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Society of Engineers), June 10

American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Sum-
mer General Meeting, June 21-25, Los
Angeles, Calif.

Acoustical Society of America, June 22-26, Hotel
Statler, New York

American Physical Society, June 28-30, Uni-
versity of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn.

American Physical Society, July 7-10, Uni-
versity of Washington, Seattle, Wash.

Illuminating Engineering Society, National
Technical Conference, Sept. 12-16, Chalfonte-
Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, NJ.

2d International Symposium on High-Speed
Photography, Paris, September 22-28, 1954.
Arranged by the Association Franc aise des
Ingenieurs et Techniciens du Cinema. Appli-
cations or inquiries should be addressed to the
Secretary of the Organizing Committee, P.
Naslin, Laboratoire Central de l'Armement,
Fort de Montrouge, Arceuil (Seine), France.

Photographic Society of America, Annual Meet-
ing, Oct. 5-9, Drake Hotel, Chicago, 111.

American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Fall
General Meeting, Oct. 11-15, Chicago, 111.

76th Semiannual Convention of the SMPTE,
Oct. 18-22, Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles

77th Semiannual Convention of the SMPTE,
Apr. 17-22, 1955 (next year), Drake Hotel,

The International Commission on Illumination
is to hold its next international conference in
Zurich, Switzerland, June 13-22, 1955 (next
year) . Offers of papers should be addressed to
the Chairman of the Papers Committee (A. A.
Brainerd), 1015 Chestnut St., Philadelphia 7.
Manuscripts must be in the hands of the Cen-
tral Bureau between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 1954.

78th Semiannual Convention of the SMPTE,
Oct. 3-7, 1955 (next year), Lake Placid Club,
Essex County, N.Y.


Committees of the Society

As of March 16, 1954

Administrative Committees

ADMISSIONS. To pass upon all applications for membership, applications for transfer, and to review the
Student and Associate membership list periodically for possible transfer to the Associate and Active grades,
respectively. The duties of each committee are limited to applications and transfers originating in the geo-
graphic area covered.

John G. Stott, Chairman, East, Eastman Kodak Co., Color Technology Div., BIdg. 65, Kodak Park,
Rochester 4, N. Y.

Harry C. Milholland Norman F. Oakley Ethan M. Stifle

Geo. W. Colburn, Chairman, Central, 164 N. Wacker Drive, Chicago 6, 111.

Carrington H. Stone C. E. Heppberger Robert E. Lewis

Edward H. Reichard, Chairman, West, 13059 Dickens St., North Hollywood, Calif.

Fred G. Albin Everett E. Griffith George R. Groves

BOARD OF EDITORS. To pass upon the suitability of all material submitted for publication, or for pres-
entation at conventions, and publish the JOURNAL.

Arthur C. Downes, Chairman, 2181 Niagara Dr., Lakewood 7, Ohio

D. Max Beard
G. M. Best
G. R. Crane
H. E. Edgerton
C. H. Elmer

L. D. Grignon
A. M. Gundelfinger
C. W. Handley
A. C. Hardy
C. R. Keith

Pierre Mertz
C. D. Miller
J. A. Norling
H. W. Pangborn
B. D. Plakun

J. H. Waddell
D. R. White
C. W. Wyckoff

C. R. Fordyce G. E. Matthews R. T. Van Niman

EUROPEAN ADVISORY COMMITTEES. To act as liaison between the general Society and European
firms, individuals, and organizations interested in motion picture and television engineering. To report to the
Society on such affairs in Europe, on new technical developments, and to assist the Papers Committee in soliciting
papers for publication in the JOURNAL.

I. D. Wratten, Chairman (British Division), Kodak, Ltd., Kingsway, London, England

R. H. Cricks W. M. Harcourt L. Knopp C. G. Mayer A. W. Watkins

L. Didie'e, Chairman (Continental Division), Association Francaise des Inge'nieurs et Techniciens du
Cine'ma, 92 Champs-Elysees, Paris (8e), France

R. Alia M. Certes J. Fourrage M. Terrus

R. Bocquel J. Cordonnier C. V. Jarrett J. Vivie'

L. Busch S. Feldman G. Mareschal M. Yvonnet

FELLOW AWARD. To consider publications of Active member'; as candidates for elevation to Fellow, and to
submit such nominations to the Board of Governors.

Frank E. Cahill, Jr., Chairman, Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc., 321 W. 44 St., New York 18

Herbert Barnett J. G. Frayne Everett Miller N. L. Simmons

P. G. Caldwell A. G. Jensen E. S. Seeley J. L. Wassell

Geo. W. Colburn Barton Kreuzer J. W. Servies


HISTORICAL AND MUSEUM. To collect facts and assemble data relating to the historical developmen
of the motion-picture and television industries, to encourage pioneers to place their work on record in the form of
paper s for publication in the JOURNAL, and to place in suitable depositories equipment pertaining to the industry.

John B. McGullough, Chairman, Conservation Dept., Motion Picture Assn. of America, Inc., 28 W. 44
St. New York 36

Lloyd Thompson James Card

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP. To search diligently for candidates who through their basic inventions
or outstanding accomplishments have contributed to the advancement of the motion-picture industry and are
thus worthy of becoming Honorary members of the Society.

Gordon Chambers, Chairman, Eastman Kodak Co., 343 State St., Rochester 4, N.Y.

C. H. Dunning P. T. Farnsworth Barton Kreuzer L. L. Ryder

JOURNAL AWARD. To recommend to the Board of Governors the author or authors of the most outstanding
paper originally published in the JOURNAL during the preceding calendar year to receive the Society's Journal

F. J. Kolb, Jr., Chairman, Eastman Kodak Co., 343 State St., Rochester 4, N.Y.
Paul Arnold A. N. Goldsmith J. H. Spray



To solicit new members and to arouse general interest in the activities of the Society and its

A. Raymond Gallo, General Chairman, Quigley Publications, 1270 Sixth Ave., New York 20

J. B. McCullough, Chairman, Motion Picture Association, 28 W. 44 St., New York 18

Col. S. R. Todd, Chairman, 65 West Jackson Blvd., Box 103, Chicago 4

H. M. Fisher, Vice-Chairman, (De Vry Corp.), 3613 Chevy Chase Lake Dr., Chevy Chase 15, Md.

J. W. DuVall, Chairman, E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., 7051 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood 38

Forrest Jennings, Vice-Chairman, Color Reproduction Co., 7936 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood

George Rutherford, Chairman, Foreign Membership Committee, Toronto Camera Exchange, 293 Church

St., Toronto, Ont., Canada
R. D. King, Vice-Chairman, 35 Boorool Rd., KEW E. 5, Victoria, Australia

(Under Organization)
Member Delegates

V. D. Armstrong
H. C. Barr
P. E. Brigandi
H. P. Brueggemann
G. A. Chambers
R. W. Conant
J. W. Cummings
C. R. Daily

A. C. Davis
C. H. Elmer

C. R. Fordyce

D. C. Gilkeson
L. D. Grignon
G. R. Groves
Sol Halprin
R. N- Harmon

R. C. Holslag
Bruce Howard
H. V. Jamieson
Culver Johnson
L. R. Martin
W. C. Miller
G. C. Misener
C. G. Nopper

Don Prideaux
G. F. Rackett
H. I. Reiskind
J. W. Servies
W. M. Sheahan
S. P. Solow
R. L. Sutton
J. E. Volkmann



To recommend nominations to the Board of Governors for annual election of officers and

G. C. Misener, Chairman, Ansco, Binghamton, N.Y.

C. H. Elmer J. K. Hilliard R. E. Lovell R. H. Ray

C. E. Heppberger W. B. Lodge Peter Mole E. I. Sponable


PAPERS. To solicit papers and provide the program for semiannual conventions, and make available to local
sections for their meetings papers presented at national conventions.

W. H. Rivers, Chairman, Eastman Kodak Co., 342 Madison Ave., New York 17

J. E. Aiken, Vice-Chairman, 116 N. Galveston St., Arlington 3, Va.

Skipwith W. Athey, Vice-Chairman, General Precision Laboratory, 16 S. Moger Ave., Mt. Kisco, N.Y.

C. E. Heppberger, Vice-Chairman, 231 N. Mill St., Naperville, 111.

G. G. Graham, Vice-Chairman, National Film Board of Canada, John St., Ottawa, Canada
R. E. Lovell, Vice-Chairman, National Broadcasting Co., Sunset and Vine, Hollywood 28
J. H. Waddell, Vice-Chairman, Wollensak Optical Co., 850 Hudson Ave., Rochester 21, N.Y.

J. A. Anderson W. H. Deacy, Jr. L. Hughes B. D. Plakun

Mark Armistead W. P. Button P. A. Jacobsen C. N. Shipman

D. Max Beard B. T. Eddy William Kelley S. P. Solow

E. E. Bickel C. H. Elmer George Lewin J. G. Stott
Richard Blount Karl Freund G. E. Matthews W. L. Tesch

R. P. Burns J. R. Glass Pierre Mertz Lloyd Thompson

M. H. Chamberlin R. N. Harmon H. C. Milholland M. G. Townsley

P. M. Cowett Scott Kelt W. J. Morlock A. L. Wolff

E. W. D'Arcy S. Eric Howse H. W. Pangborn R. L. Wolford

PROGRESS. To prepare an annual report on progress in the motion-picture and television industries.
C. R. Daily, Chairman, Paramount Pictures Corp., 5451 Marathon St., Hollywood 38

J. E. Aiken Leo Busch Anthony Frothingham R. H. McCullough

Mark Armistead H. S. Coleman L. D. Grignon Herbert Meyer

H. L. Baumbach Gordon Craig C. A. Hahn J. A. Moses

E. A. Bertram C. C. Davis C. W. Handley J. L. Pettus

Rudy Bretz C. H. Elmer Scott Kelt Fred Rich

P. E. Brigandi Karl Freund A. J. Hill W. H. Ryan

I. M. Brown E. C. Fritts R. E. Lovell M. G. Townsley

PROGRESS MEDAL AWARD. To recommend to the Board of Governors a candidate who by his inventions,
research, or development has contributed in a significant manner to the advancement of motion-picture technology,
and is deemed worthy of receiving the Progress Medal Award of the Society.

David B. Joy, Chairman, National Carbon Co., 30 East 42 St., New York 17

Max C. Batsel F. N. Gillette Peter Mole Hollis Moyse

DAVID SARNOFF AWARD. To recommend to the Board of Governors a candidate who has done outstanding
work in some technical phase of the broad field of television or in any similar phase of theater television, whether
in research, development design, manufacture or operation.

L. L. Ryder, Chairman, Paramount Pictures Corp., 5451 Marathon St., Hollywood 38

R. L. Garman T. T. Goldsmith O. B. Hanson W. B. Lodge

SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP. To solicit new sustaining members and thereby obtain adequate financial
support required by the Society to carry on its technical and engineering activities.

(Under Organization)

H. D. Bradbury, Chairman, RCA Victor Div., 411 Fifth Ave., New York 16
Geo. W. Colburn

SAMUEL L. WARNER AWARD. To recommend to the Board of Governors a candidate who has done the
most outstanding work in the field of sound motion-picture engineering, in the development of new and improved
methods or apparatus designed for sound motion pictures, including anv steps in the process, and who, whether or
not a Member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, is deemed eligible to receive the
Samuel L. Warner Memorial Award of the Society.

W. V. Wolfe, Chairman, RCA Victor Div., 1560 N. Vine, Hollywood 28

J. G. Frayne D. J. Bloomberg W. F. Kelley H. E. Bragg


SMPTE Engineering Committees

(As of April 1, 1954)

The Engineering Vice-President, A. G. Jensen, has appointed the chairmen and committee
members listed below to serve for his two-year term of office, January 1, 1954, through December
31, 1955.

Inquiries regarding committee projects or membership should be directed to Henry Kogel, Staff
Engineer, at Society Headquarters.

COLOR. To make recommendations and prepare specifications for the operation, maintenance, and servicing of
color motion-picture processes, accessory equipment, studio lighting, selection of studio set colors, color cameras,
color motion-picture films, and general color photography. (File C 7)

J. P. Weiss, Chairman, E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc., Parlin, N.J.

H. E. Bragg A. A. Duryea W. R. Holm C. F. J. Overhage

O. O. Ceccarini R. M. Evans J. H. Jacobs W. E. Pohl

R. O. Drew L. T. Goldsmith W. W. Lozier G. F. Rackett

H. H. Duerr A. M. Gundelfinger A. J. Miller L. E. Varden

FILM DIMENSIONS. To make recommendations and prepare specifications on those film dimensions which

affect performance and interchangeability , and to investigate new methods of cutting and perforating motion-
picture film in addition to the study of its physical properties. (File FD 2)

W. G. Hill, Chairman, Ansco, Binghamton, N.Y.

J. E. Aiken E. K. Carver W. E. Pohl M. G. Townsley

E. A. Bertram A. M. Gundelfinger A. C. Robertson W. E. Vary

W. C. Brandsma A. J. Miller N. L. Simmons W. J. Wade

FILM-PROJECTION PRACTICE. To make recommendations and prepare specifications for the operation,
maintenance, and servicing of motion-picture projection equipment, projection rooms, film-storage facilities,
stage arrangement, screen dimensions and placement, and maintenance of loudspeakers to improve the quality of
reproduced sound and the quality of the projected picture in the theater. (File FPP 3)

R. H. Heacock, Chairman, Radio Corporation of America, RCA Victor Div., Camden 2, N.J.

C. S. Ashcraft William Hecht E. E. Moyer Harry Rubin

F. E. Cahill C. F. Horstman M. D. O'Brien Ben Schlanger

L. W. Davee W. H. Ingram P. D. Ries J. W. Servies

C. L. Greene L. E. Jones F. H. Riffle

HIGH-SPEED PHOTOGRAPHY. To make recommendations and prepare specifications for the construction*
installation, operation, and servicing of equipment for photographing and projecting pictures taken at high
repetition rate or with extremely short exposure times. (File HSP 5)

R. O. Painter, Chairman, General Motors, Proving Ground Section, Milford, Mich.

H. C. Barr J. S. Carroll Kenneth Morgan J. H. Waddell

D. M. Beard H. E. Edgerton Brian O'Brien R. L. Wolford

C. S. Brasier C. H. Elmer D. H. Peterson C. W. Wyckoff

M. E. Brown Eleanor Gerlach M. L. Sandell A. M. Zarem

F. E. Carlson C. D. Miller Morton Sultanoff


LABORATORY PRACTICE. To make recommendations and prepare specifications for the operation, mainte-
nance, and servicing of motion-picture printers, processing machines, inspection projectors, splicing machines,
film-cleaning and treating equipment, rewinding equipment, any type of film-handling accessories, methods,
and processes which offer increased efficiency and improvements in the photographic quality of the final print.
(File LP 6)

V. C. Shaner, Chairman, Eastman Kodak Company, 6706 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood 38, Calif.

V. D. Armstrong G. W. Colburn E. M. Londre J. G. Stott

H. L. Baumbach I. M. Ewig J. A. Maurer Lloyd Thompson

F. S. Berman John Fritzen W. H. Offenhauser Paul Zeff
H. P. Brueggemann T. M. Ingman W. E. Pohl

O. E. Cantor P. A. Kaufman E. H. Reichard

G. A. Chambers C. F. LoBalbo J. H. Spray

mendations and prepare specifications for the operation, maintenance, and servicing of all types of studio and
outdoor auxiliary lighting equipment, tungsten light and carbon-arc sources, lighting-effect devices, diffusers,
special light screens, etc., to increase the general engineering knowledge of the art; and to make recommendations
and prepare specifications on motion-picture optical printers, process projectors (background process), matte
processes, special process lighting technique, special processing machines, miniature-set requirements, special-
effects devices, and the like, that will lead to improvement in this phase of the production art. (File MPSL 7)

J. W. Boyle, Chairman, 139$, South Doheny Dr., Los Angeles 48, Calif.

Richard Blount C. W. Handley W. W. Lozier Petro Vlahos

Karl Freund M. A. Hankins D. W. Prideaux

OPTICS. To make recommendations and prepare specifications on all subjects connected with lenses and their
properties. (File Op 8}

J. L. Maulbetsch, Chairman, Kollmorgen Optical Corp., 347 King St., Northampton, Mass.

F. G. Back I. C. Gardner G. A. Mitchell O. H. Schade

J. R. Benford Rudolf Kingslake W. E. Pohl M. G. Townsley

A. A. Cook Grover Laube L. P. Raitiere W. E. Vary

C. R. Daily J. A. Maurer L. T. Sachtleben

SCREEN BRIGHTNESS. To make recommendations and prepare specifications for the brightness of the
motion-picture screen image, related factors such as ambient light and screen characteristics, methods of measure-
ment in this field, and means for controlling and improving screen brightness. (File SB 10)

F. J. Kolb, Chairman, Eastman Kodak Co., Kodak Park, Rochester, N.Y.

H. J. Benham L. D. Grignon L. J. Patton C. R. Underhill

R. E. Birr A. J. Hatch Justin Paulauskas G. H. Walter

M. H. Chamberlin L. B. Isaac O. W. Richards H. E. White

B. S. Conviser W. F. Kelley Leonard Satz D. L. Williams

P. M. Cowett Gerhard Lessman Ben Schlanger J. J. Zaro

E. R. Geib W. W. Lozier Allen Stimson

16MM AND 8MM MOTION PICTURES. To make recommendations and prepare specifications for
16mm and 8mm cameras, 16mm sound recorders and sound-recording practices, 16mm and 8mm printers and
other film laboratory equipment and practices, 16mm and 8mm projectors, splicing machines, screen dimensions
and placement, loudspeaker output and placement, preview or theater arrangements, test films, and the like,
which will improve the quality of 16mm and 8mm motion pictures. (File SE 11)

M. G. Townsley, Chairman, Bell & Howell Co., 7100 McCormick Rd., Chicago 45

F. L. Brethauer C. R. Fordyce D. F. Lyman Lloyd Thompson

F. E. Carlson J. L. Forrest J. W. Moore R. T. Van Niman

E. W. D'Arcy R. C. Holslag W. H. Offenhauser W. E. Vary

G. A. del Valle H. J. Hood A. G. Petrasek W. R. Wilson

F. B. Dibble W. W. Lozier L. T. Sachtleben


SOUND. To make recommendations and prepare specifications for the operation, maintenance, and servicing of
motion-picture film, sound recorders, re-recorders, and reproducing equipment, methods of recording sound, sound-
film processing, and the like, to obtain means of standardizing procedures that will result in the production of
better uniform quality sound in the theater. (File So 72)

J. K. Milliard, Chairman, Altec Lansing Corp., 9356 Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, Calif.

R. J. Beaudry Herbert DeGroot L. D. Grignon H. S. Walker

A. C. Blaney B. H. Denney K. M. Macllvain Roy Watterlohn

D. J. Bloomberg F. B. Dibble J. A. Maurer J. P. Weiss
H. H. Brauer G. L. Dimmick W. C. Miller W. W. Wetzel
H. P. Brueggemann R. J. Engler G. C. Misener

F. E. Cahill J. G. Frayne Otto Sandvik

E. W. D'Arcy L. T. Goldsmith G. E. Sawyer

STANDARDS. To survey constantly all engineering phase of motion-picture production, distribution, and ex-
hibition, to make recommendations and prepare specifications that may become proposals for American Standards.
This Committee should follow carefully the work of all other committees on engineering and may request any
committee to investigate and prepare a report on the phase of motion-picture engineering to which it is assigned.
(File St 73)

G. L. Dimmick, Chairman, RCA Victor Division, Camden, N.J.

Chairmen of Engineering Committees

G. L. Beers W. G. Hill J. A. Norling T. G. Veal

J. W. Boyle J. K. Hilliard R. O. Painter J. P. Weiss

H. M. Gurin F. J. Kolb V. C. Shaner

R. H. Heacock J. L. Maulbetsch M. G. Townsley

Members at Large
H. J. Hood A. G. Jensen W. F. Kelley D. R. White

STEREOSCOPIC MOTION PICTURES. To make recommendations and prepare specifications on all
phases of three-dimensional motion pictures and to compile a stereoscopic motion-picture nomenclature and
bibliography. (File Ste 20)

J. A. Norling, Chairman, Loucks and Norling Studios, Inc., 245 West 55 St., New York 19, N. Y.

C. E. Beachell L. B. Isaac W. W. Lozier J. T. Rule
A. D. Brooks Clarence Kennedy Joseph Mahler W. H. Ryan

J. F. Dreyer F. J. Kolb Wil Marcus R. J. Spottiswoode

S. G. Fassoulis A. F. T. Kotis A. E. Neumer Mitchell Wolfson

A. J. Hill Gerhard Lessman F. A. Ramsdell

TELEVISION. To make recommendations and prepare specifications on all phases of film equipment used in
television broadcasting. Further, to make recommendations and prepare specifications on all phases of the
production, processing and use of film made for testing of and transmission over a television system. (File
TV 74)

T. G. Veal, Chairman, Eastman Kodak Co., 343 State St., Rochester 4, N.Y.

F. G. Albin D. C. Gilkeson J. A. Maurer R. C. Rheineck
A. J. Baracket F. N. Gillette Pierre Mertz J. H. Roe

F. J. Bingley S. E. Howse H. C. Milholland N. L. Simmons

A. A. Chesnes E. H. Lederer G. C. Misener C. L. Townsend

E. C. Fritts H. R. Lipman R. M. Morris W. T. Wintringham

R. L. Carman R. E. Lovell N. F. Oakley

TELEVISION STUDIO LIGHTING. To make recommendations and prepare specifications on all phases in
lighting employed in television studios. (File TVSL 15)

H. M. Gurin, Chairman, National Broadcasting Co., 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York 20, N. Y.

H. R. Bell Otis Freeman R. M. Morris W. F. Rockar

Richard Blount George Gill R. S. O'Brien Adrian Terlouw

D. D. Cavelli H. A. Kliegl Kenneth Rickenbach W. R. Wilson


THEATER TELEVISION. To make recommendations and prepare specifications for the construction, in-
stallation^ operation, maintenance, and servicing of equipment for projecting television pictures in the motion-
picture theater, as well as projection-room arrangements necessary for such equipment, and such picture-dimen-
sional and screen-characteristic matters as may be involved in high-quality theater-television presentations
(File TTV 77)

G. L. Beers, Chairman, Radio Corporation oi America, RCA Victor Div., Camden, N.J.

R. B. Austrian N. L. Halpern A. G. Jensen Harry Rubin

J. M. Barstow Richard Hodgson P. J. Larsen L. L. Ryder

F. E. Cahill C. F. Horstman W. W. Lozier Otto Sandvik

R. L. Garman J. B. Hudders R. H. McCullough Edward Schmidt

A. N. Goldsmith D. E. Hyndman Pierre Mertz A. G. Smith

E. D. Goodale L. B. Isaac G. C. Misener J. E. Volkmann

SMPTE Representatives to Other Organizations


Standards Council, H. J. Hood


Acoustical Measurements and Terminology, Z24, J. K. Hilliard
Motion Pictures, PH22

D. R. White, Chairman, Photo Products Dept., E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Parlin, N.J.
H. J. Hood A. G. Jensen

Photographic Standards Board, A. G. Jensen

Sound Recording, Z57, E. W. D'Arcy, Otto Sandvik

Optics, Z58, J. L. Maulbetsch


R. M. Evans, Chairman, Eastman Kodak Co., 59 Kodak Park, Rochester 4, N.Y.

F. T. Bowditch A. M. Gundelfinger W. H. Ryan J. P. Weiss

H. E. Bragg W. E. Pohl M. H. Sweet W. T. Wintringham

International Commission on Illumination (C.I.E.)
U.S. National Committee

J. W. Boyle H. M. Gurin F. J. Kolb

International Standards Organization Technical Committee (36) on Cinematography

The U.S. National Committee is the personnel of ASA Sectional Committee, PH22

High-Speed Photography Reprint Vol. 5

Since July 1952 the type on each high- cumulative indexes. Single copies will be

speed paper in the Journal has been saved sold for $4.50. Discounts on lots of ten or

for reprinting in this volume, which has more copies will be granted if orders are

been held in abeyance till now so that it received by May 15.

could contain all possible papers from the Of the preceding volumes, only Volume 4
First International Symposium on High- remains in stock. It contains 174 pp., corn-
Speed Photography. Volume 5 will con- prising 17 papers and the cumulative in-
tain 364 pp., comprising 37 papers and the dexes, and sells for $2.50 a copy.





Honorary Members

Honor Roll

Fellows of the Society


Honorary, Fellows, Active,
Associate and Student

Sustaining Members


Part I April 1954 Journal
Part II Membership Directory


THE SOCIETY is the growth of thirty-eight years of achievement
and leadership. Its members are engineers and technicians skilled
in every branch of motion-picture film production and use, in tele-
vision, and in the many related arts and sciences. Through the
Society they are able to contribute effectively to the technical
advance of their industry.

Technical committees and regular conventions are a medium by which

members exchange technical information and develop standards ana
techniques for the betterment of the art and their profession.

Tesf fll mSf produced and distributed by the Society, give the industry

and exhibitors essential standards for motion-picture production and

exhibition. _ ,

. Publications disseminate the results of members' work. Hie monthly

Journal of the Society is the standard reference source for motion-picture
and television engineers all over the world.

Membership is open in the following three grades:

AcnVe members receive the Journal, are privileged to vote, hold office,
serve on committees or as chairmen; they are, in general, engineers,
executives and others who have had at least three years' experience m
the motion-picture or television industries.

Associate members receive the Journal and are invited to participate in

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