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Weems, senior marshal; Ralph Ponder, junior
marshal; and Bob Hope, guard.

— J. L. Bergschneider

At Atlantic Christian, on February 9, initi-
ated were Bill Alexander, Bob Bishop, John Cox,
William Bowling, William Henderson, Lynn Mc-
Iver, Bob McKeel, Richard Johnson, Tommy
Moore, Wayne Quinton.

Elected: Dave Mustian, president; Jimmy Sil-
verthorne, vice-president; Rodney Williams, con-
troller; Richard Ullom, historian; John Cox, sec-
retary; Buddy Westbrook, senior marshal; Bill
Bowling, junior marshal; George McCellean,
chaplain; and Tommy Moore, guard.

Pledged February 22: Bobby Boone, John
Eskew, John Dudley, Jasper Harrell, Ken Odom,
Andrew Moore, Dave Smith.

The chapter received the "Achievement Cup"
for having the most improved chapter in District
5. The award was presented to President Dave
Mustian at the district's leadership school at
Duke March 19. — Richard Ullom

Baker manpower was recently increased
through the pledging of John McQuitty, John
Fischer, Elwood Wamsley, and Ken Hahn.

Recently elected: Dennis Storer, president;
Don Slone, vice-president; Hal Every, controller;
Shane Spray, historian; and Gorden Shoemake,
secretary. — Shane Spray

Baldwin- Wallace manpower has been aug-
mented through the initiation of Jon Beck, Glen
Heckendorf, Dave Heishman, Bill Hess, Pete
Kohlmyer, Richard Lisy, David MacFarland,
Don Matthews, George Nier, Garry Ryman, Bill
Stovall, Terry Stuart, Alex Tibboles, Joe Weis-
heit, and Dave Wells.

Recently pledged: Dick Bement, Roger Gedeon,
Steve Kovacs, Bill Mochel, Arnold Mohnkern,
Michael Rossman, Linn Shoop, Louis Stolba, and
Fred Wingert. — Charles O'Neal

Ball State Sig Eps pledged 27 men February
9: Ron Bashia, Bob Bryan, Wayne Bryant, Clair
Bye, Mike Devault, Dick DcCraene, Jack Em-
mons, Mike Feeney, Paul Gast, Tom Graham,
Myron Henry, Ron Hoskins, John Hurst, Bob
Ingle, Mike Kerestury, Mike Lattimer, Dave Long,
Jim Rassi, Bob Ruddick, Dave Sexton, Joe Scag-
noli, Larry St. John, Dick Webster, John We-
liever, Robert McCune.

Initiated January 31: Barry Austin, New Al-
bany; Ron Beasley, Elwood; Norm Beer, Fort
Wayne; Mike Beery, Decatur; Bill Brown, Dun-
kirk; Paul Crousore, Plymouth; Larry Darby,


Mooreland; Charlie Davis, Muncie; Tom Neat,
Indianapolis; Ty Payne, Roll; Phil Schall, Ham-
ilton; Mike Schiebal, Fort Wayne; Jerry Seager,
Mulberry; Tom Thompson, Elkhart.

Newly elected: John Calhoun, president; Don
Park, vice-president; Jim Thatcher, controller;
Dick Otolski, historian; John Kennedy, secre-
tary; Fred Roesner, IFC; Dick Otolski, IFC;
Larry Kiefer, house manager; Tom Brown,
kitchen steward. — Dick Otolski

At Boston U., 14 new brothers bring the total
manpower to 51, plus 12 new pledges.

New members are: George Beacher, Scott
Chase, Pete Emblich, Jack Farland, Bud Fletcher,
Bill Mayo, Monty Newman, Mark Pilgrim, Dick
Saletta, Steve Sedgeley, Al Sinicrope, Jerry
Trainer. Also included in the brotherhood are
two new honorary members: John F. McKenzie,
the former Dean of Men; and Bob Levitt.

New pledges: Fred MacArthur, Art Anderson,
Hugh Thrasher, Craig Chapman, Bruce Warren,
Don DeAngelis, Craig Dollar, Dick Farland, Steve
Hall, Nick Marchaise, Richie Rogers.

Mass. Gamma is looking forward to its 10th
anniversary year, which will be highlighted by
the celebration on Homecoming weekend next

Elected March 7: Tony Bartow, president;
Gary Schupp, vice-president; Pete Prescott, con-
troller; Bob Melikian, historian; and Ron Letch,
secretary. — Bob Melikian

Bowling Green manpower stands at 22 mem-
bers and 11 pledges. Recently pledged: Dave
Boyles, Chuck Eberly, Bob Hadley, Stan Jones,
Mike Reed, Len Spencer, Dick Wead, Jim
Schooley, Tom Osborn, Chuck Cosner, Jerry

New officers: Bill Lawrence, president; Tod
Butler, vice-president; Tom Cultice, controller;
Tom Stellers, historian; Bob Sealander, secretary.

— Tom Stellers

At Bradley, new officers are Tony Hladik,
president; Paul Norberg, vice-president; Jack La-
France, historian; Bob Furlong, secretary; Art
Fisler, guard; Jim Home, senior marshal; and
Barry Smith, junior marshal.

Newly initiated: Bob Furlong, Barry Smith,
Gary Ramsey, Art Fisler, Jim Home, Jim Claus.

New pledges: Bill Stapleton, John Masson, Bob
Williams, Del Johnson, John Kruft, Marv Dries-
sens. ■ — Jack LaFrance

The Biicknell chapter pledged 25 in Febru-
ary, bringing total strength to 58.

Recently pledged: T. Argust, J. Beltz, P. Blair,
J. Calder, G. Durham, R. Earle, W. Emrich, R.
Fisher, R. Gascoigne, R. Gawenus, J. Gillis, R.
Hartman, P. Howard, R. Jeary, A. Klotz, R.
Mackinzie, J. McClung, J. McMinn, R. Probst, J.
Rodgers, D. Simpson, A. Stiteler, R. Webb, C.
Wharton, C. Wurner. — Cy Gregory

At Central Michigan, newly elected officers
are: Arden Holland, president; Dick Waters, vice-
president; Bill Bailey, controller; Charles Lick-
ert, historian; Bob McLeod, secretary.

Recently pledged: John Allison, Ron Blazek,
Robert Carlson, James DeNoyelles, Lee Goulet,
Bill Henderson, Don Lord, Mike Penn, Pat Price,
Keith Richardson, Tom Smith, Tracy Spens, Mike
Turner, Harry Walters, John Greene, Severt
Swenson, Bill Robertson, John Kraft.

—Charles Lickert

Central State, Wisconsin, is starting the win-
ter semester with 20 actives, 5 holdover pledges,
and 11 new pledges.

Recently initiated: Larry Baker, Paul Biechlcr,
Jere Fluno, Bob Kiefert, Tom Steinke, Steve
Swanke, Bruce Wittenwyler, Denis Wikel.

Recently pledged: Ralph Bayard, Dave Emer-
ich, Les Jergenson, Karl Kroeplin, Dave Pelow,
Ron Perry, Romie Sarwas, Doug Sivertson, Terry
Stevens, Dave Herreid, John Murphy.

New officers: Tom Jensen, president; Larry
Baker, vice-president; Denis Wikel, controller;
Bob Kiefert, historian; Bob Check, secretary.
—Robert M. Kiefert

Cincinnati's manpower was recently increased
by the attainment of 11 spring pledges: Jim
Westrick, Walt Reichardt, Bob Feltz, Bob Peter-
son, Dave Urton, John Rollings, Mike Davis,
Danny Mitchell, Jim Davis, Ron Herd, Dick

Recently initiated: Hal McGlathery, South
Charleston, W.Va. ; Al Bailey, Cleveland; Dick
Baker, Dayton; Dave Beede, Youngstown; Jim
Charles, Charleston, W.Va.; Don Elmore, Day-
ton; Ed Ely, Hamilton; Tom Gordon, Lutherville,
Md. ; Sean Hoyt, Maumee; Terry Johnson, Day-
ton; Fritz Kindsvatter, Steubenville; Dick Lip-
pert, Cincinnati; Paul Morris, Charleston, W.Va.;
Larry Simonton, Parkersburg, W.Va.; Jim Weiler,
Dayton; John Williams, Dayton; Dick Williams,
Dayton; Pat Decker, Cincinnati.

The chapter elected new officers on February
20 at the annual retreat. Chosen were Bruce
Blackburn, president ; Bob Fessler, vice-presi-
dent; Steve Auston, controller; Bill Starr, his-
torian; Roger Hotz, section I secretary; and Rex
Levering, section II secretary.

— William R. Starr

Colorado elected these new officers: E. Burgess
Williams, president; Joseph Beckner, vice-presi-
dent; Jack B. Whitt, controller; James H. Pur-
cell, historian; Hugh Stephens, recording secre-
tary; and James Snow, corresponding secretary.

Recently initiated: Arthur L. Aikin, Robert E.
Doster, Robert Weist, James Dorr, Lester Tepe.

New transfers: Michael Eminger, from Colo-
rado Gamma; Rawley Smith, from Colorado Beta.

New pledge: Richard Shimpfky.

— James H. Purcell


Colorado Mines manpower totals 79 mem-
bers, 74 actives, 5 pledges. The new pledges are
Allen Bowles, Ken Hecht, Mike Hinman, Tom
Matlock, and Ron Casage.

The new actives are Dudly Goulden, Joe Napo-
rano, John Youts, Jon Sprage, Tom Hughes, Bob
Wink, Bill Engle, Steve Solheim, Steve Stoney,
Allen Cerny, Tom King, Dick Risley, Jack David-
son, Ron Weizman, Dave Hudson, Terry Cambell,
Gene Covard, Francis Raley, J. C. Hartley, Jeff
Johnson, and Cliff Graber.

Newly elected officers: Marv Kay, president;
Glenn Hasse, vice-president; Art Biddle, con-
troller; Ron Lease, secretary; and Terry Walker,
historian. — Terry Walker

Colorado Stale U. manpower stands at 70
members and 12 pledges.

Recently pledged: Vic Bird, Chuck Carter, Ron
Hamilton, Wynn Hoffman, Dave Homiston, Joe
Keegan, Clint Wood, Steve Reynolds.

Recently initiated: Dave Baldwin, Doug Coo-
per, Chuck Cross, Ron Janney, Randy McMurtry,
Jon Nicholls, Al Richter, Scotty Stewart, Gordon

Returned from Colorado Beta at Denver Uni-
versity is Mike Gannaway who spent two quar-
ters there.

Newly elected: Pal Hornung, president; Val
Root, vice-president; Jon Dodson, controller;
John Tromly, historian; and Wes Segelke, secre-
tary. — John Tromly

Connecticut has 48 members and 11 new

The new pledges: William Morris, Donald
Sauerman, William Klein, James Allen, Michael
Ross, Ralph Palmesi, Richard Chapin, Ronald
Simmons, Bruce Vogel, Robert Saunders.

New house ofiBcers: president, Frank Dillon;
vice-president, Pat Healey; historian, Dick Wark;
secretary, John Burkholder; controller, Giles
Packer; guard, Tom Burke; senior marshal, Al
Camera; junior marshal, Colin Pitblado.

— Dick Wark

Cornell has 43 actives and 18 pledges.

Recently initiated: Allan Hearne, Everett Di-
mock, John Goepfert, Harold Kinne, William Nor-
ton, Richard Kelly, George Wilson.

Pledged in February: Dick Boers, Dave Benin,
Cornell Dawson, Dave Chupp, Mai Kuhn, John
Linstead, Joe Kewley, Doug Eichhorn, Bob Hel-
ler, Dean Matheson, Jim Cavenaugh, Fred Craver,
Dave Keefe, Gordon Priedeman, John Rawlins,
Jim Vatter, Larry Wood, Robert Severence.

Tom Dill succeeds Dick Danser as president.
Other officers are Tom Appleton, vice-president;
Bill Watkins, controller; Garry Grunau, secre-
tary; Mitch Senker, historian; John Bottjer, rush-
ing chairman; Kirk Securda, social chairman;
and Everett Dimock, pledge trainer.

— Mitch Senker

Culver-Stockton chapter strength is 39 actives
and 16 pledges.

Recently pledged: Dave Korotev, George Lucus,
Dave Schattgen, Don Gothard, Frank Stanicek,
Don Fullerton, Chuck Newburg, Ken Carlson,
John Poswilko, Jerry Rizzo, Tom Theobald, Kent
Blackwell, Vince Schwan, Chuck Peterson, Rick
Meyer, Bob Zachar.

Elected: president, Ed Cohn; vice-president,
Arthur Spoerner; secretary, Ed Chick; controller,
Jim Humble; historian. Chuck Vehlow; and
pledge trainer, Mike Pulliam.

— Chuck Vehlow

Dartmouth manpower: 65 actives, 4 pledges.

Recently initiated: Jerome A. Akin, '61, How-
arden, Iowa; Sam R. Anderson, '62, Palo Alto,
Calif. ; Robert S. Andrew, '62, Manchester, Conn. ;
David B. Armstrong, '62, Scarsdale, N.Y. ; Den-
nis N. Barnes, '62, Rockville, Md.; John G. Coe,
'62, Westfield, N.J.; Lewis H. Coronis, '62,
Nashua; John S. Cushman, '62, Moscow, Idaho;
Horace A. (Hal) Deane, '62, North Muskegon,
Mich.; Michael W. DiGennaro, '62, New York,
N.Y.; Craig E. Dorman, '62, Bedford, Mass.;
Daniel C. Hadlock, '62, Wilmington, Del.; James
B. Haines, '62, Sewickley, Pa.; D. Allen Houser,
'62, Kensington, Md.; Gordon A. McKean, '62,
Brightwaters, N.Y.; W. Bruce McRae, '62, Jor-
dan, Mont.; F. Richard Miller, Jr., '62, Pitts-
burgh, Pa.; William S. Nevin, '62, Palos Park,
111.; John A. Porter, '62, Missoula, Mont.;
Roger H. Rainville, '62, Washington, D.C.; Robert
R. Reed, '62, Great Falls, Mont.; David S. Rob-
ins, '62, Havre, Mont.; David A. Robbins, '62,
Newport, N.H.; Paul M. Suerken, '60, Erie, Pa.;
Robert J. Willis, '62, Seattle, Wash.; and Rich-
ard A. Zartler, '62, Deerfield, 111.

Recently pledged: Arnold M. Carlin, Thomas
W. Choate, and Paul G. Heimer. Counting those
men recently initiated, who were pledged last
fall, Sig Ep took 29 pledges during regular and
late rush this autumn, to place highest on cam-
pus among 19 national chapters and 5 local so-

Recently elected officers: Bruce H. Hasenkamp,
'60, president; Donald J. Landzettel, '60, vice-
president; Robert S. Gary, '60, controller; Parker
W. Borg, '61, historian; and Kenneth W. Taber,
II, '60, secretary. — Bruce H. Hasenkamp

The Davidson chapter on March 20 initiated
Roy Baldwin, Blacksburg, Va.; Mac Foster, Pan-
ama City, Fla.; Dick Merchant, Carlsbad, N.M.;
Gordon Mitchell, Southern Pines; Clarence Sty-
ron, Morehead City; Kurtis Hess, Charlottesville,

Pledged during January: Bernard Swope,
Welch, W.Va.

Elected: Roger Dewhurst, president; Ken
Moore, vice-president; Ed Hall, controller; Gor-
don Mitchell, historian; John Goodman, secre-
tary; Malcolm Murchison and Warren Stephens,


co-rush chairmen; Dan Clemmer, pledge trainer;
Bob Sargent, IFC representative.

— Gordon Mitchell

Davis and Elkins: 54 actives, 17 pledges.

Recently pledged: Fritz Neitzer, Rod Powell,
Gary Wiessenburger, Don Bainbridge, Harry
Meitzler, Bob Beckman, Jim Caster, Dan Diorio,
Jim Douglas, Dave Hiester, Terry Mulford, Greer
Haslem, Troy Mollis, Jim Shields, Ned Vadakin,
Bill Walter, Mike Maiden.

Recently initiated: Tony DeMattio, Rovena,
N.Y.; Fred Finken, Valley Stream, N.Y.

Newly elected: Tharon Jack, president; Bob
Sommer, vice-president; Howard Taylor, control-
ler; George Morgan, secretary; Bob Holmes, his-
torian; Ed Hunt, chaplain. — Bob Holmes

The Delaware chapter recently pledged Randy
Barker, Wilmington ; Tony Diamond, Wilming-
ton; Earl Eiker, Cranbury, N.J.; Ted Elder,
Wilmington; Carlton Fifer, Wyoming; Rick
Freeman, Pine Beach, N.J. ; Howdy Giles, Media,
Pa.; Dutch Holsinger, Wilmington; Barry Halde-
man, Manheim, Pa.; Jay Hudson, Wilmington;
Joseph Krewatch, Ellicott City, Md. ; Charles
Long, Chester, Pa.; Henry Maier, Wilmington;
John Maloney, Wilmington; Jack McKelvey,
Wilmington; John Ridgeway, Moorestown, N.J.;
Bill Schroat, Collingdale, Pa.; Harold Smith,
Little Silver, N.J.; Steve Young, Riverside, Pa.

For the first time in the chapter's history, a
president was re-elected for a second term: Tony
Suravitch, a five-year engineering student. Others
elected: Ken Rice, vice-president; Dick Cross,
secretary; Wayne Carmean, historian; and Dave
Rodman, controller. — Wayne Carmean

Drake manpower: 75 brothers, 16 pledges.

Drake initiates since the last Journal: John
Bauer, Bob Beck, Jerry Burmeister, Denny
Forbes, Jan Harris, Roger Holliday, Mike Mor-
gan, Ron Olson, Dave Poggi, Gary Shafer, Jim
White. The Outstanding Pledge award was
earned by Ron Olson.

Pledged since last Journal: Gary Meyer, Dave
Cahow, Julian Morgan, Ken Rose, Pete Melonas,
Mike Lambke, Wes Plambeck, Dave Jones, Jim
Graef, Mario DeMatteis.

Active of the month: Orlando Segneri. Dis-
tinguished alumnus: Tony Critelli.

— Todd Hines

Drury Sig Eps recently elected as president,
Orville Winfield Wallar, Jr.; vice-president,
Charles Sylvester Allen; controller, Kenneth Ray
Coy; historian, John Thomas Reuber; secretary,
Charles Simpson Chappell; senior marshal, Jerry
William Divincen; junior marshal, Steve Lau-
rence Payne; guard, John Burke Bryson; chap-
lain, William Jones Coulter.

Recently initiated: John Burke Bryson, Charles
Simpson Chappell, William Lee Black, Steve


Laurence Payne, Jerry William Divincen, Jim
Nelson Jewett, Thomas Claiborne Collier.

Pledged: John Behr Gaiser, Charles Robert
Salveter, Terry Stevens.

— John Thomas Reuber

At Emporia State, 63 members and 25
pledges constitute the manpower.

On January 31, initiated were: Joel Berglund,
Ottawa; Phil Berry, Kingman; Felix Brand, An-
thony; James Brown, Emporia; Fred Busey, Em-
poria; Allen Daily, Emporia; Benny Doughty,
Howard; Lynn Duby, Emporia; Dave Eldridge,
Fly Creek, N.Y. ; Bill Frazier, Russell; Larry
Harms, Eldorado; Lawrence Pell, Kansas City;
Bill Perry, Little River; Gary Reams, Newton;
Raymond Rentfro, Severy; Neil Roach, Anthony;
Ed Roberts, Lebo; Jim Roth, Ellinwood; Dean
Sanders, Lyndon; Michael Scott, Augusta; Jan
Ver Brugge, Emporia; Larry Ward, Hamilton;
Dave Wiley, Emporia.

Florida Sig Eps on March 2 elected: Jim Al-
derman, president; Joe Caruso, vice-president;
Ted Straub, historian; and Rick Titus, secretary.
Other officers elected were: Jim Siebert and Bill
Lyle, marshals; Jimmy Greene, guard; and Duke
Dent, chaplain. Fred Mabry was appointed con-

Recently initiated: George Hack, Mike Hakala,
Bob Morrison, Art Luedtke, Ernie Lytle, Bill
Geiger, Tom Brown, Ken Norris, Dave Cook, Ross
Small, John Anagnostopulous, Ronnie Williams,
Jim Borck, and Lynn Lyons.

Recently pledged: John Dinkens, Mike Gent,

Dartmouth president Bruce Hasenkamp and Louise
Fisk touch up General De Gaulle in snow-sculpture
entry titled "Fission for Peace at Lake Geneva."

John Kavula, Leo Turner, Eddie Ward, Dan
Wenglowsky, Jerry Rollins, Tim Joslin, Jimmy
Keye, Charlie Ahfield, Tom Bruton, J. R. Hawk-
ins. — Ted Straub

The Florida Southern chapter recently elected
as officers: Franklin Wheat, president; William
Jackson, vice-president; Charles Krall, treasurer;
Peter Marasco, secretary; and Robert Hopkins,

Recently initiated: Larry Collins, John Smith,
James Weidner, Charles Wilhelm, James Ayres.

Recently pledged: Larry Davis, Joe DeLisi,
John Denholm, William Ehret, Ed Kerchner,
John M. Mullis, Tom Myrick, James Thrailkill,
Ted Walton, and Tom Wilkinson.

— Robert Hopkins

Florida Stale on February 27 initiated Roy
Otis Dennis, Foley; Samuel Thomas Hamilton,
Ft. Pierce; Edward Arthur Miller, Ft. Lauder-
dale; Carl Alyn Combs, Lakeland; Kenneth
Douglas Galberaith, Lakeland; Robert Adolph
Alkov, Pensacola; Kenneth Word Almond, Ft.
Pierce; Marvin Ross Cutson, St. Petersburg;
Earl Alvin Groff, Tampa; James Patteson Ashley
Knight, Richmond, Va. ; William Irvin Stillman,
Merritt Island; Donald Edward Osteen, Ft.
Pierce; William Howard Tyre, Cocoa.

Recently pledged: Marvin A. Benson, Gary L.
Cline, Otto Dowlen, Horace Gray, Jr., Bert Lee
Hallford, Haldon M. Johnson, Jr., Michael Henry

Florida State Sig Eps have elected as officers
Henry B. Sims, president; Stuart R. Taber, vice-
president; Carl A. Combs, historian; Arnold A.
Bridenbaker, secretary; and Lawrence J. Sharp,
controller. — Carl Combs

Fort Hays State's manpower now stands at
31 members and 16 pledges.

Recently initiated: Ben Crocker, Warren Nor-
ton, Dennis Shepherd, Ray Moses, Larry Dietz,
Gale Hatcher, Gerald Strecker, Gary Schnider,
Charles Nickels, Fred Bond, Jack Larzalere,
Larry Whalen, Jim Sjogren.

Recently pledged: Larry Pedigo, Edward
Ashby, Galen Howell, William Stapleton, Philip
Phillips, John Geisinger, James Shalansky, Barry
Kratzer, Clayton Meyers, Ronald Laivelle.

Newly elected: Ben Crocker, president; War-
ren Norton, vice-president; Dennis Shepherd,
controller; Ernie McNerney, historian; Ray
Moses, recording secretary; Larry Dietz, corre-
sponding secretary; and Dennis Shumate, pledge
trainer. — Ernie McNerney

George Washington initiated recently: Stan-
ley Dabrowski, Frank Galipo, Kitt Gillilland,
Charles Putney, Walter Schultz.

Elected: Peter Morehouse, president; Gary
Comstock, vice-president; Kitt Gillilland, secre-
tary; Charles Putney, controller; Walter Schultz,
historian. — Walter Schultz

Georgia State Sig Eps initiated on St. Val-
entine's Day: John Nichols, Ronald Pair, Hugh
Brannen, Jim Williams, Bobby Argoe, Charles
Van House, Joe Ratzman, all of Atlanta, and
Charles Bannister of Tucker.

Raymond Abernathy of Atlanta was recently

Newly elected: president, Kelly Mansfield;
vice-president, Jim Williams; controller, Joe
Jones; secretary, Sharman Dennard; historian,
Robert Ketchum; guard, Hugh Brannen; senior
marshal, Winfred Johnson; junior marshal,
Robert Argoe; chaplain, Ronald Pair.

— Joseph A. Jones

Georgia Tech Sig Eps recently elected as offi-
cers: Eulie Rushton, president; Fred Hendershot,
vice-president; Larry Kirk, secretary; Herb Rusk,
controller; Don Banks, historian.

Recently initiated: Tom Johnson, Pat Bowie,
Dave Haley, Bill Jones, Carroll Mackin, Mayo
Mills, Bill Wise, Casey Wojcik, Rex Young.

—Rex Young

Houston manpower starting the spring semes-
ter is 22 active, 16 pledges (largest on campus).

Recently initiated: Leonard Lee, Beaumont;
Fred Carriker, Concord, N.C. ; Don Edwards,
Houston; Darrell Morris, Houston; Ed Penn,

Recently pledged: Ray Fogle, Ed Heath,
Charles CundifT, Tom Anderson, Ed Black, Tom
Shearer, Steve Black, Wayne Bouquardez, Rich-
ard Lassetter, Francis Axcell, Hank Beymer,
John Greene, Bob Calhoun, Glenn Thompson, Jim
Wallace, Claude Langston.

Recently affiliated: Bill Walters, Arkansas
State, and Eddie Altemus, Arkansas.

Newly elected: James Wesley, president; Sonny
Moore, vice-president; Otto Crenwelge, control-
ler; John Bork, historian; and Rookie Durso,
secretary. — John Bork

Idaho State recently added these new pledges:
Jim Kleypas, Dave Zundel, Jim Liday, Mike Mad-
sen, Henry Bicker, Larry Henman, Dennis Moul-
ton. Ward Pack, Brent Thomas, Blaine Jensen.

Recently elected: Frank Ferguson, president;
Tom Mingus, vice-president; Delmont Oswald,
secretary; Patrick McGahan, historian; and John
Brady, controller. — Patrick McGahan

At Illinois Tech, recent initiation and pledg-
ing have brought the manpower 36 actives and
6 pledges.

Recently pledged: John Boyle, Charles Rice,
Cas Swinger, John Triebe, Phil Burger, Dick

Recently initiated: Paul Oleksa, McDonald,
Ohio; Melvyn Skvarla, Chicago.

New officers: president, Thomas Vigil; vice-
president, William Jensen; secretary, Richard
Huntington; controller, William Rapp; historian,
Robert Olson. — Robert C. Olson


Indiana manpower consists of 33 members and
eleven pledges.

New officers: Tom Horka, president; Ron
Thomas, vice-president; Jack Boehm, historian;
and Bob Bradley, secretary. Phil Lehman, con-
troller, will serve until June with Max Martin as
assistant controller.

BMOCs include Ed Youngman who was re-
cently elected president of the Interfraternity
Council and Joe Venezia who is president of the
senior board of directors for I. U.'s School of

Recently pledged: George Bernhard, Indianap-
olis; Bill Bond, Decator; Mike Bourn, Indianap-
olis; Dennis Minick, Fort Wayne; Jerry Niemeic,
East Chicago; Chuck Seeley, Richmond; Mike
Tower, Indianapolis; John Tremse, Highland; Joe
Dickey, South Bend.

Initiated March 27: Fred Campbell, Jim Demas,
Pat Donahue, Tom Hopkins, Frank Pirillo, Tom
Szabo, Tom Tarman, Bill VanKeuren, Charlie
Warren, Bob Wiesser. ^Jack Boehm

Iowa ranks have increased through the recent
initiation of Jack W. Brown, Hampton; Kent
Falb, Elgin; Michael Lamberti, Des Moines; Pete
Castonguay, Chatsworth, Calif.; Robert Nelson
and Tom Forrester, both from Waterloo; Robert
Bauer, Koekuk; James Clark, Tom Dodds, Lyle
Spinklelink, and Fred Shaw, all from Sioux City;
Richard Munden, Davenport; Paul Brown,
Omaha, Neb.; Richard Maggrett, Le Mars.

Tom Dodds was awarded the Outstanding
Pledge Award.

Recently pledged: Morris Knopf, John Kolb,
Dennis McGuire, Dave Falk, Dave Baker, Gary
Thomas, Joe Crookham, Phil Baldwin.

Recently elected: president. Randy Smith;
vice-president, Dave Froschauer; controller, Den-
nis Rulifson; historian, John Rutherford; senior
marshal, Ron Dahl; junior marshal, James Gi-
asafakis; guard, Tom Dodds; and chaplain, Tom
Forrester. — John Rutherford

Iowa Wesleyan Sig Eps recently elected as
new officers: president, Robert Me Leran; vice-
president, James Flemming; controller, Russell
Taylor; historian, Gary Ravlin; corresponding
secretary, Robert Hamlin; and recording secre-
tary, John Spooner.

New initiates: Gary Crandell, Independence;
Gary Doak, Washington; Charles De Novo, Wau-
conda. 111. ; George Ferris, Chicago, 111. ; Albert
Firestein, Naperville, 111.; Gary Ford, Russell;
George Hayward, Mt. Pleasant; Flint Gabelman,
Webster Groves, Mo.; Richard Kluver, Charter
Oak; Martin Struwing, Algonquin, 111.

New pledges: Tom Carpenter, Donald Laman-
sky. Jack Fenton, Clayton McKenzie, Raymond
Plutko, Russell Smith. — Gary W. Ravlin

Kansas Sig Eps on St. Valentine's Day initi-
ated Verne Lewis Roberts, Kansas City, Mo.;
William Theodore Foley, II, Kansas City; Jerome

Allen Macomber, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Bryan Dan
Bolin, Springfield, Mo.; George Wilhelm Gill,
Sterling; Charles Edwin Hammond, Osage City;
Carl Taylor Martinson, DeSoto; Kenneth John
Costich, Oak Park, 111.; Roger William Brock,
Misson. Initiated honorarily was Gerhard Walde-
mar Rainer, of Austria.

Newly elected: president, Alan Fleming; con-
troller, Ron Schmidt; secretary, Kenny Brown.
■ — Jack E. Gibbens

Kansas State has elected the following new
officers: Lee B. White, '61, president; Don L.
Argabright, '61, vice-president; Patrick Moy-
nagh, '61, secretary; Ronald P. Pfister, '62, con-

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