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should offer' (Mackay in recommending his widow).






Henry Balfour 2 55

Bartholt Balfour, Coll. ,
Thomas Levingston,

Lt Coll. .
Bartholt Balfour 3 . ,
Thomas Arskyn 4 . ,
Gavin Hamilton 5 . ,
Ferdinandt Cuningham 3
Alexander Levingston ,
Willem Mammy 6 ,

Richard Cunningham 7 ,


men monthly pay



men monthly pay

George Louder, sergt.

Major van Balfour 55
Patrix Balfour, Major 8 „
George Robbert Coutis 9 „
Johan Watkin . . } ,
Ulrigh Ulrighson . „
Alexander Stuart 10 . „
Johan Wacob, Coll-

onel . . 55 £993 4 10

William Middleton,

Lt. Coll. . . . „
George Ramsay, Major „ ,,

George Hamilton 11 „ ,,

1 This list is given complete including the officers of the English regiments.

2 Henry Balfour, third son of John, third Lord Balfour of Burleigh, appointed
captain in succession to J. Kirkpatrick from May 6th, 1683. Left and was
succeeded by Walter Murray, April 20th, 1688. Captain in Wauchope's Scots
Foot, 1688. Captain in the Scots Greys, 1st March 1689.

3 Barthold Balfour succeeded John Murray, deceased, as captain, May 16th
1682. Lieut. -colonel, 1689. Taken prisoner at Killiecrankie, wounded at
Steinkirk, killed at Landen.

4 Thomas Erskine, captain in succession to James Middleton, May 20th, 1686,
who had on July 30th, 1683 succeeded Alexander Bruce, who again had succeeded
Charles Lord Bruce on May 24th, 1680.

5 Gavin Hamilton, captain, September 20th, 1683, in succession to John Bruce.
See note, infra. Left in 1688, and became captain in Colonel John Wauchope's
Scots Foot.

6 William Mammy or Nanning.

7 Richard Cunningham, captain, December 22nd, 1683, in succession to John
Sommervel, appointed major of the Earl of Selkirk's late regiment of horse
December 31st, 1688. Colonel of anew-raised foot regiment in Scotland in 1689,
and on its disbandment of a regiment of dragoons (now the 7th Hussars),
December 30th, 1690. Brigadier-General, June 1st, 1696, served in Holland in
command of a cavalry brigade, succeeded in command of his regiment by William
Lord Jedburgh, 1st October 1696.

8 Patrick Balfour. Probably son of Lieut. -Colonel James Balfour. See
notes, pp. 44 and 320.

9 George Robert Coutts. Untraced. Probably one of the family Ion"- con-
nected with the Brigade.

10 Alexander Stuart. Untraced.

11 George Hamilton, captain, December 3rd, 1683 (formerly ensign), in succes-
sion to Thomas Hamilton, who had succeeded Colonel Douglas as captain on
July 1 8th, 1684. He or Gavin Hamilton was succeeded by James Ferguson in
1688. The statement in the Commission Book makes Ferguson succeed George
Hamilton, and Ferguson's commission (preserved at Kinmundy) appoints him to


Johan Clercq 1
William Murray
Wolterus Corbet 2
Johan Ramsay 3 .
Jacob Macquay .
William Douglas 4
John Dayel 5
Maurice Plunket 6
Thomas Monck, Coll,
Godefriet Lloidt,

Eduard Lloidt, Major
William Parsons, Lt.

Col. van den Coll.

John Bernardy .

men monthly pay

55£993 4 10

James Depuis
Davidt Bermvald
Willem Saxby .
Willem Thaylor
Sacharias Custus
Johan Schelton .
Eduart Wiltson .
Henry Bellasise, Coll.
Philip Babbingston, Lt

Coll. .
Dionicius Macilli-

cuddy, Major .
Salomon Slator .
Humphry Lanham
Thomas Norgate
Eduart Duttoncolt

men monthly pay

55 £993 4 10

' the company of Captain George Hamilton which is now vacant.' But George
Hamilton is, and Gavin Hamilton is not found in the lists of the regiments as
they embarked in 1688, and while Ferguson was in Balfour's regiment, in which
Gavin Hamilton had served, George Hamilton was then in Ramsay's, in which
he had been originally commissioned.

Captain George Hamilton (formerly of Wauchope's Scots Dutch) received a
commission as captain in Wauchope's Scots Foot in 1688. ' Probably,' says
Dalton, ' the George Hamilton appointed colonel of a regiment of foot in Ireland
in 1690, afterwards disbanded.' Possibly also the George Hamilton, who com-
manded a Scots regiment in the Dutch service, 1697-1699 and 1701-1716.

1 John Clerk. See p. 509, n. 7.

2 Walter Corbet, captain, August 18th, 1685, in place of John Gibson, served in
Scotland, 1689, and Flanders, 1691-96. Major of Lauder's regiment, 1st August
1692. Lieut. -Colonel of Mackay's, May 1st, 1694. Major of the Scots
Guards, July 1st, 1697.

3 Hon. John Ramsay, second son of George, second Earl of Dalhousie, captain,
April 14th, 1685, in place of John Sommervel [sic], was succeeded by Lord
Cardross, March 27th, 1688.

* William Douglas, captain, October 6th, 1682, in place of Lord Bruce [sic],

5 John Dalyell, third son of General Thomas Dalyell of Binns, captain,
September 5th, 1686, in place of Thomas Dalyell who had on September 8th,
1 68 1, succeeded Captain Wauchope. He left in 1688, and was succeeded by Sir
D. Campbell of Auchinbreck. Captain 1688, in Wauchope's Scots regiment, and
lieut. -colonel 1689. Lieut. -Colonel of R. Mackay's regiment (the Scots Fusiliers)
May 29th, 1695, an d killed commanding it at Blenheim, 1704.

6 Maurice Plunket, captain, August 18th, 1685, in place of Thomas Maxwell,
who had succeeded Colonel Colyear as captain on April 15th, 1680. Left in
16S8, and was appointed Captain in Roger M'Elligott's Irish regiment of foot.
Captain in his kinsman Lord Louth's regiment of foot in King James's Irish
army in 1689.




men monthly pay

Robbert Godwyn 55 £993 4 10

Luke Lillingston „ ,,

Ventrus Columbine ,, „

Arthur Babbingston ,, ,,

Thomas Walsingham „ })

Tractementen {Holland)
Bartholomeus Balfour. . . £200
Thomas Levingston, Lieut. Coll. 80












George Lauder, Major
[Patrix Balfour, Major ,
Johan Wacob, Collonel
William Middleton, Lt.
Jacob Macquay, Major ,
Thomas Monck, Coll. ,
Godefriet LLoidt, Lieut. Coll
Eduart LLoidt, Major
Henry Bellasise, Coll.
Thomas Zulyaert, Lieut. Coll
Dionicius Machellicuddy,

Major .



men monthly pay

De Hr. Graeff van de
Osserye Collonel
sonder Comp ie

Alexander Canon,

Willem Connock,

James Stanley .

Johan Farwel .

Johan Cunningham .

Willem Graham

Thomas Brudnel

Rogier Macelligod

Emanuel Scroophour

Johan Graham .

Robbert Pierson

Henry de Caumont,
marquis de Rade

55 £993 4 10

(Exhibitum den 23rd Octob. 1688.)

Extraordinary State of War {Supplement)
Holland. Voetvolk

men monthly pay

Barthold Balfour,

Collonel . . 16 £184

Thomas Levingston, L* ,, ,,

Coll. . ■» »

George Lauder^ Major „ „
Bartholdt Balfour . ,, ,,

men monthly pay

Ferdinand van Castere 16 £184
Fredrick Cuningham . ,, „
Alexander Levingston . ,, ,,
William Mammy . „ „
Richard Cunigham . „ „
Thomas Arskyn . . ,, ,,
Jacob Ferguson 1 . ... ,,

1 James Ferguson of Balmakelly and Kirktonhill, younger son of William
Ferguson of Baddifurrow, M.P. for Inverurie 1660. After service as a subaltern
received his commission as captain on 1st April 1688, served in the Scots
campaign of 1689, promoted major after Killiecrankie ; commanded expedition
to west coast, and defeated the Jacobites in Mull, 1690. Received lieut. -colonelcy
of Monro's (formerly Angus's) regiment, the Cameronians, after Steinkirk, August
1692, and succeeded Monro as colonel in 1693. His regiment was temporarily
in the Dutch service, 1697- 1699, and a commission in it as captain in Dutch is
in possession of his descendant, Mr. Ferguson of Kinmundy. ' Led up the first
line of foot,' in the assault of the Schellenberg, and commanded a brigade at
Blenheim in 1704. Major-General 1705. Died suddenly when in command of
the garrison at Bois-le-Duc in 1705, having just returned from the Hague where
the Duke of Marlborough had ' acquainted him that he was going now to

2 K


men monthly pay

Walther Murray 1 16 £184

George Robbert Coutis ,, ,,

Alexander Stuart „ ,,

Engelse Compagnien

[English Companies] 2

men monthly pay

William Middleton,

L* Coll. . . 16 £220 8 8
George Ramsay, S*

Major . „ „

George Hamilton . ,, ,,

Johan Clercq . ,, ,,

William Murray . ,, „

Wolterus Corbett ,, ,,

Jacob Macquay . ,, „

William Douglas . ,, ,,

Godefriet La Loidt,

LtColl. . „

Eduart Lloidt, S fc

Major . „ „

William Persons, L*

Coll., van den

Coll. Canon ... ,,

Willem Thaylor
Sacharias Custus, . ,
Henry Bellasise,

Collonel . . ,
Philip Babinghton,

Dionicius Machelly-

Cuddy, St. Major ,
Johan Slator . . ,
Humphry Lankam ,
Thomas Norgate . ,
Eduart Duttoncolt . ,
Robbert Godwyn . ,
Licke Lillingston . ,
Ventrus Columbine ,
Thomas Walsing-

ham . . . ,
Pieter Sanders . ,
Thomas Lolmach . ,
Henry, LordCardros ,
William Mil .
William Lanwer . ,

men monthly pay

. 16 £220 18 8

declare him major-general and would send him the Queen's commission so
soon as he got to London, but left him here this winter to command in chief all
the British troops as well horse and foot on this side.' Buried in the chancel of
St. John's Cathedral there. Married, first, Helen Drummond (of Cultmalindie),
and, second, Hester Elisabeth Hibelet, a Dutch lady of Bois-le-Duc. His estates in
Kincardineshire were sold by his son, who acquired instead those of Kinmundy and
Coynach in Buchan. ( Two Scottish Soldiers : Aberdeen, D. Wyllie and Son. 1888.
Records of Clan and Name of Fergus son: Edinburgh, D. Douglas. 1895.)
Described by General Mackay as ' personne de probiti et cThonneur comme aussi
Hen affectionne au service de vctre Majesti ' and as a ' resolute, well-affected officer,
to whose discretion and intelligence he trusted much,' and by Marlborough as
' tin officier de nitrite pour lequel f avals beaucoup cfestlme, et que je ne puis assez
regretter. Le public y a tine grande perte.' 'All the English themselves,' wrote
one of his own officers, ' allowed he was by much the best officer we had in all
the British troops. He was brave, knew the service, had great and long ex-
perience in thirty years' constant service, and the Duke was so sensible of this
that when he had anything difficult or of importance to do he constantly em-
ployed him, even out of his turn.' (Hist. Manuscript Com., Fifteenth Rep.,
App. Partiv.) Aseries of his commissions in the Dutch Brigade (i677-i688)and
his commission as lieut. -colonel of the Cameronians in 1692 are preserved at
Kinmundy. His commission as colonel (1693) is at Pit four.

1 Walter Murray succeeded Henry Balfour as captain on April 20th, 1688.
Senior captain in 1694.

Sic But as often occurs some of the Scots and English names are mixed.
It has been thought better to give the lists in full as transcribed.

1 689]



men monthly pay

Thomas Burroughs. 16 £220 18 8

Johan Saumerwael ,, ,,

Robbert Ciul . . ,, ,,

Thomas Handeside . „ „
S r Duncan Campel

van Aughenbreck ,, „

Robbert Jackson . ,, ,,

Bolfsy Sikes. . . ,, ,,

Engelsche [English]

men monthly pay

Den Grave van d'Os-

sery, Collonel

sonder Compagnie
Alexander Canon,

Coll. . . .16 £220 18 8

Johan Nivile .

James Stanley

Johan Warwel

Johan Cunningham

Willem Graham

Thomas Brudnel

Anthony Hudson .

Emanuel Scroop-
hours .

Jan Cuts

Robbert Pierson,
Major van Coll.

Henry de Caeumont,
Marquis de Rade .

men monthly pay

16 £220 18 8

Formation of the three Scottish Reg u at the time of departure in 1688
conform to the State of War 1689 {exhibit April 18th) except for what may
be considered as an error, where Miln is put as colonel in the place of
Wachop, and again as ^-colonel in the place of Ramsay) and conform to
Commission book H.8. 1

1 This list, made up by the transcriber with care from the various Dutch
documents, still requires correction to make it an accurate statement of the
regiments at the actual time of departure.

Mackay s Regiment. — John Gordon, Henry Graham, and ./Eneas Mackay (the
last probably with ulterior purposes in view) had all left the Brigade, and
received commissions in Wauchope's Scots Foot, raised in 1688 for King James
and paid by France.

In the list given in Dalton's English Army Lists and Commission Registers,
1661-1714, Alex. Lamy and Willem Schaep do not appear, but the names of the
four following lieutenants are given :

Robert Mackay, younger brother of Captain ^Eneas Mackay, and son of the
second Lord Reay and a nephew of General Mackay. Captain of grenadier
company after the Revolution. Received eight broadsword wounds at Killie-
crankie, and was left for dead on the field. Major 1689, and appointed to
Colonel Earle's Foot, with which he served in Ireland. Lieut. -Colonel 1694.
Served in Flanders, and appointed colonel of the Scottish Fusiliers, 13th Novem-
ber 1695. Died at Tongue, December 1696.

— Campbell Boyer states that ' at Wincanton, in November 1688, twenty-
five of the Prince of Orange's men, commanded by one Cambell, a lieutenant
in Mackay's regiment, routed a detachment of seventy horse and fifty dragoons
of the royal army commanded by Clifford, Sarsfield, and Webb.'

— Mackenzie, captain, lieutenant at Killiecrankie, where he was killed.
Angus Mackay, captain at Killiecrankie, where he was killed.
Captain Lamy was killed at Killiecrankie.


Guelderland, Foot

men Glds Pay Glds

Dec. 13th, 1673
Nov. 28th, 1684
March 8th, 1662
Ang. 3rd, 1673
May 10th, 1675
Oct. 2nd, 1676
June 15th, 1677
Oct. 5th, 1679

April 20th, 1688

Hugo Macquay, Col
Davidt Collyaert, L,t Col.
John Bouchan, St Major
John Gordon 1
Walterus Boye 2 .
Geo. Conocke
iEneas Macquay 3
Petrus Watkin * .
Henry Graham .
Charles Graham .
Everhard Hacquet
Alex. Lamy
Willem Schaep .


Bartholt Balfour, Col. 5
Thos. Levingston, L* Col.
Geo. Lauder, S* Major
Walter Murray .

55 882




» a


men Glds Pay Glds
55 882 o 300-

- >> mo s s

„ „ 6« 80 3 3

1 John Gordon, captain, January 14th, 1683, in place of Thomas Buchan,
retired. Left service 1688, and appointed captain in Wauchope's Scots Foot.
A Captain John Gordon fought in James II. 's army in Ireland. A John Mudie
received a commission in his place on 20th April 1688. — Dalton, p. 239.

2 Walter Macdonald Bowie, captain, January 6th, 1680, in place of Lieut. -
Colonel Lamy, promoted lieut. -colonel in respect of services in the Scots cam-
paign, 24th September 1690. Served at Steinkirk and Landen. Lieut. -Colonel
of George Hamilton's Scots Foot, 1st June 1695.

3 The Hon. /Eneas Mackay, second son of John, second Lord Reay, and
Barbara, daughter of Colonel Hugh Mackay of Scourie, captain, November 28th,
1684, in place of Lauchlan MacLean, who had succeeded John Abrahal on
December 16th, 1681. He left Holland in 1688, and accepted a company in
Colonel Wauchope's new regiment of Scots Foot, but was suspected and thrown
into prison. After the Revolution he was appointed major of the Scots Greys,
and served in the Scots campaign. Lieut. -Colonel of General Hugh Mackay's
(his uncle's) regiment, 1691. Present at Aghrim, and wounded at Steinkirk.
Succeeded his uncle as colonel, August 1st, 1692. Brigadier- General 1695. Died
at Bath in 1697, owing to wounds received in action. He married, in 1692,
Margaret, daughter of Lieut. -Colonel Baron Francis Puchler and Jacoba de Bie.
His son Donald afterwards commanded the same regiment.

4 Peter Watkins left the regiment as major after Steinkirk, and was succeeded
by Hugh Macdonald.

5 Balfour's Regiment. — The list requires correction. Ferdinand Cunningham
(as well as Gavin Hamilton and Henry Balfour, who had both been appointed
to Wauchope's Scots Foot) had left, and been appointed to Gage's regiment.




May 20th, 1686
April 1st, 1688
Feb. 26th, 1676
May 10th, 1679
Aug. 16th, 1677
Dec. 22nd, 1683

March 29th, 1688
May 1st, 1679
Oct. 24th, 1676
Aug. 18th, 1685
Oct. 6th, 1682
Dec. 3rd, 1685
Aug. 27th, 1687

Thos. Arskyn
Jacob Ferguson
Ferdinand Cuningham
Alex. Levingston .
Wm. Nanning
Richard Cuningham

Johan Wachop, Col. 1
Geo. Ramsay, L* Col.
Jacob Mackay, S* Major
Wm. Miln 3 .
Johan Clercq
Wm. Murray
Walterus Corbet
Wm. Douglas
Geo. Hamilton
John Gibson 4

men GIds Pay Glds
55 882 §. 80 ~

men GIds s. d.

55 993 4 10




Dalton's list omits Walter Murray and James Ferguson, but includes Hamilton,
Balfour, and Cunningham. It also gives Barthold Balfour, junior, whose name
is in the preceding State of War. An Alexander Gordon received a commission
as captain on April 13th, 1688, in place of Ferdinand Cunningham.

It also mentions two lieutenants, Arnault (Arnot), of whom Mackay, writing
on August 30th, 1689, says, ' one Lieutenant Arnault of Balfour's regiment hath
behaved himself very honestly, ... he had his colonel's promise to be recom-
mended to the first vacant company of his regiment' ; and Chambers, who was
killed at Killiecrankie.

1 Wauchope 's ■, now Ramsay's Regiment. — Colonel Wauchope had left, and
received the command of the new Scots Foot. Dalton's list gives Wauchope
colonel, Middleton lieut. -colonel, George Hamilton, John Dalyell, and Maurice
Plunket, who all left in 1688. Hamilton and Dalyell both received companies
in Wauchope's Scots Foot, and Plunket one in an Irish regiment. It also gives
John Ramsay, who had been succeeded by Lord Cardross. It omits Miln,
Gibson, Lord Cardross, Somerville, who succeeded Plunket, and Sir D. Camp-
bell, who succeeded Dalyell. It also mentions one of the lieutenants, James
Colt, who was taken prisoner at Killiecrankie. The list in the text, to be
accurate, at the time of departure should omit Colonel Wauchope and Captain

John Clerk does not appear in any subsequent list, and Miln cannot be
further traced.

2 James Mackay, brother of Major-General Hugh Mackay, whom he succeeded
as captain of a company by commission dated January I2th, 1678, his service to
date from May 4th, 1677. Sergeant-Major of Wauchope's regiment September
8th, 1687. Killed at Killiecrankie, commanding his brother's regiment as
lieut. -colonel.

3 William Miln, captain in place of Colonel John Wauchope or Lieut. -Colonel
Middleton, retired on March 29th, 1688.

4 John Gibson, captain, August 27th, 1687.


March 27th, 1688 Henry,, Lord Cardross 1 .
April 20th, 1688 John Summerwail 2
May 22nd, 1688 SirDuncanCampbellofAuchen-
brect 3 .


Glds s.




993 4



1 Henry, third Lord Cardross (whose son succeeded to the earldom of Buchan)
received a commission as captain in place of John Ramsay on March 27th, 1688.
He took an active part in the Revolution, and shortly afterwards raised a troop
of dragoons.

2 John Somerville, second son of James, eleventh Lord Somerville, succeeded
Maurice Plunket as captain on April 20th, 16S8. He became lieut. -colonel of
the regiment before 1692.

3 Sir Duncan Campbell of Auchinbreck succeeded John Dalyell as captain on
May 22nd, 1688. He had been forfeited in 1686. Was appointed lieut. -colonel
to the Earl of Argyll's regiment in 1689.





New oath for the English and Scots.

1652, August 22. — After discussion it was resolved and Secret Resolu-
agreed hereby to commission and request Messrs. van derSSJL?
Cappelle te Ryssel, van Beverningh and van der Hoolcke, in General,
conjunction with certain members of the Council of State, to

be nominated by themselves, to draw up a form of oath for
the English and Scots soldiers in the service of this country
applicable to the present conjuncture of time and situation of
affairs. Also to consider at the same time how the said
English and Scots soldiers may best and most conveniently be
converted into Dutch companies. And this resolution of their
High Mightinesses is to be published without reconsideration.

1653, September 29. — Mr. Schoock, deputy of the Province of Resolutions of
Gelderland, at the express command of their High Mightinesses general

the States, his principals, at present met at Zutphen for business
of State, urged and insisted that the English and Scots foreign
officers in the service of this State be cited and summoned, and
have the oath administered to them, with intimation that
those who remain away after the appointed time, or refuse to
take the prescribed oath, be considered as discharged ; and
their posts open for others to fill.

October 23. — Resolution of their High Mightinesses of Resolutions
the 14th instant : ' The proposed form of oath for the English f state,
and Scots soldiers in the service of this country having again
been brought before the meeting, also the proposals for con-
verting the English and Scots troops into Dutch solely, it was


resolved and agreed after discussion that the said proposed
Form of Oath, as well as the said proposals, be placed in the
hands of the Council of State for their advice. This resolu-
tion having been read in the council, the above-mentioned
proposed Form of Oath having also been examined, and every-
thing having been discussed, it was decided to advise their High
Mightinesses that the specified words standing out in the
margin should be removed ; and that they should only speak
in generalibus terminis, unless it be their High Mightinesses 1
wish to make some such distinction in regard to the Scottish
nation, as is sufficiently expressed in the further tenor of the
draft- oath.

October 29. — There was read to the meeting the advice of
the Council of State, drawn up at the Hague on the 23rd
instant, in execution of their High Mightinesses 1 resolution of
the 14th of the same month, regarding the proposed Form of
Oath to be taken by the English and Scots soldiers in the
service of these Provinces. It was resolved and agreed after
discussion that the one and the other be placed in the hands
of Mr. Schoock and the other foregoing commissioners of
their High Mightinesses for inspection, examination, and





Dismissal of the English and Scots troops.

1664, December 31. — With respect to the representations Resolutions
made to the meeting by the deputies of the Province of Hoi- j^jjjj^l^ 8 "
land, tending to the effect that the four English and three

Scots regiments in the service of these Provinces may be dis-
missed and discharged from the service, it was after discussion
agreed and decided hereby to request Mr. Huyghens and the
other commissioners of their High Mightinesses, appointed
about the business of commissions, in conjunction with some
commissioners from the Council of State, to be nominated by
itself, to have a conference on the above subject and report.

Proposition to convert the English and Scots troops into
National Troops.

1665, January 3. — In regard to the representations made
by the deputies of the Province of Holland to this Assembly,
requesting that the four English and three Scots regiments
in the service of these Provinces be discharged from service
or disbanded, after discussion it was agreed and decided
hereby, with reference to the letters patent, to request Mr.
Huygens and their High Mightinesses 1 other deputies on
commissions, along with some deputies members of the Council
of State, and appointed by itself, to enter into conference on
the subject and report.

February 11. — The Report of Mr. Huyghens and the other
commissioners of their High Mightinesses on the business of


commissions, who, in accordance with their resolution of the
31st December last, held a conference with certain commis-
sioners, members of the Council of State, about the representa-
tions made by the deputies of Holland and West Friesland on
the same day to the meeting, tending to the effect that the four
English and three Scots regiments in the service of the State
be dismissed and discharged from the service. After discus-
sion, it was resolved and decided, to request the said Council
of State as to that business, to institute a strict investigation,
and in pursuance thereof advise whether, and in what way and

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