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resources for Luctite Corp., in Cleve-
land. Ohio.

Capt. Gregory P. Dowd, Southeast
Missouri State '57, has retired from
Navy service and is in the manage-
ment division of C.A.C.I.

Robert G. Ferrell, Southeast Mis-
souri State '55, is a senior pilot for
McDonnell-Douglas Corp.. St. Louis.

with Revlon. based in St. Lou

Robert D. Klaus, Southeast Mis-
souri State '79. is an accountant with
Southwestern Hell in Kansas City. Mo.

Peter H. Lemakis, Southeast Mis-
souri State '81, is with the computer
programming department of South-
western Bell in St. Louis, Mo.

Joe A. Scott, Southeast Missouri
State '69, is middle school principal in
St Charles, Mo.

Rudee L. Simpson, Southeast Mis-
souri State '55, is an independent insu-
rance agent in Norfolk. Va.

Paul R. Weasel, Southeast Missouri
State '58, is head of research and tech-

nology at the Naval Surface Weapons
Center. Rockville. Md.

Mark Korsmeyer. Southwest Mis-
souri State '78 is senior territory man-
ager in the food service division of Car-
nation Food Service in Maryland
Heights, Mo.

Randy D. Masters, Southwest Mis-
souri State '78, is district sales man-
ager of the southeastern United States
for Fasco Industries, Inc. He is based in
Atlanta, Ga.


Capt. Thomas A. Cannon, Mon-
tana '72, has been transferred to Fort
Bragg, N.C., for the foreign area officer
course, prior to enrollment in the De
fense Language Institute, Monterey.

has rece

medicine from Illinois State Unh
and is head athletic trainer at Bay City
High School. Bav City, Texas.

Stephen D. Wheat, Montana '67, is
buildings supervisor for the Dixon.
Mont., school district.

Henry J. Pratt, Montana "52. was
recently selected for promotion to Col-
onel in the Medical Service Corps. U. S.
Army Reserve. He is employed by the
National Park Service, Department of
Interior, in Denver, Colo.

William C. Sagan, Montana State
i engineer with the Boeing

i Seattle, Wash.


Dr. Mark C. Wilson, Kearney State

'76, is in his last year of residency in
pediatric medicine at Denver, Colo

Arthur H. Schmidt, Nebraska 19.
writes: "Mrs. Schmidt and I recently
celebrated our sixtieth wedding anni-
versary at San Antonio, Tex."

Michael E. Phelan, Nebraska Om-
aha '74, is still stationed with the mil-
itary in Europe, where his position


on of emergency medical

New Hampshire

Dennis O'Connor, Dartmouth '61,
a partner with the Waltham. Mass.,
law firm of Pollock,, O'Connor and
Gadsby, has been elected a vice-presi-
dent of the Smaller Business Assoc-
iation of New England, Inc.

New Jersey

Edward F. Cross, StevensTech '29,
has retired as dean of engineering at
Walla Walla College He lives in Col-
lege Place. Wash.

New Mexico

Thomsa R. Grady. New Mexico '54,
has retired from his position at Moun-
tain Bell in Albuquerque and is living
inClovis.N M, where he oversees the
Grady family farms

New York

John F. Leskovec, Cornell '77, is
employed by IBM at Owego, N. Y.

Dr. James E. Seward, SUNY Buf-
falo '72, was recently inducted into the
Western New York Chapter of Sigma
Delta Chi, national society of profes-
sion, il M-'iirnalists.

Paul R. Tessler, SUNY-Fredonia
'81. is a management trainee with E. F,
Hutton and Co.. in New Yurk \ Y

Mark E. Keefer, Rensselaer Tech
i Duracell

.,11 the

International, handling a
Northwest Helivcs in M.

James R. Murphy, Rensselaer Tech
81. is a research analyst at Western
Busmess Computers, San Jose. Calif.
Additionally, he is studying for a mas-

North Carolina

Bryan Winfield, Atlantic Christian
'75, is secretary-treasurer of Winfield
Chevrolet Co., Scotland Neck, N C.

Philip F. Marchese, Belmont Abbey
'81, is a station manager for Hertz at
the Miami, Fla., airport.

Gary W. Burchill, Duke '78, is cur-
rently assigned as an aide to Rear
Admiral McGillivary at the Aviation
Supply Office, Philadelphia, Pa.

Dean L. Schumm, Elon 77, is a
member of the new firm of Schumm
and Mackail, Accountants, North Palm
Beach. Fla.

Philip C. Bouldin, North Carolina
'77. is a market analyst with the USM
Corp., a division of Emhart. This firm
is a manufacturer of shoe machinery
and supplies, with 50 affiliates through-
out the world. Bouldin lives in Dan vers.

Thomas V. Compton, North Carol-
ina '73. is director of sales of the East
Coast for Astra Pharmaceutical Pro-
ducts, Inc.

Charles L. Herring, Jr., North
Carolina '81. is a special agent for
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
Co.. presently working in Chapel Hill
with the Deberry Agency

Dr. Mac L. Moretz. North Carolina
'78, has begun a residency in otolaryn-
gology at Emory Affiliated Hospitals,
Atlanta. Ga.

Walter M. Hall, III. North Carolina-
Charlotte '80, is in the business loan

Bank, in Gastoma, N. C.

Mark A. Roberts, North Carolina
State '78, has been promoted to assist-
ant vice-president .it the business fi-
i Bank

Donald D. Turner, North Carolina
State '75, is case goods sales represen-
tative in North and South Carolina for
Bernhardt Industries He lives in Len-
oir, N. C,

Franklin K. Burns, Jr.. Wake For-
3 administration analyst for

Wake Forest-18. retired from active mil-
itary service December 31, 1981. after
more than 31 years in the Armv Medi-
cal Department. He served his last
assignment as chief. Automation and
Communications Management, Office
of Army Surgeon, the Pentagon. Colo-
nel Randolph was presented with the
Legion of Merit, 1st Oak Leaf Cluster,
by Army Surgeon General, as his advi-
i support of


in the Army.



Robert J. Doran, Baldwin- Walla

Dr. K. Ellsworth Dye, Bowling
Green, is associated with Doctors Hos-
pital in osteopathic service in Colum-
bus, Ohio.

J. Greg Haskins, Bowling Green
80, is an estimator for Baker Concrete
Construction, Inc., Hamilton, Ohio.

Ronald E. Scholz, Jr., Defiance
'79, is a licensed physical therapist at
Lakewood Hospital, Lukewood. Ohio.

Dwight A. Clark. Miami (Ohio) '79.
is a loan officer in the Metro-East De-
partment of Union Commerce Bank,

the U S , Africa, and the Far East He
* planned an early trip to New Zea-

Alumni News


s and adrr
merit office, Dir
andSystems, Defense Intelligence Agen-
cy, the Pentagon. Washington, D. C.

Edward A. Molnar, Ohio '68. is a
member of the board of governors of the
Pentagon Officers' Athletic Center, the
Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

Josh C. Walton, Ohio State '73. is
president of Software Systems Design.
based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

T. J. Antich, Ohio Wesleyan '78, is a
staff physical therapist specializing in
sports medicine with Southwestern
Orthopaedic Medical Group, Hermosa

general, public utilities division. State
of Illinois, in Chicago. He received his
law degree from the University of Wis-
consin in 1981.

Lt. Kent Ernsberger, Toledo '80, is
in the flight training program at Laugh-


Lt. Col. Robert W. Buster, Jr.,
Oklahoma '63. served in the Army Fi-
nance Corp.. in Vienna. Va.

Don Lynn Taggart, Oklahoma '80.
is a petroleum engineer for Amoco Oil
Co. in the Denver area.


Robert W. Williams, Lewis and
Clark '79, is an accountant with Lav-
en thai and Horwath, Anchorage. Alas-
ka. He passed the CPA exam and re-
ceived an M.A. from the University of

Eric F. Gilmore, Oregon 77, is a
sports writer for the Contra Costra
Times Walnut Creek. Calif.

Albert Menashe, Oregon '71. Por-
tland. Oreo., attorney, is president of
I h.-On.g.mClubof Portland.

Dr. Richard Allen, Oregon '58, Port-

president of Muit
cal Society. H

ah I'.

2nd vi<


Sig Ep

District Governor for the Pacific North-
Raymond H. Muessig, Oregon '50
professor of social studies education at
Ohio State University, was one of eight
faculty members to receive the Univer-
sity's Distinguished Teaching Award
<«r 1982. Professor Muessig is the author
and editor of more than a hundred pub-
lications in education.

Gary Cannon, Oregon '57, is an
industrial engineer with Waterway
Terminals, Milwaukie, Ore.

Thomas Cowling, Oregon '60 an
agent with Equitable Life Assurance.
is president of Oregon Life Underwri-
ters Association, He lives in Beaverton

Terry Hannon, Oregon '60, issenior
vice-president ofthe investment bank-
ing firm of Morgan, Olmstead, Ken-
nedy, and Gardner He lives in Gre-
sham. Ore.

Robert R. Adams, Oregon State
78, is a supervisor for Trans-Pacific
Life Insurance Co. He lives in Foster
City Calif


Steven W. Levings, Bucknell '77. is
an electronic technician with IBM in
Essex Junction, Vt

Thomas Petro, Muhlenberg '64, has
retired as captain in the U. S. Air Force,

development at Bethlehem Steel. He
lives in Bath. Pa.

William R. Sarber, Jr., Temple '52.
retired from the U. S. Army as a Brig-
adier General in March after 31 vears
of service. He lives in Alexandria. Va.

Donald F. Munro.Thiel '70, is chief
of loan service and claims in the loan

guaranty division of the Veterans Adminis-
tration in Philadelphia, Pa.
Dr. Thomas K. Stempel, Thiel '69,
opened a practice in general surgery

9,Thiel73. .fourth j

in Albuquerque, N. M
Capt. David A. William

has returned from Army di_

in Stuttgart, Germany, and is now sta-
tioned at Fort Devons, Mass., as a dent-
ist with the Special Forces.


Rhode Island

Richard I. Tucker, Rhode Island
'68, has separated from the Air Force
and is employed by Ratheon in Sud-
bury, Mass.

South Carolina

M. Lamar Davis, Jr., Clemson '78.
is the owner of Southw.
Co., Spartanburg, S. C.

Robert B. Jordan, Clemson '78, is
employed by Brooks Jordan and Sop
Farms in Bishopville, S. C.

1st Lt. Steven A. Flowers, Francis
Marion '80. is a platoon leader and
executive officer with the 101st Air-
borne Division, Fort Campbell Ky

Thomas B. Carter, Jr., South
Carolina '73. is chief engineer aboard
the USS Joseph Hughes stationed in
Charleston, S. C.

Capt. Frank A. Cleveland, III,
South Carolina '74, is a T-37 flight
instructor in the new Euri-NATO joint
jet pilot training program at Sheppard
AFB, Wichita Falls. Tex.

H. Kelley Jones, South Carolina
'63. Lexington County. S. C, attorney,
is president of Grange Mutual Fire
Insurance Co. of South Carolina, in
West Columbia, S. C. He holds a law
degree from the law school of his alma

tional studies.

Edward Eugene Sires, South
Carolina '72. is principal of the elemen-
tary school in Summerville, S. C. He
and his wife became the parents of a
daughter. Alison Rebecca on Nov-
ember 2. 1981.

Stephen G. Howell, Baylor '81, and
Mrs. Howell became the parents of
their first child, a daughter, Lindsay
Elizabeth, on October 29, 1981. in North

r fullback of the Mis

Sanger Avenue, Waco, Tex.

Bob Mitchell, Baylor '78, is district
sales supervisor for Pilot Life Insurance
Co. in San Antonio, Tex.

Robert S. Hinkle, East Texas State
is a weekend anchor man on Channel 7,
ABC. in Amarillo. Tex.

Bryan D. Fore, Lamar '76. recently
opened an office for Schlumberger. Ltd.,
in Gainesville, Tex.

Lynn Judd, North Texas State '56,
professor of marketing at Western Illi-
nois University, presented two papers
at the December 1981, Allied Southern
Business Association meeting in
Atlanta, Ga.

Richard E. Stevens, North Texas
State '73, is southwest regional sales
manager for Fasfax Corp.. supplier of
computer systems to the restaurant

C. Shane Wilbanks, North Texas
State '64, is vice-president, Human Re-
sources, of General American Oil Co. of
Texas, in Dallas.

2nd Lt. Mark R. Bagg, St. Mary's
'81 , is enrolled in medical school at the
Uniformed Services University of the
Health Sciences in Bethesda. Md.

Richard C. Jaworski, St. Mary's
'78, is a senior associate for IBM in
Kuchr-.-ter, Minn.

Johnny L. Crain, Sam Houston
State '69, has opened a new store for
Crain Tire Co. in Houston. Tex. He also
owns and operates Texas Tire Co. in
Austin, one of the largest retread tire
factories in the state.

Don Drachenberg, Sam Houston
State '65, has retired after 14 years of
teaching American History at Dulles
High School, Stafford, Tex., to work
full-time in his own photo retail store,
Cameras Unlimited, in Rosenberg, Tex.

Jud Hollingsworth, Sam Houston
State '70, owns and operates his own
lumber yard. Blue Spruce Lumber Co
in Lake City. Colo.


Col. John B. Ellery, East Tennej

al Guard and his office.

Roger K. Hamiter, Memphis State
'68. is senior sales representative for
Medtronic. Inc. Nashville, Tenn.. and
the nation's sales leader in sales of car-
diac pacemakers and heart valves.

Samuel C. Sammons, Memphis

State '68, has retired from the U. S.

Marine Air Force as an F-4 pilot and is

now with Federal Express. Memphis

a 727 pilot


Lt. (jg) Michael A. Bass, Middle
Tennessee State '79, serves aboard the
USS Stephen W. Groves, homeported

ied in Clarksville,

TVA Bellefonte Nuclear Plant in Hol-
lywood, Ala.

Gary P. Szelc, Tennessee Tech '77,
is audit manager for George Hyman

Construction Co., Frederick. Md "

r of the U. S. Naval
Reserves as a Ready Reservist with the
nk of Commander. He is also presi-

n Chapter of the Naval

dent of the Ala;
Reserve Associ

Philip A. Roberts, Texas A &M 77.
and Mrs. Roberts became the parents of
their first child, a daughter, Lauren



, on Ja

■ -'. v^-i

'81, i

and Rolfe Assoi
H. G. Tripp Ottmann, III, Texas

Wesleyan '80. is a licensed funeral direct-
or and embalmer with the Harveson
and Cole Funeral Home in Fort Worth,

Clinton J. Bugg, West Texas State
74, is district executive of the Chi-
sholm Trail District of the Great Salt
Plains Council of the Boy Scouts of
America. His district includes a three-
of Oklahoma, including

the city of Ei

John F. Little, Jr., West Tex
State, is co-owner of the "Stitch
Time" stores in Amanllo. Lubbock, ai




Tulsa. Okla.

Dr. Al D. Lowe, West Texas State,
practices dentistry in Amarillo, Tex.



David E. Nelson, Utah 76. has
been promoted to field sales project
manager for the Adolph Coors Co i
the headquarters in Golden, Colo.

Gene George Savage, Utah Stal
'51, has retired from Army service with
the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and i
living in Westkill, N. Y.


1st Lt. William B. Borges, James
Madison 79, has returned from Philip-
pines service and is now stationed j
Homestead AFB, Fla.

PaulL. Harris, Jr., Richmond 6,,
been promoted to vice-president for



British Aerospace, Inc. Dulles Intern
tional Airport, Washington. D, C. He
lives in Reston, Va.

Rev. Wertenbaker Turner, Jr. Rich-
mond '68, is pastor of Mooreland Bap-
tist Church, North Garden, Va.

Charles J. Banta, II, Virginia '81,
is enrolled in medical studies at Louisi-
ana State University in New Orleans

Fritz Will, III, Virginia '49, has
been appointed analytical chemistry
tobacco process coordinator at the
Philip Morris Research Center, Rich-
mond, Va. He is a recipient of the Arr
ican Institute of Chemists Medal am
the author of numerous publications
analytical chemistry.

Pat Graves, William and Mary 71,
is a real estate agent with Lemon and
Lambden, Inc., at Roanoke, Va.



John L. Poppe, Washington State
'81, has enrolled in the College of Vete-
rinary Medicine of his alma mater.

West Virginia

Richard L. Ferrarelli, Charleston
'68. assistant vice-president and com-
munity development offficer for the
Orange Savings Bank, is president of
the Rotary Club of Orange. N. J.

Hans Mathiesen, Davis and Elkin
'64, is an organizational specialist am
executive in the personnel departmen
for United Airlines. Previously he wa;
a financial consultant for the State of
Arizona, and before that owner of a
resort in the Caribbean. He lives in
Arlington Heights, III.

James M. Painter, Marshall 76, is
a member of the law firm of March-
banks, Bell, and Eisen, in Boca Raton.


Dr. Alfred N. Karickoff, West Vir
nia '58, has completed a fellowship in
'onatology at the University of Cali-
Medical Center in San Diego

practices medic

Jose. Calif.

David J. Michael, West Virginia
77. is an insurance agent with State
Farm in Murgantown, W.Va.

William R. Seymour, West Virgi-
nia '51, is program leader in the Feasi-
bility and Development office of the
Cooperative Development Division. U.
S. Department of Agriculture, Washing-
ton. D. C.


Thomas M. Bosley, Carroll '81, has
begun a two-year stint in the Peace
Corps as a local development adminis-
trator in the Philippines.

Dominic P. DeMain, Jr., Marquette
71, has been promoted to director of
trades promotion for Combe, Inc., White
Plains, N. Y.

Stephen K. Malone, Marquette 75,
has received the Doctor of Jurispru-
dence degree from Hofstra Law School

of Mii


va, Moloughney, and D'Agoi

Valley Stream. N. Y.


In the fall Of 1981, the alumni board for the Arkansas Alpha chapter <Un

v „j Arkansas) borrowed $40.0110 front the National Housing Coi

The 'iimrif lifted the loan to renorafe part of the Arkansas Alpha I

shown uhure Poor dra inline, resulting!/

The alumni hoard is now considering borrowing an additional $ 10,000 for an
architect's plan to restructure the lot. and prevent future flooding

In Memoriam

District of Columbia

■ ■ ■




our, KakrrMj




■■ . ■ ■ ■■
North Carolina


"■ i Majrl

Albert B Au^nswn Ohio ff«


B. Jcrria Mania


Edwnrd M ijmiUT. St., Texas 1
Anthony Mi

Former director
from Tennesee
passes away

ma Phi Epsilon's National Board of
Directors, passed away on May 28,
1982 He was 80 years old.

BrotherQualls graduated with a B.S
in civil engineering, and joined the
Tennessee Railroad and Public Utili-

and diri

I" the i

B Interstate Com
(ICCt of the federal |
served the [CC in vai

and was appointed chr


Brother Quails organized the 1932
(.rand Chapter Conclave, held at the
Signal Mountain Hotel in Chattanooga.
Tennessee. He was elected to the Fra-
ternity's National Borad of Directors at
the Denver Conclave in 1935

In 1941, World War II ended his ser-
vice on the board of directors, and he
went on active duty as a captain in the
Second Armored Division of the U- S.

Brother Quails is survived by his
wife, Virginia, who lives in Sun City
Center, Flonda. He also is survived by

two sons. Robert Quails, president of
First Southern Company in Memphis,
is also an alumnus of Tennessee Alpha

Cornell will
miss its
driving force

by Michael P. Smith (Cornell '83)

Dearly missed will be our benefactor,
Evan Jervis "Jerry" Morris, who passed
away this past March. Jerry, who was

90 y

s old. i


e friend of New York
Beta chapter at Cornell University.

Jerry worked with the U.S Reclama-
tion .Service in 1913. on the Panama
Canal, He graduated from Pennsylvan-
ia State University, where he was a
member of Sigma Phi Epsilon's Penn-
sylvania Eta chapter.

He came to Cornell, and New York
Beta, in 1942. He will be remembered as
the founder of the Morris Scholarship
Award, a funder of the construction of
the Sig Ep house, and benefactor, fulfil-
ling numerous chapter needs.

Jerry showed his years only in his
wisdom, and kepi pace with the younger
brothers in their activities. He was re-
served and easygoing We'll miss Jer-
ry's good humor and friendly gestures-
and appreciate him even more.

In Brief


Brother Lorenzo Kwmg r.

. Grand President Bob Jones

By Joseph B. Hall (Georgia Tech '83)
The Georgia Alpha Chapter at Geor-
gia Tech celebrated its 75th anniver-
sary in grand style at the Atlanta Bilt-
more, with the help of Robert M. Jones
(Penn. '41), grand president. Other
guests included J. Ray Stanford
(Georgia 72), district governor; and
James E. Dull dean of students at the
Georgia Institute of Technology.

TheApril 10, 1982, event began with
cocktails, as alumni and undergradu-
ates mingled and exchanged stories.
Following an excellent dinner of prime
rib, the 75th anniversary celebration
ceremony began,

Robert L. Busby, chapter president,
was master of ceremonies. After being
presented with an engraved gavel,
Jerald E. Harmon (GeorgiaTech '58),
alumni board president, gave an enlight-
ening speech on the past and future of
Sig Ep at Georgia Tech.

The two oldest alumni attending the
celebration, Lorenzo D. Ewing
(Georgia Tech "21) and Harvey A.
West (Georgia Tech '36). received their
gold membership cards to commemo-
rate their 50-year Sig Ep membership.
Grand President Bob Jones was the
keynote speaker for the affair. After his
excellent speech, Gary T. Bottoms
(Georgia Tech '75), chapter counselor.
presented the alumni board officers
and the housemother, Mrs. Carmen
Pinette, with certificates of appre-

Dean of Students James Dull spoke
on the value of the fraternity system to
the university student. After the ban-
quet, alumni and undergraduates danc-

Wimpress moves up


i (Oregon '50)

been elected president «>f Southwest
tidal ion for Research and Educa-
Smee 1H77, he has served as vice
irman of the foundation's board of
ernors, a development and adminis-
ive post in which he reported directly

Wimpress had 18 years experience as
i college university president before
oming the foundation. He was prcsi
lent of Trinity University, in San Anto-

nio, from 1970 to 1977. Heserved as pres-
ident of Monmouth College, Monmouth,
111., 1964-1970; and as president of Mon-
ticello College, Alton, 111., 1959-64.

Wimpress's degrees include a Ph.D. in
general semantics from the University

f Oregon.

Southwest Foundation is a basic bio-

nedical research institution with exten-

iive studies underway in the broad fields

.itheniM.|ernsis, nenetics, cancer, mi-



Major Milestones

75th Anniversaries

Arkansas Alpha University of Arkansas September 16. 1907

Pennsylvania Epsilon Lehigh University September 1 7. 1907

Ohio Gamma Ohio State University January 30. 1908

25th Anniversaries

Oregon Gamma Lewis & Clark College June 1,1957

10th Anniversaries

Georgia Zeta
Texas Lambda
Illinois Eta

Miami-Dade Community Mav 6, 1972


North Georgia College May 20. 1972

Tyler Junior College December 9, 1972

Southern Illinois at February 10, 1973

Stegman heads expansion

19*2. i

National Board ol Directors of Sigma
Phi Epsilon Fraternity adopted the
most dynamic and progressive ex-
pansion program in the Fraternity's
history. This program is designed to
maintain a competitive and realistic
growth rate for the Fraternity

t decade.
The new program places a priority

on Sigma Phi Epsilon's growth at (a)
campuses with dormant Sigma Phi
Epsilon Charters, (b) campuses
which compete in the top level NCAA
athletic divisions, (cl campuses with
highly selective admissions criteria,
(d) campuses which do not fit in the
preceeding categories but have a
fraternity system of at least 10 chap-
ters, and (e) campuses of opportu-
"' v for Sigma Phi Epsilon.



Charles A. Stegman, a 1981 gradu-
ate of the University of Colorado
(Colorado Alpha). Chuck traveled in the Midwest during the 1981-1982
academic year as regional director for the Fraternity.

Brother Stegman brings a record of accomplishment in the Colorado
Alpha Chapter, on campus at the University of Colorado, and through hifl
work as a regional director this past academic year. He has a B. S. in
electrical engineering from the University of Colorado.

A key element in Brother Stegman's implementation of this program will
he a network of alumni, who monitor campuses, so that Sigma Phi Epsilon is
e of developments which provide the right opportunity to estahlish a

If you haveconti
interested in helpini
please contact Charles A.
Sigma Phi Epsilon Headq

with a particular campus, or live near one and ar
itor it for Sigma Pin Epsdon's growth program
Stegman, Chapter Development Director, a
larters, P. O. Box 1901, Richmond, Virginia

Biddle directs Foundation

to 1979, ha:
newly-created positio
Director of the Sigma Phi Epsiloi
Educational Foundation. The Trus-
tees of the Educational Foundation
elected Tim to this position at their
annual meeting, held in Austin, Tex-

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