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Register of Marriages, 15 64- 1800.





8th OCTOBER 1727— 23RD MAY 1731.





15611800] Canongale Register of Marriages. 49

Blackwood, George, cordiner, and Annas Traill, mar. be Mr. George

Leslie p. Tuysday, 21 Aug. 1655

„ Helene, and George Mershell, mar. in the Kirk of Cannongate

be Mr. James Glendinniag Tuysday, 1 Dec. 1657

„ Jeane, and John Payne, Englishman, mar. within the Kirk of
Halyroodhous be Mr. James Nairne, minister

p. 19 May, m. Tuysday, 2 July [ 66 r
Blaikie, Elizabeth, in Westkirk parish, and Williame Moreis

p. 29 May., mar. at the West kirk the 30 June 1659
„ John, and Issobell Murdoch, servitours to Widow Hanna

p. 19 Feb., m. 19 Mar. 1695
,, James, weiver, and Jonet Creich, mar. in the Kirk of Haly-
roodhous be Mr. Patrick Hepburne, minister

p. 30 Oct., m. Friday, 25 Nov. 1664
,, John, weiver, and Bessie Porteous, mar. in the Kirk of Haly-
roodhous be Mr. James Nairne p. 10 May, m. Tuesday, 9 June 1657
„ Marioun, and John Halyburtoun, weiver, mar. in the Kirk of
Halyroodhous be Mr. James Kid, minister

p. 15 May, m. Tuysday, 21 June 1664
Blaine, William, servitour to Colonel George M'Gill, and Marjorie

Cuthbertsone, late his servitrix 25 May 1697

Blair, Agnes, and Patrick Hoome in Leith, mar. in the Church of

Halyroodhous by Mr. James Kid, minister Tuesday, 24 Oct. 1671

„ Agnes, in Edinburgh, and Archibald Trumbill

p. 21 Jan. mar. at Edinburgh 15 Feb. 1666
„ Andrew, and Janet Gordon, indweller in Edinburgh 6 Nov. 1756

„ Andrew, wright, and Kathrine Blair, daughter of Andrew Blair,

wright in Glasgow 12 Aug. 1793

,, Ann, residenter in Edinburgh, and Alexander Uur, taylor in

Potterrow 14 May 1737

„ Catherine, and Patrick Noble, sailler in South Leith, mar. in
the Kirk of Halyroodhous by Mr. Patrick Hepburne,
minister p. 17 Nov., m. Tuysday, 17 Dec. 1667

,, Elizabeth, and Andro Allane, gairdner, mar. within the Kirk of
Halyroodhous be Mr. James Nairne, minister

p. 11, m. Tuysday, 27 Dec. 1659
„ Elizabeth, one of Edinburgh, and William More, ane of ouris

m. 21 May 1646
„ Elizabeth, daughter to John Blair, tailor, burges, and John

Sutherland, wright 27 May 1727

„ Elizabeth, daughter of Hugh Blair, wright, and Andrew Forrest,

soldier in the 3rd North British Militia 27 May 1800

„ Euphemia, daughter to the deceased Mr. Archibald Blair,
minister of Garvett, and William Dudgeon, farmer at
Dryburnfoord 29 Feb. 1776

„ Frances, daughter to James Blair, brewer in the Abbey, and

James Sprott, tanner and late baillie of Portsburgh 7 Jan. 1774

„ Gabriell, and Jonet Aittane of Edinburgh, mar. in Edinburgh

Thursday, 3 May 1649
„ The Reverend Mr. Heugh, minister of the gospel in this parish,
and Catharine Ballantine, daughter to Mr. James
Ballantine, minister in the College Kirk 9 April 1748

„ James, brewer, and Catherine Henderson 24 Jan. 1756

„ Jean, daughter to the deceasid John Blair, merchant in Leith,

and John Kenemond, writer 15 Sept. 1775

„ Jean, daughter to Andrew Blair, painter, and John Berry,

plasterer 28 July 1779

„ John, son to Farquhar Blair, farmer in the parish of Aberfoyll,

and Janet Strachan, relict of ye deceast Andrew Moffat 7 Jan. 1710
„ John, tailor, and Christian Thomson, daughter tothe deceast

Alexander Thomson, mason, burges and freeman 16 May 1719

5 o Canongate Register of Marriages. [1564-1800

Blair, John, lapper, and Agnes Grieve, daughter to John Grieve,

mason in North Berwick " Feb. i 7 74

Catherine, daughter of Andrew Blair, wright in Glasgow, and

Andrew Blair, wright -• , '? Aug ' ' 793

Margaret, and Patrick Andersone, tailor, mar. in the Kirk of
Halyroodhous be Mr. John Blair, minister at Bothkenner

p. 3 Dec. 1654, m. Tuesday, 16 Jan. 1655
Margaret, daughter of Robert Blair, shoemaker in Canongate,

and David Paterson, wright, both residenters 8 Oct. 1788

Margaret, daughter of ]ohn Blair, lapper in Leith Wynd, and

William Taylor, brassfounder 17 April 1793

Margaret, daughter of John Blair, mason at Portobello, and

John Hardie, brewer 6 Nov. 1796

Peter, servant to Andrew Moffat, flesher, and Christian Broun,
servant to Andrew Hutchison, present Deacon of ye fleshers

17 Oct. 1713
„ Philip, hecklar, and Margratt Kenneday, daughter of James

Kennedy, grocer in Leith 8 June 1790

„ Robert, mason, and Agnes Lockart, daughter to the deceased

John Lockart 24 July 1781

„ Robert, mariner, and Elizabeth Welsh, daughter of Thomas

Welsh 18 Dec. 1797

., Sarah, daughter of John Blair, weaver in Pleasance, and

Patrick Kelley, soldier in the Ross and Cromertie fencibles 24 Dec. 1798
„ Thomas, and Jeane Mitchell, mar. in the Kirk of Halyroodhous

be Mr. James Kid Tuysday, 1 Dec. 1663

,, Thomas, Deacon of the Incorporation of Tailors in Canongate,
and Cathrine Thomson, lawfull daughter to the deceast
Alexander Thomson, mason, binges and freeman 23 Mar. 1717

„ Thomas, linen laper, and Margaret Johnstone, daughter to

James Johnstone, couper in Portsburgh 4 April 1767

,, Thomas, shoemaker, and Margarate Craigie, daughter of John

Craigie, weaver in Edinburgh 24 Dec. 1798

,, William, of that Ilk, and Lady Margaret Hamiltoun, lawfull
daughter of the deceast Duke, William Hamiltoun, mar.
in the Church of Halyroodhous be Mr. Jon. Robertson,
one of the ministers of Edinburgh Tuysday, 27 Feb. t666

Bland, Isabella, daughter of Charles Bland, and Alexander Nishie,

gentleman's servant 10 Jan. 1790

Blantyre, Thomas, soldier in the Shropshire Regiment, and Margar-
ate Forrester, daughter of Alexander Forrester, baker in
Edinburgh 27 Dec. 1798

Bleak, Miss Helen, daughter of George Bleak, farmer at Newburn,
in the parish of Stenton, and Peter Leslie, vintner in Edin-
burgh 2S Oct. 1796
Blinies, Andrew, tailor, and Margarate Wilson, daughter of the late

David Wilson, soldier 23 Jan. 1799

Blood, Jean, and James Picken, gentleman's servant 5 Sept. 1766

Blyth, Adam, shoemaker, and Mary Don, daughter of John Don,

gardner in Broughton 30 Mar. 1798

Ague-,, daughter of David Blyth, shoemaker, and George

Lindsay, wright 9 Jan. 1792

Andrew, wright, and Barbara Henderson, daughter of the de-
ceased John Henderson, labourer 17 Jan. 1788
Charles, and Nicolas Murray, mar. in the Church of Holirood-

house be Mi. Patrick Hepburne, minister Monday, 16 July 1675

David, shoemaker, and Jean M'Ewan, daughter of John

M'Ewan, plasterer 20 Jan. 1794

Elizabeth, and William Newberrie, in the paroch of South
Leith, mar. in the Church of Halyroodhous by Mr. Patrick
Hepburne, minister p. 30 May, m. Tuysday, 22 June 1669

1564-1800] Canongate Register of Marriages.


Blyth, Grissell, in Edinburgh, and James Boyd

p. 10 June, mar. at Edinburgh 12 July 1666

<i „ Helene, and Thomas Scott 23 Dec. 1565

^ „ Mr. Henry, and Sarah Kae, mar. in the Church of Holirood-

/ house Thursday, 21 Jan. 1675

„ James, journeyman tailor, and Mary Warden 20 June 1755

„ James, of the Train, and Elizabeth Candlish, daughter of

Lyney Candlish, in the county of Doun 20 Dec. 1797

Jane, and William Berry, commedian 1 Aug. 1747

Janet, ane of Edinburgh, and David Malloch p. 28, m. 29 May 1646

Lodovick, and Helen Morison, in Edinburgh Sabbath, 30 Dec. 1672

Thomas, servant to John Mitchell, brewer in Canongate, and
Rachel Brodie, daughter to Thomas Brodie, in the parish
of Libertoun 30 April 17 14

Thomas, younger, shambo dresser at Stockbridge, in the West
Kirk parish, and Anna Hamilton, lawfull daughter to the
deceast James Hamilton, clerk of the Canongate 14 Sept. 1723

Thomas, and Janet Robertson 21 Oct. 1749

William, wright, and Janet Goodsir, daughter to Alexander

Goodsir, labourer 8 Oct. 1773

Boag (Boig), Anna, laufull daughter to the deceast Alexander
Boig of Burnhouses, and George Jameson, candlemaker

20 Oct. 1718
Boak, Anna, in Kirklistoun, and John Gib p. Sabbath, 3 Aug. 1656

Bogie, James, weaver at Sceins, and Margarate Geddess, daughter

of William Geddes, wright in Kirkaldie 19 June 1797

„ Minnie, daughter of James Bogie, shoemaker, and William

Hook, brewer servant 28 April 1789

„ John, flesher, and Elizabeth Simpson, daughter of David

Simpson, weaver in Caithneis 1 May 1800

Bogle, Lauchlan, baker, and Janet Wright, daughter of Wright,

baker in Hadington 17 Aug. 1794

„ Thomas, from Glasgow, and Margaret Cockburne, mar. in the
Church of Halyroodhous by Mr. Patrick Hepburne,
minister p. 2, m. Wednesday, 26 May 1669

Bogrie, John, gentleman's servant, and Annie Henderson, daughter

to Adam Henderson, labourer in Morton 11 Nov. 1773

Bogtoun, Margaret, and Daniell Ross Sabbath, 2 July 1671

Boiss. Mary, daughter to John Boiss, labourer, and Thomas Dunbar,

soldier in the 25th Regment 22 Sept. 1781

Bolt, Elizabeth, relict of Mr. Caples, in the Castle of Edinburgh,

and Nathaniel Wilson, servant 22 Nov. 1799

,, John, and Eupham Baird m. 29 Nov. 1685

„ Robert, Inglishman, and Agnes Yoole, mar. in the Kirk of
Cannongate be Mr. James Glendinning

p. 1 Nov , m Tuysday, 17 Nov. 1657
Bolton, Jeane, and Thomas Nicolls, mar. in the Kirk of Halyrood-
hous be Mr. James Nairne, minister thairof

p. 31 Aug., m. Tuysday, 16 Sept. 1656
Bon, Robert, clerk, and Elizabeth Thomson, daughter of Alexander

Thomson, near Grange Toll, Edinburgh 7 June 1800

Bonar (Boner, Bonnari, Elizabeth, daughter to Allexander Bonnar,

weaver in Dumfermline, and James Padge, weaver 28 April 1784

„ Grissell, ane of Edinburgh, and Thomas Caldwell, ipothecarie,

mar. in our Kirk be Mr. John Hog Thursday, 29 Mar. 1649

„ James, and Jean Wishart, mar. in the Church of Halyroodhous
by Mr. Charles Lumsden, younger, minister

p. 19 Sept., m. Tuysday, 26 Oct. 1669
„ Margaret, in South Leith, and Captaine William Kennedie, mar.
in the Church of Halyroodhous by Mr. James Kid, minister

p. 22 April, m. Wednesday, 2 May 1666

5 2 Canongate Register of Mar riages. [i 564-1800

Bonckle, Catherine, and Richard Brown, cordiner, mar. in the Kirk
of Halyroodhous by Mr. Patrick Hepburne, minister

p. 15 Mar., m. Thursday, 16 April 1668
Bong-all tenet, servant to Mrs. Jolly, and Archibald Russell,

weaver 30 Sept. 1709

Bonigent, Francis, stamper, burges, and Janet Achesone, lawful
daughter to the deceased William Achesone, induellar in
Edinburgh P- '5 Dec. 1704, in. 1 Jan. 1705

Bonner lames, gunner, and Ann Chapman, daughter to John

Chapman ' ° ct - '7* ]

Bonnington (Bonnytoun), John, and Mary Huison m. I Dec. 1687

Bonnyman, Katherine, daughter of James Bonyman, wnght in Ports-
burgh, and James Woods, soldier in the Northfolk
Kenobles . 17 April 1798

Bonthron, Katherine, daughter of James Uonthron, late shipmaster

in Dundee, and William Morison, mariner 8 Dec. 1792

Boodwin (Boodin), Samuel, soldier in the Shropshire Militia, and
Jean Annan, daughter of James Annan, servant in Edin-
burgh 26 April 1799
Boog, Agnes, in Edinburgh, and Thomas Scotland p. Sabbath, 24 May 1663
., Agnes, in Edinburgh, and William Badzenoch

p. Sabbath 6, mar. at Edinburgh the 24 Nov. 1664
„ Andrew, cutler in Edinburgh, and Sussan Richardson,
daughter of the deceased John Richardson, smith in Edin-
burgh 5 Sept. 1789
.. Cecilia, daughter to Andrew Boog, shoemaker, and Alexander

Leslie, shoemaker 12 Feb. 1773

„ Christina, and Richard Thomson, gairdner in the West Kirk
parochin, mar. in the Kirk of Halyroodhous be Mr. John
Hog p. 26 Sept., m. Fryday, 29 Oct. 1652

„ Margaret, daughter to the deceased Thomas Roog, brewar,
burges of Edinburgh, and Adam Thomson, son to James
Thomsone, merchant p. 22 Mar., m. 10 Apr. 1701

„ Margaret, daughter to the deceased Deacon Robert Boig,

cutler, and James Murray, tailor 23 July 1768

„ Robert, cutler, and Margaret Orrock 26 Nov. 1743

„ Thomas, surgeon, and Neilson, daughter of the deceased

Neilson 27 April 1786

Bookless (Buckless), Adam, and Margaret Young m. 16 April 1706

„ George, glaizier, and Jean Galbreath, daughter of Dd. James

Galbreath, slater in Edinburgh ; witness, William Young 15 May 1800
., Peter, clock maker, and Ann Wilson, daughter of James

Wilson, brewer's servant 15 Oct. 1798

Booll. Janet, and Johne Broun, maried in the Kirk of Halyroodhous

be Mr. Johne Hog p. 22 Aug., m. Fryday, 17 Sept. 1652

Booth, Robert, soldier in the 30th Regiment, and Ann Brymer 1 Oct. 1780

Bordlan, Maurice, writer in Edinburgh, and Katharin M'Kinnin 17 Mar. 1716

Borland, Arthur, gentleman's servant, and Ann Robertson 13 Aug. 1780

,, Elizabeth, and John Gibb, mar. in the Church of Holirood-

bouse Tuesday, 7 July 1674

„ Margaret, servant to John Rae, and David Findlay, tailor 1 r Nov. 1710
,. Peter, baker, and Bell Mill, daughter of John Mi if, tide waiter

in Aberdeen 5 f u ] y ,793

Borlans, Margaret, relick of the deceased David Finlay, tailor, and

John Black, tailor n Sept. 1729

Borrowman (Barrowman), Alexander, coppersmith, burges of Edin-
burgh, and Marion Wilkie, daughter to the deceast Richard
Wilkie, writer p. 27 Sept., m. 22 Oct 1701

., Christina, daughter lawful] to Thomas Barrowman, baxter,
burges and freeman, and Isaac Brand, baxter, burges and
freeman p. ,3 Nov., m. 3 Dec. 1697

1564-1800] Canongate Register of Marriages. 53

Borrowman ( Barrowman), George, baxter, and Margaret Lymb,

daughter to the deceased William Lymb, farmer in Brough-

toun 4 June 1717

„ Isabella, and James Panton, baxter 10 Feb. 1749

„ Janet, and James Bunyan, shoemaker 27 Dec. 1779

„ John, pantonheill maker, and Marioun Nasmith, mar. in the

Kirk of Halyroodhous be Mr. George Leslie

p. 14 May. in. Tuysday, 13 June 1654
„ Marion, and William Mackie, mar. in the Church of Halirood-

house Thursday, 3 June 1675

„ Martha, daughter to George Borrowman, baxter in North Leith,

and John Hutcheson, journeyman tailor 22 Sept. 1749

„ Thomas, baxter, and Issobell Ladlay, laufull daughter to

Alexander Ladly, farmer in Lawristone, in the parish of

Cramond 6 Dec. 1707

„ Thomas, baxter, and Margaret Nasmith, mar. in the Kirk of
Halyroodhous be Mr. John Hog, minister

p. 1 Feb., m. Fryday, 27 Feb. 1652
„ William, baxter, and Barbara Ross 7 June 174S

„ William, baxter, and Helen Boyd, daughter to the deceased

Peter Boyd, farmer in the parish of Erroll 29 July 1758

Borthwick, (Borthwik) David, chaise driver, and Mary Ellon 23 Nov. 1772

„ Francis, stocking maker and maker, and Margaret Sinclair,

daughter of the deceased John Sinclair, vvigmaker 1 Aug. 1777

„ Grace, in the parish of Laswade, and William Smith, servant

to Mr. Bothwell of Glencross 18 Feb. 1753

„ Grissell, and James Lauder, mar. within the Kirk of Halyrood-
hous be Mr. James Kid, minister p. 20 Mar., m. Sabbath, 3 April 1664
„ Helen, daughter of the deceased James Borthwick, weaver,

and David Williams, gentleman's servant 18 April 1785

„ Isabella, daughter of John Borthwick, tailor in Edinburgh,

and George Clark, soldier in the 2nd batalion of the 4th

Fencible Regiment 5 May 1797

„ Jacobina, and George Donaldson of the train of Artilary 26 July 1782

„ James, in Cockpen, and Issobell Barclay p. Sabbath, 27 May 1660

„ James, in the paroch of Halls, and Isobell Tait

maried elswhere, 27 May 1688
„ Janet, and John Watson 29 May 1716

„ Jean, daughter of Alexander Borthwick, residenter in St.

Andrew Square, and Thomas Holdmay, servant 5 April 1799

„ John, son to John Borthwick, in the parish of Lawswade, and

Janet Thomson, servant to My Lady Blantyre 5 Feb. 1710

„ John, soldier in the 25th Regiment, and Isabel! Aird, daughter

to the deceased Franciss Aird, gardner on 1 eith Walk 14 Nov. 1780
„ John, plumber, residing in Edinburgh, and Veitch Proudfoot,

daughter of John Proudfoot, gentleman's servant 30 Dec. 1793

„ Major John, of the 71st Regiment, and Miss Margaret Sinclair,

daughter of the deceast Alexander Sinclair, Esq. of Barrack 9 Dec. 1799
„ Katherine, daughter to John Borthwick, tailor in Collingtoun,

and Daniel Davidson, cook to my Lord Somervale 8 Feb. 1758

„ Margaret, and Alexander Wilson, writer, mar. in the Kirk of

Halyroodhous be Mr. James Kid, minister

p. 15 Nov., m. Fryday, 4 Dec. 1663
„ Margaret, and Robert Duncan m. Thursday, 18 Feb. 1647

„ Margaret, and William Pollock 2 May 1732

„ Marion, daughter of William Borthwick, in the parish of

, Gladsmuir, and John Ronaldson, wright 22 July 1788

„ Richard, hairdresser, and Janet Nicoll, daughter of William

Nicoll, gentleman's servant in Edinburgh 6 Sept. 1798

„ Robert, baker, and Christian Robertson, daughter of James

Robertson, tailor in Gullon 25 July 1795

54 Canongate Register of Marriages. [1564-1800

Borthwick (Borthwik), Thomas, wright, and Elisabeth limes.

daughter of Gilbert Innes, mason 22 Jan. 1792

William, shoemaker, and Mary Tail, daughter of Andrew

Tait, wright in I'ittenweem '6 May 1799

Bortyn, Allane, and Jonat Watson 26 t eb. 1 567

Borwen, William, servent, and Helen Softly, daughter of Thomas

Softly, farmer in Newcastle 20 Jan. 179b

Bostock, William, and Isbell Stot - Au S- '5°7

Boston, John, carrier, and Margrat Rodger, daughter of George

Rodger, labourer '9 May 1789

Mary, relict of the deceased Alexander Craig, shoemaker in

Prestonpans, and John Drummond, weaver 19 May 1773

., Peter, cabinetmaker, and Jean Porteous, daughter of Robert

Porteous, labourer in Edinburgh 3 1 Oct. 1798

Boswell [Bruce, commander of the Chesterfield East Indianian,] and
rMary,l daughter of Mr. Martin Lindsay, writer

L ' J p. 6, [mar. 15] Oct. 17S6

„ Jean, daughter of James Boswel, printer in Edinburgh, and

Lawson M'lnzie, plasterer 8 May 1799

„ Richard, labourer, and Keathrine Tait 29 May 1771

„ Thomas, servant, and Mania Dungand, daughter of Charles

Dungand, glover in London 13 Feb. 1798

„ Walter, late officer in the 74th Regiment, and Marjory

Moncreif, daughter of James Moncreif of Carshope 13 June 1785

Bothron, Anna, and Archibald High m. 4 Mar. 1686

Bothwell, James Erll of, and Jane Gordon, sister to the Erll of Huntlie

m. 24 Feb. 1 565
,, James, in the parish of Glencorse, and Margaret Johnstoun

p. 23, m. at Glencorse 25 Oct. 1664
Boustin, Janet, daughter of John Boustin, gardener at the Grange,

near Edinburgh, and John Porteous, gardener 5 Feb. 1800

Bowden, Eliza, daughter to James Bowden, shoemaker, Dundee,

and Peter Hasswell, shoemaker I July 1778

Bower, Jean, daughter of David Bower, coach driver in Edinburgh,
and Edward Bumfry (Pumphrey), soldier in the Northfolk
Light Dragoons 30 Nov. 1798

„ William, taylor, and Jean Millar, daughter of Robert Millar,

staymaker 3 Nov. 1786

„ William, tailor, and Grizel Lithgow, daughter of James Lith-

gow, farmer in the palish of Biggar 17 June 1799

Bowers, George, serjeant in the 63rd Regiment, and Ann Maither 28 Nov 1770
,, Jean, relict of Henry Johnston, smith in parish of Spot, and

Thomas Smith, merchant 6 Jan. 1770

Bowie, Agnes, daughter to David Bowy, late cordner in Edinburgh,

and John Don 12 May 1747

„ Christina, daughter to the deceased John Bowie, sometime
merchant in Edinburgh, and James Burnet, traveling
merchant 9 Sept. 1763

.. George, and Margaret Pringle, mar. in the Kirk of Halyrood-

hous be Mr. James Kid, minister p. 6 Nov., m. Fryday, 2 Dec. 1664
., Helen, daughter of William Bowie, mariner in Leith, and

Samuel Mills, soldier in the Northfolk Fencible Cavalry 23 Sept. 1799
,. James, and Bessie M'Lentane 2 Nov. 1565

„ Janet, relict of James Gordon, brasier, and John Paton, weaver

5 Julv 1729
„ John, cordiner, and Elspeth Young, mar. in the Kirk of Haly-
roodhous be Mr. James Kid, minister

p. 23 Nov., m. Tuysdav, 23 Dec. 1662
„ John, currier, and Margarate Miller, daughter of James Mi'ller,

residenter in Bathgate 12 Nov. 1799

Bowles, Mary, in Edinburgh, and fames Brotherstanes m. 2S April 1691

1564-1800] Canongate Register of Marriages. 55

Bowman, Agnes, daughter of Andrew Bowman, merchant in Dundee,

and John Webster, slater 3 Jan. 1799

„ Mr. Charles, depute clerk of Homings and Teinds in Edin-
burgh, and Henrietta Flockhart, daughter of the late Mr.
John Flockhart, writer in Edinburgh 10 Dec. 1796

„ David, and Margaret Maistertoun, mar. be Mr. Johne Hog

Thursday, 1 April 1647

,, Elizabeth, daughter of the deceased James Bowman, wright in

Aberdeen, and Thomas Thomson, labourer 28 April 1787

„ Isabella, and Thomas Robertson, coupar, younger, mar. in the
Church of Halyroodhous by Mr. Patrick Hepburne, minister

p. 4 Aug., m. Tuysday, 3 Sept. 1667

„ Margaret, daughter of James Boman, soldier, and William

Williams, soldier in the Shropeshire Militia 15 April 1799

„ Mary, daughter of James Bowman, farmer in i'itfower, in the

shire of Aberdeen, and William Allexander, writer 15 Aug. 1790

„ Rebecca, daughter of James Bowman, late soldier, and John

Clark, wright 31 Oct. 1796

Boyd, Alexander, and Agnes Sympson m. 26 Nov. 1688

„ Alexander, gentleman's servant, and Helen Harkness, daughter

of David Harkness 5 April 1797

„ Andrew, servitour to John M'Millan, flesher, andGeills Mosie,

laufull daughter to Robert Mosie, smith in Caldtoun 21 April 1723

„ Barbara, relict of Alexander Nisbet of Craigintinnie, and

Charles Fleming of Dalquhern p. 18, m. 31 Jan. 1696

„ Mr. Charles, and Miss A.nn Lockart 1 June 1782

„ Christina, daughter to the deceast William Boyd, residenter in

Glasgow, and John Dougall, cordiner 13 Oct. 171 1

„ Elizabeth, daughter to James Boyd, barber in North Leith,

and James Kay, weaver 10 July 1762

„ George, cooper, and Amelia M' 20 Aug. 1778

„ George, smith, now a soldier, and Ann M'Cubbin, daughter of

James M'Cubbin, labourer 14 Mar. 1794

„ George, cooper, and Isobella Lawrie, daughter of the late

George Lawrie, measurer in Leith 29 May 1798

„ Giles, and William Steill, mar. in the Church of Holiroodhouse

24 Mar. 1674

„ Giles, and William Steell Sabbath, 1 Feb. 1674

,, Helen, daughter to the deceased Peter Boyd, farmer in the

parish of Erroll, and William Barrowman, baxter 29 July 1758

„ Helen, daughter of John Boyd, wright, and John Craig, wright 7 Nov. 1794

„ Isabella, servant to David Moffat, flesher, and William

M'Millan, flesher 20 May 1709

„ Isabella, and Mathew Adie, bookmaker 6 June 1727

„ Isabella, second laufull daughter of the deceased Mr. Archibald
Boyd, sometime in the service of the Honurable British
East India Company, and Mr. William Sprott, solicitar at
law 1 Sept. 1788

„ James, cordiner, and Elspeth Tod, mar. in the Kirk of Halyrood-
hous be Mr. James Kid, minister p. 20 Nov., m. Fryday, 16 Dec. 1664

„ James, cordener, burges and frieman, and Helen Mairtine,

servitrix to Mr. Robert limes, writer in Edinburgh 14 May 1698

„ James, and Issobell Hunter, mar. in the Church of Holirood-
house p. 8 Feb., m. 24 Mar. 1674

,, James, and Grissell Blyth, in Edinburgh,

p. 10 June, mar. at Edinburgh the 12 July 1666

„ James, in the parochin of Trannent, and Margaret Robertson

Sabbath, 1 1 Oct. 1657

„ James, servant in the Old Bank, and Mary Dudgeon 1 Jan. 1776

„ James, barber, and Margrat Scott, relict of Alexander Sharp,

weaver 19 Feb. 1783

5 6 Canongate Registe r of Marriages. [1564-1800

Boyd, Janet, in Edinburgh, and William Ormestoun

' ' J p. 20 Dec. 1668, mar. at Edinburgh 5 Jan. 1669

Janet relick of the deceast Archibald Dasson, mason in Moult-

rissiehill, and Robert Paton, tailor 10 June 1710

fanet, relict of William Curry, brewer, and George Walker,

candlemaker c , , 22 Feb - '? 26

John, drover, and Margarate M'Alpme, daughter of the late

James M 'Alpine, farmer in Stirlingshire 23 J ul y '799

Margaret, and John Edward, tailor, mar. in the Kirk of Haly-
roodhouse be Mr. Patrick Hepburne, minister

p. 3, m. Thursday, 21 Nov. 1667
Margaret, daughter laufull to the deceast James Boyd,
cordener, binges, and Dougall Malcolme, servitour to
Livetennent Colonel George Murray p. 31 Mar., m. 21 April 1696

„ Mary, servant to Lord Chief Barron, and daughter to William
Boyd, breeches maker in New Castle, and John Robertson,

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