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Melvil 5 .....


Trail 6


Prop 7 reduit et estime a 200 testes


Kiets .....



Meldrom. 8

At the end appears a list of 64 Comp ies :

1588 on p. 84. Colonel Bartholomew was a younger son of Bartholomew
Balfour of Mackareston, in Menteith (killed at Pinkie 1547), by his second wife,
Margaret Drummond, daughter of Alexander Drummond of Carnock, previously
wife of Macaulay of Ardincaple. ' She bore to him,' says Lord Strathallan, in
his Genealogy of the Drummonds, ' Colonel Bartholomew Balfour, the father of
Sir Philip Balfour, both knowen for valiant men in the wars of the Netherlands.'
Colonel Bartholomew married Beatrix Cant, whose will, in which she
bequeathed a dyamont ring to her nephew, Sir William Balfour, is noted in the
Edinburgh Commissariat Register, vol. xlvii. It is dated January 28th, 161 1, and
she is designed as 'sumtyme spous to Colonell Barthilmo Balfour of Ridhews.'
In 1589 Bartholomew Balfour, 'coronator,' and his wife bought Prior Letham,
which was sold in 1597. In 1601 he bought ' Reidheuchis,' in the parish
of Currie, Midlothian, which was sold by his son Philip in 1618. He was
alive in 1605. Besides Sir Philip, afterwards colonel of a regiment, he had a
second son, James, a captain in Holland, and was probably the grandfather or
great-grandfather of Brigadier Bartholomew Balfour killed at Killiecrankie in
1689 (see p. 70, note). See also pp. 96 et seq., 114, and 245.

1 See note, p. 47.

2 David Cant, brother-in-law of Colonel Henry Balfour, dead July 1592, when
John Mitchell succeeded him. Recommendation in favour of the widow of his
brother and heir, Walter Cant, on 5th July 1594, and see claims of his nephew,
Sir William Balfour, infra, pp. 252-255. See also as to a dispute to which
Walter Cant, younger, was a party, which had been ' remitted to the decision of
the Colonels and Captains of the Scots Companies in Flanders,' 25th October
1 58 1.— P. C. Reg.

3 William Waddell left service in 1594, and was succeeded by his brother Robert,
formerly his lieutenant. ' Captain Waddell ' appears in pension list of 1597.

4 The widow and two children of Captain Blair appear in pension list of 1595.

5 An Alexander Melville was killed before Groningen, 15th July 1594, but
his commission as captain was dated 3rd February 1589.

6 (David) Trail, dead before March 31st, 1590, when Captain William Brog
succeeded him. His widow and heir were recommended in 1594.

7 John Prop, sent to States from Antwerp, 1585. Dead in June 1596, when
succeeded by Arthur Stuart. His widow was receiving pension in 1599, and his
children appear in 1607.

8 Captain Meldrum's widow appears in pension list of 1595.





Including (apparently by mistake) —

Rally . . . . . 1180

Boswel . . . . . . £1180

Guillame Morray 1 . . 1700

Dallachy 2 .

Wm. Nysbeth 3

Alex. Morray 4

Renton 5

Jan Balfour 6

1 Sir William Murray of Pitcairly, second son of Sir William Murray of
Tullibardine (ancestor of Duke of Athol), left the Dutch service in September
1588, and was succeeded in his company by Alexander Murray, his brother
(pp. 89 and 106), who had previously commanded a company. He had claims
against the States, which were settled in 1594 when he came over as ambassador
from King James, and received a pension, settled first on himself and subsequently
on his children (see pp. 74, 153, and 233). He received another recommendation
from King James in 1599, when he came over to settle the affairs of his brother,
Colonel Murray, killed at Bommel. Douglas (followed by Burke) and the
Chronicles of the Families of Atholl and Tullibardine state that Sir William
Murray, tenth Baron of Tullibardine, who married Catherine Campbell of
Glenurchy, and died in 1562, had Sir William, who succeeded him ; Alexander,
a colonel in the service of the States of Holland ; James of Purdoves, and
Andrew Murray. Sir William, the eldest son, who married Lady Agnes
Graham, and died in 1583, had John, his heir, Sir William of Pitcairly, Alex.,
said to have died young, and Mungo of Dunork. But it would seem that Colonel
Alexander Murray really belonged to the later generation.

2 Captain John Dallachy continued to serve until 1599, when he was succeeded
in October (being dead) by John Kilpatrick. Probably killed at Bommel. His
widow (Elizabeth Crichton) and two children appear in list of 1607. See
recommendation ■ en sa vieillesse ' by King James, April 1599. Attended Dutch
ambassadors in Scotland in 1594.

3 William Nisbet. Received captain's commission on 17th Oct. 1581, in
succession to Captain John Nisbet, in the regiment of Count Diedrich Sonoy
(p. 76). The name Nisbet occurs until 1600, when Hugo Nisbet succeeded his
father, and was killed at Nieuport. The children of Captain John, and the widow
(El. Forbes) and children of Captain William appear in pension list of 1607.

4 Alexander Murray succeeded his brother in his company in 1588, became
colonel of the Scottish Regiment in 1594. Killed at Bommel, 1599 (see
p. 29). 5 See note, p. 47.

6 A Captain John Balfour, who had previously served with distinction, received
a commission as cavalry captain in March 1586 (p. 79). A John Balfour also
appears in list of 1587, and then disappears. This was probably Captain John
Balfour of Wester Pitcorthie, second husband of Christian Cant, dead in 1592,
who had in 1586 a law-suit with Alexander Balfour of Denmylne for redelivery
of ' twa blankis ' left with him on leaving for Flanders. In 1594 a Captain
John Balfour is mentioned by the ambassadors of the States as seen by them at
the Scottish Court. This was probably Captain John Balfour, brother of David







Rendered Dec. 31st.


Companies of 200 men

Actual number at the last muster.

Col. Balfour



of 150 men


. 148


. 144

Waddel .

. 120

Guil e Morray .

. 150


. 144

Jan Balfour .

. 103


. 150


. 137


. 135

Alex. Morray .

. 126

Dallachy .

. 150

List of pay
Col. Balfour with one S r major at 80£ and one Provost Marshal
at 50£ monthly ......

1588 and 1589
Foot soldiers paid by Holland
Estimated Estimated

Col. Balfour
Waddel .


Nysbet .

200 men . £2200

130 . 1500

150 . 1700

130 . 1500

130 . 1500

Hay, now Melvil, 1 130 men
Prop . . .130
Morray . .130
Trail . . .130



Balfour of Bandon, who, along with Margaret de Primzie, his spouse, entered
into a contract with Michael Balfour of Mountquhanny and Andrew Balfour, his
son, on 7th June 1598. On 6th September 1599 Andrew Balfour of Strathor
granted an obligation for 8000 marks to Margaret de Primzie, relict of Captain
John Balfour. Bandon was possessed by this family from at least 1498 to 1642.
From the resolutions of Holland it appears that Captain John Balfour, who had
a claim in respect of Captain John Petam's company, was appointed second
sergeant-major in July 1597, the Prince of Orange being unwilling to supersede
Sergeant-Major Brog, and Holland having three months before appointed
Balfour. On March 15th, 1605, a petition was referred to the committee from
Margrieta Proignere, widow of the late Captain Balfour, and before him widow
of the late Captain Johan de Petain. The widow of Captain John Balfour
appears in the pension list of 1609. In April 1606 John Balfour, brother of
Baron Balfour of Burley, presented a request to raise a company, which was
not disposed of (p. 203).

1 Alexander Melville, commissioned February 3rd, 1589. Killed at Groningen
15th July 1594. His widow (Maria Rigg) appears in pension list of 1597.
For names of children, see list of 1607. A branch of the Fife house of Melville
is still represented in Holland.


Pay on Holland
Col. Balfour with one S* major at 80,£ and one

Provost Marshal at 50£ . . £530

Settling' of Accounts with the Captain Mathias Railing

Exhibitum, Aug. 24, 1592.

Escompte faict de la part des Estatz generaulx des Provinces unies du
Pays Bas avec le Capitaine Mathias Railings des services par Iceluy
faicts avecq sa Compaignie de gens de pied, depuis le XIV e de
Janvier 1587, jour de sa premiere moustre, jusques au XXIV e de
Juillet ensuivant, que Alexandre Mouray est venu en sa place.
Faict en libvres, soulx et deniers de 40 gros pieces.

Premierement revient au Cap ne depuis le 14 e Janvier 1587,
qu'il a este premierement par moustre a la ville de
Rotterdam, trouve fort de 150 testes, jusques au 20 e
febvrier ensuivant inclus, faisant 37 jours a l'advenant
de c £l7 par mois .....

La somme de £1965 12 6

Encores depuis le 21 e de Febvrier 1587 que la dite com-

paignie a de recheff passe moustre en la ville de Delff

et trouve fort de 141 testes (en retirant le sergeant

Maior illecq passe et non paye par le dit Cap ue )

Jusqu'au 7 e de May ensuivant faisant le temps de deux

mois 12 Jours, a l'advenant de £1610 par mois
revient ....... 4823 15

Encores depuis le 8 e de May 1587 jusqu'au 28 e de Juillet
que Alexandre Mouray est venu en sa place, faisant
deux mois 18 jours, a l'advenant de £1360 par mois,
pour 116 testes .....

revient ....... 3485

Somma ....... 9274 7 6

de quoy rabatu le sixiesme denier a cause du moindre

nombre, changement des noms, et desspenses tombe'es

passant par le plat pays, reste . . . 7728 13 4

y adiouste £600, quoy luy a (ete) donne en recompense

du service qu'il a fait devant date de la dite moustre

Revient ensemble : huict mille trois cents vingt et huict

libvres, treize souls, quatre deniers . . . 8328 13 4 |

Payements faicts a I'encontre et premierement en argent

Premierement paye par le Recepveur general le 19 e

Janvier 1587 ...... £1700 |

le 26 e Janvier a Michel Gordon, gentilhomme de la com-

paignie, . . . . . 15




le 23 e de Mars 1587 par descharge sur le recepveur de
Hollande £1620, mais comme suivant la reveue, il
n'a este paye la dessus que £1177? partant seulle-
mentici ...... £1177

le 25 e de May 1587 encore . . . 1360

Encores par ceux d' Hollande par les mains de Lodensteyn

le 25 e d'Avril 1587 . . . . 1550 8

par les mesmes par de Lint sur rescript de son Ex ce et

ordonnance du 20 e de May 1587 . . . 834 12

Pi*emiere Somme ...... 6637

Aultres payements faicts par prestes, vivres et amies

Par Thomas Rochusz surquoy ordonnance a suivy du 20 e

Febvrier 1587 . . . . £121 2 6

Par ceulx de Cluyndert, surquoy ordonnance a suivy du

25 e Febvrier 1587 . . . . - 85 9

Par Biermans, recepveur a Aernhem par 31 recepisses,
depuis le 8 e d'Avril 1587 jusques au premier de Juille
ensuyvent ...... 1544

Par Caesvell 20 musquettes, 84 harquebuses, avecq les

furnitures, trois rondasses, 40 corcelettes, 40 picques 1444

La portion pour ceste compaignie des vivres despartis au
Regiment Escossois en l'expedition faicts en Brabant,
Tan '87 .....

Encores de Mierop par ceulx de Wesip

De Thomas Rachusz par ceulx de Geertruydenberge

De Regelinck par ceulx de Schombourg .

Encores par de Lint ....

De Lodenstein, par ceulx de DelfF

Encores par ceulx de Wesip

Encores par Iceulx ....

Encores par Thomas Rochusz

De Mierop par ceulx de Sevenbergen

Encores a l'hospital a Leyde

a l'hospital a DelfF

a l'hospital a Dordrecht

a l'hospital a Amsterdam

a l'hospital a la Haye

Par ceulx d'Utrecht

Encores rabaton au Capitaine selon la vieille Coustume le
Centieme denier de tous les d s payements, excepte
des £1700 qu'il a receu du Recepveur general ou le
d fc rabatement a este une fois fait, faisant £9190,
19s. 3d. de quoy le c° denier monte . . . 90 18 2

568 14

11 13

44 3

31 15

48 15 10
8 10 2

24 16

71 1

18 16
5 3

19 10
17 15

3 1


36 6






Seconde Somme ...... £4345 17 5

Totale Somme ...... 10982 17 5

Revient doncques trop receu : deux mille six cent, qua-
rante et quatre libvres, quatre souls, 1 denier (£2644,
4s. Id.) ......

Ainsy faict et descompte a la Haye, a condition que s'il se trouve avoir
este quelque chose davantage et profite par ceste compaignie soit en loge-
ments par le plat pays ou qu'ils ayent les despens es villes sur les
bourgeois ou quelque chose d'aultre qui n'est point specific cy dessus en
ceste descompte soit en vivres, armes, munitions, vestemens au aultre-
ment, que tout cela pourra estre cy apres sans aulcune contradiction
rabatu au payement qui en sera faict, selon qu'il comment.
Faict le 23 e d'Aougst 1592. Signe' C. Aerssen.

Matthias Ralling.


Rendered Nov. 18th.


Edmond 1 100 men ..... £2275

Foot soldiers paid by Holland

Col. Morray 200 men £2264
Wm. Balfour 2 150 1748

Wm. Brog 3

Wm. Waddel 4 150 men £1748
John Michel 5 ,, ,,

John Prop . ,, „

1 Sir William Edmond, a native of Stirling, received commission as captain of
a company of lancers ioth June 1589 (p. 90). Succeeded Alexander Murray in
command of the old Scots Regiment in 1599. Recommended (p. 179). For his
services see pp. 29-35. Killed at Rheinberg Sept. 1606. Widow and children
recommended by King James 161 1.

2 William Balfour received commission, in February 1594, as captain, in suc-
cession to Colonel Barthold Balfour, whose lieutenant he had been (p. 92).
Served at Huy in 1595, and was killed at Hulst in 1596, being succeeded, on
30th August, by Archibald Buntin. On 25th May 1598 an application was made
by David Balfour, servitor to Mr. Henry Balfour, advocate, against Sir Michael
Balfour of Balgonie, as to the sum of 400 crowns received by him from the
deceased Captain William Balfour.

3 Sir William Brog. Captain, March 31st, 1590. Sergeant-Major, 1588.
Recommended by King James, 1599. Lieutenant-Colonel, 1600. Colonel in suc-
cession to Sir William Edmond, September 12th, 1606. Commanded the regi-
ment till 1636. Specially selected in 1595 to act as sergeant-major of the force
under Justinus of Nassau which went to relieve Cambrai and co-operate with
Henry iv. of France (see Commission, p. 94). He was dead by 13th March 1636.

4 William Waddel, appointed August 3rd, 1595, in succession to G. Johnston
(deceased), having already filled the place for some time. Johnston had been
appointed, on July 18th, 1594, in succession to Robert Waddell, who had been
killed before Groningen on July 15th. (Robert had succeeded his brother
William shortly before. ) Was killed at Meurs in 1 597. The children of Captain
Waddel appear in the pension list of 1599. For their names, see list of 1607.

8 John (or James) Mitchell succeeded Captain Cant on 28th July, 1592. He

1595] STATES OF WAR 55

Win. Nysbeth 150 men £1748
John Dallachy „ ,,

John Strachan 1 150 men £1748
James Egger 2 ,, „

Pay on Holland
Col. Morray ...... £400

The pension of the Prince of Scotland of 5000£ yearly,
of which the share of Holland amounts to 2655£,
19s. 4d., which is monthly . . . 221 G 2

Brog Warden (St Major) of the Scots . . . 30

N.B. Is Brog to be allowed to fill the two offices of
Warden and Captain at the same time, this must be
looked into.

Officers of Justice
Alex. Murray, 3 Provost Marshal of the Scots . . 50

Pay on Zeeland
The pension of the Prince of Scotland, etc., £653 13 £54 9 5

Pay on Utrecht
Ditto . . . 274 14 22 17 10

Pay on Groningen and Ommelanden
Ditto . . . 366 5 5 30 10 5

Pay on the Veluwe (Gelderland)
Ditto . . . 325 27 1 8

was killed at the battle of Nieuport in 1600, and his widow appears in the
pension list of 1608.

1 John Strachan received commission, in succession to Alexander Melville, on
1 8th July 1594. Killed at Nieuport 1600. His widow (Anna Kirkpatrick) in
pension list of 1607.

2 James Egger (Edgar) received commission December nth, 1589, on king's re-
commendation (new company). Killed at Hulst before 30th August 1596, when
he was succeeded by his lieutenant and brother Alexander Egger. Widow and
children in pension list of 1599. Two children, Nicholas and Margaret, are noted
in 1607. In 1599 Nicholas Edgar, heir of Captain James Edgar, his father, was
retoured in the lands of Patrick Edgar, merchant in Edinburgh, and, as heir of
his father, in part of the lands of Lymphoy and Hillhousefield in the baronies of
Restalrig and Broughton. Edgar of Wedderlie, in Berwickshire, was an ancient
family of Saxon origin, which, like the Hepburns and Rentons, held their lands of
the old Earls of Dunbar. A branch of the name settled in Dumfriesshire, and in
the sixteenth century a rich burgess of the name, Patrick Edgar, lived in Edinburgh,
and his family were owners of Peffermiln, where their arms showed connection
with the house of Wedderlie. In 1 596 Captain James Edgar, a gentleman of
Scotland, who had served the French king, received a passport for himself and
his page to go through England to France. — The Scottish House of Edgar.

3 Alexander Murray received commission as Provost Marshal on 31st May 1595.


Pay on Overyssel
The pension of the Prince of Scotland, etc., £175 £14 11 8

Pay on Vrieslandt

549 8 1 45 15 8

Other payments made by the Receiver from the balance of the contribution

of Brabant
The widow of Cap. Meldrom 250£ yearly and monthly
The widow of Cap 11 Blaire, with her 2 children
Bartholt Balfour, formerly Colonel, at 1000£
Andries Penton, 1 son of Guillaume Penton, 150£ yearly
The widow of Johan Cuninga 2 at 300£
„ „ Cap n Hans Craeck, 100£

Rendered June 2d

Footsoldiers paid by Holland

£20 16


33 6


83 6


12 10


8 6


Col. Morray 200 men £2264

Waddel 150 1748

Dallachy ,, ,,

Nysbeth , , , ,


Michel 150 men £1748

Strachan ,, „

Stuart 3 ,, ,,

Alex. Egger 4
Brontin 5

Pay on Hollandt
Col. Morray ...... £400

Pensions on Hollandt
The Pension of the Prince of Scotlandtof £5000, etc. (see 1595).

Brog St Major of the Scots . . . 30

Officers of Justice
Alex. Murray, Provost Marshal of the Scottish Reg* . 50

1 Or Renton.

2 John Cunningham is recorded as having distinguished himself as an artillerist
at the siege of Haarlem. He is referred to in the resolutions of Holland in
1585 as Colonel Cunningham. In 1581, being then • commander of the artillery,'
he received a commission as ' Assistant ' (Adjutant) to Count William Louis of
Nassau, at Dockum (see p. 77), and in the same year a commission for the
relief of Naijesijl (p. 78). He married Anna van Duivenvoorde.

3 Arthur Stuart succeeded Captain Prop, June 16th, 1596. Killed at Nieuport
1600. His widow (Anna van Leeuwen) appears in pension list of 1607.

4 Succeeded his brother August 30th, 1596. Killed at Meurs before November
28th, 1597.

5 Archibald Buntin (?) succeeded William Balfour 30th August 1596. Dead
before August 12th, 1599. Probably killed at one of the sharp actions near

1598] STATES OF WAR 57

Andreas Hunterus, 1 Minister of the Scottish Regimen 1 . £30

Other pensions pay' at the Office of the Receiver-General
Col. Balfour .... £1000 yearly

Cap. Waddel . . . . 700

Widow of J. Cuninga . . .300

,, ,, Cap. Meldrom . . . 250

„ ,, ,, Blaire and 2 children . 400

The same additionally . . . 150

Widow of Cap. J. Craeck . 100

„ „ „ Melvil . . .400

Andries Penthon, son of Cap" G me Penthon 150

Col. Morray 160 men £1852
Andries Morray 2 120 1435

Dallachy „ ,,

Nysbeth „ ,,

Brog „

Oompan Us from the undivided (war) expenses and now charged to Holland
Caddel 4 150 men £1748 Hamilton 5 150 men £1748























Michel 120 men £1435

Strachan ,, ,,

Stuart ,, ,,

Robt. Bercley 3 ,, ,,

Bontin „ ,,

1 Andrew Hunter was for a long time chaplain. See representations by him
(p. 245) in 161 1 and later.

2 Andrew Moray succeeded William Waddell, November 26th, 1597. Captured
and killed at Nieuport, 1600. Captain Andrew Moray, fifth son of Robert
Moray of Abercairney, and Catherine Murray (of Tullibardine), died in Holland
without issue {Douglas's Baronage). An older brother was Sir David of Gorthy,
and a third Mungo Moray of Craigie, who married a daughter of George Halkett
of Pitfirran. A younger brother, James, also died without issue.

3 Robert Barclay succeeded Alexander Egger, November 20th, 1597. Captured
and killed at Nieuport, 1600. King James shortly afterwards gave his brother,
David Barclay of Struiy (sic, Urie or Towie ?), a letter of recommendation. See
infra, p. 1 81, Requests by his widow 1604, and son 1607 ; also p. 21 1.

4 James Caddell received commission (new company), 15th August 1596.
Question with Utrecht as to his arrears, 1604. On 7th August 1595 the
authorities of Holland considered a letter from the Prince ' strongly recom-
mending Jaques Caddel, for his good qualities and services, as L*, to be granted
the company he served in.' He died as lieutenant-colonel in 1618, having served
in the Juliers campaign. He married Catherina van Duivenvoorde, and on her
petition their son Thomas received extraordinary pay in Colonel Brogh's Com-
pany, until he should be able to carry arms. — Res. of Holland, 1618.

5 John Hamilton received commission (new company) 15th August, 1596.
(Must be distinguished from Cavalry Captain John Hamilton, who received his
commission as such on April 14th, 1599, and was killed at Newport). On 13th
November 1621 a petition was presented to the Scottish Privy Council by Captain


Col. Morray . . . . . £400

Thos. Nysche, 1 St Major of the Scots . . . 80

Officers of Justice
Alex. Murray, Provost Marshal of the Scots . . 50

Andreas Hunterus, Minister of the Scottish Regt . 30

Pensions payable at the Office of the Receiver- General for settlement of
accounts and previous services
Col. Balfour, yearly
The children of Cap n Waddel, deceased
Widow Johan Cuninga

„ Cap n Meldrom

„ „ Blair, with her 2 children

The same additionally
Widow Cap n Mellvil
Andries Renton, son of Cap" Guillaume Renton 150

Summary of the divided monthly war expenses or required to be divided

over the 7 provinces, etc., conform the statement rendered July &th 1598

Undivided (war) expenses

Additional 13 English Comp ies , etc.

The pension of the Prince of Scotland at 5000£ yearly which pro month

amounts to ..... £416 13 4

2 Comp ies of Scots, each of 150 men, at 1265£, 18s. 4d.,

together monthly ..... 2531 10 8

1599 2


Edmond . . . 80 men . . . £2125

. £1000

£83 6








20 16



33 6



12 10


33 6


enton 150

12 10

Harry Bruce to stop proceedings against him * for the slaughter of Captain John
Hamilton in single combat in the Low Country of Flanders some seventeen
years ago.' But John appears to have been a mistake for William (p. 66). See
representation for when in garrison at Nymguen in 1601 (p. 184). A Captain
Hamilton was killed at Grave in 1602, and one of the name had been in service
in 1594 (see p. 177). Captain John Hamilton had died before January 16th, 1620,
when he was succeeded by Captain Marjoribanks, and had • served more than
forty years.' See resolution in favour of a petition by his daughter, infra.

1 Thomas Niche, formerly lieutenant of Captain Murray, received his com-
mission as sergeant-major («V)on 6th October 1598. He was probably killed
before Rheinberg in 1601, for Prince Maurice there appointed Archibald Erskine
to succeed him on July 22nd, 1601.

2 This is a curious list, and really represents the state of the regiment after

1599] STATES OF WAR 59

Footsoldiers paid by Holland
Col. Edmondt . . 150 men . . . £2014

the battle of Nieuport in 1600. The Holland lists for 1599 and 1600 are as
follows : —

1599 1600

Col. Murray and R. Henderson. Col. Edmond.

Bruntin and^Col. Edmond. Henrison.

Andro Murray. Murray.

Dallachy and Kilpatrick. Kirkpatrick.

Nysbeth. Nysbeth and his son Hugo Nysbeth.

Brogh. Brog.

Mitchel. Michel, with James Phis and Sincler.

Strachan. Strachan.

Stuart. Stewart and Neisch.

Berclay. Berclay.

Daniel Mackigny.

Allane Coutes.

Henry Balfour.



The list of 1600 indicates very plainly the effects of the disaster at Nieuport. The

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