balfour took oath as captain in succession to Sergeant-Major
Savorny, November 14th, 1676; became sergeant-major, January 25th, 1678 ; lieut. -
colonel, December 5th, 1678, and succeeded to the command of old Major-
General Kirkpatrick's regiment (formerly Lord Buccleuch's) on February 16th,
1684. Commanded the regiment on the voyage to England in 1688 ; acted as
brigadier in the Scottish campaign ; and was killed at Killiecrankie. In 1681 he
was appointed ' Major-Commander of the town and garrison of Breda.' He was
probably son of Colonel Sir Philip Balfour (p. 232), and grandson of Col. Bar-
tholomew Balfour, who commanded the old regiment from 1585 to 1594 (p. 48).
See petition by Charles Balfour, son of Sir William Balfour of Pitcullo (p. 76).

Johan Kirckpatrick,
Bartholt Balfour, L l -
Thos. Levingston, S fc



Holland. Foot
Hendrick van Boeckhoven
Caspar de Maurignault
Johan Pyl
Thos. Levingston
Abraham Esinga
Isbrandt Laignier
Nicolaes Schraffer
Johan Mourrav l

Holland. Foot
Geo. Lauder -
Johan Bruce 3
Alex. Bruce 4
John Sommeral 5
Fred. Kuningham 6
Ferdinandt van C'asteren '
Alex. Levingstone s
Johan Mourray

1 John Murray succeeded Sergeant-Major Wylde as captain, November 9th,
1674, was dead by July[2nd, 1682, when he was succeeded by Bartholt Balfour.

2 George Lauder, son of Lieut -Colonel George Lauder (p. 326), took oath
as captain, December 5th, 1678, in • succession to his brother, Lieut. -Colonel
J. A. Lauder; became sergeant-major, December 13th, 1685, in succession to
John Cunningham, who had succeeded Thomas Livingston on February 16th,
1684; served as lieut. -colonel in the Scots campaign, and succeeded Brigadier
Balfour as colonel after Killiecrankie. Wounded and taken prisoner at St.
Omer. Taken prisoner at Steinkirk ; wounded and taken prisoner at Landen.
Commanded the regiment until 1 716, when he was succeeded by A. Halkett.
Brigadier, 1702. On December 17th, 1690, a petition was presented to the
Scots Privy Council by ' Colonel Lauder's lady,' craving that her husband should
be decerned to pay her an aliment. It was ' recommended to the Lord Fountain-
hall [himself a Lauder], and the Laird of Blackbarony, to meet and speak with
the pairtyes, and see if they can agree the pairtyes, and report.' On January
6th, 1691, Colonel Lauder was decerned to pay an aliment to Elizabeth "Wilhel-
mina van Gent, his wife. In recommending him to Lord Melville, Mackay
wrote : ' He is certainly brave and affectioned to his Majesty's service as any to
whom he can give the regiment.' Major-General in Dutch service from April
14th, 1704. Lieut -General from January 1st, 1709. (Petition by him dated
January 31st, 170S, vol. ii.)

3 John Bruce took oath, June 21st, 1677. Succeeded by Gavin Hamilton,
September 20th, 1683.

4 Alexander Bruce succeeded John Pyll, May 1677 ; took oath, August 8th,
16S0; succeeded by James Middleton, July 30th, 1683.

5 John Sommervail took oath, June 13th, 1678, in succession to his Captain
J. Kirkpatrick ; succeeded by Richard Cunningham, December 22nd, 1683.

s Frederick Cuninghame took oath, June 10th, 1677, succeeding Peter
Livingstone, retired, and became major of Colonel Henry Gage's regiment of
foot in 1688 (September 27th).

' Ferdinand van Casteren took oath, February 26th, 1676.

3 Sir Alexander Livingstone took oath, May loth, 1679, as captain of the com-
pany of Alexander Hay, and commanded by Henry Livingstone, new enlistment,
from January 30th, 1675, formerly lieutenant. Brother of Sir Thomas Living-
stone, Lord Teviot, whom he succeeded as Baronet. Left issue two daughters,
who both married in Holland, and their posterity are heirs of line of the Living-
stones of Jerviswood in Scotland (Douglas's Peerage). In September 1693
Alexander Livingstone was appointed lieut. -colonel of Ferguson's regiment (the
Cameronians), in which he served at Blenheim.

i68o] STATES OF WAR 507

Holland. Foot
Cornelis Stuart l
Alex. Colyer, Col.
Hugo Macquay, I/-C0L 2
Wm. MaDouwel, S'-Major 3
David Colyaer 4 *

Holland. Foot
Cornelis Stuart
Alex. Colyer, Col.
James Douglas, L'-Col.
Johan Wacop, S f -Major 5
David Colyaer

1 Cornelis Stuart succeeded Captain Creuzet on November 14th, 1674.

3 Hugh Mackay of Scourie, third son of Colonel Hugh Mackay of Scourie,
born 1640, who had previously served in the French (Royal Scots) service,
and also in the service of Venice, was appointed captain and lieut. -colonel
on March 19th, 1675, m place of Lieut. -Colonel and Captain Balentyn, dating
as captain from October 12th, 1674, and as lieut. -colonel from January 8th,
1675 (Colyear's regiment). In 1677 he was appointed colonel in succession to
Henry Graham of the old (Sir William Brog's and Sir Henry Balfour's) regiment,
dating from April 28th. In 1685, when the Brigade went to England in con-
nection with Monmouth's rebellion, he was appointed major-general by King
James, and, on February 7th, 1686, took oath as such before the President of
the States-General. Commanded the British Brigade of six regiments in the
expedition to England in 1688, and commanded in Scotland 1 689-1 691. Served
in Ireland. Killed at Steinkirk, 1692.— Life of General Hugh Mackay by John
Mackay of Rockfield ; Mackay 's Memoirs of the War in Scotland, 1689 ; House
and Cla?i of Mackay ; Manuscript Notes by John Mackay of Herriesdale, com-
municated by Dr. George Mackay, Edinburgh).

' He was,' says Burnet, 'a man of such strict principles that he would not serve
in a war he did not think lawful. He took great care of his soldiers' morals, and
forced them to be both sober and just in their quarters. He spent all the time
that he was master of in secret prayer and in reading the Scriptures.' King
William attended his funeral, and, when the body was laid in the grave, said,
' There he lies, and an honester man the world cannot produce.'

3 William M'Dougall, appointed sergeant-major of Colyear's regiment, April
9th, 1674, was succeeded in 1677.

4 Sir David Colyear, eldest son of Sir Alexander Robertson or Colyear,
became lieut. -colonel of Mackay's regiment, January 14th, 1683. Was ap-
pointed colonel of ' the regiment of Scots Foot previously commanded by Colonel
Wauchope' {i.e. King James's regiment), on December 31st, 1688, which was on
the Dutch establishment during the war of the Spanish succession (vol. ii.). Sir
David Colyear served under William in. in Ireland, was created Lord Portmore
in 1699, and Earl of Portmore, etc., in 1703. Was commanding officer in Scot-
land in 1 7 10 ; served in Flanders 1712 ; Governor of Gibraltar 1713 ; and colonel
of Royal Scots Dragoons 17 14. He married Catherine Sedley, Countess of
Dorchester. He is thus characterised by John Mackay : ' He is one of the
best foot officers in the world, is very brave and bold, hath a great deal of wit,
very much a man of honour and nice that way, yet married the Countess of Dor-
ehester, and had by her a good estate : pretty well shaped, dresses clean, has
but one eye, towards fifty years old.'

* January 14th, 1683, transferred from reg 1 Douglas, where he then was
major, to reg 1 Macquay, as lt-col. in the place of Thos. Buchan. — Transcriber's

5 John Wauchope, son of Wauchope of Niddrie, took oath on new


Holland. Foot
Johan Gibson 1
James Douglas 2
Robt. Douglas 3
Win. Wahop 4 *
Wm, Middleton 5

Holland. Foot
Johan Gibson
Geo. Ramsay 6
Wm. Mourray 7
Jacob Macquay 8
Wm. Middleton

enlistment, June 2nd, 1674, became sergeant-major (Colyear's), November 17th,

1677, Heut. -colonel, March 23rd, 1680, colonel, April 9th, 1685. Left the
service in 1688, and received command of a new Scottish regiment raised by
King James, and paid by France. Distinguished himself in the Irish campaign
of 1689-1691, and subsequently fought with the Irish contingent under the Due
de Noailles in Catalonia. Killed at Marsaglia.

1 John Gibson, captain on new enlistment from January 8th, 1675.

2 James Douglas, captain from December 16th, 1674 (in succession to Lieut. -
Colonel Mackay), became sergeant-major, November 5th, 1676, lieut. -colonel,
January 15th, 1678, and colonel, in succession to Alexander Colyear, March
22nd, 1680. Was succeeded by John Wauchope, April 9th, 1685.

3 Robert Douglas, captain from July 16th, 1674, on new enlistment. Fourth
son of James, second Earl of Queensberry. Killed at the siege of Maestricht
in 1676.

4 William Wauchope does not appear in list of oaths ; succeeded by William
Murray as from August 26th, 1676.

* Appears only in 1676. — Transcriber's Note.

5 William Middleton, captain from August 20th, 1674, on new enlistment,
took oath, March 25th, 1675. Sergeant-Major Douglas's regiment, March 22nd,
1680, lieut. -colonel, April 9th, 1685, succeeded by George Ramsay, March 29th,

6 Hon. George Ramsay of Carriden, younger son of George, second Earl of
Dalhousie, took oath, October 31st, 1676, became sergeant-major, April 13th,
1685, lieut. -colonel, September 10th, 1689, and obtained the command of his
regiment in 1688. He served in the Scots campaign of 1689. 'In 1690,'
says Douglas, ■ after the battle of Valcour, he was made a brigadier and colonel
of the Scots regiment of Guards. In 1693, after the battle of Landen, he was
made a major-general. In 1702 he was made a lieut. -general and commander-
in-chief of all the forces in Scotland, in which office he died, anno 1705.'
He was thus described by Mackay : ' He is a gentleman of a great deal of fire,
and very brave ; of a sanguine complexion, well shaped, and towards fifty years
old [in 1702].'

7 William Murray, formerly lieutenant, took oath, October 24th, 1676, in
succession to William Wauchope. Appointed lieut. -colonel of the regiment
4 before Namur, 1st July 1695.'

8 James Mackay, brother of General Hugh Mackay, took oath, January 12th,

1678, as captain in place of Colonel Mackay transferred ; became sergeant-major,
September 8th, 1657 (Wauchope's regiment), and was lieut. -colonel of his
brother Hugh Mackay's regiment at Killiecrankie, where he was killed.

i68o] STATES OF WAR 509


Holland. Foot
John Hails l
Jacob Wacop 2
Eduardt Lloidt
Patrick Wesley

Guelderland. Foot Guelderland. Foot

Holland. Foot
John Wacop 3
Eduardt Lloidt
Earl Charles Bruce 4 (sic)

Henry Graham, Col.
John Lamy, L*-Col.
Geo. Canocke, S^Major
Alex. Colliaer 5
Pieter Watkin
Jacques de Champfleury
Johan Abrahal

Hugo Macquay, Col.
Thos. Bouchan, Lt-Col. 6 *
Johan Clerck, S^Major"
Johan Lamy t
Geo. Conocke
Pieter Watkin
Charles Graham 8

1 John Hailes, captain from January 1st, 1675, on new enlistment, succeeded
by John Wauchope, January 5th, 1679. A John Hales became colonel of an
English regiment.

2 James Wauchope. Does not appear in list of oaths.

3 A John Wauchope took oath on January 5th, 1679, in succession to his
captain, Hailes, and Captain Wauchope was succeeded by Thomas Dalzell on
September 8th, 1681.

4 Lord C. Bruce took oath in succession to Captain Bruce on May 1st,
1679, and was succeeded by Alexander Bruce in August 1680.

5 Alexander Colyear. Does not appear in list of oaths. A John Colyear
took oath on December 23rd, 1675, an( i became sergeant-major, November 16th,
1677, of Mackay's regiment.

6 Thomas Buchan was third son of James Buchan of Auchmacoy, Aberdeen-
shire. He had previously served in France in the Royal Scots regiment (com-
mission as captain, dated May 15th, 167 1, preserved at Auchmacoy). Does
not appear in oath list. He retired from the Dutch service as lieut. -colonel,
being recalled by a letter from the Earl of Moray, dated Whitehall, December
17th, 1682, the address on which shows that he was then serving as lieut. -colonel
of Mackay's regiment in Holland {Auch??iacoy Papers). Was lieut. -colonel of
the Royal Scots Fusiliers, December 7th, 1682, and colonel, July 29th, 16S6 (com-
missions at Auchmacoy). Brigadier-General, November 12th, 1688. Adhered
to King James, and was appointed major-general and sent from Ireland after
Killiecrankie to supersede Cannon as commander of the Jacobite army in Scot-
land. Surprised and defeated by Sir Thomas Livingstone at Cromdale, May 1st,
1690. Retired to France, and died in 172 1 at Ardlogie, in Fyvie, Aberdeen-
shire He married Elizabeth, daughter of Patrick Urquhart of Meldrum, and
widow of Sir George Gordon of Gight.

* Thos. Bouchan from 1679-1686 lt-col. and cap n , succeeded by David Colyer
as l fc -col. , and by John Gordon as cap 11 , has probably never taken oath. He
retired voluntarily. — Transcriber's Note.

7 John Clerk took oath, May 1st, 1679.

f This is the comp y of L'-Col. Lamy, which went to Walterus Boye, January
6th, 1680. — Transcriber's Note.

8 Sir Charles Graham, formerly captain-lieutenant of Colonel Graham, took


Guelderland. Foot
Herbert van Beaumont
Van Brocknel Floid [sic]
Mauritz Halquet
Henry Graham, jr.
Andreas Bruyse [Bruce] l

Guelderland. Foot
Johan Abrahal
Johan Bouchan 2
Wm. Schaep
Everhardt Halquet 3
Henry Graham
Alex. Lamy 4

oath May ioth, 1675, in succession to B. Lloyd. Brigade-Major to English and
Scots Brigades in Flanders, April 1st, 1691. Succeeded Hon. George Ramsay in
command of his regiment, September 1st, 1691. ' Broke' in 1697.

1 Andrew Bruce, captain in succession to Robert Lennox from August 17th,
1636. Succeded by Alexander Lamy, April 28th, 1677.

2 John Buchan (of Cairnbulg), brother of Thomas Buchan, took oath, Decem-
ber 7th, 1678, as captain in succession to John Douglas of Mackay's, became
serg. -major, January 13th, 1683 (Mackay's regiment), and served as lieut. -colonel
of Ramsay's regiment in the Scots' campaign. Recommended for promotion
by General Mackay along with Major Ferguson in 1690. Appointed colonel
of a newly raised Scots regiment of foot, in succession to Richard Cunningham,
who was transferred to a dragoon regiment in 1691, with which he served in
Flanders till the Peace of Ryswick. His regiment suffered severely at Namur in
1695, and was disbanded in 1697. There are at Auchmacoy two portraits, one
of Major-General Thomas Buchan, and the other of his brother, Colonel John.
The one shows a red sash, and the other an orange one. Colonel John Buchan
married a Dutch lady (Thanage of Fermartyn). Mackay wrote to Portland on
June 5th, 1690 : ' S'il arrive icy quelque vacance je vous priede vous souvenir de
Monsieur Buchan qui est un des plus sensees officiers que j'ay avec moy, et
merit fort bien un regiment, estant affectionne au service et capable de le mettre
sur un bon pied quand meme il en eut qui ne valut guere.'

3 Everard Halket took oath, October 3rd, 1676, in succession to his father,
Maurits Halket.

Edward Halket (son of Captain Maurice, killed at Maestricht 1675) savs
the family genealogy, ' married Judith de Pagniet, a lady of Guelderland. He
was lieut. -colonel in General Colyear's regiment, and was killed at the battle
of Ramillies in 1706.'

4 Alexander Lamy, formerly ensign, took oath, June 15th, 1677, in succession
to his captain, Andrew Bruce. Captain Lamy, of Mackay's regiment, was killed
at Killiecrankie. ' He was a brave man, and had lately taken himself up so
well that I was resolved to recommend him for his advancement when occasion

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